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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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leave me here". i said "honey, i don't have any choice". gltion >> this is al jazeera america, i'm del walters in new york. damage control for ben carson's campaign. and pope francis spreading words to thousands of faithful.
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and president obama getz ready to host china's xi jinping as his first visit to washington as president. we begin tonight with a erase for white house. dr. ben carson's campaign is in damage control. meanwhile, carolin carly fioring into seconmovinginto second pla. john terret has the story. john. >> ben carson, the man right
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behind donald trump is in the hot seat regarding his views on muslim america. for second time in the week, islam is dominating the 2016 presidential campaign. ben carson saying, he doesn't think a muslim should occupy the white house. >> i wouldn't advocate we put a muslim in charge of the nation. >> would consider voting for a muslim running for a seat on capitol hill. >> congress is a different story but it depends on who that muslim is and what their policies are. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump, calling into question president obama's religion. >> muslims, we know our current president is one. >> some thought i should defend the president, and my attitude
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is would very done that for me if somebody said that for me? >> reporter: trump did sovereign his stance a little bit, saying he would consider a muslim for cabinet. >> i have friends who are muslim, by the way, they say there are problems with some muslims that you report every night on your newscast. there is a problem with militancy and it is something that has to be solved. >> trump also went after former hewlett packard boss carly fiorina. jumped to second place with 15%, to trump's 20%, down. >> she did a terrible job at hewlett packard, a terrible job at lucent. those two are a disaster. >> reporter: pointing out she
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led hewlett packard through the height of the worst technology recession,. >> the job is to build sustainable shareholder value over time. that is what we did. >> fighting for odemocratic ticket hillary clinton was on face the nation talking about europe's migrant crisis. the united states should stand up to the plate when others can't or won't she said. >> i think the united states has to do more and i would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in. >> reporter: now going back to dr. ben carson for a minute, the muslim advocacy group, care, is calling this evening on ben carson to withdraw from the presidential race because of those remarks and wants political leaders across the
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spectrum to repudiate statements on muslims. del. >> thank you john. papal message to more than 100,000 people today who attended mass in that city. perhaps is significant his meetings with the current and former leaders of cuba, raul and fidel castro. rob reynolds files this report from havana. >> it is early morning in havana, what is usually a quiet relaxed time is instead filled with celebration. the reason, pope francis is here to preside over mass, for men who helped fall their relationship with their old enemy, the united states. you can see literally hundreds of thousands of people have crowded around here, playing music in anticipation of
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pope francis showing up. it's about 8:00 now, he's set to show up in about an hour and the sun will soon come out. so all these people who are waiting for pope francis will have to deal with the caribbean heat. ♪ >> reporter: as anticipation continued to build so did the strength of the cuban sun. for some heat exhaustion set in but the visit by the first latin american pontiff gives them strength. >> translator: something very impressive. it's good for the whole world for the babies, for old people, for whole world. >> reporter: then shortly before 9:00 a.m., the man they had been waiting for finally showed up. ♪ ♪ [♪ singing ] >> reporter: pope francis has finally arrived. he's making his way through the
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crowd in the pope mobile. it is the second time a pope has visited this island in the last two decades. pope francis the crucial broker between that normalization of relations, between cuba and the united states, he is here now to bring the faith to cuba in a way that it hasn't experienced. >> translator: caring for vulnerable of our families, our societies, our people, theirs are the suffering fragile down cast faces which jeefs tell jess to look to and asks us to love. >> are religious expression, after months of back pedaling that secured cuba a exclusive deal with the united states, pope francis may have political capital to burn when it comes to potentially bringing reforms to cuba. he has proven as he spreads the faith he is not afraid to wade into geopolitics and under
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revolutionary che guevara, pope francis offered: >> service is never ideologic so we don't serve ideas. we serve people. >> reporter: a likely reference to cuba's long held communist traditions. on monday pope francis will travel east giving a sermon in holguin. for a man who has never visited either country, what he has left many with here with high expectations. david ariosto, al jazeera, havana, cuba. on wednesday he plans to meet with president obama at the white house. to canonize junipero serra.
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a mass in madison square garden and will be in philadelphia, where he will hold his final mass. and we invite you to stay with al jazeera america throughout all next week. we'll have complete coverage of the pope's visit to the u.s. so stay tuned. the u.s. has a new goal when it comes to taken in syrian refugees. today secretary of state john kerry saying, the u.s. will increase the number of refugees it takes in every year. that number is currently capped at 70,000. kerry says it is going to increase to 85,000 next year and 100,000 in 2017. >> this step that i'm announcing today i believe is in keeping with the best tradition of america as a land of second chances. and a beacon of hope. and it will be accompanied by additional financial contributions to the
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humanitarian effort not only from our government but from the american people. >> kerry also saying the screening process will remain the same for all future refugees. meanwhile, the european union continuing to face criticism for its handling of the refugee crisis, thousands facing terrible conditions on the ground you about shoo but ss emerging as a country with far more coordination of efforts. lawrence lee reports. >> yet another dismal morning for the refugees stuck on the border from croatia to slovenia. many have moved on without them, it feels like the usual chaos. >> somebody speak today, all people going to slovenia william, now we don't believe him. >> reporter: but over the border things ing are very, very
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different . there are beds here, plenty of food and medical facilities caring for this little child suffering from dehydration. the government said on sunday it is given more funding by the european commission for places like this on the assumption they will continue to have to clean up the mess. >> translator: we are trying to go through these procedures in the most organized way in the best interests of the migrants and i hope we will be able to fulfill this task to the last migrant that comes to slovenia. >> reporter: the refugees successfully processed end up in places like this a disused hotel on the border of austria. there are no restrictions on their movement add all. this none from syria couldn't help smiling, she is that much closer to germany and nothing in
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the way. >> things are good? >> very, very good. >> if they want to jump on a train with everybody else a change from having to push your children through the window. at budapest train station, the hungarian officials tried and failed to keep people in one place. piling people onto buses and dumping them at the next available border. but there's not a police officer in sight here. any refugee who's made it this far has almost got there. of course, slovenia hasn't had to deal with the really big numbers. at one point they probably will. a taste of freedom. lawrence lee, al jazeera in slovenia. in aleppo, the fighting in the syrian civil war continues. at least 14 were killed when the government bombed a local
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neighborhood, air strikes in the area by the same government and evidence of russia's build justify of strength. paul tradergian reports. >> the pilot of an antonoff cargo plane. asking for decreasing altitude and asking to land. >> accompanied by four military jets going from the southeast to northwest. >> these are exclusive al jazeera pictures of what is bleeived to be the russian cargo plane. its destination, 20 kilometers south of latakia city. that's where the russians have spent weapons and support staff,
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to help bashar al-assad in the fight against i.s.i.l. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says, there are also air to air weapons at the airport which have little use against i.s.i.l. or rebels. >> clearly the presence of aircraft with air to air combat capacity as well as air to surface, surface to air missiles, raise serious questions, that is precisely why we are engaged in further conversation about answering those questions and about deconflicting the russian activities from ours. >> analyst joshua landis says russia is building up its connection to syria. >> it wouldn't have a port citytartusse. >> meanwhiles meanwhile at home, what steps will russia's
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military do next? paul tradergian, al jazeera. safely in oman tonight, their health is not flown. the white house is asking the government of oman for their safe capture. an american is still being held inside yemen. baby and pastor it happened today in east selma which is near montgomery, near sunday services. police believe james mentor's target was his girlfriend. the 26-year-old has been charged with three counts of attempted murder. thousands taking to the streets of austin, texas with two very different messages of violence. police and black lives matter.
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police supporters wearing blue outfits, one side raising awareness for racial bias by law enforcement, the others about the dangers police face each and every day keeping communities safe. >> they are my boys in blue, i have to support them as much as i can, i've lost too many of them anyway. >> black lives do matter. all lives matter, but in this case, black lives matter. we're being the ones gunned down shot and beaten by police. >> black lives matter protesters no one was hurt. california wildfires, crews trying to put out the flames save lives. thousands of sites in the u.s., sites are leaking into the environment.
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comcast business. built for business. >> those wiempletdz in california claiming two lives, breaking through over 200,000 acres of land. monterey county consuming 1200 acres and ten homes. in a little time, valley fire killed three people and destroyed parts of middletown. kevin corriveau has been tracking any weather that is moving into the area and it is sparse to say the least. >> for northern and southern california the temperatures have come up and heat advisories right now. down in the south it's opposite, talking about a lot of rain coming into play, that's due to a tropical depression off the coast of el mexico, last week,
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you will remember we had the remnants of hurricane linda, this system is also promising to bring flooding to some areas not utah but maybe down towards arizona where we're beginning to see the clouds coming into play right now. tomorrow this is forecast ever rain across the region, southern california, a little bit of nevada, arizona, lighter rain towards parts of southern utah but we don't have any flood warnings or watches as of yet. most will be in effect monday morning through tuesday evening across this area. we do expect to see anywhere between two and three inches of rain. as you know, flash flooding could occur within minutes. so you want to pay attention to what is happening and if there's rain upstream of you that cosh
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athat couldbe an indicator righ. monday into tuesday, things clear out as well. here across the united states we are of course waiting for the pope to come on tuesday. november a lot of the people outside, washington, 76, 81 on wednesday, 81 on thursday and then when we get to new york as we go towards thursday we're looking at about 80° as well. not as warm as cuba. >> calling on a higher power, kevin corriveau, thank you very much. in indonesia, several areas called drowd disaster areas from the weather pattern known as el nino. the prolonged drought causing a choking heaz. step vaessen has our story.
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>> indonesia central java have run dry after half a year without rain. he has sold his only goat just to be able to buy water. one tank cost $10 which is a huge amount for one farmer. >> we are trying to bring more and the usual three buckets of water i use to wash myself has been reduced to one. also get only one. >> reporter: monsoon rains are expected to start two months later than usual, because of the weather phenomenon known as el nino. half of the crops have failed. casava is not growing. this lake an important source of drinking water, has been dry. nearly half a year without a single drop of water, normally tropical and lush java looks
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more like desert. very worried about food and drinking supplies but these dire weather conditions are going to stay here for some time to come. the government has started a process of what's called cloud seeding in an effort to create rain. worst hit areas of java, relea releasing salt, to create rain. but the results are limited. authorities have distributed thousands of water pumps but farmers are struggling. >> the harvest from last year last been in already and we don't know when it will start to rain so i'm really worried about food supplies. >> reporter: the government insists food stocks are still sufficient but experts say this is too optimistic. the ministry ever agriculture
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says the results of el nino still have yet to be calculated. >> we have enough stocks but what i'm worried about is if we have to import rice. >> millions of affected farmers couldn't wait that long. nearly 100,000 hectares of rice have failed already. financial support from the government for food and other basic necessities like drinking water. step vaessen, al jazeera, central java, indonesia. and scientists say el nino bears part of the reason for unbreakable heat. first eight months of 2015 all smashing global records. meteorologist he say 2015 is almost certain to eclipse 2014
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for record heat. forks is home to the guanas canal one of the most polluted waterways in america. they are working to clean it up but as gabrielle elizondo reports, there are many others that are not on the government cleanup list. >> reporter: the guanas canal is so filthy and contaminated, most people don't want to touch it, but not this man, who wade e ouwadesout into it . >> anything that runs into your sewer system ends up in the canal. >> reporter: you don't have to look too close to see how polluted it is, that's why he takes levels.
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it is a problem that dates back decades. along its banks remnants of the industrial plants now mostly closed down that use the canal for dumping ground of chemical products that long ago formed atar-like substance some of which settled at the bottom. the guanas canal has been so polluted and so toxic it's a superfund site, a location that is so polluted that the federal government steps in to try clean it up. not just here in guanas, there are many more places ail around america that are just as bad if not worse than this. these yellow dots are everywhere where there are toxic superfund sites. but lisa garcia estimates there are at least 10,000 more highly
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toxic sites around the country. >> there are thousands of contaminated sites in states and cities that haven't been designated for cleanup or haven't been cleaned up. >> are there lots of people living around these sites? >> an academic study shows that either one in four americans are living near an designated site or a potential abandoned and contaminated site. >> at the guanas canal, the government has begun but it's at least five years until it's done. ivan is out on his canoe hoping that it gets cleaned up, gabriel elizondo, al jazeera, new york.
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second chance, greece keeping its prime minister in power despite its financial problems.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york city with a look at your tom stories tonight. dr. ben carson now promising to meet with members of the muslim community, republican presidential candidate causing a stir on sunday saying, he wouldn't want a muslim american to be president. no word on when that meeting will take place. in havana, pope francis is meeting with former cuban president fidel castro and his brother raul. he'll be heading to washington to address president obama and congress as well. wildfires are still burning across california, destroying more than 1400 homes. those fires are being blamed for
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at least four deaths as well. it's sunday night and time to look at the week ahead. china's xi jinping will be traveling to washington later this week, before he visits, he's making an be unusual but significant stop in seattle. why? >> high level talks with president obama, his first official state vifl t visit to . and address the congress of the united states. but first, he will visit washington state. >> between our two countries flow almost $1.5 billion of goods and services and millions of jobs in america depend on that trade with china.
11:32 pm
our trade has grown astronomically over the last few years. >> reporter: xi is scheduled to give a speech, tour a boeing manufacturing plant and spend the evening with bill gates. insurances thaassurances that tl with the government. >> level playing field for american firms in china, discrimination against form firms, as well as the lack of a rule of law. and inadequate protections of our intellectual property, our trade secrets. >> reporter: xi is the fourth consecutive leader to visit the u.s. bryar dudley sees the area as a natural stopover. >> they want to encourage companies that thrive not just
11:33 pm
in china but internationally. what better than washington, starbucks and microsoft and boeing. >> harder line, much higher back east. >> we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset. but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationship. >> so i think it's a good cop-bad cop situation where we can play good cop here and talk about entrepreneurialism and good relationships and trade relationships and hopefully obama is going to play the bad cop and take a firmer line on some of these things. >> when china is flexing its military muscle, in the south china sea, cyber security and trade all expected to be on the agenda when the two presidents
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meet. allen shawstled, al jazeera, sc, seattle. 30 executives of both chinese and american companies are expected to be on the attendance. greater access to each other's markets. along with those meetings with high technical executives, president xi has signed a contract to build a high speed railway. chinese bullet train in the united states. first of its kind on cyber warfare. if adopted, both countries would agree not to use cyber weapons against each other's critical infrastructure in times of peace. victor gow, the reason you are seeing me is because he is stuck
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in traffic and so he'll be by phone. mr. gow since you have the degree of difficulty, explain if you will what you make of today's report of the new york times that the u.s. and chinese are working on some type of cyber-agreement, the times reporting that the agreement would be general rather than specific? so what does that mean, mr. gow? >> thank you very much for having me by phone. i think president xi jinping straight visit to the united states will be a landmark turning point in china-u.s. relses, both china and united states care about cyber security very much and these are the largest cyber nations in the world. therefore, cooperation rather than confrontation between china and united states as far as cyber security is concerned will not only be good for china and the united states but also for
11:36 pm
overall interest of cyber security throughout the world. therefore i think for china and the united states to talk about how they can cooperate and come up with an overarching free work for cooperation rather than confrontation or even using cyber security as a weapon against other, is absolutely the right thing to do. and i hope china and the united states will come up with some kind of free world cooperation agreement on this. this will really put aside many concerns that not only people in china and the united states have, but also in many other parts of the world that people worry about a major showdown or confrontation between china and the united states, as far as cyber security is concerned. which is very encouraging and i hope that it will come to fruition. >> gordon channing as the change internet was born in the u.s.a, react for us, for cyber
11:37 pm
security, and are hands clean when it comes to any potential cyber attacks against china that we don't know about? >> i hope the accord will be good, enforceable. the real problem is that in the cyber area these agreements are very difficult to enforce because it is almost impossible to attribute, where these come from. with respect to china, it doesn't have a good record in honoring these agreements and half of the north korean cyber-warriors are on chinese soil, they are undoubtedly the ones that launched the attack on sony, the chinese government had to know about it and the result will not go far enough. chinese government and the chinese attack our government that is not the issue. the issue is that chinese do two things that are beyond the pale. attack u.s. companies to get
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information and they give that to their companies so they can better compete in global and chinese markets and also, the chinese attack the institutions of our free societies such as the media, charities, advocacy groups ngos and that clearly is i don't think and we don't do that either. >> do you believe these are state sanctioned attacks or rogue actors, as you mentioned north korea or also are there people in china that might be acting outside the awches o ausf the government as well? >> not about individuals, about the people's liberation army with their offices in shanghai and various actors that have been cyber-attacking the u.s. you got to remember china has the great fire wall, so you can't send out terabytes of data
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without china knowing about these attacks. at the very best they are complicit, they are involved, the state and the communist party. >> obama president obama saying the white house is looking into anyone who might be involved in the hack attacks. isn't it going to further escalate tensions with beijing? >> well, first of all if you ask people in the whole world, which country has the worst case track record as far as violating cyber security is concerned, i think the answer is very clear, there is no doubt where the people will point their finger about. therefore on the eve of the very important state visit by the chinese president xi jinping to the united states let's focus on how china and the united states can really work together to prevent violations of cyber security by anyone in the world.
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if anyone is caught, red handed, and if evidence can be produced to convince the people which country is guilty of what kind of violations of cyber security, then let's deal with that according to the free world cooperation agreement that hopefully china and the united states will come out. single hand he and one sided accusation of any other country about cyber security violation without producing convincing evidence is, first of all, alarming in itself because that puts any country in the position of accusing any other country about cyber security violation. this is not world need. i think the world need cooperation and really coming up with an international framework for cooperation and dealing with cyber security violations. that's what china and the united states, the two largest cyber-nations, need to do, rather than jumping at each other's jugular and pointing
11:41 pm
fingers at each other on the eve of this very, very important historic state visit ever president xi jinping of china to the united states. >> mr. channing my fowrng i 401w a 201(k). do you agree mr. chang? >> you listen to what chinese state media says about incinerating americans by the tens of millions, which they did in 2013 across all the main platforms of state media this was not the work of rogue actors, this was pla daily china central television. so i think it's very difficult to say that china isn't a threat. now clearly because china's done
11:42 pm
very well, it has the money to build a first class military but that's not really the problem. the problem is what chinese media and the pla officers say about the u.s. also we've seen extremely predatory trade practices, we've seen china try to grab territory from an arc of nations from india in the south to south korea in the north, they support norths north korea and iran and a lot of rogue actors. this is a country that wants to change the international system and very much for worse. >> mr. gow, how should americans regard this visit by china's leader? the leader of the country that welcomed the world during the olympics or a country that doesn't want to be number 2 in anything, economically or militarily? >> china and the united states are the two largest economies in the world and have great global responsibilities on their shoulders. and if china and the united states cannot cooperate and
11:43 pm
become good partners with each other, the whole world will suffer. if washington and beijing cooperates and see each other as partners rather than adversaries, all china and the united states benefit and the whole world will be a better place for all mankind to live in. we need to be aware of this. >> victor gow, stuck in traffic in beijing. xi jinping will find the traffic in washington just as bad. and mr. chang, both of you, thank you for being with us. the second chance to prove he has a wing strategy. and the stinky standoff in lebanon gets messier politically.
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>> i died and came back to life... but yet still wanted to get high. >> i have prostituted. >> for drugs? >> for drugs, yeah. >> we're dealing with the worst drug epidemic in united states' history. >> she said "dad, please don't leave me here". i said "honey, i don't have any choice".
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judge ef. >> in greece, the left wing syriza party claiming rick tri, after the head of the new democratic party conceded. come back for former prime minister alexis tsipras. barnaby phillips has the story from athens. >> they gave him a second chance and alexis tsipras savors the moment. he survived a party rebellion. yet he appears to be emerging almost as popular as ever. >> translator: i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great victory, this clear victory. we gave a tough and difficult fight and today i feel vindicated because the greek people give us a clear mandate to battle and raise up our people's dignity. >> reporter: this is a night of triumph for alexis tsipras and for syriza. he is now the dominant force in
11:48 pm
greek politics. but in the months to come he must enter into reform that will be very unpopular with these supporters who are now celebrating. ♪ >> reporter: but those concerns are for another day. syriza voters hope where greece has led other european countries will follow and embrace left-wing politics. >> start changing the politics so the other countries can do the same. spain and italy. >> we win, we changed europe for all the people of europe. >> reporter: many greeks feel that alexis tsipras fought hard for their country and if more austerity is necessary, he did
11:49 pm
his best. >> he was david struggling with a very strong ruthless goliath. we're going to give him a second chance because he deserves it. >> the establishment so many greeks blame their predicament. the center right quickly accepting defeat. but voter turnout was significantly down. many greeks feel disillusioned. and their faith in politicians is bound to come under strain. barnaby phillips, al jazeera, athens. close race expected between the governing social democrats and socialist parties. the socialists promising to ease
11:50 pm
awz tairt austerity. australia's new prime minister malcolm turnbull. nowsing cabinet members, including the first female defense minister. call his new cabinet a ministry for future. nepal is getting ready to finalize its constitution today, a document seven years in the making but protests erupted around the country. saying the new constitution doesn't represent them. subina shrestha has the story. >> end of a nine year peace process which was originally intended to help end ten years of political violence. >> translator: today on the 20th of september, 2015, i
11:51 pm
already find nepal's constitution accepted by the people. >> second time that even anger among some lawmakers. the former prime minister and leader of former rebels was closely involved in the drafting process. but he says the elite establishment has hijacked the constitution. >> from within the community, the consistent dploog and consistent community which are termed, we tried our best to accommodated our views but there are ruling elite which dominated power within the country, they are not ready to share power. >> the town of bergun has been
11:52 pm
under military power for weeks. widespread disapproval, waving black flags a traditional form of protest. like many in nepal's southern belt they are not happy with the constitution and protests have been going on for more than a month. more than 40 people including ten plex have been killed. >> please do not break the curfew. if you do the police force will not be responsible for what might happen. >> reporter: then one more death after police fired on protesters. what the new constitution ratified anyone's when the new government will be formed. it will clear however that there will be a protracted granting of power sharing rules, subina shrestha, al jazeera, comand.
11:53 pm
kathmandu. >> al jazeera paul tradergian on this growing controversy. >> reporter: activists broke through the police lines, to demonstrate on the two month growing crisis. >> we do not need any more dumps. we need hygienic dumps that do not cause cancerous diseases that kill people. >> mobilizing with the hashtag you stink, the movement is widening into protests against the political establishment. >> i came to express that we do not accept such politicians to rule us and they only care about their pocket books and making more money. >> thousands of tons of trash has been left on the street of
11:54 pm
the city once known as the paris of the middle east. the city's mainland fill hit capacity on july and the government started piling trash on the mediterranean coast. >> the corrupt in the regime against these movements because they fear accountability. and to be called red handed with evidence of corruption. they will continue to be corruption and make fortunes from the poor. >> reporter: lebanon's parliament is deeply divided and hasn't been able to elect a president for more than ayear. the home of 1.5 million syrian ratification. >> there is no plan. we have nothing, asking for a minimum, to give them a minimum of their rights. >> reporter: these people
11:55 pm
don't just want to see the garbage go. one protester suggested lebanese politicians be thrown out with the growing piles of trash. paul tradergian. al jazeera. >> honoring the nation answer sennation'scentagenarians.
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>> monday is respect the elderly day in japan. with a rapidly aging population, japan may soon have to cut back on benefits to the seniors. rob mcbride reports, this year's gift for elderly will be less generous.
11:58 pm
>> centenarian knows: >> always get up. from the moment i get up i'm always busy and can't stay still. >> like all senior who turns 100 she gets a silver sake cup. the number of centenarians, japan is looking at using cheaper metals because of so many turning 100 this year. >> a welfare team looks rat their health and make sure they get out and join facilities so we provide transparent and facilities.
11:59 pm
>> increasingly, this is a system dealing with elderly, number of juvenile criminals overtaken busy oldser seniors at the same time. each day, aging population problem looking for a solution. >> noguci doesn't have to worry but for future centenarians, the gift will be a little less special. john mcbride, al jazeera. >> the italian tractor, is supposed to pay homage to the cuban revolution. as we reported earlier, pope francis visited cuba today. ftc. as a reminder you can check us out news continues.
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good night. fest tonight the united nations was created to put an end to war and establish global peace and security, while laws and conflicts consume the life of millions, the u.n.'s life of millions more, is the united nations a failure. and later - ranking the white house by how much aluminis earn, is that the best which. and wisconsin governor scott


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