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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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at the real issues facing american teens on - while his supporters chant death to america.
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that man drove up and said, hey, do you want to mike some money and i am think i am desperate. they look to the u.s. to protection against human trafficking. are politics deciding who traffics and who does not. we look at the world's worst defenders. ♪ ♪ we are going to big in tonight in tennessee where that shooting rampage has become part of the political dialogue all this on the day we learned a fifth american serviceman has now died. randle smith died from his injuries early he had to him he was shot three times thursday in the attack of the navy operational support center in chattanooga officers seized four guns connected with the shooter. he had a handgun and two long guns on him. a rival was said to have been found when police searched his family home. also today politics.
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calls for change at military centers a is who the country. texas governor greg abbott joining republican presidential candidates jeb bush and donald trump inch calling for an end to what are called no weapon zones at military centers. abbott saying joels should be able to protection themselves. we have team coverage of the shootings and the reaction to the attacks alan shove her has the story of how chat nothing is trying to home lisa per parts looks at the issue for of safety at the recruiting senders but the latest on fifth person to due earlier this morning. >> reporter: navy petty officer randle smith wounded in the chattanooga shooting rampage is now the fifth victim to die. the 26-year-old ohio native who was a father of three passed away early saturday morning. four marines were killed thursday in the same attack. it's been to days minutes the gunman unleashed a hail of begun fair at a military recruiting
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center and later at a navy and marine reserve center where all five servicemen were shot. >> in my experience it was an isis experienced attack. >> reporter: in the chattanooga suburb where he group mohamed was known as an all-american kid. no one suspected anything was wrong. >> i saw him maybe two weeks ago. completely 100 percent normal. >> reporter: but according to reuters, hours before the attacker the 24-year-old text aid close friend, a link to an islamic verse that included the line who so far shows inning mit i to a friend of mine then i have declared against him. authorities also con firm that he was a devout muslim and spent months in jordan last year. he had a fascination with guns and is said to have frequent aid
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gun range and several weapons have been ceased from his home -- seized from his home on the day of the shooting he had two handguns and a long gun some purchase illegally. as the community mourns the loss of five fallen service men authorities continues to search for answers. and we are learning that's gunman purchased three weapons including an a k 47 from a website, this is the website that's been criticize today allowing people to buy weapons without a background check. del. >> thank you very much. and now tonight more on the shock of a brutal crime not even beginning to wear off. the city of chattanooga trying to find ways to honor those who died. alan has more. >> reporter: at this bar in hixon, tennessee and others around the area, it's a simple set piece taicialghted chair unopened beers last call. culinary manager whitney summer land a former marine set it up. >> a lot of the guests came in saw it and wanted to buy a drink
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or a shot. and leave it there at the memorial 67 on the city's popular pedestrian bridge across the tennessee river joe campbell and his daughter dress a find comfort just watching showing the colors. >> me. joining together and being one. the growing crowds and flag tributes at the shooting scenes are proof many people are trying to find some way to connect to. work through the sadness and the anger. >> the president says don't jump to don collusions as to what this is. this is not the mistake of what this is. this is an tack on our military. >> reporter: for nancy and leanne standing at an informal honor guard is something they feel compelled to do. the fifth death today making it even more important. >> i cried. i cried. i just think -- i knew he had been watching the news and knew he had been in bad condition ask
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just cried. >> reporter: at the community foundation of greater chattanooga it's a longer term approach. heath cooper's organization that provides college scholarships noticed pictures of the six children left fatherless. >> we can make sure that every child is covered. because, you know, some of these kids are going to be in school 15 years from now. >> reporter: announced friday the fund already has pledges for more than $25,000. as chattanooga looks for ways to keep on moving and keep on staying chattanooga strong. and this is finlay stadium the home ballpark for the local semipro soccer team. chattanooga football club. and what they did for this game, was to ref ute to veterans, to active military and law enforcement and say come on in and see this playoff game it's on us. those tickets free for this game. del. >> allen, thank you very much. coming up in our next half hour lisa bernard has more on
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how exposed soldiers and sailors are on the our nation's recruiting centers. five people remember found dead inside a home in mo dez co, california. police say a caller asked them to do a welfare check at the home this afternoon. not saying how the people died but investigators say they don't know if the suspect is at large aura wrong the dead? is being in south carolina they were face-to-face over the issues of a flag. frosters clashing earlier today. five people had to be a reffed when a group link today the black panthers demonstrated against the k k k k the plan says they were there to test the removal of the flag from the straight capital ground. >> reporter: an unexpected rainstorm as cleared away the crowds but earlier today it was a much different story and just a few hours ago under a heavy police escort, members of the k k k and other self-proclaimed white supremacist groups made an early exit from the capital ground as a large crowd jeered, bid and condemnedbooed and condemned
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their presents. >> reporter: on the steps of the south carolina state capital. dueling protests . >> i ain't hiding behind nothing. >> reporter: the loyal white knights of the clue cluck clan joined by the national associatist movement. >> we are here in support of the confederate flag issue and they are taking it down, we see this as an assault on white heritage. >> power to the people. >> reporter: and the black educators for justice. >> this is a nation of hypocrisy hypocrisy, it is supposed to be a nation of democracy. but democracy is hidden under the banner of what we call white privilege, institutional racism and white supreme is a. >> reporter: the group claims ties with the new black panther party. >> we are here today not necessarily because the clan is supposed to be here, they are not that important, are they? >> no. >> black men and also black women are being slaughtered daily. we have no more options. we run out of solutions, we have run out of begging for senator to his do for us.
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>> reporter: the competing messages clashing among the crowd. >> i have my right to talk, excuse me i have my right to talk. >> reporter: the police are here and they are working to keep the peace. earlier when one gentlemen waving a con federal flag tried to approach the steps of the capital, he was told he had to get back. what did they tell you when they pushed you back? >> they told me that they got the right away up there, that i need to step back over here. that's not right. i am just trying to honor my heritage i ham not showing hatred the lady went to hollering at may. i tried get out of the way. i didn't do nothing to her. >> reporter: last week south carolina law makers agreed after five decades prominently waving on the ground of the state house, it was time for the con federal flag to come down. the debate over the flag reignited after the shooting deaths of nine church goals at charleston emanuel ame last month. dill other roof the 21-year-old accused of carry inning out the
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killings was seen with the flag. angry about its removal. saturday's rally gave hate groups a way back in to the conversation. do you think this is a chance for the clan to become relevant again. >> the clan has always been relevant. >> reporter: the numbers are significant lay lower than they have ever been in history? >> that's purely speculation. the numbers are here the amount of people that are willing willing to get in the streets is a little lower now. >> reporter: what does that tell new. >> a lot of people fear the system, fear the government. >> reporter: still among the shout, chanting and arguing there were prayers for peace but on the steamy summer day it's clear. >> you look really bright walking around with a flag representing slavery. >> reporter: it's a divisive symbol and taking it down doesn't eliminate the underlying racial tension that his made it so polarizing in the first place. jennifer london, al jazerra columbia, south carolina. >> earlier tonight we talked for a former white sue supremacist and
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asked him what the clan hope today get out of today's rally. >> the narrative of white supremacy really depends on a feeling of persecution. so the clan will be making a lot of hay out of the con federal flag being taken down saying it's an affront to white heritage think interesting that they equate white heritage with slavery. but they are going to spin that to make them in particular and white people in general look like victims and that's real the i the purpose of their rail. >> i additional police were sent ahead of the rally in expectation that things would turn violent. the family the eric garner is asking the feds to speed up the investigation in to his death. they joined a rally in brooklyn today. they were joined by mothers and wives of other african american men killed by police, governor died a year ago after police put him in a choke hold during an arrest. this week new york city settled a lawsuit filed by his family for close to $6 million. but the family says justice will
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only come if in the form of federal civil rights charges. mourners also packing this mississippi church for the funeral after a man who may have been choked to death by police as well. witnesses a 39-year-old jonathan sanders who was driving a horse-drawn buggy died after a fight with police. there are reports the officers strangled him using a flashlight and the investigate is underway. texas submissions in the case of sandra bland the young african american woman who wounds up dead insides -- three days after they was pulled over for a traffic stop. video of the arrest showing bland on the ground. the texas department of publicist safely now saying the troop their arrested her violated procedure. official saying he failed to follow proper procedures for the traffic stop and violated the department's courtesy policy. he's now on desk doubt. >> i in teheran today once again chance of death to america. this time during a speech by the supreme leader.
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ayatollah co khomeini telling the crowd he still does not trust the u.s., he was saying in, is in his first public speech since the nuclear deal. he didn't criticize it but described american america as arrogant saying iran would not change its middle east policy including it's support for groups classified by the u.s. as terrorist organizations. >> translator: we will not stop supporting our friends in the region oppressed people of palestine, yemen the peen in government the syria. the government of iraq, bahrain interested true jihadists in lebanon and palestine. >> sharing common. >> sportsnet in iraq and the fight against isil. the deal is seen as a victory for iran's moderate president hassan rouhani. it's also another major accomplishment for president obama. >> reporter: you can even see it in the way he walks. suddenly for u.s. president barack obama fired up seems
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like more than a campaign slogan. >> hello naacp! >> reporter: that's clear after he explained his mood in a recent radio interview. >> i know what i am doing and i am fearless. >> reporter: to many it seems the president has had a picture-perfect last few months. reacting in the oval office after the supreme court kept his signature health insurance legislation in place, he lit up the white house when the court rules in favor the same-sex marriage reestablished diplomatic ties with cuba after five decades and now has an international deal on iran's nuclear program. hehe has defined what the pundits have been saying for years. >> is obama already a lame duck president? >> this makes him a very lame duck president. >> the job is just going to get tough never the next two years. >> he already a lame duck 123-4678 it seems the president would digress, he's peeking sought with more force on some of the most toxic political issues in the u.s., like gun control. >> i have had to make statements like this too many times. >> reporter: and on race.
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♪ amazing. >> reporter: uniting a congregation in song after a racially motivated mass shooting. ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he's been a bit blunt when he thinks he needs to be. >> that's nonsense and you should know better. >> reporter: his to do list isn't done. it's possible he will be able to get through criminal justice reforms reducing sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. and he still is working on finalizing the trans pacific partnership a free trade agreement that would impact 40% of the global economy. but analysts say what the president and the staff have probably figured out by now that often presidential legacies are shaped by events outside of their control. >> when it comes to foreign policy everything is completely unpredictable. there is so much that is out of his control. what other world leaders do is out of his control. terrorist attacks are out of his control. >> reporter: the president still faces challenges. the fight against isil. the rebuilding of iraq. the civil what are in syria. the stand off in ukraine. and he needs to get the iran
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deal past congress and figure out if he with ill do more than just threaten israel with the possibility of supporting palestine at the united nations. this is a president who realizes the clock is ticking. hoping he can tick off a few more accomplishments in the time left. patty culhane, al jazerra washington. and a reminder, be sure to join us tomorrow night for any velshi special report. iran behind the deal. 431 pima rest ed in a crack down on ice nil saudi arabia. officials saying isil is planning as many as six attacks on diplomatic missions as well as security and government installations in the upcoming weeks, more tonight from natasha ghoneim. >> reporter: with seebs your honor of guns money and computers, saudi's interior minister says it's dealt a massive blow to size. they recently arrested 431 people. they say are tied to the armed
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group. >> translator: within the past few weeks we have nearly put an end to ice nil saudi arabia. a group that threatens our society. >> reporter: officials say the suspects are from across the middle east and africa. they are believed to have been involved in the bombings of mosques in the cityies in which at least 33 people were killed. security forces say they have also foiled six other attacks being planned against saudi targets. >> translator: isil is trying to create a rift in the ding come. they want to create case as here through the terror cells which included citizens from saudi arabia and other country is. >> reporter: with the arrests saudi arabia is also hoping they have squashedded the ability of isil to recruit more fighters. natasha ghoneim, al jazerra. up next the state department is preparing to release its annual report on human trafficking. >> i am thinking i am desperate
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i have nowhere else to go he threatened to chill me if i ever left. >> tonight there are charges that politics decide who gets on the list and who is moving up. we take a deep look at the controversy. and later those attacks in chattanooga raising new concerns about the safety of military recruitment centers. calls for changes in the way the joels are protected still ahead. and donald trump attacking war hero john mccain and his military record. fallout from the republican party coming up. happen.
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it's saturday night and that means it's time too take deeper look of the issue of human trafficking of the state department is set to release its annual list on the subject. cuba and malaysia expected to be upgraded they are now on at the bottom of the list. the bottom being the worst offenders, critics say it's happening even though they see no evidence to indicate that either country has improved its human rights record. at courtney keyly explains the reason are political.
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>> reporter: the promise of a better life and job often lure victims in to or identifying situations worldwide. >> me and the others were all starving but we were throwing up as well because of the torture. >> reporter: he left hisville anyone bangladesh he was tortured in thailand by human traffickers. >> translator: i saw two people die their bodies were just jumped. >> reporter: hehe thought he was on his way to mclaren actual the state deem is finallal finalizing it's final report. countries are rated on tiers three fails to meet minimum standards and do not make' effort to do. tier three faces u.s. sanctions malaysia made that list last year along with 22 other countries, including cuba and thailand. president obama waved sanction for malaysia and thailand last year. sanctions can be economic, but can also include arms embargoes and visa restrictions. thailand is considered a
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regional trafficking hub. >> translator: the government officials are involved with the human traffickers. this is our biggest challenge. many of the local villagers are also involve but i don't think they benefit as much as the officials. >> reporter: even if it remains on the tier three list it maya void sanctions again, the state deem will not confirm or deny any information ahead of the report's lease the u.s. plans to upgrade mclaren from tier three according to route, 19 senators signed a letter to secretary of state john kerry objecting. saying a premature upgrade would undermine the inning they go i of the report process. and compromise our international effort to find human trafficking trafficking.
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>> reporter: with the reestablish. of diplomatic relations kibe harassed had a tier three ranking for a dozen years is likely to be lifted to a tier two watch list ranking. one of the recommendations the report made to cuba last year was to pass a law that criminalized prostitution for teenagers, age 16 to 18, who fall in the gray area of legal consents. it's unclear whether cube harassed followed up at all. even in the u.s., it remains extremely difficult to stop human trafficking including child prostitution. >> it's a crime that is very profitable. on the commercial side of things. you can bring in a young girl, enter in to the sex trade and sell her over and over again. >> this man drove up and said, hey, you want do make some money in? money? i am thinking i am desperate. i have no request else to go he threatened to kill me if i ever left. >> reporter: courtney keel kealy, al jazerra. tie lands which is a
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regional trafficking hub says it's taking steps on crack down on gangs that engage in human trafficking. their government says it is confidents it will avoid human sanction this is year even if tie lands stays at the bottom of the list. >> reporter: the thai authorities have said they are not too concerned about sanctions being imposed on them by the u.s. over their inaction or action on human trafficking. as far as they are concerned they are doing all this they can. in a recent report that they released regarding the government's progress in 2014 over human trafficking, they are very clear to mention that both convictions and investigations have dropped in comparison to 2013 but they are actually investing more in those two areas to make sure that those that may be involved in human trafficking are brought to justice. just for an example convictions rates were in 214104, but in the previous year of 2013, there were 225. now, those conviction rates for
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individuals that were incarcerated range from six months to 30 years. making sure that a very clear message is being sent out and those that have been the victims of trafficking have either been repat rated or given a leave of stay to remain in thailand. investment in human trafficking as far as the authorities are concerned to clamp down it is being practically doubled from a budgets of $6.3 million in 2014 to 15.1. a very clear message that the thai authorities wants to get out to to the international community. >> thank you ever 123-4678 phil robertson is the deputy direct for for asia in human rights watch he joins us this evening from cape cod massachusetts and david is president of humanity united in washington d.c. mr. robertson let's start with you. when we talk about the issue you of human trafficking, paint the
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picture that our audience understands, we are not talking about gray areas here, these are modern day slaves, or even worse sex slaves. >> yes, we are talking about trafficking for all purposes. we are talking about a situation where people base -- or forced labor for a various numbers of issues. >> does the list include countries that turned a blind eye to child slavery? if so, what age are we talking about here? >> well, children are in slavery all around the world. whether in the cotton fields of uzbekistan or travel ed in to sexual slavery in thailand and malaysia. children as young as four and six can sometimes be found picking cocoa in ghana and other countries in west africa. even though there are many efforts young children are involved and put in to forces
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labor. >> these nine senators, why if the united states is this beacon of freedom is there a debate in this country about whether a country does or does not engage in human trafficking? >> i think that this issue has come up in -- at this time because of the trade debate that has been going on in washington. malaysia has been a country that has been taking steps all along but you don't really see any real change on the ground in malaysia. i think that's why the 19 senators and also a separate letter from 160 members of the u.s. house of representatives sent to the secretary of state carey saying don't undermine the tip report of the trafficking in persons report that you put out is so important to fighting slavery around the world if you don't tell the truth in it you'll weaken our leadership and ability to really create change. >> mr. robertson is there any doubt in your mind this is about
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politics and not necessarily about human rights and not lavery? >> it's quite clearly about politics in the united states. malaysia has nod improved their trafficking in in i way shape or form. we are still seeing the same problems in terms of trafficking, receiving very little support. that doesn't result in prosecution and exploitation of migrants or forced laborer sex trafficking or other major abuse. >> forget about governments for a second. let's talk bus. we all ofwe all have cell phones and like cheaper clothes. but are we looking the other way and are we to blame for much of what happens in these countrys? >> there is no question that the consumer demand for products and products at low price points is
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what it is fuel the need as the companies see it to try to find the cheapest possible labor. but the american people are willing to pay more than are more to have a product that is slave resisted or products that are made by companies that have zero tolerance, we all have to be aware of it. try to think about what we can do more and companies are slowly starting to respond and think about their supply chains and their responsibility to insure that consumers have choice on his products that if not slave free, there is a zero tolerance for. >> so let me push back for a second do you believe that the american public is going to develop that conscience and then demand change? because after all, we have been talking about this issue for years. >> well, i -- it's going slowly. i will say that in main
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companies, humanity united the company i work for engages with, they are trying to take it more seriously. it's in part because they are afraid of their brand but it's also in part because they are in a war for talent. and young people who are coming in to their companies want to work for companies who take these kinds of issues seriously. a am not saying that we are at the place where we need to be, but if you look at, for example the california supply chain's transparency act, there is a way of trying to create more transparency. also the president of the united states, president obama has also put forward a slave-free or trying to insure that there is no federal procurement that is involved in human trafficking. he's got a ways to go, we'll see how well it's implemented but those are very good signs that there is at least a start going on here. >> gentlemen, stand by for a second, i am going to give you something literally in that case to chew on. most of the seafood we eat comes from asia, but would you eat it
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if you knew it came about because of slave labor? that was the case in indonesia the labors the they were tricked there nba to becoming modern-day slaves forced to work for little or no pay to keep up with demand, step vaessen reports. >> reporter: a life of horror they never imagined working as slaves in thai fishing vessels on a remote corner of i want near i can't. they suffered in sirens for mean years until a team from the fisheries ministry came to investigate claims of human trafficking and slavery. fishermen, mostly from myanmar say they were forced to work without pay. >> translator: slavery indeed. for example, when they were sick they will be given electro shocks and tortured. also when they were very tired they were treated inhumanly. yes, this is slavery. >> reporter: these men say they were sold to the fishing company by an agent from thailand who promised them a job in a
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restaurant. instead, they ended up far from home. they imagined to escape and are now hiding. >> translator: maybe some people on the boats wanted to be there but not me and not many of the others. they told me to accept my situation, but i couldn't i wanted to go home so badly. >> reporter: the fishing company used a prison cell to regularly lock up fishermen the desperation written on the walls fox, sure, i will get home one day, someone writes. if there is a way in, there is there should be a way out. and their way out has finally come. after listening to their testimonies government investigators decide to take them to a safer place. >> reporter: this just shows how desperate they are really are. as soon as the indonesian an government announced they were going to bring them to safety. they all emerged. more than 280. and more are still coming. they are leaving a life they recall as full of fear and horror and they are going a life
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of uncertainty but most importantly, they are going home. this is victims of human trafficking are only a small group of fishermen stuck in i wantindonesia, while he is excited to finally go home after four years, the fate of many others hangs in the balance. step vaessen, al jazerra east indonesia. >> then is this true is it true that there are more slaves now than ever before in human history? >> with the numbers that the international labor organization has put out of at least 21 million slaves at any one tile it seems that that is the case. there are more slaves now than ever. if you look at what, for example, going back to malaysia, in one of your setup pieces, there is an estimated 4 million migrants in malaysia and one u.k. expert has suggested that up to 30% of those 4 million migrants are in some sort of
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severe labor exploitation amount to go modern slavery. these are huge numbers and the pieces are -- cases are shocking. i totally agree with bill. these kind of numbers actually mass the painful experiences that people have. which is why we need to make sure that the trafficking persons report by the state department is an as an as possible so we can increase the awareness and get countries to do more about it. >> there are reports that i have seen and i am going stay with you for a second because we are work on this audio of mr. robertson, we have seen this in horror movies people bought and sold for their organs is there evidence that that is happening as well? >> i think there is evidence that that does happen, it's less purveys i ever or world why phenomenon. but there have been cases where there are indications that individuals are told that they are going to get some sort of medical procedure and then it turns out that there is organ
11:35 pm
trafficking. i think this is an area that is especially difficult to quantify. but there are in serious reports and ones that have been confirmed. >> fill robertson and david both of you thank you for being with us to our audience we apologize for the technical difficulties but the information was too important to ignore. on this week's third rail. another controvert i. does the u.s. criminal justice system favor the privileged. here is a preview. >> 97% of state prosecutors in it country are white. so up implicit bias that is built in to not only the prior offenses, and the convictions and the judges on the bench and how those people are actually defended in court, and then you get these three strikes and we know that we have in california a lot of people who were nonviolent offenders who haven't had been there doing the time that they were doing. that's why --
11:36 pm
>> i reject the notion just because i i am white that somehow i am bias, or just because you might be of another color or mixed. >> we all have implicit bias, all of us. >> i worked as hard as i could do make sure anything i did was equally visited on anybody who -- you look at the death penalty that his we carried out in california when i was attorney general, not a single one was carried on ute ought against someone that was a minor at this member they were carried out because they were white is that because i was biased against people that were white? no we look at the facts and the crimes and the horrendousness of the crimes and made those descensions . >> and you can watch the entire episode of third rail that airs tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. eastern time, 3:00 p.m. pacific. donald trump saying senator john mccain's time as a vietnamese prison of war doesn't make him a hero. >> captured. i like people that weren't captured okay, i hate to tell you. >> the back lab lash from the republican party next.
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plus the fifa scandal a different defend defendant enters a plea in a brook almost courtroom. a look at that's next after the break. >> meteorologist: and we are seeing a lot of heavy rain across the southwest bringing rethief fires but also a lot of flooding across parts of arizona, california, and i'll have all the details on that when i come back right after this.
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well welcome back to al jazerra america. iran's supreme leader doubling down on anti-american rhetoric in a speech to hard liners today. ayatollah khomeini describing america as air gant, his followers describing death to america after he spoke. he didn't criticize the deal but said no other deals would be made. about 2,000 protesters clashing in columbia, south carolina today, ku klux klan demonstrating against the removal the con federal flags a
11:40 pm
group affiliated with the black panthers protested against the clan, five people were arrested. in tennessee a fifth american soldier has died from thursday's shooting rampage 26-year-old randle smith a navy petty officer died from his injuries earlier today. the logistics specialist was shot in that attack on the navy operational support ?erpt chattanooga. meanwhile the family of the alleged shooter relying a statement today, they extended their sympathy to his the victims, families and said their son suffered from depression, a statement saying, quote, there are no words to describe our shock, horror and grief. the person who committed this horrible crime was not the son we knew and loved. there are no words to describe our shock horror and grief. donald trump is taking heat about what he said about arizona senator john mccain. speaking at a family leadership summit in iowa, the republican presidential candidate says he's angry at mccain for calling
11:41 pm
some of his followers crazy. but then he went to say the vietnam vet who was held captive for five years by the vee he had congress was not a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. >> he is a war hero. five and a half years. >> he's a war here recipients because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. okay, i hate to till. >> do you agree with that. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. some. >> some of the other candidates were quick to react. bobby joineddal saying after trump spent six years in a prison of war camp he can weigh n chris christy and rick santorum saying john mccain say war hero, period. former texas governor rick perry saying trump owes mccain an apology and proves he's unfit to be president. as for trump he didn't serve a day in the military. he received four students defer did he fever. s while he was at school and then a medical defer. which kept him out of the
11:42 pm
military. trump and others are calling for change and policy at military centers across the country. they are open to the public the service members inside are unarmed and some say in needs to change lisa bernard has mere from california. >> reporter: open for business. but a somber mad inside the army and navy recruiting officers in american canyon, california. the attack that killed form four marines and injured three others in chattanooga tennessee is on their mind as they work quietly. those inside say few people walk through these doors in this politically liberal area. and yet ruben lopez says sign him up. >> i like the concept sent of being a superhero, i figure the closest thing i will get is actually joining the military. >> reporter: the 24-year-old is not afraid to be standing outside and veterans came out to support soldiers at these recruiting stations in chattanooga and elsewhere. >> it gives me more drive to
11:43 pm
wanting to go get these guys. >> reporter: security experts say these offices are vulnerable. >> because of their location within mini malls or strip malls, moist of the access to these facilities is walking and there is a lot of foot traffic and so the difficulties to which you create a hardened target that can't be penetrated very difficult to do. >> reporter: david teaches at sonoma state university. >> you also have a high rate of common takecommunication that goes on by disgruntled individuals or individualses interested in targeting the government at these centers 78 this is a history at get centers where those inside are unarmed. in one to thought a sent never times square was bombed a year later a recruiter was shot and killed in little rock, arc an army spokeswomen says the recruiters get training for active shooters as well as anti their terrorism and trained to pay attention to their joined goes and rehearse so it's secretary nature. ruben lopez says following an
11:44 pm
tack on the marines in chattanooga, he wants to be one of those protecting the usa. lisa bernard, al jazerra american canyon, california. the first top soccer official indict ed in the global corruption scandal appearing in federal court today. jeffrey webb pleading not guilty to racketeering and break are you charges in brooklyn. win is the former fifa vice president for north and central america and the caribbean a,. >> reporter: here on the eye rand nation and other island nations in the caribbean they say they know jeffrey webb better than anybody. his power and influence in the football world was unmatched for several reasons number one he's from the nearby cayman islands but i don't understand that he was also the president of concacaf. the regional governing body for football for north and central america as well as here in the caribbean, knew, webb's power here was unmatched. he had visited this islands several times most recently in
11:45 pm
2013 where he was checking in on some construction work being done near the football stadium here. he was showered by praise by local officials but his influence within way i don't understand the region all the way to the top of fifa itself. he was considered an up and coming power player within the organization. he was part of the powerful executive committee since 2012. and he also served on several subcommittees as well. perhaps ironically he was on fifa's transparency and compliance committee ironic perhaps because it's webb himself that is now being accused by the u.s. justice department of taking part in massive corruption and fraud. the key allegations against webb from the justice department is that he received a bribery money along with others totaling more than $40 million accord to the accusation for the right the broadcast rights to the copa america tournament here. so the football world is
11:46 pm
watching this case. and the entire corruption case against fifa very closely but no more so than in this region, the caribbean where they consider jeffrey webb almost a native son. earlier i talked to sports attorney doug el drilling i asked him if fifa would listen to corporate responses like coca-cola. >> you can come in and replace the leadership, you can turn the organizational chart on its ear as far as senior leadership but it will not create institutional change from a procedural standpoint? what will? turning off the financial spigot. let's go through a couple of numbers quickly. from 2010 to 2014, and this answers your question, fifa did 5.7 billion in revenue. for the world cup alone they did 2.6 billion in profit. they did 2.4 billion in media rights and an additional 1.5 billion in marking rights. and most importantly examine to your question for a four-year
11:47 pm
cycle they did 1.6 billion in top level sponsors among them coca-cola and mcdonald's the problem is these these are large scale global organizations many of which are public traded. coca-cola certainly is. and they feel the pressure because of their sense of corporate responsibility. as all of these things come out from financial impropriety to allegations of gross human rights violations coca coca cola's cop super, not just their stockholders but consumers are putting pressure on the organization and coke is in a position to say this has to change or we are going to pull. as soon as coke does, all of the others will follow. and fifa's telephones will collapse on it self because the moneying with with it. the tv contract collapse and the at the present time is doing. >> that's sport attorney doug eldgedge. in southern california rain and cool weather helping calm the wild filed that we want across i-15 sends are drivers
11:48 pm
running for their lives it did burn five square miles and 20 vehicle went up in flames as well two. weeks are vehicles suffered minor injuries most of the interstate was reopened today. firefighters are focused on pro tethering a few hundred homes in the area, kevin core bow has been keeping an eye on the weather will it get wetter out there? >> meteorologist: in terms of the wild fires the rain is helping but causing a big problem in other ways, i will show you that. first i want to give you a little bit of back history of what is happening with all of the rain. where is it coming from? down here this is the remnants of hurricane duh dolores what it is doing is pummeling moisture up to the north affecting california as well as plane maces in the southwest look at the rain. i want to go closer in. a lot of power outages here in california. 15,000. we have also seen record-breaking rain in san diego. i want to take up here just to the northwest of phoenix arizona. take a lack at the video that
11:49 pm
came in earlier. this is actually -- you can see how the flash flood hag has been instigated by all the rain going on. unfortunately, we are expecting to see more rain through the night as well as in to tomorrow. this will cause a lot of problems for many people in this area. i want to show you the areas that could be affected here. for arizona we are looking at flash flat warnings in effect as well as in to parts of utah and also california. because it is so dry when you get this much rain in this little period, that is where the rain has really no place to go. it's not absorbed by the ground. all these states, all the way through tomorrow are going to be major problem. for los angeles more rain tomorrow, but as we go through monday, the rain starts to edge off a little bit there. order out here towards the east, it's a different problem. heat tomorrow. excessive heat warnings. take look at the high temperatures ebbs picture to the
11:50 pm
washington, d.c. if 96 debts guess virginia nineties one firm den 96, examine when you factor in the heat index, we are talking more about 100 to 105 agrees in this area so it will be a major problem. we'll be watching this tomorrow i am sure we'll have some video coming out showing how people are dealing with the heat. >> thank you very much. after months in a roma a french racecar driver has dialed. >> translator: i met jewels when he began on this very track when he was with his father. >> the last lane next.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
>> the fda isn't testing enough. >> now science is pursuing an organic alternative. >> these companies are trying out new technologies. >> no hormones are ever added into our tanks. >> mmm! >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm. >> can affect and surprise us. >> wow, some of these are amazing. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. the u.s. men's soccer team beating cuba today of the team now qualifying for the semi finals in the gold cup. team usa winning six goals to nil. clint dempsey scoring a hat trick the last time the usa lost to cuba was 1949. the team will play jamaica in the semifinals in atlanta on wednesday.
11:53 pm
the racing world is remembering jules bee bianchi. he had been that i coma ever since. sarah lacks back at his life in the fast lane. >> reporter: in the fading light and pouring rain of last year's japanese grand prix, formula one entered its darkest chapter in two deck decades. french driver jules bianchi last control of his car and crashed in to a recovery vehicle already assisting a drive that had spun out the lap before. he was unconscious when taken to hospital. he never recovered. this was a 25-year-old frenchman's second f1 season after progressing through ferrari's young driver program. racing for anglo russian team, he scored his fairs points at the grand prix. he gain his career like so many other drives, competing competing
11:54 pm
and excelling at cart raising. >> translator: i met jules when he began on this very track when he was with his fa they can he drove particularly well. after that everyone knows how his career and performances evolved. that as well as his personality which was particularly attractival. attractive. >> reporter: the investigation found that bianchi did not slow sufficiently to avoid losing control in the bad conditions. the findings prompting f1 to alter its rules allowing stewarts to force all cars to slow and go through the pit lane instead of continues to go lap the surfing you want. start times were also moved preventing drivers from racing in dim light. but by its very nature, formula one is a sport involving risk and reward. it's the dynamic which makes it so intoxicating for both drivers and fans. early in his career, bianchi was asked if he was worried about crashing at high speed. it's normal.
11:55 pm
it's racing, was his reply. racing though, feels any but normal at a time like this. sarah coates, al jazerra. those e readers growing in popularity around the world. you neck, argentina bucking the trend. it's the old-fashioned book versus technology when we come back.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
president, commander and chief and dad. personal spending the weekend in new york with his daughters they took a ways in central park and went to hamilton a pip broadway musical. he will be back on tuesday it's been 20 years since amazon started selling books other line e-readers explode something for him layer at this. both are challenges a lot of brick and mortar stores failed to meet. it upping at page on what has been a trends. >> reporter: once upon a time the grand splendid was a feet everything then a cinema for the
11:58 pm
last 15 years it's been a book shop. celebrating argentine and international literature. defying the advance of modern technology, what & what some storytellers will say is a worldwide decline in readers and reading. tran. >> translator: after harry potter and the "da vinci code" they were like an injection which has inspired more people to read before before that didn't even pick up a newspaper. >> reporter: the argentine passion for books is also met at the annual book fair, the largest in the spanish-speaking world. and on the streets with hundreds of stores like these scattered around the city. >> translator: you have to incorporate new technology, but i am from a generation familiar with this format, with paper. but i don't say that this is all there is, i don't say one or the 506789 the reasons while as complex and intriguing as a short story by jorge luis. they include the difficulties in high cost of obtaining new
11:59 pm
technology a postal systems many don't trust and the session of sales tax on books that keeps prizes affordable. books, book shops readers and writers are are an intrinsic part the landscape standing the test of time and the advance of modern technology, living by the idea that i good book is a good book no matter what the format. there are also new writers insuring that the next yep raise of or teen gins argentine says is captivated by the written world. >> it's been a culture of reading, going book stores, going to the book ferry and think that is a social activity that people want to share. people want to be part of that as well. >> reporter: books are still being written published and sold to an argentine public, proud of its heritage, open to new ways of reading. but still enamored with the ink on the page. al jazerra. thanks for joining us.
12:00 am
i am del walters in new york the news continues with our colleagues in dough doha. good night. saudi arabia says it's carried out an isil-linked sweep it's side its borders arresting 400 people. hello, and welcome to al jazerra. live from our headquarters in doughdoha. i am he liz beg. also ahead. denouncement and diplomacy how eye rants leader celebrate the nuclear deal at home and in the region. greece's economy is on life support and critically afternoon the healthcare system. and shipping containers full of pubbish from canada are at the certainty of a dispute in


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