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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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will never have to see me again. thank you. >> jerald tan, al jazeera. >> and let me just remind you you can find out much more on many of our stories by going going to our website. that's what the front page looks like at the moment, the address is s >> republican presidential candidate ben carson says the muslimmuslims should not be in e white house. now a major civil rights group says he should drop out of the race. volkswagen is paying the price for an emissions scandal. thousands of cars are being recalled as vw stock plunges. pope francis travels to southern cuba, celebrates a
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second mass and the roots of the catholic church there. ♪ >> this is al jazeera america, live from new york city i'm richelle carey. calls today for a presidential candidate ben carson to drop out of the race over his comments about muslims. the republican was promising to meet with muslim groups after he said this weekend that he would not support a muslim american as president. >> i advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation? i absolutely would not agree with that. >> a short time ago the council for american islamic relations a group carson wanted to meet said it's time for him to end his campaign. >> mr. ben carson is wrong today to assume and say that american muslim cannot be president of the united states. his views are inconsistent with the united states constitution. for that we really urge
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politicians, the general public, community leaders, presidential candidates, to repudiate his views and we ask mr. ben carson to withdraw from the presidential race because he's unfit to lead. >> the two muslims in congress they are also weighing in. representative andre carson from indiana says linking faith with fitness for office is, quote, asinine. founding principle of our nation every american should be disturbed by that. these national figures are engaging in and tolerating blatant acts of religious bigotry. on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton has increased her lead in the polls. according to a new cnn-orc poll says she has the support of 42%
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of primary voters. vermont senator bernie sanders is polling half of that and joan joe bind hasn't announced whether he's actually running. two americans are getting ready to be coming home today after being released are by houthi rebels. gulf country that helped negotiate their release, oman. they are still bleafd to be at least one more american being held hostage in yemen. this hostage release falls on the 1 year anniversary of the houthis storming yemen's capital of sanaa. the u.n. estimates over 2,000 have been killed since march, over 4,000 injured. 80% of the population in desperate need of humanitarian aired, forced 1.5 million to
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leave their homes and hashem ahelbarra reports the ongoing fight is only contributing to the fighting. >> houthi forces backed by force he loyal to sally sal swept into sanaa last september. the government was taken by surprise and there was little resistance to the houthi take takeover. days later a deal was reached brokered by the u.n. it was a desperate attempt to descend into chaos. then a national unity po governt was formed. but relations between abd rabbu mansour hadi and the houthi rebels deteriorated. tanks rolling into aden, president hadi had to flee osaudi arabia. it was then the saudi government along with its allies launched a
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military campaign in yemen. it's sad the houthi rebels were back by iran to destabilize the region. after months of air strikes the houthis were driven out of the south. >> we must reclaim the state first. we cannot talk about political negotiations when the state has been stolen. >> reporter: this is yemen's newly trained army. these fighters are on the offensive, trying to recapture the cities of ta'izz, mareb and eljob before marching towards capital. >> translator: we are running into difficulty because of the terrain and the fearless enemy which is ready to die. >> reporter: but capturing sanaa won't be an easy task. partners from allies, united arab emirates bahrain and saudi arabia were killed when their
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base was hit earlier this month. and yemen has faced more death and destruction. >> the situation is very difficult for the population because the people have had to leave their homes. because of the conflict. currently 1.5 million people are known to be displaced. >> reporter: the u.n. is urging all sides to negotiate a political deal but that may not be easy. the government says the houthis must disband, but the rebels insist they are yemen's legitimate authority. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. a. >> the head of the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog agency says he was given environmental samples during a controversial visit to iran. the iaea must visit the site after the terms of the nuclear deal. recent renovation there had undermined the ability to
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conduct effective verification. iran denies it's carrying out arms research this. there is cautious optimism from the president. h5n1 says ihassan rouhani speak. >> the distance the disagreements the lack of trust will not go away soon. what's important is which direction are we heading? are we heading torts assemblingg the enmity? >> earlier pope francis integratecelebrated mass, told e
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faithful to overcome the resistance to change. the pope was instrumental in getting the u.s. and cuba to enter into diplomatic relations. david ariosto has the story. >> reporter: the pope is as far away from havana as you can get, in the city of holgine, a town of beran not all that far from the city. the pope announced 150,000 there in revolution plaza, there have been some roadblocks and snafus along the way. 50 and 60 individuals were either detained or prevented from he leaving theirs homes and of course three individuals yesterday were seen trying to reach the pope, one actually
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grabbed his hand and were dragged away by security forces. the question is whether pope francis will publicly address human rights issues in cuba. dissidents and those among the cuban american lobby have begging answers for, whether this pontiff will use this pulpit to address those issues that have been retractible issues. those two countries have brokered an historic chord in recent months, and that was certainlcertainly brokered by pe francis. >> david ariosto reporting in havana. an estimated 2 million muslims are in mecca for the hajj. the latterrest pilgrimage in the
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world. >> saudi authorities face a number of challenges. first they need to control and maintain the safety of the pilgrims converging onto mecca. more than 2 million people are expected to enter mecca to perform the hajj. they will get ready to move to arafa. there all the people all the pilgrims will converge and will perform their ritual at one place at one time and there will be movement, the challenge to control their movement and make sure they move safely without any incidents. over ten days ago a big massive crane fell onto the eastern side of the mosque, killed 107 people and wounded more than 200. now let me tell you why that
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incident happened, because the grand mosque has turned into a big construction site. the authorities want to expand the capacity of the mosque, for for pilgrims have the opportunity to celebrate the hajj. the government said everything is going according to plan and also, the incident didn't disturb the many pilgrims converging on mecca to perform the hajj this year. >> that's omar al saleh there. avoiding accidentally tradintrading fire steps us asse for the other side.
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worried the russian weapons might fall into the wrong hands. >> they are not accusing russia of supplying hezbollah but the situation is so chaotic in syria at the moment that be nobody can really guarantee these weapons, there are a lot of them, coming in, very hide high tech. russia is worried that strike warfare could restrict the movement of israeli air force jets should they attempt to target convoice taking weapons out to hezbollah which they have done before. so as well as the president and prime minister meeting, these military heads will talk about ways to deconflict the swaishes.
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historical movement within the area, so they're very strong cultural ties there. and i think israel has made it pretty clear, that they do not see russia as a threat to the state of israel. and they do have joint issues that do need resolving as the buildup continues in the area. >> peter sharp there in moscow. refugees from the syrian conflict have been pouring into the area of europe for the past three weeks. working on a volunteer tridz plan to relocation 160 thousand slum seekers. president says he is confident they will figure out a solution to the refugee goal. secretary of state john kerry said this weeks the u.s. will
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gradual increase the number allowed to come. next year number kill go from 75,000 to 85,000 and by 2015 the plan is to allow 250,00050,000 o the country but not all from syria. technology on the warfare
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>> california fire crews are working to slow a new wildfire. it's steroid or damage -- it's destroyed or damaged at least two homes in monterey county. others fires have killed at least five people and destroyed 1400 homes, jeopardizing some of nature's giant, is scwois. sequoias. >> there's probably no more famous organism certainly in the united states than sequoias. these massive trees are not just jiept they'rjust giants. they're ancient . along with a team of researchers from multiple agencies are
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trying to figure out how healthy these are. trees in general here, the first is that we're in our fourth year of drought, in california, and this year has been record-breaking. that fundamentally is just bad for trees. at the same time it's compounded by what seems to be an ongoing climactic change. as the temperature gets warmer and warmer it's putting pressure on the trees to come up with more water and at the same time there isn't that water available. sequoias typically burn in two ways, a fire burns off their needles or they simply fall over because of root rot or structural problem with the soil. but in this case the concern is that these trees are beginning to give up foliage like they've never seen before, drop branches and become brittle in a way that is unique to human history so far. later tonight i will be trying to follow these scientists up
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into these massive trees to take a look at what they see about the health of these trees and what that tells us about the general ecosystem here in california and in the rest of the country. i hope you'll watch. >> and can you see jake's full report tonight beginning at 7:00 eastern. preparations are underway for a high stakes trip by president xi jinping, bringing him face to face with president obama. allen schauffler has more. >> reporter: chinese president xi jinping will meet with president obama, members of congress and treas the united nations. address the united nations. but first he will visit seattle,
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washington. >> millions of jobs in america depend on that trade with china. our strayed has grown astronomically over the last several years. >> xi is going to give a major speech, tour boeing and meet with bill gates. >> obviously a big concern about cyber security, obviously a concern about the lack of a level playing field for american firms in china, discrimination against foreign firms, as well as the lack of a rule of law and inadequate protections of our intellectual privacy and tried secrets. >> long sometime tech writer bryer dudley sees the area as a
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natural stopover. >> they want to encourage companies that not only thrive in china but in the united states, look at microsoft, starbucks and boeing. >> a soft landing in the west, before a much harder line back east. >> we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset. but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationship. >> so i think it's a good cop-bad cop situation. where we can play good cop here and talk about entrepreneurial relationships and trade relationships and hopefully obama is going to play the bad cop and take a firmer line on some of these things. >> the visit comes when china is flexing its military muscle and
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solidifying things in the south china sea. all those things are expected to be on the agenda when the two presidents meet. allen schauffler, al jazeera, seattle. two children find the sport they love, undocumented immigrants finding a place to call home. >> voila days of, how to get away with murder. >> voila davis becomes the first black woman to win one of television's top honors.
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>> i've been asked to >> i've been asked to
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>> apple has pulled some apps from its app store because of a malwear attack. some apps are inundated with malicious code. stealing passwords and other information. wechat has millions of users. television industry honored two actors in groundbreaking roles. voila davis became the first african american woman to win an emmy in a drama. she encouraged more roles for women like her. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. [applause]
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you you cannot win an emmy for roles that are simply not there. >> in addition to davis jeffrey tambor won as best actor in a accommodate, first actor to win as a transgender character. and john hamm won for madmen after eight nomination he. pope francis comes to new york this week, he will spend time with young people, including migrant children who built their own community from their love of soccer. rroxana saberi reports. >> soccer for these children who had to leave it at home. >> it hurt me to have to leave my country but i had to come
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because it was too dangerous. >> reporter: ariel maldonado fled central america without his parents. they are among the tens of thousands of unaccompanied miles an hour who have crossed over to the u.s. illegally in the past two years. why did you bring these kids together to play soccer? >> it is something that they love, you know? >> as a a applying ration counselor in catholic charities in new york, elvis says soccer is helping these kids adjust to their new lives. >> i know how important soccer is to integrate into the community but to live forward with my life. i think soccer does same thing for these kids. >> maldonado grew up in honduras, he said he and his younger brothers escaped because of threat to their lives. >> the gangs will kill you.
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>> if you get sent back to honduras would you try ocome to america the same way you came before? >> translator: i would try. even if i had to do it illegally. >> reporter: detained at the border, maldonado was reunited with his mother in new york. >> translator: i didn't expect him to be so big. i had to get to know each of them again. >> reporter: now maldonado and his brothers are awaiting immigration hearings to see if they can day in the u.s. what would you like people to know in america to know about you and your mom? >> i would like them to take a look at us, to see us who we are. we break our backs to try to be better. >> reporter: what do you say when people say you and your mom shouldn't be able to stay here because you came illegally? >> i think those people are
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racest. yes there are some who have come and done bad things but not the majority of people. some people come to make their dreams come true. >> reporter: as maldonado awaits his future here, ten of his teammates have a chance to share their stories with another soccer fan, pope francis. he's meeting them on his visit to new york. >> translator: i watched a video of him, where he said when he was younger he also played soccer. >> the pope is calling on the u.s. to help children like these and hope make their home land safer so other kids don't have to flee. >> he wants to learn more about our situation, do something in this country and make something of ourselves in the future. >> reporter: roxana saberi, al jazeera, new york. >> thank you for joining us. i'm richelle carey. the news continues next, live from london.
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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello everyone i'm felicity barr and you're watching the newshour live from london. coming up: tension in ouagadougo, now burkina faso's army is marching on the capital to disarm the coup leaders. reelected. greek prime minister alexis tsipras is sworn in after winning this is second elections in a year. volkswagen faces new inquiries whether it rigged


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