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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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greece's elected tsipras gets another chance to lead his crisis-hit country after elections. tsipras warns the road ahead will be hard. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, scenes of desperation as hundreds of refugees scramble onto trains leaving croatia from hungary and slovenia. the u.s. says it will take in more refugees including thousands of syrians fleeing the war. part of yemen's capital is reduced to rubble by some of the
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heaviest suddaudi-led air strik yet. the head of the catholic church delivers a message to cubans during his first visit. greece's conservative new democracy party admitted defeat to the left wing in the nation's fifth election in six years. this paves the way for tsipras to return to power. the party says it will form a governing coalition within three days. partial official results that have come back to us from the greek interior ministry show voter turnout at about 54%, slightly lower than the last election in january. alexis tsipras just tweeted in front of us lies the long road of struggle and hard work. meanwhile, this was the leader of the conservative new democracy party conceding
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defeat. >> translator: the race for the first party has now been completed with great dignity and in a civilized fashion. the final result is still evolves. they have the first place and i congratulate them. >> how do we explain the victory in tsipras? why did they vote tortoise practices again? >> reporter: i think they felt alexis tsipras and syriza put up a good fought with the european creditors and with the imf. a bigger fight than his socialists or center right predecessors. on that basis they felt all right. an honorable defeat and we give you a second chance. the other message tsipras had throughout the campaign still
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resonated, which is that he is still the new kid on the block relatively speaking compared to new democracy and the old socialist party. they he painted as very much the old regime, the old political establishment, the corrupt clientist state that got greece into this enormous mess. well, the message sold. the greek electorate or a considerable proportion of them went along with that and gave him a second chance. i would draw attention to something laura you mentioned in your cue, the turnout figure, slightly down. more than slightly down. 8% down on the january election. it does refleblt on a night of tsipras triumph, the levels of disenchantment and disillusi disillusionment in this country. >> with a new coalition will they end up with the same kind of partners?
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>> yes, i do. for all the turmoil of the last eight months, it looks as if we're back exactly where we started. if the latest projections are right, we'll see sigh reez ya not getting 150 feets. you need 151 because there are 300 seats in parliament. the leader of the party was given the defense ministry, and he seemed happy with that. the latest projections are that they will get nine or ten seats, put them together and you get whatever, 153, 154 seats. not a very stable government, but it is a start. it seems a reasonable assumption that forming a new coalition for alexis tsipras will be much
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easier than he would have thought two or three days ago. >> barnaby phillips in athens. thank you. at least 13 refugees drown off the coast of turkey trying to get to greece. they were on board a dinghy when their vessel collided with a cargo ship. it's believed 46 people were on board. in croatia there were chaotic scenes as hundreds of refugees tried to board trains. >> go back. >> police tried to hold people back, but many forced their way onto a waiting train climbing through windows. for several days thousands of refugees have been stuck between hungary, slovenia and croatia. they haven't been able to agree on how to deal with the increasing number of people.
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we're there and we have this update. >> reporter: at this moment everything is under the control , but in the last five days we were seeing a lot of chaotic scenes in croatia. it took five days for the government to take over the control over the situation. well, people were not in the past few days were not having anything. there was a lack of food, water, or other supplies they needed. they're angry and nervous because they didn't know where they were going to be transported. will be that be hungary or slow vena? there was a big problem with the hungarian croatian border when they decided to close the border. in one moment 40 croatian policemen were going with the refugees across the border. they were arrested by the hungarian government.
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they were let go back to croatia after one hour. the situation was chaotic here, and now everything is under control. we can state that the first refugee wave has passed, but in croatia the ministry of defense said they expect the next few days 15,000 to 20,000 people from serbia to come to croatia again. an italian navy ship has arrived in sicily. the refugees are part of 4600 people rescued in 20 operations in the mediterranean on rt sa. ifrments the u.s. says it will take in more refugees from around the world during the next two years. secretary of state john kerry made the announcement while meeting a german foreign minister in berlin. >> this step that i'm announcing today i believe is in keeping with the best tradition of
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america as a land of second chances. and a beacon of hope and it will be accompanied by additional contributions from the hiem humanitarian effort and a home for people. >> we have more on kerry's announcement from washington. >> this was a further clarification of some numbers we heard earlier in the week from the white house. the obama administration said it was prepared to accept an extra 10,000 refuses from syria over the next fiscal year. the number of worldwide refugees allowed into the u.s. goes up from 85,000 from 70,000 to 2016. that's raised to 1 unhad hundred,000 by 2017. however, the number of syrian refugees are a small fraction of that. this is far short of what many former administration officials called for last week at 100,000
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syrian refugees should be allowed into the u.s. that will not happen. we have to remember, too, over the last four years the u.s. has only accepted 1,500 syrian refugees. saudi-led air strikes hit yemen's capital in a heavy bombardment since the military campaign began pushing to retake sanaa from houthi rebels that head the city for a year. dozens have been killed in the latest battles. we have more. >> reporter: chaos on the streets. a man is heard shouting desperately asking for help. his father has just been shot. there's intense fighting dween houthi rebels and government troupes. the injured are rushed to this hospital, which is overwhelmed with increasing number of
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casualties. activists achews the forces local to former president with tarri targets civilians. war has claimed the lives of thousands of yemenis. it was targeted by' coalition air strike. neighbors say a family of 11 was killed in the attack. it's the second air strike targeting the old city of sanaa considered a world heritage site. the victims were buried in a cemetery in the old quarter of the city. one of the most ancient places in the arab world. >> translator: farmers live in this area. it shouldn't have been targeted. shrapnel flew all over the area. many children were injured. >> reporter: the owner of this house was a farmer. he had a garden outside his building. the bomb that hit his house created damage in an area of 500 meters.
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we think 50 to 80 buildings were damaged in the attack. forces loyal to the president backed by troops from the coalition led by saudi arabia have launched an offensive to capture the provinces. both are on the eastern border of sanaa. if recaptured, loyalists are going to try and seize the capital next. >> he lives in sanaa and work as a human rights campaigner. she said the situation on the ground is unsettled and unpredictable. >> well, generally speaking the situation in sanaa has deteriorated. air strikes have increased significantly just within the past few weeks. there have been bombings during the day and night. we were talking in a very busy street in sanaa. it's considered one of the
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busiest, and an air strike hit. people have become very apprehensive, very anxious, and very scared because they're not sure what or when something is going to hit. it's definitely gotten worse, and the death toll is rising by the day. and five people who were held hostage in yemen have been freed accords to the white house. two u.s. citizen, two saudis and a briton was held by houthi rebels and are safe in neighbors ar man. syrian rebels have entered aleppo province from the tush ishg border. 75 crossed in an coy invoice of cars from the united states. it's one people after the u.s. admitted five of the trained rebels were still fighting in syria. washington's program to develop a moderate force has been fraught with problems. dozens of its fighters have been kidnapped or killed in attacks
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until july. rival sides will sfop attacks on idlib prof ins. the pause in fighting will end on tuesday. two previous attempts athe a truce failed to take hold. coming up on al jazeera, violent protests in nepal following the introduction of a new constitution. a rare opposition protest in russia. why thousands of people were out on the streets.
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the top stories here on al jazeera. greece's alex sis tsipras is set to return to power. tsipras's sigh reza party will form a coalition in a few days.m a coalition in a few days. the european union faces strong criticism for the handling of the refugee crisis. while thousands of refugees have terrible conditions in crow way that, slovenia has a far more organized system to help them on the journey. laurence lee reports from slow convenient slovenia. >> reporter: yet another dismal morning for the refugees stuck
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on the croatian side of the border on slee slovenia. almost all men here, many separated from their families. it feels like the usual chaos. >> somebody speaks today that old people are going to slovenia. now we don't believe them. >> reporter: over the border things are very, very different. off the buses orderly cues to the slovenian registration center. there are beds and plenty of food and medical facilities to care for this little child suffering from dehydration. the government said on sunday it was given more funding from the european commission for places like this on the assumption they will continue to have to clean up the mess. >> translator: we are trying to go through the procedures in the most organized way in the best interest of the migrants, and i hope that we will be able to fulfill this task to the last migrant that comes to slovenia.
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>> reporter: the refugees who were successfully processed end up in places like this in this motel on the border with austria. the police are around, but there are no restrictions on their movement at all. this mom from syria couldn't stop smiling she was that much closer to germany and nobody in the way. here in slovenia it's good? >> good, very good. >> reporter: those who end up in the capital's asylum center are free if they wish to simply jump on the train with everybody else. a change if having to push your children through the window. at budapest the hungarian authorities tried and failed to force the refugees to say in one place. serbia and croatia pile them on buses and dump them on the neshl available border. here there's not a police officer in sight. any refugee who makes it this
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far has almost got there. >> they haven't had to deal with really big numbers. for once it looks like a country with a system offering a taste of freedom. laurence lee, al jazeera, slovenia. pope francis met the former cuban leader fidel castro during his first-ever visit to cuba. earlier thousands gathered in the revolutionary square to take part in mass. the pope's tour following a foreign relations between cuba and the u.s. helped along by pope francis. our latin-american editor has more from havana. >> reporter: according to official sources thousands braied the blazing sun to hear and see pope francis who spoke to them in their own language, spanish. he's from argentina. before he actually arrived at the stage you see behind me, he drove past in his popemobile,
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and at that point three young men in their mid-20s rushed the popemobile and tried to speak to them. they were carrying leaflets that they tossed out before they were grabbed by security agent. they were slightly beaten and take away. these are dissidents that want to speak to the focus has been there of reconciliation. he talks about reconciliation between the united states and cuba and between cubans mungsz thementsz. all of those in this current who have left for political or economic reasons. iraqi health authorities are worried about a new outbreak of cholera. 165 new cases have reported. >> as more is registered, people work a cholera epidemic could break out again. the last epidemic eight years
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ago affected nearly 7,000 people. the prime minister has ordered daily water tests and other measures to try and contain the disease, but it's not enough for some. >> translator: my husband went into hospital two days ago. he had dysentery and was vomiting because of the water. we haven't had clean water for two years. it was cut off, so we had to dig wells to drink and wash ourselveses. >> hospital laboratory experts say the crisis could have been avoided if there were simple measures to provide clean water. >> translator: we're currently suffering from cholera outbreak and four days yesterday as a result. they have visited the hospital here to look at the situation. we are not putting in proper measures. >> reporter: health experts say the outbreak may spread because of the high number of displaced people living in local refugee camps. they escaped the fighting in anbar province and the disease
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is difficult to contain if it spreads into camps. doctors at this hospital are worried they won't be able to cope with a large outbreak of chole cholera. the government isn't do enough to provide clean drinking water. one of the things you need for clean drinking water is chlorine tablets, and they say here that the government isn't supplying them with enough. after years of delays, nepal has formally adopted the first democratic constitution. thousands of people turned out in the capital to celebrate, but not everyone welcomed the historic toument. hundreds of protesters gathered in kathmandu to make their teams known. let's have a close look at the constitution and its development. it was a key demand of rebels when a ten-year civil war ended with a peace deal in 2006. there were hopes the constitution would unite nepal. instead it caused divisions. it established a secular system
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to devise the country into seven states. that's aopposed by some groups who want to do it as single nation. we have more from kathmandu. >> i'm standing in front of the assembly building where huge crowds are shouting in jubilation over the promulgation of nepal's new constitution. they're shouting nepal and constitution and congratulating all the leaders for make nepal's constitution. the constitution sa bemcy turned into a regular parliament, but this jubilation is in stark contrast to the southern plains earlier today. one protesters was shot dead, and protests happened going on. these people were trying to break a curfew. curfews have been going on for weeks in the town and many other parts of nepal. with the ratification of the new constitution, it is unclear how
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the protests are going to develop. north korea says it will boost their defenses. the announcement was made on state 2006. in it he called jap's powerful shift aggressive. new could security bills were put into law on saturday and could lead to them since world war ii. france's president gave a warning after a pro-coup supporters attacked a hotel in the capital where a meeting was taking place. the president of several west africa countries arrived in the capital for a mying to her cow earlier this week. we'll discuss ho reinstate another government by the president. several thousand people attended a rally. they say pro-kremlin parties take a huge majority of the
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vote. protesters are calling for fair election and for an evident for the tirs year rule of putin. we have the update from moscow. >> reporter: this was the first opposition rally head in moscow in the last six months when 30,000 people gathered to remember the murdered opposition politician. only a fraction of those have turned out. there really isn't much to celebrate. only a week ago the russians went to the regional polls. more than 85 different stricts v voted across russia. they called in 95% of the vote. they becamed biased state media concerted smear cam sxin and physical intimidation for the vote for pro-putin supporters. today that feeling of
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disappointment is reflected in the turnout here in central moscow. >> ahead of the u.s. nuclear watch dog, they have arrived in tehran. this visit is part of an agreement between iran and the iaea to work more closely. at the same time iran signed an agreet with six word powers for the nuclear program in exchange for an easy of sanctions. in the united states one of the men hoping to see the republican candidate for president has suggested that muslims are unfit for the top. ben carson was answering a question on the tv network nbc about the importance of a candidate's fate. >>, i guess, if dpents what that faith is. if it's inconsistent with the values and principles of america, of course, it should matter. if it fits within the realm of america and consistent with the constitution, no problem.
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>> so do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate we put a ms. lum in charge of this anyway. i would not agree with that. the canal in new york city is a little known waterway with big pollution problems and one of the most toxic in america and the government has stepped in to try to get and other tax psych the to clean up. we have the report. >> reporter: the gianas canal is so filthy and contaminated most people don't go near it, let alone touch jun. once a week he sets out in acanoe to raid right into it. one of the most pollutioned and waterways in eshg sfloochlt it's grease, oils, detergents and anything that runs through your sewer system ends up in the canal. >> you don't have to look too
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close to see how polluted it. that's why he takes water samples to monitor the toxicity levels. however, it's under the surface where raw sewage runoff level at a times in murky water giving a whole new perspective on how ugly the problem is. it's a problem that dates back decades. along the banks now mostly closed down use the canal as a dumping ground for chemical by-products that long ago formed a tar-like substance that settled at the bottom. the canal is so polluted and so toxic it's been designated a superfund site, and that's the name given to any idea or location in america that says so polluted the federal government step willings it in to dleen it up. that's not just here. there are many more places all ooer america just as bad if not worse than this. these yellow dots are
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everything. there are more than 1,300 of them. lisa gar sglee ya, an environmental lawyer, estimates there are at least 10,000 more highly toxic sites around the country. >> there were thousands of contaminated or abandoned sites in states, in cities that just haven't been designated for cleanup or haven't been cleaned up. >> are there a lot of people that thrive around this side? >> an academic study revealed 1 in 4 americans live within three miles of a did he go senated superfund site or potential abandoned and contaminated site. >> back at the canal, the government has begun the complicated and costly scleen up effort, but another five years nm it's done. he's remining on the canoe and hopes when it gets greened up, it could be an example for the
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thousands of other r that are not. plenty more news at any time on our website. the address of that is detail there, of course, the greek election results and also watch us live by clicking on the w news now tab. please go to >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight. your donations don't always go where you think they do. we're on the money, to expose a system where almost anything goes and even the candidates themselves can't control it. there are still 14 months to go before americans vote for their next president in november of 2016. but the television air waves in some key states are already so inundated with campaign


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