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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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♪ seek to go reassure gulf neighborhoods u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in qatar to ease concerns about iran's nuclear deal. you are watch watching al jazeera live. coming up in the next half hour: a call for justice in mexico after a prominent journal assist found dead. a national disaster is declared in myanmar as people are hit by monsoon floods. we will speak to the u.n. about
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the situation. south african opposition leader prepared for his trial on fraud and corruption charges. ♪ >> u.s. secretary of state, job kerry has arrived in qatar. gulf countries have said they are concerned about iran's ambitions in the region following the nuclear deal with the u.s. and 5 other world powers. hashama abar has this report. >> this is a del indicate moment. in the meeting with u.s. secretary of state john kerry as the officials will voice concerns with the iran deal. they are worried that iran might finally, be able to closer ties with the u.s. pursuant active role in the region. here lies the programs. current tries like saudi arabia the uae and bay rein bahrain.
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like shiaa malitias. saudi officials have warned they will do whatever it takes to match iran's military capabilities. secretary of kerry isn't the only one here in doha. sergey lavrov will hold meetings with officials. relations between russia and the gulf countries have been strained because of syria. the gulf countries support the sirrune opposition while russia is the main backer of the syrian president along with iran. analysts say that the presence of lavrov here cobe sign of ending syria's long running civil war will require the consensus of all sides. >> kerry was in kay rerow for talks with sisisi. he told sisi a nuclear deal with
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iran will make the nlt it will al safer place in accordance with the existing non-proliferation treaty. . >> so i am absolutely convinced that egypt, israel the gulf states every country in the region is safer with one year breakout for 10 years than two months and safer with inspections and safer with reductions of the stockpile and safer with an adopted process under the mpt that iran has to live by for the lifetime of this agreement. >> also speaking on sunday iran's post rhouhani said tehran had achieved it's main goals. >> actually missile power will not be threatened by the u.n. resolution because it says any missile that is designed to
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carry nuclear war heads -- we have never had this kind of design not yesterday, in the past not ever because we have never been making nuclear bombs or weapons. >> turkeyts government said it will investigate allegations that it's military killed civilians during airstrikes in northern iraq. a military inquiry has already said there were no civilian deaths and only fighters from the kurdistan worker's party otherwise known as the pkk were targeted since turkey began it's air cam pan last week against security forces at home have increased. zeina khodr reports. >> this involved al suicide truck bomb three. >> two soldiers were killed and more than 20 injured. authorities are blaming the outlawed kurdistan worker's party or the pkk sunday's bomb something being seen as an escalation which has spilled on to the streets.
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scenes like this these have been recurring in mainly cud issues areaaries of the country. kurds have been calling for an end to the military operation. >> we wanted to organize a match urging the continuation of peace talks. but as you know there is chaos in kurdistan. who wanted to create this atmosphere? you. >> turkey disagrees. it has blamed the pkk for violating a cease-fire and killing a civilian in 21 security personnel over recent days. >> the game is clear. three terrorist organizations are targeting turkey's democracy, freedom and public order. their actions in june were messages to us and a declaration of war. the turning point was not when we declared war on july 23rdrd. >> the turkish government says there can be no talks if the attacks continue. turkey began a campaign of airstrikes on pkk bateses in
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isil in syria over a week ago. officials call it a sing ron idesed campaign. campaign has caused a devine among kurdish political parties across the region. felt. >> in the iraqi kurd sticker, kurds are angry, not just about turkish airstrikes but at a call by the president of the kurdistan regional government for the pkk to withdraw from northern iraq. barozoni says he wants to prevent the area from becoming battlefield. his opponents believe he is serving the
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turkey. we turn attention to klemm en. renewed violence in aden. spooevenl were killed and more than 60 others were wounded by land mines planted by howe howe rebels. elsewhere, forces loyal to the president have been advance okay taiz. gerald tan has the latest. >> reporter: a city devastated. many buildings in aden lying in ruins. some families are slowly returning to their homes, but others say it's still too early. >> we were surprised to find out that there is no water or electricity. we were forced to go back to where we initially fled to. >> there has been a signifkent shift in momentum here
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controlling most of atten after four months of battles. al slishingz provided more weapons help to go bolster forces. the howe howe leader says he is not worried about the group's recent losses. >> this development in aden does not represent any real gain. it's an isolated victory. the more the agressors continue and the more they get involved it is just a waste of time. it's any vain. at the end of the day, they are the losers because steps like this those matter what they are are not going to decide the event outcome of the battle. >> reporter: with aden largely liberated, pro-government fighters are shifting their focus to taiz. in the past two weeks they have been advancing through the mountains and towards the airport to cut off the vital supply lines. >> because of these honorable
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men, we wereability capture all positions from the howe hows. we burned down their armored vehicles. by the greats of god, we will crush them in the southern mountains. >> at the battle em the howe howe leaders say a political solution is still possible, and he has welcomed efforts to start more talks. in the same breath he has called on supporters to keep fighting. more rettric in the war that is painful for all yemenis. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> the protests in iraq calling for better public services. anger over power cuts has been growing for days as the country swelters in summer temperatures as high as 50 degrees celsius. organizers are prompting bigger demonstrations on friday in government fails to find a solution. >> mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.
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30 have fled vera cruz. the latest was espinosa. on friday he was found dead in mexico city. john holman has the story. >> even in death, photo journalist espinosa takes his camera with him. just as he did in vera cruz where he was threatened and erin had and in mexico city where he fled to. >> you it's hard to do journalism or even live in vera cruz. anyone who criticizes the bad government. i had to leave because of the violence all journalists experience there. while i have been here they have killed the 13th journalist in the state. >> reporter: he became the 14th when he was tortured and shot in a mexico city apartment along with four other people on friday. fell on 0 journal youists gathered to mourn and denounce his death. >> protesters many journalists,
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are still here to try to show their anger really over what happened with their colleague. there is also a real sense of fear. mexico city is meant to be a safe haven for journalists under threat in other parts of the country. >> that's really been shaken by what happened. they know thath that what's happened to ruben he is pinespinosa could happen to any of them. mexico is most dang ruts country in latin america for journalists. when the concern of his death had made me afraid. killing him was a message, them saying even if you run away we will find you and we will do the same thing you did to rubin vera cruz dejuartes administration may be repressive but local authorities rather than organized crime that are the biggest danger to journalists according to a prominent human rights group. >> this is something that we
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have it for five years. it is spread over the whole country, not only the northern region in every single case you will find the state of journalists or kidnapped journalists. >> few of those crimes have been solved. now, there is no one on the desks of the authorities that many mexican journalists have come to fear and mistrust. john hollmann al jazeera, mexico city. >> the retrial of three al jazeera journalists in egypt has been adjourned for a 10th time. the cairo court says the verdict will be delivered on the 29th of august. the three were convicted in june of last year for supporting the banned muslim brotherhood. greste was deported to australia but is being retried in abstentia. the journalists and al jazeera deny the charges.
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>> still ahead on al jazeera, we can't condemn our kids and grandkids to a planet that is beyond fixing. barack obama makes tough new pledges to climate change plus. world doping chiefs respond with alarm as a report says a third of medals won by athletes over a decade could be tainted by drugs.
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welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera now. u.s. secretary of stoat john kerry is set toget foreign
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ministers from the gulf corporation counsel who are concerned about ran in the region. the nuclear deal with the and five other world powers. turkey has promised. people have been killed as turkish fighter jets bomb northern iraq. al yemen howe howe leader has described the advance of an isolated vict tory. program government for the next city, he next city,
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taiz. >> i would like to express our heart felt sympathies. one of the greatest challenges is this is affecting the wide range of the country. it's access to assessments and to get supplies in. the government is leading the efforts with other partners. the glen humanitarian actors are supporting it reaching those in hard to access area. information is still a challenge at this stage. >> i was going to touch on that particular point that you raised. we know when the hurricane hit
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myanmar in tape authorities were reluctant to allow in foreign help. are you finding it's a different situation now with a democratic government in place? angel? >> it is very different. natural disasters are part of the life and the environment here the government has reached out and is accepting support, encouraging support from all humanitarian actors the united nations and other partners. >> mr. muir fee, thousands of acres of farm sland been afshlthd. hundreds of thousands of people have been placed. i believe it's 200,000 more still counting. what do you think will be the long-term effect of this natural disaster? >> that's a very important point. we have a humanitarian response of immediate need to help these people who are affected directly now. as they try and rebuild their
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lines. they have lie their farmlands destroyed. this needs a along al long-term agenda to help them rebuild their lives. >> mr. murphy thank you very much for joining us. we can't condemn or kids and grandkids to a planet that is beyond fixing. hours before he unveiled the new climate change strategy. he released a video treepreviewing his clean power plan which will push for power emissions from power plants. rob reynolds reports. >> twenty wildfires have scorched large swaths of california forcing hundreds to flee for their lives. in alaska forest fires have
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devoured more than 2 million hecters. parts of western calendar are engulfed in huge fires as well. years of relentless drought have left western woodlands tinder dry, drained water reservoirs and led to emergency conserve water orders in several states. against this backdrop u.s. president barack obama is unveiling a sweeping new energy policy that would sharply cut greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warning. obama spoke about the need to take action in a memo to the american people posted on facebook. >> climate change is not a problem for another generation. not anymore. that's why on monday my administration will release the final version of america's clean power plant. the biggest, most important step we have ever taken to combat climate change. >> key points include requiring
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existing power plants to cut emissions by 32% from 2005 levels by the year 2030 forcing electrical utilities to re invest in renewable injury such as wind and solar power. it gives the 50 individual states a target of drawing 28% of their energy from renewables by the 2020s. power plants spew. with 18 months left in the white house, obama may see a climate crackdown as a key part of his legacy. the plan is sure to set off a political firestorm of its own. republican party is the staunchly opposed calling the plan a job killer and abuse of presidential powers. conservative groups in the energy industry plan to challenge the regulations in court. many of the 17 republicans
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running for president in 2016 question the scientific consensus that global warming is largely man-made. the plan risks losing votes for the likely democratic nominee hillary clinton in key states like ohio with large coal mining industries. rob reynolds al jazeera. >> police have blocked migrants trying to access the at the time tunnel from calais in an attempt to cross the channel to get to the u.k. now, it comes after more than 200 migrants broke down several levels of security februarysing at the entrance of the undersea tunnel ol sunday. britain's prime minister says it is under pressure to deter the migrants. many whom have traveled from the middle east. al makeshift camp in calais, and he files this update. >> penal politicians continue to argue as to how to deal with the crisis the conditions in this camp are utterly atrocious and
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continue to deteriorate with more and more people coming here all the time. now, everybody we have spoken to is too afraid to go on camera. they do not want to be identified. when you ask them why this is so important for them to get to the u.k., they also think and they include the perception that immigration policy in the u.k. is easier than it is in europe easier for them to find a job. they say the wages are better. they say they want to be part of an english speaking culture. they also say they will continue despite the risks to try and jump some of these fences get in that tunnel and start what they see as being a better life. >> south african opposition leader will face a corruption trial in the coming hours. julius elima is the accused of it benefitting. at a time trial has been delayed.
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a report now. a simple question: the money. >> in recent months opposition party leader julius melima has be been at the for front of calls to address allegations stemming from the $24 million refurbishment of his private residence paid for by taxpayers but thou week, it's mal as ma who goes to court to face themusic. he along with two others was charged with 50 points including drupings fraud, money laund laundering and racketeering. it's alleged he had criminal business ties with his co-accused and that had you family trust was an indirect shareholder that netted a government payment of more than $4 million. >> the little defense: those
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were unsuccessful. >> here at the high court in his hometown whenever his trial resumes. before being charged with corruption, he was president of the youth wing. ruling african national congress was expelled. he formed the economic freedom fighters. the party came in third in last year's national elections giving he and 24 others from his party seats in parliament. should malirma be found guilty he faces serious jail time or a state fine. >> i believe he will appeal the ruling if that is the outcome of this case. either way, we are set for a scenario in south africa where
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despite ruling party and others may might hope he will not disappear from the political landscape. >> the party faithful have been vocal at previous court appearances demanding charges be dropped and it's expected this time around will be no different. >> nigh sxwreer i can't's army says it freed up to 180 people. the rescue took place 70 kilometers south. >> that's the biggest city in northeastern nigeria. many are children. the army added it had destroyed eight boko haram
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group. >> late from the international athletic federation the iaaf indicating a blood samples from a third of medal winning athletes were suspicious. these are wide allegations. we will have to check them out. >> german broadcaster ard in the sunday times newspaper obtained the results of 12,000 blood tests from 5,000 athletes between 2001 and 2012. independent experts found that 800 athletes had results that would be considered suspicious under world anti-doping agency standards. the report ideas 146 medals including 55 goals at the olympics and world championships that were won by athletes now under question.
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the athlete personal record the manualer of it coming in should concern every athlete. being storedat with anti-doping agencies. >> the investigation reported no irregular tests involving the sportts biggest name boldt. he expressed frustration at the court's inability to move away from scandal. the iaaf president for the time period under question is lamain deyak he will leave after 16 years in charge to be replaced by london 2012 chairman seb estian cole or bukta who will spoke to al jazeera in february. >> we must continue to education
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to educate athletes until and work very very hard and very touchgh tough. it will be strong and serious policy. at the top of the podium will be enough to prompt change in a sport struggle to go salvage credimenty. at the world dmip beijing in telex' time. he lease hollmann al jazeera. >> the report subjected 10ia to new doping allegations and made claims of mafbl xrupings. this legal action was threaten and said the federation whelks any information which would fight doping but we cannot fail to point out that the documentary is an attempt to smear our runners with unwarranted suspicious as they prepare to undertake duty for
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their country in beijing. quick reminder, keep up-to-date with all of the latest news in and analysis on our website. the it is for you at >> let us bow our heads for a word of prayer. our father and our most gracious god. as this family, the murdough family and their friends, as they gather, we ask that you send your comforter, your holy spirit, your guide, to be with them. >> queens, new york. jerome murdough's family is laying him to rest. four months ago, 56-year-old jerome was arrested for