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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> watch these and other episodes online now at >> [ gunfire ] angry relatives of the victims of malaysia airlines flight mh370 say they do not believe the discovered wing fragment belongs to the aircraft welcome to al jazeera, live from our doha headquarters. also coming up the nigeria-based armed group boko haram reportedly kidnapped dozens of people in neighbouring cameroon. we are live in abuja grief and tragedy in iraq - we meet the victims of war in
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the city of fallujah caught in the crossfire a grim anniversary. 70 years on hiroshima remembers the horrors of the atomic bombing angry relatives of the victims of malaysia airlines flight mh370 stormed the company's beijing office. they are angry because they do not believe the wing fragment found on the reunion island belonged to the missing plane, despite the government confirming that the piece was from the missing boeing 777. well china suffered the biggest loss of people when mh370 went missing. relatives said not enough has been done to find out what happened. adrian brown is live in beijing. why don't the relatives believe
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what the malaysian government is saying? >> well, good question. i mean on the face of it i think the families would take some measure of comfort and closure from the revelations from the announcement by the malaysian government overnight. but in case that is not the case. they say there are too many unanswered questions and today, outside the offices of malaysia airlines, around about half-a-dozen members staged a silent vigil, then the temp irs became frayed and they barged into the offices of malaysia airlines. interestingly the authorities, the police did nothing to stop this. in the past they intervened. today they showed restraint, i think because the protest was not targeted at the chinese government, but the malaysian government and malaysia airlines. some of the people i spoke to
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suggested the wreckage found on reunion island had been planted, they had become hostage, i think it's fair to say, to fanciful theories about what happened and it's clear when you talk to these people you know the psychological strain has taken its toll. they wake up to this every morning. they go to bed with it every night. and it really is as i say, taking something of a toll. >> translation: it's not true. a lot of things would have been easy to find but they didn't find them like the chairs baggage and other stuff. it was much lighter. >> translation: during this time we cannot believe anything. the aircraft had a g.p.s. the airline doesn't want us to know the truth. that's why we can't believe them. >> what is next. i would be interested to see what the french investigators had to say.
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the language is quite interesting, because the prime minister of malaysia was ateda plant that -- adamant that the wreckage was from flight mh370. but the french investigators have been a lot more qualified, and been a lot more reserved in their assessment. also the americans very much are the same and the australians. there is, i think, apt the moment, a -- at the moment a bit of confusion over whether this really is what the malaysian prime minister says that it is and also we have to remember, nick there's another reason why these families you know don't really want to believe that their loved ones are missing. they accept the compensation that has been offered, the interim payment of $50,000 u.s. that would be to accept the loved ones to come back and that's something she can't do at the moment. >> difficult time for the
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relatives. >> thank you adrian brown in beijing the nigerian based armed group boko haram reportedly kidnapped 135 people in cameroon wednesday they attacked villages near the border with nigeria, killing 28 people. let's speak to ahmed idris, live from the capital. what more can you tell us about the kidnappers. >> well actuality the kidnap took place in the early hours of tuesday, breaking out yesterday simply because our forces were trying to find out what happened. boko haram attacked villages in that area killed eight or nine people, and took away according to local sources, about 135 people probably back into nigeria territory. this is coming at a time when the military forces of cameroon
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niger and the republic are stepping up operations against boko haram. we are seeing how boko haram is attacking some villages on the nigerian side and also on some islands in. so it's more like things are hotting up in the north-east of the country, and the bordering countries of niger, cameroon and chad. >> meanwhile, thousands of nigerians fleeing into cameroon have been sent back what more do we know about that. >> yes, the authorities here are talking about 12,000 deported by the cameroonian authorities. already some of them have arrived and they have been taken to their home state, some are at a camp in north-east nigeria. this deportation followed the arrest of some boko haram fighters in cameroon in northern cameroon in particular. we see how the suicide bombings
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and other stuff hit the civilian targets in other parts of northern cameroon and the cameroonian authorities suspect that these attackers are lodged in refugee camps, sheltering nigerians, now residing in cameroon. we have seen the cameroonian authorities deporting 2,000. some officials in nigeria say more than 12,000 have been deported. remember there is 20,000 nigerians living in cameroon fleeing boko haram in north-east nigeria ahmed idris, thank you for that update from abuja several civilians have been killed in fallujah after a market was hit by shelling. i.s.i.l. fighters were in control of the city and the army was trying to recapture it. civilians arose, children are
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dying along side their parents. a warning, some viewers may find the images in this report disturbing. >> reporter: in fallujah bullets and bombs don't discriminate. and the wounds have only grown deeper. residents say the young are just as likely a target as the old. that civilians of all ages are under siege from i.s.i.l. and the iraqi army. >> look at this this happened as a result of artillery shelling by the army. look at this - are we terrorists waging the war, are these innocent children waging war. this is my daughter, she's dead now. what did she do to deserve this? >> reporter: many parents who thought the hardest trial was surviving the war are faced with a crueller fate surviving their
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children. >> we are in a dire situation here. we can't go outside the city limits. my son has a small daughter killed by the shelling. she was a year and two months old. this is our condition now. we want medication and proper surgery. >> reporter: even hospitals are caught in the crossfire. >> we are into the second year of the crisis. we are not treating terrorists we are treating young babies infants. we need proper attention and supplies. we need more doctors. >> reporter: instead, days later, this sanctuary for the sick was turned into a casualty of war. here, moments after being shelled, the hospitals corridors lined with broken glass, smoke billows through the air. a medic searches for patients
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and wounded colleagues. >> homes are now safer. in this video a man decries the killing of a family. enraged at officials he says are providing more disruption than protection. walking through the house, he says was destroyed by government bombing raid pointing out the blood stains. we can't find the young kid in the rubble. they are targetting i.s.i.l. where is i.s.i.l. in here? are young children affiliated with i.s.i.l. more expressions of pain come from the graveyard, where two sisters, mother and aunt killed as a result of air raids are laid to rest. >> the anbar offensive may have started weeks ago, for residents of the city of fallujah war is too familiar. for over a decade the city in the scene of insurgencies and counterinsurgencies many are caught in a never-ending
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conflict. iraqi leaders, vowing to beat those in anbar province say they arrived at the moment of truth. families in fallujah worry that promise means they'll face more fighting and the reality will be far more harrowing three palestinians have been killed and four others wounded by an israeli rocket. according to gaza the rocket was fired during the war, but laid dore nant. it exploded when locals removed rubble from a house. arab league foreign ministers asked palestinians to protect them from crimes from israeli settlements, they have been feeding mahmoud abbas, following the death of a palestinian toddler burnt alive in an attack blamed on settlers. >> in this phase we must provide international protection to the
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palestinian people. i don't mean the limited protection that the red cross supposedly provides. what is required is a protection issued by security council resolution, and it has to be a respected mechanism still ahead on the programme - education and inequality. the daily battle for south sudan's girls to get back to school rio's race against time. the count down is on for the brazilian city to get ready for the next olympic games.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america.
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you're watch, al jazeera. here is a reminder of the top stories... ..angry relatives of the victims of malaysia airlines flight mh370 have stormed the company's beijing office. they are angry because they do not believe the winged fragment found belongs to the missing plane, despite the government confirming that the piece was from the missing boeing 777. seven civilians have been killed in the iraqi city of fallujah after a market was hit by shelling. people living in fallujah are caught in the crossfire between i.s.i.l. fighters and the iraqi army. i.s.i.l. fighters sweeping through, and iraqi forces are trying to recapture it nigerian group boko haram reportedly captured 135 people in noib ouring cameroon part of a regional force fighting the
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group aid agencies are scrambling to help those affected by flooding in myanmar. the water is contaminated and areas have been cut off by electricity. monsoon rains and a cyclone led to areas being submerged in floodwater. florence louie has the latest. >> reporter: this is one of four states declared a disaster zone because of the severity of flooding and is the state that recorded the highest number of people killed. in the capital, planes have been flying in and transporting relief supplies. it's not just air force planes but domestic carriers involved in this effort. >> the international red cross is ramping up an emergency response because of a severity of the humanitarian situation. in some parts of myanmar areas are cut off.
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aid workers have not been able to reach the areas because the roads have disappeared under water or they are impassable because of land slides. there are some reports saying that villages are in desperate need of clean drinking water, and will be urgent that aid workers are to reach these areas in the coming days. the the weather bureau however, warns that rain is expected to continue meaning that you could see more areas inundated with floodwaters, especially in central myanmar, in places that are severely flooded. reports say some dams which are nearing capacity and in the delta region some rivers exceeded the designated danger levels, which means we could see more areas under water in the coming days. hiroshima marked the moment emphasise flattened by an atomic bomb with prayers, a moment's silence and calls to abolish nuclear weapons, tens of thousands gathered in the city
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to remember the attack. >> reporter: for decades, that man kept agonising images in his mind. now they surround them. he has been committing them to canvas, a baby in a pile of bodies as he searched the city for missing relatives. >> the baby was facing up, with its arms like this. for me, this baby represented the a-bomb. i remember it. it was unscathed as if someone placed it there. such cruelty. >> reporter: the bomb that pulverized, and burned the city was in the skies above it on the morning of august 6th, 1945, c 60 years on a minute's silence, and a message from
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japan's prime minister that the one country to be attacked with nuclear weapons, would continue to work for their eradication. >> translation: japan plans to renew efforts to bring about a world without nuclear weapons, with the cooperation of nuclear and nonnuclear powers. >> reporter: the aircraft that delivered barely imaginable destruction was named after the pilot's mother. the bomb it carried, little boy. for the u.s. it was a strike that shaved lives, shortening the second world war. for the people of hiroshima, it was hell. tens of thousands died in the plast, the figure rising to 140,000 by the end of the year. hiroshima didn't seize to exist. life went on in the waste plan and the city was rebuilt. it's current mayor used his people to call nuclear weapons evil and inhuman, praising
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japan's pass visit constitution. the prime minister wants to loosen the restrictions on the military listened on and remembered that the event of the second world war are influencing policy today. the average age of survivors of hiroshima and nagasaki passed 90, organizers say it will be the last anniversary in which numbers will stay alive. the last opportunity to pass on experiences for the future generations. many are doing that. here in peace park beneath the zone in shattered steel. and in this man's place, art. he said highs school friends convinced him to paint what was in their mind before it's too late. now he said they are dead and there's no one left to tell him that he did them proud. >> foreign ministers from the association of south-east asian
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nations met their counterparts from south korea, china and japan. they were not members of a.s.e.a.n., but are part of a regional forum. 27 are meeting in kuala lumpur. tensions over the south china sea dominated talks in the malaysian capital more than 200 trying to cross the mediterranean in an overcrowded boat are feared to have drowned. the vessel they were in capsized off the libyan coast. 400 people says the un refugee agencies was rescued. >> reporter: plucked from the mediterranean, a family reaches safety. this 1-year-old girl is taken on to a rescue boat where medical teams are standing by. she's alive, but the trauma of the experience is etched on her face. she was among hundreds of migrants pack said on to a fishing -- packed on to a fishing boat that capsized.
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the vessel began its trip when it issued a defense call 30km from the libyan coast. rescuers from the irish navy and drrs arrive -- drr -- doctors without borders arrived on the seen only to see the boat capsize. what followed was a search and rescue operation. helicopters and merchant ships joined in. hundreds were saved, and many bodies were recovered. it's unclear how many were on board the boat. aid workers say it is clear what drove their decision to get on. . >> what is important is to understand there are no other roots for the people to take to flee from the conflicts. 60% of the people were making the treacherous journey across the mediterranean, fleeing from conflict.
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whether it's afghanistan, somali political strife in eritrea. they had no stake to do this. they are risking life and limb. >> reporter: more than 2,000 migrants and refugees died attempting to reach europe by boat. as rescuers cling to the waters for survivors, they know it won't be the last time the taliban bombed a truck at an afghan special forces base. three soldiers and civilians were killed dozens were injured. south sudan's education system is in crisis. u.n.i.c.e.f. says 10% of all children will complete primary school. girls face the most obstacles. we have this report from juba. >> a pair of socks and shoes might be the most pressures possession of this girl.
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when they fall apart and she doesn't have the money to replace them she can't walk the four hours to and from her primary school in juba. >> when i can't come to school, i get very upset. i cry for days for my mum to get me socks and shoes. >> at 17, she is older than most of her classmates due to interruption in schooling. her mother is supportive. her mother walks with her selling in the market and attends school for three hours in the afternoon. >> i'm only focus gz on ensuring that my mum's efforts are not in vain. sometimes we sleep with empty stomachs. if it finishes primary school it will be an accomplishment most never achieve in south sudan. u.n.i.c.e.f. says less than 10% of all children will compete
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primary school. getting families to enrol their girls is an obstack. 20% of children are girls. >> they look at girls as bred for money, it's meaningless to educate them they don't focus on the girls only the boys. >> reporter: the deputy headmaster said after south sudan sebbing seeded the government made promises to improve the system. there were hopes of a new curriculum supplies and training. instead, students have no textbooks and teachers struggle with delipidated schools and overcrowded classrooms. the civil war has erased the gains made. the battle is personal. each school day she's fighting to get an education.
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celebrations are held in egypt for the widening of the suez canal. the presidents of france and other territories have been invited. the $8.5 billion development allows ships to pass each other. >> reporter: it's one of the world's greatest engineering achievement and an aid to international trade. the original suez canal linked the mediterranean and the red sea. it reduced the journey time between europe and asia around the horn of africa by 6,000km, and it's been a major important thing since then. it's profitable the reason why the egypt government built another one. the 72km second canal was completed in 12 months, employing thousands, including soldiers.
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it cost egypt $8.5 billion. the government is hoping to have big returns. this year revenue reached 7 #.3 billion. aiming to almost double that figure in eight years. they want to more than double the ships making the journey, from 14 to 97. it's a project the government hopes will be a symbol of the new egypt. >> thousands of hatians forced out of the dominican republic are living in camps in haitis. families are relying on food handouts to survive. in june the dominican republic started to crack down on people without proper documentation. tens of thousands of hatians have since left to rio de janeiro, where the countdown started for the summer olympics. organizers in the brazilian city say the project is on schedule and rio will be ready to host
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the largest sporting event exed. >> the clock is ticking. the olympic authorities seem satisfied. the 2016 olympic games in rio de janeiro, will start next august the 5th with everything in place. . rio de janeiro is without a doubt the most beautiful setting for an olympic games since ancient greece. >> perhaps not yet, but the olympic park is 82% complete. the athletes village is 90% the aquatics centre is theerl done. some -- is nearly done. some of the venues will be converted to schools. as part of the promise to use the games to transform rio de janeiro. with a year to go there's plenty of work to be done here at the olympics complex, but is done in a calm controlled way. not the frantic controlled activity in the football world cup. the work will be on time and on
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budget. more than half the $12 billion funding is coming from private enterprise. there has been nothing like the angry protest in the run up to the cup competition. no organisation of this size is problem free. the shadow hangs over the game. the i.o.c. has a zero tolerance policy. we'll have the movement tight doping control system for rio de janeiro, which is starting already a month before the olympic games, not only during the olympic games. while rio de janeiro may be pleased with itself brazil and president dilma rousseff are facing a difficult year hoping a trouble-free games will distract from a corruption scandal, and economic downturn. for now rio de janeiro, brazil
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and the olympic movement are celebrating the promise of an olympic games headlines coming up in a second. just a reminder of the website is the address. all the stories that we've been covering. >> you wouldn't be alone if you hadn't given much thought to grand jury proceedings. most people don't unless they're one. if you are facing serious charges appearing before a grand jury is a right embedded in the constitution. once a shield for the individual has morphed