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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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china's president seeks to reassure the u.s. over the state of his country's economy in his first official visit hello, i'm darren jordon, with the world news. also coming up, leaders of four west african nations head to burkina faso to reinstall the deposed government. central european countries react angry to refugee quotas as the e.u. countries are set to meek and a cheating scandal engulfing germany's biggest car
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make e. volkswagen says sorry china's president xi jinping has sought to reassure the u.s. that his country is committed to financial reforms and an open economy. he told business leaders in seattle that beijing wants to deepen investment ties between their countries and spoke about the controversial issue of cyber security. >> translation: the international community on the basis of mutual community and trust must work together to build a cyber space. china is ready to set up a joint dialogue on the issue of cyber crime. >> should have -- allen schauffler has more. >> reporter: president xi jinping is headed to the states to meet with president obama.
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first, he'll spend three days in the seattle area meeting with business leaders. former washington governor served as u.s. ambassador to china under-president obama. >> between the two countries every day flow almost $1.5 billion in goods and services. millions of jobs depend on the trade with china. the trade has grown astronomically. >> xi jinping is scheduled to tour a boeing plant and reportedly have dinner with microsofts's gate. american tech firms are looking for assurances that they can do business in china, without undue government interference. >> a concern about cyber security, lack of a level playing field for american firms in china. discrimination against foreign firms, and the lack of a rule of law. and inadequate protections of our intellectual property or trade secrets.
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>> xi jinping is the fourth consequetive chinese leader to visit the north-west. long time tech writer and current seattle times columnist sees the area as a stop over. >> they want to encourage entrepreneurs to build companies that thrive in china and internationally. what better examples than to come top seattle, looking at microsoft and starbucks and boeing. >> it will be a soft landing in the west before substantive talks and a harder line back east. >> we are we preparing a number of measures that will indicate to society that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationships. >> it's a good cop, bad cop situation. good cop here, talking about entrepreneurialism. talking about trade relationships, and hopefully president obama will play the
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bad cop. and take a firm ir line on some of these things. >> the visit at a time china is flexing its military muscle and solidify territorial claims in the south china sea. those issues, cyber security and trade expected to be on the agenda when the two presidents meet. our china correspondent, adrian brown is in beijing with more on the sponsor of the trip. >> xi jinping has many titles. president, head of the armed forces. general secretary of the communist party. in the united states he will have an u.n. official title. china's chief salesman. he's there to reassure investors, soothe the rattled nerves of investors, spooked by the headlines of a plunging stock market and falling currency. he wants everyone to know that they enjoy a growth of 7% and is a good place to do business.
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for the president. the focus will be on trade, which is why he'll spend more time talking to business executives in seattle, business executives from the aviation and tech world. he wants to tell, for instance, tech executives that you are welcome to invest in china, welcome to have a part in the biggest internet market, but you can only do to under our terms. china's state controlled media is portraying this as a significant visit by a leader to the united states since 36 years ago. back then, of course, china was emerging from decades of isolation. today it is the second-largest economy. china has more investments in the united states than the united states in china. these are two economies that need each other. >> gordon chang is the author of "the coming collapse of china and says the weakening economy
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is overshadowing the visit." >> china's economy is growing at 1-2%, not the 7% reported. money is bleeding out of the country. the chinese bloomberg reports that money is coming out at $135 billion a month. this is an important indication of where the chinese people believe their economy is going. i think china is on the pressi by and gives the united states a lot of leverage. i think the important part of the visit is not washington, it's seattle. in seattle high has two goals, one is to i a trct internet: he wants them to lobby the federal government for changes that
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china wants, especially whenna is talking on sanctions on chinese companies using stolen technology. china doesn't want the sanctions, and hopes that apple and amazon and all the others are going to lobby president obama there's a fresh attempt to resolve the political chrissies in burkina faso -- crisis in burkina faso. presidents of different countries will head there wednesday to reinstall the deposed government. we go to the capital ouagadougo. >> the curfew is in place. the pop u lyings at the moment is defiant. they are on the streets, and feel confident because they feel reafired by the military presence, who promise to protect them. the presidential guards are back in the barracks. concerning the framework agreement. we are expecting the visit of senegalese president to come tomorrow morning to propose some
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sort of agreement. remember the population here are frustrated with what is being proposed. that's because of one of the points of amnesty offered to the presidential guards. remember, this is not just about the coup that happened last week. the presidential guards have been in power for the last 25 years, they've been intimidating the population and killing the opponents. for them, here in the civil society, there's no question about it. they want to the group to expand, and feel that they have been robbed from the elections held on 11th october. they want to get back on track towards the democratic route. >> european ministers pushed through a deal to find 120,000 refugees, facing fierce opposition. under the scheme refugees will be moved from italy, greece and hungary to other e.u. states.
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romania, czech republic and hungry voted against accepting mandatory quotas. the president insisted that the member states readhere. the commission made the proposal, we know some states were not in favour. but they said and would have a vote. we know the position. we'll accept the outcome of the vote. that's what we do for the treaty. >> to the member tate ents the out come of the vote. >> an emergency summit of e.u. leaders takes place on wednesday. they'll look how to speed up the deportation process. lawrence lee looks at the cries vis threatening the european union. >> as far as europe's reputation on handling a crisis and the liberal idea, the refugees crisis threatened the foundations of the union. it witness said people running
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for their lives, enduring drowning at sea. >> the police in macedonia accused of beating refugees, for daring to pass through. >> hungary, on the pretext of protecting christian values in europe constructed the source of fence the european union sought to tear down, and the authorities tried to refuse the right of refugees to move on. once they got up and walked off from the budapest train station, things changed. >> hungary caved in. people that walked and walked from serbia over the border into croatia were put into buses. those dumped on the hungarian border were closer to austria. others were offered on the border of slovenia, but were offered better support. and austria beckoned. so many stepping in, where others didn't, could barely believe the response from europe. >> the way they are treated is something that they will take
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with them. if we welcome them, they'll be welcomed. >> they'll take that. >> they'll be within europe, and with us. if we use pepper spray, water canons, they'll be against us. >> the one country in central europe to buck the trend was germany. it's not been able to persuade the members to the south or east of moral or economic argument. the proposed quaeta system likes unlikely to succeed. >> for the good intentions, the problem is that it doesn't really meet the demands of the refugees any more than it meets the demands of various european union member states. the refugees would be asked to go to places they don't want to go to, in countries that dent want them i think. >> as summer ends, the flow of refugees decreases and empty tents demonstrates that the countries stopped the people
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moving through. europe may have a few months figuring out how to do things better next year. >> yemen's president has visited the country for the first time in six months. abd-rabbu mansour hadi arrived in the southern port city of aden on tuesday night. he fled the country six months ago when houthi rebels closed in, capturing sanaa last september. >> over 2,000 people died since a saudi-led coalition launched an operation in march against the houthis. the conflict leading to shortages of food and water. we have the latest from the airport in aden, where shipments are arriving from around the world. >> millions of yemenis suffered over the last few months because of the ongoing fighting between the houthis and forces backed by the former president ali abdullah saleh on one hand, and forces loyal to the exiled president. the aid offloaded now is part of
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the assistance which has been provided by neighbouring countries, but the international community is concerned. it says we need to see a political settlement any time soon. the problem will be the president abd-rabbu mansour hadi and his government insists that they will join political talks if the houthis surrender, hand over the weapons and pull out from the areas they control. demands which have been rejected so far by the houthis. the situation remains delicate, and yemen more politically divided than ever. >> a lot more to come on al jazeera. thousands of muslim devotees from around the world gather in saudi arabia for the hajj. we are live in mecca. plus... >> i'm jessica baldwin in amsterdam, where an exhibit is opening comparing two of the best loved painters.
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welcome back, a reminder of the top tories. -- stories. xi jinping's president says he wants to deepen investment ties between the country. >> burkina faso plans to reinstate the ousted president following a refusal for the coup leader to back down a deal to releect 125,000 refugees, moving from italy, greece and hungry to other e.u. countries. now, thousands of muslim
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devotees from around the world gathered in saudi arabia for the imagine hajj. it's to cleanse the faithful of sin. the followers must move together through a set of rituals around different sites in mecca. more than 2 million will take part in the journey. the final rituals begin on tuesday, lasting for five days. we are join the live. in torms of the hajj, take us through the instance of today? >> today is the main day for handling. if any pilgrim misses, he or she. the handling is incomplete and invalidated. they have to redo it all over again next year. now, the importance of this,
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there are people gathered here on the plane. there's also the mountain. we ask god for forgiveness. and their blessings. muslims believe that this is the day here. where the plane of arafat will have all this forgiven. the main day itself has an importance, the prophet muhammad, about more than 800 years ago completed the islamic faith by revealing a verse from the crane. this is the final day. it's significant for muslims here, and is the pillar. it is the pillar of haj. >> they are talking about 2 million pilgrims coming to the hajj. that's a lot of people. what are the challenges facing the authorities. >> it's a massive challenge.
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a number of challenges mainly security keeping people safe in one place is a big headache for the saudi authorities. and they stepped up security measures, and i saw helicopters hovering around. there's more than 50,000 saudi troops deployed in a number of areas where the pilgrims are gathered. the other importance and challenge for the authorities is to maintain the movement of the about 2 million gathering in arafat. they'll have to go and perform another ritual of the hajj at the same time. the sort challenge is one of hell. the spread of diseases, i got the flue. imagine the number of people, pilgrims getting sick. there's more than 15,000 medical teams, including civil defense are deployed throughout the hajj
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season. >> thank you omar salah in the city of mecca we have more on the hajj on the website. follow our journalists in real time with a map of the journey and a live blog at israeli army facing criticism for continuing to detain palestinian children. 25 have been arrested over the past 25 days. victoria gatenby reports. >> reporter: israeli soldiers round up a group of palestinian school children in occupied east jerusalem. the tactics used by the israeli army are not new. the impacts on the children involved is clear to see. mohammed and his three friends were on their way home from school when they were arrested by israeli soldiers. they accused the boys of throwing stones and took them to
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an israeli army detention center for interrogation. approximately 700 palestinians understand 18 years old in the occupied west bank are prosecuted every year through the australian military court. the most common charge against children is throwing stones, a crime punishable under military law by up to 20 years. the families of other children describe what it's like when the israeli army arrives at their home to arrest the children. >> 15 to 17 soldiers came together with an intelligence official at around 2:30 in the morning. they were hidden in a car they entered the house to protect the children. they took me outside. after 20 minutes, i knew they would take my son.
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u pictures of an israeli soldiers trying to arrest an 11-year-old palestinian boy went viral on social media last montsds. in the past few days 25 palestinian children have been arrested and held in detention centers. israel deployed thousands of officers in jerusalem in a security crackdown before the hole yesterday in the jewish collingwood, and the muslim eid holiday that begins this week. >> of course, you know what it means to a mother when someone takes three members of her family, and who are expecting eid soon. we felt confused and we rise above. >> these schoolchildren have been released. families of many other detained children have no idea when their loved ones would be freed a manhunt is under way after four people, including three
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foreign nationals were kidnapped in the philippines. footage shows the moment they were abducted from a resort. no group claimed responsibility volkswagen's chief executive apologised after the company admitted sheeting in an emissions test. martin winterkorn said he would not step doing. rob reynolds reports from berlin. >> reporter: with his company accused of deception, martin winterkorn apologised saying such manipulation would never happen again. >> translation: ladies an gentlemen, many millions across the world trust our brand, cars and technologies, emendlessly sorry and apologise to our clients and authorities for the
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wrongdoing. >> the scandal shook german industry. >> we are surprised about that. it's kind of a catastrophe not only for volkswagen, but all the german car-makers and it's bad even for the brand made in germany, volkswagen is one of the big brands that stand for german quality. >> german chancellor angela merkel was forced to address the stunning instance of corporate deceit. >> reporter: the minister of transport is in close contacts with the vw company, i hope the facts will be on the table as quickly as possible. >> it was found that software was put in the vehicles, tricking emissions tests to giving them a passing grade, even though they emitted more pollution on the road. the company issued a statement saying 11 million vehicles are
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affected, setting aside 6.5 billion for recalls and servicing, saying that: unlike other auto recalls involving design flaws or detective parts, volkswagen is accused of hatching a technologically sophisticated scheme to deceive government agencies and consumers. damage control experts say the nature of the scheme will make regaining trust much harder. >> i think whenever you have a situation where something is calculated and malicious, and there is a desire to deceive, the half life is longer for recovery. on wednesday, a committee of volkswagen board members will hold an emergency meeting.
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a board member expects senior heads to roll. >> brazil's president is facing a tough weak. they are trying to push through an austerity plan. aimed at cutting spending, but is facing stiff competition. thinks in brazil, moving quickly as president dilma rousseff is trying to sure up her government. there has been talk about closing 10 of 39 ministries, a massive austerity card. it would only undermine the support of the people. meanwhile the government is desperately trying to distance themselves from a massive corruption scandal involving the oil company petrogas, implicating construction firms, senior directors and politicians. president dilma rousseff and her
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predecessor looula are trying to distance themselves, there's no doubt the government has been staling confident, it has been questioned in the future, investment in the future of that government. things are looking difficult. he's involved in negotiations with members of her own party trying to shore up support and members trying to impeach her for the handling. situation and the closeness to the corruption scandal. the economy taking a battering, the currency, the real being massively devalued. the government looking to try to implement confidence in the situation here. people here outside contesting. things moving nast in brasilia -- fast in brasilia. the rest of the country nervously watching and waiting. >> finally vincent van go and
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munch two art efforts feature in an exhibition. >> reporter: the scream, one of the best known paintings, the pictures of mental anguish the best known work by munch. visitors see what influenced the painters, and appreciated the huge advances. it's hard to understand more than 100 yearsator the shift in style and conflict, paving the way in podderb art. van gogh wanted potato eaters to show emotion.
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morning, the picture of a woman on her bed was considered scandalous. barefoot, open third. the show has taken six years to put together. more than 100 pictures, one more beautiful and powerful than another, came from private collections and museums around the world. >> such an exhibition is stimulating. you can really experience things by looking and making comparisons. you can learn a lot. the two men lived in paris at the same time. there's no evidence that they knew each other. many of their works have similarities, van goh starry nights is next to a starry night by munch. both mens led pore men's lives, suffering from mental illness, which is clear in many paintings, they were interested in the bare human condition. anxiety, loneliness, depression. it's this brutal self-expression of emotional suffering that makes these works so compelling today, and ensures both artists a place history.
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. >> and a quick reminder, you can keep up to date with all the news on our website. there as on the screen, the address on "america tonight", the first stop. pope francis begins his visit to the united states here in the nation's capital. he's delivered surprises to the capital. what is the most surprising thing that the pope said or done. sheila macvicar begins the social coverage of the pope's visit. also, a look ahead at california's saint to be, and why many americans knew him as a sinner. >> you coulde


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