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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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international condemnation after a palestinian baby is killed in an arson attack. coming up in the next half hour - progress but no final agreement on one of the most ambitious deals ever attempted. a major breakthrough in the battle against ebola. a vac sign is proving to be 100% effective. >> beijing... [ cheering and applause ] >> an olympic double for a second time, beijing wins the rights to host the games
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palestinian president mahmoud abbas ordered his foreign minister to file a complaint at the international criminal court over the killing of an 18-month-old baby. thousands of people took to the streets in protest. in hebron some protesters clashed with the army and a palestinian teenager was killed during clashes with israeli forces. the u.n. security council called for calm. in a statement that the u.n. said members emphasised the importance of statements condemning the attack and acts of violence and encouraging sides to work to lower and rejects violence avoid provocation. the widespread international condemnation is of little
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comfort to the people on the occupied west bank as stephanie dekker reports. >> reporter: the family share the only bedroom. they would have been fast asleep when their window smashed and the small place set on fire. they heard screens, this person saw the attacker standing over the parents. he went to get help. when he came back the two men were gone. >> translation: smoke was coming out of the house. i saw the 4-year-old. i pulled him out. they told me another baby was inside. the flames were big. there was a huge blast and no way to save the baby. >> reporter: this is the room where the 18-month-old was found dead and we spoke to the ambulance worker that removed the body from here and what he described what was left of the baby was a lump of coal. relatives laid pictures of the boy on the burnt-out floor of the bedroom. he had not finished his milk. the neighbour's house was set on fire. no one was home. the attackers left a message
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"revenge", it said, in hebrew. ali's parents and 4-year-old brother has been taken to hospital. israel is quick to condemn the attack. >> the government of israel unequivocally condemns this heinous crime, the act of the terrorism. we'll fight and defeat terrorism, no matter who they are. the israeli government has been blamed for the attack. >> when the israeli government encourages settlements, when they build settlements in the west bank and jerusalem, they encourage blocks of settlements to go what they do every day. >> reporter: people say attacks happen often, but never with such an outcome. hundreds showed up for baby ali's funeral. the parents in too critical a condition to lay their son to rest. the israeli government says it will bring what it calls terrorists to justice. not many believe the promise of justice will come.
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joofr talks too -- talks to secure an ambitious free trade has ended. trade ministers have been negotiating the trans-pacific partnership in hawaii but a stand off means no final deal was reached. new zealand said that it would not back a pact that did not significantly open dairy markets. >> i do not want to answer the question in a way that would cause difficulties for my negotiating partners. by being too precise. what we have agreed on what our leaders agreed on is commercially meaningful access. we can't look that up in a dictionary and find a definition. the definition will come through the negotiation process. and that has not quite been achieved at the meeting.
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>> andrew thomas is standed by in maui. some disappointment from not having any agreement at all. >> well at the beginning of the week the idea was the press conference would announce a deal in principle. that has not happened. talk about meaningful progress. at the end of the day, no deal. leaving it up in the air. there's an u.n. official deadline it's the start of an election that gets under way at the beginning. of next year. unclear what the candidates make of the t.p.p. deal. once it gets into the realm of the politics. it mudies the waters. a complex team as you say, it's not the dairy industry it's the truck industry, the sugar cane
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market all the competing interests come together. when one thing goes on the table, there's knock-on effects. lots were pleased the deal did not go through. it could have been bad for consumers around the countries, there are health advocates saying if a deal went through, it would have lengthened time for pharmaceutical companies. they could have kept the copyright longer. you could see the horn blowing. they said if those laws got extended the price of drugs would go up. impacting on the access to health care. they are pleased this deal has not gone through. the negotiators are next. the timetable is disappearing. there's no further talks scheduled. they'll go on. negotiators here.
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it does involve the ministers before a formal deal can be reached. >> one of the things doubted about the deal is about the protection of wildlife and the environment as well. what happened is coming out of the talks on those issues? we are right. you are right. when you have one of these trade deals, it's not about tariff it's about the architecture rules and regulations that govern the industries there's harmony between the countries. of course when you have the rules agreed you need them to be fair environmental engaining irs don't think it's high enough or tough enough too. they were skeptical about the deal. they are pleased it hasn't gone through. >> thank you andrew thomas speaking to us from maui
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the world health organisation says an experimental ebola vaccine could be a game changer in the fight against the virus. the w.h.o. said the vaccine has been 100% effective in testing those in close contact with the virus. most recent outbreak in west africa started in guinea spreading to sierra leone and liberia. more than 11,000 died since march of last year. >> this is the head of the programme's unit for doctors without borders in the u.k. the vaccine could eradicate the disease. >> it's a fantastic development. it's a game changer having this tool as part of the kit. to fight the epidemic. to bring it down. the next step is to roll it out.
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for the trial to be extended. namely in sierra leone and to continue providing the support required to the health care workers, who face this. >> the inquiry into the poisoning of a kgb agent ended with damming statements. like the british police they accused the russian president of ordering the president of alexander, a well-known dissident. moscow refused to extradite the two suspects. >> doctors treating alexander litvanyenko were mystified by his systems. only when samples were analysed was the condition revealed. the task of the u.k. inquiry has
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been to find out oh and why litvinyenko was poisoned. >> when all of this evidence is viewed as it must be it established the russian state for murder beyond reasonable doubt. if the russian state is responsible, vladimir putin is responsible. not on some anna logical version of vicarious liability principles. he ordered the liquidation of an enemy bent on exposing him and his cronies. he was a man that fled in 2000. by 2003 he was cooperating with the british secret service. the evidence focused on two agents. the pair travelled to london more than once to meet
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litvenyenko, they found a trait of activities. on november 1st. 2006 they met them again and drank the fatal dose in a cup of tea. three weeks later he was dead. he sits in the parliament and received an honour in march. the government have come and gone. vladimir putin has a man in power in the last 15 years. they have left undeniable relationship. it will be remembered for years to come. the conclusions are due to be published this year. accusations by the man are in the public domain some in the book he co-authored.
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although they have been been portrayed as liars, the inquiry proved who killed them and why. >> in syria, fighter jets believed to be from the u.s.-led alliance have been targeting rebels from the al nusra front. they had attacked the headquarters there of another rebel group known as division three. containing fighters trained by the u.s. on thursday the al nusra front said it kidnapped the commander and several men. >> saudi arabia state media is reporting four soldiers have been killed and eight injured. the attack took place in an area run by houthi rebels and they had launched rockets on the saudi border areas. in southern yemen, 42 houthis and fighters loyal to ali abdullah saleh have been killed.
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forces supporting the current president abd-rabbu mansour hadi are advancing towards the police headquarters and other strategic sites in tiaz still ahead on al jazeera - another day of chaos in calais. district migrants make a break for the channel tunnel. plus... >> i'm lucia newman at the international airport. i'll tell you why chilean copper is used here.
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welcome back the top stories - widespread condemnation of the arson attack in in the occupied west bank killing a 1-year-old boy. the boy burnt to death. talks to secure an ambitious free trade pack that would cover 40% of the economy ended. trade ministers from 12 counties have been negotiating the transpacific partnership. a standoff over several issues means na deal was reached. the world health organization says an experimental ebola vaccine could be a game changer in the fight against the virus. the vaccine has been effective in testing guineans in close contact with the virus. >> the british prime minister drew up plans to tacking the crisis. 3,000 are living in camps, many
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making regular attempts to cross into brits an. teams are struggling to stop the.. they got through. migrants cling to the top of a lorry as it drives through the tunnel. disruptions in the tunnel cause the roads to clog um. bad news for the economy and anyone hoping to crosses to france. the british prime minister is under pressure. we'll take action across the board, starting with helping the french on their side of the border putting in fencing, resources, sniffer dog teams, assistance in any way we can in terms of resources. over in calais the situation is complicated by french ferry workers, on strike protesting over job cuts. they block the roads into the ports.
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chaotic scenes as migrants in calais succeed in getting around security men. they dash towards the terminal. it's these pictures that have alarmed people in britain. the numbers trying to get into britain are small, given how many are going elsewhere in europe. what we are seeing is a symptom of a fact that the world is in the grips of the worst crisis. the vast majority are hosted by the poorest countries. a small proportion are risking their lives, crossing the mediterranean in europe and a tiny proportion are trying to reach the u.k. . >> europe's politicians are in a quandary. desperate people deserve compassion, but the politicians answer to their electorates, shaping up to be a long tense summer along the english channel
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a plane carrying debris found on the french island of reunion in the indian ocean arrived in paris. aviation experts in france will investigate if the debris belongs to the missing malaysian airline flight mh370. the debris will be analysed in a laboratory near toulouse. charles stratford is there. >> that piece of debris is going to be brought here to the french ministry of defense, they'll look at the evidence and trying to firm up trying to get confirmation as to whether it was once attached to a boeing 777 and whether it was attached to m hmpt 370. they'll look at or for what is described as data tags. they are markings or numbers that would suggest repairs of the plane traced back to an
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aircraft. they'll look at the age of the material and how long it is incident in the ocean. they are saying it's not inconceivable. it may have floated. 4,000 or around 4,000km from the area where australian authorities have focused their efforts on an area where they believed the plane may have come down. already the malaysian authorities say they have confirmation that this piece of metal, this debris is from a boeing 777, but it's unlikely that the friends or loved ones are the victims of tragedy. they want to see proof. we heard it on a number of occasions. >> it's hoped for the first time in more than a year they are looking at the beginnings of closure for the victims of nh370
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much. >> the saudi embassy in the u.k. confirmed that osama bin laden's half sister and step mother were among four killed in a plane crash. a plane owned by the family overshot the runway trying to land at black bush in hampshire. the plane crashed into a car auction site near the airport. >> members of the network denied corns of akani's death. the group he led is based in the tribal regions of pakistan and has links to al qaeda and the taliban. it is blamed for some of the deadly suicide attacks. a man accused of killing nine members of a black church in the u.s. state of south carolina said he wants to plead guilty to
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hate crimes charges. in a court appearance. the lawyer said he wouldn't advise his client to do that until he knows the federal government plans. pt judge entered sap not guilty plea. dylann roof faces state charges for the june shooting. >>. >> three former executives of japan's tetco power company will try for their roles in the fukushima nuclear disaster. they ruled that they should face charges. there wasn't enough evidence. a tsunami destroyed the plant. harry fawcett sent this update. >> the regal battle comes back to 2014 when a class action was
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tried to be brought. prosecutors decided that there was insufficient evidence to bring a prosecution. the campaign group set up a panel of civilians, recommending that a prosecution should be brought to three tetco executives. it was unreasonable to expect the executives could have foreseen the scale of tsunami on march 11, 2011. the water flooded the basement. cutting off the coolant and the electrical supply. that panel had the power to reconvene, re assess the case and that is what happened. the court will appoint eight prosecutors back to the office to adjudicate on the case. it brought executives including
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the chairman. they'll face charges of professional negligence leading to both or injury. >> bus returned to normal after threats attacked drivers. police and military were deployed. gang members resorted to violence. they wanted to be included in security talks. they were killed by members, encoring the traffic bans. >> copper has been used in coins for thousands of years and can be found in everything from wiring to mobile phones. scientists found a use for the metal. it's surprising. our latin american editor explains running or walking was not always pleasant. it made his feet sweat and smell to the extreme.
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that was before he brought copper sox. >> they induced sweating on our feet. >> chile is the world's number one producer and exporter of this metal. traditionally used to conduct heat and electricity. but now chilean scientists and entrepreneurs are putting it to now use. >> they are protected from bacteria which is what produces bad odour and fungus like athletes foot. it works. >> from clogs and sandless to a best seller copper has been used to produce an inhospitable environment. >> the first thing you see at the international airport is copper. here in immigration, the counter is 100% antibacteria and 100% made out of copper. officials say it made a
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difference. we noticed that the exchange in health. there is a lower percentage of people that are taken. >> extracting copper from the metal, to bind it with plastic and thread was a challenge. now the companies making medical uniforms and sports closed. strategically located. they are copper kee boards and korm purt mice. >> they have more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat. >> germs beware copper may be man's new best friend even from day one. -. >> triathletes preparing for the 2016 olympic games have been practicing in water that the
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brazilian government warns to be unfit for swimming. >> more than 150 athletes are competing in an olympic qualifier this weekend, in the waters off copacabana beach. the environment agency says water is unsafe. the international triathlon union guarantees the athletes that the water is okay. beijing will become the first city to host both summer and winter olympics. it's been awarded the 2022 games in a head to head vote. the winner announced apt a meeting of the international committee in kuala lumpur. >> beijing. >> this is how it feels to win the rights to host an olympics. it's something beijing has some experience in just seven years after hosting a summer olympics.
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it will become the first city to host a winter games in 2022. >> this is happy and brand new for all the chinese people. i would like to thank the i.o.c. and friends in various fields who have been given trust and support to china. >> there'd been a lot of last-minute lobbying of voting members. the cost of hosting the game was a factor when four cities dropped out of a race that hardly ran its course. it left almati from the oil-rich nation to fight it out with beijing. >> deer members, it's not a risky choice for 2022. we are quite the opposite. it was a vote that took place twice. faulty ballots. >> the chinese capital and
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surrounding regions have the infrastructure but not the weather you'd need for an event like this. that didn't seem to deter the international olympic committee. >> with the great experience of china in the delivering of great port event -- sport events it's a safe choice. >> the decision was celebrated at the bird's nest stadium in beijing, the 2008 olympic venue will host an opening and closing ceremony. >> i'm not surprised that beijing won the bid. we definitely came to win. we should be the host. >> i'm excited, really excited. asian sis will be host to the three games. they have pummed out of the running for the 2024 games, boston pulled outed - citing
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spiralling costs quick reminder you can go to the website for all the latest news including top stories on the death of a palestinian baby. aby.


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