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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> and you're watching the al jazeera newshour. i'm david foster, welcome to the program. coming to you live from london. this is some of what we're looking at in detail in the next 60 minutes. the united states and turkey talk about the creation of an i.s.i.l. free buffer zone along turkey answer southern border with syria. 10 people have been shot debt in india near the pakistan border.
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ethiopia's prime minister defends his country's democratic record against criticism from president obama. >> under i'm lee wellings, with the sports news, concluding the tour de france winner. getting back in the sald saddle with a glorious double. >> well, the united states and turkey say they are talking about creating what has been described as an i.s.i.l.-free buffer zone along turkey's southern border with syria. well turkey appears to be increasing its involvement in military operation he both in iraq and syria after last week's bombing in suruc which killed 32 people. in the latest develop ankara has been accused of shelling a village in northern syria against kurdish fighters who are known as the ypg taking on i.s.i.l. government says it isn't
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targeting the syrian kurds and is investigating the claim. this alleged shelling comes april several days of shelling against i.s.i.l. and kurdish forces known there as the pkk. there is going to be an emergency meeting of nato to talk about this on tuesday at turkey's request. let's hear from being zeina khodr in killis on the southern border with syria. >> reporter: turkey says it has no plans to send troops across the border, in its fight against islamic state of iraq and the levant, instead it's cooperating with ground forces already inside syria. not syria's kurds who the coalition has been relying on but opposition groups which are fighting both i.s.i.l. and the syrian government. agreed that those opposition groups should be protected. the agreement we reached has cover our concerns and
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expectations up to a certain level. i cannot go into details but for example an important point was the air cover for free syrian army and other moderate rebels fighting against daesh. there has been no confirmation from washington but it is an open secret that the government is unhappy with the alliance. the kurds have expand he their presence along syria's border areas with turkey. turkey is worried about this for many reasons. it doesn't want the kurds to create a state and inflame separatist sentiments. it also considers the ypg an offshoot against the pkk which it has claird war on. declared war on. turkey has spelled out the
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conditions the ypg needs to meet before it becomes part of the new syria. it needs to be cut ties with the government group. and the movement backed by turkey, that's not all. the ypg is now accusing turkey of repeatedly attacking their units across the border, an allegation turkey denies. the syrian kurds also accuse turkey of declaring war against i.s.i.l. as a owner coverup. >> they are trying to use the aggravation with daesh to target kurds political parties. this is something unacceptable because we have to differentiate between terrorists and the political movements that demand for humanitarian rights for some ethnical groups.
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>> its decision to also target the spks causing is most controversy. turkey is an active player along the battlefield where yet another coalition is seeming to be forming. >> month long offensive to cut i.s.i.l. supply lines into the town of sarim near the euphrates river. thei.s.i.l. has used the town as a launch pad for its raids on the nearby town of kobani. after washington d.c patty culhane joining us from there. there's been a briefing of sort, although not a lot of information about this so-called i.s.i.l. free buffer zone. what have the authorities been telling you? >> i think the administration felt a little bit taken aback. all of a sudden they woke up to
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a situation of turkey had set up an agreement for an i.s.i.l.-free zone. state department officials have said there is no agreement yet there are talks with turkey about how to set up this i.s.i.l.-free zone. a senior administration official says to me that they have gist been talk bug this. 110 kilometer strip they would like to clear the u.s. said they are not sending their troops in, turkey has said they are not sending their troops in. exactly who would clear this area is the question, exactly who is this moderate syrian opposition? they haven't really defined that they haven't said who would define a moderate syrian opposition.
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what the u.s. has admitted training is just a number of 60. that's hard to clear a town much less keep a 110 kilometer stretch of land free from i.s.i.l. the pentagon has said an agreement is not done, they could have an agreement in the next few weeks. >> rather difficult from the u.s. point of view, we've got two lots of kurdish fighters here one in iraq, one in syria and the u.s. has a different position vis-a-vis these particular groups. come back with you in just a moment after what we heard about the state department be spokesman had to say after rosalyn jordan put several questions to him. >> if the pkk in syria are going after i.s.i.l. yes or no? >> the pkk in syria? >> correct. >> what, the pkk as we
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observe them are in northern -- all right are operating in iraq and inside turkey. to conduct -- >> you don't know that they are fighting inside syria as well? >> i have no specific information. i know what she's referring to i'm getting there. i have no information specifically about where the pkk may be inside syria. in syria largely the counter i.s.i.l. fighters are members of the ypg right? and the attacks they rendered were against pkk not the ypg. >> but does that mean that you're telling the turks because now we have this complication inside syria. who is shooting at whom? at this point? >> this recent claim of attack that -- >> that the turks fired on. >> so let me -- the turks have said they are going to investigate that and they have
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reiterated and clarified that their purpose against i.s.i.l. their purpose inside syria is against i.s.i.l. not the ypg. they have said that themselves. >> you see the point pat as we go back to you in washington d.c, there are suggestions that the united states is getting this help from turkey, in taking on i.s.i.l because in essence it's turning a blind eye to what the turks are doing against some members of the kurdish community, fighters from the kurdish community. >> and actually there's been even more conspiracy theories. last thursday the united states announced turkey was going to let them use the incirlik air base. the u.s. has been pushing that for about a year. so the state department very clearly trying to separate the two saying the ypg attack syria they believe they're going to investigate that they don't condoesn't that. at the same time they are saying
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turkey has a right to defend itself against the terror astacks, as the state department put it, but there's no coordination between use of the air base and the pkk attacks. they are urging both sides to get back to a peace process there. they are trying separate the two even though the groups seem to be linked. >> patty culhane there. the turkish government last been cracking down against the supporters of pkk and other groups in the country. also i.s.i.l. let's bring in metan gugam special forces droart, director, now a columnist. not only about the i.s.i.l. free zone but also about the attacks that are taking place at the moment. how do you see it.
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>> first, good evening from talibanistanbul sir. to get better strategy picture in the region, on the last thursday night turkish f-cains16s attacked northern syria turkish officer was killed in northern syria. pkk targets in northern iraq. let me emphasize that, while the attack against i.s.i.s. was closer to targets i mean the attack to the pkk was much more comprehensive and much more bigger in termination of the number of air crafts participated in the attack and the number of targets being bombed. around 100 turkish air crafts were used to attack in four waves between 24th and 27th
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of july and iran, 200 sorties at least 200 smart bombs were used against pkk targets. >> i must ask you this, because i want to get the bigger picture if you don't mind. do you believe that the push for this supposed i.s.i.l.-free zone is perhaps on behalf of the turkish government a apply to not just get i.s.i.s. or i.s.i.l. out of that area but to isolate some kurdish groups as well? >> yes, yes, sir. with these bombings i think strategic picture both board of education syria and turkey has changed the picture for the last year and a half, the turkish government made a high speed left turn, and ankara has suddenly become the most patient
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member of the anti-i.s.i.s. coalition. i understand the still effective, i think for me, the u.s. wants to create a both i.s.i.s. free corridor both in southern and northern part of syria, it needs turkey for the northern corridor. the goal of this strategy is to smash the i.s.i.s. between these two corridors and erode the military capabilities with air strikes and then, contact a sort of ground operation offensive ground operation to smash those i.s.i.s. forces there. i think turkey -- >> is there a sense in the turkish public of which you are a member but a general sense that turkey should have done this much earlier or that it's reacting perhaps to something a
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little bit too late or has it got it about right according to public opinion? >> yes i mean turkey particularly, i think, this is the importantly point that i have to emphasize. with the -- i mean clever move, they how can i say they put their attacks against i.s.i.s. and attacks against pkk in the same basket and forced u.s. to approve those both. but the main point here, i think, i mean to try to solve all problems with military power, i mean, there is a sort of question mark in my mind, you know the ones ceark carrying cameras i think they see problems as nails. there is a sort of growing concern in the turkish society right now you know, that's about this recent military
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bombings whether they will be a solution in the long run or a cause of much more comprehensive problem. >> we have to thank you and leave it there preecial your time. thank you. appreciate your time. thank you. yemen, both sides are accusing the other of breaking the humanitarian ceasefire forces hit back near the saudi border. riyadh says, the truce is purely humanitarian puts the burden on houthi fighters to help 20 million yemenis who need assistance. >> as yemen's legitimate government we are with the humanitarian truce. we support a truce that will be
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fully implement. >> still to come on this newshour a raise against the clock to get food and water to those in pskts whose pakistan whose homes have been washed away. we'll tell you how boston's olympic dreams are looking less like a reality. details in sport. condemnation from pakistan about an attack which left ten people dead at a police and bus station in northern india. this is after accusations that indian officials came across the border from pakistan. liddy dutt reports. >> dressed as indian army soldiers they opened fire at a police station in the area close
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to the india-pakistan border. bombs were also found on a nearby railway. wraizing questions about the strength of india's border security. >> translator: it is a very unfortunate incident. there is a vast difference what the government preaches and practices. poor and innocent people have been killed. >> even before the security operation ended some politicians in india india were blaming pakistan. >> terrorist attacks cannot take place without the orders of pakistani intelligence, the order and supplies is celebrated by the isi this means the is implet has decided this attack, we need to send a is is strong message that this is not acceptable. >> pakistan is condemning this
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incident. indian government has already stepped up security along the border. >> translator: after the incident the whole of punjab is on alert. we have checked bus stations railway stations. so another incident does not occur here. >> analysts say this is the first attack in punjab in 20 years. police are investigating who these gunmen were and where they scale from. indiana's home minutes is expected to name a requirement. liddy dutt, al jazeera. >> united states has taken cuba and thailand off the list of states -- malaysia off the list of states sponsoring terrorism. cuba went up, saying it's trying
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to reduce the number of cases. thailand though at the lowest level still u.s. blaming the thai government for not doing enough to stop corruption which they say crungs is rife. be john kerry has a statement. >> we will want to provide evidence that helps me to already hold people accountable. we want to provide a strong incentive for governments at every level to do all that they can to prosecute trafficking and to shield at-risk populations. >> taking a look at this my colleague, rosalyn jornld, i spoke to her earlier. >> perhaps the best way to look at the four rankings in trafficking in persons report, three of those rankings indicate
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that a certain country isn't doing enough to stop the problem. people at the very bottom of the list bomb have a serious problem, the next step up, known as tier 2 watch means that countries have serious problems but are making some sort ever token effort can be perhaps, to try to improve the situation. that's where malaysia and cuba happen to be in the 2015 report. they are both trying omake changes, both trying to prosecute those involved in human trafficking but haven't done enough to actually make preecialpreecialprobablyappreciable differences. there is considerable room for improvement for these countries
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and serl in the tier above them there is a lot of room for improvements as well. it's only at tier 1 where you are considered to be meeting the minimum standard and the u.s. government says that should be even tougher than that but that's a matter for congress. >> chinese shares have seen their biggest one day fall in more than eight years. chinese government urged brokers to buy slairs shares. hong kong's been mark hangseng index was only down about 3%. director of macroeconomics ann pettifus said this is something the stock market expected. >> the stock market rose by 135%
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last year so it was bound to come back to reality at this point. but what's the question is is this a reflection of the real economy? i don't think it is. i think it's someplace based on real money and seems as if the chinese government is increasing the borrowing for this speculation in the help of dampening the possibilities. it is falling. >> border guards in bangladesh are having a difficult time trying ostop a growing trade in drug smuggling. meth am fet me known as yabbamethamphetamine known as yabba an estimated 90% of it all still
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gets through. >> reporter: for the 400 border guards on duty here, it's a tough ask. this 54 kilometer are stretch of the river is one of the busiest smuggling grounds on earth. the inspector says he can smell the methamphetamine on him. >> translator: it's not possible for us to guard every inch of this border every single second. the smugglers keep an eye out for our paroles and always communicating by mobile phone. >> be this one who spoke to us on condition of anonymity is out on the water even after the storm approaches. the lure of meth money is too strong. >> translator: we're just the middle man really, they pay us around 250 to $300 to carrying
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the amount. >> the amount of pills being confiscated is rising fast. rehab centers say while most of their clients have been traditionally heroin addicts now about 60 to 70% are trying to wean themselves off of yabba. we talk to the member of the upper class who talked to us on condition of anonymity. >> it's a good chance someone in the building is taking the drug right now and in the next building and the next one. >> it is a problem that shows no sign of slowing down. as yabba use spreads it's leaving in its wake a generation of young people who are struggling to salvage their lives. al jazeera bangladesh.
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bangladesh. >> after last week answer trorvel presidential elections there have been rumors that aga than would quoaft contest pierre nkurunziza's reelection. >> for those who are. >> i'm not letting down anybody. and perhaps, this is a judgment which comes from just emotional feelings. let them take some few times some few days. they will come to a conclusion that they are not betrayed.
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>> reporter: east african leaders are trying to broad persuade, police found a body. >> a shallow grave on monday. they suspect he may be an opposition leader killed earlier this month. government officials say calm has been restored. >> translator: the situation in the country is normal. there is peace, there is security but unfortunately they are people who are criminals. who will try odie to destabilize things. >> no date yet set for president pierre nkurunziza to be sworn in. constitution says he is only able to serve two terms.
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haru mutasa, al jazeera are bujumbura. >> the violence getting worse. we're off to el salvador. and this beautiful beast decline in the numbers reportedlyedly alive. >> find out why male swimmers are able to take a certainly kind of splash. plash.
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>> these are some of the global headlines this hour. turkey's been accused of shelling a kurdish village in northern syria. it's an area which is a strong hold for fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant. chinese stock recording its largest drop in eight years. the shanghai composite closed down 8.5%. and criticism of the u.s.
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for its annual human trafficking report. it's removed cuba and malaysia from those failing to combat trafficking. officials say it's criticizeed for compromised principles. roundup is used in more than 160 countries. yesterday we focused on france where it's banned because it's expected of causing cancer. now to sri lanka have i lan slawng. sri lanka. >> one of 169,000 people who have been asking by chronic kidney disease.
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most diagnosed in male members of the farming counts. >> i have to keep taking medicine. >> the husband like these farms we talked to blames glyphosate condition after its monopoly ended a number of members began making glyphosate in a number of countries. >> translator: the earth here is saturated with roundup. it's like emptying tank loads of the chemical every year. >> reporter: the government banned glyfosate a year ago ago. the weed killer is still available on the black market. we bought this can quite easily.
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despite its wide use researchers say it's not only killing weeds but humans as well. dr. chanajai says he believes there is a link between be glyfhosate and there is a possibility of complex getting complex. that complex is never toxic but i think monsanto knew this fact but they intentionally hide the fact. somewhere. >> reporter: al jazeera contacted monsanto regarding the government's ban on importation of glyfosate suffering but ced we believe there is no scientific evidence to justify the this decision. this is arbitrary and will
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dissent farmers a key tool to derive high yields from their feet. with detail what's causing this disease farmers want to make sure the products they are using on their farms are safe. al jazeera, sri lanka. >> the lead author on the w.h.o that's the world health organization study that concluded that glyphosphates could cause cancer. >> agricultural workers and people working in forestry those are most of the studies that we found evidence that cancer was possible. so we don't have a lot of studies of the general population or people that would be exposed in the food or through other roots of exposure. our study is final it has it is
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about to be published online, the study is concluded. we do have an open process and monsanto was able to attend our eight day meeting in lyons as observers. so they have had a role in our process and to see our report be finalized. >> up barack obama has been heaping praise on key african countries such as ethiopia for fighting the armed group of al shabaab. at the meeting the u.s. president with the prime minister in addis ababa with talks also about the crisis in sowd seund. here is mohammed.mohammad adow mohammad
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adow. >> one aimed at strengthening relation established more than a century ago. security ties dominated these talks with the ethiopian prime minister. addressing journalists president obama praised ethiopia as an outstanding partner against terrorism. >> ethiopia faced serious threats and its contribution have reduced areas under al shabaab control but as the prime minister noted yesterday's broamg in mogadishu remind us that terrorist groups offer nothing but death and destruction and have to be stopped. >> also called upon human rights and good governance. some human rights groups have criticized president obama's visit, the committee to protect
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journalists states of all countries worldwide it's only neighbor eritrea. some held on charges of terrorism. many others remain in custody. the ethiopian leader however defended his country's fight against the loss of human rights. >> we need to step up efforts to retentionen ourstrengthen our institutions. our age old democracy will contribute to ensuring that our system becomes robust. we have agreed to continue our engagement despite minor differences here and there with regard mainly to the speed with which our democratization process is moving.
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>> he never walked this talk, if you don't walk your talk, always giving empty promises, saying something of the dining and wining of dictators people don't believe you. >> later on monday, president obama joined the leaders of kenya somalia and ethiopia. options discussions include sanctions on intransigent parties. if the warring parties don't agree to appear by august 17th. mohammad adow, al jazeera, addis ababa, ethiopia. overwhelmed by the number of victims of gun violence, murders
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have risen sharply second part of a three part series on gang violence adam rainey went to el salvador. there are some of you who will find the images in his report disturbing. >> someone was murdered nearly everybody hour in this poor country. -- every hour in this poor country. bullets lodged in the head, in the chest. bullets meant to kill in el salvador. >> they catalog the dead. some have no name. it's been another busy night. these arrived in the middle of the night both killed in shootings. they say 90% of the bodies they
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receive die that way bearing the marks of gang violence. she and others turn to prayer. there is no government counseling or support. god is called on often here in the country named the savior. his father tells us it must have been god's will. what else could it be? a message board outside the morgue bears flames, families end up here hoping for news of their loved ones. three weeks ago maria ramirez's husband never came home from work. she stops herself from talking about him in the past tense. >> reporter: they're taken to a room, finally someone will hear their story.
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there a doctor asked them when they last saw their husband. many are not found. some are hidden in clandestine graves if they are found be sometimes it is only remains. this month he ss killings are on track to go down amidst the desperation he is also searching for meaning. speculation perhaps answer he in el salvador are hard to find. so many missing and dead those left behind have no choice but to keep looking. adam rainey, al jazeera el
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salvador. >> a key suspect linked to the russian, dimitri koftu nferg is one who was believed to have laced his tea in 2006, had agreed to give evidence by a video link from moscow on monday but said he had been unable to obtain permission from the russian authorities to testify. french farmers are block roads what they feel are unfair competition from germany to try to stop german agricultural products from reaching france. they say frens farmers french farmers have advantage because they employ cheap labor from eastern eastern europe.
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fires broke out on sunday, emergency service says it's all under control now. serious floodings have stranded at least 350,000 people in pakistan. in the northeast many people are still stranded. as caroline malone reports. >> reporter: villages are deserted in some of the flood hit parts. in other parts of the district people are able to dig themselves out of the rubble. there have been days of heavy rain causing rivers to rise to dangerously high levels. bridges have been washed away as have been flimsy buildings as well as cattle. crucial crop harvests have been damaged. people are desperate. >> translator: i have lost everything but there is no help from the government. they're treating us like cattle and if there's no support in the coming days then there is no way for me except to commit suicide.
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>> reporter: military helicopters have delivered aid to some people stranded by the floods. bottled water has become more valuable because trirchging drinking water is running out. >> we are in dire need of food and water as we lost everything in the flood. >> some have made it onto military helicopters sent by the government. more rain is expected and everyone can do what they can to prepare for any more flash floods. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> police in be zimbabwe say they are looking for the person who killed the lion, spaniard bribed
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for more than $50,000 for cecil's head. they cut off his head and skinned him. there's been a dramatic decline in a reported number of endangered bengal tigers in one of the big cat's strongholds mangrove forest. about 100 of them living in that area down from the 440 they found in the census of 2004. there are those who think the difference in the figures is because this is more accurate than the previous census. there were 100,000 bengal tigers 100 years ago. the number is now down to about 3200. a bangladeshi zoology says theybangladeshi zoologybangladeshi
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zoologistsays they need about 6,000 square kilometers. so i've suggested that the forest department should increase in strength so that they can fight with poachers. because the poachers direct all over the area. >> still to come the irritating irrigation sprinklers hold a football match and not for very first time. we've got the details and the sport and lee in just a minute. >> i'm tarek bazley in one of the year's robotics labs, where the octopus is inspiring a generation of technology. ispped...
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>> this is what's left
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of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> investigating a dark side of the law >> they don't have the money to puchace their freedom... >> think high tech and you might think machinery but there are tech developers who are trying to give us friendly robots. tarek bazley is in london. >> reporter: industrial robots like these are strong and powerful tools. they're also dangerous and a little menacing. cold hard arms programmed to perform the same repetitive tasks largely oblivious to those around them. but researchers in kings college london you are developing what are known as soft robots. >> a soft robot is inherently safe, it will be soft bounce off you. what we'd like is to be able to
2:49 pm
make systems that humans can collaborate with, people can work together with a robot and you don't have to have the fear that the robot is going to crush somebody if the robot is soft. >> and it's the natural world that's been the source of many of the ideas behind the team's new designs. these researchers took inspiration from the octopus an animal that doesn't have a hard skeleton but is still able to become stiff and rigid. and they mimicked the way they do that by using small granules and pressurized air in what they believe could make robotic surgery much safer. >> you could easily damage tissue harm a patient. leaving that behind exploring the idea of soft robots will are make an enormous difference. suddenly we have a robot that is not capable of injuring a
2:50 pm
patient even though we have a close contact between the robot and the patient. >> they are also looking at the whos of goats. agricultural robots could be made more mobile. >> most of the robots are they have just wheels, which are not suitable for the land that we have here because we have farms in hills and we also have obstacles like rocks and trunks. so they are not going to be able to work in that kind of area. >> reporter: other members of the team are looking at human arm muscles to better understand how they work with tendons to control limbs. others are using a robotic finger to mimic the way doctors search for lunches under the lumps
2:51 pm
under the skin. they believe they will form basis of a new generation of softer and more friendly robots. tarek bazley, al jazeera london. >> real life and red blooded. lee. >> you're thetour de frafns france wifner. britishwinner.frume is considering racing next month. if he considers doing that, jacques anketel did it, once. runner up in spain last year. in the last few minutes media in boston are announcing the hope for the 2024 olympics is over.
2:52 pm
mayor said he would not sign a contract marty walsh's announcement came after the olympic committee met with the massachusetts governor looking for assurances that boston's mayor backed the bid the international olympic committee had been staying out of the controversy. this is what president burke had to say earlier. >> this commitment is about an american bid and then it's up to the united states olympic committee to choose the city which, this american candidate represents. >> one city that could bid for 2024 olympics is toronto. canadian city successfully hosted the pan american games which ended on sunday. suitably grand ceremony, there were concerns that the event
2:53 pm
would be too expensive and there would be a lack of interest by canadians. but it proved to be very successful. the president said he would do everything in his power to make toronto a candidate for the 2024 games. on friday the international olympic committee will decide whether beijing or anate would hold the olympics. beijing is the only city to hold both the summer and winter games. >> this would create a tremendous boost towards developing winter sports in our country. besides improvings the infrastructure of winter sports, we're looking to capitalize on the increased popularity of sports. jack washer is are fighting are extradition to the united states
2:54 pm
for corruption. the government of trin trinidad and tobago, warren is one of 14 fifa officials wanted in the u.s. for charges ranging from bribery to racketracketeering. he denies the allegations. >> this case has been based on political bias and therefore it is almost impossible to get a fair hearing as a consequence. >> well on the pitch mexico are the new champions of concacaf. sarah james reports. >> this was supposed to be concacaf's time to shine. the gold cup tarnished with its
2:55 pm
governing body caught up in controversy, accused of bribery and construction. focus being off the pix pitch the game would go on between mexico and jamaica. 30th minute this brilliant volley. isjesus corona with the start of the second half. this late third goal from uribe peralta put the results beyond doubt and while darren maddux pulled will back for jack ca it would endjamaica itwould end 3-1 mexico.
2:56 pm
but celebration eas sides aside this celebration would never be the same. sarah polls al jazeera. signed for montreal impact. meanwhile a major league soccer match had to be halted because of some rogue sprinklers. the l.a. galaxy were playing. ground cruise scrambled to try fix, the same thing happened in kansas city last month. that was caused by an a grounds keeper accidentally calling up an irrigation app on his smartphone. we have een gender seen gender be owner gender biases
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overcome. now male swimmers have finally received gender equality in the pool. men are competing in synchronized swimming. the winners are christine jones and bill meyer. may having retired over a decade ago because of the lack of international competitions available to male synchronized swimmers. can you imagine you and i doing it david? >> whatever it is lee don't. i'm just going to look at you and dare you to say anything else. we were suppose stowed have some poetry but we've gone too far so who's coming up next? felicity barr.
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that rhymed. >> just about.
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>> the u.s. and turkey discussed the creation of an i.s.i.l.-free buffer zone. along turkey's southern border with syria.hello there i'm felicity barr. and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: why the u.s. has taken malaysia and cuba off its list of countries not doing enough to fight human trafficking. ethiopia's prime minister defends his country's democratic record against criticism from president obama. and they're already