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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this >> and welcome to our london ja. broadcast center. you're watching the al jazeera news hour, with me david foster. welcome. this is what we're looking at for the next 60 minutes. as burkina faso presidential forces move in, the coup leader says he will relinquish power. and greek prime minister alexis
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tsipras is sworn in again after winning his second election in a year. >> i'm robin adams, contradict world mourns the death of the father figure of the mod ernz ghaimodern gamein india, the les behind. >> hello there, we begin with breaking news. the leader of a coup in the central africa country of burkina faso has apologized to his countrymen and says he will now hand over power to a civilian transitional government. general gilbert deandre says he will relinquish power. disarming the presidential guard, loyal to him. hand over power to legitimate
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authorities or face the consequences. it is moving very rapidly. my colleague, nicholas hak is on the phone for ouagadougo. to talk to you on the phone so you could stay in the dark. tell us what's going on on the streets of the capital and what's being said. >> it is a rapidly moving situation. just a few hours ago, there were people celebrating in the capital in the city center. happy to hear that the coup leader, general jendare is going to hand over the interim government, happy with the idea that the elections are going to go ahead. but we also heard gun fire. we know that soldiers along the presidential guards are fighting. those are the ones that want to drop their arms and another one that want to retain power.
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the general's chief of staff of the army has called for the presidential guards to put down their arms and that there will be an amnesty for those who do that. but it looks like some of the members of the presidential guard are not ready to accept that compromise. >> to those who were detained by the republican guard and the coup leaders? qus. >> reporter: i can't hear you. >> those who were in power were detained by the plotters, what do they say, what has happened to them? >> reporter: so there is two people this were detained, the peter diamandis isaac dita, he was a member of the presidential guard then during last year's refltion when the people overthrew president cam poor, he refusecompaore, herefused to ha.
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we are hearing that he is going to be freed. he has been in house arrest and now he's been freed. >> nicholas describe where you are. because as i said, you said there was gun fire niche nearby. we decided not to bring into light. describe who might be on the streets. >> it might be infighting between younger officers and older officers, those who support general gendare and those who want to follow the chief of staff of the army. >> those are not the members of the military advancing on the
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capital taking on the rump of the presidential guard, this is infighting in your opinion? >> absolutely. marching towards the capital of ouagadougo, on the outskirts of the capital. no one -- no troop has entered the capital yet. >> okay nick, it's a terrible line but we've got a very good idea what's going on there. get back to us a little bit later on if you can. going to bring in the risk analyst on the political economy of subsaharan africa, you can look at this country and see what's happening. is stability returning or is it just as uncertain earlier today and when it all started last week? >> i think we are still looking at a very, very uncertain unstable political future. at the end of the day, even though we've had this pledge from the general that he will step down, there is absolutely no reason to believe he will until he gets guarantees he will
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have a negotiated exit meaning he won't get punished for starting this coup. >> let's see the relationship with the former president compaore, they were pretty close weren't three? >> he com had no reason this happened but there's no reason this is true. we do know compaore was living in bijan, and given the relationship hard to believe he didn't know anything about it. >> the republican guard, they are elitist, best of the best in any country but we are talking about these forces rained against far greater number, the international opposition to this also. what would lead him to believe he could succeed? >> i don't know if he was going to hold online power. we had a report just before the coup that the presidential guards needed to be dirs banded.
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he was concerned that he could potentially get, he could be essentially put on trial. it is quite clear that he's using this as a bargaining chip to negotiate safe exit for himself. >> what do you think about this are if nick, that the gun fire we hear is from the one element of the republican guard and another element rather than the military moving in on the capital, in-fighting? >> it is reasonable to assume it is infighting. we know the military did not open fire on protesters last year but we also knew there was a split in terms of who takes on power after that popular uprising. again not surprising at all that we are on this position. >> we were going to see elections before this all happened, just a year after compaore was taken out of power.
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is that going to happen now? >> i think question of elections this year is probably not on the table anymore because even if we do get a sort of transition back to a civilian government it is going to be an interim government before next election. >> appreciate your analysis, thank you very much indeed. thank you. >> thanks so much. >> moving on. a criminal investigation is been enacted against the german car maker volkswagen. officials say some vw cars to compromise emissions testing. >> under the bonnet, a dark
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secret unveiled last week between the environmental protection agency and volkswagen. volkswagen i.t. says has been subverting tests of its tdi, turbodiesel. >> it will cost vast amounts of money and there is a threat not just of fines but also of class action lawsuits. what's also very important. volkswagen's image is severely damaged. >> the news for the makers of the people's car, the famous beetle famously remade could get worse. >> they're urging volkswagen to recall half a million vehicles, jettas, golfs aand beetles built between 2009 and 2015. epa is talking about a fine of
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potentially as much as $18 billion which would be the highest ever levied against an auto maker. >> reporter: 18 billion is a vast amount of moim money adding to it the recall of half a million vehicles to return to proper functioning and to add, that the german government has received inquiries, and the potential for volkswagen gets bigger and bigger. nor does it stop there, volkswagen has set its future onto using bigger and bigger on diesel. >> and the viability of diesel will come into question. vw who has invested so much into clean diesel strategy it is a
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blow. >> what if anything in life was as reliable as a volkswagen, between the '80s ad slogan. the ceo has been forced to apologize to the customers for breaching their trust. jonah hull, al jazeera, london. >> thinks this case is just the start. >> no, i'd be very surprised if this problem is limited to the u.s. and i'd be very surprised if other manufacturers were not using the same types of defeat devices that the vw has been caught by the u.s. environmental protection agency using. the reason for that is because we know that if you measure the amounts of nitrogen oxides coming from diesel vehicles ton road many vehicles produce ten times more pollution than they're actually allowed to. and this is a pointer to the fact that there's something very strange happening in these
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laboratory tests where they're able to achieve much lower levels of pollution. so we really need the european authorities now to start to investigate this problem in the way that the u.s. authorities are doing. >> the limits are stricter in the u.s., 60 milligrams per kilometer of nitrogen oxides, compares to 80 here in europe. the testing is much more rigorous overall. the u.s. testing actually takes them off the product line and test them in their own laboratories. in europe we have preproduction cars actually being testwhich are specially prepared by the tests and not enough checks being done to make sure the cars we actually buy achieve the same poarnlings. it'performance.
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>> it's been a year since yemen has been under siege. hashem ahelbarra has the story. >> fighting has flared in ta'izz over the past few days. government troops backed by coalition forces are on the offensive in the province of mareb but progress is slow. >> translator: the terrain isn't helpful at all. the houthis have mined most of the fields had this area so we are cautious. and yemen's new army hasn't deployed all its units yet. >> reporter: a year after houthi rebels took over sanaa their leader remains defiant. >> we are confident we will ultimately prevail. our people have defeated invaders in the past and we dwoil the same thing again.
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do the same thing again. >> the houthi leader seems to be willing to compromise. his group has freed three saudi hostages as well as two americans and a briton with the help of oman. in oman a senior houthi officials and a close aid to former president ali abdullah saleh. trying to mediate a political settlement between yemen's warring factions but a peace deal may be a long way. the saudi-led coalition is pounding areas in albeida another houthi stronghold. yemen's internationally recognized government says it will enter into negotiations only after houthiless hand over
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the items they captured. >> as we talk we are going so give it another try in muscat. the secretary general is there, a delegation has arrived yesterday, muskat and we will try to convince the side that is the moment to exercise more responsibility to restart yemen's political process pop. >> coming up on the newshour, do stay with us if you can. the new offensive against al shabaab say they need more weapons. >> as millions of muslims arrive in mecca for the hajj pilgrimage, we look at the logistical problems for saudi arabia. and the spanish basketball team
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returns home with another european championship. well, it looks like there could be a peace deal in libya the country which has been falling apart since the ousting of moammar gadhafi. two particular sides involved in this, one an internationally recognized government the other not. have we got some kind of deal between the two parties here? >> well, it seems after tray hours of grueling negotiations, day and night, we are very much so close to an disagreement. the representatives of the gnc which is based in tripoli have just talked with the press and they expressed satisfaction what has been laid on the table.
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most of their demands, remarks they have expressed to the united nations envoy, has been taken in, a deal is almost on the table, a deal that can be accepted by all parties in libya and the time now for these negotiations, for all parties to go back to their specific constituencies, and the government based in tobruk to put the deal on the vote, and then coming back to morocco to sign this deal and then the other process of choosing the prime minister and the two deputies arounds then the formation of the national unity government which should not take very much belonger as much as these talks have taken over almost a year now. >> i just want to help clarify this for those people not too familiar with the situation.
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in toz bruk we hav tobruk we hae internationally recognized government, in the other one is not. what happens to the situation in benghazi? >> yesterday the united nations delegation to libya issued a very strong statement, clear condemnation of the operation that general haftar has started in benghazi. his future with regard to any deal that might be reached has reached stumbling blocks. many have expressed
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categorically. , to decide rather than prejudges this decision and taking this decision now. >> nasser badry, thank you, still a very complicated ways to unravel, thank you. russia's foreign ministry has called for what they describe as concrete action. after a shell hit their neighborhood, emergency systems have been trying to approve bodies and take the wounded to hospital. india and russia say they will
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coordinate their actions in syria to avoid taking cross fire. talks with vladimir putin about security on is syria. golan heights which israel seized from syria in 1967. alexis tsipras has again been sworn into office after winning sunday's parliamentary elections. syriza party over tough new austerity measures. barnaby phillips reports from athens. >> reporter: he still doochts the symbol ixg of the radical left. for the second time alexis tsipras was sworn in, in a secular ceremony, not a religious ceremony that all his predecessors have gone through. and he never wears a tie not
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even at this important state event. but elected, tsipras has learned the art of compromise. in july, faced with greece's expulsion from the eurozone, he agreed on more austerity to the despair of many of his supporters. here in syriza, alexis tsipras has to pleas various political constituencies. but his decisions are being watched closely across all of government. european government is hoping for a greek administration that is genuinely dedicated to reform. this economy shows alexis tsipras and syriza are in a strong position to implement reforms if they truly do so.
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>> left wing government increases its lengt legitimacy,s more people to the broader cause of making sure that the country remains in the euro. >> but if you were looking for omenless imens in the weather, s like a good prediction. barnaby phillips, athens. >> somalia's presidential palace, seven people killed. witnesses reporting a large blast. nobody has said they carried it out. around of armed group al shaba
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shabaab, gal gala mountains, near the semi anonymous region. autonomous region. >> reporter: recent al shabaab logs have seen dozens of their fighters heading north. >> the al shabaab left here about 300. he they keep moving in small groups. we have frequent clashes with them. >> these men know they can be ambushed at any moment.
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the president says his forces have been left to their own devices. they need more arms and ammunition. >> we are alone fighting with no help. unlike other parts of the country, this is unfair. with the new additional of security thrits threats from ye. >> make forced law frogs. this is galgala town, it's now under the control of punts land's forces. after being deserted for years, life is returning to galgala house. it was a strategic hideout for al shabaab forces. the town is heavily mill tried, yet the presence of all these soldiers is not enough to neuter residents of his saichts.
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this wn wam life in this town is not what it used to be. most people are still enslaved, we have no schools and our farms our only source of livelihood have been steroid. >> forces are about to continue their offense. they say they won't rest until adgethey're done. >> hajj pilgrimage, five days, it instills a sense of brother hood. as omar al slee tell us. >> the sued officials need to
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control the president's journey, more than 2 million will enter into mecca. and arrafa on wednesday. the there alt the people all the programs will converge and will perform their ritual swunt in one place. the movement there is to control their movement and to make sure they move safely without any support any instances. about terch days ago, a big crane fell online the eastern side of the mosque. it killed more than 100 people and injured over 700. authorities want to expand the
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capacity of the mosque to allow more people to come and perform the pil pilgrimage. main contractor was swept, however, the government said everything is going to plan and the incident didn't, perform the hajj the year. >> omarality saleh in mecca. do stay with us. we're heading to slovenia where the authorities are better prepared for the refugees appearing there. apple fighting against a large scale hack that allows hackers to steal users' data. the man who brought the world cup to south africa, facing an investigation for corruption. we'll have the news with robin a little later on.
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>> he was so ahead of his time. >> father junipero serra was so devastating to native american cultures. >> we have suffered greatly, what kind of saint would allow that? >> and you're gonna let the pope know? >> absolutely. you.
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>> david foster with you. the leader of the coup in burkina faso has apologized, said he will return the control to a civilian government. it's been a year since houthi rebels captured yemen's capital sanaa. air strikes killed at middle east another 30 people. alexis tsipras has been sworn into office once more after winning sunday's elections the second this year. now hungary has had a very hard line with refugees, passed into law the rules which allow army to enter with police and use their weapons.
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hundreds of refugees try to get on to trains to take them to croatia. the hungarian prime minister victor orban, called for europe to work together. >> translator: until there is a united european stance, member states of the european union will be forced to protect themselves from this brutal threat at grave cost presidents. >> authorities are managing to move them up north through border continents bussed towards slovenia and austria, for example. >> let's hear from lawrence lee in the slovenian town. >> as ka chaotic, little quickea little less painful.
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but they he it is quicker because these countries are a accused. >> when will you go to austria? >> maybe today after lunch. >> on the train? >> yes on the train. >> slovenia is showing a sense of logistical sense. the groups from serbia is debting a bit faster, europe is finally shoag showing a bit more available. >> the refugees change every day as soon as wo 50 leave the next people arrive. >> so the next bus turns up off they come and they're asked to go in.
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the reason slovenia can cope with this influx of refugees in relatively small reception centers is the turnover is so fast. refugees we're told spend only 12 hours, have a rest, get changed and move on to the train station, that frees up bed space for next to come. even staying just two hours is too much for this group, they refused to go in said they just wanted to go to the railway station, after weeks of being herded around their patience had run out. >> take us to the train station, thank you very much, train stays or bus station that's it. >> the $18 tickets would take them to the other side of the austrian border. what they didn't know you could get a train from here straight to the netherlands but they would have to go through yet
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another system in austria. demonstrating at least something at least is working now, keeping people from going where they want to. lawrence lee, al jazeera, slovenia. >> police in macedonia have been accused of physically abusing refugees, human rights watch says that police abused refugees on the border with greece, some people were beaten up punched kicked and the report goes that some people are forced to run through rows of police that hit them with batons. some treated refugees badly and said the conditions there are inhumane and degrading. that has been shut down. so amina chernovak.
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>> human rights watch documented the abuses in the report from june 2014 until july 2015. so we are talking about a period prior to the asylum seekers, especially in the last two months since august and during that time that's covered by the report there wasn't such a influx of asylum seekers in macedonia, brutality seems to be an issue in macedonia, the u.n. commission of comity, this summer on macedonia where the race is the issue of police brutality. the it is on is a thing to be
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documented. >> ecuadorian capital, tensions between the border between venezuela and colombia have been worsening of late, about 1500 colombians have been accused of smuggling. apple is fighting a large scale hack that allows hackers to steal large scale data, adding software tools that added malicious coding. first large attack against iphone and ipod users. >> contaminating apps for iphoneless and other mobile devices. >> it is when we have used all the technology at our disposal to create the most secure
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devices and most secure systems that we can. >> particularly in china users have taken to bypass apple by using x code apps. we chat message a calling program make it capable.sending fake alerts that steal data from phone users. apple said the infected apps have been removed from its store and is working with the developers to make sure they are using the proper version of x code to rebuild their apps. the report comes as apple is ready to sell iphone 6. xi jinping makes his first visit to washington, with cyber security the key issue. five alleged chinese military hackers charged with stealing
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from aamerican businesses. the chinese have denied the accusations and countered by suspending a bilateral dialogue on cyber-security you about obama has indicated he is interested in a truce with the chinese. >> ultimately the goal should be to have some basic international framework that won't be perfect because there's still going to be a lot of non-state actors that and hackers who are very good. we have good deans. >> international code of conduct for cyber information sharing but haven't spelled out ar particulars. yet since the latest malwear has in facted its citizens as well the situation will be more temping than ever. >> alex mcgeorge heads up
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immunity inc. washington, d.c. is where you are. i have an apple iphone loads of people in this office do as well. but are these people, these hackers trying to get at me and what's inside my phone or trying to get at apple? >> i think they're certainly trying to get at what's inside the end user's phone. one of the misconceptions that's been floating around in the media about this is apple wasn't actually hacked. no one should seriously be suggesting that. a malicious app got onto the app marked whicmarket which is downy how many people, and downloaded from the app market. not to say apple in ceur cupert. >> we have been following the events in libya bernardino leon.
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let's tell what the u.n. representative has to say. >> we have to declare that the job is done and what i am coming to say tonight is that we finished our work. we have now a text that it's a final text. so our part of the process is now finished. now, it is up to the parties, up to the participants there this dialogue to react to this text. but not in terms of adding more commands or getting back with something to negotiate. it is the moment for them and for the libyans after a process
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that is longer really much longer than what we are all expected and we all thought that could be possible for a country that is facing so many challenges. so for them to say yes we want to work together, want to overcome these challenges or no, is in the case of the institutions of course can be possible. they can refuse or they can reject, they can be also choosing the uncertainty, choosing the difficulties to work with international community, to work with other libbans and of course, putting the country in a very difficult position. so on behalf of the united
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nations, my second message mid is for the libyans, to understand that this seems to be the only option. we know very well that as as in all similar negotiations and agreements, this is not not perfect for most of the libyans. every libyan every institution every party every organization will see elements in the agreement that they don't like. but hopefully they will also see more elements that they like. and they will all understand that in this situation in libya
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with such strong confrontation, killings, humanitarian cries its, so many problems, they must expect that if there is a solution, if this proposal is the solution, it will be a text like this final text that we have proposed today. we have had during a year lon discussion negotiations exchangelongdiscussion, we belie united nations is well placed to assess when the finalist moment has arrived. and to understand what the parties can accept and what they cannot accept.
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this is why our responsibility as facilitators as mediators is to assess that this moment has arrived. and this is with our full sense of responsibility, with our understanding of what the role of the united nations is in the world. and in libya today. to tell the libyans to tell the institutions that are involved that they have to be flexible, generous, and they have to put the interest of their country above any other consideration. they have to be positive. they have to see what this process is going to bring for
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the country. not to be concerned about what they would have liked to see in the text or to see as outcome of this process and will not be there. this is not the question today. the question today is to get libya back to trek to build peace, development, prosperity in the country. and the most important element that many lib yadges are asking today and especially in the last hours and days, many libyans in benghazi is security. here representing the u.n, we
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are accompanied by many ambassadors in the international community, we have all expressed if many occasions our solidarity with those who are suffering in libya, displaced people, people mothers children, people who can't go to school, who can't find food or medicines and this is spaicia especially tough in . a city that is facing a very extremely concerning situation, our solidarity with the city with the people that are suffering attacks from groups, terrorist groups that are in the least of international organizations that are considered terrorist by united nations security council
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resolutions. and obviously, peace, solidarity, today is translated in our full support to the only weapon that will allow the libyans to prevail in this battle, which is unity. without unity, without an agreement that will allow the libyans to work together to achieve security, there will not be a possibility to prevail and to defeat terrorism. you heard recently that i made strong statement about away has been going on in benghazi if the last days. we believe, and we still call for all the libyans to
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understand that this processings reached the most delicate moment, the moment in which it will be possible to take the weight of political unity, or the way of uncertainty and chaos, father chaos because we have a lot of chaos in libya, enough i think. scwa we call on libyans to be responsible and to refrain from any actions that could hinder and complicate even more the possibilities of success in this proposes we very much hope that in the coming days the parties have been back and will be ready to discuss names. it has been confirmed by all the participants in this process
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without reception, all of them are ready to discuss the names of the unity government immediately after eid, and a closing session of this dialogue in new york during the week of the united nations glig. general assembly. if it is possible the parties endorse the agreement and the following days in new york it could be possible to initialing the text and we will discuss with the participants and with the libyans in eligible how they
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envision an this ceremony. but we will know very well that this city that is hosting sus a clear candidate, is a natural candidate for this. but of course this is a decision that the lib yarchs have to take. and afterwards of course the wish that has been expressed by all the participants unanimously is that the signing should take place in libya. this is something that also, for the international community, for the united nations, is the ideal final stage of our work and we very much hope and look forward to this signing in libya in the coming weeks. all this hopefully will happen with the deadline we have which is the 20th of october. nobody would like to see any
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political vacuum in libya. we want to see a political and legal clear framework. the country needs it. the international community needs it. to operate in libya to have partners with a very clear legal status. it has been extremely difficult for international community to deal with libya in the last year and actually really is a miracle that some operations are still taking place, given the legal and political chaos but the good news for the country and the good news for the international community is today there is a clear possibility for this chaos to finish. with a clear definition of who is the government to overcome this division in regions, institutions, parliaments,
5:53 pm
governments, with the unity that will allow them to return to what libya always was a rich country a healthy country a country that can be and you know that i like always to insist in this idea, that can be very good example, a very good reference for those countries that are suffering in the region, countries like iraq, syria, yemen, that are also very hopeful that the libbans will become very good example of a political solution, a solution through dialogue, and not through violence and work. i hope that the french media will not expect that i repeat all of this in french. you will excuse, but at this
5:54 pm
final moment of the talks i had to make a long explanation but of course afterwards i will reiterate the most important messages for frenc in french foh media. >> the u.n. representative on those talks in morocco about the situation in libya. about a five-minute speech from senor leon. lacking in detail but to stay rival governments have agreed to go away, to come back with their names for the interim government for the i eaad holiday p james s
5:55 pm
our diplomatic editor at the u.n. be able to take it to where you are and the meeting of the general assembly coming up pretty soon and effectively for the final touches to it all? >> reporter: yes, but there's a stage before that david and that's going back to libya, showing everyone the document, the two main sides, what is being offered. the parameters of a unity government to take libya forward. let's just remind you where libya is, remember that gadhafi, the former leader of libya was killed almost four years ago. that was spoaft to be the, but ever since then you have two
5:56 pm
rival governments, you also have in the city of sirte which is where gadhafi was born and also where he died, the control of i.s.i.l. in that city. i think that's one of the reasons why the international community is so invested in this, they're worried about the presence of i.s.i.l. in lib yeaz, also worried about the number who die off the seas of the mediterranean. i think international community will be pleased by this step but although he started his news conference saying it was the 79th of this step but thrrs overalthereare about setting upw system and how it's going to work but also who is going to get those key jobs. that hasn't been decided yet.
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>> sesenor leon says please plee please, they have gone further in the two years since the libyan conflict began. >> absolutely. this is a moment of hypoand i think he's trying to is is convince them this is final deal. there has been is violence by general hafta, supporting one of the parliaments, the one in tobruk. >> james baste is in new york, he hopes the final signing assembly will not be at the general assembly, where a lot will be sorted out but back in libya itself. .okay back in just a couple of minutes with another full bulletin here, thanks for
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watching this newshour. >> i've been asked to >> i've been asked to
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newshour. >> as burkina faso military converge on the capital, the coup leader says he will hand back power. good to have you with us, you're watching al jazeera. i'm david foster. also coming up in the next 30 minutes, a step towards resolving libya's conflict. houthis rebels mark a year since they took control of yemen's capital. and volkswagen launches an investigation


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