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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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alls and people would like whisper and like stare at me and like turn their heads and like laugh. i was like ok, well everyone hates me. maybe i'll just kill myself. i don't know what to do. turkey calls for an emergency nato meeting as it launches murder overnight tacks on the p.k.k. and isil. ♪ ♪ welcome to al jazerra live from our doha headquarters i am jane doesn't. also coming up armed gunmen attack a bus and storm a police station in the north of india. a humanitarian pause in fighting against in yemen, but fears remain over whether it will hold hold.
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12k sri lanka has bans a widely used herbicide. turkey has called for an emergency nato meet to go discuss threats to its national security. in the latest development turkish jets have been hitting p.k.k. targets across is border in northern iraq. y.p.g. said they she would their positions near the town of kobane. the prime minister says the y.p.g. could have a plays in syria's few officer it cuts all ties with the assad regime. he also says turkey noose plans to sends ground troops in to syria. let's go live now it zeina khodr in southeastern turkey. zeina, talk us through the statement by the prime minister, he says that they could work the y.p.g. yet the y.p.g. claim they have been attacked again by turkish
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forces what, does that suggest is going on? >> reporter: yes, a new development. accord to this y.p.g. the syrian kurdish force as well as the syrian observatory human rights, the turkish military she would their positions west of kobane. we still have no independent confirmation, but we did speak to a spokesman from the froome and, in account far, he is issued a warning to turk saying this should not happen again he said this is the second time, it's a potentially dangerous development. why? because of the growing tensions between turkey and syria's kurds as well as turkey and its own kurdish population. tensions are growing. we know that turkey has long been concerned about the growing strength of the syrian kurds along its border. we heard the prime minister say and give conditions real on how the kurds could have a place in what he called the new syria. saying that the syrian kurds should end all ties with the assad government. they alleged that they have links with the assad government.
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they should not disturb turkey and they should cooperate with syrian opposition groups. so far the kurds have been acting independently yes some rebel forces fight alongside the kurds, but the main syrian opposition they do not couldn't both militarily and politically. so turkey making it's a conditions clear and really the public here in turkey increasingly uneasy about turkish policies. as mohamed my colleague explains. >> reporter: in turkey, another attack. this time a car bomb targeted a military convoy in the predominantly kurdish southeastern province. two soldiers were killed and another four were wounded. while no group has yet claimed responsibility turkish officials believe the outlawed kurdistan workers party or p.k.k., to be behind it. it's the latest jolt in a volatile 48 hours full of fundamental shifts in military
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strategy. a country that for so long has been wary of interveneing in any conflict now find itself involved in two. bombing boat both isil in syria and the p.k.k. in northern iraq. turkish journalist says a spectacle turkish publicist simply wasn't prepared for for this. >> there are too many questions, like if isis is attacking us why are we fighting the p.k.k.? which is fighting isis in any case. and on top is turkey strategically speaking and in terms of our spirit, are we capable of fighting two wars in two different countries simultaneously? >> reporter: when it comes to renewed hostilities between turkey and the p.k.k., she believes both parties are very much to blame. >> the military, turkish military has been seeking a confrontation with p.k.k. for sometime now. of course p.k.k. is also to
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blame and it's very important for them to realize that their legitimacy their increasing legitimacy vis-a-vis the international community, that's coming from the fact that they had stopped military confrontation. >> reporter: during the past few days raids weren't just conducted from the air, on the ground security forces fanned out across dozens of provinces and a arrested more than 600 people with ties to what are described as terror groups. turkey's prime minister declared he will not allow domestic security to be disturbed. that the military will take any measure necessary to insure turks remain safe. now anger is on the rise. and activists are on the move. this istanbul neighborhood was supposed to be the starting point for a huge peace rail today. the governorship canceled that rally and the sponsors of the rally called it off as well trying to deescalate tensions, but some committed peace
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activists have shown up. they have their peace signs some wearing peace block jerseys and vests, but security forces have encircled the area and many here are worried that the area will be cleared soon. many here were supporters of kurdish rights. one reason so many officers were on hand. now strained and an already fraught relationship may be rink the breaking point once more. al jazerra istanbul. >> and zeina talk us through the different approaches being taken by both the u.s. and turkey when it comes to this batter. >> reporter: well, we know that they have had strained relations over syria policy. the prime spinster everybody acknowledging differences still remain but said there was enough common ground to reach an agreement. he's not linking the agreement to turkey's knew position it's actively engaging in the fight against isil. what he said was that air cover would be provided to syrian opposition groups that turkey
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has no plan to send ground forces in to syria. but it has identified a partner on the ground. a very different partner from what the coalition has been cooperating it. the coalition has been cooperating with syria's kurds now the turkish prime minister saying there is an agreement to provide air cover to the syrian opposition groups, no official confirmation from the united states as of yet but the question is, who are the moderate groups turkey is talking about? >> thank you for that accident that, zeina. >> staying in turkey a police officer has been shot to death at the funeral of' opposition lead he go. people's liberation party front. she was killed during a country-wide raid by security force on his friday. it's unclear who fired the shot that killed the policeman. in southeastern turkey thousands gathered for the funeral of a man killed during a frost against the military
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operation on the p.k.k. in northern iraq. at least four people have been killed in an attack in the state of punjab in northern india a group of armed men attacked a bus and stormed a police station in the district. india has stepped up security along the pakistan border in response to the attack. >> trapp i have asked the direct tore gent border security force to his put the force on his high alert across all of our borders. >> nidhi joins us live from new delhi. what details are you getting about what actually happened. >> reporter: absolutely. at the moment, jane, we are hearing of six people have been killed in this attack, including one gunman. from what we believe from sources on the ground, the operation by the indian army is ongoing at the moment where this police station is located. just to give you some context as well in terms of what this area is about why it's important, it is near the india-pakistan
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border. it also neighbors an area in india which is home to some key indian army establishments and facilities. in terms of the india-pakistan relationship as well, just weeks ago earlier this month prime minister mod imette mod mode modi met with his counterparts. and it was hoped the meeting would propel the two countries forward in dealing with the long-running issues. it will be a -- if there are confirmation of the gunmen coming from the pakistani side, what impact that will have on any forward movement in the relationship. there is an update that security around the indian parliament in the capital here in new delhi has been stepped up. it's an ongoing operation now in the northern i understand january state of punjab and unclear as to the exact details but an investigation is ongoing
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as well. >> also that six people have been killed. thanks for that nidhi cut dutt. for the first time since a civil war began syria's president has admitted his fors struggling during a televises speech in damascus he says his army is struggling to contain isil in rebel groups he added his army must define key regions to hold onto during the conflict conflict. >> translator: we do have any recruits every day. military is carry out this mission but the syrian army is required to give up some areas to hold onto more important areas, we are in a fateful period and there are no compromise solutions. >> al jazerra has been getting reaction to bashar al-assad's speech and his admission that his forces are struggling in the four-yearlong war. >> to think that the fact is that assad's regime you very loud i saying that syria is not
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only for syrians who hold syria i.d. syria is all who are fighting for assad's regime. syria is for who would kia sad in power. controlling the whole country even destroying the rest of the whole country but the only thing assad wants to is to stay in power, to stay on -- to keep his own chair. >> i think for assad the word victory doesn't mean controlling his whole country think it's survival of the regime and survival of his plan in control of what's left of syria. the significance of this speech is he prepares his people for a possible compromised if some kind of principle solution and transitional government to come. >> the u.s. has been involved militarily by air but not on the
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ground. some people would like the united states to be more involved and a lot of this has to do with domestic american politics. a major factor. now, hearing assad's comments that he has lost control over some territory and is concentrating on the more important areas, that is to say the alawite homeland and the christian areas this may encourage, once again the many contenders for the new presidential elections to put pressure on president obama because they try to outdo one another in how much more active they would be if they were in charge. a humanitarian truce has come in to effect in em request en. the saudi-led coalition has halted airstrikes against houthi rebels and their allies for the next five days so aid can be delivered. the u.n. secretary general issued a statement saying the
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houthis, the general people's congress and all parties will agree to maintain the humanitarian pause for the sake of all the yemeni people. saudi arabia says the coalition will responsibility if to any large military action by the houthis. we have more. >> reporter: thousands of people in these mountains outside the city of tice are in desperate need of human humanitarian aid. pro government tribes have been making gains in the west but the contested city remains under siege by suit i fighters. and saleh loyal i was. >> translator: our goal is clear the safe test people and delivering humanitarian aid. there is a commitment from the u.n. that the militia will accept the ceasefire and allow food surprise to reach citizens and not tack or steal humanitarian surprise. >> reporter: houthi lead verse not committed to the pause and
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have complained to the u.n. about what they call ongoing breach buys saudi arabia to the last truce called by the u.n. >> saudi want to use this ceasefire to position their troops on loyalists in aden and they will use the ceasefire to bring more troops in the name of humanitarian aid to aden. >> reporter: but yep ends government insists the purely humanitarian and puts the burden on the houthis to help the 20 millionyep yemeni that his need assistance. >> we support a truce that's fully i want polighted not one that will be used for expansion or two change conditions on the ground. >> reporter: in aden, more ada has arrived. the biggest challenge after storing the surprise will be to reach areas cut off by the fighting. aid agencies say the coalition blockade has made matters worse.
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>> the conflict primarily it's insecurity because the ground fighting. but also the extreme application of the resolution 2216 of the united nation which in fact, beyond the weapon, now is extremely restriction. [ inaudible ] which hamper the life of everybody. >> reporter: for now a one-sided truce is in effect. the country where two previous ceasefires have failed and civilians are continue to go pay the price. al jazerra. coming up on al jazerra u.s. press barack obama is due in ethiopia's national palace shortly. he will be talking trade. but while the country's economy may be starting to bloom some say the progress is coming at the cost of human rights.
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♪ ♪ held going. the top story on his al jazerra turkey has called for an emergency nato meet to go discuss threats to its national security. meanwhile, its air force is continue to go strike p.k.k. positions in iraq. isil targets in syria are also being hit but the turkish prime minister says there are no plans to sends in ground troops. at least four people are dead after gunmen attacked a police and bus station in the northern indian state of punjab. india has stepped up security along the pakistan border in response to the attack. a humanitarian truce has come in to effect in yemen. saudi-led coalition has halted
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airstrikes for the next five days so aid can be delivered. barack obama is in ethiopia today. it's the first ever trip to the country by a u.s. president he's to hold talks with the government and its regional leaders on the civil war in south sudan. on tuesday he will also be the first u.s. president to address the african union in its new chinese-built head quarters. let's talk to muhammad adow. what's going on there mohamed? >> reporter: well, jane, president barack obama is any moment expected now at the national palace for talks with the prime minister. talks that will touch on matters pertaining closer trade links between the united states and europe and also security collaboration between ethiopia and the united states in its war against terrorism it has forces
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in somalia. retain something key territory from al-shabab. but generally this is a trip that is meant for strengthen ties between ethiopia and the united states i'm relationship that started in 1903. started by president theodore roosevelt and the emperor of ethiopian. the united states is at this time -- i mean, interesting in increased ties with ethiopia because of eights rice in regional influence and also its growing economy. workers cut flowers for export in the suburbs of the ethiopian capital. growing flowers is a relatively new business in owing open i can't. within a few years it's become the fourth largest export third world. >> the flowers in general is contribute being a significant amount of foreign currents is a for the local economy. it was really like hundred
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thousands of dollars when i start flower. today we are talking about nearly $300 million of export. >> reporter: this is all part of a government policy to transform the economic through agriculture. thousands of kilometers of roads have been built in the past 10 years. oathethiopia is also hole for africa's first lightrail project. the idea is to bring farm produce fast feeder markets and make more farms commercial. but critics point to human rights abuse some of them committed in the name of development. they also complain of what they wall lack of genuine democracy and question the sustainability of the country's economic path. journalist was released from prison a few days ago. after being held for more than four years on terrorism charges. >> translator: my freed sum incomplete. there are many journalists still in jail. they have done no wrong also opposition and religions lead nurse prison for simply speaking their mind were the ethiopian
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position is also smarting from a heavy election loss in may. the governing party says it won all 547 seats in parliament. >> it's not the election of stealing, it's not the election of fraud but it was a really organized robbery. >> reporter: government leaders up sifter it's heading in the right direction. >> we are on the right track and the prognosis is we are going to continues on this right track. so we are preparing not only for the middle class and middle income but also aspiring to be a prosperous countries. >> reporter: barack obama is expected to pile pressure on the government to reform and tackle its dismal human rights record. the government will be determined to deflect. a child suicide bomber has killed at least 15 people in nigeria's.
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the 10-year-old girl blew herself up at the entrance after i market. another 47 people were wounded. burundi's parliament is due to meet later on monday for the first time since the president won his third term. it's unclear if opposition m.p.s will attend. government opponents boycotted the elects lasts week saying the president's run violate the the constitution. prisoners on hunger strike in israel could be forced to eat if a bill is passed by parliament. it's expect today vote on monday. the law only relates to people israel suspects or has convicted of terrorism related offenses. most hunger strikers are being held without charge. philippine president is due to give his sixth and final state the nation address shortly but his speech could be out shadowed by protests outside par los angeles.
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an explanation of what i some people are so angry. >> reporter: when the president was sworn in to office in 2010, it was seen as a beacon of hope after the tumultuous decade long rule of the former president. he vowed to fight corruption and poverty. almost six years later the economy is growing and foreign investment has more than doubled. landmark bills were passed in to law, and his government negotiations with the most powerful rebel group in southeast asia the islamic liberation front may finally bring an end to the decades-long insurgency in south. his government final a case against china in the united nations tribunal. challenge the entire south china sea. it's been seen as a david versus goliath scenario. unprecedented where other countries are in miami maritime disputes in china. he hasn't kept everyone happy.
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even within his own political coalition. >> i have no doubt that the president is clean he's not corrupt. and -- but then we -- we don't elect presidents to be saints. okay? we elect presidents to effectively govern and one of the key things about effective governance is you don't have double standards. the supreme act of political courage in it country it "america tonight" to tell somebody close to you who might be your cabinet minister or cabinet secretary and say i am sorry but we ran on good governance, you violate the it, you've got to go. he does not have the courage to say that. >> reporter: he has spent more on social services than any other president. the problem remains how do insure that economic growth benefits those at the bottom. more than 28% of the population still live below the poverty
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line as they did in the 1990s. >> history will be kind to him because under his watch a few firsts in contemporary history took place. first three senators are behind bars. hopefully to stay there and to be convicted base of slappedder charges. second achieve justice was impeached for lying in his assets statement. third, a sitting vice president is facing charges. those are 31sts in contemporary philippine history. >> reporter: with a little over a year left many worry that he will not have time to deliver all of his promised reform. election season has started now and the contest to replace him sings to be what's dominating his administration. al jazerra manila. at least 51 people have died during flash floods in pakistan.
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flooding triggered by monsoon rains has washed way bridges and homes affecting many villages. most of these deaths have been in the district in northwestern province. to the second part of your sear royce a popular weed killer raising serious health concerns mostly sold under the name round up. the world health organization has linked it to cancer but manufacturers say the science doesn't add up. a report from sri lanka where the chemical is already banned. >> reporter: waiting for good news. he is hoping his wife's latest medical report would bring some relief. shows one of more than 69 that you people who have -- 69,000 people diagnosed with chronic kid any disease. >> the. >> translator: ed body feels fairly week, they say there is no cure, but i have to keep taking medicine.
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>> reporter: the husband, like this group of farmers we spoke to blames the powerful chemical he used to kill weeds and grasses. it was introduce today sri lanka by the american biotechnology company monsanto under the brand name roundup more than 30 years ago. after the monopoly ended a number of other countries began blaming it which is used extensively in over 160 countries. >> translator: if the earth is saturated with it. it's like emptying both loads of the total weed killer area. >> reporter: the government banned it in may this year making sri lanka only the second country in the world to do so. the weed killer made popular by monsanto is still available on the black market. we bought this can quite easily. despite its wide use researchers say it's not only killing weeds but humans as
3:29 am
well. this doctor says he believes there is a link between it and kid any failures in this region. >> what we found is once you use it in the places wherein inning. [ inaudible ] it t you you have the possibility of getting that complex but i think monsanto knew this fact but they hide the fact intentionally. >> reporter: al jazerra contacted monsanto regarding the government's man they declined an on cam rapt view but released this statement: >> reporter: with differing views on what's causing the
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disease, people here just want to make sure the products they are using on their farms are safe. al jazerra north central sri lanka. more news on our website all the time. the ahead