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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the al jazeera news hour, i'm julie in doha and state of emergency in two counties and detains more than 9,000 refugees crossing from serbia. backing assad, russia's president says his government will continue to provide military support to the syrian regime. israeli police storm the compound in occupied east
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jerusalem injuring 36 palestinians plus australia's new leader is sworn this as prime minister the first in two years and we will meet the doctors working to make motion sickness a thing of the past. ♪ hungary has declared a state of emergency in two border counties after detaining more than 9,000 refugees crossing in from serbia. also imposed tough new border controls blocking the mainland route into the european union, a four meter high fence is being erected to stop the flow of asylum seekers and it's a criminal offense to cross the frontier without permission from serbia, a country which is not in the eu. the eu policy chief is meeting with the u.n. high commissioner for refugees to discuss the crisis. she has called for unity and
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relocating asylum seekers across member states. >> our unity or lack of unity internally has an impact on our credibility externally and effectiveness externally and build on external action in the last month in a very complicated but positive way. i say we are united as europeans on our external actions on migration and refugees and we need the same level of unity and action on the internal policies in the european union, otherwise we are off. >> in the middle of chaotic situations member states try to take their own measures and border states tie to be monitored and some in a harsh way and others in a softer way but it is as if europe, each
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country is a piece in a puzzle but when you put the pieces together you discover the pieces do not match any more and there is not such a space as europe acting together to be able to grant protection to those in need of protection. >> let's go to mohamed on the hungary-serbia border and last-minute rush by refugees to get across that border before controls are imposed. tell us about where you are and what you are seeing and the people you have spoken to. >> yeah, julie let me set the seen for you we an a long the border that is erected, razor wire fence and this is the border and police and soldiers here. this right here, this is the train car that has been outfitted the razor wire brought in to fill in the gap in the fence whereas of last night refugees were still crossing over. try to look here, beyond the
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fence, there are still refugees that are coming up, the railroad tracks, walking three kilometers from serbia trying to get into hungary and we have seen a few dozen this morning, not nearly as many as yesterday but a few dozen this morning and they are turned away and typically take a left turn, walk a few kilometers down the road to where there is an official border crossing,s this is the border crossing that the hungarian officials here and that being said when they got to the crossing they are not allowed to enter and are told there are a few hundred waiting on the serbia side of the official border crossing a few kilometers down that way and pleading with hungarian officials to let them cross and yet they are not being allowed to cross in, that despite the pleas from many aid agencies including unhcr to let them cross this and let aid agencies do more with the hungarian government to help with the
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refugee crisis. this is the train car that is blocking access to refugees that are trying to cross this unofficial border and over here the train tracks used to go to a holding facility and collection camp that was full until yesterday and refugees waying to be taken to a nearby refugee camp and that camp basically gone now and basically cleared of all refugees so this border right now seems very empty and seems very calm but the influx doesn't seem like it will stop any time soon and has been a state of emergency and crisis and the government said last week they would probably impose the state of crisis to help better deal with the refugee crisis but that is not for the entire country, that is for two counties including where we are right now on the border with serbia, julie. >> mohamed, hungary is flatly refusing to a mandatory quota in relocating refugees, the
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pressure on these people is only going to get worse given the eu can't decide what to do with them and they just keep coming. >> despite the pressure that is being put on the eu, despite criticism of hungary as you said and eastern block countries refusing to let more refugees in. this crisis though no where near over and i spoke to many refugees yesterday who were making that crossing from serbia into here and they were saying they have gotten this far and many escaped iraq and militia and i.s.i.l. and iraq and brought families here and will not accept a simple no from a country in europe and will find a way to get around hungary and into austria and into germany even though there are border controls, a situation that really doesn't seem to be ending soon and a crisis that does not seem any where near over, julie. >> thank you for that, mohamed in rushka there, let's bring in michael from the european council on refugees and he is
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live for us from brussels and good to have you with us, michael and we had the meeting yesterday with eu ministers as predicted and fails to be consensus on a long-term plan for relocated refugees throughout the country and throughout the eu, countries like hungary as we saw opposed to take refugees and imposing border controls. >> absolutely. we are very concerned by that and we are very concerned by the fact that the eu member states were not able to come to a decision, were not able to show solidarity and trying to take action and trying to deal with what is now becoming a greater humanitarian tragedy. >> michael, what is the legal status of refugees who arrive asking for asylum in the eu, do they have that legal right to do that in the first place? >> they absolutely do.
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i mean under the geneva convention they have a right to cross borders and a right to cross borders to try to seek protection and is what the people doing and also and more importantly under european union law first of all there is a fundamental right to asylum and article 18 of the european charter on fundamental rights and a common system which is a group of laws and they provide and ensure that there is access to the asylum procedure and that individual who are seeking protection are able for go into a system and then receive the rights and other things such as reception and other types of support once they are within the system. >> what do you make of the eu plan which has been approved apparently for military action against people smugglers in the mediterranean, ie, stopping and destroying boats, i mean that sounds quite controversial, what
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do you make of that? >> we are completely against this, number one we feel if there were safe and legal channels this is the reason why people are coming the way they are and there is no safe, legal, regular way for them to come to the eu and to ask for asylum. if you have those legal channels you would put smugglers out of business and secondly if you respond to people who are running for their lives, who are running from war and you respond with them in the same way with military force with this kind of action it's a policy that is not comprehensible and it's a policy i think that will need to you losing its credibility. >> any chance of a long-term solution do you think given the lack of consensus among the eu countries? >> well, i mean we need to find a long-term solution and a long-term solution will be found. what we need to do first is find a way to provide humanitarian
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assistance because this is turning into a humanitarian crisis and also a manageable refugee influx although it's large so what we need to do is come up with a relocation and come up with a plan in order to provide these individuals with the kind of support they need, the protection they need and also get them into the asylum system and then we need the europe european asylum system to work based on the idea of solidarity. >> thank you michael for that from european council on refugees and exile. >> thank you. now russian president vladimir putin says moscow will continue to provide military support to the syrian regime and urged other countries to join in. the u.s. says russia's involvement will only worsen the situation and believed moscow has positioned tanks at a syrian air base near latakia and sending two cargo flights a day within the past week and roslyn
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jordan has more from washington d.c. >> they don't know why the russian military is expanding its air strip at an air base near latakia or sending in the number of troops that are on the ground, said to be around 200 although pentagon officials won't confirm that but the pentagon is very concerned and the obama administration is very concerned for that matter about the possibility of russian forces one supporting the syrian military in its civil war against the moderate opposition and two possibly coming into conflict with the u.s. led coalition that has been going after i.s.i.l. in the northern part of syria. now, while russia and the u.s. agree that i.s.i.l. is a threat to both of their countries and ally security needs the u.s. and coalition have not invited russia to take part in the fight against i.s.i.l. mainly because the u.s. believes that russia would do so only in attempt to program p up bashar al-assad
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which the u.s. opposes and that said the u.s. doesn't want to go into how it knows that russians are making attempts to build what it is calling a forward operating air base but says that it is watching these developments with concern. well, peter sharp is live for us in moscow. peter has been speaking today, what has he been saying about russia's military support for president assad? >> well, he certainly said he has got no intention of depriving syria of that support and it will continue and he added a rider that the heavy weapons and they are coming in on regular flights now would be used solely against the extremist i.s.i.l. forces that are putting a lot of pressure on syria at the moment. but of course as the west reminds us there are no guarantees that once those weapons arrive in syria they couldn't be used by president assad to prosecute the 4 1/2
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year civil war which left hundreds of thousands dead. putin is leading really at the moment a diplomatic offensive really to try and persuade the west to consolidate the army and opposition groups to fight the common enemy, i.s.i.l., and in return putin is saying that assad would be prepared to deal with what he describes as healthy opposition groups and getting them into part of government and calling for early elections. this is a plan that putin has been pushing and it's one he would like to deliver to president obama in person when he joins the u.n. for the general assembly later this month. >> but, peter, specifically about these new and powerful tanks which the u.s. is claiming are now on the ground at a syrian air base what is russia admitting that? >> well, you talk to military analysts there and there is no
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question that russia is preparing a major invasion of syria but what they also say is that russia has got no intention of turning its back on president assad and supporting syria for 6 0 years now and the only influence in syria and if they lost assad they would lose as crucial part of their network and they would lose their navel base and of course the air base they are working on now but i don't think the kremlin is in any mood for a major invasion of syria. they remember and looking back in the 70s and # 80s and how long it took them to get out but it will continue. >> thank you peter in moscow there. still to come on al jazeera, a thick haze is choking the skies above malaysia and we will tell
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you how weather experts plan to clear the air. plus we will be speaking to families of opposition supporters in the democratic republic of congo still missing after anti-government protests in january. and we have all the sport for you, find out who will replace royal madrid as the world's most valuable team. ♪ israeli police have again stormed alexia compound knowno jews as temple mound in occupied east jerusalem and it's the third time since sunday, 36 palestinians injured and it's the end of the new year when jews are allowed access to the site. palestinian says israel wants to change the rules which allow jews to visit but not pray and
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benjamin netanyahu says the rules will not change. it's contested and holy to muslims, jews and christians and it's home to two of the most important sights in islam the mosque where we have seen more violence on tuesday and the dome of the rock. jewish tradition maintains this is where the final temple will be built when the messiah comes to earth. scott hidlar is there for us and the situation was very tense a few hours ago and tell us what has been happening. >> action lieuly. in early morning hours and again this is kind of routine we have seen over the last three days and this is the third day running on sunday and that is a tense morning and just before 7:00 and there is a clash and there have been clashes that started small and got bigger and bigger and carried on for usually about an hour and a half and possibly two hours between those in the mosque and occupying israeli forces that go in the compound initially and also the three days they entered
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the mosque itself. what happened most of the time is there is rock throwing by those who are held up in the mosque itself and tear gas and stun grenades and also fireworks fired off by those in the mosque as well and it has been going on over the last three days and most likely there is similar erring tension between the two sides and it's a very charged piece of property and very important piece of property to those two religions so it's very charged when it comes to the people who want to get access to it, non-muslim tourists as well as jewish faith and it's going intense because it's the jewish new year and want to come in bigger numbers and do to try to access it and why we see it happen in the early morning hours because the visiting window is 7:30-11:30 and that is what we have seen before the 7:30 time, that is when we seen the clashes take place and the last three days running.
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>> and fears among palestinian that the status could change and we have hamas saying israeli actions are announcement of war, i mean are people worried that this might escalate? >> well, again, it's something that happened in the last -- for the last couple of years running during this time and during the year because tensions click up further because of the holidays and more people want access to this area to the compound that are non-muslims and seen it in the years coming and they called a special security meeting and leading up to this we saw the israeli defense minister ban to palestinian civilian group whose take it upon themselves to be around the site and deemed illegal in the last week and that obviously didn't please the palestinians who guard this and
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go to the site and also the israeli government has changed its policy when it comes to dealing with stone throwers and they have increased the sentences and increased the way of those accused of this can be treated and it has been a stepping up of tensions but, you know, this is a time of year where this normally will take place but obviously it's stacked because of what we have seen over the last couple of weeks. scott in east jerusalem. never been a more exciting time to be australian and he is the fifth prime minister in just over five years after a series of leadership challenges within both major parties and andrew thomas reports from sidney. >> reporter: in australia it is becoming a familiar site, a new prime minister being sworn in. >> i malcolm swear i will well and truly serve the people of the state.
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>> reporter: malcolm said his government will put a positive vision for australia's future. >> there has never been a more exciting time to be alive than today and there has never been a more exciting time to be an australian. >> reporter: australia had a turbulent past with now five prime ministers in just over five years, four in the last 2 1/2. the outgoing prime minister this time said he had much to be proud of but in his concession speech he said the instability and internal party division has to stop but the accesser had this promise. >> no rigging, no under mining, and no snipering. i've never leaked a background against anyone and i certainly won't start now. our country deserves better than that. >> reporter: malcolm is a familiar figure to most use
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australians and he is in favor of gay marriage and abbot was against and the former prime minister was a turn key and he is a republican and led the campaign for a australin austra republic ahead of a referendum but policy differences will be small and big change is one of style and abbot had slogans about stopping refugees and defeating what we call the i.s.i.s. death cult but he was seen as a politician with one foot in the past and prone to making embarrassing decisions. >> heading for certain suicide on to tony abbot. >> i don't think he did the best job. >> he was a bad prime minister. >> reporter: contrast and opinion polls say malcolm is popular and will win election in a year. >> i think malcolm is very capable. >> i am actlly really happy and a breath of fresh air. >> i think he is articulate and
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i think he will present well. >> reporter: it will be though economic management on which turmball is likely to be judged. australia economy closely tied to china is going through a rough patch and he says he can steer it through and embrace the changes to come and has a year to prove it assuming he is not toppled when the next election comes, andrew thomas, al jazeera, sidney. nigeria's president is in france asking for more help to fight the armed group boko haram and met with them on monday and has two more days of negotiations planned and provides logistic support to nigeria and neighbors and boko haram crisis is no different than the fight against i.s.i.l. or da'esh as it's known. >> translator: boko haram is linked to da'esh as we know and receives aid and support from
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this group. fighting against boko haram is fighting against da'esh and no longer possible to distinguish it from regions and it's the same death ideology. >> this input that those countries did with the commission. and the opposition but meeting in may next year to ensure that boko haram has been rerouted. brazil announced almost $17 billion in spending cuts and tax rises to try to balance its books, healthcare, low cost housing and spending on agricultural and subsidies will be hit hard and the economy has been hurt by a slow down and demand from china. the currency plunged by a third this year, the bonds were cut to junk status. smoke from huge forest fires in indonesia has been spreading to neighboring malaysia and singapore and forced them to
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shut schools in four states including the capitol kuala-lumpur. >> reporter: it is so bad schools ordered to close and they will start an exercise on tuesday in hopes that rain can bring some form of relief. >> it's one way to disburse or minimize the case in terms of bringing down all the particle what is suspended in the air to the ground but for temporary measures. >> reporter: the haze is a yearly phenomenon people in this part of the world put up with for nearly 20 years is to stop the source and that is the fires in indonesia and it's so bad that it strained relations between indonesia and neighbors singapore and malaysia and malaysia will meet later this week to discuss the issue and
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weather bureau forecast a change in wind direction and says it may help blow the smog away at least for a few days. let's get the weather with everton and how is the picture looking across the u.s.? >> the u.s. we have wildfires there as well and we are cooler, wetter weather coming in and large massive cloud making its way in the pacific northwest and sinking its way down and california expect to see cooler air over the next couple days and possibility of much-needed rainfall. here is our boundary with the cold front that extends north of san francisco where the latest major wildfire has been burning but the cooler air has actually sunk is way down down to colorado and utah and pushing down to a good part of arizona. you can see how the greens and yellows show up nicely on the chart and look at the warmth coming in across the plains and 30 degrees celsius coming across
6:26 am
denver and we will continue in the central parts but a touch cooler, the cooler air is trying to make its way through and as it did make its way through we saw some rather lively storms this time lapse picture coming out of arizona, a bit of a dust storm coming through first and lovely strikes of thunder and lightning coming on behind the storm. wet weather does extend across the western side of the u.s. and this is the remainder of tuesday and more useful rain heading to san francisco for wednesday, julie. >> thanks indeed for that, you are watching al jazeera, more to come including. >> flee an even bigger problem, there is no problem bigger than hunger. >> reporter: we meet ethiopia migrants willing to travel to a conflict zone in hopes of a better life plus india's booming drugs industry is being questioned internationally. ♪
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welcome back, i'm julie and let's look at the headlines and they declared a state of emergency in two countries with serbia and detained more than 9,000 refugees crossing in from serbia and imposed tough new border controls blocking the main land route into the eu. russian president vladimir putin says they will continue to provide support to the military regime and urged other countries to join in and russia
6:29 am
involvement will worsen the situation and positioned tanks at a syrian air base near latakia and they stormed the compound as temple mountain for a third day and 36 people injured and tuesday marks the end of the jewish new year when jews allowed access there and palestinians says israel will allow them to visit but not to pray. go back to the refugee crisis in europe and many people have been scrambling to get through hungary before they closed the border crossing and with a group of people trying to get across from serbia. >> reporter: grateful for the food he knows he has barely enough time to eat. >> translator: we are afraid they will close the border and not let us in with death and destruction and the families come so say and we ask hungary please let us through. >> reporter: along the border
6:30 am
with hungary the refugees are running against the clock. even the wounded must find the stamina to continue. he shows me scars from the injuries he sustained in iraq. after escaping death he decided to get his family out of there by any means necessary. >> translator: we are trying any way we know how, we came all this way to get to europe and we will try any way possible to keep going. to get all the way here from south iraq and then to be stopped, no, we have to keep going. >> reporter: despite the hardships his wife and children are still hopeful they will be able to make it over the next border. others though are not as optimistic. crossing from serbia into hungary the refugees must walk along these railroad tracks about three kilometers and most of the refugees we have been trying to speak with are too afraid to speak on camera and
6:31 am
worried not getting in hungary and worried if they get in they will not be able to get out of hungary in the coming days but the border will be closed in a matter of hours. when we get to the hungarian side of the border it is effectively sealed. construction of the fence nears completion and police, some of them mounted on horse back are out in greater numbers. soldiers guard gap that hours earlier they walked through and there is a path to another possible crossing point a train carriage with razor wire is transported here to stop the influx once and for all, just one more roadblock for refugees on a road that seems to get longer everyday, mohamed with al jazeera on the serbia-hung
6:32 am
border. i.s.i.l. continues to hold large parts of the north and east particularly by the iraqi border and after the capitol of idlib and putting pressure on i.s.i.l. and concentrated newer the turkish border but they control biggest areas like damascus and homs and latakia are dominated by his community. joining us from beirut is editor and chief of lebanon's daily start and good to have you with us and russia says it will continue to military support the regime and the kremlin is calling for dialog and are we
6:33 am
getting mixed messages here. >> i'm not editor and chief but a former editor and chief at the daily star in beirut. >> sorry. >> that is all right. there has been -- there have been mixed messages or at least mixed interpretations in the international press of messages coming from russia for probably the last year or so. the russians have a very clear track record of sticking with their allies through thick and thin and they are willing to pay the consequences and world public opinion for sticking with a person like the syrian president with all of the killing that the government has done against its own civilians and it's clear that the russians are going to keep supporting assad until they can get to a possible political transition process where assad might step down as part of that process or during that process and we just heard yesterday in the
6:34 am
international media and the guardian broke a story that the russians offered in 2012 through the former finished president to actually have assad step aside during a transition process once the fighting stops. so we have to look at the military moves, the political diplomatic support and the possible political transitions all as one moving package deal. >> we also have france saying that it wants to join the air strikes against i.s.i.l., that is stepping up its current flights that it flies over syria, how much difference would that make on the ground? >> it would only make a difference if there was a concerted, coordinated ground strategy, military strategy against i.s.i.l. from the various ground forces that are there, arab, turkish, kurdish, and others, if that was combined
6:35 am
with more air attacks then it could be effective and slowly shrinking i.s.i.l.'s controls area and possibly almost certainly ultimately defeating it militarily but the problem is what it always has been is you can defeat it militarily but if the under lying driver is for its creation and discontinue tents of hundreds of millions of people in this region because of poverty and corruption and hyprocracy and lack of human dignity then something worse than i.s.i.l. will come and then defeat it and make sure conditions change on the ground so we don't have worse forms of i.s.i.l. coming up, in the future. >> we have u.n. syria envoy meeting with the arab league, is there increasing pressure on the arab state to do more both in terms of finding a solution forcifor syria and also taking in refugees? >> you have different arab
6:36 am
states with different positions and quite a few of the powerful wealthy ones, egypt, saudi arabia, qatar and some other ones in the gulf actively supporting the rebels arming them and training and funding them so you have and iran is doing the same, turkey is doing the same so all the big powers in the region, arab and non-arab are actively promoting this war in syria, nothing really reducing it for the moment. when they reach the point where they suffer more than they gain from this process then you will see syria's talk towards a transition to a political settlement. for the moment there seems to be no clear reason for countries like saudi arabia and others to shift into a political strategy, they want to get rid of assad and want to weaken the iranian links in the levante and isolate
6:37 am
hezbollah and show in the yemen war and syria they are tough guys with guns and they can use them and not afraid to use them and can take care of themselves and if the americans talk to asia god with them but saudis and iraqis will take care of their region and defend it. this is quite a dangerous policy but it's a real policy we are witnessing being implemented by wealthy states and well-armed, very well-armed states in countries and syria is the most dramatic and dangerous manifestation of this policy which is probably not going to change any time soon. >> thank you very much indeed for that live from beirut there. now everyday hundreds of yemeni refugees arrive in the horn of africa escaping war back home and a steady trickle of ethiopia
6:38 am
migrants who go the other way and want to cross to yemen to find jobs in wealthy gulf countries and we met some in northeast somali in the region. >> reporter: on the move in northeastern somalia and walking in small groups are an all too common sight here and some offer water and then drive off. >> translator: there are opportunities in ethiopia and i left behind my father, mother and entire family and their only hope, i won't rest until i get a job in saudi arabia. >> reporter: they are headed here, the port city which gained the reputation for being the senator and this is near the port, hundreds live here. they do all kinds of jobs to earn enough money to pay for the journey to yemen and on ward. >> translator: we know there is war and other problems in yemen
6:39 am
but we have a bigger problem, there is no problem bigger than hunger. >> the hope of getting jobs and better lives like saudi arabia to keep the migrants going and they need people smugglers and too often they never reach the shore and miss treatment, abuse and rape and torture, and this is adopted by smuggling rings account for increase in the number of deaths at sea. and the original government says it is struggling to stop the flow of ethiopia migrants and other cities main entrance come together. they are then taken to migrants. >> translator: we want to keep them here as long as we can and dangerous at sea are worse than the conflict in yemen and return to ethiopia those willing to go back. >> reporter: but the local government has to deal with growing number of ethiopia
6:40 am
migrants and to reach economic prosperous countries lies not nearby ethiopia, somalia. sentenced seven people to death over the suicide bombing that killed 26 people in a shia mosque in june and 29 defendants including 7 women are accused of helping them carry out the attack and some are at large and eight people given prison terms ranging 2-15 years and the court cleared 14 others. the u.n. special envoy to yemen is in saudi arabia to meet with people in exile and hadi refused to attend talk and u.n. resolution demanding they withdraw from territory they captured and on the ground troops with the saudi-led coalition say they are moving to the capitol sanaa and uae forces are fighting in the central province, the staging ground for
6:41 am
the push and in the southwest 20 houthi fighters have been killed in thai and eight troops loyal to president hadi were also killed. opposition activists in the democratic republic of congo have a demonstration and he will plan on staying in power beyond the second term which is a violation of the constitution and some who took part in protests in january are still missing and we have more from the capitol. >> reporter: she says the last thing her son said to her was. >> translator: help me i'm innocent, please pray for me. >> reporter: then men dragged her son and opposition member out of her house and she has not seen them since. >> translator: whoever took claud, if you have already killed him please show me where his body is. i want to know if he is alive please bring my son home. >> reporter: he was abducted late last year.
6:42 am
human rights lawyers say more than 30 other opposition supporters are also missing and took part in anti-government demonstrations in january. >> translator: i think they are dead. they were taken somewhere to be killed and attorney general to investigate but nothing has happened. >> reporter: after weeks of no news people became of a strange and horrible smell coming from this side of the cemetery and they alerted police. we are about 80 kilometers from the capitol. human rights activists believe bodies could be buried here and police quartered it off. they deny they systematically targeted opposition supporters. >> we are in the central african region and maybe the number one, freedom of speaking. they are for abusing the president and nobody is arresting them. we believe to the freedom for
6:43 am
our people and we are working on that issue but of course we are near elections and anything can be said by anybody. we need the facts. we don't just claim it that they are just with the opposition, tell us what happened, there is no fact, just claims like that. >> and his neighbor also wants answers, she says she knows her son was shot and killed but she doesn't know where his body is, for her who gave the order to kill him is irrelevant and she only wants to give her son a proper funeral. >> and harry is there and protesters are gathered there and so tell us about this opposition rally and why they think the president is wanting to extend his presidency. >> well, opposition parties are
6:44 am
planning to meet on arriving and say they are concerned and say they might want to extend his term in power and ultimately want a third term. and the government say they got enough money to hold the local convention and the presidential elbow -- election and the courts asked for a delay and they will stay in power longer and use it as an excuse to violate the constitution. things are on the ground and disappearing and are worried and people fear in the next coming months leading up to this could be problematic and could be violent in the capitol in particular and this whole process happens quickly and they don't want to extend his term but seems event also be delayed and seems like he will stay longer in power.
6:45 am
>> harry thank you very much indeed for that, updating us the there. now the u.s. food and drug administration has ban imports from another drug manufacturing plant in india over quality concerns. the 10th site in the country in this year alone, 44th in the past four years and india is the global leader in making generic drugs, that is cheap copies of medicines whose patents expired and supply drugs and vaccines used by global aid agency in poor countries and they warned about the labs which supplies tuberculosis to the partnership that inspections had raised concerns about data manipulation and contamination and i'm joined from new deli for safe partnership for medicine and another drug company called into question for the u.s. and that
6:46 am
is a huge market for india and what does that mean for the drug manufacturing industry in india? >> it's a big blow. in my view, you know, this is not something we can just forget it. it's a very serious issue and we need to understand why this is happening and why does it happen and our concern is that as you have very rightly said india is globally known for making affordable medicines and making it accessible to the world over and we have sort of champions around the world to ensure that indian medicines reach the poorest of the poor around the world in terms of accessibility. so we feel very disheart ended and disappointed when such decisions come that countries ban import of india medicines because it denies access to medicines for the people around
6:47 am
the world and there are a lot of u.s. citizens who access indian medicines so this kind of ban needs to become more transparent and we need to understand why this happens, is it the poor manufacturing practices, which they are found and how it is made transparent to ensure that, you know, processes improve and we continue to give good medicines globally for citizens all over to access indian. >> so what needs to be done to improve quality control, what should the authorities be doing now in india? >> what needs to be done is bring in a lot of transparency in terms of looking at the good manufacturing practices. we must make it public in terms of all the manufacturing processes which are there which would manufacture high-quality
6:48 am
medicines for citizens out of india and make sure they are adhering to best practices and we are very proud to tell you that there are a number of companies in india who are doing excellent work so why these kind of stories come up from time to time and some of them have not adhered to the good practices so we need to understand how do you want to do that, how do you ensure that such instances don't occur and we continue to grow in terms of providing medicines around the world globally to the global citizens. so i'm sure they can look in the issue very seriously and i'm sure the industry will look into the issue and ask consumer groups and we as a partnership for safe medicine for accessibility around the world we also want to see that india becomes one of the major contributor in terms of affordable healthcare all over the world. >> thank you very much indeed
6:49 am
for that and john the partnership for safe medicines india there. still to come here on al jazeera we will have the latest on the major league baseball, the race to be the best in the west heats up, stay with us. >> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause
6:50 am
welcome back and the dizzy, nauticus feeling in a boat or driving down a rough road, i do,
6:51 am
i'm very sick and we have felt it at one time or another but researchers in london believe they have made a discovery that could suppress that and we explain. >> reporter: wearing a cap that monitors and stimulates the electrical activity of the brain and strapped into a revolving chair this man is taking part in research focused on motion sickness. >> we developed a way of using brain stimulation to suppress the signals from the ear and the brain and if we could suppress the signals at the level of the brain from the inner ear and this is highly effective against motion sickness. >> so it was the electrical stimulation made those tested to feel less queazy and recover faster and findings support the theory that motion sickness is caused by confusion of a consensus. >> on a bike you lean in the
6:52 am
corner which is perfectly up right in physics and you don't do that in a car, you don't do that on a ship, you are struggling to find out what is up right and what is the best way of dealing with it. about one this three people suffer severe motion sickness making the discovery and the team's work for a treatment is a wide interest. >> small electricity through the brain and no reported and wanted adverse side effects or interactions and the chance of it being commercially viable prospect are quite eminent. >> within ten years they hope to have a consumer device available and say it could plug into a user's smartphone and attach to their scalp and could make motion sickness a thing of the past. al jazeera. that makes me ill just looking and that going around and around and we are here with the sport >> thank you so much. we start with football and later on tuesday the group stages of
6:53 am
the europe competition kicks off and last season finalist will face manchester city and going in the game in top form and they face a struggling side who failed to win in syria, so far this season and the city boss is not under estimating the italian champions. >> i think we play against this and why they want it in a row and it's not easy and maybe they didn't start very well in the seize but they are continuing to have very good players so i'm sure that tomorrow if we want to win we need to play very well. >> translator: well, i think they are one of the favorites to win the champion league this year and want a distinction with syria on the other and tomorrow
6:54 am
is one of six group games we will play and it's a tough group and we want to qualify from the group. >> madrid will start the group campaign at home against donetsk and the coach's first match with madrid in champion league and ranaldo hit five goals in the last game and one of the players who started all three league games so far with saying he is in no hurry to give certain players a rest. >> rotate players if necessary and do it every time with every player and depends on positions and we have done at the moment and common wealth and we will do it for sure in the season but depends on the players and depends on their positions. >> reporter: likely rivals for top spot in group a and face shaktar and group b three times united take on psb and history
6:55 am
will be made as sanaa will be kazistan will be the first to play the stages. world cup broke all previous ticket records with more than two million fans set to witness the games and australia is the latest team to arrive in host nation england and they look keen to bring a bit of music to the occasion. ♪ monday night saw england's official song getting this as it was projected across london. >> it has been home to the players about the size of this event coming around the corner and the trick is to make sure to be emotionally ready but not overcome by the whole occasion. minnesota running back adrian peterson made his return to nfl on monday and played in
6:56 am
one game last year after being ban from the league for a child abuse indictment but didn't make much of an indictment as the team lost 20-3 to the san francisco 49ers and the former mvp was in the first game since 2014 but opposing running back carlos hyde that stole the show with two touchdowns and the dallas c dallas cow boys and they have an estimated value of $4 billion, nearly three quarters of a billion more than royal madrid and they knocked off the top spot and what makes the cow boys worth that much, the average crowd is 90,000 with ticket sales of $120 million and the popularity is key to the nfl $4.4 tv deal and pivotal to
6:57 am
ratin ratings featured in the most watched games in 2014. and throw in deals and merchandise and total revenue for last year hit a high of $620 million. major league baseball new york mets had the straight win and rbi double in 7th inning lifted 4-3 win over the marlins and lead the national league easty 9 1/2 games and the second loss in a row for the marlins. over in texas the rangers against the astro and texas 5-3 win and within a half game of houston to the top of the american league west. that's all your sport for now. >> thanks indeed for that and that is indeed the end of the news hour but i'll be back after the break with more news. do stay with us. ♪
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♪ hungry's government declares a state of emergency in two counties and detains more than 9,000 refugees crossing from serbia. and 22 refugees including children trying to get to greece drown off the turkish coast. ♪ i'm julie and you are watching al jazeera live from doha and live on the program israelis in jerusalem injuring 36 palestinians and australia's new leader is sworn this as prime minister, the fourth in two years.


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