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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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eager to return to the island, but they'll have to drop claims or stay out. >> do check out our website for more stories and you can watch us on the watch now icon. >> hillary clinton volunteers to hand over her personal email server and newly released video of a violent night in ferguson, police say a suspect can be seen pulling a gun on officers.
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this is aljazeera america live from new york city, i'm tony harris. the head of the e.p.a. said the agency is working non-stop to clean up a major toxic waste spill in colorado. the agency is expected to release testing results from campbell of polluted water before leaving washington. mccarthy said her agency takes full responsibility for texas that triggered the leak. >> it is a tragic accident and the e.p.a. is taking responsibility to clean it up. the most important thing throughout this effort is ensuring the health and safety of the residents and visitors near that river. >> the spill is still flowing at a rate of up to 700 gallons a minute. contaminated today is expected to reach lake powell. the agency said there is no immediate threat. colorado and the navajo nation have declared a state of
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emergency. it forms a national boundary for the tribal nation. leaders say the rivers are more than water sources, they are sacred. we have this report. >> communities on the navajo nation are formulating plans to deal with the spill's potential impact ranging frock massive water hauling operations to moving livestock to temporary holding pens where they'll be safe from the river. residents are being told to stay away from the river and avoid drinking from wells until further testing can be done. >> this i is the bloom. this field is starting to bloom early, because it's not drawing up the moisture. >> lorenzo heads the navajo council and is one of the many farmers affected by the spill. he dependency on this alfalfa field. >> it's saying get ready to cut me. i'm looking at it saying you are not ready to cut, however, it's
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speaking to me sayingive these problems, i don't have water, you need to cut me or i'll die. >> it also means he has to keep his horses and cattle from the river and give them water from a nearby municipal line. officials say the toxic discharge is full of lead, arsonic, copper, cadmium and other heavy metals. those downstream whose livelihoods are tied to the river are preparing for the worst. >> in farming tton new mexico, residents are encouraged to get their home water tested. he said so far, it doesn't look like local drinking wells are affected. >> short term, we'll focus on the chemistry on the river, how the river is influencing the ground water and that will give us enough to get people using
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water again or nope when it would be safe to do so by treating it, long term, it's too early to tell. >> both new mexico and navajo nation have declared states of emergency. >> i don't know why it's still spilling or how soon it will be before it stops. i think those are really good questions for e.p.a. and certainly questions that we've been asking them, how soon can they stop this and what technologies can they use to treat the water as its coming out. >> the navajo nation announced it is planning lawsuits against thei p.a. and gold king mine. farmers are starting to count their losses, while waiting on guidance from officials on whether the water is safe to use or not. >> there are farmers all the way down this valley. what does that mean to us as farmers and ranchers? what does it mean really to the health and safety of people that use it for drinking water? >> tristan, al jazeera, on the navajo nation.
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>> earlier today, we spoke with jonathan freeman, a professor of toxicology. he said anyone using the river for farming should be concerned about the contamination. >> definitely, there have been reports out of chai china aboute irrigated with polluted water and the people suffer from metal toxicity. all the food the navajo nation is growing should be tested, especially green, leafy vegetables and grains, they are almost magnets for taking up these metals. >> he said the metals in the river bed are in their most elemental state so unlikely they will degrade or dissipate over time. >> bad news for hillary clinton from a key state, a poll shows senator bernie sanders jumping ahead of clinton by seven points in new hampshire.
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this his the first time he registered a lead over clinton in any state or national poll. >> clinton said she will now do what she has refused to do for months, hand over her personal email server to the justice department. this comes as questions swirl about how classified files made it on to that server. >> hillary clinton's announcement that she will hand over personal email server to the justice department is a stark departure from the position she's maintained for five months. >> the server contains personal communications from my husband and me, and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities, and the server will remain private. >> the clinton campaign says she now is also giving investigators three thumb drives containing ruffle 30,000 emails relating to her work as secretary of state. the f.b.i. is investigating whether clinton's use of a personal email account and that
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private server resulted in the mishandle of any classified information. just hours before clinton made her announcement, a state department report said that two of the emails on clinton's server had been classified as "top secret." though it also acknowledged that the material was not marked that way at the time that the emails were sent. clinton has electric denied any type of classified emails ever existed on her personal server. >> i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. >> republicans, including house speaker john boehner welcomed clinton's decision. in a statement, he said" it's about time, secretary clinton's previous statement that she possessed no classified information were patently untrue. her mishandling of classified information must be full will i investigated. al jazeera. >> republican presidential
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candidate jeb bush delivered what was build as a major foreign policy speech last night, speaking at the reagan presidential library, he called for greater involvement in the fight against isil. it was meant to be a bold and unique policy vision, but bush echoed other former republican presidents instead. >> in a campaign that has been dominated by bruster and distraction, former florida governor jeb bush tried to bring some serious conversation to the race in a speech at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> good things happen when america's engaged with friends and allies, alert to danger, resolve to deal with threats before they become catastrophes. >> that tone was the hallmark of his speech, couple by resolved. bush also took a page from a successful republican playbook and played on fear. >> the reality is that radical islam has been spreading like a
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pandemic across the middle east, throughout africa and to parts of asia. even in the nations of the west, finding recruits in europe and the united states. >> it's a scary situation when you factor in social immediate in a. that makes them dangerous, you can google search for one of their handled and there it is, beheadings, pictures, there it is, right there, so accessible. >> the speech was anticipated as a needed forum for governor bush where he could put space between his foreign policy and that of his brother, george w. bush. in setting the tail for what he sees as the global threat that the next president will facing, bush was clear that it wasn't about a mess that his brother left by going in, but rather the obama administration and in particular former secretary of state hillary clinton left by leaving too quickly icicle grew
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while the united states ignored the threat. where was asks clinton in all of this? >> she had opposed the surge, then joined in claiming credit for its success, then stood by as that hard won victory by american and allied forces of thrown away. >> bush outlined a plan on how as president he would deal with iraq, including the use of further ground forces. bush's seriousness carried over to his plan for syria, detailed in four points and iran where he rejected the nuclear deal recently negotiated by the obama administration. >> it is a deal unwise in extreme with a regime that is untrustworthy in the extreme. it understand be rejected by the congress of the united states of america.
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>> the latest on the alleged gunman shot by police during a rally in ferguson, this week.
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>> 32 members of an alleged international hacking and insider trading ring have been charged now with making more than $100 million in illegal profits. the s.c.c. filed charges against people in russia, ukraine, cypress, saying they used computer hackers to get early access to confidential press releases and made trades before the deals were announced. >> they took the release from point a on the news wire servers, moved it to another accessible to the traders who could look at them and trade. the servers once they -- the traders would then send money to overseas bank accounts. >> the press releases allegedly came from the servers of financial news wire firms. china's currency has gotten weaker for the second straight day, falling 2%, reefing its
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lowest level since 2011. china's central bank evaluated the currency yesterday. pat sob has more on why this happened and what it means. >> a currency devaluation is like a shot of adrenaline to a sluggish economy, because it makes the goods exported cheaper to buy overseas. while they say this was a one off, the u.s. has accused beijing of keeping its currency artificially weak. u.s. exports suffered this year as the dollar has strengthened against our currencies, making u.s. goods more expensive to buy overseas. now a weaker chinese currency
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make the fed keep it in mind determining whether to raise interest rates. if the dollar continues to strengthen, the fed could hold off until december or beyond. >> a state of emergency remains in place in ferguson, missours. >> the surveillance video is remarkable how clear it is. it appears to show 18-year-old tyrone harris pulling what appears to be a gun out of his waistband when things got really chaotic on sunday night at the protest here. it does not show him appeal shooting at officers nor officers shooting at him. he was hit and he's in the hospital now in critical condition and facing 10 felony
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charges. his father had argued that he actually wasn't even armed that night. the protests here in ferguson last night, a fifth night of protest were calmer than nights before. a couple of dozen protestors marched past police but they held back for the most part and there were far fewer police officers on the scene last night and fewer protestors, as well. in the end, it all broke up fairly peacefully with no arrests. last night, there was another appearance of the oath keepers. this is a very anti-government militia type group, walking around with big military type assault weapons. they claim they are just there to keep the peace, but the police and protestors clearly did not want them there. we caught an exchange between one of the protestors and one of those oath keepers. >> i'm protecting these
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gentlemen so they can document what's going on. >> you're protecting the press from the police? if the press has been attacked by the police, you tell me these officers come over here and russia, you would defend them? >> the good news is there were no confrontations last night. again, no arrests here in ferguson, by there were two arrests in chicago at a michael brown sympathy ally there. >> a white police officer who shot and unarmed black teenager irtexas has been fired. the 19-year-old was killed during a burglary investigation. the 911 tapes were released tuesday and appear to contradict earlier reports that taylor was killed within one second after officers arrived on the scene. >> we got shots fired.
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>> the recordings show nearly two minutes elapsed between police arriving and shots fired. officer brad miller shot taylor four times. the arlington police chief calls that initial chase questionable. taylor's family said it wants answers. >> this kid made a mistake and it cost him dearly, so nobody should have to go out like that. >> a criminal investigation is underway and arlington police officers advocacy group is appealing for fairness for the officer, stating that the investigation is incompletely. >> a federal judge denied bail for a young couple that tried to join isil. they were arrested at a regional airport in mississippi before taking off for syria. >> another case possibly connected to isil, a florida man
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pleaded not guilty in a plat to bomb a public beach. the man allegedly told undercover f.b.i. agents he wanted to detonate a backpack null of nails in miami. >> the second charge is attempt to provide material support to a terrorist organization. it relates in my estimation to the allegation of a recruitment video. he is doing margin ally better. he has a chance to correspond with his family through letters. >> he was arrested in july after allegedly taking an explosive device from an undercover f.b.i. agent posing as an isil member. president obama's promise to close guantanamo bay before he leaves office has run into another road block. >> it was one of the first promises the president made. he campaigned on it and has
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repeated it many times over the past seven years. in 2009, he signed an executive order to close the guantanamo detention center as soon as practicable. the pentagon failed to come up with a plan to make it happen. >> the one idea was to send several dozen of the most allegedly dangerous detainees who the pentagon says cannot be released or sent to other countries to the thompson correctional center, a federal prison in illinois that has 1500 empty cells. >> as reported by the washington post, the obama adding forget that former attorney general eric holder promised the senate judiciary committee we will not move people from guantanamo to
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thompson, so it's back to the drawing board. >> we strongly support the secretary, standingly supports president obama's determination made from his very first day of his administration to close guantanamo. it's obviously a top priority. >> officials say it will be next month at the earliest before a proposal goes to the hill. mccain promised to work with president obama to close guantanamo, but only if the administration can provide an alternative that addresses congressional concerns. it's not just the current ban on moving prisoners to u.s. soil that has to be addressed, it's also the congressional requirement that the defense secretary tear sign off on any transfers to other countries, essentially certifying that the
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reasked detainees no longer pose a risk to the u.s. that was a source of tension between former secretary hagel and the white house. hagel was often reluctant to give his personal assurance of something that was unknowable. current defense secretary tear ash carter is taking a conservative approach. six years after president obama signed and executive order to close guantanamo within a year, the number of detainees has been cut from 240 to 116, and nearly half had been cleared for release, with most not facing any charges. >> the state department says it is working full time to find countries who will take guantanamo prisoners cleared for release with nowhere to go. the white house is still searching for a prison in the u.n. willing to accept what it calls the irreducible minimum, the several dozen detainees judged too dangerous to ever be released.
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>> that was jami mcen fire reporting. among those cleared years ago was the yemeni native in guantanamo for 14 years and on a hunger strike since 2007, force-fed through a tube, he only weighs 75 pounds. obama administration officials are divided over what to do with his case. his lawyer spoke to us about his client's grave condition. >> by the unanimous determination of six national security agencies, i'm talking the office of the joint chiefs of staff, director of national intelligence, department of defense, justice, home land security, all the agencies that u.s. citizens rely on have said he can leave guantanamo. >> why has he not been allowed to leave? >> what's remarkable is that that question is playing out right now in realtime in washington, d.c. i filed a motion for his release because he's so gravely ill, and asked the government not to oppose it, to speed his release so he can get to medical clear.
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it appears that the department of defense dug in its heels and is defiantly blocking a common sense solution. it's shocking. >> the justice department has until august 15 to respond to the prisoner's petition and on the other side of the i'll, stay tuned for special custom out of a cuba as the u.s. flag begins to fly over the embassy in havana. we have a special hour of coverage at 9:00 eastern. >> coming up, painting the blueles away. we will take you to a town in mexico trying to revamp its gritty image one brush stroke at a time.
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>> they believed in what they we
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>> a pharmaceutical plant is shut down in north carolina after testing positive for legionalla found in the plant's cooling tower.
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>> in new york city, building owners are testing their cooling towers after an outbreak of the disease left 12 people dead. we have the details. >> one by one, the cooling towers on top of new york buildings are being tested for legionalla. >> some tours have tested positive for legionalla, but not all of them have been tested. >> it's part of the cities mandate to test and disinfect cooling towers to prevent the spread of legionnaire's disease. we really have to from scratch figure out where they are, then get to them, then sample and inspect them, then disinfect. >> we spoke to companies testing the tours. having a plaster contaminated shouldn't be surprised. >> the cool water is not treated
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properly, then it's common to find legionalla in the water. >> health officials believe the outbreak came from one of the first towers tested. >> the source is never pinpointed to just one cooling tower or one source. >> one company says disinfecting a single tower can take six hours and cost up to $5,000. al jazeera. >> the deflate gate showdown is actually happening in new york federal court right now. tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell first met privately with the judge in the case to try to settle the matter. the nfl players union wants the suspension overturned the league imposed on brady. investigators say brady knew about the plan to deflate balls before the playoff. >> we always set the bar high and when we don't hit it, we
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admit it and we do better. i think what we have focused on is how do we continue to do better. we've made changes to the way we operate. we've made changes to our personal conduct policy. we brought in expertise that helped us make better decisions. people expect an awful lot from us and we want to deliver that. fans want to see football. that's the best news about the time period we're in right now. it's all in front of us. >> his suspension does not include the preseason. he will be on the field thursday against the packers. >> the remains of an ancient egyptian queen may have been found, buried near the resting place of king tut who some believe was her son. much more testing is neat to confirm the claim. >> thanks for being with us. the news continues next, live from london.
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>> hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u.n. peacekeeping chief in central africa is forced to quit after troops are accused of rape and murder. hundreds of people reported injured by a massive explosion in china. the