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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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. >> soldiers fire shots to disperse crowds until burkina faso, after the military confirms it carried out a coup you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead - hungary's foreign minister says the refugee policy failed. hungary has been condemned for firing tear gas from canons on to refugees. powerful earthquake forces people out of their homes.
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unruly scenes in japan. the controversial bill that expands the role of the military we start in burkina faso where a military leader says he's carried out a coup and dissolved the temporary parliament. soldiers fired a warning shot. crowds gathered in the capital. soldiers from the provincial guard entered a cabinet meeting and detained the interim president and prime minister. the politician has been held at the presidential palace. interim president and the prime minister only came to power last year, that was after a popular uprising, forcing a resignation and exile.
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the president had been president for 27 years, and his supporters can't stand for elections under a law passed in april, making anyone that supported unconstitutional change ineligible. let's get an update on the situation and speak to a local journalist there. thank you for being with us, there were hectic scenes yesterday, last night. what is the situation this morning? >> right now, the area is confused. an hour ago a declaration on national tv. they said that it's a coup. there is no more president or-prime minister. the national council - they are
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going though lead the country and want to organise it. right now there is fighting if you have information, i understand the officers that took the interim prime minister and resident hostage is part of a guard unit that was formed under the former leader. >> the presidential grab - there was an organised coup. we don't know the name of the
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head. it was democratic, we don't have the name or the head. so we don't know who is leading the revoltism the. >> yes, yes. >> what has been the reaction among the population, i know that labour union and civil society called for a general progress to denounce this coup. is that likely to happen, what are people saying about this? it is difficult. they there used it to make conditions. the military are there. they are finally there. people are obliged to be at home. they don't want to take it down.
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the situation is worse now. the president call all the population to go out. >> a confused situation in ouagadougo. aissata sanko, thank you for updating us. the hungarian foreign minister says the e.u.'s refugee policy failed. and was critical of the actions with serbia. hungary has been condemned. police fired tear gas and water canons. dozens were injured, everywhere were arrested. >> thousands ever refugees are crossing into croatia setting up
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a new path. more than 5,600 entered in the past 24 hours. croatia said it can cope with several thousands refugees, but not hundreds of thousands. we'll speak to al jazeera america, joining us at the border. we saw violent scenes, tell us the mood among the refugees today, after yesterday's events. >> the mood is a little calmer now. clearly calmer than it was last night after the scuffles with the hungarian riot police. behind me there are about 30 to 40 refugees staging a peaceful sit in, holding signs asking for europe to help them. a while ago they were chanting "thank you serbia." many i spoke to are eager to get into hungry. they know the border is sealed, they are aware of what happened.
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a lot arrived here. they still are asking for the e.u. and the international community to allow them to pass through hungary, get to austria and go through germany. there are many i spoke to, considering trying to get to croatia, they are worried what will happen to them after they get to croatia, there's a lot of concern that they may get stuck. last night the refugees, many of them got on buses, were able to go to croatia. there has been about 5,000 that crossed from serbia into croatia over the past 24 hours, it was a jumbled chaotic scene, especially after the gate opened, people crossed in. they had to run back after met with force and resistance from the lung airian -- hungarian riot police, here is our report from where that happened? >> as tempers flared and riots
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hopped. the riot police stood firm. unwavering they promised to take. water canons may have pushed the refugees into serbia, but failed to distinguish their anger. >> most of the crowds dispersed with the riot police on the other side of the fence. the mood is tense. there are men coming up in the last few minutes, herding the young men that have been protesting to move back to let cooler heads prevail so the situation calms down. >> the mood changed almost moment to moment. veering from divines to jooub lanes. >> when the gate opened. hundreds screamed in. thank you they chanted and cheered in unison. they were met not with welcome - rather force. >> parents as stunned as their children. the young as affected as the old. kids cried from the tear gas and
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trauma that they had experience said. this woman never imagined she'd see her 8-year-old beaten by police. >> translation: they hit her with a baton on the head. they hit her. we are from aleppo. look what happened here. >> reporter: this man thought he woods fear and clean to cross. it was the first he felt happy in days. >> we fell when running. they kept hitting us and kicked us. i was hit in the eye here and hit here. my hands and legs are injured. >> bus rides to croatia were offered, many were too scared to venture off. >> after a day like today nothing was certain, several dared not move. under the cover of darkness, it was harder o see the wounds -- harder to see the wounds.
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the pain was no less. >> several of the folks we spoke to yesterday had been injured. we see them on the scene today. we have seen some of the children hit yesterday and heads bandaged, and adults injured. they are saying that they'll need a lot more medical attention for the refugees out here, because they expect more will come. even though the mood is calm at the moment, the heat is rising. temperature is rising. it's getting hotter. you can see the tempers are increasing. folks that are coming out here are looking for a solution. this demonstration behind me, while peaceful, took a lot of effort for the refugees, to warn anyone that wanted to join, we are not throwing rocks. we are peaceful. transmitting a message to the
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e.u., there's concern that things would warm up. people are worried what would happen in the hours ahead. >> thank you a million people have been forced from their homes in chile. the magnitude 8.3 struck on wednesday killing five. it caused waves up to 4.5 meters wide. a tsunami alert was issued for the pacific. it was shallow. the epicentre was under 50km west of the city. we have this report. >> the 8.3 magnitude earthquake hit as thousands of chileans travelled to the coast ahead of a holiday. people in san diego described the buildings as swaying and shaking. >> the motion began slightly and
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got strunger and stronger. we were on the 12th floor. it went from side to side when it was a little jump. >> everything was moving so much that i had to hold a post. then the aftershock. i had to take a cab. now there's traffic everywhere. the earthquake today was very strong. >> reporter: in this city, homes were damaged and electricity knockeded out. 4 meter high waves hit some airs, and waves expected along the coast. right now the coast is without people, and waves are rising to the places near from the earthquake. right now people are in the hills because it's very difficult place to go.
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but they are moving slowly. everything is calm. >> a series of aftershocks have been felt along the coastlines. people in affected areas had to leave their homes. >> the most important thing is to appoint the people, protect them and avoid deaths and injuries, and ensure property measures are taken. >> tsunami alerts have been issued for peru, hawaii, new zealand and california still ahead ... >> we don't need an apprentice in the white house, we have one now. >> talking tough to donald trump. republican presidential hopefuls face off in a second tv debate. tv debate.
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-- welcome back, you're watching al jazeera. a military leader in burkina faso says it's carried out a coup and resolved the temporary parliament. soldiers fired shots to dirs pers crowds in the center of the capital. earlier soldiers entered a getmeeting detaining the interim president and prime minister thousands of refugees crossing into serbia. tear gas and water canons were fired at refugees trying to enter from serbia a million people have been forced from their homes in
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chile. the magnitude 8.3 quake struck on wednesday killing five. a tsunami alert has been issued for most of the pacific several people have been expelled for signing a letter urging president kib illa not to sake a third term. he's been criticized for delaying elections. under the constitution, people have been protesting in parts of the capital. we are joined from kinshasa. a surprise move by kabila when he sacked the politicians. are we expecting more politicians to be sacked? >> some say yes, that could happen. we have been speaking to some
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senior officials. kabila says how dare you criticize me in public, you don't run to the media or the congolese people. we should talk as a family. >> some say he said to some people he's given them a few hours, maybe a day to resign. if they don't. they will be fired. >> he, himself, has been under pressure to say what his plans are for 2016. whether helle stand. the opposition, of course, says he plans to stay on and seek a third term. this, i imagine, has increased tensions ahead of the elections, hasn't it. >> it has. we are hearing that in the second biggest city. there's an anti-government process. in the capital, there was a
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protest, people are worried. we spoke to the u.n. they were trying to stablilize the situation in the east with the factions there. the last thing the country needs is and chaos in the cities. they are urging the president to respect the constitution. for a lot of people, the opposition are worried that they'll do that. that could cause chaos and violence across the country. >> thank you. from the capital kinshasa in japan, controversial legislation allowing japanese soldiers to be deployed for overseas conflicts is about to make it past the government. we have this force from tokyo. >> reporter: as the legislation worked through parliament, so the protests outside it have become passionate, more aggressive.
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for protesters like this, the main fear is the return to the militarism leading japan to disaster in the first half of the last century. he's an organiser for a new student that sprung up. >> as long as it's the disagrees, it's possible that the japan goes back. and there might be i don't remember question. it's more dangerous. it's a real danger. >> the legislation will change how the self-defence forces are deployed or used. until now, the strict interpretation of the constitution means japan will only use force as a last resort, if it is directly attacked. >> the prime minister wants a broader definition, a definition that would allow japanese forces to be used overseas in support of an ally like the united
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states. for so-called collective defense. the prospect of japanese troops fighting overseas once more, for the first time since world war ii, is opposed by more than half the japanese public, according to opinion polls. >> when a snapelection was called, abe was riding hide in the opinion polls. the the controversy surrounding the bill is causes a disturbance. a shift in policy that may stand as his legacy. there's widespread opposition to the way he's using his majority in both houses of parliament to push through the changes. >> except for two or three exceptions, all the other professors are saying that it's
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illegal, untonne state usual. >> despite the banking fall out, it's believed to be a cost japan can and should bear. >> the white house says president obama will met binyamin netanyahu in november. it will be the first meeting since the u.s. and five powers signed the nuclear deal a group of jewish settlers have arrived at jerusalem's holiest site. tensions are high around the al-aqsa in occupied east jerusalem. it is considered safe by muslims, jews and christians now a muslim teenager in texas has been led away from
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school after bringing a home made glock to the classroom. he was suspected of making a bomb. no charges had been filed against him. there has been massive support after his brief arrest. president obama invited him to the white house, and mark zuckerberg invited him to his company's headquarters. >> i took it to school to show the teachers the talent i have. from my perspective, it didn't look like a bomb. >> we live in an age where you can't take things like that to school. of course we have seen across the country horrific things. we have to air on the side of the caution, the reaction is the same, and under the circumstances that it was found in the scale. >> the founder and director of the council on american islamic relations says the incident is a sign of a wide problem of islamaphobia in this state. >> the father told me that armed
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fixes it at our -- ahmed fixes appliances and phones. he's the inventor in the family, in the unity. islamaphobia has much room in the united states. it's an acceptable culture. and it slipped through the educational symptom. there is messages from right wing extremists. and to sink to the level for school system, is something scary, i'm glad that president obama is welcoming him. i called and told him, the celebration of our national bank wet. that it recognises your invention, and give you the support you need. >> u.s. republican presidential hopefuls held a second televised debate. the 11 contenders that made it to the stage discussed immigration, gay marriage and foreign policy.
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al jazeera's alan fisher was there. >> he was center stage, center of attention and attacks. >> no easy ride for donald trump, with no sign of support disappearing. his opponent went on the offensive. >> he fold us who we need. we need someone to get the job done. >> when asked about the comments, she handed trump this. >> mr trump heard mr bush clearly, and what mr bush said. women all over the country heard clearly what was said. >> this was not a good night. those flirting with support for them wouldn't like what they saw and heard. trump tried to turn on the torr
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mentalors. >> your brother and his administration gives us president obama. it was a disaster that abraham lincoln couldn't be elected. >> there were shared themes, different approaches, the clear winner with a solid performance. chris christie. the others will be anxiously watching the numbers to see if they can survive and see if the trump bubble burst. >> global commodity prices weakened over the past few months. the price of copper took a hit over falling demand from china, which consumes half the world's supplies. that had a ripple effect in countries like sam bia. we have this explanation. >> thousands of families depend
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on the local copper industry. one of those families is this. this man lost his job after copper prices hit a slump. >> i went though it. as a family man i have children going to school. it's hard for me to survive at the moment. >> he's now looking for temporary work, but that does not earn him as much as mining. >> this is a mine, most people here depend on the mine. before the market, they were running small vessels. the initial period is from the miners. >> reporter: the price of copper is the lowest it's been in six years, and the slow down primary consumer means a drop in command for the metal. the president says it needs to adapt its policies.
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what makes them vulnerable is it's a commodity country. we depend on one min errol, which is copper -- mineral, which is copper, fluctuations do have deep implications for the economy in general. >> while higher taxes have impacted the industry, mining bosses are concerned about the country wide electricity shortage. authorities say the industry will not be severely disrupted as long as regulators understand how much is needed to keep the mines running. >> this is a copper mine. one of the richest mines in the world. with thousands of cubic meters of water flowing into and pumped out of shafts every day. >> the moment we stop pumping the water, we have the mines. we need it all the time. >> the mine is the largest use
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of power, consuming 14% of electricity. >> it will put a crimp on how much we can do operationally. and hopefully doesn't get to the situation where we have to have cutbacks in production. >> quhil industry bosses and the government -- while industry bosses and the government consider the international monetary fund, all that matters for fredrik is how to support his family huge cracks have split open the ground in a village in northern peru destroying 24 houses, the residents could only watch as their homes collapsed into rubbing. a school and powerlines were knocked down. authorities say the slow movement of soil caused the cracks. a reminder you can keep i'm to date with the latest news on the website. more on the top story and the
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military coup in burkina faso. as well as news, other news stories, features and analysis. that's on the website. >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight, desperate journeys, i'll look at where syria's refugees can and cannot go. the boon of taking in refugees away it can really do to a country's economy. there is nothing like a crisis to expose how closely a country's actions line up with its ideals. i'm talking of course of the massive refugee crisis make pla playing


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