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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ celebrations in the capitol of burkina faso as the coup leader agrees to stand down and the interim leaders are released. ♪ hello, i'm in doha, also ahead, a call for a ceasefire in libya as a framework deal is proposed to end the conflict. chinese president flies to the u.s. to meet with tech executives before moving on to the white house. also eu ministers scheduled to meet trying to find a solution
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to the refugee crisis. ♪ deadline for coup leaders in burkina faso to disarm runs out in an hour's time. now they face attack if they don't agree to the ten g gmtaltimatum and they agreed to step aside and the interim president and prime minister have been released and we report from ouagadougou. >> this is mobile phone footage of soldiers of burkina faso army moving towards the capitol. the chief of staff coup leader and his presidential guard to surrender their arms. some did, others won't. so troops from the regular army entered the capitol. under pressure they addressed the nation apologizing for the
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coup. >> translator: we confirm of the authorities after agreement to get out made under the agreement. >> reporter: reactions the street was immediate and chanted freedom. hundreds have been injured and a dozen have died since the coup took place almost a week ago. >> translator: we have lost brave fighters and we are ready to die to free burkina faso. >> the situation remains very volatile, who is in charge is unclear and leaders and diplomates are meeting in abuja to find a peaceful end. and it's sanctions from the former colonial power and threats of violence will bring an end to the coup but with more soldiers the street this is far from over, nicholas hawk,
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ouagadougou. >> live from the capitol abuja where regular leaders have been meeting trying to find a solution to the crisis in burkina faso. what is the latest, have they found a solution, what is actually happening? >> reporter: that is right. in fact, they just started meeting with the president have called all leaders at the community of west african state the country that surrounds burkina faso to meet here here for a plan to set them on track for elections and elections were supposed to be held on the 11th of october. we know that the president of that is here and other leaders are here and other leaders are expected within the next few minutes and hours. the main issue is what is going to happen to the presidential guard. those are the coup leaders and that seems to be at the center
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of all the discussion that are going to take place here today. we know from nicholas' report that the army has a mass in the capitol and calling for the presidential guard to surrender. the question is will they lay down their weapon and what is their future role in any democratic process in burkina faso. there are those who feel they should lay down their arms and they should be tried and jailed for plotting the coup against the interim president and leader but there are those that also feel they have important role to play in the future of politics of the country. you have to remember this presidential guard was the backbone of the presidency of who ruled the country for 27 years in a popular uprising last year and an issue of contention those associated with the presidential guard and some of the associates of the former president have been banned from taking part in elections that were due to be scheduled as i
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say next month. the issue that is going to be discussed here today is whether that needs to be addressed and whether that needs to be looked at again and whether there is a role for the coup in future democratic processes. >> and to clarify earlier on a few hours ago we were saying that the coup leader had agreed to step aside on the condition that whatever was stipulated in this deal was agreed to, now what you have taken us through in terms of the possibility of a continued role in the government and the future, is that what they were referring to? >> it seems so. it seems so because the presidential guard as i was kind of trying to explain do want a role in any future domeic process and what we understand here today is that is what is going to be discussed. one of the key people here is
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the leader and you have to remember that the former president of burkina faso is in exile and we know that he always had a good relationship the leader of ivory coast and they are here to kind of look at whether the presidential guard can play a role. it is good obviously they have said sorry and i understand they have apologized for the coup and the question is should they be tried or jailed or incarcerated or punished for the coup or does the whole issue, the whole process of how this country is going to move towards democratic elections does that need to be readdressed and does their role in that process need to be looked at again especially with those who have been stopped by interim authority which was ousted from any future election. >> we will leave it there, thank you very much, thank you.
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well, the united nations has proposed a deal to end the political crisis in libya. the u.n. envoy to the country has told rival factions they either take the deal or leave it and we report. >> reporter: the united nations has been trying to bring the warring parties in libya together for more than one year. >> we have now a text that it's a final text so our part of the process is now finished. >> u.n. envoy leon says the framework deal worked out in morocco is the way forward to end the conflict in libya but it's not a deal yet. >> in this situation in libya with such strong confrontation killings humanitarian crisis, with so many problems they must expect that if there is a
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solution, if this proposal is the solution. >> reporter: libya has been in a state of civil war and crisis since the revolution in 2011. among those struggling to fill the power vacuum are dozens of malitia group. >> taken in the last three years of negotiations and trying to create a dimensional government and two sides that come to one table and ultimately both sides want to know each other and both sides have the proxies and private armies and national war and ultimately both sides want to annilyate each other. >> they have to see what this process is going to bring for the country. not to be concerned about what
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they would have liked to see in context or the outcome of this process and will not be there. this is not the question today. the question today is to get libya on track to build peace, development, prosperity in the country. >> leon given an october 20th deadline to get a unity government in place, that is the fourth anniversary of the capture and death of libya's long time ruling moammar gadhafi and says the peace deal isn't there yet but appears to be closer than ever before, al jazeera. human rights watch says the egyptian military's campaign against i.s.i.l. in northern sinai is harming thousands of civilians and the human rights group says they evicted thousands of families and raised thousands of homes across
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northern sinai and cairo trying to have a buffer zone on the border with the gaza strip. in syria activists say government air strikes killed at least 38 i.s.i.l. fighters and observatory for human rights said it took place in the city of paglia in the last few hours and have been stepping up to i.s.i.l. in the resent days. a year since the u.s. led coalition entered the serious war and air strikes in syria and iraq and the aim was to destroy i.s.i.l. and the coalition includes turkey, some gulf nations, australia and canada and french expected to launch air strikes in the coming weeks. meanwhile syrian government forces with russian backing have been conducting air strikes on i.s.i.l. targets and now i.s.i.l. is not only dealing with a barrage of bombs fighting
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groups and el nusra and fighters and forces and bernard smith is in turkey, rather confused and perhaps messy situation, how would the u.s. do you think assess their achievement so far in syria? >> well, i think u.s. central command will tell you that 17,000 square kilometers of territory in syria have been cleared of i.s.i.l. fighters and say it happened because of air strikes and air strikes backing up the various groups on the ground that are either fighting i.s.i.l. or assad or fighting both. what has been a game changer for the u.s. is the permission that they have now been given by the turkish authorities to use the air base behind me, from here to border with syria just about 120
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kilometers in that direction. before this base was open last month and made available to the u.s. military last month they were flying perhaps some four hours away from the gulf where they have air bases down there so it makes a significant difference and it means more sources and mortar more targets and u.s. military says the next plan is to try to perhaps train some fighters to go into syria to work alongside rebel groups in there, to locate targets for air strikes to hit. it wants to step up the number of air strikes but it needs people on the ground. the u.s. military is not going to send troops into syria and turkey reluctant to do the same so u.s. military still relying on the forces on the ground to help it bring in those air strikes. >> i mean it's very well documented that the training it has under taken with groups
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within syria itself hasn't worked, just remind us why this hasn't worked. >> reporter: well, there were 50 or so u.s. fighters who went into syria in the last few months and it was a disaster and four or five left fighting in there, nevertheless another 70 odd or 70 odd fighters have gone into syria, again, those trained by the u.s. military, it's not been particularly effective because they were picked up by rebel groups inside syria, these fighters and they were not seen as particularly fighting with those rebel groups and confusion as to who they were fighting with, the fighters themselves were expected to fight against i.s.i.l. and rebel groups in syria want to get rid of assad and confusion of what they were supposed to do and added to that is russia increased involvement of what will happen in the
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coming months. >> i was just coming to that because you said the use of the turkish air base was something of a game changer for the united states but russia comes along and joins the party. i mean, this is really complicating things for the united states and yet russia is saying that possibly we could come up with a solution to encourage mr. assad to move aside, how possible is that? >> reporter: well, russia has been one of the largest backers of the assad regime and arming them since the civil war started. what it's doing is it's increasing its military presence at latakia base at western syria and they say because of i.s.i.l. a threat that russia sees as much as the americans see but there is also the belief that russia is not going to allow assad regime to fall if there is
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the slightest risk it might russia wants to have a presence in the region so it can be involved in the political future of syria. now the last thing the americans wanted was a russian presence there. it's going to have to now start talking to the russians to make sure there is not competition in the limited air space above syria and a risk that the conflict could escalate but the americans at least might hope having the russians further engaged would perhaps help bring along the political solution to the crisis in syria, one that most parties agree the only way the civil war is going to end is if there is a political solution to that. >> indeed and thank you very much for that overview of the war in syria one year on, thank you. four palestinian school children detained by israeli soldiers in occupied east jerusalem and stopped on their way home from school on suspicion of throwing stones at soldiers and 25 palestinian children have been
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arrested recently and iz -- isrally army are in jerusalem before the holiday of the holiest day in the calendar and eat holiday for muslims also begins this week. palestinian woman in critical condition after being shot by israeli soldier and witnesses deny israeli allegations she had been attempting to stab a soldier and shooting happened at a check point in the occupied west bank and scott hidler is in east jerusalem and more on this. >> reporter: 12 bloody people in the occupied west bank, on monday evening palestinian man was killed with what israeli security forces say was an improvised security device he was going to use against them but it detonated prematurely and killed him and a woman was shot in the legs according to defense
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forces the trying to stab one of the soldiers and palestinian sources telling us that that wasn't the case. she is in critical condition in a jerusalem hospital. now what this is kind of a continuation of tension going on in the occupied territories as well as hear in jerusalem, occupied east jerusalem and then particularly the mosque compound over the last several weeks and there have been a lot of clashes and tension and elevated because of the holidays, jewish holidays and muslim and eat at the end of the week and a lot of tension and the israeli security forces have reacted to that tension adding thousands of more security forces here in jerusalem and around the west bank over these next coming days. still to come on the program as europe tries to accommodate thousands of refugees we look at one country that has managed to find some order among the chaos. and apple's app store suffers its first major hack attack.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target ♪ hello, you are watching al jazeera and reminder of the headlines now, burkina faso welcomed the army easterntry into the capitol ouagadougou to disarm coup leaders. they have been given a deadline turns out in about 40 minutes time to disarm or face attack by the army. u.n. envoy to libya proposed a peace deal to end the crisis and leon going to be two rival governments and the final test
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for unity administration and setting a deadline of october 20th to both sign it off. palestinian woman in critical condition after being shot by israeli soldier and deny israeli allegations that she attempted to stab a soldier and the shooting happened at a check point in hebron in occupied west bank. interior ministers from the eu are meeting in brussels in a few hours to discuss the refugee crisis and eastern european nations failed to reach agreement on emergency relocation of refugees during talks on monday. they are opposing the eu's plan for quotas and meanwhile european leaders will meet again on wednesday to try to find a solution. well, mps in hungary have given the go ahead for the army to tackle the influx of refugees and soldiers can join the police with nonlethal weapons with rubber bullets and tear gas and
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using hungary as a transit route to the east to the western europe and has told parliament that the new continent is now under threat. border crossings that have been packed with people are gradually emptying now as refugees are bussed to slovania and we report from the slovenia town. >> reporter: as chaotic as the summer has been it's clear that refugees might hope their journeys will be a little quicker and painful and this reception is from the northern slovenia town and on the move closer to austria and germany and are they happy about it. >> yes, it's quicker and the countries are good. >> reporter: when will you go to austria do you think? >> austria, maybe today after lunch. >> reporter: on the train? >> yes, on the train. >> reporter: unlike the
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neighbors to the southeast slovenia is showing awareness and the red cross is waiting for the next lot to turn up and movements of people from is serbia is getting faster and at the end of summer at the basic level europe is showing a bit more organization. >> translator: it's true, we have 250 beds available able refugees change everyday and as soon as 250 leave the next people arrive. >> reporter: so the next bus turns up, off they come and asked to go in. the reason slovenia can cope with influx of refugees in what are relatively small reception centers is because the turn around of people is so fast. refugees we are told only spend about 12 hours here, have a rest, get changed and move on to the train station and that in turn frees up bed space for the next wave to come. staying just a few hours was too much for this group. they refused to go in and said
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they just wanted to go to the rail way station. after weeks of being herded around by police forces their patience had worry out. >> take us to the train stations, thank you very much slovenia train or bus station that is it. >> reporter: off they walked into lines a few hundred meters up the road to the train station and $18 tickets would take them to the other side of the australia border but you could get a train here straight to the netherlands but the staff was told they have to go yet through another system in austria. all the same it does demonstrate that something all least is working now, countries have given up trying to keep people from going where they want to. lawrence lee, al jazeera, slovenia. the chinese president's first stop in the united states won't be the white house and instead heading to seattle where he is set to meet u.s. tech executives later on tuesday, both countries have been
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sparring over the issue of cyber security and apple is the latest u.s. company tackling a security breach in china, donors there were tricked into use agree modified version of x code, that is a software package used to create apps for iphones, ipads and those map computer, chinese leader defended his government and says it does not engage in hacking and neither does it support theft of commercial secrets and he made the comments in an interview to the wall street journal and as adrian brown says cyber security is one of the topics to be discussed when he meets with president barack obama. >> reporter: china's state controlled media portrays the president as a powerful leader, the guardian of an economy that remains strong even as it slows. >> he is arguably one of the strongest leaders but he also is going there at a time when there is very good optics because he
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is suddenly a chinese lead their is in common of a very large economy. >> reporter: ahead of this visit some of his senior advisors made a rare public appearance to brief the media. the president they said has a simple message for the u.s. host our economies remain dependent on each other especially now. >> translator: the two countries have some differences but that is not unusual. our shared interests are far wider than our differences. >> reporter: those differences are apparent in the south china sea, resent satellite photos appear to show china building a third runway in these disputed waters despite a promise to end reclamation work. ♪ last month china showed off some of its latest military hardware but it's the technology you don't see that worried the u.s. government. >> cyber warfare and the
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president will not back an inch because he is actually expanding the cyber warfare capacity. >> reporter: china's state controlled media says this will be the most symbolically important visit of the chinese head of state since they went there 36 years ago and caused excitement because they have decades of isolation and this atmosphere of this visit is likely to be very different. >> panda huggers and dragon slayers and most of those are on debate stages right now bashing china so the mood of the country right now is very much of an anti-china feel to it. >> reporter: but the view of the united states among most chinese people appears very different, this is a generation for whom u.s. brands and culture have had a big impact. >> translator: i remember when i was wrong, we were taught "i have a dream," going to america
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would be my dream. >> translator: i watched many american t.v. programs and movies and have a lot of influence on my life. >> reporter: the two leaders last met in beijing almost a year ago. for the president this trip will be a further opportunity to enhance his international image and china saying he will be president a lot longer than his host. adrian brown, al jazeera, beijing. the president of venezuela and columbia agreed to restore ambassador's after a month long diplomatic spat and they met for talks in the ecuador capitol and land crossings have been shut by venezuela after three border guards were shut and we have more now from the columbia capitol. >> reporter: after long and complicated negotiations the president of columbia and
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venezuela agreed to what they are calling a gradual normalization of the border reason, this is the first important step to solve a month-long crisis that paralyzed trade and movement along the border and saw 17,000 colombians either being deported or voluntarily returning back to columbia from venezuela for fear of reprisal and for fear they say of being accused of being responsible for the chronic shortages in venezuela and maduro agrees to a seven-point agenda and among those points they decided to reinstate immediately their respective ambassadors and start joint investigation of the situation of the border and also called for a ministerial level meeting on wednesday in corocus with border policies.
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>> translator: as president maduro said wisdom prevailed, this has been a peaceful debate, respect tul and productive dialog. >> reporter: the border crossings will remain shut and reopened in a gradual wall but at this point no details have been given of just how long that will take. i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight, america wants access to cuba's 20 million citizens, but is there much return for that? i i'll interview a cuban citizen that says america should run the other way. and whether ben carson thinks a muslim can be president of the united states. as part of his historic


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