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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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story." story." >> i appeal to all governments to expend safe and legal channels of migration. >> the u.n. says more must be done to hef refugee help refugeg deaths of hundreds of people trying to reach europe. hello i'm darren jordan in doha with the world news. also ahead, yemen plans to rebuild its army to support the exiled president and to help the houthis. >> president obama wants the american jewish deal support the iran nuclear deal. plus.
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>> ten years after hurricane katrina devastated this city, there is a levee system here but beyond these walls it's a very different story. >> welcome to the program. in just two days nearly 200 refugees have died trying to reach europe. police in austria recovered 71 bodies from a truck abandoned off a highway and nearly 100 people have drown off the coast of libya. now the u.n. has weighed in asking the international community to do more to help those making disprit desperate s to start a new life. >> i've been to the mediterranean and see how difficult it is. i commend those individuals and communities who have stepped up but much more is required. i appeal to all governments to expend safe and legal channels
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of migration and act with humanity, compassion, and in accordance with their international obligation. this is a human tragedy. that requires a determined, collective political response. >> austrian police meanwhile says a syrian passport has been recovered among the furnish dead in 71 founddead in the back of . barnaby phillips has more. >> the remains of the bodies have been driven away for autopsy but we already know that the 71 people crammed in the back of a truck must have suffered an agonizing death. probably by suffocation. and the police can only look for scraps of evidence as to who they were. >> translator: of course, we're sure that these people were refugees and more precisely
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were probably a group of syrian refugees. >> austria is a transit country for people hoping to reach germany but it's also become a destination in its own right. the number of asylum seekers this year almost three times the total of 2014. this is outside vienna. the refugee reception center is overflowing and the streets are filled with people from the middle east and africa. somalia, iraq, afghanistan and of course, syria. ayman who is here with his wife and five children fled from darra. >> we find here nice people, good people. give us food medicine water, very nice people here in austria, yes. >> this extraordinary new wave of arrivals have are extracted
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different reactions, expected to do well in later elections this year. we have met austrians who have specifically come here to help people in need. like katy who has come with her boyfriend and mother to hand out clothes, toys and books, to whoever want them. >> i think this is the least we can do. because these people have been through things we can't imagine and they have been through hardships so the least we can do is try to make it easier for them to be integrated and make a new life. >> austria's government says there must be a coordinated european response to treat these people humanely to determine who has the right to stay and to prevent more tragedies at the hands of human traffickers. barnaby phillips, al jazeera, austria. >> yemen's capital sanaa,
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reports that both the houthis and the rebels have been hit. but houthi artillery is hitting civilians. >> the new professional army in yemen, those loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh will be disbanded. entitled to join a national fighting force in the future. hashem ahelbarra reports. >> mostly militia men who took up arms again houthis in the south. now they have been recruited to join yemen's new army. the country's military is known for being divided along tribal and sectarian lines. some of these trainees were forced to retire under former president saleh. under his administration there
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was inherent mistrust of people from southern yemen. there was fear they would form a break away state. >> we formed this a few weeks ago, there are about 4800 soldiers and officers in this battalion. mostly being drawn from the civilians who fought off the invaders. >> reporter: across the country plans are underway to build support for exiled president hadi but his return to power depends on an army that is loyal to him. this is a gathering of tribal leaders in a province on yemen's border with saudi arabia. some of these tribal leaders had links with the houthis. now they are switching sides. they're joining with government forces to recapture the province of saada. >> translator: we are making preparations to start a military campaign to liberate the province. we regret not taking up arms again the rebels in the past. now we will hunt them and defeat
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them and seize their stronghold on saada province. >> reporter: but the new army has a long way to go. lacking training and resources, it remains outnumbered and outgunned by forces allied with the houthis. and some of these fighters are more loyal to their tribal leaders than the army. in the past few months, many military units defected and joined the rebels. for now there are two armies fighting for control. the one in the north is mainly shia and the one in the south is mainly sunni, leaving an uncertain future. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. the u.s. president has appealed directly to his country's jewish community in a bid to win support for the iranian nuclear deal. barack obama is promoting the deal so that congress doesn't try to kill it off. kimberly halkett reports. >> reporter: the u.s.
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president appealed directly to jewish americans in an online web address that an agreement with iran is israel's and the region's best hope for peace. >> this deal blocks every way, every pathway, that iran might take, in order to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: the online appeal comes just weeks after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed the jewish community online as well to rally support in opposition of the nuclear agreement. he argues the agreement would make the middle east less safe. >> this is a very dangerous deal and it threatens all of us. there will be more attacks and more people will die. >> supports for the agreement between iran and the six world powers designed to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief has deeply divided the u.s. jewish
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community. roughly 46% support, 31% post o. spending millions to lobby congress to oppose the deal. >> president has to overcome some perceptions that he is not for the deal. >> white house brokered agreement that is why the white house is continuing its lobbying effort. the u.s. president joe biden is scheduled to meet with american jewish leaders in florida to try to win over their support. kimberly halkett, al jazeera. >> it's been frustrating for al jazeera's journalists facing retrial in egypt. now it's hoipped to be a hoped o
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their long term struggle. natasha guinane reports. >> the egyptian judiciary now has another chance to deliver the justice they say they deserve. baher mohamed, mohamed fahmy and peter greste spent more than a year of their lives in an egyptian prison. the men's fight for freedom began when they were arrested in december 2013. they were charged with aiding the now band muslim brotherhood. in june of last year a court sentenced them to 7 to 10 years then last january the court of casation threw out their convictions and ordered a retrial. >> i'm living day by day. i don't hope anything i don't expect anything. >> in february greste was deported to his native australia. mohammed and fahmy were
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continued to be held. >> there is a serious danger that they could wind up back in prison and that for all of us would be just devastating. >> the men always ordeal has inspired a global campaign of support from grass roots to the highest tier of power. >> the issue of the al jazeera journalists in egypt we were clear both publicly and privately that they should be released. >> called the entire court process a farce. the verdict comes at a time when those working in media in egypt are facing perhaps their biggest threat. the committee to protect journalists says there are more journalists sitting in egyptian prisons than at any time since it began keeping track in 1990. >> i will continue the fight for press freedom and for those who are still behind bars who are in desperate need of our support and help.
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>> mohammed and his colleagues are hoping they will clear their names first. natasha guinane, al jazeera. >> still ahead, protests pushing for government reforms and a new future how artist tinge ambition is taking place in senegal. more on that, stay with us. us.
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>> welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories here. austrian police have arrested
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people after finding 71 people dead in the back of a truck. the saudi military, in sanaa, air strikes are killing yemeni civilians. the u.s. president has appealed directly to the american jewish community to support the iran nuclear deal. security forces say two suicide car bombs hit military vehicles and a shia militia unity. the coalition militia also known as hashat al shabi have been used to take back militia in ramadi. demanding an end to government corruption in baghdad. their government protests has been backed by the top shia cleric.
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zeina khodr reports. >> the momentum is growing, so is the number of protesters. for the first time, joining a spontaneous protest. muqtada al sadr. , has supporters in government and parliament. >> we need support from different forces in iraq. so sadr members very important to us, actually the evaluation in baghdad is too much maybe about 50-50. >> reporter: people are no longer just asking for better services. they want crups official corrupo leave government service. they won't back down. >> no one can stand in front of the iraqi people. the people taking the wealth of the country won't be able to do
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that any longer. >> that won't be easy. abadi has done nothing but reduce the number of government seats and cut spending.. >> abadi is president and commander in chief but his hands are tied, the government is strong. >> the power struggle among iraq's shia factions is now out in the open. this is not an anti-government protest at least not yet. the people here are throwing their weight behind the prime minister, haider al-abadi who has promised reforms, the challenge comes within his rule alliance. the power would unite powerful forces against him even the shia community's highest cleric in iraq is warning that politicians who will be hurt by the reforms
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won't give up their power and privileges easily. >> the demonstrators should not allow anyone to divert them from their objectives. they may try further their own interests. >> the protesters have made it a point to only display the iraqi flag, it is subdividing the majority shia community whose political and security factions have grown stronger than the state. zeina khodr, al jazeera, baghdad. >> angry that authorities have failed to clear the streets of mountains of rubbish. it's been building up following the closure of the city's mainland fill site last month. jamal el shael reports. >> at a glance it would appear that jordan' lebanon's rubbish m
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has been resolved. but you have to start holding your nose. resolving the problem on making it go away. waste has been taken off the streets but the question many has been asking is where to? since the mainland fill is closed. take a look at this. meter after meter, rubbish as far as the eye can see. the capital's waste is being dumped by the sea next to beirut's ports. one of the wall's most famous sea fronts, a symbol of romance is now being lined with rubbish. beirut is being surrounded by mountains and greenery, the nature here is breathtaking but that too is under threat. we're on top of one of the dozens of mountains scattered around beirut. lebanon's natural habitat is
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something that attracts many tourists each year. the reason i'm putting on this mask is because of this disgusting pile of rubbish, dumped here for several weeks now. it's important to note that a couple of weeks ago the amount of rubbish was three or four times as much. locals say it was burned or dumped into the sea. this scene is replicated across several other mountains around beirut and that's what's putting lebanon's environment and its natural habitat at real risk. joey ayoub is one of the activists calling the people to protest against the government's failure to deal with the rubbish. he's hopeful that the demonstration will not only deal with the issue but usher in a new phase for lebanon. >> this is something as i said even those who belong to political parties know quite
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clearly and face all the time. we want to show them they can demand for something new, they can demand for their rights as a lebron neeflen neez citizen. lebanese citizen. >> right now a solution has to be found to deal with the country's rubbish because the environmental damage that can be caused could very well be irreversible. jamal el shael, al jazeera, beirut. now to myanmar, the first vote in 25 years to be contested by awng sawngsz aung san suu kyn
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party. >> why it's important to vote. >> the future of the burma, lie maybe when we vote the right person. >> they're harnessing the power of technology from youtube videos, calling on people to vote, to mobile phone registrations. this is myanmar's first general election since the semi civilian government took over in 2011 ending nearly 50 years of military rule. the election was considered a sham by the international communities. prior to that was an election in 1990 won by the opposition. they're still powerful. the ruling union solidarity and development party consists of
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many former generals. widely perceived to be still loyal to the military. perhaps aware of the perceptions against it the party has unveiled some new faces such as za chi lynn. >> i think young and female people might doubt i can do the job but at the same time there is a great opportunity. >> the military's strongest hold on power is found in the constitution which guarantees that 25% of seats in parliament and gives it an effective veto power. the main power nld has spearheaded the campaign for constitutional reform. >> we want a democratic society, we don't want the military to participate in the party politics. and we also want to amend the constitution. that way we ought to make good. >> he says the process of reform will take years. even if the nld wins a majority as many predict it will.
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for meaningful change to continue. >> to determine how much political space government has to operate in and whether constitutional reform can be on the table. >> myanmar's change to a more democratic form of government is just beginning. former u.s. president george w. bush says it's time to celebrate the resurgence of schools in ne new orleans. bush was in the city for the ten year anniversary of hurricane katrina. as andy gallagher reports the process of rebuilding is far from over. >> when hurricane katrina hit new orleans a decade ago it was too much for city's levee
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system. the submergence of the entire city was the result. but now ten years later, the system is supposed to offer 100 years of protection and a project many are proud of. >> what's been done here affords us a greater protection than we've ever had before. before we had a system in name only even in the core zone words. yeah am i happy with it, absolutely happy with it. >> but outside the relative safety of the high technical levy system in new orleans it's a different story. fred everhart grew up in the wetlands. it's a area that's changing fast. >> that little area there, that was all land back there. all it had was one little ditch that ran through here through that pass over there. this is all going to be
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destroyed. >> land loss is a critical issue in louisiana. the state is home to half of the nation's wetlands. it could have more deadly consequences. billions of dollars are already being spent here on coastal restoration projects but they can barely keep up with the pace of land loss. that's significant for new orleans baw thes because these s islands act as a buffer zone for storms. now feel like their way of life is under threat. john and his father have already lost 200 acres and say this may be just the start. >> it will eventually be a while years, but it will go. it's nothing to stop it. >> new orleans now has a state-of-the-art levee system that should prevent katrina-type flooding in the future but what's happening beyond these walls could be the biggest
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threat in years to come. andy gallagher, al jazeera, new orleans, louisiana. a fixed stream of lava has erupted from hawaii's big island. the fast moving flow from the kilauea volcano isn't expected to threaten populated areas though. kilkilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. senegal art center is hoping to bring inspiration to local villages. it's called the thread, and mend to wide be its way from local hubs of london and berlin. >> top fashion designer, now a resident artist at the thread, an art center in a remote village in senegal. she didn't know what to expect
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but then became involved in the local fashion. she started knitting. and the unexpected happened, curious men joined in. >> why not knit my own hats? i mean we are all practicing muslims. we need this to cover our heads. it's fun and useful. >> creative conversation. no words no judgment just letting inspiration do the talking. >> my favorite thing about being here is that there's no -- hardly any phone reception, there's no internet so you can just turn your phone off and have 100% focus on just being. >> western ngos and development workers have come and gone in this region. the art center is the brain child of the village doctor. people here he says nead less ns aid, more art. attempted to migrate realize,
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doing it for art and adventurer. i hope we're showing them the twur can badventure can be foun. >> this community is not accustomed to visitors let alone contemporary artists. but the people behind the thread believe this might bring some attention to the area and perhaps elicit som attention toe young men who would consider going to europe. known for his sense of humor, the imam laughed at the thought of a young artist wanting to come here but he has given his seal of approval. there haven't been that many visitors, most come for the power outlets to charge their phone but now and then young men
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stop, strike a conversation and quietly start knitting. nicholas hawk, al jazeera, senegal. >> quick reminder, you can keep up with all the news on our website, the address,, that's >> we see development in other areas of the city that are definitely not happening out there. >> discrimination in the housing market. >> we're trying to push forward into a more positive future. >> reply community. >> new orleans as everybody knows it. even in vietnam? >> sweet home. >> when you look back there and think it's been ten years how do you feel about it? >> not good.


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