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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> death toll rises in china after a series of massive explosions. 112 people are known to be dead. also ahead, at least 40 migrants died trying to cross the mediterranean. many were suffocated below decks. in taiz, pro-yemen forces make gains in yemen's largest city.
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adrian brown joins us now. we understand a wider evacuation order has now been given. >>reporter: there's still a bit of confusion about whether a wider evacuation has been
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ordered. state media have reported 700 tons of sodium cyanide were in the warehouse that was destroyed in those multiple explosions but today the government said it was slightly less than 100. >> just talk us through again why the authorities think the death toll will actually go
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higher. it is though, still waiting. there have been desperate scenes in macedoni where hundreds of migrants have been traying to board a train. there wasn't enough room for everyone and migrants tried to pull others off to secure a face. the train was heading to serbia
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which borders hungary. in iraq, at least 21 people have been killed in a series of bombings in and around baghdad. it's been targeted many times. the attacks have injured more than 100 people in yemen, pro government forces are making significant progress against houthi
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according to pro government forces, at least 18 houthi
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rebels were killed in the battle. the destruction caused by the fighting is clear. almost every building appears to be
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now who is responsible for maintaining security in the south? it's the society itself and also the southern mobility movement known as iraq. we fear that isis and al quaeda will gain control of the areas we pulled out of lots more to come here on al jazeera. less than a year after she was re-elected, brazil's president is facing calls to step down.
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fears are growing that toxic chemicals are leaking into the surrounding areas of the explosion in china at least 40 migrants have died trying to cross the mediterranean sea in europe. the italian navy has --
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>> houthi rebels are advancing on taiz, yemen's largest
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we've seen people displaced from one area to another and the different parties trying to carve out different zones. but this would be a deliberate agreement to swap populations and allow the shiites who have been holding out even though
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much of idlip province is now with the rebels. they would leave. and the sunni population would lead to the rebel-controlled
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north. his killing fuelled fears of a new civil war in the country somolia is unlikely to hold full elections next year because of continuing violence. some kind of process will be still held but a lack of voter registration could undermine polling. it's election time in southern somolia. members of parliament are voting for president.
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the four presidential candidates make their policy speeches. >> one man one vote needs logistics and security and full voter information
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the men elected to parliament and maybe we'll have 20,000, 27,000, 30,000, the whole country. they can also elect the president. [applause] a winner is declared
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after one round. there's a coaoutbreak. we have this report from the
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capital. protests are planned in brazil on sunday to call for impeachment of the president. >>reporter: less than a year after her re-election, her approval rate is only at 8% only. >> it's not only that. lock at our economy. its economy began to fall and
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currency has lost 30% of its value. >> i barely fill up a bag. everything is very expensive. i now look for the cheapest products. >> ask anyone here and they'll tell you the same story. >> it's the private sector that's suffering the most from this crisis. here in downtown rio, this is a scene you see more and more often these days. shops that had to close down over the past 12 months and many blame the president for this or in this case, her political allies calling on them to leave the government. 1,200 shops, about 30%, have closed down since the beginning of 2012. --
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we as a society have no control over the implications. >>reporter: a recent survey found three in every four american adults said they were not at all confident that website advertisers will keep their blousing activity will keep browsing
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and you can keep up to date with all the news on our website on your screen. the address, al that's al >> this week on "talk to al jazeera" - john lydon, lead singer of "the sex pistols" - the band that ignited a punk rock revolution. >> pain, suffering, the disenfranchised, unnecessary poverty, class warfare, all of these issues bother me greatly. >> he was a man who generated headlines and controversy. famous, of course, for his hit "god save the queen". >> [singing] god save the queen, the fascist regime. >> taking aim at the british monarchy. >> they're an accident of birth, they were born in a birdcage and


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