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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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selling the iran nuclear deal to the gulf states u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in qatar. ♪ hello and welcome to al jazeera, i'm jane in doha also ahead flooding brings uncertainty to thousands in myanmar. hundreds gather in jerusalem and tel aviv for vigils to mourn a teenage girl stabbed to death in a gay pride parade plus. >> i'm taking a look at the next
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generation of train technology that will soon be moving millions of people across london. ♪ the corruption cyril of one of south africa's controversial politicians has been adjourned until tuesday. supporters of the former youth leader of the ruling national congress is outside of the court and already has a hate speech conviction and faces charges of racketeering, fraud, corruption and money laundering and miller reports reports. >> the trial was adjourned earlier on monday after one of the coaccused wasn't available for court due to illness and may not be able to return to court for another three weeks and following that adjournment spoke to supporters of his political party, the economic freedom fighters indicating he would
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want the national prosecuting authority in south africa to separate charges to allow his trial and case to be heard here and wants his day in court and clear his name and he says he has been persecuted however the national prosecuting authority says the charges against him are valid and considering whether or not to separate the charges and tuesday they will return to court to determine the way forward and when, in fact, this trial will proceed. northern nigeria rescued 178 held by boko haram fighters and more than half are children and army commanders say they were found south of the largest city in borno state and the commander was captured in the army raid and we have more from abuja. >> reporter: 101 children 67 women and 10 men freed when the nigerian launched and liberated
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eight villages destroying boko haram camps in the areas and they said they captured a very senior commander of boko haram. now, this is all coming at a time when the military is recording success over boko haram fighters two weeks ago nigerian army says it finally chased out boko haram in all territories and keeping them in the forest northeast of nigeria and the multi national joint force and groups from chad and republic including the new republic are launching attacks on a different front to try to corner boko haram in one particular location to launch a final onslouth and being in this country is not effected by boko haram directly but contributing troops to fight insurgency in the north of nigeria and other parts of the neighboring countries because it sees boko haram a chad threat and also a
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regional threat. as we speak now offensive by the joint task force to chase out boko haram and so far collaborations between these groups is very much in the play and contrary to what was there before in the previous administration. >> tunnel that links france with england are the site of migrants trying to get to the uk and ended up there after escaping poverty and war in the middle east and north africa and fences and security cameras and infrared installed at the terminal just outside cali and french police blocked migrants trying to storm the terminal and stopping people with trucks and trains and the makeshift known as the jungle is home to about 3,000 men, women and children and this is what the migrants want to escape from and living conditions are dire with food
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shelter and basic services and charles stratford is there. >> argue how to deal with the crisis the camp is continuing to deteriorate and more people coming all the time and people we have spoke to do not want to go on camera and be identified and when you ask them why this is important to get to the uk and say similar things and include perception immigration policy in the u.k. is easier than europe and easier for them get a job and wages are better and want to be part of the english-speaking culture and they also say they will continue despite the risks to try and jump some of these fences get in that tunnel and start what they see as a better life. >> the nuclear deal and the wars in syria and yemen and the complicated relationship between the united states and the middle
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east all on the table in a high level meeting in doha and we have the gulf cooperation council and long time allies of the united states and rivals with iran, saudi arabia is leading with coalition against houthi rebels and john kerry one of the architects of the iran nuclear deal and sergei fedorov, one of the closest allies and also a defender of syria prime minister bashar al-assad and we will go straight to that meeting here in doha. iran top of the agenda and what has been said about that so far? >> essentially jane this is an attempt by the u.s. to appease or reassure the gulf cooperation council with regards to that historic deal with iran. just so as you see they have been suspicious of iran and are
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at odds with a lot of their policy particularly in countries where they view that iran is nettle in affairs and they believe they constantly come under the influence of iran so there has been a lot of skepticism as to iran's intentions. the u.s. being their ally from one point and being the sponsors of this deal with iran on the nuclear program is trying to say well actually this isn't going to signify any shift in the u.s.' position vis-a-vis the g.c.c. this is a deal that will make the region safer as kerry put it himself and benefit all sides so this is attempt by kerry to reassure golf countries there is no harm to come from this deal. >> how are the other regular issues going to be tackled at this date?
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>> well as we said there is concern from countries with regard to many of these issues particularly from the war there that continues to rage on with the huge death toll there. without iran's backing, without russia's backing bashar al-assad would not be in power now and what g.c.c. is hoping to achieve from meetings with kerry and others is to put more pressure the same way the persons were able to strike a deal with iran on the nuclear dish to find some sort of deal to solve the crisis and iran is where they are accused of interfering and it's high on the agenda on the ground in yemen, the latest developments are the pro-hadi and pro-government forces that are backed by the g.c.c. and saudi-led coalition from the sky who launched another significant offensive to try and regain ground near aiden and country
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and second city and hoping they can believe on this by maybe trying to push a diplomatic solution or the americans later on today. >> thank you for that. at least 20 people have been killed after a syrian fighter yet crashed into a busy market in idlib province in the northwest and injured at least 50 other people and was one of the last government strongholds in idlib provinced and captured in may. heavy moon soon rain has slides in india for the west damage here and many poor states and disaster states in myanmar effecting 200,000 people and particular concerned for people in four western regions and carolyn has more. >> reporter: flood water as
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high as proof tops this is myanmar one of the areas hit by resent floods and what is land has become a lake and pushed doms through breaking points and that contributed to floods in part of baker region. >> translator: there is too much rain here this year and the dam near here has let out water, so it's flooded because of that. >> reporter: thousands left their homes and found shelter in an monistary. >> translator: i came because my house is flooded, it's not completely flooded but we can't stay there. >> reporter: 300 homes also known to have been destroyed in rekin rekine states and fears more people are cutoff and bridges washed away. >> one of the greatest challenges is this is effecting a wide range of the country and access to do assessments and get supplies in.
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the government has been working on preparedness because it's part of the life and environment here and this time around the government has raged out and supporting and encouraging support from the u.n. and other partners. >> reporter: people affected in india particularly those hit by flash floods in the state say they need more government support. >> translator: it has been since homes submerged and we had no help from the government. we have no food to eat. >> reporter: the same two weeks of near continuous rain has hit both countries, myanmar is seeing some of its worst flooding in decades and many regions have been declared natural disaster zones, carolyn malone al jazeera. still on al jazeera and syrian refugees are about to get
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again you are watching al jazeera and here is a reminder of the top stories, u.s. secretary of state meeting golf nations in ka that ar-john kerry trying to ease deals with iran and the conflicts in yemen and syria are also being discussed. heavy monsoon rain caused floods
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and mudslides in asia and southeast asia and the worst damage in bengle and disaster zones in myanmar affecting 200,000 people. french people stopped more undocumented migrants desperate to reach london through the tunnel and cameras and detectors are being put in the rail terminal just outside cali. and told al jazeera that cracks remerging in the leadership. the appointment of the afghan taliban's new leader monsour is said to cause divisions and it was announced after the group's founder had died and jennifer glasse has more from kabul on that. >> reporter: al jazeera spoke to commanders around the country and says mansour sent letters
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out to taliban commanders asking for support in his new leadership or they don't support him suggesting a new leader for them. now we understand while some taliban commanders have accepted him he of course was omar's deputy as the new taliban leader and others do not so there is division and one splinter faction of taliban says not only do they not accept mansour as the new taliban leader but will actively fight anyone who supports if a political solution is not coming quickly and comes at a critical time with peace talks and taliban were to be held on friday when the death emerged and they were put on hold. the afghan government said it's committed to peace talks and hopes they will go forward but there is concern of who comes to the table and a splinters taliban will make it more difficult for the afghan government to have any sort of comprehensive peace talks with
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[drops where they have been tighting heavy in afghanistan and all throughout this period and a very complicated situation and splits with taliban and commanders on the ground whether they should support the new taliban leader in wake of his death and the whole peace process thrown in a whole state of certainty. whistle blowing website wikileaks says they have proof that u.s. was spying on japan and some politicians and major firms under surveillance and the claims are called deeply regrettably. >> reporter: wikileaks say this went back eight years and targets large corporations and bank of japan and conversation that took place if the prime minister a cabinet briefing and the interest are the nuclear policy and climate change policy
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and positions it was setting out with trade talks with partners including the united states. on monday the keef cabinet came out and said if the claims were true they were deeply regrettably and he says he has made a strong request to the u.s. detectiver of national intelligence clapper to clarify the facts. this relationship was so marked by the horrors of wear 70 years ago but a strong alliance on both sides in the decades that succeeded that so this will be of great embarrassment to the united states and when the prime minister may give contribution from alliance from japan's side however this is a bump in the road and an embarrassment in washington. hundreds of people gathered at candle lit vigils for a
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teenager who was killed from her wounds on sunday and attacked by ultra orthodox jew last week and benjamin netanyahu called it a hate crime and we have this report. >> reporter: in jerusalem where the attack took place and also people gathered in tel aviv to remember the 16-year-old girl and her family issued a statement and said she was killed basically because she supported people's rights to live as they please and she was there supporting her friends when she was stabbed in the back and they will donate to save another life and friends and family and supporters lit candles and pressure on the ground and israeli government to tackle jewish extremists the orthodox man who carried this out was ten years ago and released right before this
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happened and serious questions of how he mentioned to break this on the gay pride parade and less than 24 hours later we had the attack on a palestinian home in the occupied west bank so very strong language calling for the government calling thermometer risks, acts of terrorism and doing everything to bring them to justice. israeli security cabinet convened and will pass administrative detention for israeli suspects and it is in line with language coming out from the israeli government since it came out and what does it mean? the human rights lawyer said it is has been the case but has not implemented and we will is to wait and see what the details are when it goes to israeli parliament in a special session and they are in summer recess lu be talk on tuesday to talk about jewish extremism and how they
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will tackle it. the world food program to significantly cut food assistance to refugees in jordan. the most will receive $14, half of what they used to get and we report from madaba. >> reporter: shocked and frustrated and received a text maes adjust from the food program says it has been cut behalf for the month of august and if not enough he and family that live in official camps in jordan will not be entitled to any assistance starting in september. >> translator: how is it possible that the entire international community is unable to cover the food means of syrian refugees and it can end the war if it wants. this is nonsense. the monthly food assistance was everyone's lifeline and the
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only support they had after losing healthcare services late last year. >> we have no choice to call on donors and friends of syria and gulf states to see how people are living outside of jordan and to help us. losing the food vouchers has been a disaster. >> reporter: in the small community has been notified of cuts and assistance and a handful here go to school. the rest are illiterate. some families say they have to skip meals and reduce food portions and aid agencies expect more syrian children to go to work or the street to beg. the cuts do not affect syrian refugees living in camps but the hundreds and thousands who live in towns of cities and makeup 85% in jordan and the world food
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program was going to entirely suspend assistance to all refugees living outside of camp because of lack of money but a last-minute donation from the u.s. allowed it to have relative assistance. >> we need more assistance because this is not enough unless we get more funding the least vulnerable will have to be cutoff in september. >> reporter: lack of money is causing around 86% of refugees in jordan to live under the poverty line and also affecting their well withing and the international organizations to help them. hundreds of people marched to demand justice for a journalist found dead in mexico city and he had fled from the state of vera cruz after harassment and he was shot dead in the apartment in the middle class district at the capitol on friday. president obama has a strategy
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to tackle climate change but faces opposition in congress as rob reynolds reports. >> reporter: the american west is burning, 20 wildfires scorched large parts of california consuming houses and forcing hundreds to flee for their lives. in alaska forest fires have hurt hecters and canada has fires as well. years of relentless drought left the wood lands tinder dry and drained reservoirs and led to conserve water wars in several states and against this background president obama is unveiling a new sweeping energy policy to cut greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warning. obama spoke about the need to take action in a memo to the american people posted on
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facebook. >> climate change is not a problem for another generation not my more and on monday we will release the version of the green power plant, the biggest, most important step we have taken to combat climate change. >> reporter: includes requiring existing power plants to cut emissions from 32 to 2005 levels by the year 2030 forcing electrical utilities to invest more heavily in renewable energy such as wind and solar power and it gives the 50 individuals state a target of drawing 28% of their energy tropical renewables by the 2020s. power plants spew about 40% of u.s. gasses. with 18 months left in the white house obama may see a crack down as part of the policy but the policy is set with a fire storm
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of its own and republican party is opposed calling the plan a job killer and abuse of power. conservative groups and industry plan to challenge the regulations in court. many of the 17 republicans running for president in 2016 questioned scientific consensus that global warming is largely manmade and the plan risks losing a vote for the likely democratic nominee like coal states like ohio. head of world athletics saying his organization has been negligent on doping is laughable and response comes after new reports with wide-spread doping and said aa airport answer allegations by a prime minister
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and t.v. station and they got access to 12000 reports from the iff database and show one in three track and field metals could be tainted by drugs. one of the most advanced rail way lines is taking place in london and connect the east of britain's capitol with the west when it opens in three year's time and showing what 200 million passengers a year can expect. >> reporter: taken ten years but now the newest under ground is almost ready for rails and it's 40 meters and the new tunnels weave 21 kilometers beneath the heart of the city. >> the biggest challenge has been constructing this massive project in an area in london as already dense infrastructure and
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that design stage the alignments have to be decided in terms of horizontal and vertical alignment to avoid interruption with foundations or existing tunnels. >> reporter: eight laser-guided tunnelling machine moved more than 7 tons of earth and the tunnels were sealed using 200,000 concrete segments and at the same time engineers are working on an all-new communications network, the first ever to control all aspects of a rail way line. this computer network needs to be able to handle the data of 250 information displays more than 600 internet telephones and more than 1600 hd cameras all simultaneously. routine maintenance is done quicker and ability to fix problems and safety aspects and
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moving away from traditional cameras to hd and passenger safety and gives better images and provides better information and they make decisions quicker. >> reporter: the control network has also been isolated to help prevent it from being hacked. >> all systems are closed up and a few terminals that have the ability to log on and things like usb ports are disabled and have zero access to any of these areas. another three years before it opens and lots to do with expected 200 million passengers year al jazeera, beneath central london. madison known for extreme stunts but previously it has been on land and now riding a dirt bike in massive waves in
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tahiti with skis and airbagment after two years of preparation the 34-year-old tackled the same break and insisted then he took two takes. exciting stories and more on our website. al >> thousands of people evacuate as wildfires move across northern california, born dry conditions putting more communities at risk. >> dangerous storms leave one dead when a tent collapses outside chicago. there is a risk of more bad weather there today. >> john kerry makes his case for the iran nuclear deal in qatar but the secretary of state faces an uphill battle to convince arab