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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... fault lines america's war workers only on al jazeera america . >> fire storm in the west. >> the fire behaviour is what we call strained. and the people that are out there fighting the fire a lot of seasoned veterans are saying this is off the if charts, extreme high winds and years of drought fuel wildfires, devouring thousands of acres, forcing residents to flee as crews step up efforts to get a
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handle on a dangerous situation. showtime for the candidates. >> we are blessed to have a wonderful group of republicans running for president. >> if i'm elected for president we'll repeal obama care. we've been walked over. >> the g.o.p. class of 2016 takes the stage in a warm-up to the debate. a major hopeful decided to skip the event under attack senate republicans try to slash federal money for planned parenthood in the wake of controversial videos. and a governor tries to block the funding in his state. good evening, i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. we begin in california where more huge wildfires are burning. summer usually brings some fires, but this season may be unprecedented. jacob ward is in lake county near the epicentre of a fire
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consumering 6,200 acres. jake, the fire is still growing. >> it is. if you look at the ridge behind me you can see the smoke line over the ridge is hell on earth. the firefighters here are fighting a number of conditions that are specific to this area tough terrain in the rest of it. they are fighting global forces the western states of the u.s. are on fire and northern california is the latest casualty. we passed a checkpoint past which residents are no longer able to go. we are driving into a 60,000 acre blaze, defying all the traditional expectations that firefighters have about a wildfire in northern california this time. the rocky fire should have peaked after two days at that point the firefighters found the fire gaining strength not losing. now, five days in there's no sign it will do anything but get
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bigger. >> the fire behaviour is extreme. people out there fighting the fire seasoned veterans are saying that this is off the charts extreme. >> decades of drought killed or dried out the vegetation creating fuel for the fire. this is what they are trying to defend highway 20 on two lane black tops forming the last natural barrier between this fire and the rest of god knows what. if the fire jumps across this barrier, there's no stopping it. there's no next barrier that will contain it and this 60,000 acre fire could get out of control. we were warned to be ready to run to the vehicles. >> if something happens, and we get fire over there, it will be best for us to move it. >> firefighters are grappling with local conditions like the difficult terrain this, is a fight against the global effects of climate change. the nights are cool and humid, clamping oun the fires.
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warming oceans meaning evenings are hot and dry and burn through the night. this is a fight against the record drought and against global forces and at the moment those forces appear to win. if you imagine going into the place where the firefighters have done this, there's a sort of sense of something new, something sort of panic inducing. we came back from over the ridge. we were in the middle of it. since that time highway 20 what you see behind me what i mention as being the northern border where they were trying to stop the fire they have jumped over it. we are seeing fire on both sides and the media and personnel are not allowed in there any longer. there's a sense that this is not going the way firefighters intended. the numbers of acres has grown from 80,000 to 62,000. fights have grown from 2500. this is a losing battle now, and that's a zones of a larger
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scary trend in the american west. >> jake ward in lake county california president obama unveiled a plan to confront climate change. he said he wants a massive production in greenhouse gas emissions from coal burning power plants. >> by setting the standards we can speed up ut transition to a cleaner, safer future. with this clean power plan by 2030, carbon pollution from the power plants will be 32% lower than it was a decade ago. >> the president said no other issue poses a threat to our future than climate change. several republican lawmakers criticized the plan as over-reaching and harmful to the economy. the coal industry and states are expected to sue to stop the plan. senate republicans failed to advance a deal. the measure received 53 votes
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following short of the 60 needed to overcome a democratic filibuster. parenthood has been in the spotlight because of secretly recorded videos alleging that the organization sold foetal tissue denying the claim saying it followed laws related to donating tissue. >> the medicaid contract - it is a major source of funding for the group. in a statement the government cited the recently the decision. tonight, all but three of the republican presidential candidates gathered in the voters first forum. voters had a chance to make a first pitch to voters on a national scale because some may be shut out of thursday's first debate. donald trump and mike huckabee were the absentees, and the candidates were cordial to each
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other, they took aim to the obama administration. please welcome the candidates in a mistake preview of the first republican debate 14 of the candidates participated in a forum in new hamp jir. donald trump skipped the first forum. the real estate mogul rejected the invitation because of a critical editorial in the newspaper, that crowded field did not go after the real stooet mogul or each other. instead they banded together and went after president obama's record on the economy. i think we can grow the economy at 4%, instead of the anaemic 2%. >> the agreement with iran over the nuclear programme. >> this is a bad deal. he declared war on trans fats. >> and the president's signature
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health care legislation. >> i intend to make 2016 a referendum on repealing obama care and if i'm elected we'll repeal every word. there was disagreement particularly over how u.s. combat troops fight i.s.i.l. in syria. >> this president has two times admitted we don't have a strategy as it relates to i.s.i.s. i think we need special forces. the idea of boots on the ground i'm not sure that's necessary. >> for two hours, each candidate fielded two rounds much questions on everything from immigration to spending. >> we need a budgeted amendment to the constitution. >> and national security yip. >> we have been walked all over. i'm tired of it. i want a clinched fit and hand. >> to mr vladimir putin, if i'm president of the united states i have a different person to deal with. >> candidates hillary clinton
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and another candidate were fair game. i can't wait to get in the ring with her. if you want to turn around american foreign policy the last two people is his vice president and former secretary of state. >> coming up in a few minutes we'll get a g.o.p. strategist take on how the candidates faired. >> porto rico aim up with an interest payment, a fraction of $58 million due. as andy gallagher reports, that puts the u.s. commonwealth in default for the first time ever. >> if you have been following the governor at the end of june talked about a financial death spire am. he said they don't have the money to pay the debts. they missed a $58 million debt. when you put it into perspective, they owe 72 million. the effect of all this is something of a mark of national
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shame. this island has never been in default, but it will affect the people of porto rico. many of the people in the public sector working for the government will face rising costs and standards of living and may lose their jobs. schools will close. people will be laid off. and the government is scrambling to put a proposal together to re-organise the debt. the future of the i would is in the hands of a few people. for sure for years to come there'll be economic suffering. there's an exodus from porto rico. 50,000 are leaving to go to the united states because they are u.s. citizens. that is something of a brain drain, that's a reduction in the tax base. so that really compounds the problem here. but the issue is they owe 72 billion, they don't have the money, they'll have to restructure. for years to come the island will be in severe financial crisis andy gallagher in san juan
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investors in greece suffered an ugly day, the stock market reopening, markets plunging 22% over the course of trading. the market was closed five weeks ago in response to the debt crisis. bank shares were the worst hit, many hitting the trading limit of a 30% loss. general motors is offering a million dollars each to the families of 124 people killed in crashes related to ignition witch problems. . accidents appear to have been caused by faulty switches in victims recalled. 17 victims suffering life-altering injuries - anyone eligible will have 90 days to accept or reject the offer. >> the suspect wanted in a shooting death of a memphis police officer is in custody, turning himself into federal law enforcement. the 29-year-old is accused of shooting officer shaun bolton multiple times after he interrupted a low-level drug
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deal. willborn was an ex-con on supervised release after serving a sentence for bank robbery and is facing a charge of first degree murder in colorado a jury said they want to consider the death penalty for movie theatre if killer james hoel. the jury gl returned a verdict saying aggravating factors outweighed mitigating one. if one juror disagreed holmes would have been sentenced to life in prison. the jury goes on to the next phase. three years ago holmes opened fire at a theatre in colorado killing 12, injuring others an outbreak of legion new yornd is traced to a handful of buildings. legionella bacteria was found in five cooling towers. the victims inhaling droplets of
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contaminated water. all seven were older adults with pre-existing medical problems secretary of state john kerry says the iran nuclear deal will make the middle east safer, and made the pitch during a meeting with concerned arab leaders today. >> the controversy surrounding the expansion of u.s. air strikes in syria, why not everyone things the plan to combat i.s.i.l. is a good idea.
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>> this president did an awful job. the left likes to see ourselves as victims, at present i'm going to unify the american people. >> we have a weak president who is more worried about campaign promises than dealing with the threats to our country those are lindsay gram and bobby jindal bashing president obama's record in voters first forum. they were part of 14 who
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participated in the event. donald trump did not participate. jo watkins is a strategist and white house aid to george w. bush. good to have you with us. i don't mean this to be critical in any way of the candidates. i'm asurprised you stayed awake. the form at seemed built to be boring. >> [ laughs ] >> you're right. it's tough with so many candidates. i mean this forum allowed for what will not happen on thursday. there'll be fewer candidates having many candidates is tough. each got a chance to get the talking points in. no one stood out. there was no breaking news here. it was a very i guess, not boring but if you're someone like me who loves politics working in the white house, of course you are listening. it will be hard for the average
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voter to listen to that. >> some are building in as a preview, there was an elephant - pardoned republican pun - whoevers not in the room and will be thursday fight. >> that's correct. missing donald trump, not having him there made a lot of difference, he's the front runner in every poll that i have seen, and by a significant amount. people want to see what he has to say and how he does in that setting. we'll get our chance on thursday night to see how he does. he may set up as we speak. >> what strategy do you expect to see from trump. will it be to appear statesman like, or do you think it will be more of what we have seen so far, of him being forceful and blunt and saying whatever seems to come to find? >> i think the latter. i think that he does fine if he remains himself. what people are attracted to right now with donald trump is
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the fact that he is unfitered, he's not like most politicians, considering his words carefully, giving you something that is not too offensive, he's not afraid to say what he the polls. i'm not - i wouldn't be surprised if you saw more of the same on thursday. donald trump being donald trump, talking in a blunt manner. and if the other candidates come after them. they'll be tough. >> what about them. will they continue a hands-off strategy with respect to trump? >> i would guess that the top tier candidates wouldn't try to engage with them. if i'm jed bush or scott walker i wouldn't engage with donald trump getting into a food fight. if you are a lesser candidate. if you vote 1% 2% he has nothing to lose. if you get some supporters to
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vote for you, that's it. those are the folks i expect would take swipes at donald trump. >> a point you made earlier is something as i was watching that struck me how would any be able to break through with voters if they are lost in this morass and mass of candidates. how can voters get to know them. >> that's an instant question. the answer is they probably won't. they don't have a lot of time to break out of the pact and get themselves known, donald trump sucked all the air out of that side of the campaign for conservative voters they like what donald trump is saying he expresses their anger perfectly. unless the candidates want to be as unfiltered as trump wants to be they won't gain a shot at gaining for traction than they have. >> it will be an interesting night. i suspect thursday will be. joe watkinson, good to have you
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with us as always. thank you the united states has started providing air cover for a small group of anti-i.s.i.l. fighters in syria, as jamie mcintyre reports, the move raised concerns about the possibility of direct engagement between the u.s. and syrian government forces. >> smoke rises over the city. the result of multiple u.s. grown strikes interested that repelling an attack on a group of syrian fighters including over 50 members of what is dubbed the syrian force, troops trained and equipped by the u.s. to battle i.s.i.l. the u.s. trained fighters were collated with other syrian army. one u.s. trained fighter was killed and two division 30 commanders captured by the al nusra front, aligned with al qaeda. the pentagon said the air strikes conducted by unmanned
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aircraft made good on a promise to provide defensive firepower if the u.s. trained forces came under attack on the ground from anyone including forces loyal to president bashar al-assad. a spokesman downplayed the idea that u.s. air power was backing rebels fighting the government. >> we are not at war with the bashar al-assad, the people we are training and equipping are pledged to fight i.s.i.l., and only i.s.i.l. this is it not something we review as inviting conversation with bashar al-assad. >> that's not the way it's seen by russia whose foreign minister called the policy counterproductive. air forces can be countered against any forces. it's hard to tell who is who. it is possible that bashar al-assad's forces could come under attacks, it's unlikely. they have few troops in the north and is in control of part
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of the country. >> we cautioned syria in the past not to engage u.n. aircraft and the regime advised not to interfere with forces. we conveyed that. >> on capitol hill chairman john mccain had the opposite criticism, that the air strikes were limited to handle troops trained by the u.s. don't go far enough. in a statement, john mccain said: the fighting in syria claims more lives. today a syrian army jet slammed into a marketplace in idlib province conducting air strikes on rebel forces. the crash killing 27 people and injuring dozens more.
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it was not clear what caused the crash. secretary of state john kerry met with leaders of the gulf cooperation council in qatar, and is trying to reassure allies that the nuclear agreement with iran will make the region safer. it was said that troirn will be -- tehran will be easier to deal with if it can't build a nuclear weapon >> we focused exclusively on iran's nuclear programme and the potential of iran. therefore, it was resolved a nuclear deal. without any understanding or expectation of what would flow from iran with respect to the region after the meeting, gulf leaders offered a cautious endorsement of the iran deal. kerry is in singapore to deliver a speech on u.s. trade and investment.
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>> former president jimmie carter is recovering after liver surgery, he said it was to remove a mass from his liver. the 90-year-old is expected to make a full ri covering. he founded the carter center to promote health care democracy and other issues. >> drones getting close to several commercial flights. next a report from a busy air traffic area and how a flight crew was forced to respond. picture this - national geographics best photo of the
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rescuers in the netherlands are searching for survivors after a pair of cranes on pontoons collapsed while working on a bridge. they fell on to a row of buildings, flattening apartments ands shops. authorities are using dogs to search for survivors. united airlines says anyone
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that kills an ma'ams find another -- animals, find another way to get your trophy home. they would not protect ivan malls. >> a doctor allegedly shot an animal in april. last month cecil the lion was killed by a dentist in minister personal drones disrupted flights over the weekend. four different passenger planes reported that drones flew too close to them. they were in new york and new jersey one of the planes had to turn to avoid hitting the unmanned device. the the f.a.a. banned drone use within five miles of airports. for 27 years, nation hall gee brask held a con -- geographic held a contest for people to
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send in their images. >> reporter: the winning pictures from the "national geographic" traveller contest takes you on a journey, from a mon, and a burst of sand kicked up from camel racing to romania, where frost shapes the village. the pictures are emotional, graf workers, peaking through glass in bangladesh to light-hearted, boys from thailand in a stream trying to catch a duck. here stars sparkle over 900]-year-old trees on the sands of namibia. over 18,000 were submitted, images like these caught the eye of the judges. some of the stories behind them are as compelling as snapshots themselves. photographer stefan said he tried all day to get the perfect
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photo of this white rhino, but didn't get the shot until the next morning when he woke to find three in front of him grazing. in india, amjan schroeder caught the aftermath of a wrestling match. the men fight in a pit. and wrestled against the wolves in an arena. the judges are looking for photos to take them where they've never been. like a mountain top, or rural poland where haymakers use a pitch fork one photo can win the prize, this the photographer went diving with a whale and a caf cruising around the islands in of the pacific, saying the image was not planned, but she could felt the power behind it. >> spectacular pictures. john seigenthaler reporting.
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the top prize is an 8-day national geographic expedition to panna ma thank you for joining us i'm antonio mora. luis suarez is next with "inside story". have a great night. distrust and animosity between israel and iran are nothing new. and the pending nuclear deal with iran stoked the flames as the obama administration tries to sell the deal do congress and the world, israeli fears have not subsided. is the deal a threat to israel's existence, or could it make israel safer in the long run.