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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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determine whether the automakers continue to compete to automakers around the globe or if they go to past practices, which just a few years ago drove them to the edge of extinction. >> for all the latest news. >> firefighters gain a foothold against a deadly fast-moving fire in northern california. residents try to escape after hundreds of homes are turned oh ash. >> i'm here with you this morning with seemingly impossible choice that i do not wish on any of my fellow americans. my conscience or my freedom. >> kentucky clerk kim davis returns to work days after getting out of work. how she's respond to go a court order over image licenses. the attorney general said that
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more indictments are likely in the investigation in the corruption of fifa. in the investigation that the swiss and u.s. authorities are taking. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. 6,000 firefighters this morning are confronting two of california's fastest burning fires in decades. the valley and butte fires together have consumed more than 132,000 acres. that is bigger than the entire city of new orleans. the butte fire after five days is now 30% contained. the evaluation orders are starting to be lifted in the area. but not before these fires destroyed more than 100 homes. and the valley fire close to napa is only 5% contained. it has killed one person and ruined more than 400 structures. strong winds and drought are fanning the flames there.
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we're there this morning in middletown, california, hit by the valley fire. i can see that destruction behind you. is that a scene that you're seeing a lot of in that area? >> stephanie, absolutely a scene that we're seeing a lot. a lot of homes have been destroyed in middletown. this is a former house i'm standing in front of. you can see all that is left are the foundations. we're standing probably where the entrance was. i see shards of a washer and dryer that are ruined. and a kitchen. driving in to middletown, it was interesting to see the town. parts of it seemed absolutely fine, and then there were others parts completely blackened by the fire. you know about the fast winds saturday night into sunday morning. those winds would lift up flames, and the flames went through the town in 20 minutes, very quickly. that's part of the problem with the fire that's so tough.
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it's been remarkably unpredictable. that's why so many people are concerned, and why it has become a top priority in the state. >> how are the people in the area coping, and how much warning time did they have to evacuate? >> well, the evacuation came o out--the evacuation order came out saturday evening, and we know that the flames went through the town. residents did not have that much time. i just want to point to some of the buildings behind me. you can see some of the buildings did survive the fire in this area. that building over there actually belongs to the firefighter that had been fighting the fire. he himself did not know whether his home was fine or not until recently. you can really imagine its emotional for residents here. most of those in evacuation areas are not allowed back into the area, so they don't know if they have a home or not. >> how stretch ready resources
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at this point. it's been such an intense fire season. >> absolutely very intense fire. the big challenge, of course, is deployment. actually if you think about it this valley fire just started saturday afternoon. so we're really looking at 36 hours into this fire, and already the state has deployed 1,000 firefighters. that's a lot of firefighters to fight this flame. of course, they're very concerned because the wildfires in california, there have been plenty of them. there are eight going on right now. this one has been particularly unpredictable. >> melissa chan live for us in middletown, california. thank you. california's four-year drought has made fighting fires difficult, but crews may finally be getting help from the weather. let's bring in nicole mitchell. >> the drought has sucked the moisture out of vegetation. that's one of the problems that we're dealing with in this area. finally over the week a bit of a disturbance with an onshore
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flow, that brings in the ocean moisture and humidity. some of the humidity levels have been down in the single detectives and teens. now 20%-330% humidity is what we're expecting, and you'll see isolated showers. this is not enough to put anything out but help to control things a little bit. what we're watch something this next system off the coast of alaska right now. as it moves across the next couple of days, that's the system that we're really watching for in terms of moisture. that does not get here until wednesday, but the combination of the humidity that is already going up, and the temperatures that also went down as that last system went through that's making a big difference. the temperatures today significantly lower. we had temperatures easily above 100 dress over the last couple of days. so that's going to make a difference. the humidities are going up. that also makes it easier to fight the fires. and i was talking about that next weather system. it's not just california that
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has been dealing with the fires. we have large fire incidents in oregon, washington, montana, that next system is the system that we would see in winter. that could bring significant moisture to it. especially those in northern california. it is not out of the question that there could be a couple of snowflakes in the sierra, so cooler air as well. j. >> well, that is something. thank you. on her first day back to office, kentucky clerk kim davis said that she will not stop marriage licenses but they will also not authorize them. she spent a week in jail in convert sand said her name will not be on the licenses. >> i'm just a person who wants to work, be with my family. i want to serve my neighbors
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quietly without violating my conscience. and so this morning i'm forced to recognize my conscience with judge beings' orders effective immediately, and until an accommodation is provided by those with the authorities to provide it, any marriage license issued by my office will not be issued or authorized by me. >> now in her absence they are deputies have been give couples the licenses, and this morning one deputy clerk said that he will keep issuing marriage licenses despite the objection from his boss. joining me now from washington, d.c., good morning, thank you for being with us. call me confused about what kim davis is saying this morning. she said any unauthorized license that they issue will not have my name, my title or my authority on it. can she do that?
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can she just take her name off it? what does that mean for the validity of the licenses? >> yes, there is a lot of smoking mirrors here. the good news is that this is not going to impact the validity of the licenses. the reason why is kim davis the individual is different from the office of the clerk in this particular county. the court has ordered the office of the clerk and the official who is the personification of that office to issue licenses. that office is now issuing licenses. and kim davis may object to that, but her office is now doing what is required to do under the law. so i think that because this was done pursuant to a court order binding her office, her licenses are going to be legal even if kim davis wants to maintain a little bit of smoking mirrors in the process so she can feel like she is living up to whatever view she has.
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>> kim davis, though, she seems to want clarity herself. she's calling on kentucky's governor to relinquish her office from grants lances. can he do that? or is that something that the legislature would have to do. >> my understanding that the process is set by the state legislature, so it would require an act of the kentucky legislature in order to change that process. if they choose to do so, one thing they need to keep in mind is that the supreme court said in its marriage equality decision is that same-sex couples must be able to receive marriage licenses on the exact same terms as any other couple. if they craft a remedy that cuts kim davis out they have to make sure that it does not lead to a situation where a same-sex couple shows up and someone at the clerk's desk said i don't serve your kind let me get
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another person, because then they're not receiving their license on the same terms. but if they cut kim davis out of the process and make sure that everyone is treated equally, there are ways to do that. >> do you think that kim davis has legal ground to ask for accommodation for her religious beliefs as we saw in that press conference. this is gut wrenching for her to have her name associated with gay marriage licenses at this point. >> she certainly has the authority to ask the state legislature to change the law. and so long as the state legislature complies with the institution they can pass whatever law they want. what kim davis cannot do--i don't think she has any claim under federal or state law here because she is a state official. if she if she were a private individual working for a private interit might be a little different, but even there it gets dicey.
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but here sheathes comply with the state constitution, and she can't say i'm not going to serve someone because i don't approve of you. >> thank you. >> more than a year after the riots in ferguson, missouri, they will release the report on the state of racial equality. according to published reports the commission found black motorist notice st. louis area were 75% more likely to be pulled over for traffic stops than whites. among the reported recommendations a special prosecutor for police involved killings, consolidating municipal police officers, creating review boards and increasing the minimum wage. a new lawsuit is challenge the nypd during the occupy wall
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street. saying that people were arrested when their behavior was not criminal. a teacher strike in seattle is now in its second week, and 53,000 students in more than a hundred public schools will be out of class again today. both sides are talking to a mediator. on sunday the district offered $62 million in raises and more special education funding, but the teachers are asking for triple of that because of seattle's high cost of living. the expanding probe into corruption, attorney general loretta lynch said that investigators have turned up new evidence that could lead to more charge. and european leaders hold emergency talks on the refugee crisis. why the region's response may be causing more people to make the desperate journey. ney.
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>> al jazeera america, weekday mornings. catch up on what happened overnight with a full morning brief. get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. >> welcome back. we're taking a look at some of today's top stories. a police is suspected of killing a man near p paducha, kentucky. he was killed in a wooded area along interstate 24. president obama will travel to iowa to introduce a new plan to help students needing financial aid. starting next school year they'll be able to apply for federal aid three months
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earlier. three teens are facing criminal charges in arizona for what police are calling copycat attacks on a highway. the three use sling shots to launch rocks at cars. they do not appear to be connected with the dozening on interstate ten that has damaged dozens of cars and trucks in the last two weeks. attorney general loretta lynch said that international prosecutors are integritying a neinvestigating a new lead recording fifa. lynch said that computers, banks accounts and apartments tied to fifa officials have been seized and more suspects around the world are being investigated. >> to anyone who seeks to live in the past and to return soccer to the days of corruption and bribery, cronyism and patronage, this global response sends a clear message.
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you are on the wrong side of progress, and you do a disservice to the integrity of this wonderful sport. >> 14 fifa executives have been indicted. ten are fighting extradition to the u.s. three are already here. lee, tell us more about today's revelations and what is exactly at stake? >> there is a lot at stake for fifa, i feel that there is further fear around the headquarters in zurich because this was a clear warning from erro loretta lynch. you can't help but immediately think that the individuals going to the very top, that would be the spotlight on president sepp blatter because people want to know will he face anything? at any point. he people want to know just how much he was involved in this, and those investigations continue at every level.
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benties were used and could they be in trouble itself. that is what loretta lynch was driving at. this is taking place at the same hotel where we saw the arrests made in in may. as i sit here now, sepp blatter is sitting at a desk in zurich. he has not left his job at fifa yet. i think this agitates the authorities involved in this, and they want to make sure that those who have had any part in this are brought to justice. you can see that the net is closing in, and that's the message they wanted to send out very firmly. >> i think a lot of people who are following this story are frying to figure out sort of when--what the end result will be. we know that the swiss investigation is looking specifically into the
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russia 2018, the qatar world cups. is there a sense that these investigations are leading to some sort of revote? >> it's a very complicated issue. people are using revote very carefully and i understand why. hosting the world cup in three years having that tournament taken away from them. michael garcia was not allowed in russia. there is just not the body of evidence to take it away. even if there was wrongdoing is the evidence there? it is a similar situation in qatar. this is a huge investigation. they talked about how much time it would take. for all the incessant allegations against qatar, the proof needed of the level of corruption is not there as they want it. now it is, of course, possible. anything can possible that at some stage there will be very
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high action over an entity. but over an entire nation is a different matter. that's why i've noticed very early in this people have scantly used the word individuals, and it is individuals who are taking blame a revote that was a long way away. >> we willings life for us with the late nest london. thank you. european leaders are holding talks over the crush of refugees on the continent of hungary, and these are live pictures. police have just closed the main entrance point for migrants. they're constructing a fence in hungary to keep people were crossing over the austrian border. huge numbers are cared for even as the country has reintroduced new checks to stem the flow at its borders. this morning they predicted that that country could expect a million migrants this year. austria and slovakia has joined
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germany reintroducing border checks as well. ambassador park piorini said that no one should expect a quick resolution out of bruce else. >> we have two issues. one is the relocation issue. there you have three different leagues. you have germany will take over 1 million over time. that's one. second you have the full orders of germany from france, u.k. and others. and then third you have the front, hungary, czech republic, poland and denmark with nuances between them. that is going to be another debate. it is going to go to heads of state and government. the next issues, i would even
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over emphasize it is that you have to provide these migrants. these people hundreds of thousands of people on their way from turkey to europe. you have to provide them with safe corridors. safe transportation, holding points. whatever you call that right now we can see every day that thousands of people are taking high risks on the sea, from turkey to the first line of greek islands. this needs to be solved. it needs corporation between the e.u. and countries like turkey, macedonia and serbia. that is the urgent problem. >> he said that there is genuine compassion in germany for the refugees, but the country is overwhelmed in the speed at which people are arriving. all this week al jazeera america is taking a look at the desperate journeys of those
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migrants, the growing pressure and the search for solution to the crisis. celebrating their religion in iran. struggling with misconceptions within the community.
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down
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>> jewish people around the world are marking rashashona, the starting of the new year.
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president rouhani wrote: >> his tweet was only sent from his english twitter account, and not his iranian one. many are in iran. >> since the 1979 revolution the iran's government has billed itself as an islamic republic based on rule by shia muslim clerics. some minorities enjoy official status under iran's constitution. those groups look like traditional eastern christians and jews. >> we have a lot of over 100 who are in prison and similar number of sunnies and christian convert who is are in prison solely because of their beliefs in region, but not a single jew.
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they can have their practices as long as they don't step into political issues or any kind of activities that for all citizens it is for bidden. >> under iran's constitution jews get one seat in the iranian parliament. iran's jewish community elected representative. >> you travel the world. you meet other jews. >> yes. >> do they look at you and say, why are you still in iran? >> they say that. my culture is iranian. of course we pray in hebrew. we love muslims. we obey moses, aaron, torah. >> but nevertheless, the number have dwindled because of immigration especially since the islamic revolution of is the 79. most of them moved to the united states or israel. >> does the vehement criticiz
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ing of the world, do you fear that it falls on the-- >> the sign says fil philistine felestein square, that means jewish headquarters. there are three jewish parochial schools and an excellent kosher restaurant. >> this is a jewish name. >> yes. >> i haven't met a lot of iranians named david shoumer. you're the first one. >> yes. >> do they know when you said that your name is-- >> i say that i'm jewish.
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>> any problems? >> no, no, not at all. >> why did so many leave? >> i think many, i think it's a mistake. >> you do? >> yes. iran's jews say that they have roots in the country that go back 3,000 years. the question that many observers are asking how much staying power does the community have to persist in the years to come? ali velshi, al jazeera, tehran. >> winning his second title djokovic beat roger federer 3-1. the match was delayed by rain for three hours. the only match he didn't win in 2015 is the french open. thank you for watching i'm stephanie sy. you can always get the latest news from our website have a great morning. ning.
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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the al jazeera newshour. i'm martine dennis in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. germany and hungary impose border controls, leaving thousands in legal limbo. >> i'm very honored by the responsibility that's been definitive ome today. >> australia's new p


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