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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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there's no big systematically important financial institutions in china that have that leverage and reliance on wholesale money markets. >> good conversation. thank you for joining us. nick is a senior fellow at the peterson institution for economics. that's our show for today. i'm ali velshi. thank you for joining us. protecting the deal. senate democrats give the president a big former policy win, securing the votes needed to keep the iran nuclear vote alive. >> kim davis released from custody. >> i want to give god the glory his people have rallied. >> freedom for kim davis, the kentucky county clerk gaoled for refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples.
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state of emergency. >> the system has been dysfunctional, and in the recent weeks, completely chaotic. >> warnings from the u.n. of more asylum seekers headed for europe as e.u. leaders prepare to unveil a new plan to deal with hundreds of thousands of refugees hoping to settle on the continent. >> the next big thing - all eyes on apple. the tech giant ready to show case its latest innovations. >> good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. we begin with the debate over the nuclear deal with iran. with congress in session, republicans and some democrats want to vote on a resolution rejecting the agreement. president obama good news that all but four rebuffed. some undecided antecedents announced they'd back the deal.
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libby casey reports. more democrats getting on board with the deal. that's technically enough voting to approval the deal. that doesn't mean the debate is over. >> i can say that we are gratified. >> three democrats announced tuesday they are supporting the deal, reaching the magic number of 41, enough to filibuster, preventing republicans from voting to disapprove of the deal. the democrats did not give full-throated support. critics questions were called serious. but released a statement sayi : saying:. >> there's no promise that all
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41 democrats will support a filibuster, seen as a way to block the votes. democratic minority leader harry reid is pushing for an up or down vote needed to disappear. >> this requires a threshold. everyone knows that. this goes back long before the dialogue started on the floor. >> republicans are in no mood though negotiate over procedures or give democrats an easy vote. >> does the senate disapprove with this deal with iran. the senate should not hide behinds obfuscation to shield the president. mitch mcconnell says debate will begin wednesday and every senator should show up to listen. >> i'll ask all senators to be present in the chain ber to commence debate on this issue. >> despite the white house advantage, opponents should not be shy denouncing the deal.
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>> the trath of the matter is momentous issues should not be decided by a filibuster, veto or a third of the members in the united states senate. or those justifying actions with a falls choice. >> the house is diving into the rain deal this week, to reach the president's desk, a disapprovalal resolution passed both areas of congress guaranteeing a heated debate the former vice president may be against the team. he calls it catastrophic. he doesn't speak to everyone that serves. in fact, former secretary of state colin powell came out supporting it, calling it a good deal. the white house got more good news, a 42nd senator is on board. maria can't well democratic senator. giving the white house a bit of buffer room hillary clinton apologised
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for the first time for using a private email system while secretary of state. the democratic presidential candidate's comment came a day after saying her private email set up was allowed. >> that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility, and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> her apology on tv and written statement follow on the heels of media reports that two emails on the server she received, contained information highly classified at the time. according to the "new york times", the c.i.a. and another agency made the determination, backing up findings by an inspector general. the clinton campaign and state department disagreed with the finishes. also today secretary of state john kerry appointed a member to oversee. documents county clerk kim davis
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walked out of gaol. she was locked up last week after a refusal to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples. the case has become a lightening rod for conservative christians, including some running for president. >> reporter: after six days behind buys, kim davis emerged from kentucky's detention center. with a pat on the back from a lawyer, and trailed by republican presidential candidate davis spoke softly. but a short time later at a rally with supporters, the trio and kim davis's husband, in the straw hat, took the stage, to the strains of eye of the tiger they raised hands. davis proclaimed victoria rip. >> i just want to give god the glory. his people rallied, and you are a strong people. >> reporter: davis's release came when a federal judge freed her, simultaneously ordering
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that she not interfere with deputy clerks. throughout the summer, after complying with the court ruling, davis ordered her office to stop issuing marriage licences entirely. last week, following court orders and defiance... >> i ask you to go ahead diet date. >> why are you not issuing marriage licences? >> because i'm not. >> reporter: the judge ordered davis jammed for contempt. whilst incarcerated her deputies issued marriage licences to same-sex couples. that satisfied the judge. davis's lawyer insisted to reporters, they should not be honoured. >> the licences issued were issued without the authority of the clerk. they are not valid. >> amidst the ongoing legal debate, the status of kim davis emerged as a divisive political issue, mike huckabee pounced, pledging to take davis's place if she faces more trouble.
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>> let kim go. but if you have to put someone in gaol, i volunteer to go. let me go. lock me up. if you think that is how freedom is best served. >> meanwhile, davis's lawyer refused to say whether she will defy the law again. as it stands, liberal groups including the american civil liberties union are declaring victory. the goal was to stop kim davis imposing religious beliefs on the citizen she was elected to serve. whether you are straight or gay, you can get a marriage licence from davis's office in rowan country, kentucky the city of baltimore has reached a tentative settlement with the family of freddie gray. the 25-year-old dying in april after suffering a spinal injury while being arrested. lisa stark reports. >> reporter: the proposed settlement in the case of freddie gray was announced with
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lightening speed - five months after his arrest and death. before his family had filed a lawsuit against the city. >> the city of baltimore is not giving away money, it's based on the strength of the civil case for the plaintiff, and based on the weakness of the civil case. they are not just throwing money at the family of freddie gray. >> the pay out would be made over two years. it ab solves the police department of all claims. it comes in the midst of manoeuvring. in a statement, mayor stephanie rawlings blake said:
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>> reporter: the president of baltimore's credit union blasted the deal saying settlement at this time is obscene, saying: ray was arrested in april, and -- freddie gray was arrested in i hope, suffering a spinal injury. he died a week later, his death setting off the worst riots in decades. the settlement is part of the trend in cases like these. an analysis by "the wall street journal" found the 10 u.s. cities paid out there 248 million to resolve the misconduct claims in 2014. a 48% increase since 2010. >> this is not just in baltimore, but across the country. they need training on racial bias and police brutality. instead of getting better, it's getting pores. that's why we have so many
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settlements. >> new york city paid 5.9 million to the family of er-eric garner. in that case officers did not face criminal charges, as in the case of michael brown. a different situation in baltimore, where protestors outside a court hearing for the officers made it clear what they are looking for. >> the police need to be held accountable the same which you hold me accountable if i break the law. >> a judge determined officers will be tried separately, and this week will decide if the cases will be moved out of the baltimore in aisle -- illinois, the manhunt is on to find those that shot a police officer to death. law enforcement officers are canvassing the area, testing for d.n.a. the fbi ruled out video evidence they thought they had saying it is not relevant.
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they are juggling 185 leads, but say they do not know whom they are looking for. all they know is there are three male suspects. two white, one black. >> western europe is taking more steps to assist thousands of refugees arriving every day. tomorrow the e.u. unveils a quote area system to distribute asylum seekers among the member states. germany takes in the most. the government saying it could take as many as half a million a year. frustration is rising among the migrants trapped along the border. hundreds scuffled with police as they tried to escape to freedom. mohammed jamjoom is in vienna with more.
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>> we have proposed megacenters and registration centers established in greece. we would support that, in italy and hungary, people arriving could go to the centers, be received in decent humane conditions. they could apply for asylum. >> the comments come on the heels of warning from the u.s. president. who said the current situation was an ando does from war torn countries, adding that it could last years. >> hungary is a flashpoint of the crisis. on tuesday, hundreds forced their way through police at a camp with the border. heading to the capital. at the budapest station,
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thousands are seeking transit. making their way through to austria. in austria, volunteers and medics are welcoming refugees. uncertainty added a lair of confusion to a chaotic situation. >> the refugees arriving from vienna told me that they are gratified by the treatment received. many are concerned about relatives that are in serbia or hungary, and are worried they will not get here in the days to come. >> meanwhile, from germany, the ultimate destination for so many refugees comes a stark reality check. >> neither greece nor italy can accommodate the refugees arriving on their borders. we discussed the crisis and a change in the asylum seekers policy. sweden and germany agree that we need mandatory quotas for the people that get asylum. we must assure they are distributed fairly.
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unfortunately, we are very far from that goal. >> with criticism of the e.u. mounting and refugees rark every day, it seems a near impossible situation is nowhere close to being over a frightening scene on a las vegas run way, when a large fire breaks out on a plane carrying more than 170 people. we have the latest on the situation next. also, a preview of apple's big media presentation, and why analysts say expectations are the lowest they've been in years.
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>> the end of aging. >> eternal youth? >> yeah, not eternal "life"... eternal "youth". >> curing death. >> we're heading from "have and have nots" to a world of "haves" and "super-haves". >> can you afford to live forever? >> what's wrong if rich people got to live longer than poor people? >> that it's no fair.
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>> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> we have to get out of here. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire on board a british airways jet. breaking out as the boeing 777 prepared to take off from las vegas. the fire began in the left engine, and spread to the fuselage. an emergency evacuation was made. no major injuries were reported. the cause of the fighter was unknown. >> apples big show and tell is tomorrow. apple fans are looking forward to the media event, waiting to hear about the next generation
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of the iphone or ipad and changes to the apple conversation. apple shares ended higher after a disappointing few weeks when observers were unenthusiastic about what is in store. they could be in for a surprise. >> for the world's most valuable company. tomorrow is showtime. apple c.e.o. tim cook will headline the 2015 product event. at last year's unveiling the company came out with larger screen iphones, apple watch and apple pay. then tim cook good a rock star recession. >> today we are launching it biggest advancement in the history of izones. this time it's been muted. that's likely apple will bring out upgrades to the iphone six.
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they should have an improved camera, 12 megapixels, hardware and software upgrades for the apple watch and a larger screened ipad. >> we have one more thing. the biggest announcement may be a revamped tv. wednesday's product ent may be more important than fush, the first time the stock has fallen prior to the event. >> joining us is a senior writer at gismodo, an online technology blog. the anticipation muted bus the talk is quantity, a lot of things helping. >> i disagree with that. with the big iphone six event. it was the biggest improvement
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seen. it's true. iphone six is fantastic. tafs a cunning. >> moment. they do a big upgrade. it's really sort of apples jujitsu moment. it's a quieter shift in hardware that can lead to a big user. the igown, improvements probably will not be major. >> the camera is supposed to be fantastic. some say it will be dsl quality, i'll believe it when i see it. the other it four touch. the phone nose if you are pressing harder or soft. >> different commands through the iphone. bigger deal if they come out
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with the ipad throw. it's a bigger screen. >> it's supposed to be - the ipad is a 12.9 in screen. it's unlikely the hit will be stored. >> with a still its or something. if it has a force touch screen apple has patterns for bluetooth enabled style us great for designers. >> an ipad mini, but the show steeler could be what they'll do with apple tv. >> i hope so. i was hoping they'd announce this last year, and i had it written and ready to go. they didn't announce it. what is funny, is we did the same thing the year before, and the year before, waiting for apple to open up the tv. creating a platform. it looks like that will happen this year. >> so you can turn the apple tv
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in something that can watch tvs. it looks like very trustworthy reports, the "new york times" reported that it would come with a video game control remote with a touch pads. even more exciting if it opened up to a software platform, they would make their own controllers. >> the title is hey, siri. what do you think that means. as apple tends to do. it will be the thing that ties the product together. i so. s 9 is coming out tomorrow. it has a feature called
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proactive. it gives you behaviours. siri takes it to the tv. i'm not complain, it would be a big change. good to have you with us. we'll see what happens tomorrow. many governments found themselves powerless to stop deforestation. people in a community in mexico are taking matters into their own hands and winning the williams sisters take center court.
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scientists from yale recently encountered 3 trillion trees on earth, a remarkable number, trillions fewer than they used to be, deforestation by humans, a communally in mexico is trying to save its frees by fighting illegal logging in the backyard, one sapling at a time. >> reporter: taking back what is theirs, tree by tree. these people in south-west mexico are attempting to repair the dam to their forest caused by illegal log ertion. shifts of 200 people plant trees supplied by the federal government. it's a big change. a few years ago they entered the forests. armed gangs would be waiting. a man who survived an ambush in which two of his friends were shot dead. >> their deaths made us continue
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to fight for our territory, to stop the armed group taking away what belongs to us. >> four years ago the people took matters into their own hands, attacking the loggers trucks, forcing out the gunman and local government officials they accused of protecting them. sounds of chainsaws echoed until the people wrestles back control from the groups illegally logging here. since then they've reforested 1,000 hectares, but there's a long way to go to repair all the damage. the town formed squads of guards to keep away loggers who destroyed half of the community's logging. >> translation: this has all been destroyed. they cut down the trees three months ago. >> reporter: some of the trucks captured have been turned into sculptures strung up in the woods, a sign of the community's resolve. and a unique warning.
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>> translation: these trucks destroyed the forests. we put them here so the forest can destroy them, and our children understand that sooner or later, the forest will live again. >> it's early days in the fight to save the mexican forest. the greenhouses are full of more than a million baby trees, each one representing hope for a community taking on the future on its own terms finally, it was venus and serena under the bright lights of the u.s. open. the sam williams sister met -- williams sisters met. serena williams won in three sets, keeping in tact her chances of making history. she's two matches away from her goal. this is the 27th time the sisters played each other. serena williams won 16, venus
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11. serena williams will place roberta vinci in the finals. i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us, for the latest news head over to ray suarez is up next with "inside story". have a good night. after spending the holiday weekend in gaol. rowan county kentucky court walked out of the lock up. a federal judge put her there for refusing to give marriage licences to same sex couples. davis's lawyers are looking for a compromise allowing her office to issue licences and do it without her authorisation. whose rule is law?


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