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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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check us out on ♪ the u.s. warns of a risk of a confrontation. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. >> authorities struggle to retain control as europe refugee crisis continues to worsen. 100,000 people forced from their homes in the worst floods in japan for half a century. and scientists reveal they have found the remains of a
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new species of human in south africa. >> hello it has been the subject of intense speculation for weeks. the u.s. is stepping up pressure on greece and bulgaria, not to allow the flights to pass through their air space. they say the shipments are being made alongside deliveries for humanitarian aid. in accordance with existing contracts. russian military aircraft has been flying into an airfield near the city. around 100 russian soldiers have been spotted there with some construction work taking place. several russian ships have also been unloading equipment at it's naval base. to the south. russia has baainged the syrian president throughout the country's 4 1/2 year
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civil war. some believe a russian military build up is designed to strengthen it's believe that it should be included in any international solution. to end the war. we have more details. >> there is a major russian military build up in syria's western port. and at an airfield in the province. the city opposition says it is to help the president and his forces. russia's foreign minister admits russian aircrafts are delivering military supplies and humanitarian aid. but he denies any more. >> we have helped and continuing aiding the government,s and equipping the armies with all as necessary for it to prevent the repetition of syria of the libyan scenario. and other events that have occurred in this region. because of an obsession by our western partners with ideas of changing unwanted
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regimes. >> the syrian opposition and u.s. officials say russia is sending ships armerred personnel, and naval infinity to syria. there are unconfirmed reports of russian troops already fighting on the ground. russia is also sending more naval vesselling to the mediterranean. russia has maintains the base along the mediterranean since the 1970's, and after the collapse of the soviet union, it was eager to lose that. >> meanwhile, in eastern syria, fighters from the state of iraq and the levant say they are making gains. this video shows the group overrunning a small base near the military airport. it also took control of military positions including iraq regiment close to the airport. inside the city, isil fought government fors in at least three neighborhoods. most of the city is under isil's command, but government forces still
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control several areas. but they are struggling on multiple fronts. two government denies iran and shia militias which have become it's main fighting force. also, it depends on russia for political and military support. >> al jazeera joins us live from the state department in washington, d.c. and ross, just how concerned is the u.s. by these military deliveries? >> the u.s. has now commented about the delivery of this equipment, but the u.s. government is very concerned. twice in the past four days the secretary of state jon kerry, has spoken with lavrov about these movements of russian equipment, and personnel into syria, because the u.s. does not believe that the russians should be providing any sort of support to the syrian military, as they continue fighting it's civil war against the syrian opposition. again, there's no official
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reaction to this latest confirmation, from sergei but the u.s. has been very very much concerned because it considers that it is air war that it is conducting with several dozen other countries against isil in the north eastern part of the country, could be very very much complicated if you saw the russian military providing support to the syrian military. they said they are very concerned that the situation could spiral out of control, especially given that the u.s. has not wanted to get into a direct military conflict with the syrian government. >> some sort of report is due in the next hour or so, what is likely to be said there? what is the language likely to be like? >> well, one things we are trying to find out is whether or not there have been any more contacts between the obama administration, and the government since sergei gave
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this confirmation on thursday. and then there's also the question of whether or not this confirmation is going to change the u.s.' posture as it tries to carry out it's military operations against isil. let's not forget, the u.s. made a decision, nearly two years ago, to not engang in some sort of military action against al asaad's government after the determination that he had used chemical weapons against his people. if they aren't willing to go into some sort of military conflict then, because of the lack of international support, it is really difficult to imagine that the u.s. would be willing to try to get into a position where something like this could happen now. so those are some of the questions that are going to be raised in the next hour here at the state department. >> live for us there in washington, thank you. >> al jazeera is in moscow, and says the government
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maintains that russian soldiers aren't in syria for combat operations. >> there is no secret that for decades russia has been supplying equipment and advisors to syria, but the kremlin stated unequivocally today, that these troops are not involved in actions on the ground. they are there to train the syrians and specialists military quilt, that is being zone in the last few hours there have been developments regarding the russian air flights into syria as the foreign ministry says yes humanitarian aid is now going into the air base in syria. and that is caused some of syria's russian's neighbors to close air space to these flights into syria. bulgaria has closed the air space, ukraine has. the easiest way for the aircraft to get into turkey, turkey grounded one of it's flights and they are very he
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kuk want to use that rout. in the last few hours the spokesman says iran has now agrees that russia can fly over it's air space, which is given it a pretty open line into syria. shocking new footage shows mas. donian police using batons to hit refugees gathering at the border after greece. al jazeera has the latest. >> it is a journey made much harder in the rain. they are taking an enormous risks to get to greece, traveled the entire length of the country, including many kilometers on foot to the macedonia border.
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only to be confronted with this. violence from the macedonian police. there is little comfort ahead. the journey through hungary on the road to austria, is equally forlorn, and with so many people passing through all via, has been forced to suspend on ward rail services. >> from search yeah to hungary, to budapest, people have to face the police. they hold you for three days, everyone is going through the forest. hopeless, people on the floor, lost. how man rights watch has described the conditions as horrific, saying people are being treated by animals on the doorsteps of europe. it is a charge the hungarians deny. but these people will leave hungry as soon as they can, most heading to germany. there chancellor angel merkel continues to hold the door
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wide open. on thursday, she stressed the importance of teaching german to child refugees at kindergarten. >> it is worth making an effort for every child, there is so much enthusiasm, and so much redness to learn, we want to give them a good future. >> the pressure on society will be enormous. germany has already registered 450,000 refugees and migrants this year. 105,000 in august alone. >> not all want to stay in germany, on wednesday denmark briefly suspended train services from germany, carrying hundreds of people towards sweden. europe's refugee crisis is spreading north ward. and it is getting bigger. >> for my son and my wife. and my life. because in syria, don't have life.
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>> the latest eu trend to share 160,000 refugees would be the block's biggest formal gesture yet, but with more than 3,000 people arriving on the beaches of greece each and every day. it's nowhere near enough. jona hull al jazeera. >> just want to show you these pictures there this of course the small town on the hungarian serbian border which i can tell you up until a few moments ago, we saw refugees continuing to tread through the water and the rain as they try to make their way from hungary, into serbia. the night of course falling there right now. and the breaking news as well. in the last few minutes we have heard from the white house in the u.s. that president barack obama has directed the administration to prepare for at least 10,000 syrian refugees to arrive next year. we told you early on that the
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u.s. had promised it would take in some numbers of syrian refugees but we didn't have a figure for the number. we are now hearing that he wants at least 10,000 syrian refugees to be resettled in the u.s. in the next year. well, another of our correspondents is in the greek town, and sent this update. there was a large group, probably between 1,000, and 1,500. it was pouring rain, a bit like what is happening now. they were very egg tore get into mags done yeah, and the macedonian border police were stopping them, so there has been a scuffle and the police were pressing them back.
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now from what we understand, most of the congestion that was over the past week, for example, has now gone away, so you do have up to potentially, 30,000 refugees on the move here in greece. nods in eastern japan are effecting up to 800,000 people. at least 100,000 have been forced from their homes. the flooding has led to a leak of radio active water from the plant. rachel has more from tokyo. >> another natural disaster strikes north of tokyo. this time, it was an inland sea of water, which hit the area just after lunchtime. taking everything in it's wake. >> the muddy wall of water uprooted trees and shook houses from their foundations. in the city, rescuers couldn't keep one the desperate pleas for help. only a lucky few, were moved
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to safety. as it unfolded live on television, the national broadcaster urged people in cars and houses not to give up hope but do whatever they could to survive question have had heavy rain in the past, but i have not seen this much in decades. >> the river broke it's banks after a second day of unusually heavy rain. some areas in the region recorded double the usual september rain in just 48 hours. the wave bower row says it is the kind of rainfall that happens once in half a century. the typhoon has moved off the coast, but the rain lingering. >> these heavy rains are unprecedented. we can say this is abnormal situation, and there is imminent serious danger. serious disasters such as landslides and flooding have occurred and are still happening. >> the prime minister has
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urged local governments to be as ready as possible the heavy rains are unprecedented. the government will prioritize people's lives and take every possible disaster measure. >> more than 800,000 have now been urged to evacuate their homes. while the rain has eased the forecast continues into tomorrow. rescue authorities are now waiting to see what daylight brings. rachel neely al jazeera, tokyo. >> all right, still to come on the program. china's prime minister tries to reassure the world about the health of it's country's economy. >> and we are in the pakistani city where gangsters control much of the water supply.
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has flown military equipment into syria. after days of speculation no there has been a build up. against refugees who gather at the border with greece. 100,000 people have been forced to leave their home, washes away thousands in japan. >> china will reach it's economic target and it's problems will not trigger a global recession. that's according to the chinese president.
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>> in the past three months. leading fears it will start effecting the global economy. more from beijing. >> the chinese premier appeared a very nervous man as he addressed this economic forum in the city. among those in the audience, c.e.o.s from around the world who are trying to understand the strange gyrations in china's economy right now. the speech today was significant, because it really was the first time he has addressed the problems in china's economy, since the country stock market began falling back in june. of course, in august, the government made the decision to devalue the chinese currency, and since then it has fallen by more than 4% against the u.s. dollar. the premier today sent out a message of reassurance. he said that the economy was still a sound bet. yes, they were going to be ups and downs during a period of transition, but that was to be expected.
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but he gave a guarantee of promise of a pledge that china will achieve economic growth of 7% this year, but he also hinted that it was going to be very difficult to do that. so overall the premier was suggesting that china's government is in this for the long haul, and said you know, have faith in us. we are still a country that has an economic growth rate better than many other developing economies right now. now, on the day that the premier was speaking, new figures came out to show that china's inflation rate is now at 2%, the inflation rate is basically the same as the interest rate. now that means there's a lot of cheap money sloshing around the system at the moment, and there's a reason for that, the government wants people to spend more, it wants to shift it's economy away from one based on manufacturing, to one based on consumption, in other words it wants chinese people to buy more stuff, ideal lichenase made stuff. this is a high risk strategy, but it is one the rest of the
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world hopes will work. conflicting reports about a town under curfew. >> the government says that between 30, and 32 kurdish mill tans dies in gunfire in the south eastern town. but the prokurdish people democratic party says that 21 civilians have been killed last week. the town was placed under curfew a week ago. a car bomb has exploded in the libyan county tripoli. one of the former intelligence chiefs were in the prison when the possibility went off. no casualties were reported but several cars were damaged. officials say it was a
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warning about death or life in prison. >> for years armed gains have controlled part of the water supply. the so called water mafia have stole millions of dollars worth of water and thrown it on the black market. the police are finally taking action. >> an illegal water station. the owners have tapped in jumped ground pipeline owned by the state. all day, trucks fill up with stolen water and sell it across. we sell containers of water for $4 and then they resell it to the people for $5. >> the water mafia thrives on the fringes of the city. armed gangs control this neighborhood. so whats here. >> this is one of the illegal
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water company stations. as the water comes from a sewage well. it sends pipes through here, powered by motors and sold on as drinking water. to the people. they only have enough water to meet 50% of it's needs. and the water board estimates 30% is wastes or stolen. this is a powerful business, worth millions of dollars. water barrons with 30 to 40 tankers earn around 16,000-dollar as day. the water board is cracking down on them. over 200 pumping stations have been raided. >> this is illegal money is also supporting other illegal and terrorist activities. because they are surviving in an area. this area is infected with these terrorists with these
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gangs. >> over 70% of the stolen water is sold to industrialists. five years ago, the plant was closed, because there wasn't enough water. now the owner buys from the black market, just to keep his clothing business open. >> they are holding. and this is all because a few people. and who are the caretakers and who are the people who are making money, good money out of that. from these people, because they cannot operate such a big operation like this. >> despite the crack down, the leaders of this underwater world are still operating. and the cost of illegal water has now doubled. somewhere, someone, is still making a lot of money. >>ny coal johnston, al
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jazeera. ben he dash has arrested three people in the death of four bloggers. four men are being hacked to death this year, in protests of favor of free speech. it was believed they were targeting their writers. >> students at the top film school in inyeah are on hunger strike in protest against the appointment of their new chairman. every student in the institute is boycotting classes and three have gone on strike. they say the new chairman is unqualified for the task, and only has been given the job for political reasons. they have being supported by some of bolly-wood's biggest stars. >> it is day one for these students on an indefinite hunger strike, but all the students here al the film institute have been protesting for months. you can see what they have set unhere, art work,
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displays, protest slogans many of them even graving the elements in the day and nighttime to get attention. what they are protesting is the appointment as chairman of the ftii, they say he is just a minor actor. and lacks the qualification and prestige to lead one of the top institution institutiot his appointment is based on politics given his proximity to the central government. the government says he is completely qualifies. this despite the students getting support from faculty, alumni, and many big names in the film industry. the students here say they won't let up. they have been marking the days they have been missing classes here, and there have been many days of loud rallies. and other days of silent protests so have even been arrested. but they say they won't give up, and today's protests and the hunger strike, is just the next step of their protest to have him removed.
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peter robinson is stepping aside. he fails to convince other parties to suspend the party. he wanted london to take over, after allegations that the party was linked to recent violence. >> now, scientists have discovers the remains of a new human like species in a cave system in south africa. well, this early relative of modern humans could have evolved about 2.8 million years ago. scientists say it will reshape our understanding of how humans developed. al jazeera now explains. it was unveiled in front of the leading scientists and media, a new link in our evolutionary chain. this is homeowner one of our
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earliest relatives. part ape, part human. >> in fact, the feet are like you and i. but, they were standing next to us right now you would not think it was a human. about 5'" tall, and a tiny head. the tissue would be small, but very primitive, and they have high shoulders. like an ape. >> the fossils were found in a cave at the cradle of human kind world heritage site, in south africa two years ago. never before have so many fossils been found in one place. there are 15 partial skeletons. but what is almost more significant is what it tells you about his behavior. scientists say the remains were put there deliberately, suggesting a burial ritual. that's something we thought only we did. >> we don't see any symbolic
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behavior they are doing, yet that emotional basis that social basis, some recognition that a dead member of their own group, their own species is special, in some way. that seems to be what we are seeing here. it's in some ways maybe one of the first steps towards humanity. it is revolutionary ray in other ways too. the thinking is that the brain grew bigger or before the body became more like us. >> scientists don't know how old these fossils are. but as a species they could have emerged around 2.8 million years ago. and it could have walked the earth as recently as 100,000 years ago. it confirms south africa as one of the richest sources to one of our greatest mysteries. where and from whom did we come. tonya page, al jazeera, cradle of human kind, south
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africa. >> and there's time to remind you, you can always find out much more about many of our stories by going to our website. what we are seeing there is what the front page looks like at the moment. down the the wire to republicans trying to kill the iran nuclear deal. why they say the white house is not giving them enough information. cars and trucks are being shot at on a busy highway. police are asking for help in finding the people responsible. >> any time that you have multiple shootings, against american citizens on a highway, that's terrorism. >>


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