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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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detailing their experiences online. helps keep their story as life. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera, london. quick reminders that you can always keep up with all the news we are covering by check out our website. the address of that saudi arabia's king sal imagine makes his first trip to the u.s. since ascending the thrown, the iran nuclear deal and a billion dollars arms package outta general go debaltseve for his meeting with president obama. couples celebrate in kentucky, the clerks office for the first time in months is issuing marriage licenses with the clerk herself behind bars. and the final farewell to a houston sheriff's deputy whose murder touched a national nerve
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about violence and the police. ♪ ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city i am randall pinkston. saudi arabia's king salman is at the white house right now. he and president obama are discussing the fight against isil and defense spending. but at the top of their agenda is the iran nuclear deal. this week president obama shored up enough congressional support to insure the agreement stays intact. now he needs to address how the deal with iran may affect the u.s.-saudi alliance, mike viqueira is in washington live. we know saudi arabia wasn't happy about the deal with iran. so how have see seen this deal already impact u.s.-saudi relationship? >> reporter: there is no question there is sensitives, anxiety on part of the saudi
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arabians. no question about it. president obama last year making a special trip to saudi arabia after visiting europe to sit with king salman's predecessor and talk things out. a lot of con stern nation on the part of the saudis not only with regards to the ongoing negotiations at the time with iran, but also with syria, the saudis urging president obama to take a more robust stance against bashar al-assad. there are sensitivities no question about it. in knee the g.c.c. summit that president called in saudi arabia. mere is something i have never seen in 25 years of covering the white house the president of the united states coming out on the driveway to meet a visiting dignitary in this case king salman, that only happens official state visits on the sound side of the white house. this is something that really is an indication of the sensitivity and the care that the white house is placing in treat this is visit of king salman and the vital nature of the issues on the table here, the iran deal
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that the saudis now say publically they are behind. concerned. everybody wants to turn the page and talk about what is being described as the destabilizing actions of iran in the region that the united states and the saudis and other regional actors want on get behind in a coordinated way to try to minimize my destabilizing action that his iran now under takes now that the deal is a done deal with the president securing enough votes in the senate to that ward any attempt by congress to reject it by that means. randall. >> we are hearing from ben rhodes this there will not be a major announce think. is the arms deal a done deal? >> reporter: right, ben rhodes the national security adviser conference called a few days ago in anticipation of this. the question is will there be an arm sales to saudi arabia. that's not unusual at all the figure from the knocked times $1 billion. the saudis have been big purchasers of u.s. arms, they
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fly dozens of the maids u.s. f15s ash carter the defense secretary had been in saudi arabia recently was the missiles, bombs, munitions outfit odd the f15s the president, the white house publicly speak big the need for regional actors to i want great in a missile defense system for saudi arabia and others within the region. that is also something that's being discussed, randle. >> so, mike, what about the u.s. relationship dealing with oil production, as we know the saudis have been pumping like crazy holding the price down and of course that is causing big problems for u.s. oil producers with the fracking production. >> reporter: well, that's absolutely right. and you make a great point, randle. and it's fascinating when you look at the fact that the united states you can see pictures of the drilling rig heading towards alaska the president allowing
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more drilling in sensitive areas north of the arctic circle domestically here in the united states. the saudis have represent up production. the oil price continues to plummet well below $50 a barre. the saudis are thought to push out like those in north dakota that you have mentioned as well, so far it hasn't happened. the price is down, many producers are concerned about the continuing low price of oil. it account for 80% of the saudi national revenue. so a lot of concern there that something that will be on the table when these two gentlemen, the president and the king talk. they are supposed to be having lunch according to previous schedule right about as we speak, randall. >> , thank you, mike viqueira in washington. joining us from washington is sir william. [ inaudible ] the former ambassador. thank you for joining us, as you know this is king salman's first visit to u.s. as kingdomming on
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the heels of the iran deal. we know that the saudis did not really want this deal. so how do you think the meeting between president obama and king salman is different from other presidential saudi royalty meetings? >> reporter: i think this meeting comes after a period in which the saudis have been anxious about u.s. policy in the middle east gem. worried about the possible kilt towards iran. they should visit a favorable relationship similar to the '70s, although that seems far fetched for most us and to most americans, that's what they feared. they were worried about the nuclear deal, i think they accept that now as a fait accompli and will be looking for reassurance from president obama that the u.s. remain commit to the region and to the security of saudi arabia.
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and will also want to try to understand what the u.s. is prepared to do to counter iranian medaling in the region, which is usually against saudi interests. >> is it a reality that iran is as much of a threat to saudi interests as the saudis seem to believe? we see, of course, that the saudis are funding fighters who are opposing iran in sear yeah. also on the ground and doing bombing runs in yemen. how serious is this potential iranian-saudi conflict? >> reporter: if you look at the gulf region in the middle east as a whole, there is a sunni shia divide which equates for a saudi arabia iranian divide. and you see iran supporting shia groups in lebanon, supporting shia in the houthis in ji yemen,
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also supporting the assad regime in syria. everywhere you look you see iran and saudi arabia on different sides of the fence, and i think they would -- they are worried that the nuclear deal involving the lifting of sanctions will lead to iran having more resources to allocate to some of these campaigns. so that's from the saudi point of view, they see this as bad news. and they will be looking for more u.s. reassurance in the form of arms sales, they have had support in yenemy fro from e u.s. but they have had to have a more active role. >> do you think the u.s. will try to persuade the saudis to dial back some of their fighting in yemen since there have been so many civilian casualties? >> i wouldn't have thought so. the u.s. position is one as
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being giving support to the saudis in the background. i the the saudis are all in now in yemen. i don't think they think they can win militarily. the stray i didn't is more one of trying to bring the houthis to a negotiating position and that involves pushing them back from some of the nil terry gains they have made in the south. so there will be need for a political solution in yemen. i imagine the president is asking the king what -- how he sees that political solution and what time scale. and the king will be asking for more support and also what the u.s. is going to do to support the syrian opposition to try to bring assad down. there is an awful lot on the agenda. >> let me ask you in the time remaining about another very important issue, the migration, the refugees crisis that's going on right now. as you know, prime minister
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cameron announced today that the united kingdom will take some of the refugees flowing north from syria and other points. what do you think saudi arabia and other gulf states should be doing about the refugees crisis? >> well, they have -- they are not taking any refugees, traditionally that's not a role. obviously in places like saudi arabia and other gulf countries, foreigners already constitute a huge proportion of the population. 1/3 of saudi arabia's 30 million people are foreigners and in other gulf states, the foreigners out number the locals, they have been provided financial assistance to jordan and lebanon, so i suppose indirectly they are supporting countries that are host to his a large number of refugees. there is scope for more but i doubt saudi arabia or the gulf countries would do anything other than part of a broader international effort under the hospices of the u.n. which they are seeking places for refugees
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beyond europe, perhaps in the united states and in canada, australia, and new zealand. countries that traditionally have helped out in circumstances like this. so if it was part of a wider international effort, it might be possible to persuade saudi arabia and the gulf result are yous to take in some refugees. >> so william, thank you for your time and your incite. hundreds of refugees are now marching to the border with all austria. about 30 300 got out of a camp y prevented from boarding trains out of the country. andrew simmons has more. >> reporter: 20-kilometer no, sir now outside the budapest and this is a halt point for the marchers where all of the water is lined up. these people are getting really organized in the sense that helpers, hungarians are coming up with all sorts of ways of supporting them. we are slightly out of sync with the marchers right now, they are
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taking it would seem an extra rest up there, but look at this. this motorway is empty. the police so far have been cooperating every step of the way with this march. which includes mothers, children, disabled people. it's an extraordinary atmosphere there. sometimes, most of the time, amazingly determined and such a contrast to what you are seeing in in bicske. people who are really believing that they can make it all the way to the austrian border which is 170-kilometers from here. they are really bull i can about the situation, but every now and then there is a big scare. we were on air in the last news hour when the police blocked the motorway off. that was to control the traffic. and to give them the space to get through. because you've got more than a thousand people until this march. and it would appear the same has happened again, but they were
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really worried that they were going to be arrested and put on buses and taken to a camp. and there was a real sense of panic. later on, the police let them through and they were all very happy again. but there are still underlying fears that this march mate come to an abrupt halt. buses might arrive and may be taken to think caps. we are not far away from bicske right now think it's off the m1 motorcycle or way. we are at junction number 14 right now. buff bicske is not far away. some speculation that possibly they could link up with people from bicske, but it's all very, very much in the way of i would think wishful thinking. the situation now i would say is quite extraordinary. andre simmons near budapest. european foreign ministers are meeting in luxembourg for emergency talks this weekend on how to handle the cites us, the
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british government says it will welcome syrians who wish to relocate to the united kingdom. thousands ganter in houston, texas to pay their final respects for a sheriffs deputy shot to death at a gas nation.
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the county clerks office in kentucky has been the scene of jubilation today but also tension, marriage licenses are being issued there once again this sake-sex couple was the first to receive a marriage license in the county and
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outside the office protesters for and against were on hand. meanwhile the clerk who long denied giving anyone licenses is in jail. john terrett has more. >> reporter: we were here this morning when the first day couple ever to get a marriage license in this county walked through the doors of the clerk's office at 8:00 a.m. filled out the paperwork and were then given that license. they merged in to the sunlight with cheers and fist pumping. they were extremely happy. and they are james yates and williams smith. and this is what they had to say. >> this means, at least for this area, civil rights are civil rights and they are not subject to a bully 67 after regards we said to james, what do you want to do first? he said i want to go and cuddle my mum and that is exactly what he and his partner did, they cuddled in the sunshine, also hear today a very different store on behalf of kim davis the county clerk. her husband, joe davis telling us how she is feeling now and
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what she intends to do in the future. >> they have illegally put my wife in jail. they are not going let her out and she's not going bow, i promise you that. >> reporter: and joe davis said he's very worried about his wife also health. she needs drugs apparently for a condition that she has and he's concerned about that. they are also slightly concerned i think about money going forward. she earns $80,000. he doesn't know whether she is still going to be paid everybody though she's in jail. there has been a fund set up called go fund me. not by them. we are told, but by other people supporting them. and they are grateful for that. the mood here depends what side you are on. those against same-sects marriage decrying the sexuality of those on the other side and the couples as they come out. those in favor are cheering and chanting jesus loves me. >> john terrett reporting from morehead, kentucky. thousands of people are attending funeral services today for a texas sheriffs deputy murdered at a gas station. he was ambushed last friday, a
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suspect shannon miles has been charged with capital murder. robert raye is at the funeral. i can only imagine it's a solemn occasion there, describe the scene for us, please. >> reporter: yeah, randall, incredibly sad situation here in houston this morning as nearly 11,000 people are gathered inside the baptists church to honor darren goforth. shot execution style a week ago, his family, wife, two children came in to the church. it was quite sad to see that. we are expecting afterwards a helicopter flyover. a 21-gun salute in honor of this officer. but let's listen to what happened inside the church just moments ago. >> we will never, ever forget him and we find peace in knowing that in this tragic event that
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took place last week, he left the bonds of this earth to touch the very face of god. and for that we are thankful. >> reporter: you know, people from all over the country, officers, sheriff deputies from all over the country have driven in, flown in, to honor this man who was shot just a week ago. i can tell you that, you know, about two miles of traffic, randall, from the inner state to here, completely bumper to bumper, this is a community that is mourning, they want answers as to why someone would go up and just murder a police officer, shoot him and have him lay in a pool of blood at a gas station a horrific event. and a very solemn day here today, randall. >> so what do you know about the suspect? of course we know that he is still behind bars. any hearings coming up any time soon?
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>> reporter: yeah. shannon miles, 30 years old, is locks up right now. his next court date will be october 5th. no motive out yet. we don't have any information. perhaps in the coming weeks, we will get something even before that next court date for shannon miles. but we know this person, that allegedly commit third degree murder, has a 10-year track record of being in and out of jail. just two years ago he was put in to a mental institution, let out after that. so clearly someone who has a history of criminal problems being but let's not even talk about him today we are here to honor this fallen police officer. expected to be over quite shortly. the family will come out. >> thanthank you,. funeral services will be held monday for a police officer shot and killed in a chicago
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suburb. police have what they are now calling significant video. but police are still searching for the three suspects. >> three corrections officers in california are behind bars today. they face multiple charges in the death of an inmate. john henry smith reports. >> i want to express my profound sorrow over the loss of mr. tyree. >> reporter: on august 27th. 31-year-old michael tyree was found dead at the santa clara county jail in san jose. at the time, deputies reported finding tyree naked, covered in excrement and unresponsive. but now 27-year-old deputies matthew ferris and rafael rodriguez, as well as 28-year-old deputy jerry lubrin face charges of murder, conspiracy and assault. autopsy showed he died from internal bleeding from blunt force trauma. >> the disappointment and disgust i feel cannot be overstated. >> reporter: other inmates saw the three deputies enter tyree's
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cell. they were there to conduct a search and make sure he took medication. the inmates said they heard cries for help and silence it wasn't until the next morning that a deputy found him unresponsive on the floor. only had then did the deposit dids admit they used force to restrain him. >> no relative, no friend, no anybody wants to hear that their loved one dies as the result of a murder. so it's doubly traumatic for them. >> reporter: the attorney for michael tyree's family says he was only in jail on a probation violation stemming from a minor drug-related arrest. he had a history of mental illness and was only scheduled to stay at the jail until bed space opened up at a substance abuse treatment facility. >> we will work as long as it takes and as hard as we must to exercise our operations. and to make the necessary changes to prevents this type of
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horrific incidents from repeating itself. >> reporter: john henry smith, al jazeera. a powerful image in a place where millions can see it. we'll introduce you to the artist behind this kne mural ofe francis.
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>> i've been asked to
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pope francis is set to arrive in the u.s. later this mom ahead of his arrival here in new york, an artist has paint aid murapainteda mural of the pm
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madison square garden where the pope will say mass during his trim. we spoke with the paymenter of the mural for this morning's first person report. >> we are in the processor just furnished the process of painting a very large painting of pope francis. the painted part of the mural is about 220 feet tall. the building is just about under 30 stories. so it's a very large building. and the painting goes from the very top down about 220 feet? project started laughed monday. so that's about a week and a half ago. a lot of the process includes putting up the patterns, making the wall white so the actual painting of the wall took probably about five days. in a situation like this in the summer especially, we are trying to spend at least 11 hours a day
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and pushing to 12 or 13 if possible. there is an intricacy to the painting for sure. especially, but there are tricks, especially from the distance when you get up close there is actually a looseness to the paint and you -- if you get the paint too sharp and not blended well it really shows from the street. so when you step back it really comes together and you know, we try to capture all the nuances. we are always on a timeline as far as getting these walls done, so, you know, sometimes i would like to -- i would like to spends another two days on the pope's face just really refining it but we always have a time limit. the experience of completing a mural is exciting and also nerve racking, because sometimes, you know, it's such a recognizable person especially in this case like pope francis, it's a real strain on your nerves to be up there and, you know, you are up there in front of a lot of
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people in manhattan and so sometimes, you know, you get anxious, but then in the end when it's all done and every job has its challenge but in the end we have to make it look right. it was you such a great honor to be a part of it. it's not every day you get to paint a ja gigantic picture of e pope. and the pope stepped out to buy a pair of glasses for himself in rome. obviously attracting quite a crowd. the new pair supposed to be delivered to the vatican, but the pope up sifted on visiting the store himself on thursday to pick up the specs. thank you for joining us i am randall pinkston the news continue next live from london for the latest headlines you can go to your zeb site 24/7.
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clasheclashes with riot pols hungary cracks down on refugees threatening jail for some border offenses. ♪ ♪ i am lauren taylor this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up the new saudi king arrives in the u.s. the united arab emirates blames the houthis for attacks that killed 22 of its troops in yemen. underground lie barry it's one man's mission to bring more books to people in south africa. ♪


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