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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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at >> russia ritz its commitment to helping middle east facings tackle worsening crises. hello there i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera hacking for good causes? we'll meet the high tech volunteers that say they're on
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the people's side. hello there, thank you for scwhroingjoining us. sergey lavrov is joining the group ofgroup, gulf cooperation council. >> we are not giving help to anybody except to the syrian people. the main threat to our mind and in the middle east at a whole is that which emanates from the so-called islamic state.
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>> intelligence sharing and cooperation. hashem ahelbarra has the story. >> reporter: delicate mission for the u.s. secretary of state. john kerry is trying to convince the allies that the iran deal will bring help and prosperity. >> translator: the countries of the council welcomed it on the this basis and what john kerry demonstrated, on the inspection of nuclear establishments. >> in a bid to allay their fears the u.s. has offered to sell advanced weapons and upgrade the region's defense capabilities. >> today my counterparts and i discussed the steps that we will take and how we intend
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an even stronger more enduring partnership with a focus on counterterrorism counterinsurgency and also, on our cooperation in countering the destabilizing activities taking place in the region. >> reporter: they accused iran of backing their shia proxies and interfering in the region, accusations dismissby iran which has recently called for more cooperation with its neighbors. russia could be the country to bridge differences between iran and its arab neighbors. foreign minister sergey lavrov says russia is willing to help
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negotiate deals in syria and yemen. >> the policy of the united states with respect to syria is clear. we believe that assad and the assad regime long ago lost legitimacy. in part because of his regime's continued brutality against the syrian people themselves. and that has been a magnet for foreign fighters. drawing them to syria fueling the rise of daesh and other violent extremist groups. and since there is no military solution to syria's challenges, there has to obviously be a political solution. >> saying u.s.'s nuclear deal with iran is a good one but reestablishing it as the most
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powerful country in the region. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera doha. >> let's go straight to speak with jamal el shael. you have just come out of that meeting just a few minutes ago. tell is more where about sergey lavrov's statement. what did he say? >> indeed barbara he did and despite that meeting when al jazeera asked him whether that signified some shift he said actually no it wasn't. this was just this meeting with the former head of the snc was just in line with russia's stated belief that it should speak to all parts or all sides of the syrian political spectrum. but obviously the reality is
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that russia has been very much stalwart in its support to assad throughout the past four years. qatar's foreign minister pointing to that himself and that a political solution to the crisis was needed that the military approach to try and resolve the bloody civil war was not going to be fruitful by any means. the fact that this meeting took place itself lavrov coming to doha that in itself could be seen as a positive sign that some sort of solution could come about. >> john kerry met the foreign ministers of the six gulf nation we understand, basically he promised more weapons more intelligence sharing more special training for gulf states. but what does he mean specifically when he makes these
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commitments about arms sale? was there any clarity about that? >> reporter: well, yes kerry specifically stated that what he would be -- or what the u.s. rather would be selling to the gulf countries are anti-ballistic missile systems improving the defenses of the gulf countries against those missiles. however, it is ironic because hours after the gulf deal was signed obama said the countries wouldiran would beable to purchase weapons five to six years after this deal. obviously, as it stands from a diplomatic or political front the main purpose of kerry's visit or the main stated purpose
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would be to allay the fears and concerns of the gulf countries and that's what appears at least to have happened through the joint press conference that he held with his qatari counterpart earlier on. >> hashem ahelbarra, thank you. let's go to washington d.c. and speak to rj rosalyn jordan who joins us live. what do you think came out of that sergey lavrov presser? >> john kerry said before he went to the middle east that he was hoping to find a way to restart the political discussion that could lead to the departure of bashar al-assad as the syrian president. the civil war has been going on for more than four years now more than 200,000 people have been killed, upwards of 2 million have been displaced
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internally and across the border in turkey and iraq and jordan among other places and the u.s. government is very concerned that the longer that the civil war in syria goes on the more destabilizing it will become to the middle east in no large part because of the rise of i.s.i.l. which has taken advantage of the civil war to establish a beach head as it were in northern syria. so having these discussions with the saudi foreign minister and with the russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov, the u.s. is hoping to find a way to restart the political discussion. that doesn't mean that the u.s. is going to abandon the air war against i.s.i.l. targets but because the u.s. is very concerned about getting into any sort of direct conflict with syria the diplomatic effort is becoming much more important to
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the administration. >> rosalyn jordan, thank you. a syrian fighter jet has crashed into a busy market in idlib province leaving at least 27 people dead. the jet went down in a northwestern town. oma ben javad has theosama ben javad has the story. >> not for sure where to take them for help. >> translator: it is a popular market packed with vendors. who you th the market and damaged it completely. >> reporter: more than a dozen people were reportedly killed and many more wounded. >> translator: when it carried out the war strike the war plane
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bodies are still under the rubble. >> reporter: at a makeshift hospital nearby the injured were treated. most hospitals in idlib have been destroyed. activists say, it is a deliberate tactic by the government. orchestrateby the government against the people of the area. the town was under attack by the syrian air force at the time of the crash. rebels say they shot down the plane. some sources think the jet might have developed a fault. >> when the aircraft thought rocket it got technical problems and crashed where it left the rocket. >> shops were destroyed. >> i was on my nephew on the sidewalk. i found myself under the debris.
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the guard came to rescue me. >> reporter: no longer a syrian government stronghold much like the northwestern province of idlib hundreds of civilians have been killed. osama ben javad, al jazeera. >> the head of the taliban's political office has resigned over the appointment of mullah mansour. beam outside the country this is a great historical mistake. he added it was needed that the leader of the islamic 'em rate 'em rath em emrate had to be disappointed in front of
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the group. jennifer glasse has more from kabul. >> they say the new taliban leader has sent letters asking for their support or if they don't support him suggesting a new leader for them. we say that while some taliban commanders have accepted mansour, others do not and so there is a division. most notably in helmond province, not only do they not accept him as the new taliban leader but will actively fight anyone who does support him if the decision doesn't come quickly. peace talks were to be held on friday when the news of mul mullah omar's death was revealed.
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who comes to the peace table now? a splint erd taliban would make it more difficult for the peace talks and heavy fighting in afghanistan all throughout this period. a very, very complicated situation, splits in the taliban commanders on the ground here over whether they should support the new taliban leader in the wake of the news of mullah omar's death. >> more to come, calais crack down. the u.k. announces new measures to stop the flow of illegal entrants from france. and choosing love over hate. thousands pay respect to the teenage girl stabbed to death at a gay pride parade. parade.
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>> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. >> time now for a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. russia's prime minister sergey lavrov has reiterated its commitment to help middle east countries. and earlier in doha, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry promised more weapons special forces training for gulf states. a syrian fighter jet has crashed into a busy marketplace in idlib province leaving at least 27 people dead. let's go to yemen now where antihouthi forces have taken control of part of the al anad
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military base. the base is in the southern province of laeg, the largest in the country. resistance fighters are now fighting to take in nearby training campos. port city of aden which the houthis lost control of last month. scorching weather in iraq has led the government to declare a four-day holiday but despite the heat protestors have taken to the streets angry at electricity cuts and the government itself. imran khan reports. >> the initial protests have become antigovernment. >> translator: if people have their say they can clairng change anything. we are fed up with a government that has not met the demands of the people. >> translator: people are out today to put an end to this craziness that's been for 14
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years. we've had enough. the people we have elected have done nothing to change our lives. >> reporter: the protests have largely been spontaneous but now they're more organized with oings partiesopposition parties encouraging people to come out on the street. unlikely to cause a revolution. >> translator: there's nothing the government can't do in the short term. everything the protesters are complaining about require systematic changes. this government has huge issues with corruption, antiquated practices and there's no money in the budget due to fallen oil prices and the spirit of the situation that is deteriorating. vawkiraq is a young democracy but patience is running out. >> it is unlikely that the protests will continue but even in places where support has been strong, age are and frus frustration
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appear. imran khan, al jazeera. >> syrian refugees in the zatari camp in jordan have been hit with a stand storm. the sand stubborn also caused destruction in the capital oman causing flights to be diverted to other airports. soldiers in northern nigeria have rescued 178 people being held by boko haram fighters. they were found near maiduguri. a boko haram commander was captured in the army raid. the trial of julius malema has been delayed. faces charges of racket eager fraud corruption and money-laundering.
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report from poloquame. >> reporter: opposition leader julius malerma may not look it but he's facing many charges. corruption money laundering and recognize it eager including the four other men. after previous postponements of his trial his latest court appearance was short-lived. court proceedings were adjourned due to one of his co-defendants' falling ill. he wants to have his trial separated so he can have his day in court. after falling foul of the party leadership. >> we want the president to answer a simple question. when is he paying the money as
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directed by the public protector. that's all we are asking. >> then calling for south south africa's president jacob zuma to answer corruption charges. malema told his supporters outside the court that his trial the politically motivated. >> let me be arrestfor my sins. because i know my conscience is clean, i have nothing to hide. >> but the national prosecuting authority says the charges are valid. the judge will decide on tuesday whether the trial will be immediately convened. al jazeera podoquade. >> 16-year-old sheila banke died
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by her wounds on sunday. she was attacked by an ultraorthodox jew convicted of the same crime ten years ago. stefanie dekker sends us an yument. update. >> people gathered in vasheva to remember the 16-year-old girl. killed basically because she supported people's rights to sriends when she was stabbed in the back. they say they would donate her organs to played another life. really pressure coming out on the ground on the israeli government to tackle these jewish extremists. the orthodox man who carried out this attack did it ten years ago
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and only been released from prison three weeks ago. questions asked how he managed to break the security cordon around the gay pride parade. less than 24 hours later we had the separate astack arson attack on the occupied west bank. calling these troarts acts of terrorism and they will be doing everything to bring them to justice. the israeli security cabinet convened and said they would be passing what is called administrative detention for israeli jewish suspects. it sounds strong, what does it mean, we spoke to human rights lawyer she told us that it's's been the case, they haven't really implemented. so we're going to have to wait and see what the details are. when it goes to the knesset the israeli parliament. they will be convening on tuesday to discuss this bigger issue of jewish extremism and
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how they're going to be tackle it. >> the british government has announced a series of measures to help prevent migrants from entering the u.k. from france. charles stratford has more. >> reporter: behind the security fence is the railway tunnel. the trains as they move slowly through here, migrants at night try hop through it cut through it in various locations in this area and try and literally grab hold of the train as it goes by in some instances. and that's why we've seen so many deaths in recent months. now we were here last night and there was quite a heavy police presence. there were a lot of migrants here that were eventually dispersed. behind me as well the french authorities have put in extra lighting. we've just heard a helicopter go over and there are police scattered around this area.
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i spoakd to spoke to an ngo leader, and asked her what needed to be done? >> why is it that the french government has the responsibility of stopping people that don't even want to be here? it doesn't make any sense. really it doesn't make any sense. it should be the job of each country to, in scenes to stop want to stop people. we want to see who wants to come and who has legitimate rights to come and deal with that in a humane way and not make people wait months and months before their asylum requests are looked after. it is such a waste of human potential. you know you think about people who have to live in conditions like that for six eight months. they cannot work. you know they can take a few french classes but that's about all. they don't develop their skills.
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>> certainly the focus of attention for politicians in the u.k. and france at the moment seems to be more on security. meanwhile, for people in camps like this one they have nowhere to go and conditions are getting worse every day. >> hacking is usually based on illegal activities but a group in the u.s. is trying to redefine the term. a new frontier where civil issues are put to work. >> state of illinois was operate operating in a kind of time warp. >> first day where i could get to my desk, turn on my computer, this computer is from 1995, it's got a monitor bigger than my head. i had more power in this cell phone than i did on this system.
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>> so he did what thousands of americans had begun to do, joined the civic hack movement. regular citizens, by night they volunteer to come together at weekly meetings like this on their own time in their own particular ways to dopecular ways. >> if you were to define this could you do that again? >> yes definitely. >> it is informal, some of it is hardly english. >> allows you to send be instructions to multiple api's. >> this system initially failed to work. >> i think ethos across the be civic hacking world if we sit back for government or the people in those positions to do it you know, government's going
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to continue to kind of operate like it does right now and for a lot of people it's not operating very well. >> reporter: here in chicago civic hackers have created computer applications, like "my building doesn't recycle" which helps you report scoff laws. >> you might not be eligible for our programs but these are other agencies that you may be eligible to get services from. >> if you live here you can use the seam system that bureaucrats do most users don't have either internet access or a smartphone, the hearings have come up for a system with the internet illiterate. you can simply send a text message and answer a series of questions all via text and find out what benefits you're eligible for. the group code for america has 20,000 hackers in 105 cities all around the world all
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volunteering to do for their cities what their government has not. john hendren al jazeera. >> you can find out everything you need to know at >> crews in california are working around the clock battling nearly 2 dozen wildfires, and the weather isn't helping. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is trooflg qatar to traveling to qatar to try osell the iran nuclear deal. will the country be ready for the