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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> the police use waters canons and fire tear gas at the serbian side of the border. >> hungary off limits, desperate refugees use a new route through croatia. hello been, i'm felizties bar. i'm live from london. coming up, in burkina faso, a new cabinet just days after calls for the unit to be diswanted. israel's prime minister vow
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to impose harsher penalties against stone throwers after days of clashes at the al aqsa crackdown. and marine life has dropped 50% in the last 40 years. >> hello, tensions have boiled over on serbia's border with hungary, days after it closed it's crossing to stop an influx of refugees. the police fired tear gas and refugees responded by sho throwing stones and projectiles. the government has described those at the border as criminals. now that they've been denied access to hungary, many refugees have been forced to find a new route to europe. many are choosing a crossing
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through croatia. that could pose a new and dangerous problem. there are areas with mind field danger. >> this is how far they're coming to resolve the refugee cross. many are desperate to cross into serbia and hungary. hungarian police responded with tear gas and water canons. special anti-terrorist units were sent in to push back the crowds. some refugees responded with missiles aimed at the police. families, women and children were among those caught amidst the violence. the check point is a shared crossing between serbia and
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european union member hungary. the hungarian authorities say that they have taken lawful action to protect their border. >> this is an armed mob trying to break into hungarian soil. using tear gas and water canon is equally proportionate. >> going north the frustration is growing. hungary has told serbia it has ordered a 30-day closing on the checkpoint. many refugee who is have arrived here in serbia have found themselves unable to travel any further. many refugees hoping for a new life, europe's doors remain close. neav barker, al jazeera. >> it is slightly calmer, felicity. about 20 minutes ago we were walking with a crowd of
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refugees, hundreds of them as they were going into hungary. they were passing through that gate. they had managed to open the gate. and at that points after they opened it, many women and children and other men in the crowd believe that the hungarian officials were going to let them threw. the mood got jubilant at that point. they were clapping, they had their children lifted up on their shoulders. they were smiling and singing and felt that they were victorious, they were going to be able to get through serbia and into hungary. and then barely two seconds notice we heard a scream from the fronts of the crowd. people quickly started turning and running in the option direction. at one point many in the crowd worried that there could be stampede. kids were making sure that they do stand up and running with their parents, and we were told by eyewitnesses at the front of the crowd that hungarian police had rushed them, they started
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hitting them with batons. these folks were greeted with tear gas as well. we managed to turn back with the crude into issue i can't. at that point the situation calmed. as you mentioned a moment ago we have seen people who have sustained many injuries. a moment ago i saw a man who was bleeding profusely, he said that he had been hit by a policeman with a baton. children are crying because of the experience they just had and it was traumatic for them. now there is a pattern that has emerge ready young men go into the crowd, run in there and then running back when they feel like they're met with force. also about five minutes ago. at one point the crowd got very happy because they saw serbian policemen about ten of them approaching, walking towards the border gate behind us.
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we don't know exactly why they were going up there. these are not riot police. these looked like border patrol. but at one point they thought they were going to be supported by the serbian police. the mood was cheerful, and they were cheering for the serbian police. it is still tense on the border. it's calmer than it was, but it remains a volatile situation. it seems like it can turn on a dime because it has done so many times in the last couple of hours. >> the u.n. secretary general ban can i moons has urged european countries to show compassion towards refugee. >> i was shocked to see how these refugees and migrants were treated. it's not acceptable. what is important at this time i know that there may be some domestic issues, problems. it's not that all the
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countries--in fact, all the counties have their domestic problems. but since the people are fleeing wars and persecutions we must show our compassionate leadership. >> well, despite the fact that some european land border are now inaccessible, refugees are still setting off across the mitt in hundreds. on greece's lesbos island hundreds try to reach the registration area. >> u.s. of state between russia and the u.s. about the war in syria. john kerry has told his russian counterparts that moscow's
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support for syria's president risk exacerbating the conflict. they say that the meeting is now being prepared. well, we're live now from washington, d.c. and what more do we know about this possible meeting? >> well, we don't know much more about the possible meeting, but the next session of the u.n. general assembly is coming up in the next week, and it's ostensibly possible that such a meeting between the secretary of state and the foreign minister could happen on the sidelines of the start of unga, but as far whether or not the military-to-military contacts between the u.s. and russia could resume, well, ultimately that's going to be up to the white house. those contacts were suspended in march 2014 in light of russia's actions inside ukraine. even so, even though sergei lavrov raised the possibility that the secretary of state speaking on wednesday didn't
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dismiss the idea out of hand. >> words will not answer all of their questions here. it's actions and it's what will be determined going forward in very specific ways but you have to have a conversation in order to be able to do that. it is vital to avoid misunderstandings, miscalculations, not to put ourselves in a predicament where supposing something and supply significancthe supply supposition is wrong. >> there seems to be a possibility of trying to resolve the overall crisis inside syria, not just the ongoing civil war where so many people have been fleeing, trying to find refugee in neighboring countries or in
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europe, but also dealing with the ongoing fight against isil. which has tried to establish in northern sir gentleman. >> thank you. the situation al aqsa compound has calmed after three days of violence. it says that it is connected to keeping the laws of preventing non-muslims were praying inside the mosque. but there is pressure to change the law. scott haidler has more from jerusalem's old city. >> the violence at the al aqsa compound might be over, but the tension remains. there has been an outcry from the palestinian leadership and factions over the three days of israeli raids. so we spoke to the people on the streets of occupied east jerusalem to find out what they think. >> i'm very sad about what happens in al aqsa.
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what should we do? leave it? of course we will not. >> and to west jerusalem in israel. those we talk to were against visits to al aqsa by right-wing usual groups. >> in judaism it is forbidden to visit a site. these visits are provocative and there is no point to visit the site. why would we go there, to get stones and firebombs thrown at us? i'm against this. we have the western war, and that's enough. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tuesday visited a flash point in the occupied west bank. this after he had announced rioters would not prevent jews from visiting the temple mount. some observers feel the increase of attentions is because of israeli politicians they use the al aqsa issue for political gain. >> i think it has been collected
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in the last year. they saw a chance to promote themselves by going to the temple mount, visiting the temple mount. >> the israeli minister of agriculture was part of a group waiting to enter when the violence began on sunday. the international community has expressed concern over these clashes in the al arc qsa compound. they've urged both sides to refrain from provocative action and receipt tick. the worry is that it could ignite violence outside of the walls of the old city. like last october violence that began in the al aqsa compound led to fighting on the streets of east jerusalem. it ended only after high-level meet negotiation jordan. on tuesday the situation returned to normal, but with increase of jewish inviter
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visitors for holidays at the end of the month, tensions are expected to continue. >> scathing reports in sri lanka's civil war. and more on deaths in egypt.
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>> hungarians react with water
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canons an tear gas against refugees. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has proposed military conversation between russia and the u.s. about the war in syria. soldiers from pressure keen in burkina fasos detain members of the government. age's joins us live. and what are the latest developments that you're hearing about?
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>> the issue is to release these people and then they'll talk about it. we've heard that message has been september on social media to people in the capital 37 they've been told to come out on to the streets and march in front of the presidential palace and try to get them to release the people they've detained. it's not just clear whether the guards want to take control of power. they human rights workers have accuse the guard of killing supporters last year when they took to the streets to protest against the president, and is accused of shooting people in the back as they runaway.
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they could be trying to stabilizing the petition, protect their position, but right now it's unclear. >> how significant is the timing of all of this? >> it's very significant. in a few weeks there will an general election. and there is a lot of issues behind that. in terms of the organize effort, they try to organize it, for example, supporters last year have been banned from participating in this election. that's made a lot of people very angry. some members of the presidential guard support the president's family, they're also very unhappy. this is not defused quickly. they could jeopardize the elections. there could be violence after. there is a lot of uncertainty right now in burkina faso.
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>> sri lanka's government is is accusing those of crimes against humanity. >> it took six years but finally there is a report against sri lanka's civil war accusing all sides of human rights violations. >> war crimes that are among the most series crimes of concern to the international community as a whole have apparently been committed by state actions and not just state actions but by the entity and paramilitary groups as well.
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the u.n. reports that there have been grave violations of rights between the years 2002 and 2011, which cover the concluding years of the war, the final battle and the two years after. the u.n. said that international involvement is critical. >> in fact, they're calling for international development at every stage. judges, investigators, there needs to be an international component to all of these. the reason for that is because these are violations of an international nature. >> the investigation has drawn mixed reactions. the former government had dismissed it as a witch-hunt and said it would not allow international interference in its affairs. the new government is more open, engaging with the international community and according with the u.n. but war victims and survivors say that an investigation is necessary. a lawyer representing many of them told al jazeera that there
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is disappointment. >> the disappointment arises from the fact that there is in these recommendations that there is room for a domestic component which the victims do not expect at all. because they have experience in these local and domestic involvements. >> the report is almost 300 pages. some of it includes testimony from victims and families, of torture, sexual violence, recruitment and disappearances. it will insure that the report contents and recommendations receive due attention of relevant authorities. that includes the process of setting up the recommended special court. the u.n. human rights chief said
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that specific individuals were not named in the report because it was concentrating on fraud patterns of organizations and planning plannings. now they must working with sri lankan authorities to create the recommended special hybrid court. >> libya's government has recalled its team from peace talks in morocco after changes were made to a draft agreement on the new unity government. the u.n. is trying to broker a deal between the leadership based in tibruk and rifl and a rival administration in tripoli. al jazeera has learned that yemen's prime minister has decided to stay in the city of aden after making a tentative return from exile. in saudi arabia since march
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along with abd rabbuh mansur hadi. they left after houthi rebels overtook the capital of sanaa. tins of thousands of people have rallied in malaysia in support of the country's prime minister. the protesters, well, this was a response to recent counter protest calling on them to resign after a corruption scandal. the families of eight mexican tourist who is were killed in egypt on sunday have arrived in cairo. egypt said that the tourists were accidently killed after being mistaken for terrorists. but mexico's foreign minister is skeptical. >> with cameras pointed at them, families of the victims leave a government building in guadalajara. they have little in the way of a
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thorough explanation of what happened on sunday. others have made the long trek to cairo with mexico's foreign minister. >> i will be visiting the president of egypt later today, and we will see from there what has--what is the next step in terms of taking our nationals who lost their lives back home. >> before leaving she questioned the egyptian authorities' version of the events. they insist the attack in the desert was human error, a car chase gone wrong. that security officers in helicopters and on the ground mistakenly bombed and shot at convoys, which is in a restricted zone. there were 22 people in that convoy. most were mexicans. some egyptian. the wounded are being treated at this hospital. egypt said that the facts of the
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case remain confusing, but it will conduct a thorough and impartial investigation. al jazeera. >> it's a speech given by zimbabwe's president was an old address that he had already delivered in august. a spokesman for robert magabe claimed there was a mexico up in his office for the error. but it brings to question if he is healthy enough to rule. now to a troubling picture. the world's ocean mammals have been reduced by half in the last 40 years. the fish population is declining by close to 57%. sharks, rays and sea turtles were among the most endangered species. well, it puts the economic outlook at risk at $2.5 million
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with 3 billion relying on fish as a major source of protein. rising sea temperatures and acidity levels are making matters even worse. well, global marine director at wws international said that a decline in sea life can be reversed. >> one of the good things about oceans is that they have a level of resilience. if we take the pressure off they have shown us that they can bounce back. we're rereleasing this report because there are two key opportunities ahead of news 2015. we have the sustainable development goal, the discussions before the u.n. in the next few weeks, and there the united nations, the leaders of the world come together, and they have an opportunity to build political will around ocean restoration, and divert resources to what is required there, and of course, everyone
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is starting to focus on the conference of parties on the negotiations in paris. we think there are two opportunities for world leaders, and communities and civil society to really come together with some action. >> hurricanes are a constant threat to communities across the world, but scientists' understanding of them are still limited. there is an hurricane simulator that might change all that. >> at the university of miami, scientists have been studying hurricanes for decades. this state is no stranger to deadly storm. but now they have a new tool in their arsenal that could change things. this vast tank is the world's largest wind water hurricane simulator. and in just minutes it can generate powerful winds and raging waves. the researchers say that it's the ability to study the interaction between the sea and
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the storm that make it potentially revolutionary. >> to be able to learn some things here that are a leap forward. it's where we push the technology. we have taken it well above what existed previously. >> the tanks' ability to mimic not just the hurricane but the stormy waters seems to be paying off. >> this simulator is now at full power, and i can feel this entire tank moving and shaking around below my feet. but what makes the simulator so unique is that it can recreate storms so accurately it gives scientists a greater understanding what the ultimate goal of saving lives. >> forecasting and tracking hurricanes has improved over the past 20 years. the predicting storm intensity is still very difficult. warm waters are what fuel
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hurricanes, and it's hope that it's new facility and it's team will improve on vital forecasting in years to come. >> it is kind of your scientific dream come true in a way, in a phrase because you're able to see these things that you really want to see, but you really can't go out on the field and do it. >> it's also hoped that studies will help to improve building safety and lead to a greater uniting of coastal erosion but it's the ability to study the hurricane from the safety of the laboratory that could make a big difference. al jazeera, miami, florida. >> liking a post is one of the signature features of the social network facebook. coming soon is the new "dislike" button. it's something that facebook users have been calling for for years, but the company was previously wary of creating a
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negative atmosphere. online. >> our website, that's what it looks like at the moment leading with the situation of the refugees. i don't think i have to fight for it, uh...i was just being me. >> adams' climb to the top took a decade, and now the first african american and former professional player to lead the national governing body, is busy setting the agenda for her two-year term. >> accountability, behavior, and communication. >> as the youngest person to t


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