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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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news hour. from al jazeera headquarters in doha, this is the newshour. iran's supreme leader says the deal had not change feelings toward the u.s. >> after an isil car bomb killed more than 100 people, trucks and cars in flames after a wildfire
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in california blazes across a busy highway, plus: >> i am andrew thomas in alice springs. here, they are racing camels but away from the track. australia's government has been killing wild camels in huge numbers. it has been controversial. i will be explaining why. >> let's begin with breaking news out of awed e arabia. the enter ministry says it arrested 431 people suspected of belonging to groups linked to isil. the arrests were made over the past few weeks and include people from across the middle east in africa. the newsreel said it prevented six suicide bombings aimed at mosques and security forces. we will bring you more details as we gather them. just to re this though ministry in saudi arabia saying 431 people have been arrested after a crackdown on people
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linked to groups connected to isil, groups which were planning six suicide bomb attacks, we are told across the kingdom. in his first speech since the hust o nuclear deal was signed with world powers iran's supreme leader accused washington of arrogance. speaking before tens of thousands of supporters who can'ted death to america and death to israel. he told them iran would spot change its supportbehavior to support honest fighters in palestine and lebanon. >> whether the deal is approved or disapproved, we will never stop supporting our friends in the region in yemen, syria, iraq bahrain.
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even in the deal at a time policies toward the arrogant u.s. will change. of course we don't welcome a war. we won't begin or pre-empt a war b, but if a war does have here, the atrocious america. >> joining us from madrid a former research fellow for security studies with a special interest in iran and good to have you with us. first of all, the comments are they did a deal damper or to raise the morale amongst conservatives? >> he is agreeing with the people. >> this will feed into the domestic scene in the u.s. is this going to increase opposition within congress?
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>> i don't think people need it. they were against this from the very beginning. you can see this speech as an equivalent of the speech that president obama gave where he basically is trying to stress the points that they want and say the glass is half full for us in the way that obama is claiming it is half empty for the iranians. do you agree the two countries' policies, iran and the united states will remain at odds when it comes to other issues? the nuclear deal is just an exception? >> that is the line that he has been pursuing for the last couple of years. three months ago, he gave a speech where he said if this goes well and the negotiations are successfully concluded, we might be able to talk about other issues as well. so, i think he is trying to keep the door both open and shut at the same time, depending upon the constituency he is addressing. >> thanks so much for your thoughts on that. >> taking you back to some
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breaking news we have been telling you about. let's listen in. the saudi minister of interior is giving a press briefing concerning the arrests over 400 people made in connection with planned bomb attacks. let's listen in to what's being said. >> items through their strat zee of committing crimes here and there. we need now to talk about the project of terrorism in saudi arabia being prepared by isil. we need to speak about that project, that terrorist project, and we could say within weeks, we have put an end almost to this isil organization that really threatens and hits the society and this organization is being administratively supervised outside of the
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kingdom of saudi arabia 441 of these individuals are now arrested in the kingdom of saudi arabia. they need of this organization is to create rift in the kingdom of saudi arabia. this is the base of the organization to create rift in the kingdom of saudi arabia. from that main point, they can do other things and they can -- while they wish to create chaos through the cluster cells of the isil which include citizens from different countries, saudis and other citizens from other countries and we have seen these different people from different countries inside the kingdom of saudi arabia in order to participate in such crimes. the number of those people is
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increasing and they are all aiming at spreading this what we call bad terrorism in the kingdom of saudi arabia. they have started by attacking the prayers and at a time moscow -- the talibantable and they demand operation. these operations since the start of the year has been concentrated until from the beginning until the month of ramadan, and we will explain to you, what do we mean by concentrating these operations from the first of the year until
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the month of ramadan? at a time incidents where the attack -- they attacked the prayers so many individuals are aiming to do that through the 97 individuals. the cluster sells real aimed at creating rifts in the kingdom of saudi arabia, so-called, the wolves operations through new techniques and new weapons provided to them by the organization the isil. these cell is quite related to the aim of the organization and
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these cells are behind attacking the police patrol through their elements and was using the logistic support and making logistic support and social media and there are certain elements in those cluster cells of the isil and the instructions given to them through the organization that the they should know -- they should not know each other. they should not be in contact to each other. each cell works separately. this is the main strategy. the algadey operation. this is a main point because these crimes have certain
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characteristics in their investigation, those issues led to 190 persons involved in subject an attack. things are being through those someone 90 people until that cell. they have four cells, the 190 persons are in four cells. from d.a.s.h. isil. they have a systematic approach and as we said there are four cells. the one, the second cells are to monitor the ground and to see what and where and how to make
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the plans and to study the situations study the organizations, within the interest of these 2 first and second cells. surveillance operations have been done and these operations go particularly with their goals and with their aims no cell to prepare the suiciders in the mosques, they have them using the explosives and they have them to reach the point of explosion. so some of them worked also as trough. >> listening there to the saudi
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interior ministry explaining the latest interior news there have been arrest of 400 people linked to cells, they believe to be let me ask you thissed to the group, isil. he spoke of their wish to create chaos in saudi arabia saying citizens from different countries were involved in what he called cluster cells preparing suicide bomb attacks against different targets across the kingdom. we will bring you more details on this as soon as we get them. the governor of diyala province has closed parks and entertainment venues after a car bomb blew up northeast of the capitol. imran khan reports from baghdad. >> reporter: the governor of the province called for three days of mourning after the most serious attack this year. explosives were detonated as
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people celebrated eid. a suicide bomber drove into the middle of the marketplace. why wol anyone ever do this ang rae crowds destroyed property in protest. social media accounts linked to isil claimed responsibility for the attack shia muslims were the target. isil said the attack was reffeng for the iraqi government's continuing campaign against fighters and the death of sunni muslims. public places have been closed to try to prevent further attacks. baghdad. greek banks with open with higher withdrawal moment following a can net reshuffle in
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which the prime minister sacked ministers who voted against aufrt tear tee measures. >> the reshuffle is out of the way. >> doesn't mean the government is out of trouble? does it? >> it's one of the reasons these were sworn in today. the prime prime tried to show he is moving as fast as he can, getting rid of the dissenters putting in place ministers who will enact those austerity measures that were voted in and it's a complex thing because these are measures that even the prime minister has said publion many occasions he does not believe in and yet he wants to make sure he has people there that will do all they can to enact them because what he is trying to get across most is that he is trying to return a sense of normalcy to the people of greece. there is an exhaustion here because of the debt deal drama, announcing banks will reopen on monday. he is trying to say we are
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acting as fast as we can to make sure that things try to return to some sense of normalcy as soon as possible. >> the people of greece a lot to take in, in the last the 24 hours. how do they feel about all of this? >> there has been a defendant poll in which said 73% of the people polled actually said they favored remaining in the eurozone. it's interesting when you look at that and you compare it to the majority of the vote on the referendum just a few weeks back when 63% of the population said they were against austerity measures, the austerity measures voted in by parliament are more strict than the ones that were voted down in the referendum. people here, as i said, there is a sense of exhaustion weariness. a lot of them feel this is the only way forward. they have taken that message, heeded that message from the prime minister even though these are measures he doesn't necessarily believe in and they are strict earn people would av wanted. there is no debt relief. they say this is the best way forward for greece.
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sammy >>. >> thank you so much mohammed jamjoom. more to come here on the al jazeera newshour. higher unemployment higher rates of imprisonment. israel faces claims of racism against its black communities. one step at a time the high altitude porters bringing quake relief to isolated villages. formula one mourns the death of the 25-year-old driver who never recovered from a crash at last year's grand prix. a wildfire destroyed cars and homes. hundreds of fire fighters and aircraft have been battling the flames. gerald tan reports. >> reporter: fierce and fast moving flames caught motorists by surprise as the fire swept across this packed road along the kahone mountain pass.
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drivers and passengers abandoned their cars and scrambled to safety. my husband said: get your stuff and go and we did. >> huge fire started coming over the road burning out of the cars. people were running up the hill. older people couldn't walk. they were dragging them up the hill. it was just a nightmare. >> the wildfire started in surrounding foothills before bearing down on the main highway linking southern california to las vegas. the area is a tinderbox. vegetation is parched from prolonged drought. hot winds fanned flames nearly 1,500 hechters of land was burning within hours. several mountain communities nearby were evacuated. local t.v. stations filmed aircraft dropping water and flame retard ant. on the ground more than 1,000 fire fighters tried to contain the fire. vehicles have been destroyed. so far, no injuries are being
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reported. gerald tan al jazeera. >> a shopping mall in kenya has re-opened two years after being attacked by al shabaab fighters. 67 people died in a 4-day siege with four menusing grenades and automatic weapons to take over westgate mall. >> yes landsa walker is from the institute of security studies in nairobi. she says there is still room for improving communication between security services in kenya. there has been various teams to change the top leadership in the military and in the security. it's difficult to say what has been done to instill discipline. and in response to westgate you had two security institutions competing for the leading role on the scene.
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i can't the government has been working on clear chain of command. when you have domestic terrorism in an urban sitting, do you send the military? this iswin of the reasons the westgate event was problematic. i think the government has been trying to approach that much more systematically. >> there have been ugly scenes in australia between right-wing groups and anti-racist demonstrators. nationalist groups were holding a so-called reclaim australia rally in melbourne. please used pepper spray to break up the rival groups. roads around victoria state parliament were blocked. officers separated the two tanks. benjamin netanyahu said racism must be eliminated t as imvias
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imvias tiaz reports, black leaders believe little will change. >> an anti-racism protest in the heart of israel's most liberal city. black israelis and their supporters gathered in tel aviv to call for an end of discrimination, something they say is institutionalized. >> we have been experiencing racism for years. we are demonstrating because we want equality in israel. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu says racism needs to be eliminated from israeli society and that he set up a governmental min steer y'all committee trying to combat it. few believe much will change. >> protests like this erupted with a black israeli soldier being beaten by police. rallies were largely peaceful until police fired stun grenades at protesters. a show of force rarely used against israel's citizens who
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are not palestinian. >> because of of this huge amount of divide and conquer that goes on, there is a lot of inherent racism that is legitimate. so we shouldn't be surprised when this racism towards palestinians that is also kind of pushed by the government when it translates into racism by other groups. >> this is recepcion. within the suburb is a neglected neighborhood which isn't just one of the poorest in the area but in all of israel. it's where we met som a k gosak. he immigrated to israel nearly 10 years ago. he shows me around his home which is inside one of several socialized housing blocks. he tells me nearly everyone who lives in the area is black israel and that unemployment here is more than double the national average. most residents complain of frequent harassment by police. >> i thought life would be better in israel. in ethiopia we had our own way
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of life and could earn money. here, we are nothing. black israelis have complained of discrimination of years. despite having been in israel since the 1980s, rights groups say they consistently earn far less than the general population, face limited educational opportunities and are more likely to end up in prison. something prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to change. thomas gosa thinks it's too little too late and he doesn't expect life in israel to improve for him or other black israelis no matter what the government does. ays, tel aviv. seven people have been arrested in mexico over the jail break of drug kingpin eh chapo guzman. it's not known if they are prison guards. it's been a defendant week since guzman escaped from the maximum security prison through a mile-long tunnel built in his
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cell. 30 brinz guards have been questioned over guzman's escape. the embarrassment for the president is putting pressure on the government to do more to battle public corruption. >> we are not going to resolve this issue with anger and wrath. we need to take on responsibility that this implied. the government has not evaded its responsibility. they took on the task of an extensive surveillance of this criminal. the only way to re-write this wrong is to recapture this criminal and punish all of those involved. brazil's government is facing a deepening corruption scandal. the head of the lower house of congress has been accused of accepting bribes in exchange for awarding major construction contracts. the latest allegations are fueling, of course rousef to be impeached. from the capital brazil i can't. >> reporter: another day, another politician with ties to
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brazilian president delma rousef some aged of corruption. this time the conservative speaker in the lower house, edward a khuna who denies the allegations and is withdrawing his support for rousef's coalition government . >> i am not going to be drawn in to change my stance. starting from today, i am breaking with the government. it was after. >> they had opened up an investigation into de silva. the investigation has stunned voters because lula left office with an overwhelming 83% approval rating. his legacy is largely responsible for the election and
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reelection of the current president of brazil dilma dilma rousef. there will have been dozens of arrests and corruption investigations launched against both executives of the state-owned oil company as well as politicians tied to the president. rousef says she won't step down. still, the brazilian opposition in congress as well as a growing number of brazilian voters are staging protests calling for rousef's impeachment. the scandal comes at a poor time for rousef who is in the capital, brazil i can't working with the president of the south american trading block. ousef had little to say about the skanldzs. instead, she became emotional saying goodbye to christina kirshner. >> i would like to say here in brazil she will always have a friends ready to receive her, and together, we will share our dreams and our hopes
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[applause.] she cried this was the last she would attend. giving the growing calls for rousef's i ammpeachmentimpeachment, it could also be her last. brazil i can't. >> the weather with richard examining the state of the planet earth. the big picture. give it to us in 30 seconds. >> i will do my best. it's not what i have done. it's what the researchers have done on the nooah website. go and have a look. see in great detail the work of more than 400 scientists from 58 countries and they have looked back on the state of the planet in 2014 and what they found is that it was the warmest on record, and we are looking at records going back more than a century. sea surface temperatures the highest in 35 years, sea levels more than 6 centimeters higher than they were 20 years ago and record levels of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.
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the effect around the planet has been vast. we have seen it warming significantly across europe, the warmest year on record with more than 20 national records over various periods of time. we have seen records being broken across parts of south america. you can go to the opposite ends of the earth and still see big changes taking place. there is actually a lot morsi ice across artilleryika. the on or about circulation has changed. t they are warming faster than anywhere else on the planet. on the other end of the globe, the decrease in sea ice in the arctic because of that soar radiation increasing and being trapped. so there is that climate change taking effect. and to bring it up to date in terms of what we are looking for at the moment we have an el nino a natural phenomenon and an area of warm water over parts of canada which means the northeastern and northwestern
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pacific to likes al type ofmo stovpsz over the coming ours. >> another u.s. community in shock. the f.b.i. tries to uncover why an apparently mild-mannered man shot four marines. steven gerard makes his mls debut. joe will tell you how he got on with the la galaxy.
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>> you are watching the al jazeera newshour. let's remind you of our top stories. saudi arabia says it has arrested 431 people suspected of belonging to go groups link today isil. the arrests were made over the past few weeks and include people from across the middle east and africa. iran's supreme leader says the historic nuclear deal won't change iran's position to what it calls the arrogant policies of the u.s. iran has agreed to limit nuclear developments in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. security is being stepped up against diyala province in iraq. at least 115 people were killed in a massive suicide bomb explosiontion. the governor has closed public parks and entertainment venues and declared three days of mourning. a university in saysan is trying to figure out how to stop students from dropping studies to join isil. more than 20s students are
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believed to have joined the group. natasha gname reports. >> together for a better future is the motto of the university of medical sciences and technology in khartoum. since march, 21 students are believed to have abandoned their futures as doctors to join isil. >> the students who join isil look normal in their first and second years at university. later, we notice there is a change in their lifestyle. all the sudden we hear they have joined isil. we see the change in their personalities. >> the university is 19 years old and has around 1,000 students. the government isn't naming names but accuses several groups of recruiting for isil on campus. >> the security officials discovered a rented house in the suburbs giving lectures to students and whomever they found are keen to join isil or accept the extremist ideology.
9:32 am
now, the university and government leaders have identified the problem, they are trying to understand why. it's due to injustice, suppression or depression, lack of hope and trust is leading to such things. >> some sudanese scholars believe the way to combat isil on campus is to promote an intellectual dialogue and show students that extremism is not the way forward. natasha gname, al jazeera. the u.s. navy says the sailor shot earlier this week at the military support center in tennessee has died. on thursday 24-year-old mohammed duize killed three others including the sailor. he was shot dead by a police officer. investigators are looking into a seven-month trip he made last year to jordan to see if it's
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linked to the crime. a man accused of ordering the killings of the 58 people in the fill philippines has died while still on trial. he was a former philippine governor charged with about 100 others for the massacre a political arrival's family and journalists found in shallow graves in 2009. tlvening angry confrontations in la paz. miners marched toward the national congress. they want more investment in infrastructure including a new airport, hospital be and cement fact occur. venzuela's president is being accused of a political witch hunt. the government has band 3 opposition members from public. critics say he is afraid his party will lose parliamentary
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elections due in accident december. virginia lopez reports. for opposition figure a career in politics was never going to be easy. the frequent target of verbal and even physical abuse, he has now been stripped of her right to hold public office for a year. >> the degree of fear terror the regime has towards those citizens who are willing to fight and tell the truth and put back together a nation. >> the charges against her include failing to declare assets like food cueoupons received during her time in congress. if proven, it could prevent her from holding a seat in congress after december's parliamentary vote. accused of plotting to kill maduro and betraying her country, she insists these allegations are and the more recent ones are completely false. she says they are politically motivated and the most clear indication that the government
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is trying to silence all dissent. >> it is a claim denied by their nations controller. this is not political but administrative that ab accounts for her failure to act for bonuses she received while being a member of parliament. >> she is not the only government detrat tractor facing charges. two former mayors join her on the growing list. >> which is the systematic persecution. we have seen the several positions taken against several leaders. >> brazil's congress has rallied in her support. more international condemnation like this could further erode the legit macey of the maduro government. >> five months away from a parliamentary vote this recent move could see an increase in
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political contentions. venzuela. >> more on the breaking news story out of saudi arabia. the interior ministry saying hundreds of people were detain after a raid. >> within the past few weeks, we have nearly put an end to isil in saudi arabia. a group that threatens our society. this organization is being directed and supervised from outside the kingdom of saudi arabia. 431 individuals have been arrested. isil is trying to create a rift in the kingdom. they want to create chaos here through the terrorist cells which included citizenship from saudi arabia and other countries. >> let's bring in jamal, the editor-in-chief toe arab news channel in ryad. bring us up to speed. what are authorities saying they have uncovered exactly? >> [news and bad news.
9:37 am
they ah ve dismantled what could have had huge damage it could multiple multiply by ten or twenty times that's what we could have had. dle managed to thwart such a plan. but the bad news that isis is still able,zide despite all of the by authorities, it's still able to do it more than 400 years. our educational system?
9:38 am
or is it the teaching or is it a national phenomena? i am quite confused about it. in my opinion, it is the chaos around us we must put an ends to the chaos that's what feeds this. >> does it look like isis is spreading in saudi arabia given the fact that the ministry spokesperson talked about uncovering clusters ofsells and not justsellsa. >> isis is not a popular monument monument, that shares the same minds. more people are against isis and they are the ones who are turning in isis supporter to the authorities. in some cases, parents and brothers and sisters are reporting suspicious activity of their son or brother.
9:39 am
it is spreading even in the hundreds, that is dang dangerous. ition isis lives by chaos. they want to create chaos. the chaos they have in iraq and syria, it's feeding the frenzy. so for a solution we just have to go after we can cleanse from isis. >> thank you for your thoughts on that.
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many mountain porters are out of work. many are putting skill to humanitarianuous. they have joined forces with the united nations to carry food to all villages. sabrina has the story. >> reporter: in the village of nepal, local porters have gathered for their day's work to carry food and other essential items for the u.n.'s world food program. many of them high altitude porters have been without jobs since april's earthquake which killed thousands of people. al. >> my house was destroyed in the earthquake. we cannot afford to sit around. i need to work. >> more than 7,500 porters have been employed in this program. nepal's agency has been handling the logistics? >> we are trying to provide jobs for the 40,000 people. we are not doing other activities, just supporting
9:41 am
through the human transportation. >> these porters are going to walk for three days and cross a 3500 meter pass to the village of sesil in a neighboring district. they earn $15 a day to carry 30 kilos. from the air, landslides appear like stars on the mountain side. the team has to fix the trail as they walk. most of the houses in this pictureesque picture have been damaged. >> there has always been trouble with food availability and now their main crop maize has been decimated by some kind of insect which has made them completely reliant on food distribution. >> we went to see the maize plantation. >> after the earthquake, some kind of insect started eating it up. look at what it did.
9:42 am
maze should have been ready. others say the cob is not well formed. more than 200 metric tons of food and items have been carried by porters to 83,000 people living in villages like these. for the people who are still recovering from the earthquake, the aid comes as a welcome relief. al jazeera. 125i with us on the news hour. still to come the world of football mourns the scorer of one of the most significant goals in world cup history. sports coming up next.
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>> i think we're into something that's bigger than us >> that's the pain your mother feels when you disrespect her son... >> me being here is defying all odds >> they were patriots, they wanted their country back >> al jazeera america presents the passion.. >> onward! pain... >> it's too much though... >> and triumph... >> inspirational real life stories... >> all these labels the world throws at you, that's what drives me to push... >> of ordinary people >> i tasted the american dream. i liked it... >> living extraordinary lives... >> if we could multiply this program, we could change the world... >> from the best filmmakers of our time, >> i give al jazeera tremendous credit, because it's not traditionally what broadcast journalism does... >> the new home for original documentaries al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america
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welcome back joe is here. all about the sports news formula one drivers past and present have been paying tribute to 25-year-old jewels bianci who died following an injury since the accident in october. the news of his death came at a family statement released early on saturday. the bianci family says jewels fought to the very end as he always did. his battle came to an end. the pain we feel is immense and indesdescribable. sara coates looked back at the accident that claimed his life. >> in a fading launch of
9:46 am
japanese granted pre. formula one entered the darkest chapter in two decades. french driver jewels bianchi lost control of his car and crashed into a recovery vehicle already assisting driver andreian shuttle who had spun out before. bism anci was unconscious when taken to hospital. he never recovered. this was a 25-year-old frenchman after progressing through ferrari's young driver program racing for marusia. they scored their first ever point. he began his career like so many other f 1 drivers, competing and excelling in racing. >> i met jewels when he began on this very track, when he was with his father. he drove particularly well after that everyone knows how his career and his performance evolved. >> as well as his personality which was particularly attract
9:47 am
attractive. >> the investigation following the accident found bianchi did not slow sufficiently to avoid losing control in the bad conditions. the findings prompting f-1 to alter its rules, allowing stewards to force all cars to slow and go through the pit lane instead of continuing to lap the circuit. start times were also moved preventing drivers from racing. by its nature formula one is a sport involving risk and reward. it's the dine 578ic which makes it so intoxicating for both drivers and fans. early in his career the yankee was asked if he was worried about crashing at high speeds? "it's normal. it's racing" was his reply. racing, though feels anything but normal at a time like this. sarah coates al jazeera. >> jewels bianchi is one of many drivers to have died in a grand
9:48 am
prix or as a result of injuries sustained over the course of a weekend. between 1954 and 1982, 22 formula one drivers lost their lives. amongst them the most notable was perhaps aust 3ian driver rent who died in 1970 and became the sports only posthumous champ pip. in 1982, jill vinars died in qualifying for the bell belgium grand prebut his son won the championship 15 years after his father's death. improvements in safety meant that the last drivers to die were over 20 years ago in 1994. roland ratsenberger died and a day later triple world champion he had aaron senna died in a crash. >> heading for a monday finish for the first time in 27 years, after high winds halted play on day 3 at saint andrews. 40 players have to finish their
9:49 am
second round following heavy rain and dust on friday. they are falling further behind. england's danny willett holes 9 after par on round 2 but american justin johnson who leads from the first round. he was halted at 10 under par after 13 holes. playing with jordan speith. tiger woods is almost certain to miss the cup. the 3-time open champion has gone six over par after four holes. chasing australia's first lead total of 566 for 8 in reply, england lost 4 quick wickets but stopped the slide so far. now 234 for 6. australia has stunned south africa in their rugby championship opener in bri sp ane 24 to 20 on saturday.
9:50 am
dominated for the best part of the match. it looks as though they would go on to win. muscling over the line. the green light for celebrations. converting to steal the 4 point win. argentina next. the two-time grand champion may be retiring after next year's australian open. he had plenty left in the tank as he partnered off with sam groff to beat caskazakhstan. >> leaves australia trailing 2-1. kazakhstan looking for their first ever semifinal place. >> one of athletics oldest and most trest i know -- prestigous
9:51 am
records. ethiopia dibaba sprimentd to victory in the women's 15 meters with three minutes and 50.07 seconds. the 24-year-old beating the old procedure by 39/100ths of a second set way back in 1993. thousands have turned out to vote for their next president. more than 109,000 of them have been summoned to cast ballots including the current incumbent who faces stiff competition from fellow frontrunner la porter. results are expected by the end of saturday barcelona time. >> i have a good feeling. i hope at the end of the day to
9:52 am
be 12 times happy. people showed a lot of affection, a lot of admiration. the feelings are good. >> former england steven gerard had an ideal start for his debut, the 35-year-old gelled with his west coast teammates as the galaxy came from 2-down to beat the earthquakes 5-2 on friday. the scorer of one of the most significant goals in footballhit has died. he fired a low left foot shot past barbosa 10 minutes from the end of the 1950 world cup final. he broke the hearts of an entire name. daniel swiemler takes up the story. >> in the world of football that is saturated with hyperbole and exaggeration, there is a lot of talk of the greatest and most important goals.
9:53 am
clenching the 1950 world cup for uruguay perhaps fits the bill. a equalizer in the the 2-1 win. afterwards, he said only three people ever silenced them t the pope, frank sin atra and me. still celebrating. europe still disbelieving. what the authorities did five years ago, invite him back where he planted his feet in a mold in their hall of fame alongside other greats pele, deckenbauer. >> pele told me he was a child the day he saw his father cry when i scored that goal. he told him, don't worry, dad. when i grow up i will make them the world championship. and he did. >> a very fast agile
9:54 am
right-winger, he kept playing into middle age, a young player castro, once had the honor of lining up against him. >> it was a great honor for me to play against him even though he ran rings around me. i am sad that he is dead but he was one of the greats and he has now gone to join many of the other greats. >> as he played in your gay and for roma and milan in italy, later also playing for the italian national team due to his family roots. at the time of his death, aged 88 in a nursing home he was the oldest world cup champion. >> daniel swiemler reporting there. there is more sport on our website. for all of the latest he can check out, blogs from our correspondents around the world. that's all of the sport for now. sammy? >> thanks so much. things don't look good for wild camels in australia. farmers think they are pests and
9:55 am
want another massive cull. others think they should be shot. as andrew thomas explains. >> the camel cup is a highlight of australia's camel calendar. the atmosphere is festive and the rating on trained camels is competitive. >> they love to run, throws his head out and goes. >> most riders are experienced but a few first timers compete as well. a couple of unusual things in this job. riding a camel in the race makes it special. >> camel racing in australia, though, isn't much of a business. those celebrated here, the camel is far from universally loved. >> this is a unique and special event. away from the racetrack, camels are controversial subjects. >> camels were first brought to australia in the 1800s to carry
9:56 am
equipment across the desert. but when motorized vehicles replaced them many camels were freed and they thrived. in 2009, one estimate suggested a million were roaming the outback. for farmers, wild cam els had become a pest. >> we had really big problems with the cam els. a lot of damage to infrastructure, which meant that we couldn't run our normal beef management programs. >> so between 2009 and 2012, australia's government paid for a cull. almost 200,000 wild cam els were shot and their carbass left to rot. after the cull did the original number of wild camels get revised down. at peak they were probably about half a million with 300,000 left today. many think the original numbers were deliberately inflated and that shooting camels and leaving their carbass to rot was waist. >> we are prepared to see them utilized whether it's in
9:57 am
tourism, rating or as for meat animals. they could have used some portable yards and put camels in yards and got a track in there and tracked them out. they didn't have to fly around in a helicopter add shoot. >> gaerp dan runs an area that mostly butchers cows. >> it's low cholesterol, arkansasbly the cleanest in the world. >> dan thinks the government should subsidize the capture for meat for which he says there is growing demand. here too, there is little support for a new cull to reduce numbers. many think the original one was a huge waste of money and opportunities as well as camels. andrew thomas al jazeera, alice springs. >> stay with us here nown al jazeera. we have another full bulletin of news in a couple of minutes and, of course, head over to our website if you want to keep up-to-date with the news.
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>> saudi arabia stops more mosque attacks arresting 400 people suspected of belonging to isil. hello, you're watching al jazeera. also on the show defiance in tehran. tehran's supreme leader says that the new nuclear deal does not change iran's policy towards the u.s. in iraq a car


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