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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. chaos as hungarian police fire tear gas and water canons refugees at the border. and in our headlines an elite military unit take over the
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cabinet just weeks before the election of the new president. >> now all the days' sport including the latest at the champions league. barcelona begin their ties with an one-one draw. details later in the program. >> tensions have been building just days hungary closed it's border tranches. police fired water canons and fear gas, and refugees through water bottles and rocks. many refugees have switched
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direction and are crossing croatia into austria and slovenia. but that could be dangerous. there have been landmines from the wars of 1990s. we have at latest now on the events at serbia's border with hundre hundred hungary. >> frustrations soon turn into violence. hungarian police responded with tear gas and water canons. special anti-terrorist units were used to push back the crowds. responding with missiles aimed at the police. families, women and children were among those caught amidst the violence.
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the checkpoint is a shared crossing between serbia and european union member hungary. the authorities say they've taken lawful action to protect their border. >> this is an armed mob not respecting any international or hungarian rules. using tear gas and water canons is proportionate. >> for those eagle for travel north, frustration is growing. hungarian authorities have called for a 30-day suspension of the border. the serbian government is urging hungary to accept more people. many refugee who is have arrived in serbia have found themselves unable to travel any further. many refugees looking for a new life, europe's doors remain closed. neave barker, al jazeera. >> well, we're on the serbian side of the border when the violence broke out.
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we'll speak to him about what he saw. >> about 20 minutes ago we were walking with a crowd. they were passing through that gate. they had managed to open the gate, and at that point after they opened it, many women and children and other men in the crowd believed that th the hungarian officials were going to let them through. people had children on their shoulders, they were smiling and singing, and they felt they were victorious in putting pressure on the hungarian government. they felt they were going to be able to get from serbia through hundredgary. people quickly started turning and running in the option direction. at one point there was fear of a stampede. and we were told by eyewitnesses
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that, in fact, hungarian police had rushed them and started hitting them with batons. these folks were greeted with tear gas so they would turn away. we managed to run back with the crowd into serbia, and at that point the situation calmed, although as you mentioned just a moment ago we have seen people who have sustained many injuries. a moment ago i saw a man who was bleeding profusely from his head. i asked what happened, and he said he was clubbed by one of the hungarian riot policemen. there is still anger in this crowd. kids getting water poured in their eyes because they're suffering from the after effects of tear gas and they're crying from the experience that they've had. there is a bit of a pa turn where young men will go to the front of the crowd, then running back when they feel that they will be met with force by the hungarian police. also about five minutes ago at one point the crowd got very happy because they saw serbian
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policemen about ten of them approaching, walking towards the border gate behind us. we don't know why they were going up there. these were not riot police. they looked like regular border patrol. but at one point the regions thought they would be supported by the serbian police, and they started cheering for the serbian police. it does remain a volatile situation, and it does seem that it can turn on a dime because it has done so many times in the last couple of hours. >> the serbian prime minister has expressed his outrage over the events happening on the border of his country. but he has called for calm. >> we would like to preserve our relationship with the hungarian
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colleagues. we have a big hungarian minority here in our country, and we want them to feel a part of our society. that's another reason why we would like to preserve very good relationship with the hungarian government. but they've fired tear gas into our territory against those migrants, and it was a chaotic situation. i ask that we as we act calmly. what we need is a comprehensive solution. we need a comprehensive solution that will be accepted by la all e.u. countries. otherwise we would face a crowd of humanitarian disaster. >> with me now is the correspondent at the economist. thank you for coming in to speak
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to us. we have seen that hungary for answer months has been a key entry point for thousands of refugees trying to make their way into northern and western europe. are they going to be able to keep their border closed under these present circumstances? >> well, from what we've seen today it looks like they might well be able to do that for the last couple of months, and it looks like it's the border with serbia is closing. but just look at the map. you know, people can go around it as of today. there is no border fence with romania. there is no border fence with croatia. migrants will be able to go around it, although they said that they intend to continue the border fence along the border with romania. but now what has happened now the flow has diverted really instantly through to croatia.
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as of 10:00 tonight croatian tv is reportings that 1,300 people have gone through today, and yesterday it was zero, so it's been pretty much instant. >> you say a great number of people they were switched their mode of travel to get into slovenia and austria. really, we look at croatia's response. what a contrast with the prime minister criticizing hundre. >> you mean serbia criticizing. >> croatia has criticized hungary's response to building the barrier. >> oh he yes, i do understand. you know, the fact is that prime ministers and politicians can
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afford to be gracious, especially when they know that not a single person wants to remain in croatia or serbia for that matter. hungary has responded differently because they've shouldered the burden of this flow of migrants and refugees up until now. >> if hungary's border with serbia remains closed, what will the knock-on effect be in the balkans. >> first, they'll flow into croatia. it's an e.u. country. but it's not a schengen country, that's the reason why refugee it's wanteing to through hungary, it's a schengen country. but now the flow of refugees is going through croatia. it's just like a flow of water, once it's blocked it will flow somewhere else. >> is there something that
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brussels can do to encourage mandatory quotas of refugees. >> that may be legal measures that they can take, but the vast majority of them don't want to stay there. you can declare hungary, poland or slovakia can take x thousand of refugees, but they don't want to remain there. they want to go to the more process peprosper prosperous countries, ie, germany. >> thank you. refugees are still setting off across the mediterranean in their hundreds scuffles broke out as hundreds of people tried to enter a registration center. at one upon the on wednesday, ten small boats carrying refugees from turkey arrived on lesbos in just a half hour. there is much more still to come
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here for you on the al jazeera news hour. can anyone trump this man as republican presidential candidate goes head to head for the second time in the united states? why the audience of a speech by zimbabwe's aging president may have had a sense of deja vu. and the applicants to host th the 2024 summer olympics. >> now sri lanka's government is promising to deliver justice after a report over the conflict with the tamil. >> it took six years, accusing
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all size of serious human rights violations. >> war crimes among the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole has been apparently been committed by state actors, and not just state actors, but by the entity and other paramilitary groups as well. >> the report is recommended an accepts court be set up as an essential step towards justice. the conflict lasted nearly 30 years with the tamil tigers fighting for a separate state in the north. the u.n. said that international involvement is critical. >> in fact, the they're calling for international development at every stage. the prosecutorial stage, judges, there needs to be an international component to all of these. the reason for that is that
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these are violations of an international nature. war crimes and crimes against humanity. >> the investigation has drawn mixed reactions. the former government has dismissed it as a witch-hunt and said it would not allow international interference in its affairs. the new government is more open, engaging with the international community and cooperating with the u.n. but war victims and severes say that the international investigation is necessary. a lawyer representing many of them told al jazeera that there there is disappointment. >> the disappointment arises from the fact that there is in this recommendations that there is room for domestic sort of--which the victims do not expect at all. because they have reports of
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killings, sexual violence, child recruitment and disappearances. they will promised that they will ensure that the report contents and recommendations will receive due attention of relevant authorities, that include the process of setting up the recommended special court. >> the human rights chief said that specific individuals were not named in the report because it was concentrating on broad patterns of organization and human rights violations. for now, the authorities to design the mechanism that would create the recommended special hybrid court. al jazeera, colombo.
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>> protesters have gathered in the capital calling for leaders to be freed. they were held after soldiers held up a cabinet meeting. >> we have this update. >> the president, the prime minister, and some members of the cabinet are still being detained by the presidential guard. it's not clear whether the presidential guard is trying to take over power, but some people say it could have had to do with the recommendation two days ago that this elite powerful military unit. when we were there we spoke to
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human rights workers. they were telling that's we're trying to investigate, but that they're so powerful and so well-connected its hard to tough touch them. we are also hearing that they are happy with the president, the interim president. they say he's weak. they say he has been told what to do and what to say by the prime minister. we are told that there are factions, rivals within the army, so lots of concern. especially after preparation for an important general election on the 11th of october. >> the situation at the al aqsa compound has calmed after three days of violence. the government said that it's committed to keeping the laws within the mosque, but there is pressure to change it. scott haidler has more from jerusalem city. >> the silence at the al aqsa
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compound might be over for the time being, but the tension remains. there has been an outcry from the palestinian leaders and factions over the three-days of israeli raids. we spoke to the people on the streets of occupied east jerusalem to find out what they think. >> i'm very sad about what happened in al aqsa: what should we do? leave it, of course we will not. >> and to west jerusalem in israel. those we talked to were against visits of al aqsa by right-wing jewish groups. >> in judaism it is forbidden for jews to visit these sites. these visits are provocative, and there is no point to visit this side site. why would we go there to get stones and fire bombs thrown at us? i'm against this. we have the western war, and that's enough.
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>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tuesday visited a flash point in the occupied west bank. this after he announced rioters would not prevent jews from visiting the al aqsa mount. some observers feel that the tensions are because of politicians will use the al aqsa issue for political gain. >> i think it's because of the tension of the politicians in israel. and few numbers of knessett in the right wing saw a chance to promote themselves by going to the temple mount, visiting the temple mount. >> the israeli minister of agriculture was part of a group waiting to enter when the violence began on sunday. the international community has expressed concern over these clashes in the al aqsa compound. the convoy has urged both sides to refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric. the worry is that if it continues it could ignite violence outside of the walls of the old city.
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like last october violence that would begin within the compound led to fighting on the streets of east jerusalem. jordan temporarily recalled its ambassador. it ended after high-level meetings in jordan with the united states involved. in jerusalem, life returned to normal, but with the jewisha jewish holiday at the end of the month, the tensions are likely to continue. >> the white house has declined a comment on whether it will hold military talks with moscow on the issue. secretary of state john kerr met with sergei lavrov. >> three times in ten days. that's how frequently the secretary of state john kerry
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has spoken to his russian counterpart sergei lavrov. on wednesday kerry said that lavrov suggested that programs a military-to-military contact between the two countries, contact has been called off since march 2014 because of russia's involvement in ukraine. while the secretary of state said no final decision had been made, he didn't dismiss the idea when it comes to trying to resolve the crisis in syria out of hand. >> words will not answer all of the questions here. it's actions. and it's what will be determined going forward in various specific ways, but you have to have a conversation in order to be able to do that. and it is vital to avoid misunderstandings, miscalculations not to put ourselves in a predicament where supposing something and s
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supposition is wrong. >> they're looking at the adviser and train assist program for rebels involved in the civil war against bashar al-assad. instead of trying to set up a full-fledge military force that would first go after isil and perhaps one day be part of the post assad government, the u.s. military is now looking at the possibility of training a small member of troops, who would call in airstrikes against isil targets. but they're not giving any more details on what that training plan would look like. >> tens of thousands of people have rallied in malaysia in sport of the country's prime minister. it was in response calling to resign over a corruption scandal. we have more now from the capital of kuala lumpur. >> their message was clear and loud. long live ma lays, they chanted
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as they matched through kuala lumpur. they rallied in support of the prime minister, who is facing calls to step down after he was accused of corruption. >> this demonstration as organized in response to last month's rally when more than 200,000 people took to the streets to demand the prime minister's resignation. accused of embezzling $700 million from a state investment fund, allegations he denies. but the so-called red shirt protest is about more than just supporting the government. many of these people have traveled from states across malaysia. they say that they're here to stand up for the rights of ethnic ma lays who they say are
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overshadowed by point of th minorities of chinese. >> oucriminalsics of the rally say that it is deliberately stoking ethnic divisions while malaysia is multi cultural, there are tensions between the ma lay majority and minorities. chinese businesses in particular are concerned about attacks. >> they are talking about being anti-chinese. that's why i'm very worried. >> police used water canons to disperse protesters trying to enter predominantly chinese neighborhood. >> i have here that this may actually be snowballing into something more sinister if not scrolled. >> most of the demonstrators say that they're here to support an united malaysia. but they call for ma lay rights may well deepen divisions that
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already exist. al jazeera, kuala lumpur. >> we'll bring you loots more on this news hour. we'll travel to a remote village of pakistan that is still under republic six weeks after flooding. teachers mistook a clock a student built for a bomb.
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>> business man bill browder. >> if my grandfather was the biggest communist in america, i'm gonna go become the biggest capitalist in eastern europe. >> from communist origins to capitalist tycoon. see why he's now set on taking down vladimir putin. >> the russian government remains determined to ruin me in
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any way they can, including killing me if they can get away with it. >> well back. you're watching the al jazeera news hour from london. the riot police in hungary have fired water canon and tear gas at refugees on the serbian border. this is the scene further south on the greek island of lesbos where the police are struggling to cope with the refugees arriving every day. there have been protests in burkina faso where the president
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and cabinet members have been detained by soldiers by the presidential guard. secretary general ban ki-moon said that he's outraged and calling for their release. in london events attracted 1600 firms from around the world but also protests and criticism were rights groups. as nadine barber reports. >> showing off the latest anti-mine activity. of this brought it to a huge arms fair in london on the banks of the thames. before it opened there were demonstrations of another kind. these protesters accuse the u.k. of selling weapons to governments on its own list of human rights abusers, something backed up by amnesty international.
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>> well, this time around some countries were deliberately not invited, including russia subject to western sanctions over its actions in ukraine. but one nation that is present in large numbers is france. in 2014 france won contracts for arms exports worth $9.1 billion. that was up 18% on the year before. and the french government predicts this year's figure could stop $80 billion. but much of the impetus for all this is the ongoing conflicts in the middle east. in the last year paris has sold i.q. to judgment, the you identified arab emirates, qatar and saudi arabia. >> we know that russia is focused on syria, iran, and one
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or two other states in the middle east. there is no reason to suspect that will change. one i think will happen more and more is that the middle east will focus on technologies, more than just equipment sales. and the west trumps russia hands down when it comes to technology. >> but for some campaigners any nation strategically arming it's allies is playing a high-risk game. >> isis is oh so well armed in the middle east is because it has secured large stock piles of weapons that were sold to the iraqi governments and other governments in the region. there is no such thing as arms controls once arms enter a war zone. there are critics say it is wishful thinking. >> libya's internationally recognized government has recalled its team from peace talks in morocco after changes were made to a draft agreement
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on a new unity government. the u.n. is trying to broker a deal between the leadership based in tubruk. they have played down the dispute but admitted time is running out al jazeera has learned that yemen's prime minister has decided to stay in the city of aden after making a tentative return from exile. he has been in saudi arabia since march with the president abd rabbuh mansur hadi. they left yemen after matthew took over sanaa. the families of eight mexican tourist who is were killed in egypt have arrived in cairo. egypt said that the tourists were accidently killed after being mistaken for terrorists. >> with cameras pointed at them.
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families of the victim leave a government building. they have little in the way of a thorough explanation of what happened in egypt on sunday. others have made the long trip to cairo. >> i will be meeting with egypt's president today, and we'll take them back home. >> they insist the attack in the desert was a human error. a car chase gone wrong. that security officers in helicopters and on the ground mistakenly shot those in the restricted zone. there were 22 people in that
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convoy. egypt said that the facts of the case remain confusing. it will conduct a thorough and impartial investigation. >> the republican party presidential candidates are about to take to the stage for their second public debate. the criteria has been widened to the top ten in the polling to take part. donald trump is clear leader in the polls. the win already challenge a new democrat candidate for the white house. joining us live from simi valley in california, this is a crowded field of republican contenders. >> this is only the second debate.
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there is a real responsibilities that money starts to disappear. when that goes, so does hope of securing the nomination. the debate is being held at the ronald reagan library. the problem, of course, they've got this time is everybody said nothing about donald trump, they thought his debate would go away, but one month later it hasn't. scott busch and scott walker thought they would be leading the campaign at this stage. they can't just wait for it to happen, and they've got to go on the attack. as much as donald trump enjoyed the easy ride last time, they can see more people questioning the credentials. did he give money to hill
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hillary clinton. this is really important. really crucial. this is the time to start making your mark in the campaign. the summer is over. we're moving into an important time where we start raising money and doing better in the polls. if you don't both of them you're finished. >> all right, allen. thank you very much. allen fisher with a preview of that presidential debate, which is about to get under way very shortl well, u.s. president barack obama has invited the teenager arrested for bringing a clock to the white house. he was questioned after teachers thought his clock was a bomb. a bomb even tweeted his support,
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and faceboo face facebook. >> i just wanted to show the talent that i had. my perspective it didn't look like a bomb. >> the founder and executive director of the islamic relations. thank you very much for taking the time for speaking to us. how are they feeling about this? >> i called ahmed himself and hit father. the father told me that ahmed sixeal aqsa compound fixes everythin--that ahmed fixes
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everything in the home. and he said i did not know why this happened. of course, he could not get it together. it was hard for him to explain that islam phobia is becoming an acceptable culture, we used to hear from messages from right-wing extremists from some media outlet, but to sink to the level of the school system is something scary and i'm glad that president obama is welcoming him. they would like to give the
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support that they need. >> of course, we're talking about a large and somewhat diverse country. would you say that there is more of a problem in some areas compared to others, for example. the place where this particular incident took place in texas, we've seen instances of tensions between muslim communities and the authorities there. >> actually, this is the question i ask our staff every day. they always ask is this an example or isn't related to only one city or state? unfortunately, it's widespread. it's all over the country. not every american is isla islamphobeic. it's encouraging it's young people to aspire to the future.
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but unfortunately we cannot under estimate a small group of organizations and individuals that are spewing hatred and misinformation about the community and the lack of leadership to this growing phenomena phenomenon. we can play a role to young americans that they are welcome, 24 i, this is their country and they can make a contribution. >> now the most detailed study of marine life has revealed a troubling picture. the world's ocean mammals, birds an fish have we dued by half
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over the last 40 years. it's also found steep declines in coral reefs, man groves and sea grasses and put the decline at risk of $2.5 trillion worldwide with billions of people relying on fish. >> they have a level of resilience if we take the pressure off. so, we're releasing this report. we have the sustainable development goal, discussions, the united nations, the leaders
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of the world come together, and they have an opportunity to build political will around ocean restorations and resources that are required there. and everyone is starting to focus on the conference of parties on the climate change negotiations in paris. so we think that there are two opportunities for world leaders, and communities and civil society to really come together with action. >> hurricanes are a constant threat to coastal communities around the world, but scientists understanding of them are still limited. scientists at the miam university of miami, hope to change all that. >> now researchers have a new tool in their arsenal, and they
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can change things. within minutes they can generate winds and raging waves. it's a chance to study the interaction between the sea and the storm that makes it potentially revolutionary. >> beginning to learn some things here that are a leap forward. we push the technology, and we take it well above what is existed previously. >> it took a year to build the tank, and they weren't sure what results it would occur. >> moving and shaking below the simulator, it can recreate storms so accurately. it can give scientists a greater
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understanding with the ultimate goal of saving lives. warm waters are what fuel hurricanes, and it's hoped that this simulator will improve on vital forecasting in years to come. >> you're able to see these things that you want to see, but you can't go out in the field and do it. >> it's hoped that this will build more safety and understand coastal erosion, but it allows the study of the hurricane from the safety of a laboratory that could make a big difference. >> there is much more to come after a very short break. we'll bring you all the latest were sports.
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>> welcome back. now any facebook user knows what do you do if you want to acknowledge a post that you don't like? fear not because the new dislike button mark zuckerberg said that it will allow people to express empathy. the company was wary of creating an negative atmosphere online.
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>> people are not looking for an ability to download somebody else's post. but to have a way to express empathy. not every moment is a good moment. and if you're sharing something that is sad, whether it's sad, current events, the refugee crisis that touches you, the family member passed away, then it may not feel comfortable to like that post. but your friends and people want to be able to express that they understand and they relate to you. >> the social media reports said that it has recoded. is empathy the first thing that springs to mind in a future like this? >> i don't think it is. people have been asking for a very long time for a dislike button. you've heard people use dislike,
5:48 pm
and then he had to complain what he meant by that. people go for the opposite of like, which is what you're familiar with, but that would not be the ideal situation. they don't want people showing negativity towards their friends' posts. disliking advertisements they're putting in front of users of facebook. we'll see how they can navigate that. >> how difficult is that going to be? we already see issues online with trolls and abuse. some would say that it will end up encouraging that type of behavior. >> that's why i think the language for facebook is going to be incredibly important. if you use dislike, i think it will create some issues feeling bullied or people feeling like a
5:49 pm
negative vibe on social meet work, but i would be surprised if facebook went that route. i think you can see from talking with the company after mark had his conversation, i think what they're trying to do give people options from the simple like. whether that is sad or frustra frustrated, the language here a simple word is going to be there. you're right, there is a risk of bullying here. >> why not go for solidarity or support? >> i think they need to figure out what people will feel comfortable using, right? there is a--i guarantee that facebook is going through a lot of testing internally to find out what word they should use. they do this with all kinds of services and products whenever they launch something.
5:50 pm
what is the best way to release this and make hurry tha--make sure that the language word. i don't know empathy will be the word that they use because they want people to feel comfortable to share that. i don't know if that is a word that people will use. and let's assume that this is what they evolve. i'm sure it would not create more buttons. i think there will be a number of different options when they do this. unfortunately, they have not released a lot right now. >> how is that in a range of features, emotions that go beyond the like button. it's a business model. of course, a lot of people might say this is ultimately just another way to gauge how people feel and what they're thinking for advertisers. >> i think anything you do on facebook, i have to assume that
5:51 pm
all my actions are being used to show me ads, whether i'm liking a post or go into a certain friend's profile all of that is being used to create what kurt wagner likes and what advertisers might show me. but there is a possibility that using different emotions as a response to a post, facebook could use that data to enhance or change, target, i don't know if they'll do that right off the bat. they'll have an empathy button. i wouldn't be surprised if that is used down the road to show data and show us that. >> let's bring you all the latest sports new with sana.
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>> the defending european champions barcelona were held to a 1-1 draw. bars loan that took the lead 21 minutes into the match, but then they didn't last long. ten minutes later. they would square things up at the stad stadio olylimico. after a few missed chanced they finished 1-1, a point each chelsea on the other hand had much more successful against tel aviv. this occurred a 4-0 win. they'll be hoping for some pressure after their poor domestic form.
5:53 pm
>> well to the asian champions league where they have reached the semifinals after winning a cliff-hanger. the first leg ended 0-0, but there were plenty of goals at this time after going one down, they drew level and then took the lead in after the break. they would go on away goals. they shattered their hopes and would add to the last four. >> five cities have been named
5:54 pm
as applicants to host the 2024 summer olympics. los angeles are the only bidders from north america. they're trying to restore the image of the campaign there we were just two candidates. >> there has been a change in the application. they wish for their cities, and how the olympic games would fit best. >> paris had failed bid for th the 2012 games, the french
5:55 pm
capital has been host twice before. rome, last hosted in 1960 had staged a bid in the 2020 games, and hamburg has never hosted the games before, and los angeles are aiming to land the third games after 1952, 1984, l.a. was the united states second host. earlier we spoke to phil barker who feels that the 2020 agenda which designed to make the bid easier could impact the final decision. >> it could well make the decision. this is a slew of reforms introduced last december by the ioc following extensive
5:56 pm
consultation with members of the public, the olympic community and the sporting community to reduce the staging of olympics. better to renovate facilities and use existing facilities. and build new ones. they are slated to hold the olympics after the first world war. that didn't work for them. that could be a new and intriguing development. >> putting in a stand out performance. semifinals are on tuesday. the french crossed latvia with the san antonio guard making 16 points. the rugby world cup starts on friday and ends the competition
5:57 pm
believes that some big upsets could be on the cards. if is believed that the likes of western samoa and fiji could cause some shocks. they start the campaign against the u.s. on sunday. >> this is the thing. everybody is talking about the usual suspects in terms of who is going to win the tournament. the new zealands, the englands, the irelands, the wales. they forget the island boys. those guys have a game or two that they will upset a team somewhere along the line. >> back tback to maryam nemazee. >> you can find more on our website i'll be back with a full bulletin of news after a very
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short break. intensifies... >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> and the e.u. struggles to cope... >> we don't know, they stop us here. >> what's being done while lives hang in the balance? >> we need help now. >> i kept trying to make him not be a boy...
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it's not working. >> transgender children. >> i'd sit alone, i'd eat alone, i have no one to talk to. >> some dismiss it as a phase. >> we're trying to pigeon-hole him into "tom boy". >> but is it reallt a crisis? >> when your child wants to die... that's what changes parents. >> meet the families on a life changing journey. >> i finally get to blossom into the beautiful flower i am! >> we're in the "prairie state" yet we have such little of it left. >> now old-school methods meet cutting-edge science... >> we've returned this iconic mammal to illinois. >> with a much bigger long-term benefit. >> grasslands have a critical role in climate change. >> it's exciting. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm. >> can affect and surprise us. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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>> in hungary police fired water canon and fea tear gas at refugees. in greece, they struggle to cope with the steady stream of refugees coming ashore. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up, in burkina faso, government is restrained just weeks


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