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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> east meets west, russia and the u.s. come together in doha to reassure gulf nations. hello, i'm maryam nemazee. forces against houthi rebels take control of an important air base in southern yemen. u.s. president announce he his country's biggest attempt to
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control global warming. and puerto rico defaults in paying debt. hello, our top story: u.s. and russia have offered their support to gulf states as the region is in crisis. gulf cooperation council summit in the capital of qatar, doha. john kerry reassured the region that recent nuclear deal with iran would create stability. hashem ahelbarra reports from doha. >> a delicate mission for u.s. secretary of state. john kerry is trying to convince long standing allies that iran's nuclear deal with world powers will bring peace and prosperity. >> translator: the five other european countries have technology and knowledge in the
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nuclear field. the countries of the council welcomed it on this basis and on what john kerry demonstrated about iran's development stop tm obtaining nuclear weapons. we hope for more than this not only for iran but to move them from the middle east. >> reporter: in a bid to allay their fears the u.s. has offered to sell advanced weapons and upgrade the region's defense capabilities. >> today my counterparts and i discussed the steps that we will take. and how we intend to build an even stronger, more enduring and more strategic partnership with particular focus on our cooperative counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and also, on our cooperation in countering the destabilizing activities taking place in the region.
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>> reporter: the predominantly sunni muslim countries need more than just reassurances. they accuse iran of backing their shia proxies and interfering in the region, accusations dismissby iran which has recently called for more cooperation with its neighbors. russia could be the country to bridge differences between iran and its arab neighbors. foreign minister sergey lavrov says russia is willing to he help negotiate political deals in syria and yes, ma'am. >> we have always been in favor of the bloodshed stopping in syria and we are not giving any kind of unconditional support to anybody except to the syrian people. and the main threat in that country to our mind and in the middle east as a whole is that which emanates from the so-called islamic state. >> an agreement between all sides in doha could put an end
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to the long running civil war in syria and increased fighting in yemen. >> reporter: >> the policy of the united states with respect to syria is clear. we believe that assad and the assad regime long ago lost legitimacy. in part because of his regime's continued brutality against the syrian people themselves and that has been a magnet for foreign fighters drawing them to syria, fueling rise of daesh and other violent extremist groups. he and since there is no military solution to syria's challenges there has to obviously be a political solution. >> reporter: the u.s. feels the iran deal is a good solution but the arab group has reservations. saudis have warns they military.
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hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera, doha. >> in yemen antihouthi forces led by saudi led coalition air strikes have taken control of the al admin air base, in the east province of lahich. the lah rvetio lahich province. >> dplii be >> idlib province has undergone an air attack by syrian army plane that crashed. >> translator: it is a popular market that is parked with
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vendors who you can see are under the debris. the war plane its pilot and its rockets hit the market and nadged can it completely. -- damaged it completely. >> more than a dozen people were reportedly killed and many more wounded. >> when it carried out the air strike the war plane immediately went down. bodies of people are still under the rubble. >> reporter: at a makeshift hospital nearby the injured were treated. most hospitals in idlib have been destroyed. activists say it's a deliberate tactic by the government. when the charity doctors without borders have ited idlib it witnesses a real issue, messages that they shot down the plane some witnesses think the jet may have developed a fault. >> when the pilot fired two mixes omissiles on the market, l
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where it carried out the air strike. >> reporter: it crashed in the center of the town and left a trail of destruction, shops and market stalls were all destroyed. >> i was with my nephew on the sidewalk and felt a huge explosion, i knelt myself under the debris and the guard came to rescue me. >> most like the northwestern parnorthwesternare province idl. osama ben javad, al jazeera. >> a syrian kurdish official has told al jazeera the government ocould be a partner. the two sides could have a much more collaborative road ahead. zeina khodr reports.
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>> the syrian government is taking credit for pushing out i.s.i.l. from the northeastern city of hasake but they didn't win this fight alone. the syrian kurdish fighting force the ypg, joined with u.s. coalition air strikes. for years they controlled separate zones in hasake, ill was part of the understanding of allowing it is to become another stronghold. that only fueled accusations when turkey and syrian opposition groups that the curbed are allied to the government. now officials from the pyd told us that the fear of terrorism it would partner with any group, if it is committed for the democratic ruling of syria. >> accepting the diversity within syrian people, of course we are ready to coordinate with
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them and now as i mentioned i told you some examples with the opposition and also the syrian -- with the regimes. >> the kurds may be a minority in syria but have become powerful partners in the conflict. allowed them to many enjoy political autonomy. >> in 2004 they rose up against the state but their protesters were violently queld. when the syrian uprising began in 2011 they didn't fully enjoy efforts to overthrow the government. instead they managed to expand into areas where the regime retreated. government forces were withdrawn from mainly kurdish populated areas leaving the kurds to fill
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vacuum. >> it was important because they didn't want to fight on several fronts and what their main calculation probably was if the kurds would capture those areas, then it would lead to tensions between turkey and the kurds. >> the kurds haven't juts created their own autonomous section of the country. zeina khodr, al jazeera, turkey. u.s. president has unveiled what he says is an ambitious national plan to tackle climate change. barack obama announced even tougher cuts to greenhouse gas emissions to u.s. power plants than previously expected. it's a challenge to do more. the president says it's the most
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important step the nation has taken to deal with global warming. >> like cutting every ounce of emissions from electricity from 108 million american homes or taking 160 million cars off the road. by 2030 we will reduce premature deaths from powerpoints by nearly 30% and thanks to this there will be 90,000 fewer asthma attacks per year. >> patty culhane has more. >> an impassioned announcement by president obama. focusing on coal fired power plants, that provides about 30% of the energy used in this country. are power plants need to find a
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way to cut their emissions in 15 years time. half of the states are suing the government to stop this, probably going to end up in the supreme court and getting to the point could take four to five years. by then there will be another presidential who can thereafter write their own rules. >> commonwealth has failed to pay back a $58 million debt to its finance corporation. instead the u.s. territory made a partial payment of around $600,000. andy gallagher has more from the capital san juan. >> if you have been following the news in puerto rico, this default is not a surprise, especially since governor padilla at the end of june talked about a death spiral. they owe $70 billion so the payment that was missed is
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really pocket change compared to what they owe overall. now the government is scrambling to put forward a are plan to restructure that debt but the people here are the ones that will suffer. many here work for the public sector, work for the government. we're bound that health care costs will rise and remember puerto ricans are american citizens. about 50,000 a year are liefg the deadline for better jobs and better opportunity so that tax base is eroding while the crisis is getting deeper. the economy is continually going to have to rely less on government and more on investment from outside sources. but this is going to be years in the making. >> still to come for you on al
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jazeera this hour. they call it the jungle, migrants desperate to reach the uk. and hundreds pay respect to the teenage girl who away ws killed at aat a gay pride parade. parade.
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>> welcome back. you're with al jazeera. a recap of the stories now. u.s. and russia have offered their help to the gcc states at the meeting in doha.
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antihouthi rebels have taken charge of the air base in the south of yemen,. planning to attend a high level meeting, from omar al ba bashir. , responsibility to protect which works to prevent mass atrocities around the world, he joins us now from the united nations in new york. are you surprised these plans for sudan east president to travel to the u.n. and speak? >> i'm a little surprised or perhaps not. he's been trying to push the boundaries of where he can go
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and where he can't go. we saw recently the course that he went to south africa for an african union summit and had to sort of almost climb out a window and jump into a car and get to the airport and get out of the country because the south africa civil society and south africa courts had ordered his arrest, a party to the international criminal court. he got away with it and i think this could be a case of trying to push the boundaries and to continue the sort of masquerade that he is a leader on the world stage. >> will he actually be able to attend summit next month? he did plan to make an appearance a couple of years ago but his visa was denied. will it be protested and granted this time around? there that is almost impossible to predict. the questions of sovereignty and questions of whether he is technically in the united states
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and whether the united states would want to arrest him and if so under what t members of the international criminal court. these are huge questions which nature myself nor anyone really has the answer to. but i imagine there are rooms full of lawyers in sudan, united states an the united nations who are going over those quis. >> what is the case against omar al bashir, what does all this say about the limitations of the international criminal court? >> i think it does say something about the limitations. the chief prosecutor of the court has said she is suspending her investigation of darfur because the u.n. security council and member states have not done enough to help arrest bashir and bring him to justice. on the other hand, the world gets smaller and smaller to him.
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he thought he could go to south africa and go to the african union conference and everything would be fine. there are a small number of countries he can visit, he has made visits to some countries but we should be clear, this is not just a man who has been indicted for past crimes in darfur, but the government he heads continues to admit atrocities, in sudan and also in darfur and needs to be held accountable in terms of international justice. >> symon adams from the global center for responsibility to protect. good to get your thoughts on this story. >> thank you maryam. soldiers from northwest nigeria have rescued 170 people, found in maigdary, th maidugurit
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city in are borno state. thousands have gathered to mourn a 16-year-old girl who died by being stabbed at a gathering in jerusalem. stefanie dekker sends us an update. >> people gathered in tel aviv and basheba to remember a 16-year-old girl, their family issued a statement saying she was killed because she supported people's right to choose. they said they would be donating her organs to save another life. her friends family and supporters gathered, they lit candles and played her favorite songs. pressure is coming down on the israeli government to do more.
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the man who mounted this attack did so ten years earlier and was imprisoned. less than 24 hours later we had the arson attack on a palestinian home in the occupied west bank. very strong language coming out from the israeli government calling these terrorists, acts of terrorism, and they would be doing everything they could to bring the perpetrators to justice. it sounds very strong it's in line with the language coming out from the israeli government since these attacks happen. what does it mean? we spoke to a human rights lawyer she told us that's always again case. they haven't implementit. we'll see what happens when the
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comessette convenes in a special session on jewish extremism and house they're going to tackle it. the u.c. has increased the security%. charles stratford has the story. >> ahmed it's taken him four months to travel across western asia and europe. >> we want asylum deal in u.k. to make our life eas easily, tof the situation is good for example if the situation is better. so we are want to go back to our country. >> many of the people living in
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this camp seem to be genuine asylum seekers fleeing political persecution and conflict in their respective countries. they say the reason they want to be in the u.k. is they want to be in an english language speaking country, to get refugee status it's easier than in france. >> the u.k. needs to look closely who it wants to take for asylum. if they don't fill the bill send them back to wherever, i don't know, make the decisions. and france need to do the same thing. if today you decide to ask for asylum in france because you are tired of trying not succeeding to go to u.k, your first appointment to register your asylum request is in philosophy! >> there are many people here
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wanting a better life, better world here in u.k. they say it's easier to find work in the u.c. that be in france. u.k. government has helped with security but local officials in there calais disagree. >> this is totalsly a problem of england, which is totally not true. we are not a suburb of england and never will be. >> the fence was cut by the migrants, preparing to riivelg k their lives for a life in britain. ahmed said he would do the same thing. are charles stratford, are al jazeera, ca 8.
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in a publish article the riots group say police often use are unnecessarily and expensive force. surrendered when police officers intentionally used firearms to execute them. daniel swirnl schwind story from brazil. >> attendance since the record came out it was entitled they're killing our sons. they talk about more than 1500 mostly young poor black men killed in extra judicial killings by the military police in the last five years. they say these killings are very rarely investigated, it is even rarer for them to be brought to justice. what the police tend to do
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according to amnesty is say they were defending themselves. often according to amnesty they will place guns alongside the bodies, simply to enhance this story of self-defense, amnesty says this has been going on for quite a long time with the focus on rio de janeiro, they are hoping it will spur the authorities here into action, to try to face what is going on in the favelas or shanty towns, to put an end to the killing of generally innocent young men. paying $300,000, 12-year-old with a fake gun made last year,
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kristin saloomey has the story in new york. >> not one of these guns is real, it can be difficult to tell. that's why new york passed rulings last year requiring bright colors to identify the fake guns. >> put thousands of new york kids and police officers at the risk of a tragic and even deadly encounter. >> reporter: an investigation found more than 6,000 cases in the last two years of retailers like walmart, serious and amazon still selling the realistic guns online and in the case of kmart in stores. in response each has agreed to pay thousands of dollars in fine and gleag t agreeing to limitins
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of toy guns. >> the move comment accommodatie heels of the shooting of tamir rice who was killed in cleveland for carrying a toy gun. a half dozen states and the district of columbia have legislation to amend or add to this at the laws. >> gun safety advocates applaud new york's efforts but say more has to be done to protect the public from a product that is found in one-third of american homes. >> it's a real public health crisis and the fact that the government has not chosen to
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regulate this lethal product is a great tragedy and same that americans need to do something about. >> real guns kill more than 1 the 33,000 americans a year. kristin saloomey, are new york. >> remember all that we're covering here, >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. >> tonight, saving the macaw. >> i'm in the peruvian amazon and we're on the search for endangered macaws. >> now techknow is on a one of a kind mission. >> look at those wings. >> the macaw; graceful, elegant,