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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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ens on - >> a string of bomb blasts in gaza. the target hamas and islamic jihad. i'm fauziah ibrahim and you're watching al jazeera live from doha. coming up in the next hour. ku klux klan rally to remove the con43rd flag. life support we visit one hospital in greece struggling to get by. and why containers stuffed
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with canadian rubbish are piling up in the philippines. our top story out of gaza where six cars have blown up simultaneously, at least two people have been injured. the cars are believed to have balooning to senior officials from the hamas group and islamic jihad. tamar al michel is in gaza for us. tell us what happened during the attack? >> around 6:00 in the morning explosions took place in the neighborhood in the northern gaza city. the six explosions took place in six cars belonging to hamas and islamic jihad military fighters. these cars were stopped in the
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front of these fighters' houses and the explosions was by hand local made explosives and caused damaged to these cars. two people injured as a result of these explosions and after that, the security in gaza closed the areas of the explosion and started their investigation. and even prevent the cameramen and the journalists from filming the scene. >> tamar, has there been a claim of responsibility and what has hamas responded? >> until now there has been no response from hamas or official statement from the security in gaza or hamas about what did happen, who's behind that and what is the movement after these explosions. but some of the analyses link
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these explosion with the radical groups, islamic radical groups in gaza which support the ideology of what is called the islamic state especially after what the complicated relation between these groups and hamas security and hamas movement in gaza. but until now, there is no clear official statement by these groups or by the interior ministry these analysis and this explosion one sign especially the cause of the damage is more stronger than previous explosions if we compare it before the previous explosion under and these explosions the cause of the explosion is bigger, started by hamas activists and islamic
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jihadists at the same time, used to target hamas fighters and hamas security members. third this will be a challenge for hamas security in gaza and even for the groups and the palestinian factors how to be with these developments and what the coming days will be in the situation in gaza. >> tamar, thank you tamaral michel. explaining the bomb blasts in gaza. we'll have more on that later. fears over iranian nuclear deal are far from over. secretary of defense ash carter is going to israel on wednesday saudi arabia and jordan also on his list. on friday the supreme leader made his first comment about the
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agreement, he said it will not change tehran's relationship with united states or the middle east. meanwhile the business of doing business with iran is already starting. germany is sending a trade delegation to tehran on sunday and so do other countries. we'll have more little later but first the diplomacy and why ash carter's message of reassurance may be hard to sell. here is tom ackerman. >> mohammed ben salman, visit just a few days before the nuclear deal with iran, another effort to reassure the saudis that their seven decade long relationship with the u.s. remains strong. in the past four years the saudis have reached more than
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$90 billion in weapons deals with the u.s. sales that include war planes, armored vehicles missiles and bombs. some of that hardware has been deployed by the saudis, along with its gulf cooperation councilmembers and the u.s. is providing intelligence and logistics, against the houthi rebels whom they regard as iran's proxies. >> the objective there is to restore a political process there in which a legitimate government can be established. >> but that cooperation hasn't quieted saudi anxiety over iran's what they call mischief around the region. military life line to syria's bashar al-assad. >> this comes back to iranian
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saudi strategic rivalry and the idea that the u.s. is not pushing back hard enough in the iranian influence in the gulf and the le vanity levant and elsewhere. >> carter will follow up his boss's message to israeli prime minister netanyahu last week. >> i'm prepared to go further in terms of u.s. administration to provide them security from the united states. >> assurances whose specifics remain unspoken. but tom ackerman, al jazeera washington. >> a professor of world studies at the university of tehran and he says the opening up of markets in iran is a concern to the world he thinks.
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>> iran's economic benefits, some of the sanctions that will be lifted or suspended they don't mind seeing the program limited but they mind being iran does better economically and i think that's what they're worried about. i think it's a correct statement saying then that iran is able to access economic markets or is able to access its own money in international banks iran's economy would be in a better shame nap part of the statement is i think accurate. >> kamal, what opportunities would exist in iran as western sanctions are lifted. >> there is a flip side to years of economic eye laition and that happens when you finally emerges from it. with its population of 80 million people waiting for foreign input businesses are understandably ready to engage
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with iran. steps taken in the last year as these nuclear talks are happening, worth $100 billion. think of aviation. tehran needs more than 400 aircraft to replace its aging fleet. germany expects to sell more chemicals to iran. and the wall street journal is reporting that apple is looking for a distribution partner in iran the tech market is estimated to grow to $16 billion annually from use ask just $six billion now. likely to spend 176 billion this year. there's an annual disposable ingenious at stack of $284
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billion. with a look at those numbers the cue to iran answer door may be a long one. >> rally of white supremacists over the confederate flag. from colombia south carolina, allen fisher reports. >> a protester protest from a white prem sis. supremacist. they marched on the steps of south carolina state capital building, they objected to the removal of the confederate flag from the state house grounds and the flag waved by the man who shot nine people dead in a church in this state just short of a month ago.
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outnumbered them easily by 10 to 1. there were fights, there wesh skirmishes there were arguments and there were arrests. for the ku klux klan this was about heritage and freedom of speech but they spent moat of their time on the state house shouting at the people who came out in for force to oppose them. >> the selling of confederate flags, look at that. the revolution, is always a solution. >> wrong message at the wrong time. >> miseducated, they are oppressed, all these hate groups that's nude that is drawing them down and bring them apart that's where the healing is going to have to begin with these guys.
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>> what i'm seeing now is pathetic actually pathetic pfn. >> the kkk's numbers have dropped significantly in recent years though it claims a surge in interest about the flag and how most people have stopped take it or delivering is. those the cut k k k should be the like the flag. >> still to come here on al jazeera, north koreans go to the polls yet most of the ballot papers have only one name. and we're in brundz where people are hoping that tuesday's election will bring pros patient and peace.
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tblch >> government committees. >> they're spending money, they're not saving it. >> costing millions and getting nothing. >> it's a bogus sham. >> america tonight investigates.
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money for nothing. >> they've gotten away with it for years. >> welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. six cars have been blown up simultaneously in northern gaza, the cars are thought to belong to individuals of the ruling hamas group and islamic jihad. >> ash carter will have it saudi arabia and jordan on his middle east tour. members from the white
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supremacist group be can ku klux klan protested in south carolina state house. >> more on the story with harry faust who joins usfawcett who joins us. where from south korea's south korea's seoul. why don't you just appoint the person politically? >> last year we had parliamentary elections this jeer is the four yearly signing e-cycle in which local elections take place. so i think from a leadership perspective it is important to have these big national events, certainly it's been treated somewhat as a holiday going
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into wholly decorated polling booths and with one name on they either approve or disprove of the name on the paper. that e-disapproval doesn't often happen. the turnout 97.anyone after four hours of voting, a couple ever hours of voting, the number was up to 91%. it seems people are taking the instructions is very much to the letter. this being a de facto census, the leadership can take offense to where they are where they want to be. obviously, people do travel across what is to some extent a
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poorest border, so it can be used for that purpose as well. >> hear, thank you heading to the polls for loam elections. judge 90, in egypt military has shot and killed two soldiers near the town of sheik zuwait. rockets paroled guns by calling efcallingists government forces. there's been forcing between houthi backed rebels and government forces. earlier they regained control of the southern part city of aden. 90 self be ministers loyal to
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the be loyalty of abd rabbu mansour hadi. >> government is keeping a daily cash withdrawal limit of the 60 euros but has raced the fienltd day as 4 many e-rks 25 of 2005. customers will not be allowed to transfer cash aboard. rchlts. mohammed jamjun visited an athens hospital and spoke to the workers there about the challenges they faced. >> today at the hospital dr. tao
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ranorof, pleased pleerts we have about one and a half million unbloid people. three need completely help. >> dr.yanaros, a former military commando and director of the hospital is a revolutionary at heart. now matter what the situation he's dedicated to hip as many people as possible. >> nobody's going to tell us when we'll live and when we'll die. we treat everyone the same. >> he tells me the be medical budgets have been lashed medical ration is heart to do, even the nimble slice of a
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surgeon would have hard time cutting through it. >> we don't call financing proceed colts. >> the sickly economy has men that no people is have jobs than ever before. >> greeks are known. the frightened eyes dr. janaros can't use the same quig it always did this hidden title. dr. yanaros describes how he secured, hasn't been able to get license plates for the mobile
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medical unit myself. i'm going to dry e-drive i.t. my several even with patients. in greek the word elpis means hope to give home to the shierd to paim in media dr. r earvetion bhrvetionat rvetion it's an ancient greek vow may i always act the hippocratic oath states, so i may observe the highest qualities of my profession. mohammed jamjun, al jazeera
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athens. >> processing separatists have been patrolling the area with neither no customer weapons. >> protestors in georgia have ernlgd the government to end diplomatic talks with russian. russia. they gathered yowrts government headquarters in the capital tablisi. earliered weighed to e-saying russian forces wesh pushing. >> china has supported 20 foreigners for watching what the official state media is, video clips advocate egg terrorism and religion be extremism. the group was own the home of c
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cian when they were detained. two of those arrested say they were washing a documentsary about.genabout.genghis chan. kahn. doltd documentary about him. >> however optimistic the slump in business will end once the presidential election set for tuesday is oarch. >> that's why i am going to vote. maybe the tension will end and we can have peace. >> reporter: the campaign period is winding down but only
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a few opposition parties seem happy. some breuchzians. >> why is your party participating in the election on tuesday? >> we have to build a safe, a safe country and now we are not in a sieve safe crn because we tried with -- for the luck be of trust between population different groups. >> despite calls by the international community some african leaders and opposition parties to delay the controversial election, the electoral commission says it will go gd many they say they can thought participate in a process they feel is not free or fair.
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in the rural country side where mountain numed henkurunziza is important. >> in the urban areas life is harder. people here also want peace but they needs jobs too. if nkurunziza wins a third term some people don't know if it's good or bad for the economy. haru mutasa, al jazeera be burundi. former fifa vice president was released on $10 million bail the bond package includes
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ten properties three cars expensive watches and jewelry. webb will remain under house arrest with electronic monitoring and fbi supervision. he is due back in court next month. there have been protests in the philippines over dozens of containers sent from canada carrying rubbish. this has led to a nationwide controversy over who was responsible for waste imported into the country over a year adding. jamilla allenzuggan has more. 90 it is expected to deal with another country's garbage too. more than two years after the seizure of these containers of garbage brought into the country from canada by a private company the waste still remains here. environmentalists say it is unacceptable to make the fill
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peens carry the burden of health and chemical impact of a highly developed country. >> it is not just only an environmental problem. it will set a procedure for other nation is, developed country to dump their illegal waste here in the philippines. >> the containers have been at the center of a dispute because the waste was supposed to be for recycling. but the philippine customs impounded the shipments over the concern that the contents have been undervalued. politicians are calling for canada to take the containers back. >> they can't comply the shipper to return the mixed recyclables to canada. >> both are signatories from the
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basil convention. the canadian exporter remains uncharged. it has become a national issue here. this is a hearing in the provinceial headquarters. a hearing is to be had soon. >> the philippine government's bureau of customs and the environmental offices are facing allegations of corruption and negligence. just three out of the 55 containers were inspected by the department of environment. they were not checked randomly but were chosen by customs officials. six other containers also remain unaccounted for. the dispute over which government agency is to blame is continuing but for most people here it's about the indignity of
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