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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> security in the malaysian capital as thousands gather for a protest rally calling for the prime minister to resign. hello. this is your world news from al jazeera. coming up on the program, reflection on the refugees found dead in a refrigerated truck. egypt is expected to give its verdict on three al jazeera
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journalists. >> reporter: operations are under way to rid this country of killer land mines. >> now thousands of malaysian protesters are defying a ban and holding an antigovernment rally. they are demanding reform and more transparency in politics and they want the prime minister to step down. police say the gathering is illegal. we have been keeping an eye on the protest for us. what's the latest there? >> since the last time i spoke to you about an hour ago, we had a new group of protesters converging at the central point. there are five positions across where they gathered and making
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their way to this point. we had a new group just arrived. the numbers have surged just in the last hour. local media say around 80,000 people are now on the streets. we cannot confirm that independently yet. the demands of the protesters have been clear from the beginning. they want clean government, they want clean elections. they want to strengthen their parliament through democracy and they want the government to listen to give them the ability to criticize them when they see fit. they want them to focus on the economy. what all of this boils down to is that people are dissatisfied with the performance of the prime minister. over the last couple of months particularly he's been accused of embezzling around $700 million from a state investment fund. this emerged after an
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investigation by the wall street journal in july. the prime minister has denied any wrongdoing, he said the funds were donated to him by donors from the middle east. however, you can see that they are not satisfied with the government. >> what is the government then saying in response to these demands and in response to this gathering which is illegal. >> well, the prime minister has come out to say that he has done nothing wrong, that he will not step down as a result of this demonstration. he has said they have to love for their country. in the days leading up to this protest, the government has banned, the police said the rally is illegal. the government blocked access to the main protest website so
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people cannot easily get information about where to gather, where to go. the police have also banned these iconic yellow shirts that you see people wearing. clearly, it hasn't made much of a difference. thousands of people are wearing them. but there is one thing to be concerned about and that is the possibility of clashes between protesters and police. the last time that the rally took place in 2012, tear gas and water cannons were deployed when protesters tried to enter the main square. it's unclear whether that happened this time, organizers have said they will do anything within their power to hold a peaceful rally for the next 34 hours. that's what some protesters say how long say they will be here for. >> okay. we'll leave it there for now. thank you very much. >> people in the hungarian capital have been remembering
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the refugees found dead on thursday. a motor way patrol discovered 71 bodies in an abandoned truck. refugees joined locals to light candles for the victims. >> reporter: the remains of the bodies are being driven away for autopsy. we know that the 71 people who were crammed into the back of a truck must have suffered an agonizing death, probably by sufficient case. and the police can only look for scraps of evidence as to who they were. >> translator: of course, we are sure that these people were refugees and more precisely, were probably a group of syrian refugees. >> reporter: austria is a transit country for people hoping to reach germany. the number of asylum seekers, three times the total of 2014.
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this is outside vienna. the center is overflowing and the streets are full of people from the middle east and africa, iraq, afghanistan and, of course, syria. this man is here with his wife and five children. >> we find here nice people, good people. look, always give us food, medicine. very nice people here in australia, yes. >> reporter: this wave of new arrivals provoked sharp divisions. the right wing, freedom party which has a tough anti-immigrant message, is expected to do well in elections later this year. but we have also met austrians who come here specifically to help people in need. like katie who has come with her boyfriend and mother to hand out clothes, toys, books, to
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whatever wants them. >> i think it's the least we can do. these people have been through things that we can't imagine and they have been through hardships. the least we can do is try to make it easier for them to be integrated and make a new life. >> reporter: austria's government says there must be a coordinated european response to treat these people humanely, to determine who should have the right to stay and prevent more tragedies at the hands of human traffickers. nearly 200 refugees have died trying to reach europe in two days as well as the syrian victims found in the truck, more than a hundred people have drowned. european leaders are looking for solutions to the crisis. now the u.n. has weighed in asking the international community to do more to help those making those desperate attempts for a new life. >> i have been through and seen
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how difficult it is. i commend those leaders and communities who have stepped up. but much more is required. i appeal to all governments to have safe channels of immigration and act with humanity and act with the international organization. this is a tragedy. it requires a collective response. >> young pakistani men are trying to reach europe. smugglers are making millions of dollars in their search for a better life. >> reporter: with a few, pakistani men thousands of kilometers from home.
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he's a people smuggler. this isn't his real name. >> translator: people are crazy about going to europe. they can earn much more. they want to risk everything enduring their life to get to europe. >> reporter: what's the success rate like? >> there is a 50/50 chance. it is unpredictable, going by ship or over the mountain is dangerous. they have to walk for days, sometimes they will be at see with no captain. sometimes there's nowhere, they are attacked, all die from hunger. >> reporter: he's been in the business for 11 years. he says there is no shortage of men prepared to pay up to $6,000 for an illegal passage to greece. >> europe to greece, italy.
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>> reporter: most migrants traveling from pakistan are looking for a better life. here there's high unemployment and insecurity. many people are desperate to the leave. their parents sell everything they have to send one son away. hoping that he will eventually be able to support the whole family. a lot of pressure for young men. he studied engineering but can't find a job. three months ago his family, including his uncle, gave $9,000 to an agent to send him to the u.k. >> translator: i was desperate to go to england at any cost. that's why i made a deal. the agent told me everything is ready. now i have lost my money and my passport. >> translator: agents are already working against the agents. i want them to take stronger action. >> reporter: the government does have a special investigations unit that deals with people
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smuggling. it has a list of over 100 wanted ringleaders. smugglers are able to operate beneath the radar. >> translator: yes, there are so many cracking down on this. it can't be done openly or easily. we only deal with people who have been referred to us. >> reporter: the calls keep coming, there are more clients to meet. in pakistan, a smuggler's work is never done. an investigation is under way in bahrain into a bomb attack that killed a policeman. seven people, including four police officers were injured in the blast. the attack followed a protest against the arrest of political prisoners. bahrain has seen political unrest calling for greater
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rights. in iraq at least 60 soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack. security forces say two car bombs struck military vehicles and a shia militia unit near anbar university. in baghdad, thousands have rallied to demand an end to government corruption. the protests began earlier this month. police called for better public services. iraq's top cleric has backed the demonstrations. a verdict is expected for three al jazeera journalists facing retrial in an egyptian court. this is the seen in cairo at the moment. it's been a pretty frustrating legal battle for the three. the retrial was playinged by pl. they are accused of helping the
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now banned muslim brotherhood. they hope the hearing will end the long struggle to clear their names. >> reporter: for the past 20 months these al jazeera journalists have been waiting to hear the words not guilty. the judiciary has another chance to deliver the justice they say they deserve. mohamed, mohamed fahmi and peter spent more than a year of their lives in an egyptian prison. the men's fight for freedom began when they were arrested in december 2013. they were charged with aiding the now banned muslim brotherhood. in june of last year a court sentenced them to seven to ten years. then last january the court throughout their convictions and ordered a retrial. >> i'm just living day by day. i don't hope anything, i don't expect anything. >> reporter: he was deported to
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australia. mohamed and fahmi were released on bail later that month, but they have been unable to leave egypt. their lives are on hold. they are serving a kind of sentence. >> what it would mean for the other guys, there is a serious danger that they could wind up back in prison. and for all of us, that would be devastating. >> it has inspired a global campaign of support from grass roots to the highest tier of power. >> the issue of the journalists in egypt, we have been clear they should be released. >> reporter: the verdict comes at a time when those working in media in egypt are facing their biggest threat. the committee to protect journalists says there are more journalists sitting in egyptian prisons than at any time since it began keeping track in 1990.
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>> i will continue to press for freedom of those still behind bars. >> reporter: they are hoping they will clear their names first. still to come on al jazeera. the rubbish is being cleared in beirut, but the stench of mismanagement won't go away. and an on-line appeal from the u.s. president, barack obama, to the american jewish community to support the iran nuclear deal.
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>> the top stories on al jazeera. thousands are protesting. calling for the prime minister to step down. demanding electoral reform and more transparency in politics. >> to the court seen in cairo where a verdict is expected shortly. facing a trial. charges that they and al jazeera deny. people in the hungarian capital of budapest have been rememberinremembering refugees d in a truck. four suspects have been detained over the deaths. in syria fighting between pro government forces and rebels resumed in a number of key towns
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after a cease fire ended. the 48 hour truce was in the rebel town. the government held villages. talks broke down on a border cease fire and the evacuation of civilians. activists in lebanon are calling for more antigovernment protests. they began more than a month ago when rubbish started to pile up on the streets following the closure of the capital's mainland fill site. there is no lasting solution to the crisis. >> the crisis has been solved, at least in the upper class neighborhood where they are now empty. but a few minutes drive away and you have to hold your nose. the smell is revolting. after weeks of antigovernment
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protests, authorities appear to be resolving the problem or make it go away. waste is being taken off the streets, but the question many have been asking is where to. since the mainland fill is mains closed. look at this, meter after meter, rubbish as far as the eye can see. the capital's waste is being dumped by the sea next to beirut's importants. one of the most famous sea fronts, a symbol of romance, is now lined with rubbish. beirut is surrounded by mountains and greenery. the nature is breathtaking. but that, too, is under threat. we are on top of one of the dozens of mountains that are scattered around beirut. it's one of the things that attracts so many tourists each year. i have to put the mask on now. the reason i have to do this is
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because of the scene. the smell is disgusting. piles of rubbish that authorities have been dumping here for several weeks. a couple of days ago, the amount of rubbish was three or four times, some was burned, others claim it was dumped into the sea. but the amount that is still here is huge. this scene is replicated on several other mountains. it's putting the natural habitat at real risk. this is one of the activist calling on people to protest on saturday against the government's failure to deal with the rubbish. he hope it is will not only resolve the issue and usher in a new phase for lebanon. >> this is something that even those who know it clearly and face all the time. we want to show them that they can demand for something new, they can demand for their rights
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as a lebanese citizen living in the nation, the basic system you would have in most developed nations. it's as simple as that. they don't have the basic standards of living. >> changing the political reality could take years, if not more. right now a solution has to be found to deal with the country's rubbish because the environmental damage to be irreversible. people in me a an mar will go to the polls for a general election. it will be the first full vote in 25 years. it will be the first since the semi civilian government took over from military rule four years ago. >> an office in downtown, civil rights groups are working to get key messages out to the public.
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all revolve around the upcoming registration, voter rights and why it's important to vote. >> my vote can change the futu future. maybe when we vote the right person. >> reporter: they are harnessing the power of technology from youtube calling on people to vote. this is the first general election since the government took over in 2011. and in nearly 50 years of military rule. the last election was considered a sham. prior to that was an election in 1990. the military leadership ignored those results and continued to move. they are still powerful. the ruling union solidarity and development party consists of many former generals.
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widely perceived to be so loyal to the military. perhaps aware of the deception against it, the party unveiled new bases. >> i think being young and female, people might doubt i can do the job. at the same time, this is a great opportunity. >> the strongest hold is found in the constitution. it guaranteed that 25% of seats in parliament and gives it effective veto power. they have spear headed the constitutional reform. >> we want a democratic society. we also want to amend the constitution. >> he says the process reform will take years, even if the nld win as big majority. they say the winning party will have to have talks with military
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leaders for meaningful reforms to continue. >> there is a process where there is a bargaining to determine how much political space government has to operate within and whether constitutional reform can be on the table. >> it's only just beginning. u.s. president barack obama called on america's jewish community to support the deal with iran. >> reporter: the u.s. president appealed to jewish americans in an on-line web address, that an agreement with iran is israel's and the region's best deal for peace. >> this deal blocks every way, every pathway that iran might take in order to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: it comes weeks
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after the israeli prime minister addressed the u.s. jewish community as well, to rally opposition. >> this is a very dangerous deal. it threatens all of us. there will be more attacks and more people will die. >> reporter: support for and against the agreement between iran and the six world powers designed to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sangs relief, has deeply divided it. >> let's take you straight to cairo where the judge entered the courtroom, much awaited entrance here. and is about to start. >> the general prosecution have accused the defendant of joining a group that is accused of
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joining the opposition and having the explosions. and the court has ruled in ab stentia. three years imprisonment regarding the first charge. mahmoud is acquitted from the charges and mahmoud, fahmi and mohamed, life imprisonment for the charges and to pay the expenses of the case, the case
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number 1,145 for the year 2014 in cairo known as the [indiscernible]. to the great people of egypt, i would like to make something clear according to the case, the case number 1,145 for the year 2014 have been given to the court and the court have discussed through 13 sessions and went through all the papers of the case. and the court is now sure that, one, defendants are not journalists and are not in the
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journalisjournalist cyndicate. they had devices for broadcasting and defend falsified videos after being edited and aired on al jazeera stream and, four, they have aired all these videos on al jazeera channel, that is not allowed to work inside the arab republic of egypt. also have aired from the hotel without permit and aired from a place that is not allowed or allocated for them.
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the furthest second to the sixth defend and in abstentia, the court has ruled for mohamed mahmoud, mohamed [indiscernible] three years imprisonment for the charges, six months imprisonment and 5,000 pounds fine


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