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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> croatia says it can't take any more refugees and begins sending them to hungary. hello this is al jazeera, live from doha, i'm adrian finighan. still ahead, restore the government or face sanctions. in burkina faso.
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japan moves special troop restrictions into law. >> i'm lucia newman. >> we begin with the latest refugee crisis in europe. thousands of refugees are being moved on to from country to country where there's no sign of political solution to the crisis. croatia has reached saturation point it says and can't take any more people in. it's now starting to bus people to hungary. hungarian officials are furious at the move. meanwhile, slovenian police use pepper spray, hundreds of people are chanting for border to be open. let's go to the croatia slovenia
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border. lawrence lee is there. lawrence, the chaos and confusion continues, people moving from border to border. an apparent discontact between what officials are saying and how police are treating people arriving on that border. >> that's absolutely right, adrian. let me just tell you where i am, i'm in a bit of no man's land, croatia and slo slovenia and overnight, there is a new development with the arrival of hundreds and hundreds it appears to me of refugees. it goes to the capital of slovenia, i'm going to move out of the way, to have a quick look. you can probably see there in the foreground the tents are starting to go up. that big beige tent was put up in the last couple of minutes and behind that there are other tents which were started from
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3:00 this morning, croatian volunteers, grabbing food and supplies to hand out. there are hundreds and hundreds of people but of course ton slovenian side there are police. they won't let anybody in at all. they used pepper spray in the same way the hungarianless have to repel people. what i think is going to happen here given there are supplies here, own the side of the motor way, approaching decency, which they haven't in other places, the thousands who are in zagreb, in the croatian capital, once they hear will try make it to this area. the shengen area, they don't have to stop at any borders until they get to germany which is the prize. >> if they can't get across that
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border, if slovenian police won't let them cross where do they go? >> this goes to the disconnect you were talking about adrian, what the slovenians are telling, the prime minister saying yes they would think about potentially creating a safe corridor to go through and then the reality on the ground which is this, that they're completely stuck. i think to be honest to you, the key to all of this unlocking all of these things lies in berlin. if the germans say, we've got a handle on the thousands and thousands we brought in before, now you smaller countries to the east and out of us, let them through, all of this could evaporate in a day or two. >> lawrence lee, in slovenia.
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>> the organization says it is running out of money and needs more funding. that means that syrian families living in neighboring countries like jordan may have to go hungry. nizreen al shamaya reports. >> surviving because the united nations food program, it was only $1.50 a day but it was enough forfor the family to get by. it is illegal for refugees to work in jordan but they have to, they earn just enough obuy baby milk eggs and yogurt. >> we are living through our worst fears. we don't know how much worse our situation can get. >> the world food program says it's seriously underfunded. it needs to make life and death decisions as to who to feed and
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who to cut off. this man works illegally on a nearby farm. >> i would face all risks to return to syria because i'm being humiliated and enslaved here. my boss makes me work all day for only $14, is that enough for my family? >> the wbs say 14,000 live under the profit line. those who work for humanitarian agencies say they are also frustrated because they are no longer able to maintain their services and are worried that desperation will push some refugees either to go back to syria or to risk the treacherous journey to europe. for many refugees it is a fateful decision they must take in the coming weeks. >> people have now told us they have lost hope for a better future in the region.
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many are considering returning to war in syria. they have told us they would risk their life to return to europe. >> escaping war because they have no food, but authorities struggle to cope, relying on the ngos as they could. nisreen el shamaya, al jazeera. air strikes killed at least 53 people in the northern city of aleppo. the area for human rights says, controlled by rebels shelling government areas in the west of leach. u.s. and russian defense minister et ceters have held tar first time in more than a year, the hour lorchg conversation lon
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focused on how to avoid military entanglement. rosalyn jordan reports. >> topic users and whether the russians are planning to do any military operations inside that country. the u.s. has been very concerned that if that is to be the case, it doesn't want to get in the way of the russians and vice versa, probably leading to a larger conflict within a country that's already been dealing with four years of civil war as well as with the rise of i.s.i.l. now it's not clear yet whether there are going to be more military to military contact but it is worth pointing out they had been suspended because of russia's incursion into ukraine
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in 2014 and 2013. that said, u.s. is trying to deal with the problem of i.s.i.l. and live the civil war and move the president bashar al-assad out of power. to that end several administration officials said on friday they are willing to listen to what the russians have to say about achieving these goals. certainly nothing is going to happen, with the u.n. general assembly, coming into session in the next couple of weeks and the situation with i.s.i.l. the united arab emirates says there is now more than 5,000 troops operating within the country. saudi led coalition began bombing this march after the houthis took control of government and captured territory last year. the israeli military says it's bombed three targets in the gaza strip.
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hitting northern gaza. one of those hit a parked bus in the town of steros. the african union has suspended burkina faso if they don't restore the interim government. earlier this week soldiers from the presidential guard stormed into the cabinet meeting and arrested the president and prime minister. paul celegan. >> reporter: dorks in the burkina faso's capital ouagadougo. >> we have come to see the sick. we have seen bullet wounds, people with crush injuries. we have been taking details and getting their phone numbers. >> reporter: witnesses say gunmen loyal to coup leaders opened fire to try to disperse
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protesters. >> the ceup was not by members of the presidential guard who is still loyal to ex president blaise compaore. >> we will ri resist with our be hands. we wilbury his corpse here in burkina faso. >> the transitional government has been preparing for elections next month. coupe leaders are calling it unfair. the coupe coup leader said the vote will take place but at a later time. >> we don't intend to extend our power, we don't intend to stay. we don't intend to do more than what needs to be done unlike what some people think. >> the united have strongly
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denounced the coup. paul tradergian, al jazeera. >> a political purpose we'll tell you more plus,. >> i'm charles stratford, what the government says is the development army, it's saving mothers and babies live. lives.
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>> as the global refugee crisis intensifies... >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> and the e.u. struggles to cope... >> we don't know, they stop us here. >> what's being done while lives hang in the balance? >> we need help now. >> hello again the top stories
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on al jazeera. croatia is struggling to deal with an influx in refugees. says it can't take in any more people. starting to bus people with the border to hrng. hungary. areas targeted controlled by opposition forces. the african union has suspended burkina faso, if coup leaders don't restore the interim government. guard stormed into the cabinet and arrested the president and prime minister. japan's parliament has passed controversial laws which means japanese soldiers will be allowed to fight overseas for the first time since the second world war. has been met with protests.
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but japan' japan's prime ministr shinzo abe says it's necessary. >> to protect life and he passions and to prevent war. legal foundation necessary for our children, children in the future generation and for the peace. >> let's get analysis from al jazeera's rob mcbri in tokyo. >> given what's at stake there's wide ranging reactions in japan as you would expect. the prime minister shinzo abe has insisted that the japanese troops will only be used in emergency, pacifist constitution, the opposition have vowed to continue the fight. now the changes in law, it will take a change in government to change the law back again.
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elections don't take place for another year. controversial new regulations are threatened to be fought in the court. the united states will welcome this seeing japan as a more potent ally in this part of the world but of course in this part of the world the strongest reaction is likely to come from china. in editorials and pronouncements in the coming days, china will see this as japan possibly returning to a more aggressive stance but those people who support these changes here in japan believe that they have to take a more independent role when it comes to the use of its defense forces in response they believe to a buildup in the military in china itself. >> mexico's president enrique pena nieto has visited, eight
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people were killed when egyptian security mistook mexican tourists. >> mechanism coamexico spared nt nor expense. the ministers who went personally to get them said their condition was delicate but stable. >> translator: what happened in the egyptian desert hurts and makes mexico and the world indignant. this aggression has no precedent. the president has demanded that we bring back our compatriots. >> especially their call for a swift and thorough investigation from egypt have also raised
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questions of double standards. in mexico there are 25,000 missing people and the government has failed to solve the vast majorities of those disappearances. many victims' families accuse authorities of simply going through the motions and not acting at all. the most emblematic is those of 43 students abducted buy gang almost a year ago, almost all of them haven't been found. this week officials announced a break through, the arrest of hilldago lopez. >> translator: hilldago lopez has an arrest warrant against him on charges of organized crime, he was the perpetrator of the disappearance of the 43 missing students in the rural school in the state of guerrero. >> but a recent independent investigation said it would have been scientifically impossible
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to burn that many bodies in a dump, government investigation already heavily criticized. leaving the victims of that tragedy now the attack in egypt all still waiting for answers. john holman, al jazeera, mexico city. >> u.s. president barack obama and his cuban counterpart raul castro have spoken on the phone ahead of the pope's visit. new rules will take effect on monday simplifying rules for tourism and money transfers. the pope is scheduled to arrive for a four day visit. lucia newman has the story. >> the celestial sound of an
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orchestra and choir. revolutionary icon chche icon c. this has been the third visit of a pope to cuba, considering the relatively small number of catholics in this cub. but cuba's size is in inverse proportion to its importance in laboring. the argentine pope clearly wants to play a role, he wants to meet with farc rebel leaders while in havana. >> this papal visit while pass
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trapastoral also that is a clear political context. >> reporter: secret talks led to the historic retraitio restof political ties. >> his visit will help convince the americans to lift the economic embargo against cuba once and for all. the pope will talk to the president of the united states. >> but will the pope delve into the thorny topics? the leader of the ladies in white the most visible dissident group seemed uncertain. >> translator: we want and we think he should speak out against the violence of those marginalized by the regime. we will continue regardless,
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even if he doesn't receive us, even if he says nothing we want to hear. >> our pope francis will play his cards here in cuba is something everyone is waiting to see. lucia newman, al jazeera, havana. in brazil, thousands of people have rallied against spending cuts. protesters rallied in sao paulo. the country has been in recession since august. kenya's government has ordered the closure of alt schools due to a teacher strike. more than 280,000 teachers have been striking since the start of the academic year in august. they are demanding a pay raise. the supreme court has ruled in their favor and ordered the government to pay more, but the government says it doesn't have the money to comply.
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a family is facing deportation in new zealand. after failing to get clearance as climate change refugees. >> ione and his family are living on borrowed time. he and his wife fled the island nation of kurabas in 2007. they wanted a better life. >> life there is not good. we are running to other country, big country, to save our life. >> reporter: that big country was new zealand where they've since had three children. their visas ran out in 2011 but they've been trying to stay ever since. >> under the present definition
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of refugee they would be sent back to their country of origin because they weren't specifically in danger of being killed. that needs to change because climate change refugees are basically economic refugees. >> kurabes is one of the world's lowest lying nations. global warming is very real here. most of the land is legs than two meters below sea level. >> they find it difficult to grow crops, and one day possible death, and that is the situation as it is at the moment. >> after a tower year league battle to stay was quashed by the new delhi supreme court. said climate change was not the reason to gif the family refugee
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status, there was no evidence that the kurabes government was trying to mitigate climate change. their human rights would be violated if they were sent back, there is a precedent. >> i'm scared to send me back, i don't like to go back, i want to stay here with my family. >> but ione tessiote is here in prison in auckland. the entire family would be deported back ton latest flight. al jazeera, auckland. health, pregnant people in
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ethiopia live in isolated villages and until recently continually access even basic medical care. >> these ladies are members of what the ethiopian golf calls the women's development army. >> my name is. >> my name is. >> my name is. >> my name is. >> the are volunteers paid by some of the government paid 34,000 medical outreach workers spread across the country. their mission to provide better health care for millions of ethiopian women. the family nearby wait for her to arrive and she's a qualify midwife, responsible to
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35-year-old about to giver birth to her fourth child. >> the greatest is when our mothers give birth. they ask them a lot of questions, an we advice them. >> haroot is typical of many. haroot gave birth to her other four children rat home. >> the last time the placenta was stuck. that's why i've decided to good. >> her husband and sister help her to the car. it's ma terchl outreach program across ethiopia is working. certainly the figures suggest
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that's the case. according to the world bank and the world health organization, compared to figures in 1990 deaths have reduced. 57,000 peep57,000 people, the sr the women ethiopia still relies on donors for almost half its health sector budget but the government says it's determined to expand its outreach program. >> even though we have improved greatly, including the pastoral areas of the country we still believe that various earned of icts need to be ambulanced,.
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>> a hope physical save millions of children under five and adults like haroot. >> more news along with analysis comment add our influences look website at >> i'm mei-ling mcnamara in canada here to discover how the great bear rainforest is being protected. >> i'm amanda burrell. i'm in london to find out how to make old houses green.


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