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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. ♪ one of the anc's most high profile critic julius malema is in court to answer corrupts charges. ♪ ♪ hello, i am jane dutton live from doha. also ahead u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in qatar to reassure gulf states about the iran nuclear deal. hundreds gather in jerusalem and tel aviv for vigils to mourn 18 age girl stabbed to death at a game pride parade. plus we can't condemn our kids and grand kids to a planet that is beyond fixing, barack obama
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makes tough new pledges on chime lat change. he is one of the south africa's most controversial politicians once described as a future pred. julius malema was expelled from. anc in 2012. and already has a conviction for hate speech. within the last hour, he has arrived back in court to face charges of rack tearing fraud corruption and money laundering. charges he says are politically motivated. now, in the last hour or so we saw hundreds of his supporters march on the ground to the court. they have been move odd by the police and as we mentioned he is in court now let's bring in our correspondent outside the court. what can we expected to? >> reporter: in fashion jane, julius has arrived at court with
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other leadership from the party as well at security. he didn't say much to the media when entering, expect the trial to continues for about six weeks. and the state is expects to bring in over 50 witnesses during that period. julius malema is of course facing serious charges ranging from freighted corruption, money laundering as as well as rack tearing the penalties are expected to be quite hard if in fact julius malema is found guilty. but of course that verdict only picture today come weeks from now, jane. >> we want the president to answer a simple question, when he paying the money? >> malema. >> reporter: in recent months, opposition party leader julius malema has been at the forefront of calls for south africa's president, jacob zuma, adam gameses of corruption. stemming from the $24 million refurbishment of his private
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residents, paid for by tax payers, this week it's malema who goes to court to face the mike i.malema along with two others was charged with over 50 count of50count. it's alleged that he had criminal business ties with his co-accused and his family trust was an incorrect share noarld the company that net aid government payment of more than $4 million. >> the matter was postponed last year on two or three occasions because the legal defense of the accused made the representations to the national. [ inaudible ] prosecution those representations were unsuccessful and hence the proceedings. >> reporter: it's here at the high court in his hometown, where malema's trial resumes. just before being charged with corruption malema, who was president of the youth wing of the ruling african national congress was expelled. he then formed the economic
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freedom fighters, the party came in third in last year's national elections. giving malema and 24 others from his party seats in parliament. but should malema be found guilty, he stands to lose that parliamentary seat and face a serious jail time or a steep fine. >> i believe that he will appeal the ruling, if that's is the outcome of this case. either way, we are set for a scenario in south africa where despite what the ruling party and other political parties might hope, mr. malema will not disappear from the political landscape. >> reporter: the party faithful have been vocal at previous court appearances demanding the charges be dropped. now, since his i can pulse from the a in. c the youth league of the ruling party we have seen a resurgence of support for julius malema.
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following the formation of the economic freedom fighters and we have seen those supporters come out here at the high court during the course of the morning. in fact there is a high police presence around the court and his supporters have been kept away from the building, they are contained in a separate car park however they are here in their numbers supporting julius malema and we do expect to see that support continue through the trial as the supporters chant his name, they have now set up a p.a. system and would do he is picture to see them throughout the course of the day. >> we'll be speaking to you throughout the day, thank you for that update. the u.s. secretary of state john kersey in qatar where he's due to meet foreign ministers from gulf nations for ease fears over the iran nuclear deal. the gulf cooperation council is gathering in doha to discuss security in the milled east, al jazerra is at the meeting due to get get underway any minute now. what are their concerns?
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>> reporter: basically the main concern invoiced by the g.c.c. officials is iran's nuclear deal with world powers. the general sentiment in this part of the world is that this deal would pave the way to iran to have or play an aggressive role in the region. this is why people are pretty much concerned they want to get some guarantees from the international community and from the americans in particular, that they are going to be committed to strengthening the defense capabilities of the region. there has been a meeting before in may at camp david between gcc officials and the president obama. but fell short of the he can peaks takes the americans seem to forget this is something very crucial for people here. the g.c.c. countries are can he pre dominantly sunnis. saying the iranians have been supporting allies like the houthis in yemen bashar al-assad
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in syria and militias in iraq. the gulf countries would like to have a balanced political sense in the region. this was to defend their own allies this is what they will talk to the americans about today. >> it's seems like a push for a political solution looking at who is there it seems like that is on the cards right? >> reporter: absolutely. >> reporter: we are seeing substantial talks. sergei lavrov the russian foreign minister is here in doha. he met with the amir of qatar a while ago and is expected to hold said line meetings with the saudi foreign minister and with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. the analysts say that we are most likely going to see some debate here in the qatari
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capital doha about political settlements, particularly in syria and yemen. g g.c.c. has been backing the syrian opposition for quite sometime. they are divided about how to move forward. it cements like we might be having clear indications that all parties agree lets give diplomacy a chance. >> thank you for that. the leader of yemens houthis expressed his willingness to restart the dialogue. in iraq, they say it's so hot it could melt the nails in the doors. the government declared a four-day holiday because of the scorching weather there but electricity cuts have prompted
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protests in several cities. in the southeast temperatures have reached as high as 50 degrees celsius and the lack of basic services is putting heat on the government too. >> translator: people are out today to put an end to this craziness that's been for 14 years, they have had enough. the people who we have elected are doing nothing to change our lives. in jordan an intense sand storm has hit a syrian refugee camp. this amateur video captured the moment it arrived. hundreds of people needed treatment for dehydration and breathing problems. the sand storm also caused disruption in the capital iman forcing some flights to be diverted. hundreds of people gathered at candle lit vigils in jerusalem to mourn a tj girl stab today death at a game pride parade. she died from her wounds on sunday. she was attacked biannual extra orthodox jew last week. prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu called it a hate crime. stephanie decker is live in west jerusalem. tell us what has been happening in the individual individual vigils. >> reporter: family, friends and people who came to support the family. gathered. this is where the stabbing took place. a couple hundred in tel aviv also gathered to remember the 16-year-old girl that described as full of life and loving. family issued a statement. let me read it to you. they said she was murdered because of the fact -- excuse me. because of the fact that she was a happy 16-year-old girl full of life and love who came for to support her friends and everyone's right to live as they pleads. now, they have announced that they will be donating her organs to save someone else's life, that's quite a powerful statement he also they lit candles as you said. they played her favorites music. a lot of pressure now also a
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backlash from israel i society on the israeli government to do more to rein in what they see as jewish extreme i wants. as you mentioned the orthodox man who carried this out did this 10 years ago. he was released from custody only three weeks before the parade. so there are questions being asked how come did he manage to break the security, because there was a lot of security at the game pride parade so the government is saying they are looking in to it, investigating it and strong language from them that he will be brought to justice. >> now let's not forget the 18 month old baby who was burned to death his parents also seriously injured in a fire. the government speaking out quite strongly for the first time ever and saying that they are going to try to put this in to some sort of law to stop these extremists. tell us more about that.
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>> reporter: that's right. we have heard from the pool tinges to his the army, calling these terrorist acts, terrorists and now we had news from the israeli security cabinet which convened last night saying that they passed what would be called administrative detention for israeli jewish suspect. we have made calls on this. it sounds strong, but what does it mean? we spoke to one prominent human rights lawyer and said this law has always been in place there have been case where his jewish extremists have faced ahead minute straight i have detention, but only for a short period ofperiod of time. we have zoo see the dang within whether it's the same that applies to palestinian prisoners. held without charge which is renewable in a military court i think the most important thing to take from this is as you said the language. they are trying though they are taking it seriously clamping done on jewish extremists not just to apiece the international community, putting pressure
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israel to solve the palestinian issue and i think more importantly for the government, the israeli public. >> thank you for that, stefanie dekker. plenty more ahead on al jazerra. >> reporter: i am tariq bassly taking a look at the next bit of train technology that will soon be moving millions across london. tigers thriving in thailand an couraging signs that the species is roaring back. >> there's a lot of work to be done. >> they need to quite talking about what should be done and do it. >> there's clearly an issue and we have to focus on how we bridge that. >> a lot of innocent lives are still being lost.
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♪ ♪ here are the top stories again on al jazerra.
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julius malema has gone on trial in south africa for corruption, rack tearing and money laundering. the former youth leader the rule african national congress and critic of president jacob zuma says the charges are politically motivated. the u.s. secretary of state is in qatar where middle east ministers are discussing security issues. john kerry is expected to try to ease arab fierce over the nuclear deal with regional rival iran. prayer vigils held in israel for the teenage girl stabbed to death at a game pride parade. u.s. president obama is unveiling a new strategy to tackle climate change he wants power plants to cuss greenhouse gas emissions and asking for more investment in recipients renewable energy but faces obstacles from congas rob
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reynolds reports. >> reporter: the american west is burning. 20 wild fires have scorched large swaths of california consuming houses and forcing hundred to his flee for their lives. in alaska, forest fires have devoured more than 2 million-hectares. parts of western canada are engulfed in huge fires as well. years are relentless drought have left western booed lands tinder dry drained water reservoirs and led to emergency conserve water orders in several states. against this backdrop, u.s. press barack obama is unveiling a swing new energy policy that would sharply cut greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming. >> share this message with your friends and family. >> reporter: obama spoke about the need to take action in a memo to the american people post odds facebook. >> climate change is not a problem for another generation,
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not anymore. that's why on monday, my administration will release the final version of america's clean power plant. the biggest most important step we have ever taken to combat climate change. >> reporter: key points of the plan include requiring existing power plants to cut emission buys 32% from 2005 levels by the year 2030. forcing electrical utilities to investigate more heavily in renewable energy such as wind and solar power. and it gives the 50 individual states a target of drawing 28% of their energy from renewables by the 2020s. power plants spew about 40% of u.s. greenhouse gases. with just 18 months left in the white house obama may see a climate crack down as a key part of his legacy. but the plan is sure to set off a political firestorm of its own. the opposition republican party which controls congress is
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staunchly opposed calling the plan a job killer. and an abuse of presidential powers. conservative groups in the energy industry plan to challenge the regulations in court. many of the 17 republicans running for president in 2016 question the scientific consensus that global warm sling largely plan made. and the plan risks losing votes for the likely democratic nominee hillary clinton in key states like ohio with large coal mining industries. rob reynolds, al jazerra, los angeles. the greek stock market has crashed by over 20% after reopening for the first time in five weeks. shares in the four largest banks were down by around 30%. the stock market was closed as parts of capital controls imposed during the height of the debt crisis. french police have blocked more migrants trying to access the euro tunnel to the u.k., migrants have long gathered in
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calais to try to get in to britain but authorities are struggling to cope with an increase in numbers. british prime minister david cameron has drafted plans to help france tackle the issue you but has warned there is no quick fix. when london's cross rail starts running in 2018 it will carry more than 200 million people each year in one of the most advanced railway lines everbility. our technology editor has been down to talk a look. it's taken 10,000 workers more than six years but now london's newest underground train tunnels are almost ready for their rails. cut at a depth of 40 meters the new cross rail tunnels weave 21-kilometers beneath the heart of the city. >> biggest challenge has been constructing this massive high profile project in an area of london that is already defense inning from structure.
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the alignments had to be decided in terms of horizontal and vertical alignment to avoid interaction with any existing foundations or any existing tunnels. >> reporter: eight laser-guided tunneling machines removed more than 7 million-tons of earth. the walls of tunnels were then sealed using 200,000 concrete segments. at the same time, engineers have been working on an all-new digital communications network the first ever to control all aspects of a railway line. this computer network needs to be able to handle the data of more than 250 passenger information displays, more than 600 internet tariffs and more than 1600 high definition cameras. all simultaneously. >> routine maintenance is done a lot quicker, you can fix problems quicker and also safety aspects moving away from traditional cameras that you see hd provides more coverage for
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passenger safety. gets better images to the operators and provides real time information for the operators to make decisions quicker. >> reporter: the control network has also been isolated to help prevent it from being hacked. >> all systems are closed off. there is only a few operator terminal that his have the ability to log okay things like usb ports and they have zero access to any of these areas. it will be another three years before the $23 billion line opens. and there is still plenty to do to make it ready for an expected 200 million passengers a year. tariq bassly, al jazerra beneath central london. residents in the indian state are calling on the government to help with the damage caused by recent flash floods. the aftermath of cyclone common has hit large parts of bengal and other areas forcing thousands of residents out of their homes over 70 people are
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believed to have been killed by the land slides. weather forecasting predict more rainfall this week. at least 47 people have been killed in myanmar after days of heavy monsoon rains there. government agencies and humanitarian groups are trying to access hard to reach parts of the country. around 200,000 people have been affected. the u.n. humanitarian coordinator for myanmar says access a major issue. >> one of the greatest challenges is this is affectth ad by range of the country. so its access to assess and the get surprise in. the government has been working on preparedness because natural disasters are part of the life and environment here. and this time around the government has reached out and is accepting support encouraging support from all humanitarian actors, the united nations and other partners. we have a humanitarian response of immediate need to help these people who are affected directly now. but as they try to rebuild their lives it will be a medium,
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long-term impact where they have lost access to their livelihoods, farmlands destroyed. they need a long term agenda to work with the government and help them rebuild their lives. soldiers in nigeria have rescued almost 200 people from boko haram. more than half children. eyea boko haram commander was also captured. let's get more details on the raid and who they found. >> reporter: well, actually more than 100 children have been sort of freed by the nigerian army when they raided several villages. 101 children, 67 women and the rest are men. who are freed by the nigerian
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military and this is coming after a time when the nigerian military is stepping up its effort or fight against boko haram. we have seen in the last few months how they have chased them out of all territories they previously occupied and making the army say that finally, there is no territory under boko haram control. as it is it looks like the army is en cycling one of the notorious bases of the bicycle ha ha ram group in the forcest as you know other militaries from the region are also launching coordinated effort to his a hack boko haram and and finally crush them according to military sources. >> tell us about the regional effortsefforts and ultimately what their end game is and how they will achieve it. >> reporter: well, over the last two months, we have seen how
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nigerian president has been visiting all of the neighboring countries in the region, niner chad cameroon and over the weekend he visited. [ inaudible ] republic also for closer couldn't. previously under the game un. to attack civilian populations in including the security services as well. what he has been doing over the last two months or so is try to forge unity on all the coalition partners. and, of course, get some assistance from the international community. initially the multinational joint task force was supposed to start towards the end of the year in november, but buhari insisted that this force because of the severity of the rise in boko haram attacks in northern nigeria they need to move the date forward as we speak now the
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multinational joint task force is in operation on several front and looks like better coordination between these regional forces to finally crush boko haram in nigeria and neighboring countries . >> it does, doesn't it, okay, ahmed is respite idris thank. in hong kong two daughters have donated parts of their liver to his create a whole new one to support their father's life. it's a first and uses a new surgical technique. >> reporter: thankful to be a live the patient is surrounded by the daughters who saved his life. on their own their delivers were too small but together by each donating a half, they were able to give their father a new one. >> translator: i was in despair because my liver was too smallal. so my sister agreed to return home from overseas, she was our only hope. >> reporter: double donations like this are rare. what surgeons did that was unique was joining the two halves of the liver before
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giving it to the patients. >> we are literally implanting a whole liver in to the recipient body. and that saves a lot of time. >> reporter: it is a further breakthrough for a team that regularly achieves medical landmarks in liver transplants from living donors. the prevalence of hepatitis-b in ease asia means liver failure is a serious probably. compounded by the reluctance to donate organs it's a leader in living trans transplantation. the people of mexico marched to demands justice for a journalist who was found dead in mexico city, ruben espinosa was shot dead with four others in an apartment in the middle class victory in the capital on friday. he fled from the state of veracruz off receiving threats and harassment.
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the number of wild tigers being spotted in thailand has grown. the national parks department says 60 have been seen over the past 10 years as opposed to 40 before then. the world wildlife fund says there are only about 350 of the indo chinese subspecies of the tiger family left. family and their friends, as they gather, we ask that you send your comforter, your holy spirit, your guide, to be with them. >> queens, new york. jerome murdough's family is
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laying him to rest. four months ago, 56-year-old jerome was arrested for trespassing, and booked into new york's rikers island jail. >> you going to be missed big bro. me and him, we had a special connection, special relationship. >> seven days later, he was found dead in his cell. >> they said he was baked to death. heat. his room temperature reached well over 100 degrees with no ventilation. >>there's no words to explain. it just looks like you came from a building that caught on fire. >> he was blacker than my hair. he was darker than my hair. >> jerome was a former marine, who suffered from bipolar disorder and alcohol abuse. >> a week went by and we didn't hear from him, then two weeks, then it was 3 weeks. then my mother started saying, something it ain't right. >> his family says he never should have been in jail.
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but a ju