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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. >> hello there. this is the news hour live from london. in the next 60 minutes, frustration for refugees on the serbia hungary border. the aftermath in palestine. dozens are injured in a third day of clashes with security
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forces. >> and i have all the day's sports including the latest in the champion's league. details later in the program. in an hour's time, awes austria will introduce tougher border checks in an effort to control the refugee crisis. turning back asylum seekers within hours of them submitting claims. serbia says it's unable to handle the number of people gathered at the border and romania has criticized hungary
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about its plans to expand the razor wire fence between the two countries >> this is the scene of the crossing on serbia's border with hungary at the moment where hundreds of refugees have gathered. the minister has pleaded to hungary to reopen the crossing. he sent us this report. many have found themselves stuck in no-man's land. >> they don't understand us. i told the army just to describe our situation that it's a situation that they don't understand. by shutting its main border
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crossing into the european union, hungary has provoked outrage from its southern neighbors. >> those who have not applied on their journey to the border to any kind of asylum and there's no sign of that in the system and they don't have proof of that, they're automatically turned back. >> opposition parties attacked them for their action. >> the order of the life is stronger than the order of the law. it's outrageous what's happening. we will not forgive the measures of the government of hungary. >> the far right party said the government had done too little too late. one of its leaders spoke at a news conference echoed by two protesters. >> refugees are welcome here. say it loud and say it clear.
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refugees are welcome here. >> they were appealing for water and food from the other side of the fence. >> the prime minister of hungary believes he's taking the lead at a time when eu members still can't reach agreements on share quotas for settling refugees. and the rift between east and west in the european union has never been bigger. it's shaking the union to its very foundations. while eu leaders are slow in making decisions on the ground, here the situation once again is deteriorating quickly. andrew simmons, al jazeera, on the hungary, syria border meanwhile a group of detasys have been captured for breaching a fence into hungary. police say that all will face
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criminal prosecution. well, germany has responded to the influx of migrants by introducing temporary controls on its border with austria. rob reynolds reports. >>reporter: refugees raced to the salzburg train station desperate to catch a train headed for germany. they were stranded here after the effort to control the human flood. but at the escalator to the platforms, austrian armed police kept them at bay and people were confused and frustrated. >> we don't want to get on the train. >> police said they were only trying to keep order. but the crowd grew agitated shouting and arguing. a minor scuffle broke out and one man was detained. it's a scene of complete chaos
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here at the salzburg train station. underneath the station in a sub the at the -- terrainen parking garage -- she and her family are desperate to get out of here. >> not good. not good. they let us go. just let us leave. we are running away from war. from unfair. we run away with our children. we need just a little bit of help to live a good way. we're not asking for more. >> she's trying to get to sweden and feels betrayed by rich middle eastern countries. >> they are arabs like us and they are muslims but they shut their doors. they have the ability to welcome
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us but they shut their door for us. >> the people here have a message for european leaders who have so far failed to come up with any semblance of a unified coherent refugee policy. >> all people going in all countries from europe. it's not just germany. not just them. this is very important. >> where do you want to go? >> now i want to go to england. but i cannot absolutely. it's very difficult for arriving in england. the governor of salzburg said refugees would be allowed to leave for germany but said that border patrols had made things worse. >> took us surprise that the germans had closed the border. they didn't close it. they had control activities
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which at the moment refused the capacity by more than 90% and people on the way, stranded here. they were brought to shore at the port of messina by teams from italy and croatia.
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peter sharp has more details from miss cow. as concern in the west grows at russia's involvement in syria, president putin made it clear
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he'll continue to supply damascus with military equipment. >> we've supported the syrian government. i'd like to say as it confronts its aggression, we have and will provide all the necessary military and technical support. and we call on other countries to join us. >> and putin had another reason to back syria's war against isil. >> the rights of islamic state fighters from different countries undergo indoctrination and training. unfortunately many former soviet republics and of course they're worried with the possibility of them returning to our territories. >> but the view from washington from the president down is that russia's continued support of assad is doomed to failure. >> what we would like to see is movement towards a political transition in syria and as i said last week, we still believe there's an opportunity to pursue that
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kind of transition in concert with russian authorities. >> if the west sees president assad in the way of the fight against isil, to putin, he's determined to keep him in power. >> it's the last hold of the russian military and intelligence services in the entire region of the middle east where once russia, soviet union, were a dominant force and now they're not. >> the kremlin argues air strikes alone will never win the fight and only the syrian army has the muscle on the ground to face up to the advances made by isil fighters over the past year. meanwhile, russia is stepping up its arms supplies to damascus. flights are landed every day. troops and engines nears are
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working on expanding an air base. >> the kremlin says they're trying to back the syrian army's fight against isil but there are isil but there are
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isil. >> of course, as you noted, the obama administration is very concerned about the russian military build up while the pentagon press secretary peter cook did not want to talk specifically about what the u.s. believes the russians are doing or how they have been gather ling their information. there is a real concern that the russian activity is being done in large part to support al assad although if you trust the americans, they will say that you need to ask moscow exactly what it is they're doing in syria and why it is they're doing it. >> so the u.s. obviously displeased but has the russian presence in syria had an impact on the wider coalition campaign against isil. >> there has not been an impact. they say that it would be speculation to suggest that the russian military buildup could
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have a negative impact on how the coalition is going after isil fighters particularly in northern syria. that they also say that if there is something that the russians want to offer in the fight against isil, they say that they are willing to listen but they say that so far, they have not gotten any such message from the russians. >> thank you. >> rockets fired by rebel fighters have killed at least 38 people in syria's northern city of aleppo. three neighborhoods were heavily bombarded. 14 children were among the dead and the 150 people were wounded. >> dozens of palestinians have been injured after israeli security forces stormed the mosque in jerusalem. it's the third straight day of violence at the compound. palestinians now fear that
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israel wants to change the rules which allow jews to visit the site but not pray there. paul brennan has the latest. >>reporter: for a third day the mosque compound echoed to the sound of stun gre nayeds. fireworks and confrontation. israeli security forces inside the at least two dozen palestinians were injured. five personnel also needed treatment. video inside the mosque showed effects of the tear gas. masonry and stones were laid out. a make shift -- >> i'm here staying on the ground so i can make sure i don't december crate the compound. the settlers come here to
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provoke us and cause sabotage. they hit the women praying here to. >> confrontations even spread into italy. in washington, president obama's spokesman asked for strength on both sides. >> it's critical that all sides exercise restraint. and keep the status quo in word and in practice in the mosque. >> jews are allowed to visit the plaza in the mosque. they want you to be allowed to pray on the plaza. something down to the 1967 war. praying there will provoke further tension and violence and jordon which is a custodian of
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the compound said any more provocations will affect the relationship between the two countries. arab members of the israeli parliame parliament pled with police but to no avail. the owners of a crane which collapsed in the saudi holy city of mecca have been banned in taking part in new building products. members of the bin ladin group have been barred from traveling while an investigation takes place. >>reporter: one of the world's biggest construction companies has been banned from doing business in saudi arabia. the orders were swift and tough, suspended all the contracts and licensing for the bin ladin group. the group was the main contractor for the multibillion dollars expansion project for the grand mosque in mecca. on friday, a massive crane fell on the eastern side of the
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mosque killing 107 and wounding more than 200. an initial investigation blamed the incident on high winds but also negligence and misuse of the massive equipment. it's the busy busiest time of year for saudi arabia. many muslims are expected to come here to perform the haj which starts next year. internationally its projects have included airports in damascus as well as hotels and universities elsewhere. the owners of the company have built a network of connections in the country. it always enjoyed influence and became close to the government. but saudi arabia got a new king
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last year and a new administration took power. this is a big blow for the bin ladin group and it could be even worse. the finance ministry is reviewing all contracts in the kingdom meaning they could lose big money and reputation. >> for more on this, we're joined now by saudi journalist. this is a very big construction company in saudi arabia. what have you made of the reaction of authorities? >> well, it was a strong reaction. a quick reaction. but it was also fair. and the committee that investigated the accident found that company was neglecting on
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some safety procedures and that is something that the government cannot forget. especially in such a place like mecca and such a time like the haj. so i believe it was fair and it's doing it also. it's a gad lesson for all other companies. the bin ladin company has a very good history in saudi arabia. could be punished so severely than any company, any other company that could be as well. would be punished as much. that's a good side of it. also, um, i believe that it was a good news affected.
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>> yes, barbara because they also investigated all the other cranes and the whole project in
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general and general and and not just in mecca but also in medina because there's another huge expansion in medina as well. and the rest is in the hands of allah. what can you do if something else happens. we're used to things like this to happen between now and then. there was fire one time and there was something in 2004 or 2006. so between now and then things happened. 5 million people in a small place there were many expansions and projects are taking place at the same time. of course bad things could happen. but they're not allowed to compete for government project.
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this investigation could be lifted. this is just temporary until the investigation is concluded. and second, the project, the current project will continue and -- everywhere in in mecca, medina. everywhere they have projects. they will continue to finish them according to contracts. i don't think this is going to be a very strong impact on the company. analysts further investigation prove them guilty and some other projects are faulty. >> sir, thank you so much for sharing your views with us. thank you. let's go to chili now which
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is considering whether or not to allow abortion in cases of rape or if the mother's life is in danger. the country is one of just a handful that does not allow abortion under any circumstance. lucia newman reports from santiago. >>reporter: 90 yeerth ariana smith shows us the last photograph ever taken of her mother when she was 35. it was 1932, she remembers being summoned along with her six siblings to her mother's death bed after undergoing an illegal abortion. >> i still remember clearly seeing her lying in bed saying good-bye to all her children. my youngest sister was only 1. i was 7. she could barely speak because she was hemorrhaging. she was bleeding to death. >>reporter: 83 years later, the grand child she never knew says nothing has changed. women in chili still have to resort to illegal and often
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unsafe abortions. >> i'm one of the privileged one who could pay for an illegal abortion in a private clinic but for those who can't pay have to resort to back alley. it's so hypocrital. as many as 70,000 women undergo illegal abortions every year even though chili is only a handful of countries in the world where abortion under any and all circumstances is a criminal offense. the former deputy health minister says the legislation is incompatible with chili's image as a modern country. >> it leads to potentially fatal hemorrhaging and infections. >>reporter: the president is urging congress to pass a reform bill allowing abortion if the
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mother's life is in danger, if the fetus is unviable, or in the case of race. even some members of her center left coalition. and it's not as though the proposed legislation is not modern or forward thinking. in fact, therapeutic abortion was legal in chili from 1931 to 1989 in chili until the constitution was changed to make it illegal. free choice advocates say turning the clock back is a positive step but for ms. smith, it's not enough. she says nothing short of total freedom to decide on whether or not to have a child would have saved someone like her mother. more to come on the news hour included upgraded and restarted.
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north korea claims its nuclear power plants are up and running. plus, coming up in sport, find out who has displaced real madrid as the world's most valuable team. valuable team.
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>> i kept trying to make him not be a boy... it's not working. >> transgender children. >> i'd sit alone, i'd eat alone, i have no one to talk to. >> some dismiss it as a phase. >> we're trying to pigeon-hole him into "tom boy". >> but is it reallt a crisis? >> when your child wants to die... that's what changes parents. >> meet the families on a life changing journey. >> i finally get to blossom into the beautiful flower i am!
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a reminder of the top stories. hungary has declared a state of emergency at its border in serbia. hundreds of people are now at the border after hungary stopped letting people through on monday night. >> 36 palestinians have been injured after israeli security forces stormed the mosque in occupied east jerusalem and the owners of a crane which collapsed in mecca have been banned in taking part in new building projects. more than 100 people were killed when the structure collapsed on friday on wednesday the human rights council publishes its
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report on war crimes committed during sri lanka's civil war. >>reporter: when the army defeated the ltte in 2009, it ended a bitter civil war that lasted more than 25 years. ever since, there have been accusations from human rights groups that war crimes were committed by both sides. the then president always maintained he was fighting terrorists. a term he used for the opposition. but. u.n. report after the war found about 40,000 civilians were killed in the army's final offensive. wednesday, the u.n. human right's council finally delivers the results of its investigation. it's already said the findings are of the most serious nature. the report is expected to call
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for a judicial process that could implicate senior officials. the president who defeated the president in january has made steps towards reconciliation. >> by agreeing to cooperate and not fearing to cooperate partly because they're not responsible for what happened in the past, i think sri lanka is going to benefit from this and we're also going to be able to get the support of the world in dealing with this problem. vie land carcinoma's -- sri lank an j. from all mayor religions in this country and a structure --
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>>reporter: politicians want an independent body involving international judges and it's far from certain that, that will happen. the u.s. has called on north korea to avoid what it's described as irresponsible provocations of its nuclear program following claims that its main nuclear complex is up and running again and working on improving its nuclear weapons. the plan's director said north korea was prepared to respond to hostility with a nuclear bomb joining us now on skype from massachusetts is a professor in korean studies at tufts. sir, thank you for joining us. i guess the north koreans don't really make a secret of their ultimate aim and that's to be a concrete nuclear threat to the united states. how close do you think they are to realizing that ambition to be a concrete nuclear threat?
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they've made steady progress over the past several years. north korea conducted its first ever nuclear test on the eve of one of their most important national holidays which is the communist party founding day on october 10th. this year of course is a commemorative year globally marking the end of the second world war. essentially it's kim jong's grandfather's party and he has a compelling interest in marking this landmark decision with a bang. and they have shown an ability to conduct national weapons tests on their holidays. so it's almost been preordained
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i would say. >> going back to the specifics of their capable. at the moment they're not actually able to launch nuclear weapons. do we have an idea when they would be able to do so? >> we don't know for sure but as i said they've been making progress. north korea has so far conducted only three nuclear tests so it's about time they did another long range missile test and also follow up with a nuclear test. no nuclear weapons possessing test has stopped at just three tests except for israel which has not conducted a test yet but we know israel is a nuclear power. north korea's ultimate goal is to show the united states they have acquired the capability to combine a nuclear war head with a long range missile that could make it to the u.s. and that they could blow up a major american city like l.a.
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if they were able to pose such a threat, this would gain a lot in bargaining with washington such as trying to get u.s. troops stationed in south korea out of south korea. >> the u.s. has called it an irresponsible provocation. usually it just tries to ignore north korea. the interlock -- >> china and north korea relations over the past 60 years have gone through some rough times. its third test came on february 12th in 2013 during chinese lunar new year celebrations. the most important holiday in in china just after the chinese president took power so that was an insult towards china so china
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grew indignant. said a lot of things about north korea implying it might cut off aid to north korea. but i don't think that's in china's strategic interest. i think they've put up with them for over 60 years and i think if north korea conducts another weapons test will sign onto another resolution penalizing north korea but behind the scenes, china will go on aiding north korea because china enjoys tremendous economic and political influence over north and south korea and china is not ready to give that up right now. >> soon young lee joining us from massachusetts. sir, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you now, u.s. presidential hopeful donald trump is poised to deliver a major speech on national security. a day after this major campaign rally attended by thousands in
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texas, the republican front runner will address war veterans in california. he caused controversy earlier this week saying he will deport the 11 million people estimated to be living in the united states illegally and build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. donald trump will be speaking aboard the battle ship u.s. s. iowa. we are live in california right now. just give me more of a flavor of what we're expecting donald trump to say. >>reporter: he's meant to be talking about national security. whether or not he sticks to the script is another issue. he'll talk about isis. he's got a great plan to defeat isis. he will say everyone is currently involved in national security are idiots because that's a recurring theme and
5:39 pm
he'll say that he will make things absolutely awesome. but people are at aing to be on the ship when he delivers that address. he's coming here to a suburb of los angeles. this is a community resource, the u.s. s. iowa. and many don't want him here because of his attitude particularly towards latinos. he'll be seeing this as a badge of courage that he's coming to such a latino area and he'll talk about things like immigration. he'll say that he's willing to do things that other politicians are not willing to do. certainly he's appealing to the republican party and talking very largely to working class white men and he's continuing to stay high in the opinion polls although we're told that this remains a media bubble and there are those in the republican
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party who are now seriously believing that donald trump might be the man who gets the nomination. that's still a long way off yet but there are those who just a few months ago were writing him off as a joke and just a flash in the pan and now believe he could be running for a lot longer. >> he's certainly stolen all the headlines in the past few weeks. who is likely to be his toughest competitor when it comes to securing the republican nomination? >>reporter: well it's still too hard to call in a race with 16 candidates. ben carson, a retired neurosurgeon is making some ground in the opinion polls. the problem is he has no experience of running things. he can save lives in the surgery suite but he has not been in senate, congress, and he has not run a state. to many people that's an advantage because in the u.s. they're really fed up with politicians politicianings but
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do they want to give someone untried the chance to prove their mettle in the highest and most difficult job in the country? that's unlikely. scott walker, jeb bush, they're all pretty well done in the polls at the moment. the polls are indicative rather than predictive so you can still expect to see the figures rise towards the end. remember michelle bachman and herman caine? they were very high in the polls back then and then dropped out very quickly. it still remains a horse race and donald trump is right now in front. >> i doubt in four years we won't have forgotten about donald trump an opposition rally in the democratic republic of congo has turned violent after fights broke out over support of the
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president. people were protesting against what they said were plans by the president to cling to power after his presidential mandate ends next year. >>reporter: at first the rally seems to be going well. then this. people rush to stop a dangerous situation. on the podium, a man suspected of being a supporter of the president tries to get away. opposition members chase after him and beat him saying they tried to disrupt the rally. >> we are suffering. we are suffering. we might as well be dead. opposition leaders in the capital accuse him of trying to delay next year's elections so he can stay in power longer. that's why they're protesting. >> the opposition tells people to stay calm and suddenly
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commotion broke out. people were running and carrying sticks. absolute chaos and people are angry. the police eventually intervenes. what was supposed to be a peaceful meeting disrupted. government officials say the drc has no money to hold next year's elections. the constitutional court wants the electoral commission to shift the dates. >> next year, september, we shall talk about presidential election. by then, we shall see who is a danned at a time and who is not. the opposition don't believe it. >> he is planning to stay in power and we are telling you he has to go. he is the problem of this country. >> they say they will try and
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protest again rating fears of more violence. if he doesn't leave when his term in office ends. an exhibition looking back at 30 years of chinese art has opened at the royal academy of art here in london. it was personally curerated by the artist himself. >>reporter: it's the u.k.'s most anticipated show of the year where activism and art collide. the exhibition spans 30 years of his work including art installations, architecture, and something in between. in china he's known as the designer of beijing's bird's nest stadium.
5:45 pm
internationally he's seen as bold and political. after the chinese government lifted a four-year travel ban, the soft spoken artist has been able to personally oversee the show's installation. he also had this message about europe's refugee crisis. >> western countries have to come up with some sort of decision to help each other. they need a better and more sound way of dealing with the situation. >>reporter: he has long been a thorn in the side of the chinese government. this piece is made from the rubble of poorly constructed government built schools destroyed by the 2008 earthquake. somehows of twisted metal bars have been sorted and straightened. a monument to 5,000 victims. many of them children. it's work like this that put him on the chinese government's watch list. surveillance is a theme in his
5:46 pm
work as well as his time in jail. >> this work is a sobering account of his 81 days held in a secret chinese prison monitored by guards 24 hours a day. this work casts a cold and critical eye back at the chinese government. >> he's probably the most celebrated contemporary artists in the world. the stand he's taken politically and culturally is very important and is linked to art but the art is underrated. it's important. it needs to be able to speak for itself sometimes which is happening here. >>reporter: the show is a reflection of his artistic achievements casting a spotlight on the power of art to challenge authority. lots more to come on the al jazeera news hour including could this be the foundation for a drug free treatment for motion sickness? plus, find out who's made it
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to the asian champion's league semifinals. all the action coming up. l the action coming up.
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houses reduced to ash. the valley fired began on saturday and firefighters still only managed to contain about 10% of it. around 23,000 people in the surrounding areas have been
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evacuated. okay now, it's time for sports news. let's head to doha. >> thank you very much. we'll start with the latest from the uefa champion's league. manchester city were leading and then the italians squared things up. things got worse. stretchers off with a suspected broken leg. there are eight matches in
5:51 pm
total on tuesday. real madrid in benitez's first champion's league rivalry. madrid secured a crucial away win in group c. and it was a 3-nil win at home in group d. the asian champion's league semifinals. aggregate from the first leg, they were allowed a life line after the first 12 minutes. the chinese side going in 4-2 on aggregate. hong kong and south china
5:52 pm
have been knocked out of the tournament against malaysia. the visitors scored a 3-1 victory on the night after playing 54 minutes without their striker, figaroa who was sent off for elbowing an opponent. they took the match advancing to the semis for the first time in 43 years. 2015 rugby world cup is just days away and organizers are promising the biggest in the tournament's 28-year history. they're expecting huge profits but insist they'll be redistributed into growing the game. here's more on that. ♪ >>reporter: the hype is increasing with the 2015 rugby world cup kicking off on friday. hosts england play fiji in the first match and they're urged to
5:53 pm
support their team by tweeting #we'retherose. >> not just myself but the players about the size of -- the trick is obviously to -- not to be overcome by the whole occasion. >> and it's set to be a huge occasion as the last teams like two time champion's australia arrive, organizers are talking up the event. >> with the tournament set to be broadcast to over 200 countries and ticket sales of two and a quarter million across 13 venues, the 2015 rugby world cup is predicting a profit of $370 million. >> it's a record breaker on many fronts but for all of us we've really never had the experience
5:54 pm
of -- organizers say the returns will be invested into growing the sport for the next six weeks though, this event is looking to profit itself by battling it out to be crowned world champions. mark graham, al jazeera. to the nfl on monday. he played in just one game last year after being banned from the league for child abuse indictments. but he did not make much of an impact as his team lost 20-3 to the san francisco 49ers. the former league mvp was playing for the first time since september 2014 but it was his opposing running back carlos hyde who stole the show with two
5:55 pm
touchdowns. who they knocked off the top spot but what makes the cowboys worth so much despite not win the super bowl for 20 years, the average hometown is 90,000 with annual ticket sales worth $120 million. the cowboy's popularity is key to the huge tv deal. the team are promoting -- regular season games in 2014. sponsorship deal and mchdzing hit a record $420 million. >> now, a new drug free treatment for motion sickness is being developed by researchers in london.
5:56 pm
the team has managed to untravel the brain signals believed to cause motion sickness. wearing a cap that stimulates brain activity, this man is taking part in research focused on motion sickness. >> we develop a way of using brain stimulation to suppress the signals from the inner year of the brain and so we felt if we could suppress the signals at the level of the brain from the inner ear then this will be e eyelyiey eye -- highly effective against motion sickness. >>reporter: and so it was. they were less likely to be nauseous and got better quicker. >> being on a bicycle or a motor bike and go around the corner and lean into the corner which is up right in physics.
5:57 pm
you don't do that in a car or a ship. you actually struggle to find out what is up right and what's the best way of dealing with it. >>reporter: about one in three people suffer from severe motion sickness making the discovery and the team's work to develop a treatment a matter of wide interest. >> for these very small amounts of electricity put into the brain, there are no reported and unwanted adverse side effects or interactions. so the chance of it becoming commercially viable is quite imminent really. >> the team say within ten years they hope to have a consumer device available. they say it could plug into their smart phone and attach to their scalp making motion sickness a thing of the past. >> that would be life changing for many of us. that is it for this news hour. do stay with us though. i'm going to have more news in just a few minutes. i hope you'll be able to join us then. bye bye. . bye bye.
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close
5:59 pm
to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> business man bill browder. >> if my grandfather was the biggest communist in america, i'm gonna go become the biggest capitalist in eastern europe. >> from communist origins to capitalist tycoon. see why he's now set on taking down vladimir putin. >> the russian government remains determined to ruin me in any way they can, including killing me if they can get away with it.
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dozens of palestinians injured in a third day of clashes with israeli security forces. the bin ladin construction group is to blame for friday's crane collapse in


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