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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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border. scenes on the crew wash sha saying it cannot cope. >> you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up. >> protestors demand release of their transitional president. following a military coupe. al jazeera goes undercover to find out how a growing demand from china is fueling the
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illegal ivory trade. and from sputnik one, to space suits and space capsules. the london exhibition, which shows incredible achievements in space. hole he there. have been chaotic scenes. desperate to continue their journey into western europe. more than 7,300 people have already entered the e.u. newest member state in the last 24 hours. refugees were forced to found a new rout after hungary police used tear gas to stop them from entering it's territory from serbia. a move described by the u.n. as anti-muslim. here at the border refugees have spent hours under the hot sun, with little food or
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water. they have been patient, waiting to board trains to registration centers but their numbers are building. children are passed out from the crash over the heads of police. separated from their parents. this was meant to be the safe rout to the union after the riots at the boarder, but croatia wasn't prepared. buss are off loading refugee as few hundreds meters from the border crossing on foot into croatia. in the last 24 hours thousands have made this journey, they now say it won't take any more. those that made it through wait to be transported to reception centers near the capitol. centers less than 100-kilometers from the border, and the e.u.'s pass
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pot free zone. the desired test nation for most is germany, but slovenia says it will not produce a safe corridor. >> we have to protect the board e, which is at the border with our neighboring border. they are bound by the rules that we will honor fully. those that want to stay, and those that want to stay in a special category. back on the border, all of those left in the makeshift camps look vulnerable, these are the people that have chosen not to leave, risking the elements and further violence. >> i will stay here. so i will not go. >> they are determined the
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gates will eventually open, the barbed wire removed and they will be free to move on. towards the e.u. charley angela, al jazeera. >> al jazeera lawrence lee is in the serbian town which is just across the border, with croatia. and from there he sent us this update. >> serbia has put on buss from every single point across the country, from the capitol which is oen the serbian side and has been dropping them all day, here. now this is just oon the serbian side, they are dropped here, they walk down this track, and walk over here. through the corn fields we walked with them earlier on, through these corn fields two-k there. there is not much of a border, they didn't even know that reached the union pen.
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>> there are hundreds and hundreds that come every hour. there's even more. so they are now saying they have to shut the boarder as well. what happens then. it is not clear, slovenia has said it won't let them all through, so there's yet another crisis in the making for all these refugees really what they see is they bolt for the nearest border. the frustrations build up and then they have to see if they can move on further. for the european union point of view, it is in complete shambles. >> hundreds are at austria's border waiting to cross,
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trains connecting to the two countries have stopped running from the city. the refugee including many families are stuck on a bridge waiting to be left in on foot. austriaen othursday, called for new and better rules on migration. anti-european union summit. if more countries reintroduced border checks thousands of refugees continue to arrive on the beaches of the islands every day. jona hull reports they are prepared to risk everything for a better future. >> as we watched on the shores the boats came in. you have heard there are problems but will this stop you? >> you will keep going. >> we will keep going.
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>> carefully wrapped in makeshift waterproofing smart phones are vital tools. serving as road map and guide. photographs and video on social media, feed their expectations. this is a smugglerring facebook page, he faces on calm seas safe for all ages at around $1,000 a head. there's even a fancy yacht for hire. but that costs much more, the promise is clear. get your tickets here, to a new life in europe. the reality, is different. cheap, overcrowded boats accident bound. sometimes the people aboard only learn how dangerous this journey can be when it is too late. this man and his baby survived but in recent days close to 100 lives have been lost in greek waters. many of them children.
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here comes another boat now, volunteers guiding them in, local greeks ready to pounce. no matter what, triggers this mass movement of people, the war in syria, or germany's implied promise to take them in, all the false promises of the people smugglers no matter what started it or what perpetuates it there is no easy way of stopping it. >> we know the border situation is difficult, but god willing things will get better. may god choose the way so we can protect these kids. >> whatever calamities may lie ahead as europe's borders open and shut, what are tragedies have yet to unfold, as long as there is war and poverty, and as long as there are smugglers getting rich, they will keep coming. ♪ german police have shot
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dead a man after he attacks an officer a knife. the female officer was first injured by the attacker and wounded fourth when police opened fire on him. what has been referred as a terrorist organization. which he moved before the attack. >> at least three people have now died during demonstrations during the capitol following a military coupe there. an officer from the elite guard said he carried out the coupe and dissolved it on wednesday. he is already facing a challenge from the head of parliament. >> gunfire in the capitol, moments after military leader appeared on television. they have taken place hours earlier. >> dear patriots people, we are intervening to enhance
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the removal of the transitional governments. this will allow us to put in place a just, and equal system. this was a scene. people marched towards the palace. in a cabinet meeting when it is trumped and entertained them. it was formed by former president, and then publicly at odds with the transitional leaders. on monday, the consolation to the court accusing it of open fire on an armed protestor during last year's protest. violent mass protests including setting the parliament on fire, caused long serving office. at the time, many said they didn't want military leaders. >> this was a popular revolution,s so we want a civilian leader. >> we prepared civilians we don't need military rule any more.
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>> tensions have been building. especially ahead of elections scheduled for next month. members of the party have been declared ineligible to run. those that support the bid so he could seem another turn. land locked suffered from recurring droughts and until the 1980's, military kuhns. although it has significant aboard, many yes remember years the block has imposed sanctions and countries in that witness coupes. guinea has similar situations but diplomacy was successful in resoaring rule. the question is whether this will work. al jazeera. >> south sudan has declared 300 day of mourning. it happened in western state where a truck veered off the road. i thought people were trying
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to fight when a lit cigarette triggered the explosion. more from the capitol. >> a roll of that is economic, and one of them is a fuel shortage. these people were really really desperate. that is that we understand when it happens. >> still ahead, the powerful quake that has 1 million people to leave their homes in chili. and we will meet the animal heros that will help free from the danger of land mines.
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shady investments. limited oversight. >> super pacs are part of the wild wild west of campaign finance. >> could actor daniel craig be the latest super pac scam victim? an ali velshi, on target, special investigation. ♪ . >> there have been chaotic scenes at the border with croatia. with thousands of people seeking a flu unit. at least three people have died in the capitol following a military coupe led by the former president the man being shot dead by police after attacking a female officer with a knife. the islamic state has claimed responsible for suicide
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attacks which have killed at least 23 people. there were two explosions with a third in nearby town. not to seek a third term. there have been protests in parts of the capitol against the plans to delay elections due next year. they sense later it was ignored. and the second it was ignored.
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a the third they had a meeting that was in a circle and he said enough is enough. i was giving a few days to resign, if you don't, you will be fired. that has cause add lot of tension on the ground. they will also been trying to hold on to power that protests has turned violent. we are told in other parts of the country, people there are planning another protest. the u.n. is very concerned they are trying to get all sides to sit down and find a solution to the crisis. there is a concern that if this doesn't happen there could be more violence, a major concern. they are trying to deal with issues in the east of the country, which is government forces and the rebel factions there. and the f the president hangs on to power. people are concerned there
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could be more violence on the streets. >> moss zam beak has been declared free of land mines after 20 years of removing the mines. tonya page has more on the success of the campaign. they have sniffed their way into the record books. for the lethal legacy of the war. it's been slow main staking work that's taken two decades. >> about 170,000 land mines have been cleared from human rights watch, says it is a break through for the continent. >> my take awayland, for the development we can move
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forward, to claim that land and use it for agriculture. there are so many possibilities. so it is great news for us. >> hundreds of people whose foot was shattered when she took a wrong step. it is 16 years since the mine ban came into force. 162 countries have signed on. mines are really used in conflicts now, but countries like china have millions of land mines stock piled. >> when the ban came into effect about 20,000 people a year were being killed or injured by land mines. today, that's down to about 900. the achement in being declared land mine free can inspire other countries that it is possible to be rid of them.
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>> tonya page, al jazeera. south africa. >> israel's prime minister says he wants tougher punishment accused of throwing stones or fire bombs. the week of increased tensions in occupied east jerusalem. stephanie decker reports. >> it is home, but these days it feels like a prison cell. israeli forces have put 14-year-old under house arrest, after accusing him of throwing stones during a protest. he says his life has been turned upside down. >> now i have to sleep at 4:00 a.m. i wake up at 2:00 p.m. i have breakfast around 3:00 p.m., at 7:00 p.m. i have lunch. everything changed in my life. >> it's been a month, and he has five more to go until his trial. he has been denied his right to go to school, and while we interview him his mother starts to cry. she asks why such harsh
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procedures have been applied to a child. >> he was taken here to the compound, after being arrested he was kept for 15 days before being transferred to a prison. he was interrogated without a family member being present, and he was slapped while being questioned about whether he threw stones or not. >> the israeli government recently passed a law where stone throwers can receive up to a ten year prison sentence. and following increase tensions over the past week. they want to push through even harsher measures. >> the present situation is unacceptable. and we intend to give soldiers and police officers the tools necessary to act very firmly. against those who throw stones and fire bombs. we are also going to adopt changes in the rules of engangment. and for minimum sentence against those that throw stones and fire bombs. >> the israeli human rights lawyer has been defending
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palestinians for decades. >> they try to find some momentary solutions to impose more punishments. to impose more pressure. believing that somehow they will in occupied territories may will settle down. they will accept the occupation, they will agree to be occupied to bedenied the rights etc. >> his friends play football downstairs but he can't join them. we also hitch what stone throwing symbolizes for the youth. >> we have nothing to fight with. that's why the stone is a weapon. >> his mother says she is trying to stay strong, but she dreads the outcome, that her young son who loves to ride his bike and play football, could end up in prison. stephanie decker, al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> conservationist say china's love of ivory is helping fuel an illegal trade worth billions. an estimated 30,000 wild elephant as year.
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with tusks being shipped through a complex web of traders in hong kong. al jazeera 101 east program has gained exclusive. they move through grasslands. but their numbers are dropping by the day, slaughtered by poachers for their tusks. they use the gun to shoot. >> and after it dies they take the ax and cut and cut and cut. while those of the top of the trade maid hand some profits. desperately poor villages risk much for very little reward. this job is very dangerous. if you are caught, you are shot. >> the illegal trade is being fueled by a growing demand from china, where ivory remains a highly prized status symbol.
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101 easted traveled to the busy port of hong kong. the gate way to this growing market. between 2,000, and 2,014, customs officials seized some 33 tons of ivory here. >> they are checking 1% of the cargoes that's how much was seized and how much was not seized. >> we are determined to end illegal trade. >> undercover, we meet dealers willing to help us smuggle. >> we want to do this legally. >> we only want african ivory. >> with the smuggling and selling of ivory so common place. despite global efforts to ban the trade, there is seen
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little to stop the wild elephants from disappearing. in just a few decades. steve choo, al jazeera. >> you can catch the full documentary, that's at 2230 on thursday. here on al jazeera. >> the biggest distribution of free televisions. 10 million sets have been given to poor families in a push to switch the country from analog signals. some have criticized the government saying there is an ulterior motive. reports from mexico city. >> an unn't anded gift and her granddaughter, the new televisions the government has just given them for free. >> i am really happy because they never give you anything. but this time they have. >> the handout is costing
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more than $1.5 billion. the man in charge explains why it is worth it. >> there will be more and quality channels and it uses less electricity, so there will be a saving of energy nationwide. >> more than 4,000 televisions are going to be handed out just on the day of our visit and similar scenes are being played out across the country, but despite the general jube lent atmosphere here, critics have said that behind it the government has hidden agenda. >> all mexican parties are guilty of dishing out food and gifts for votes but the governing party is especially notorious. >> the p.r.i. party used to hand out food for votes. now it has modernized itself
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and in a digital era it hands out televisions for votes. >> of the more than 50 countries mexico is the only one to handout new t.v.s rather than cheaper decoders. much of the handout coincided with the run up to the midterm elections. along with others we spoke to said she felt no pressure to support the government in exchange for her gift. the only thing on her mind was turning on her new t.v. al jazeera, mexico city. soviet space artifacts are on show in london. the first time many have been seen outside russia. but also shine as light on the rivalry between russia, and the west. steve barker reports. >> reunited with her capsule, the first woman in space. >> it is now a museum piece, but when she took off, this
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journey could quite easily have been a one-way trip. >> i asked her if she was ever scared. >> it was work, she tells me if you are afraid, you would never be allowed into space. this capsule is like a close friend, only made from space technology. she return as hero of the soviet union, and remains to this day the only woman to fly a solo mission into space. several years earlier they kick started the space age with a series of pioneering firsts. the first satellite, and then the first man in space. and in 1965, carries out the first space walk, together with the first space somersault. many of these artifacts have never left, some needed to be declassifies before they could travel. the early achievements were
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seen as a challenge by the u.s., who beat moscow in putting a man on the moon. >> often here in the west, these major achievements are sometimes eclinted by nasa's later landings. when it comes to the space race there is one clear winner, the soviet union. >> the first probe on the moon, they also landed on visa. the first to land on another planet, if you think about it those are incredible achievements. they are just as important as the lunar landing. it is very sexy and has the p.r., but all of these others are just as important scientifically. >> with the space race over, tensions have been replaced by cooperation and joint missions. after the u.s. grounded the shuttle fleet, it now pays russia $63 million per astronaut per trip. this collection charts the early cosmic achievements. from the space craft to the
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space toilet. meaning. moments into the journey of the unknown. al jazeera, as london science museum. >> you can find out plenty more on our stories by going to our website, the address to click on to is general motors agrees to pay nearly $1 billion over it's faulty ignition switches but families that people that died because of the defected, say it is not enough. a new focus for the republican field, donald trump may still be ahead in the polls after last night's debate, but another candidate is getting a lot more attention. thousands of refugees begin the next leg of their desperate journey. now heading to croatia,


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