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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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a border clampdown blocks refugees entering the e.u. german's chancellor calls for an emergency meeting. >> hop hello, i'm darren jordan with the world news ahead. also ahead - israeli security raids the al-aqsa mosque violent protests in the democratic republic of congo. over the president's plans to cling on to power. plus - we look at the exhibition
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that showcases art and activism of one of the world's dissident artists. germany's chancellor angela merkel is calling for an emergency european meeting in the face of a deepening divide. one of her minister's suggested financial penalties on countries refusing to accept quotas. promoting an angry reaction. boarder are being tightened to stop refugees travelling into and through e.u. austria is the latest country to introduce restrictions a long the border with hungary. it follows germany that brought in border controls. slovakia starred spot checks with borders with hungary. fearing that it could be a transit point for refugees. and hungary shut the mainland route for refugees into the e.u., and finished building a fence on the border. and declared a state of
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emergency there. refugees have been frustrated getting past the fence. andrew simmonds reports. >> with the state of emergency at the border, hungary took the crisis into a new direction, making life harder for refugees. many found themselves stuck in no man's land, with no way in to hungary, and no way back to serbia. >> they don't understand us - i told the army just to the describe our situation. it's a humanitary situation. they don't understand. >> by shutting the main border crossing from serbia to the european union, hungary provoked outrage from the southern neighbours. the government here insists that the new asylum laws are justified. >> those that have not applied
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on that journey to the hungarian, european border, to any kind of asylum, there's no sign of that in the system. and they don't proof of that, they'll be turned back. . >> the order of life is stronger than the order of law. it's outrageous what is happening. we will not forgive the measures for the hungarian government. >> reporter: the far right party said the government had done too little too late. one of the leaders spoke at a news conference, heckled by two protesters. [ chants ] iraqi refugees the other side of the fence, were appealing for water and food. the hungarian prime minister viktor orban believes he's taking the lead at a time when the e.u. members can't reach agreement on share quotas for settling refugees, and
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the rift between east and west of the european union has never been bigger. it's shaking the union to its very foundations. >> while e.u. leaders are slow in making decisions on the ground. here the situation once again is deteriorating quickly. hungarian police detained a group of syrian refugees for breaching its border fence. it's now planning to build a wire fence along the border with romania, a move criticized by the romanian prime minister most of those seeking refuge in europe are from war torn syria. rockets fired by rebel fighters in the northern city of aleppo killed 38 people. three neighbourhoods were bombarded according to the syrian observatory for human rights. 14 children were among the dead, and 150 people wounded. >> the syrian president has been speaking to russian media about the refugee crisis, saying europe needs to stop supporting
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terrorists in syria. >> the question is not about whether europe is taking refugees or not, but the necessity to remove the prime cause of the issue. if europeans are concerned. with the fate of refugees, they should stop supporting terrorists. >> 36 palestinians have been injured when israeli security forces stormed the mosque in occupied jerusalem. the site is holy for jews and muslim. for muslims, it's the third holiest after mecca and adina. it's the holiest site in judaism. jews call it temple mount because of the jewish temple that stood there in biblical times. for many, this is israeli
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forces violating islam's third holiest site. for days they mounted accusations against palestinians inside the mosque. tensions have spread to jerusalem's old city. israeli army media is reporting that hundreds of extra officers will be sent to jerusalem on wednesday. senior palestinian officials warn the violence has the potential to escalate further. . >> it's extremely dangerous because the extremists have been reported by the israeli authorities, and the security forces, including some ministers, in trying to change, you know, the situation and the status quo on the compound of the al-aqsa mosque. >> the al-aqsa compound is considered holy to muslims, jews and christians. jews are allowed to visit on the eve of the jewish new year, but are not allowed to pray within
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its walls. after an emergency cabinet meeting on tuesday. prime minister binyamin netanyahu says israel was committed to maintaining the status quo, but said that palestinian youths would not be able to prevent jews visiting:. >> palestinians say among the jewish groups that enter a compound of settlers and far right jewish activists, and this is what makes them angry. >> i'm on the ground in al-aqsa, i can make sure that they don't desecrate the sanctity of the compound. we see how they storm in. the settlers cause sabotage, hitting the women praying here too. >> special media reports that the israeli prime minister is
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planning to visit the mosque has been denied. the last time a high profile politician visited the site was in 2000, when ariel sharon was the head. it was an action sparking the second palestinian uprising. saudi arabia banned the owners of a crane that collapsed in mecca from working on new rprojects.. members of the bin laden group has been banned from travelling while an investigation took place. >> more than 100 have been killed. fighting disrupted an opposition rally in the democratic republic donald trump has emerge said as a front runner. he was expected to deliver a maiden security speech. alan fisher reports from san pedro, california. >> he's the man that generates the most coverage, support and
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controversy. donald trump came to california to talk security. it was his words on immigration that provoked protest. >> there are people here who paid up to $1,000 a ticket to hear donald trump speak. a few meters away there are dozens angry on his message. they are determined to drown him out. for the most part they succeeded. his speech was donald trump saying how good he was at everything. he left for a quick question. mr trump, al jazeera - what would you say to people in foreign countries scared of a trump presidency. >> i don't think anyone need be scared. we'll run things properly. >> reporter: in the right some liked what he said, but were not sure they had his vote. >> the military is dethe feet
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sadly. we need to do something. >> has he your vote. >> at the moment i'm on the fence. >> he's kind of good. i like what i heard. >> has he got your vote? >> of course. >> as trump supporters left. he was shouted exchanges with those that opposed the stance. a sign that he demands loyalty. >> fighting has disrupted an opposition rally. hundreds of people gathered to protest against plans to cling to power after a 2-term limit ends next year. this report from the capital. >> at first the opposition steamed to be going well. this, people rushing to escape a dangerous situation. on the poledium a man -- podium, a man suspected of being a supporter of kabila tries to get
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away. opposition members chase him and beat him. saying he and others tried to disrupt their rally. >> we are suffering. we have had enough. we may as well be dead. it is not no more what is happening here. >> opposition leaders accuse him of trying to delay next year's election, so he can stay in power longer, after a 2-term limit ends. >> the opposition requested people to stay calm. people were running, carrying sticks. there was chaos, and people are angry. >> the police eventually intervened. what was supposed to be a peaceful meeting, disrupted. >> government officials say the d.r.c. has no money to hold elections. the court want the commission to switch the dates. officials insist that they'll hang on to power. >> we are more than a year before the elections.
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they have not yet come. we are talking of local elections, provincial elections. next year, maybe september, we shall talk about presidential elections. by then we shall see who is the candidate. and who is not. >> the opposition don't believe this. >> mr kabila is trying to stay in power. and we are telling him his time is due, he has to go. mr kabila is the problem of this country. they say they'll protest again, raising fears of more violence. if kabila doesn't leave when his term in office ends time for a short break. when we come back, policing ethiopia's borders. the changes of monitoring a big raging transit route. plus we visit the village buried by floods, which the residents blame on climate change. more on that.
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>> as the global refugee crisis intensifies... >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> and the e.u. struggles to cope... >> we don't know, they stop us here. >> what's being done while lives hang in the balance? >> we need help now. welcome back, a quick reminder of top storeys. germany and austria called for a summit. to come up with a unified response in the growing refugee crisis. hungary declared a state of emergency near the border with serbia. there has been a third straight day of unrest at al-aqsa mosque in occupied jerusalem. israeli security forces entered the mosque to confront protesters, and there was
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concern that israel would allow jews to pray at the site. >> fighting has disrupted in the democratic republic of congo. hundreds are protesting the president staying in power after his 2-year term ends next year ethiopia sees thousands of refugees crossing its brorders from eritrea. thousands have left looking for a better life aboard. charles stratford has this report from the boarder. >> reporter: this girl paid a man 150 to smuggle her from ethiopia to sudan. she's never had a passport. she said she gave another traviccer $650 to make another journey. he promised to smuggle her to europe. she changed her mind when she
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heard about another group that tried to do the same. >> we were told 40 women had been arrested. four men had been killed on the way. i decided to come home. >> this has attracted smugglers taking people into and out of sudan. thousands fleeing violence, and migrants from across africa, across the border. all desperate for a better life. >> i have worked in sudan before. i'm going back there, because it's better than here. >> the ethiopia government said police caught for than 1,650 people trying to across the boarder. the numbers dropped dramatically this year. police say they arrested 15 people smugglers in recent months. this path, so we are told, is used by people trying to
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illegally cross from ethiopia into sudan. if you look further down, a couple of hundred yards down beyond the electricity pilon, is the border with sudan. we see a couple of armed police, they will not allow us to film them. if you look out at the vastness of this landscape, it shows how difficult it is to patrol and police. that means that people are crossing the border illegally. >> there no fences along the 750km border. around 20 million people live under the u.n. poverty line. the government says it's awareness program warning migrants and refugees of the dangers they face is working. new antihuman trafficking law is passed in june. >> first, registration.
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second, protection for migrants. third, law enforcement. and fourth cooperation and coordination with international organizations and e.u. >> this girl nose many refugees and migrants that made it to europe. she said she will not take that risk. >> zimbabwe's 91-year-old president robert mugabe read out the wrong speech in parliament. he gave the same speech on august 25th. the opposition used it to question whether he was fit to govern. an unnamed official was blamed. guatemala announced two
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candidates for t presidential run off in october. tv comedian jimmy morales won the first round, campaigning against corruption. he'll face former first lady. the vote was held after the president was arrested in a bribery scandal. . >> egypt's foreign minister wrote an open letter to the people in mexico for the accidental killing of its tourists. in the letter the victims were described as innocent. the injured were treated at the hospital in cairo, where they were paid a visit by the acting prime minister of egypt. eight mexicans were among 12 killed when an egyptian aircraft opened fire on their convoy in the western desert. >> 15 people have been killed in flash floods in the u.s. state of utah. 12 died when locals tripped a wall of water and debris, sweeping them downstream. >> search and rescue began to find those missing.
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three others died in the north of the state in pakistan, people living in remote villages say they received no help since the flood destroyed their homes six weeks ago. the relatives in the northern areas blamed climate change for melting glaciers and causing huge floods. here is nicole johnson. >> reporter: towering mountains dominate the state. climate change is transforming the landscape. glaciers are melting. in summer the floods come. it can be rough travelling around here, especially when roads have been away. it's are a 2-hour drive to reach the village. you wouldn't know it was here. it's buried under layers of rock. all 96 houses have been smashed to pieces by a flood that drove huge boulders and stones down
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the valley. there is a big glacier in the mountains. flood and rocks came from there. no one from the government came to help us. no aid, not even a tent. >> people survive by raising cattle and growing apples and walnuts. all the farms have been destroyed. the only shelter is a few tents. and the shade of a tree. this man's house a half buried in the rock. >> it was a heavy flood. we lost everything. you can see my house, it's under the mud and rocks. you can see the roof out of the mud. >> we asked the government to resettle us in a safe place. we rebuild the houses, the flood will destroy them again. this place is not suitable to live any more. >> autumn is coming. with it cold nights. in a few months the whole area will be covered in snow. families will not be able to
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survive it. >> all this area was the green village. this is an area of glaciers, every year there was a flood. >> families have been here for generations. they feel it retreating and the summer is getting hotter. they don't believe there'll be a future in this valley. >> south korea said that any attempt by the north to launch a missile or test a weapon is a military threat, following claims that the main nuclear conflict is up and running again. the u.s. called on north korea to avoid irresponsible provocation over the nuclear programme wednesday, the u.n. publishes its report into alleged human rights abuses and
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war crimes committed during the war. ahead of report plans to set up is commission to look into the conflict. we look at this report. >> when the sri lankan army tweeted the tamil tigers in 2009. it ended a bitter civil war. ever inns there has been accusations a war crimes were committed. the president maintained he was fighting terrorists. in a united nations report after the war. found 40,000 ethnic civilians were killed. on wednesday, the human rights council delivered the results of the investigation, and said the findings are of the most serious nature. it is expected to cover a judicial process.
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the president who tweeted roger pachl ter made steps towards reconciliation. and not fearing to cooperate. they are not responsible for what happened in the past. >> i think sri lanka will benefit from this. opening it up to the world. and will be able to get the support of the world in dealing with the problem. >> rights groups say sri lanka failed to stop incidents of torture by the police and military against the minority civilians. >> on monday, the foreign minister announced plans to launch a truth and reconciliation commission, similar to the ones set up in post-apartheid south africa. >> a council composed of religious beliefs. a structure composed of commissioners. >> tamil politicians wants an
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independent body, and it's far from certain that that will happen. >> houthi rebels in yemen captured two neighbourhoods in the western city of tiaz. houthis have seized two areas, both on the city's western outskirts. >> and saudi arabia coalition and pro-government forces are continuing in the central province. they aim to cut the supply routes used by houthi rebels. it's been a disappointing starts for clubs in the u.e.f.a. league. juventus came back from a goal down. >> the city is leading. 30 minutes later the italian scared things up. things were worse for manuel
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perform [e]lle's side -- pellegrini's side. >> psv eindhoven won in their group. final score was 2-1. man united's luke shaw was injured and will need an operation. >> an exhibition looking at 30 years of chinese artists wei which's work -- weiwei's work opened in london. four years after being banned from travelling abroad. his passport was unexpectedly returned. >> reporter: it's the most anticipated show of year. where activism and art collide. it spans 30 years of wei wei's work. and something in between. in china he's known as the designer of the bird nest stadium. which he dismissed as a propaganda event.
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internationally he's seen as witty, bold and above all political. after the chinese government lifted a 4-year travel ban, the soft spoken artist personally oversaw the show's installation, and has this message about the refugee crisis. >> the countries have to come up with a decision to help get a better more sound way to deal with the situation. weiwei has been a thorn in the side of the government. this piece was made from the rubble of poorly constructed government built schools, destroyed by the earthquake. thousands of twisted metal bars have been painstakingly sorted and straightened. a monument to 5,000 victims, many children. it's work like this that put
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them on the chinese government watch list. surveillance, a recurring theme. as to his time in gaol. this work is a sobering account of being held in a secret chinese prison for 81 days. monitored by guards 24 hours a day. it casts a cold and critical eye back on the chinese government. it's probably the most celebrated contemporary artist in the world. the stand taken is linked to the art. but it is under rated. it's important, powerful and needs to speak for itself which is what is happening here. >> the show is a reflection of wei's artistic achievements. casting a spotlight on the power of art to challenge authority. now, the social network giant facebook is planning to add a dislike button to the website. users have called for the
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change, but the company has been wary of introducing it, saying it wants to avoid a negative atmoss year, now the founder said the dislike button will let people express empathy on facebook when they want to. to. oil in the arctic, why some are cold to the idea of a treaty ta could let america warm to it uber on fire - why some say they've been left on the curbing president obama faces changes in the arctic, last month he travelled to the region to call attention to damaging effects of global warming.


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