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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the the coup leader stands down in burkina faso and the interim leaders are released. ♪ ♪ hello, here in doha. also ahead on the program. a call for i ceasefire in libya as a framework deal is proposed to end the conflict. chinese chez supplies flies to the u.s. to meet with tex i s executives before moving to the white house. and the story the defection, we'll take to you a film festival focusing on what divides and unites north and
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south korea. ♪ ♪ burkina faso's army has given coup leader an ultimatum to disarm. they have set 10:00 gmt as is deadline. meanwhile, negotiations are continuing in the nigerian capital abuja, nicholas has the latest. >> reporter: this is mobile phone footage of soldiers from burkina faso's regular army moving towards the capital. the army's chief of staff warned the coup leader and his staff to surrender their arms, some did, address won't, troops from the regular army entered the capital. under pressure he apologized for the coup.
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>> we cop firm our commit to him return authority to the authorities after an agreement to get out of the crisis made under the authority of h. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: reactions on the street was immediately. they chanted freedom. hundreds have been injured and a dozen have died since the coup took place almost a week ago. >> translator: we have lost brave fight, he we are ready to die to free burkina faso. >> reporter: the situation remains very volatile. who is in charge of burkina faso is still unclear. west african leaders are diplomats are meeting in abuja to find a peaceful end. it's a include gase of media and threat of more violence that perhaps will bring an end to this coup. but with more soldiers on the streets, this crisis is far from over. nicholas, al jazeera. the united nations has
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proposed a deal to end the political crisis in libya. the u.n.'s envoy to the country has told rival factions it's a take it or leave it deal. paul reports. >> reporter: the united nations huharassed been trying to bring the warring parties in libya together for more than one year. >> we have now a text, it's a final text. so our part of the process is now finishes. >> reporter: the u.n. envoy says the framework deal worked out in morocco is the way forward to end the conflict in libya but it's not a deal yet. >> in this situation in libya, such strong confrontation, killings, humanitarian crisis, so many problems they must expect that if there is a solution, if this proposal is the solution. >> reporter: libya has been in a state of civil war and crisis
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since the revolution in 2011. among those struggling to fill power vacuum are two rival governments a remember gate general and dozens of militia groups. >> taken during the last year of the negotiations, are almost about trying to create a two-dimension the government a government that will at least have two sides t come to one tae but ultimately they want to annihilate each other. they have elements, private armies and use the terminology of international war but ultimately they want to annihilate each other. >> reporter: leon is now calling for an immediate ceasefire between these factions. >> they have to be positive, they have to see what this process is going to bring for the country. and not to be concerned about what they would have liked to see in the text or to see as
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outcome of this process and will not be there. this is not the question today. the question today is to get libya back to track. to build peace, development, prosperity in the country. >> reporter: lee open was given an october 20th deadline to get a unity government in place. that's the fourth anniversary of the capture and death of libya's long-time ruler colonel muammar qaddafi. the envoy to libya says the peace deal isn't there yet but appeals tour closer than ever before. the death toll from a series of bombings in northeastern nigeria on sunday evening has now risen to at least 80. four explosions also left around 150 people injured. no one has claimed responsibility, but boko haram fighters have been blamed. the armed group has been trying to carve out a state in the
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northeast since 2009. human rights watch says the egyptian military's campaign against isil in northern sinai is harming thousands of civilians. the rights group says the government has evicted over 3,000 families and raised thousands of homes in northern sinai. cairo is trying to create a buffer zona long its border with the gaza strip. the israeli army has detained four pal tip general chirp in occupied east jerusalem. they were returning from holiday when we were picked up on suspicion of throwing stones at israeli soldiers. during the past few days 25 palestinian youths have been arrested. israel has deployed thousands of officers in the city ahead of the holiest day in the jewish cal dal and eid holidays also begin this week. israeli forces have shot a palestinian woman who i' allegey
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attempt towed to stab a soldier it happened in the occupied west bank, scott heidler is there live for us now. bring us up-to-date with exactly what's happened here. >> reporter: the isreali mill tier i said she attempted to stab one of their soldiers at a check point in hebron. they say she was 18 years old, we are hearing she was shot in her legs, she's in critical condition in he hospital here in ja rule less. palestinian sources have been telling us that there wasn't a confrontation between the two before the shooting took place. again, she's here being monitored closely in critical condition in a jerusalem hospital. >> scott, there is a lot going on at the moment account isn't there? there has been a lot of tension in the last few days, even weeks and then, of course, you have some pretty boo big holidays coming up. you have i don't remembe yom can
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the streets? >> reporter: absolutely, because of the high holidays in the jewish faith and eid for muslims coming up at the end of the week, so there has been a lot of tensions because of these holidays. why? because there has been a lot more tension in the al-aqsa mosque compound in jerusalem. jewish tour group groups and jes going up in the to compound stokes the muslims in the compound who don't feel that they should be able to be there. they are not allowed to pray, so there was tension with that. there were a couple of israeli security force raids on the mosque itself. that raised the tension quite a bit here in jerusalem on friday we saw thousands of security forces, 3500 extra security forces from israel being put onto the streets. they have pretty much stayed there because of this increased
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tension, what happened at the al-aqsa mosque but also because of the holidays we have coming you feel one other note in hebron last evening. a man was killed, israeli security forces saying that he had some kind of explosive device, he was going use on the israeli forces they say it debt maded and killed him. we are seeing this incidents that's why israel said they put so many so many more security forces on the streets. >> all right, scott heidler, thank you very much for update. up tear your ministers are meeting in buts unless a few hours to discuss the refugees crisis. eastern european nations failed to reach an agreement on insurgent relocations of refugees during talks on monday. they are opposing the plan for compulsory quotas. european leaders are due to meet again wednesday to fry to find a solution hungary's parliament has allowed the government to deploy the army to tackle the
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influx of refugees. the military can join the police using rubber coated bullets and tear gas, refugees have been using hungary as a transit route to wealthier western european countries. the prime minister told parliament that the whole continue net is now under threat. >> translator: the migrants are not just bang on the ground our door, they are breaking it down. not a few hundred, not a few thousand, but several hundreds of thousands actually millions are migrants are laying siege to hungary and europe's boards, there is no end in sight. their reserves are vast and millions are preparing to travel. africans are among the hundreds of thousands of people arriving in europe in search of a better life. natasha ghoneim respect now on their journey across west aftera to libya. >> reporter: this is the border between guinea and mali. it's become a transit point for africans with hopes of starting a new life in europe.
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some of them don't make it. according to the international organization for migration, more than 2700 people died in the mediterranean sea this year. this man's brother was one of them. >> translator: when he left for europe everybody was crying. you wouldn't want it see your family member dieing like at at sea. >> reporter: but the prospect of danger and poverty back home is enough for people like him to keep pushing ahead. >> i left because of persecution. i have been persecuted politically. >> reporter: this is the second time he has tried to get to europe. >> when i 20 i met -- i was unfortunate, when i met this islamic attack. they took over the border area. so i decided to return back, to return back so that i wouldn't fall in their ambush 67 he and others are traveling from western african countries, including sierra leone and lie
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beer yeah, moving northeast to the border between begin i and d mali. across the sahara desert and north to libya where they hope to cross the mediterranean and land in europe. just as there are open borders among members of the european union, there is a similar kind of block in west africa. it's called the economic community of west african states. since 1975. 15 countries have been part of a borderless region where people can move fre freely. the goal is to increase economic cooperation. but it's also made it easier for people determined to build a life in europe. >> translator: when we received people passing through, they had the national cars and passports, they say we want to go to mali. how can we know whether they want to go to mali or spain or surroundings further on. >> reporter: even so border police check for proper documentation, those who don't have it face deportation.
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despite the open borders in this region, amnesty international says people are also facing the same kind of racism and xenophobia, refugees are complain big in europe. this woman says the risk isn't worth it. >> a lot of dang are, some dieing, their children are dieing in the process the children get lost. i don't think it's good. >> reporter: disapproval, danger and the worries of family, don't appear to be enough to squash the dreams of many africans heading north. natasha ghoneim, al jazeera. okay, coming up on the program, vehicles caking unis under fire accused of cheating its emission tests. >> if we had another year as severe as this one, i would say all bets are off. >> also we climb one of california's most famous treasurers to find out what's threatening their future.
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>> he was so ahead of his time. >> father junipero serra was so devastating to native american cultures. >> we have suffered greatly, what kind of saint would allow that? >> and you're gonna let the pope know? >> absolutely.
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>> al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights, on al jazeera america. hello there, you are watching al jazeera. a quick reminder of the headlines, people in burkina faso has welcomed the army in the capital to disarm those behind last week's coup. coup leaders have been given a deadline of 10 gmt to lay down their arms. the u.n. an stroy libya has proposed a peace deal to he want the countries political cries us. he has given the two rival governments a final text to form a tune at this administration
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and eight deadline of october 2th for both sides to sign it of. the european union's interior ministers are meeting in brussels in a few hours to discuss the refugees crisis on monday. eastern european nations failed to reach an agreement on the emergency relocation of refugees. chinese president ping's first stop on his u.s. visit is not the white us instead he's starting off in seattle where he will be meeting u.s. tech executives on later on tuesday. both countries have been sparring over the issue you of u.s. security and apple is the latest company tackling a security breach within china. tom ackerman has more. >> reporter: apple prides itself on safeguards to prevent militia actors from contaminating the apps for its i. phones and other mobile devices. >> it's one we have used all the technology at our disposal to create the most security vices
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and the most securities testimonies that we can. >> reporter: but particularly in china, many iphone users have taken to bypassing apple, by downloading apps through a counterfeit developer program called x-code ghost. that breach has affected hundreds of legitimate apps like a version of we chat message and calling program making it capable of sending fake alerts that steal data from phone users. apple said the up frequented apps have been removed from its store and, quote, is working with the developers to make sure they are using the proper version of x-code to rebuild their apps. reports come as apple ready retail sale this week of its state of the art iphone six, also this week, the ship president president makes his first state vice toyota warn will be with cyber security one of the feeder most conflict issues under discussion, u.s. authorities filed criminal
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indictments against five a legalled military hackers, they were charged with stealing from american businesses. the chinese have denied the accusations anaccusationsaccusad buyer cuts spending a bilateral dialogue on cyber security, but obama has signaled he's interested in a truce with the chinese. >> ultimately the goal should be to have some basic international framework. that won't be perfect because there is still going to be a lot of nonstate actors that and hackers who are very good. and have good defense. >> reporter: chinese officials say they are interested in an international code of conduct for viber information sharing, but haven't spelled out particulars. the incentive for cooperation may be more testimony tid than ever. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. now, the u.s. justice department has launch a criminal investigation in to the world's
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largest selling car maker volkswagen, it's accused of faking emissions tests in diesel powered vehicles and could face penalties up to $18 billion. jonah hull reports. >> reporter: this was the frankfurt international motor show on monday, the folks wag an stand under a bot be a dark seek rerevealed last week by the environmentaenvironmental protey in the united states. volkswagen it says has been false document tests for years to el bell he should its diesel evening inning. in early trade on the ground monday, the company's stock lost up to a quarter of its value. >> our company was dishonest. with the epa and the california air resources board. and with all of you. and in my german words we have totally screwed up. we must fix those cars, the cars will prevent it from ever
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happening again and we have to make it right with the government, the public, our customers, our employees, and also very important our dealers. >> reporter: the news for the maybe, of the people's car the famous beatle famously resumed could get much worse. >> they are ordering volkswagen to recall half a million recalled vehicles, jettas, golfs and beatles primarily built between 2009 and 2015. the epa is talking about a fine of as much as eight dean million dollars when would be the highest ever levied against an automaker $6,718,000,000,000 is of course an enormous sum of money but add to that the cost of half a million vehicles in the u.s. that the epa says vw must return to proper functioning and then take in to being the german government has announced an he missions inquiry in to vehicles sold in you are up and you see the potential for
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total ca as it tough foy vehicles vehicles wagon gets bigger and bigger. the very idea may now be cast in to doubt of their new engines. >> diesel has been shown to produce very large amounts of noxious gases, much larger than perhaps we had all expected. the viability of diesel will come in to question it will be a very material blow. >> reporter: it is also closely damaging for the brand. what if over in life was as reliable as a volkswagen when the '80s ad slogan, this week the company' company's ceo had y for a breach of trust. scott walker has pulled on you of the race for the whites house. wisconsin governor hopes hess exit will make it easier people
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to choose the been conservative candidate. 15 republicans remain in the running. a drought in the u.s. state of california could be killing one of its most famous trees, giants sequoia trees are beginning to show signs of stress after four hot and dry years, jacob ward reports from sierra national park. >> reporter: giants sequoia like this are very, very special. they are the largest organisms on earth and they are ancient. but after four years of drought and the warmin warming echgds ct change researchers are worry about their future. we were losing their older needles, their older leafs in amounts that i have never seen before. at roughly 2,500 years old, this one predays christianity and islam. but more importantly for today, is how tall it is, it's over 75 meters, morning 240 feet tall think sign testifieds are going to go up in it today to try to take some water samples and god
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help me i am going to follow them. oh, man. anthony ambrose leads a team from berkeley. he climbs to the very top of these trees to test them for signs of stress. warmer temperatures main the trees need enormous amounts of water. a typical giants sequoia tree of this size might use anywhere between five and 800 gallons of wort are in a single summer day. the trouble is the sierra know pack which provides water to trees lear throughout the summer as it melts is now at a 500 year low. the sequoia which have survived droughts for thousands of year are surviving so farc the team points out the combination of drought and rising temperatures is unprecedented. >> now that we are in the fourth year of this severe drought. they still seem to be holding up pretty well. if we had another year as severe as this one, i would say all bets are off. >> reporter: this tree was a seedling during the roman el prior an adolescent when mohamed
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was alive. the history of the u.s. is a tiny fraction of its past. the question is whether it and its kind can survive here in the future. yakle you be ward, al jazeera, sierra national park, california. pope frapope francis visitse united states on thursday. he travels from cuba, praying for reconciliation amongst cubans at the country's holiest that line. the presidents of venezuela and colombia have agreed to row store their ambassadors of a month's long spat. they met in the capital. in august venezuela shut land crossings after three border guards were shut. a security crack down follows and 1500 colombians were disported. we have more now from the capital bogota. >> reporter: after long and
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complicated negotiations the presses of colombia and venezuela agreed to what they are calling a gradual normalization of the border region, this is the first important step to solve the month's long crazies that paralyzed trade and movement along the board and say over 17,000 colombians being deported or volunteering returning back to colombia for fear of reprisal. for fear they say of being accused of being responsible for the chronic shortages in venezuela. juan manuel santos and nicholas maduro agreed to a seven-point a jenna, among the points they have decided to reup state that i have respective ambassadors, they say they will start a joint investigation of the situation of the board and called for a ministerial level meeting on wednesday in caracas venezuela to discuss and implement new sense i believe border policies.
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>> translator: as president maduro said, wises come prevai prevails. this has been a peaceful debate and a productive respect it have dialogue. >> reporter: the borders will be opened in a gradual way but at this point no details have been given of just how long that will take. seven people including flee for nationals have been kidnapped in the southern philippines it happened at a resort on the island. police say 11 gunmen on motor boats were involved in the abduction. the dmz film festival is under way in south could kariya, this year organizers have decided to focus more on the issues separating but also uniting the two koreas. harry fawcett reports. >> reporter: it isn't quite the
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demilitarized zone but for the first night of a film festival it's about as close ago you can get. at an abandoned u.s. military base reel at the adjoining buffer zone it gets under way, to lead it off a fill that many directly addresses the division on the korean peninsula. i am sun mu tells the toarl i of a defecator a pop began a painter but now makes critical works a an independent artist in the south. with his identity hidden to protect hit family across the boarder, it film shows his increasing excute anxiety. >> he's very poetic but also very honest and he has a unique story. he is a di deflector who still really loves his home land, he does not love a the love things about his home land. but his heart is -- he says he
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has a divided heart. >> reporter: for the festival's organizers make this is film the opener is something of a statement of intents as they shift the focus more closely on i want korean issues. >> it's always been a festival not dealing with these issues we certainly never promoted it that way, but this year we have brought in a special dmz session because of the feeling that it hasn't received enough attention in the past. >> reporter: the goal is to make a small festival still in its relative infancy in to a significant pan asian documentary film event. in terms of scale this festival can't compete with south korea and asia's biggest film veal cal coming up in a couple of weeks. but what it does have is a focus, a focus on themes of peace. more than 100 films from around the world are due to be shown, most united in some way by that theme of peace, just a short distance from the world's most
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heavily militarized boarder, harry fawcett, south korea. don't forget you can keep up-to-date with all of the latest stories on our website. al including the latest in those deals in burkina faso. is the address. >> this is techknow, a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wild fire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science, by scientists. tonight: trash. it's everywhere. >> what's the out put of this facility? >> landfills overflowing. >> it just smells so bad. >> but some of our trash ... ... could be recycled. >> why isn't it being done more?


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