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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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coming up on "al jazeera america," tragedy at one of the holiest sites. troubling video out of a ref uming e kept. people kept in pennsylvania and fed like animals. more signs of a dire situation in europe.
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nuclear politics, the greatest move from congress to put a stamp on the deal with iran. >> house arrest for just the weekend? that and more coming up at 7:00. you 107 people have been killed and 238 injured after a crane krapsed in saudi arabia's grand mosque in mecca. there are severe sand storms and high winds in the region at the time. the pilgrimage is due to take place later this month. a number of eu countries reject ref uming e quotas. the same with the story, sashingsdz spoke with the head of the ref uming e agency who said a complete overhaul of apologized is needed to help control the crisis. >> the present situation is
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absurd. people coming to greece and from greece to macedonia. from macedonia and they move to sush i can't, from serbia to hungary, from hungary to austria, from austria to germany and it is a model way in which you have a travsh jams. sometimes you move. sometimes it's stopped. people should come to greece. they come to an island screened and if it is proven that the person a ref uming e, be received properly instead of having to go on step by step, country by country, border by
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system. >> it's planning new reception centers. >> these are young war refugees. i have often witnessed -- they have often witnessed atrocities, hopefully you and i would never experience in their lives. i have spoken to a young man who his mother and father were both murdered in front of him. he started running leaving them
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and didn't stop until he found safety in the united kingdom. >> many fem compassionate toward refugees. entangled with a wider debate about immigration as a whole. the conservative government won the election promising to reduce the numbers of immigrants coming to britain and that helps explain it's reluctance to now take more refugees. >> a former british ambassador came to this country from cypress as a boy. he belongs to migration watch which wants to reduce my identification to wrain. he said this company is lessee equipped than german to take in large numbers of refugees. >> german has a population that is decreasing. it's a much bigger country. our population is increasing at a greater rate than the germans.
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so you are not comparing like with like frankly. >> the advances guard of some 5,000 children were to find sanctuary. >> in the past, brain has been a defendant safe haven for people escaping persecution. jewish children who fled from the nazis. >> for the asians who were expelled from uganda, although they held british passports and the numbers were small compared to the numbers of syrians now on the move. the people who march in london this weekend belief this country can take in many more refugees than it has committed to so far. britain spends much more on foreign aid for syrian refugees in the camps in the middle east than any other country in europe. the government will be very reluctant to make more concessions. barn bi phillips. on the headquarters of a t.v. channel in sanaa, the building
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was reportedly being used as a wednesday store by houthi reynolds. the egyptian military says it has killed 98 fighters in an operation in the sinai "penguins of madagascar." egypt has been battling an insurgency since mid 2013 when the army overthrew mohammed morsi of the muslim brotherhood. an egyptian affiliate, the group has killed hundreds of soldiers and police. he script says four of its soldiers died in the operation. more than a million people have been taking part in a demonstration in barcelona to show their support for independence from spain. this year is a celebration of cat loan i can't's national day. it marks the start of a two-week electoral campaign. the regional election on september 27th is widely being seen as a second referendum on whether the region should break with spain. since the restoration of
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democracy in the late 1970s, calls for independence have continued to grow. cat loan i can't is an autonomous state in northern spain, home to 7.5 million people. in an unofficial referendum, 80% of those who voted said yes to separating from spain. 85% of the population speak catalan, which is europe's 9th most widely spoken language. traditionally spain's economic and industrial powerhouse, catalans complain their tax revenues subsidize other parts of the country. earlier, i spoke with with political economist from the london school of sxhiningdz who explained how likely a secession would be. >> the government actually reacts to and offers a constitutional deal, then there will be a referendum, a referendum of independence. it will be constitutionally
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voting against it. the catalan allegation hyde and provides a solution to the peaceful, let's say, equity problem that cat loan i can't faces. it's up to the spanish government to decide. >> turkey has said it will lift the week-long curfew in the did you everedish city. 30 people have been killed since the operation began in the southeastern city last week. there have been concerns the xur would lead to a humanitarian crisis with reports of food running out. the curfew will end on saturday morning. >> the u.k. labor party is about to unveil a new leader. the frontrunner is a member of the party's left wing which has been marginalized for 20 years. supporters see jeremiah corbin as a way to sweep away austerity and bring people power into
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politics. critics say he is more likely to destroy the party's chances ofly. lawrence lee reports now in the from the english mid lands. >> horvan thought he had no chance of winning. the rise has been the most startling political story. >> thank you for coming tonight. >> his core messages: make corporation pay more tax, reshape the economy to help the poor. the party's grass root supporters. >> they know nothing about our lives at all. these are millionaires how are they supposed to understand a mother that's going without food so she can feed her own in a first world country. >> the architects of the modern labor party despair at all of this. former prime minister tony blair thinks these people are
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duluthsal. at rallies like this - this -- delusional. at parties like this, no one is listening to him at all. >> the most extraordinary result against the labor party jeremiah corbin he is a warrior. he will fight for the abandoned british lower class. >> so far, he demonstrates the huge problems facing the labor party struggling to recover from the shock of its elections defeat in may. his rocketing support inside the party is by no means shared by most labor mps. many said they will not work with him if he becomes a new leader . >> i am sure there is going to be interesting discussions and making a lot of progress because we want to oppose what the government is doing on welfare, health services's service, what it is doing to trade unions and ordinary peoples' lives and the
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gross inequalities that exist in britain. >> this rally was in this year's national elections, a crucial marginal constituency. all of the signs are of middle england and economic decay that labor should have won but failed to. from a majority, a reflection of how limited interest is in politics nowadays. >> do you call him a politician? >> jeremy jeremy corbin. that's right. >> politics. >> no. >> so if he wins, corbin faces the most enormous challenges trying to keep the party in westminster, persuading a cynical voting public things could be different and take okay a media which is totally hostile to him. politics here could be about to become really interesting. it could also be the end of the labor party. lawrence lee, al jazeera.
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a week before pope francis makes his first visit to cuba, the communist says it will release more than 3 and a half thousand prisoners. cuba has marked visits by previous popes by releasing prisoners but this is the largest ever announced. the catholic church has played an important role in cuba's improving ties with western couldn't trees. it's not yet known if any of those employing freed are considered political prisoners by disidence or human rights organizations. it's more than two weeks since colombia closed many borders with venzuela, austencebly as an anti-smuggling venture. theyt has left many stranded and soured relations between the two nations. a report now from the peninsula on the border. it's hilting one of south america's most traditional communities hard. >> reporter: it's pastime for
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this family. they say they have got nothing to eat. rice, sugar, cooking oil, corn. we are out of everything. >> even drinking water is sparse. >> before the kids would east at least twice a day. if we had enough for three times, they would eat three times. but now, we are down to one meal and they are getting sick for centuries, they have managed to survive here freeling crossing the board their divides their an cest recall lands. >> but sense the anti-smugging offensive, it has been hurting looichldz. it was aivelihoods. it was a. it would send in food, water tanks and other aid to the villages but people here say that ended months ago. >> the highest malnutrition rate
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and infant mortality in columbia and is going through one of the worst droughts in decades. the contraband from venzuela which they don't consider illegal. >> these people are trying to cross one of the routes through the desert hoping to bring back what thing. >> venzuela says we can move freely but if we are lucky they let us bring in two kilos of rice. >> through the desert, gasoline canisters most likely lie empty. in a maple town, illegal gas while not as abundant is still available. so are many subsidized venzuelan goods. restrictions are having an effect. end, the illegal trade meeting difficult. if we look at it from a historical spectertive, then
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merchants. venzuela is looking for a scapegoat for its proshz. when the economic was the opinion zit, they would trade it would be complex indicated to stop this. this has always been part of our tradition. >> traditional ways of survival under threat now and many here fear could soon stir up social tensions if the border crackdown continues. colombia. >> severe flooding in japan has prompted the prime minister to hold an emergency cabinet meeting. three people have been killed and more than 100,000 have been forced to leave their homes. a report from a city in one of the worst affected areas. >> japan's 18th typhoon of the year continued it's destrustive path. it duped unprecedented amount of rain it was austin.
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i am happy i have been krefk you'd. the self defense force led the rescue and recovery effort from the air as two rivers burst their banks further south, it was the river of an angry demon that unleashed its fury. several days of rain saw the river burst and take everything with it. >> we were preparing to evacuate when the fire fighters rushed to tell us a riverbank had collapsed. we hurriedly got into our cars but by that time, the water was up to our knees. >> it's worse than i expected. the river is destroyed by the powerful water. i was admired at the energy of water disasters. >> evacuation centers have been set up. those with no homes to go to are being given shelter and food with assistance from volunfears. >> we decided to help out
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victims of the flood as they go through the tough time. >> this was some of the worst flooding japan has seen in more than 60 years 4 now, the situation seems to be improving. the good news in this area is that the water is receding quickly and the weather has cleared which will enable a clean-up operation to begin. clearly, it will be some time before many are able to return home. wayne hayes, al jazeera. japan. >> singapore's ruling party has won a desi'veific victory in the country's generally. it's the 12 time that the people's action power has won power since the city states became independent. a widening wealth gap and a demand for change from younger singaporeians had led to hopes for gains for the opposition. a court in india has found 12 men guilty over the 2006 mumbai train bombings. 189 people were killed when seven bombs went off on commuter trains within minutes of each
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other. the men face the dr. dp or life in prison. staying in india, students are escalating demands to remove a new chairman. for the past 3 months, they b boycotted classes because of a string of questionable political appointments. faz jamil has more. >> reporter: the entrances makes it clear is there hasn't been a defendant normal die at the film and television institute of india for a while. we see why. students began a hunger strike on thursday adding to a 3-month long protest against an actor who the students say is be qualified to be shareman organizers say it's part of a string of questionable appointments here. >> it makes us feel freedom of
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express willing hampered immensely. we are not allowed raise our voices against the government. earlier during the protest, some of the students were arrested at night after a confrontation with the institute's director. now, crowds have thinned. most students stay in their hostels the government says the sfud events are being unreasonable and that chohan was the only candidate willing to take the job. the minister said on thursday, unfortunately the student have taken extremely hard line stance. we are ready to resolve all issues. we have had multiple talks with them. meanwhile, the students say they will continue their proceed tests. >> the fact that these stud events have kept this protest going for three months, missing classes, facing arrest,
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demonstrates their determination to force the chairman out. some supporters which include faculty and famous alumni worried that this is an issue that goes beyond this institution. >> the doesn't hadoesn't have t consult anyone to make appointments. >> i was shocked with the appointment. >> students and supporters say in the past, jobs have gone to people with well established experience and careers. >> they are constantly berated. that's the only way to make a dialogue going on one can't keep these appointments, make these appointments with a casual approach. >> the strike is likely hurting the education of these students and delaying their careers. they believe it's a worthwhile sacrifice for their school and its standard of excellence. faz jamil. >> still to cock on al jazeera,
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a day of upsets in the women's semifinals of the u.s. open. serena williams' dream of a grand slam has been ended by an undefeated italian.
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welcome back. here is a reminder of the main story on al jazeera. 107 people have been confirmed dead and 238 injured in awed see air abe were after a train collapsed in the grand mosque in
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mecca. two engineering graduates have invented a device to improve communication for speech and hearing people. it takes sign language and designed by two young women, it is bridging more than a gap in communication. a report now the aim of the project was why of the to graduate. their idea was to create a prototype that would eventually allow everyone to understand sign language. they explained the glove is equipped with sensors which detects finger movement while an accelerator measures hand motions. the signals are transmitted to the control section which vocal ices and places their translation in text. a robot e expert has been look into the viability of the invention. he says there is a lot of
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skoechlt. >> i haven't seen such a device. if they are properly guided, i think they can have a product available cost effectively available to the general population who are disabled the prototype can currently recognize eight phrases. the creators of the gesture vocalizers say it can be developed to read all sang language. many are questioning how much more useful this can be than texting or writing. >> to find out, we take the device to the school for the speech and hearing impaired. >> can you ask him what he thought of the device when he used it? >> he says it would be good to have although there are only al few phrases. if there were more, it would be where all people could understand him. >> reporter: research is being done across the world in
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bridging the gap between the hearing and speech berrymaned. similar ideas are being developed. there isn't anything effective or affordable in the market yet the inventors of the gesture vocalizeers say they were aware they were venturing into new territory when they started the project, but they are surprised at the response they received. >> i think people want to mover forward. after this project, companies if developed to its full potential, many expert say it won't just be a break through in technology but also for society. al jazeera. >> in sports, serena williams' dream of winning all 4 tennis grand slams in the same year is over. as mark gram reports, it wasn't the only shock result at ing
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meadows. >> everything from the first point to the very last. in our 3 was overcome with emotion after upsetting the world's best. >> in the first, though, it appeared serena williams' power would be too visit for her to cope with. she lost 6-2. the 32-year-old italian refused to give up and broke in the second seed. she helped her serve to force a deciding set. then she continued to run to every corner of the court and got a crucial break in the 7th game. she went on to clench william's run of a chance after calendar
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year grand slam. >> i don't want to talk about how disappointing it is for me. if you have any other questions, i am open for that. i thought she played the best tennis of her career, you know. >> she is 33, and, you know, she is going for it at a late age. >> in the first sem e final, second seed hallip started poorly and never recovered with 33-year-old vanit i taking out the match 6-1, 6-3 in just 59 minutes. >> it's amazing. also 20 days ago, my physio asked me if i ever think i can win a grand slam and i say no after two messive upsets it's an
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italian affair. >> it and more on the crane collapse in mecca in a few minutes.
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this is al jazeera america . >> tragedy at islam's holiest site. a train collapse kills thousands just days before the annual pilgrimage. disturbing video shows refugees forced to pin


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