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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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volunteering to do for their cities what their government has not. john hendren, al jazeera. >> you can find out everything you need to know at >> crews in california are working around the clock, battling nearly 2 dozen wildfires, and the weather isn't helping. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is trooflg qatar t travelo try osell the iran nuclear deal. will the country be ready for the summer olympics?
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hello everybody, this is al jazeera america, live from new york city, i'm davidcali have nd their homes, with the threat of a number of wildfires. in the bone dry landscape the fires are moving quickly. just north of san francisco, ines ferre has the latest. >> day and night, firefighters are racing across the clock. >> dooms dictate is what it looks like. >> reporter: the flames are fueled by lightning. >> those prettiful escalated and took over the whole side of the mountain. >> reporter: firefighting
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planes are making the round including dc 10 tankers releasing fire retardant. evacuation orders have been issued in communities north of san francisco. one resident is temporarily camping in an rv with his pet. >> see when we can get back in and they give us the okay. >> crews are mourning the loss of life of one of their own. at least four others have been injured. ines ferre, al jazeera. >> earlier we talk with daniel berlin, the chief are fire protection. the lingering california drought is helping to fuel these fires. >> when many of these fires ignited we were seeing triple digit temperatures, single digit humidity and gusty wind. while those temperatures have come down from where they were, these fires have become large enough where they're actually
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creating their own weather. these fires are burning actively based on the terrain and those dry conditions. because of the drought the brush and the trees are tinder dry. especially without major wind factors like santa ana winds. >> governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. nearby states are also offering assistance. in just over an hour the warehouse will release a new strategy for combating global warming. focuses on electricity production which accounts for 31% of emissions, under the plan the states will get to decide for themselves how to meet the cuts. the proposal however faces fierce opposition from republicans and some industry critics plan to sue the government to block the initiative and many states have
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threatened not to comply. president obama today hosted 500 young african americans in the capital. so some will get to take part next year. >> i've got good news, up to 80 young american leaders will join -- [applause] >> up to 80 young american leaders will join yali and go to africa to learn from you and your leaders. >> set to expand up to a thousand participants. there are reports involving former president jimmy carter, the form he president underwent an elective procedure to remove a mass from his liver.
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the 90-year-old is okay and expected to make a full recovery. the u.s. senate is set to vote in just a few hours to end federal funding for planned parenthood. the bill is not expected to pass. planned parenthood has defended itself under allegations that it's selling fetal tissue. planned parenthood insists it has not broken any laws. republican presidential candidate rand paul called for today's vote. >> a lot of people, even pro choice people are upset about these videos. manipulating the baby to get around cavalierly saying, livers are popular for sale. americans don't warrant their tax dollars to go for this. we have 9,000 community health centers that do everything that planned parenthood does, but
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don't get into abortion he. if we just funded community health centers and didn't fund planned parenthood. >> planned parenthood says abortions only provide 3% of its income. >> misled investors and did not disclose some money he made before january when he became the state's top lawyer. two of the three charges against him carry a positions of up to 99 years in -- potential of up to 99 years in prison. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is meeting authorities in qatar, including sergey lavrov, he was in qatar primarily to reassure his allies that the newly minted iran agreement
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would not harm the other states. >> only the implements of the jcpoa, the nuclear agreement. and i think that president obama made it very clear, at the camp david summit, where he discussed steps that the gcc and the united states would together, as we implement the vienna agreement. today my counterparts and i discussed the steps that we will take. and how we intend to build an even stronger, more enduring and more strategic partnership. >> kerry also said the united states will continue working with the gcc to fight i.s.i.l, al qaeda and deal with other regional threats. kerry's meeting with russia and saudi arabia is also connected to the iran deal. the west is hoping da detente
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will lead to. >> certainly what the u.s. is looking for is a renewed effort to try to find what it says is a political solution, to the leadership of bashar al-assad, the civil war in that country has been underway for more than four years. we've seen more than 200,000 people killed in the conflict, and the u.s. is trying to find a way to actually basically use the iran nuclear deal as a way to try to spur more action on other critical issues and can be argued that perhaps syria is perhaps one of the top two issues that need to be dealt with. whether there's a gardener bargain coming out of -- there's a grand bargain coming out of therthere that is question, but certainly there is renewed
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concern in the u.s. that the war in syria is just not coming to an end that the u.s. would like to see, one that would promote more stability in the region. so what you see is john kerry basically trying to push the issue and certainly, given had a moscow has influence in damascus, it is worthwhile that these two men would actually have this discussion. >> the policy of the united states with respect to syria is clear. we believe that assad and the assad regime long ago lost parlegitimacy, inf his regime's continued brutality against the syrian people themselves and that has been a magnet for foreign fighters. drawing them to syria, fueling the rise of daesh and other extremist groups and since there is no military solution to syria's challenges there has to be obviously a political
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solution. >> now we don't know whether there's going to be any sort of public readout of what happens in this meeting between the saudi, russian and u.s. foreign ministers but certainly we do expect to find out exactly house the three countries are going to try to marshal their resources, in particular their diplomatic resources, in order to try to bring an end to the syrian civil war. be. >> rosalyn jordan in washington. air strikes killing civilians caught in the cross fire. the bombings are meant to starting i.s.i.l. strongholds, air strikes against syria and iraq more than 450 civilians have been killed. the group said the u.s. led coalition is not providing enough transparency and account ability. at least 20 were killed in syria today when a f-16 crashed
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into a market. idlib had been a government stronghold until the opposition took control in may. the family of the late taliban leader mullah omar is refusing to endorse its successor. in the past he has been a supporter of peace talks but for now those talks are on hold. jennifer glasse has more from kabul. >> two days before peace talks were to be held on friday they have been put on hold indefinitely. real concern for afghan government is that they want the taliban who come to the negotiating table to speak with one voice. this division makes it more difficult to know who they are negotiating with. president ashraf ghani is in germany for medical care but had
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a video conference and said he is speaking to the pakistani leadership as well and committed to bringing the two countries, the two countries should have peace and stability. of course the taliban leadership of mullah omar died in pakistan, the new leader is in qeta in pakistan. it is not just about the afghan government or the taliban, the pakistani government involved as well. very complicated situation. afghan government hoping the peace talks will move forward but divided over whether to accept its new leader. >> jennifer glasse reporting from kabul, afghan. several people held by the group boko haram, former hostages include about 100 children and approximately 70 women's.
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ahmed driahmed idris fest repor. >> eight villages, destroying boko haram camps in those areas. this is all coming at a time when the military is recording success over boko haram fighters. two weeksal the energize e-nigerian army announced it has finally chaseout boko haram in all territories and confining them to the sambesa forest in northern nigeria. troops from nigeria cameroon chad try to corner boko haram in one particular location, to launch a final onslaught. contributing is not affected by boko haram directly but contributing its troops to fight boko haram insurgency, in nigeria and other countries,
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simply because they see boko haram as not only a cameroonian threat, chase out boko haram and so far collaboration between those two groups is very, very much in the play as this is contrary to what was there before, during the previous administration. >> reporter: ahmed idris reporting from energize. police are looking to a suspect connected to the killing of a police officer in tennessee. tennessee.
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>> in colorado, the jury says it's reached a verdict in the sentencing phase of james holmes. the jury can either sentence james is holmes to life in
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prison without parole or consider a third phase for the death penalty. holmes was convicted of killing three and injuring 70 others. bombing in las cruces appears to be linked. mailbox and trash can, located about 20 miles away from each other. new mexico governor susan martinez strongly denounced the perpetrators. >> only a coward would place an explosive device in a place of peace and a place of worship worship.whoever did this will feel the full pressure of the law. >> nobody was injured in the bombings. officials say there was only
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minor damage. in north carolina trial is now underway for a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man. 24-year-old jonathan farrell was kerrreck. prosecutors say kerreck used excessive force. officer sean bottleon was shot to death saturday in memphis during a routine traffic stop pfn richelle carey reports. >> a memphis police officer shot and killed after pulling a car over. officer sean bolton was a former marine who served in iraq. shot multiple times on a street in the southeastern part of the city. >> the driver was turned into
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police and since released without charge. the passenger of the vehicle 29-year-old jermaine willburn, still at large and a warrant are for first degree murder has been issued for his arrest. >> bottleon's sister issued a statement. my brother's life was just beginning aonly to be ended by a tragedy. the mayor of memphis asking for prayers saying bottomon's death speaks volumes of the hazard of police work. >> there are so many guns in our streets in the wrong hands. at any given minute in a 24-hour day they're dealing with folks who have no rules of engagement. >> sean bottleon is the third memphis police officer killed in the line of duty in less than five years. he was just 33 years old.
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>> 70 years ago this week modern warfare was changed forever. the united states dropped an atomic bomb on hir osh hiroshim, two days later, on nagasaki. radiation poisoning killed nearly 200,000 people there over the next five years and it's estimated that around 70,000 people were killed in or around the second bomb dropped on nagasaki. president harry truman wanted to end the war as fast as possible, also wanted to keep american casualties low. all of this birthed the atomic bomb program. erica pitzi reports. >> operation olympic was the code name to invade japan.
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it was scheduled to begin october of 1945 and would have been the largest amphibious operation ever. military operators estimated more than a million allied soldiers would die. the japanese casualties would run far higher. the japanese were planning to fight ferociously to defend their home land and were hoping to make the cost of capturing japan so high that the allies would settle for an a armistice but all of that planning came to an end. u.s. bombers dropped atomic bottoms on hir osha augus hirost of 1945 and in nagasaki three days later. >> japanese war is at an end. >> japan convenient diserd on
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august 15th. erica pitzi, al jazeera. >> just one month to go before the summer games in brazil, whether some of the venues are safe? plus life can be a pretty rough journey especially if you oar robot testing human kindness.
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>> one year from now, fans from around the world will start gathering in rio de janeiro for the 2016 summer olympics. authorities are staging certain events this week to prove that rio de janeiro will be ready. daniel owne schwindler reports. >> 1.5 kilometers, getting on to their bicycles, to bike for 40 kilometers, then run 10 clox
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terse through streets of rio de janeiro. what we have here are some of the best athletes in the world. be javier garcia who is the be top ranked man. this is also a top level event to test the grounds before the olympics start next year.als, fe brazilian authorities to iron out any complications, the controversial polluted waters where some of the aquatic events are taking place. but copa cabana is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the people of rio de janeiro not letting the event get in their way of the sun bathing on copa cabana beach.
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beautiful day, 26°, very little wind, top level sports coming to the city of rio de janeiro ahead of next year's summer like games. >> daniel schwindler with all of those athletes in rio. we spoke with paul de setero, says olympic games will bring hope to average residents in brazil. >> the opinion polls in brazil have tended to be very negative in terms of the public's support for anything having to do with government action in brazil. the president of brazil is highly unpopular. there are actually this month on the 16th a massive protest called throughout brazil, so the mood is quite sour. the economy will continue to dip in this current year, until the olympics. so you could have a series of protests. it's not the ideal time to have
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an olympic game in brazil but the olympics, you know, will be also -- will provide some relief, to what is today a very sad moment in brazil. >> sotero says despite the economic and political issues in brazil he believes the country will benefit from these games. the journey is over for now for a robot what is the hitchhiking across the united states. the robot was vandalized decapitated and abandoned. the robot had traveled in europe and canada with no problems. in the united states the robot made it only about 300 miles. a social experiment as to whether robots could trust humans. it safely traversed 3600 miles in canada and hitched around europe. checked out radio city music
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hall and went to philadelphia, where it was damaged. its creators are debating what do next. communist government has been working to motivate farmers to grow more crops. that means taking a very capitalistic approach. melissa chan saw it for herself. >> reporter: you're looking at the first and only wholesale actor in cuba where farmers sell their goods on the open market. where buyers haggle over prices. you might call it capitalism with a cuban touch. this time of the year you've got plan goes pineapplemangos, be pn
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takens. when raul castro took over the runginrunning of this country ht forward be agriculture. >> we did not have a place to sell our products. going analysts estimate that half a million farmers in cuba now own or lease private land for personal profit though cuba still imports 80% of its food. which means the country still has a long way to go with its experiments before it will see better results. melissa chan, al jazeera, cuba. >> you can see melissa's report at 9:00 eastern time. wildfires are burning in some cases out of control in california. we'll have that report on al jazeera america, in the meantime, thanks for joining us,
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i'm david schuster, the news continues, live from lorched. london. remember you can get the news any time day or night by going to >> this is al jazeera. >> hello there i'm barbara serra. this is the newshour from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the united states and russia aim to calm fears. a syrian fighter jet crashes into a packed market killing at least 27 people. a major resignation in the af