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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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benefit themselves and their community. toon i can't page, al jazeera, south africa. >> plenty more on the news and sport as well. the address is saudi arabia's king salman and a weapons package on the agenda for his meeting with president obama. couples celebrating, in kentucky the clerks office for the first time in months is issuing marriage licenses with the clerk herself behind bars. and a final farewell to a deputy in houston whose murder touched a national nerve on violence and the police. ♪
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♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i am tony harris, president obama and saudi arabia's king are sitting down today at the white house, the two lied leaders have a lot of items on agenda. including the fight against skiles the iran nuclear deal that much could impact the u.s.-saudi alliance. mike viqueira is in washington. how has the deal. never mind it hasn't been approved by congress, how that is i can pacte impacted the relp between the u.s. and sauce saudi arabia. >> reporter: you are right. now together sides are trying to turn the page being talk about the did he stable are stabilizing activities in iran, it's a fait accompli. you can see here a picture of president obama emerging from the west wing, this is relatively rare you don't see a
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president come out and greet a foreign leader or dignitary the way he did today with king salman an indication of how the white house views this relationship with saudi arabia. a vital relationship no question about it. the two men went inside the west wing, went in to the oval office and had a working thereafter. the th the president talked abot the need to cooperate in the war on terrorism. >> we continue to cooperate extremely closely in countering terrorist activity in the region and around the world. including a battle against isis. >> reporter: now, saudi arabia has publicly backed the iran deal, although obviously there are miss gifertionz along, a great deal of anxiety. other things on the table potential flash points between the united states and sawed rah yakle i can't. saudi arabia.
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the ongoing self war. he has urged them to take a stronger stand in confronting assad. the military campaign to the south of saud saudi arabia in y. a mounting humanitarian crisis that the president eluded to earlier today. tony. >> so, mike, washington is reportingly planning on giving saudi arabia a $1 billion arms package in essence to make its piece with this deal with iran. what can you tell business that. >> reporter: you can look at it that way although there is a long history of the united states bolstering not only saudi arabia that but other allied nations in the region. saudis have bought dozens of u.s. war plains, f-15s for example. what the united states is after here is providing saudi arabia and allies in the gulf with sort of a qualitative military edge to borrow a term, a u.s. policy towards ill israel i israel.
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the a wall tail i have edge over iran now that the deal has been done the talk as reported in the new york times missiles going onto the f-15s any teal would have to be approved by congress, congress has approved the deals in the past, tony. >> the u.s.-saudi relationship was built partly some would say, particularly on a need for oil. but now the u.s. is producing more and more of it on its own. is the saudi relationship still as vital as it always was? >> reporter: it is. and i think we have seen that by sort of the three attics and the stage craft around this visit today. recall that president obama flew, cut short a trip to india to go saudi arabia a the death of king an dull, a king salman's predecessor, you can seat rig heading north to alaska the controversial decision by president obama to drill there. but the united states is now the biggest producer around oily
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clippingsing saudi arabia, saudi arabia class chosen to up production and keep it stead friday opec and its only oil fields on a bet that the lower producer -- higher cost producer i should say like those in north dakota will go out of business and other competitor around the world, so far it hasn't happened. the case are price of oil continues to drop. the question is how far will it go until they cut oil production. >> mike, thank you. president obama has the sen al support as mike mentioned, to override opposition to the iran nuclear deal and last hour his former secretary of state now presidential candidate hillary expressed cautious support on msnbc. clinton planned to speak more about the deal next week. maryland senator today became the third democrat to announce his opposition to the deal. he is the ranking member on the sen al foreign relations committee. he said he believes a deal will
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strengthen iran in the long run and doesn't serve u.s. interests. hundreds of refugees are march to go the austrian board after being denied asylum in hungary. about 300 people got out of a refugees camp in southern hungary this morning, many of them were prevented from boarding trains out of the country. andrew simmons has more. >> reporter: it is extraordinary what's happening here and the numbers seem to be growing if anything. they are -- they have been marching now 20-kilometers outside of the capital on the m-1 motorway which in actual fact has been closed off at this section and these people -- let's just take a look at some of them there some of the young ones are out front. we are out in the front of the long, lon line of marchers. there are well, children, the males that you see, a man there on crutches with injury -- with in fact he only has one leg, a
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man who has had an injury quite possibly war injury in syria. there are other disabled people in wheel chairs at the front. this whole march came together over a matter of one to two da days. a number of syrians felt that they could take no more attribute pest's railway station, you they couldn't stand it any longer. now you have something like a thousand people, mainly men and as you can see, they are being given water from volunteers here hungarians who have come to help out and try to assist these people. andrew simmons near budapest. european foreign ministers are meeting to luxembourg for emergency talks this weekend on how to handle the crisis. the british government says it will welcome syrians who wish to relocate to the united kingdom. up next on the program. thousands gather in houston to pay their final respec final rea
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sheriff deputy shot to death at a gas station. ♪ ♪
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♪ the county clerk's office in kentucky has been the scene of jubilation today. and also tension. marriage licenses are being issued there once again, this game couple was the first to receive a marriage license in county. outside the office protesters for and against were on hand.
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the clerk who long denied giving anyone licenses, her name is kim davis, she is in jail. john terrett has more. >> reporter: we were here this morning when the first game couple ever to get a marriage license in this county walked through the doors of the clerk's office at 8:00 a.m. filled out the paperwork and were then given that license. they merged in to the sunlight with cheers, physician ar physig and they were he can extremely happy. thathis is what they had to say. >> it means, at least for this area, civil rights are civil rights and they are not subject to bullies. >> reporter: and afterwards we said to james, what do you want to do first? he said i want to cuddle my mum and that is exactly what he and his partner did. they cuddled in the sunshine. now, also here today, a very different story on behalf of kim live us, the county clerk. her husband joe davis telling us how she's feeling now and what she intends to do in the future.
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>> they have illegally put my wife in jail. they are not going let her out and she's not going bow i promise you that. >> reporter: joe davis said he's very worry about his wife's health she needs drugs for a condition that she has and he's concerned about that. they are slightly concerned i been money going forward. she earns $80,000, he doesn't know whether she will still be paid even though she's in jail. there has been a fund set up called go fund me, not by them, we are told but by other people supporting them and they are grateful for that. the mood here depends what side you are on, those against same-6 marriage are decrying the sexuality of those on the other side and the couples a is they come out. those in favor are cheering and chanting jesus loves me. john terrett reporting from morehead kentucky. now, three corrections officers in california are behind bars today. they face multiple charges in the death of an inmate john henry smith reports. >> i want to express my profound
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sorrow over the loss of mr. tyree. >> reporter: on august 27th. 31-year-old michael tyree was found dead at the santa clara county jail in san jose. at the time, deputies reported finding tyree naked, covered in excrement and unresponsive. but now 27-year-old deputies matthew ferris and rafael rodriguez as well as 28-year-old deputy jerry lubrin face charges of murder, conspiracy and assault in tyree's death. an autopsy shows the inning made diet of inning personal bleeding from blunt force trauma. >> the disappointment and disgust that i feel cannot be overstated. >> reporter: other inmates reportedly saw the three deputies enter tyree's cells they were there kit a routine do that ban search and to make sure tyree hook took his medication. the inmates say they heard cries for help and then silence, it wasn't until the next morning that one. deputies found tyree unresponsive on the floor. only then investigators say did
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the deputies admit they used force to restrain him. >> no relative, no friend, no anybody wants to hear that their loved one dies as the result of a murder. so it's doubly traumatic for them. >> reporter: the attorney for michael tyree's family says he was only in jail on a probation violation stemming from a minor drug-related arrest. he had a history of mental illness, and was only scheduled to stay at the jail until bed space opened up at a substance abuse treatment facility. >> we will work as long as it takes and as hard as we must to examine our operations. and to make the necessary changes to prevent this type of horrific incidents from repeating itself. >> reporter: john henry smith, al jazeera. funeral services will be held monday for a police officer shot and killed in a chicago suburb. police now say they have what they are calling significant video in the shooting of
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lieutenant joseph. but police are still searching for the three suspects, thousands of people attended tune ram services today for a texas sheriff's deputy shot in a gas station. darren goforth was ambushed last friday. the governor of texas asked law enforcement across the state to flash red and blue lights last hour when the funeral began. robert ray is at the funeral in houston for us, robert. >> reporter: yeah, tony i am off camera because the casket carrying the murdered did he have at this darren goforth was just brought out from the church here this morning, his family in the front row you likely can't see him. his wife in tears, his two children, over 11,000 people here in attendance, people from all over the country. officers, sheriff departments from all over the country.
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you can see about to move the casket in honor and take the flag, let's just let this roll and watch this if you could. >> reporter: tony, you know, while we honor this officer that has been killed here, let's listen to what happened just a few minutes action inside the church. >> loss of officer ripples throughout the community we serve. for without them. we are without a guardian of the peace we so frequently take for granted. i will not allow the death of deputy goforth to be just another in a string of deaths of how enforcement men and women. i will not stand silently and say what a shame. what will do is continue to stand along each and every one of our men and women who continue to serve our commune tie bringing justice and percent
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merls toy suhr citizen, i will not allow them to be abandoned. >> reporter: tony this is about as sad and solemn a scene as we have seen this morning, this is a community that is quite upset over what occurred a week ago as the officer was shot 15 times from behind. the alleged killer shannon miles 30 years old. this is clearly a breaking point for the police officers here. we spoke with the from attorney order of police yesterday and he said he said he feels the situation is out of control around the country and there needs to be a discussion that comes from washington that he feels that there is a potential race war ahead of us in his
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words. whether or not that's the case, that's what he thought. but this is, as you can see, people of all colors her here te honor the killed deputy darren goforth. yourself years old, 10 years on the force here and the 26th officer killed in the u.s. this year. >> robert ray for us. solemn indeed. robert ray in houston. we are back in a moment.
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the rate of murders in baltimore has jumped by a third this year the violence makes it hard for children to play safely outside. "america tonight's" adam meijais the story of one library aiming to offer young baltimore residents a refuge where they can grow up in peace. >> reporter: he has to walk through some of the most dangerous streets in america to reach a place where he find safety and security. the library in west baltimore. >> someone got shot over there the other day. i feel safer in here than out there. >> reporter: the library sits at the corner of penn and north
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avenues. the end center of unrest back in april. that's where protests turned to rights after the death of freddie gray killed-police gave him a rough ride in a van. rioters looted and destroyed several businesses the immaterial generals broadcast around the world. ever since, violence has engulfed baltimore. june and july have been the most violent months in decades. the city recorded its 200th murder in august. >> i am scared. sometimes like in certain neighborhoods, i stay in the house. i don't like coming outside at night. i don't even go outside at night. it's not -- at night shootings happen but i don't trust it. >> reporter: that sense of fear eases i think side the library. where 11-year-old dorell can
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play video games. eat a free lunch. and see other worlds open up before him. >> come on in. >> reporter: this is the branch manager. >> we see the real side of the community. we seed the side that says this library needs to remain in this neighborhood. this library is a servicing young people, it's servicing adults. people who don't have jobs can come in and get on the computer and apply for jobs. >> reporter: you opened up the day after the riots. kits come in here and they are reading books. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: as broken glass is all over the city and police are up and down the street still. what do you think brought those kids back in here? >> i think at the end of the day they felt like this is a place that cares about them. puts them first. i the the community saw this isn't just about being a library, this is about a safe
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haven. >> reporter: adam may, al jazeera baltimore. and you can watch adam's full report during a special edition of "america tonight" 10:00 eastern time. the deem of justice is imposing new requirements on federal law enforcements when it comes to cell phone survey leans, federal investigators will be required to get a warrants before doing this. sting race sweep up basic cell phone data by terrificking phoneterrific --tricking phonesg those devices are cell towers. the stock market is sliding today on mixed news about jobs. labor department department 170,000 jobs were add ed in august. it fell to 1.7% the lowest since march 2008. still analyst had forecast more job growth and concern over the federal reserve's next much on interest rates. pope francis is set to arrive in the unite late there e month. ahead of that a mural has paint
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aid mural of the pope right across from madison square garden where the pope will say mass during his trip. we spoke with the painter of the mural for our first person report. >> we are in the process -- or just finished the process of painting a very large paint being of pope francis, the painted part of the mural is about 220 feet tall. the building is about -- it's just under 30 stories. so it's a very large building and the painting goes from the very top down about 220 feet. this project started on last monday, about a week and a half ago. a lot of the process includes putting up the patterns, making the wall white so the actual painting of the wall took probably about five days. in a situation like this, in the
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summer especially, we are trying to spend at least learn hours a day and push it to 12 or 13 if possible. there is an intricacy to the painting for sure, especially -- but there are from tricks especially from distance. when you get up close there is a looseness to the paint and you -- if you get the paint too sharp and not blended well it really shows from the street. so when you step back, it really comes together and we tried true toy capture the nuances we are on a trial as far as getting the walls done. i would like to spent another two days on the pope's face just refining it but we have a time limit. experience of pleading a murder al is, you know, exciting and also nerve racking because sometimes it's such a recognizessable person in this case pope francis that it's a
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real strain on your nerves to be up there and you are in front of a lot of people here in manhattan and so seems you get anxious. it was tan honor because not every day you get to paint a gigantic picture of the pope. >> and the pope stepped out to buy a pair of glasses for himself in rome a tracking a crowd. the new pair was supposed to be delivered to the vatican, but the pope insist odd vice inning the store on thursday to pick the blases up for himself. now to a very personal journey. for a member of our al jazeera family. roxana saberi traveled to japan to cover the anniversary of the nuclear attacks on that country. japan is her mother's moment land and roxana found a very
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different world from the one she last visited 20 years ago. ♪ >> reporter: these are the crafts. the cut. s. and the high speed trains i remember from my previous trip to his japan. my mom sent me here three times to get in touch with my japanese heritage i often ignored it growing enough north dakota because i wanted to fit in. the last the last time he was here he was a teenager teaching english to high school students on. this fourth trip for work i saw things i didn't see before. more young pima certifying individuality in a culture that emphasizes the team on. this trip, learned more about the nuances of being in japan. i never realized that being half black in japan, like ariana, could be harder than being half japanese and half iranian.
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i wondered if one reason i always felt welcome here is because i am considered light skinned. i also felt torn between my mother's native land and mine, after speaking with supporters of america also military presence in japan and those against it. >> we are supposed to write messages of peace and hope on par. s likpar the ofparchments like . we are all part of one humanity. this is supposed to offer comfort to the souls of the people killed by the atomic bomb think hopefully these messages resonate somewhere in the world. and join us tonight at 9:30 p.m. eastern time for roxanna's full report on our special journey to japan. and thanks for joining us, i am tony hair let new york city. the news continues next live from london.
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this is al jazeera. ♪ ♪ hello i am lauren taylor this is the news hour live from london. coming up, international pressure grows on hungary over the spiral refugees crisis, as thousands of people try to pass through the country. four people are charged over the death of the three-year-old boy whose photo highlighted the flight of syrian refugees around the world. the united arab emirates blames the houthis for a missile attack that killed 22 of its troops in yemen. the new saudi king arrives in the u.s. for his first meeting since relations


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