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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ tension in wagadu and marching on the capitol to disarm the coup leaders. ♪ hello there this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up, pro-government forces on offensive in yemen as houthi rebels mark a year since they took power in the capitol. greek prime minister claims a new aid after winning his second election in a year. and faces new inquiries into whether it rigged tests in
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europe as well as the u.s. ♪ hello, the army is marching on the capitol as military chiefs call on the leaders of last week's coup the lay down their arms and michelle was forced from office last thursday. on sunday mediators announced a framework agreement had been reached but as nicholas hawk reports the crisis is far from over. >> reporter: this is 2000, normally a quiet residential neighborhood, last week's coup turned it into a battleground and soldiers from the presidential guard are over running the place and people are scared of them and they shoot indiscriminantly and he and his friends say they had enough. they are out of control. we just don't feel safe. all we want is peace. >> reporter: the man in charge
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is a general and played a role in the last three coups in fukino and wants to restore order and hold elections but needs to convince the people on the streets. this is throughout the city, protesters burning tires and straight after that the presidential guards firing rapid machine guns and so the crisis continues. after three days of negotiations behind closed doors the u.n. envoy, west african leaders and diplomates called for return to civilian rule and announced framework for agreement but nothing coup leaders would sign. >> translator: there are only two options, peace, reconciliation and compromise and the second option is one that no one wants, deadlock and more chaos. >> reporter: the country's civil society is worried and disappoi disappointed. >> translator: let's be clear, the men behind the coup are shooting civilians. we really have no other options
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but to continue to fight, resist and defend the rule of law at all costs. >> reporter: presidential elections two weeks away but now faces a dangerous face of instability. >> the latest we are hearing is that some soldiers are on their way to the capitol from the outlying provinces and trying to and urging the army chief is urging the coup soldiers from the presidential guard to lay down their weapons. let's speak now to al jazeera nicholas hawk who is live and what is the latest you hear about the advance of their troops?
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any word on the advancements of troops on their way to ouagadougou. >> there are several troops on the way and some are 300 kilometers away and heard some of the troops stopped on the outskirts of the capitol, meanwhile in the city center the presidential guards have set up checkpoints and the airport is now closed and i'm just at an advantage point to see the city and i can see protesters burning tires in the distance and all the streets are completely empty. it's a very tense situation right now. >> very tense and is there any word from the army chief, the army bosses about what they are intending to do with their soldiers once they reach ouagadougou because the army is quite separate as it were from the presidential guard, those who carried out the coup, are we
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foreseeing any more violence is what i'm trying to say? >> well, the chief of army staff wants a peaceful solution. he has asked the presidential guard to surrender their arms and if they surrender their arms then a barock in the capitol nothing will happen to them and they will be safe. we are hearing reports that younger soldiers from the presidential guards are not only surrendering but deserting the grounds of the president. >> well, that has to be good news in terms of keeping the peace in ouagadougou and we must remember there are happy demonstrat demonstrators the street protesting against the coup. >> reporter: i can't hear, can you say that again? >> yes, i was saying they have of course been demonstrators, protesters out the street campaigning against the coup. >> reporter: there is no protesters as such.
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i mean, people are burning tires and running away but there is no demonstrations as such and the streets are completely empty and most of the population are scared because for the last six or seven days the presidential guards have been with the population and there have been hundreds of injuries and some have died and there is fear from the guards and with the population they see the army as a possibility for peace. >> nicholas hawk i know you will keep us updated on that developing story out of burkina-faso. thank you. ♪ now, it is one year since houthi rebels captured the capitol sanaa, 4 1/2 thousand people have been killed since the saudi-led coalition began the military campaign just the
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rebels in march and there is no sign of a let up in the viole e violence. >> reporter: caught in the cross fire, civilians seek safe shelters in the central city of thai where fighting has flared over the last few days. government troops backed by coalition forces are on the offensive in the province but progress is slow. >> translator: the terrain is not helpful at all. the houthis have mined most of the fields in the area and are cautious and have not deployed all its units yet. >> reporter: a year after houthi rebels took over yemen's capitol sanaa their leader remains defiant. >> translator: we are confident we will prevail, our people have got the invaders in the past and we will continue the fight until we liberate each and every inch of our country.
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>> reporter: the houthi leader seems willing to compromise and his group has freed three saudi hostages and an american and a britain with the help of oman a senior houthi official and a close aid to former president saleh and he is trying to mediate a political settlement between yemen's warring factions. but a peace deal may be a long way. the saudi-led coalition is pounding areas in another houthi stronghold. yemen's internationally recognized government said it will join talks if houthis turn over weapons and withdraw from cities they have captured, al jazeera. the u.n. resident coordinator in yemen and says efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis are continuing. >> our position is that this
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conflict cannot be solved into an immediate solution and as we talk we will give it another try with our policel team that is there, the special envoy secretary-general is there and the houthis as you just said arrived yesterday and we will try to convince the sides that that is the moment to exercise more flexibility to re stastart serious playel political process. >> reporter: greece prime minister has a clear mandate to govern and called the election after he lost his majority in august. some of the mps have split to form a new party when greece had tough austerity measures for a bail out and hoping to have another loan ensured for next month when that bailout is reviewed. live to al jazeera's barn by phillips in the greek capitol athens and it seems to have
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pretty much the same mandate as they had before the election and they campaigned of course on a very different idea in the first election. >> yes, that is right, then he came to power as the man who would defy austerity, reject another bailout, now he has a mandate to enforce a bailout. it is an extraordinary situation. he has gone away with the most spectacular u-turn. he ignored effectively the result of the referendum which he calls back in july with 62% of greeks in so many words said no to more austerity. he survived a major rebellion within his own party and politically on the ground he is a strong as he ever was. now the greek people ultimately gave him a contradictory mandate back in january and told him please no more austerity and do whatever you can to keep our
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country in the euro zone. he realized that perhaps wisely that the second of those instructions was the more important, both to the country's survival and political survival he went with that. now after this incredible victory the tough work begins because he has to form a government quickly and then he has to resume the negotiations with european partners and he has to start pushing through difficult and painful laws through the greek parliament within a matter of weeks. >> have you any idea how international creditors feel that alexis tsipras is back in power? >> i think there are some frankly who wanted to see the back of him who felt that his first eight-month term in office brought nothing but trouble and that negotiating with his team was extremely difficult. there was a break down of trust. it's no secret in particular
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with the former finance minister and he is gone but nonetheless there are people who wanted to not to have to deal with alexis tsipras again if you like and felt the new party and center right conservative party would be an easier and more reliable negotiating partner. there were others who felt, no, ultimately if greece is to reform ever, if the economy is to reform, if its state is to reform then if there is a stamp of approval from inside greece from a popular prime minister, from what is ostensibly head of a left-wing government that is the best chance for legitimacy such reforms will have ever. ultimately it's academic, love or loathe him and the leaders answer imf and central banks will have to deal with alexis tsipras for sometime to come. >> al jazeera barnabie reporting
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live from athenss, 32 people killed by air strike in aleppo and attacked a neighborhood market and still working to reach the dead and injured. russia's foreign my industry called for action after a shell landed on the embassy compound in damascus on sunday, no reports of casualty and formed an agreement with israel to coordinate in syria to avoid accidentally trading fire and announcement was made by the prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is in talks with putin of security on the border and israel has concern that russian weapons could reach fighters on the golan heights which they seized from syria in 1967. al jazeera's peter sharp has the latest from moscow. >> reporter: again, the meeting with president putin, prime
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minister netanyahu said both sides had agreed to coordinate their military action in syria. now, that came as a result of sidelines meetings between two senior israeli defense chiefs and their opposite numbers in russia while putin met with netanyahu and agreed to coordinate the military response to try and get around any possible misunderstandings which was the uphisism and the two sides are fraught and on the ground russian technicians with some advance surface missiles in the world and in the air you have israeli targets to take on convoys if they feel the weapons are being smuggled out of syria to the hezbollah basis so it's a situation that needed urgent attention and both sides agreed on that today.
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ahead on the program the new front line in el shabab where they are taking on the armed group and say they need more weapons. the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> actress davis leads the call for diversity in television at the emmies. ♪
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♪ hello and welcome back, reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, fears of violence in
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burkina-faso and moving in on the capitol ouagadougou behind last week's coup. it's one year since houthi rebels captured the capitol sanaa, fighting is continuing in the country. with air strikes by the saudi-led coalition killing at least 30 people. and greece prime minister says the left wing party has a clear mandate to cover and alexis tsipras speaking after sunday's election victory. a car bomb has exploded near is a malaysia's presidential palace and happened in the capitol ouagadougou and reported a loud blast followed by gunfire and no claims of responsibility and the group el shabab has recently stepped up attacks in the country. el shabab has been pushed out of major strongholds in somalia and spread north to set up bases in the mountains in the region there and mohamed reports from
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northeast somalia and they are asking for help to drive the rebels out. >> reporter: the rugged mountains of northeast somalia are on the front line against el shabab and engaging members of the group who have been holding out here for several years. [gunfire] resent el shabab losses in somalia have seen dozens of their fighters heading north. >> translator: the el shabab left here about 300, they are more or less on the run as we out numbered them and they are in small groups and we have frequent clashes with them. >> reporter: the men know they can be ambushed at any moment and they fire shots, getting no response they move forward. the president says his forces have been left there to their own devices and need more arms and ammunition. >> we are alone fighting with no
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help unlike other parts of the country and this is unfair with the new addition of security threats from yemen is still in the international community. >> reporter: the terrain make for slow progress but there have been successes and this is the town and until recently it was an important base for el shabab malitias and it's now under the control of the forces and for more than four years life is returning to the town as more of its residents return to their homes and it was a strategic hide out for el shabab and a base where they received armed shipments from neighboring towns and they are militarized and the soldiers is not enough to reassure residents of their safety and this woman covered her face before talking to us. >> translator: life in this town is not what it used to be. most people are still displaced. we have no schools for the kids
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and our farms are only source of livelihood have been destroyed. [gunfire] forces about to continue their offensive. they say they won't rest until el shabab are defeated. they know it will be a very slow process. mohamed with al jazeera, mountains in northeast somalia. shares suffered their biggest ever tumble, 20% in one day. the car maker is facing new questions over whether it rigged emissions tests in europe as well as united states. and jenna hall reports. >> reporter: this was the frankfurt international motor show on monday. they stand under the bonnet a dark secrete revealed last week by the environmental protection agency in the united states and saying they have been falsifying data for the clean air yeah dentals for the diesel tdi
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engine and this week the company stock lost a quarter of its value. >> translator: there are health risks involved here and possibly deaths as a consequence of higher emissions. it costs vast amounts of money and a threat not just of fines but class action lawsuit. what is also very important is volt wagon's image is severely damaged. >> reporter: news for the makers of the people's car, the famous beetle famously remade could get much worse. >> ordering to recall about half a million diesel powered vehicles, jetta and golf and beetles primarily built between 2009-2015, all powered by the same two-lighter tdi diesel engine. epa is talking about 18 billion which is the highest ever levy maker for any reason.
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>> reporter: 18 billion is of course an enormous sum of money and half a million vehicles recalled in the u.s. that the epa says vw must return to proper functioning and take into account that the german government had an emission inquiry to vehicles sold in europe and potential for total catastrophe of volkswagen gets bigger and bigger nor does it stop there. vw set its future cost on engines built to use diesel and the very idea may now be cast into doubt. >> the forecasts are a significant part of most global economic manufacturers mixed and diesel shown to produce these very large amounts of noxious gasses than we expected and with diesel it will come into question for vw who invested so much in the clean diesel strategy to be a very material blow. >> reporter: it is all colossal
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damaging for the brand and if what if it was as reliable as the volkswagen is the slogan and ceo has to apologize for breaching their trust. hungary passed new laws allowing the army to join the police at its borders, the laws also give troops the power to use their weapons. hundreds of refugees have been trying to have trades to take them to croatia, hungarian prime minister reiterated his nation stance and called on europe to work together. >> translator: until there is a united european stance member states of the european union will be forced to protect themselves from this brutal threat at grave costs. >> reporter: there is growing evidence that european countries which claimed they couldn't cope with the influx of refugees are now managing to move them north
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through the continent, border crossing which is packed with people are gradually emptying and the bus to slovenia and austria and we report from the slovenia town. >> reporter: as chaotic as it has been refugees might hope their journeys will be a little quicker and less painful but this reception center are on the move closer to austria and then germany and are they happy about it. >> yes, these countries. >> reporter: when will you go to austria do you think? >> austria maybe today after lunch of the train. >> reporter: like neighbors to the southeast slovenia is showing a sense of logistic awareness and waiting for the next lot to turn up and recognize here too the movements of people from serbia is getting
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faster. at the end of the summer it appears on the most basic level that europe is showing a bit more organization. >> translator: it's true, we have 250 betz available here, the refugees change everyday. as soon as 250 leave the next people arrive. >> reporter: so the next bus turns up, off they come and they are asked to go in. the reason why they can come with fluxs of refugees in what are relatively small reception centers is because the turn around of people are so fast and refugees we are told only spend about 12 hours here, have a rest, get changed and move on to the train station, that in turn frees up bed space for the next wave to come. but even staying just a few hours was too much for this group and refused to go in and said they just wanted to go to the rail way station after weeks of being herded by police forces they lost patients. >> the train station, thank you
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very much, thank you slovenia and train station or bus station, that is it. >> reporter: so off they walked a few hundred meters up the road and in the train station and 18 tickets will take them to the other side of the austria border but you could get a train here to netherlands but told the refugees must go yet through another system in austria, all the same it does demonstrate that something is now working now, the countries have given up trying to keep people from going where they want to. lawrence lee, al jazeera, slovenia. millions of muslims arrived in mecca in saudi arabia and includes a series of the cleanse of sins and equality and brotherhood and authorities deployed 100,000 security personnel to deal with the logistical challenges. the hugely popular t.v. series
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game of thrones won 12 prizes at the emmy awards and for the first time a black actress has taken one of the biggest prizes, a milestone night for diversity. >> viola davis, how to get away with murder. >> reporter: entertainment t.v. loves making history and the 67th emmy awards broke a new barrier honoring the first black woman as outstanding actress in a drama series. >> let me tell you something, the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. [applause] it was a sweet victory for the fantasy epic game of thrones with 12 prizes in total including outstanding drama series. >> my final days were interesting. >> reporter: it holds the record for the most t.v. academy awards in a single year surpassing the west wing. >> and finally thanks again hbo
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for believing in dragons, thank you. >> and thank you all for watching. [applause] there was the usual humor like this from outstanding comedy actress winner julia louis- louis-drefus. >> what a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight. [laughter] oh, wait, oh, no, i'm so sorry, donald trump said that, i'm sorry. >> reporter: the leading actor john ham went home with his first trophy after eight nominations for the role and host john stewart wrapped up the stint with the daily show with another emmy for an outstanding variety talk series and he left the show in august after a historic 16-year run marked by multiple awards. >> thank you so very much.
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you will never have to see me again. thank you. [laughter] gerald tan, al jazeera. much more of our stories on our website, the address to click on to is al al ♪ pope francis travels to southeast cuba for a mass and presidential candidate ben carson says a muslim should not be in the white house, now a major civil rights group says he should drop out of the race. volkswagen is paying the price for an emissions scandal. thousands of cars are being recalled as vw stock pledges. ♪


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