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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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i think darren jordan in doha with the world news, leaders of four west african nations say they are heading to burkina faso to install the deposed government. angry reaction to refugees quotquotas. the head of volkswagen says sorry for the cheating scandal that has engulfed germany's biggest car maker.
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china's president ping has sought to reassure the u.s. that its country remains committed to financial remoms and an only economy. he told business lead nurse seattle that beijing wants to deepen investment ties between both countries. he also spoke about the controversial issue of cyber security. >> translator: the international community on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust must work together to build a peaceful, secure and open cyberspace, china is ready to set up a high-level joint dialogue mechanism with the u.s. on fighting cyber crimes. alan has more from seattle. >> reporter: chinese president ping is headed for washington, d.c. and high-level talks with president obama. his first official state visit to the u.s., he will meet with members of congress and address the united nations but first
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he'll spend three days in the seattle area meeting with business leaders. >> between our two countrys every day flow almost one nap billion dollars of goods and services and millions of jobs in america depend on that trade with china. our trade has grown astronomically over the last seven year as. >> reporter: xi is going to toure both plant and have dinner with bill gates. american tech forms are looking for assurances that they can do business fairly in china without undue government interference. >> obviously a big concern about cyber security and the lack of level playing field for american firms in china. discrimination against foreign firms as well a the lack of the rule of law and inadequate protections of on our intellect tal property, our trade secrets.
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>> reporter: xi is the fourth consecutive chinese lead tore visit the northwest. long-time connection writer and current seattle time columnist sees the area as a natural stop over. >> they want to encourage entrepreneurs to build company that his thrive not just in china but international. but what better examples are there to look at microsoft and starbucks and both. >> reporter: it will likely be a soft landing in the west before more substantive talks and a harder line at a much higher level back east. >> we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset by is something that will put significant trains on the bilateral relationships. >> i think it's a good cop bad cop situation. where we can play good cop here and talk about entrepreneurialism and good relationships and trade relationships and then hopefully obama will play the bad cop and
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take a firmer line. >> reporter: the visit comes at a time when china is flexing its military plus asking trying to solidify territorial claims in the south china sea. those issues along with cyber security and trade all expected to be on the agenda when the two presidents meet. alan, al jazeera, seattle. >> our china correspondent adrian brown is in beijing with more on the importance of the trip. >> reporter: ping as many titles, president, head of the armed forms general second of the communist part. in the united states he has an unofficial title china's chief salesman he's there to reinsure investors and soothe the nerves of investors who have been spooked bite head lines of china's splurging stack market and falling currency. he wants to remind someone that his conducts are you still enjoys economic growth of 7% and is still a good place do business.
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so for him the fix will very much be on trade which is why he will be spending more time talking to business executives in seattle, business executives from the aviation and tech world. he wants to tell, fridge, tech he catechexecutives you are welo invest in china and have a part of the biggest i want in the world but only under their terms, they are portraying it as the most significant visit by a chinese leader to the united states since 36 years ago. back then china was emerging from decades of isolation, today it is the world's second largest economy. china has more investments in the united states than the united states has in china. these are two economies that need each other. there is a fresh attempt to resolve the political crisis in burkina faso following last week's coup. the presidents sen come, togo, and nigeria will be heading there on wednesday to try to
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reinstall the deposed government. al jazeera's nicholas is in the capital. >> reporter: the curfew is in place but the population are defiant and they are out on the streets. they feel confident because they feel reassured by the military presence who have promised to protect them. the presidential guards, though, are back in their barracks, now concerning the framework agreement, we are expecting the visit of senegal ease president, nigerian, togo and ba anyone to come tomorrow morning to pro surprise some sort of agreement. remember, the population here are very much frustrated with what they are proposing, that's because of one of the points of amnesty offered to the presidential guards. remember, this isn't just about the coup that happened last week, the presidential guards have been in power for the last 25 years, they have been intimidating the population, even killing political opponents. so for them, here in the civil society, there is no question about it, they want that group
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disband, they feel like they have been robbed from these elections that were supposed to be held on the 11th of october and they want to get back on track towards a democratic route. european union minters pushed through a deal to relocate 120,000 refugees, defeating fierce opposition from some central and eastern states within the block. an emergency summit of e.u. leaders will take place in brussels on wednesday and they will look at ways to improve the screening of asylum seekers and how to speed up the deportation process, here is laurence lee. >> reporter: as far as europe's reputation for handling rice us the summer refugees crisis has threatened the foundations of union. it has witnessed people running from their lives and having to endure drowning in the sea. the police in macedonia accused of beating refugees daring to pass through. hundrehungary constructed a fene
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european union had sought to tear down and the authorities tried to refuse the right of refugees to move on. with yobut once they got up andd off from bud pest's strain station things began to change. hungary caved in. the people that had walked and walked from serbia over the border in to croatia were put onto buses. those dumped on the hungarian boarded ended up in all industry a once there they were offered better support and again austria beck ended. but so many people, volunteers stepping in where governments gd not could barely believe the responsible had been so disorganized. >> we are talking about human beings here, and the way they are treated is something they will take with them. if we welcome them, they will be welcome. >> reporter: they will take that with them as well? >> they will be within europe, they will be with us. if you buildup fences if we use
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pepper spray, water cannons, they will be against us. >> reporter: the one country in central europe to buck the trend is germany. but it has mott been able to persuade the new e.u. members to the south and east of any moral or economic argument for more help. the proposed quota system looks unlikely to succeed. for all of the apparently good intentions of the quota systems, the essential problem with it is that it doesn't really meet the demands of the refugees any more than it meets the demands of various european member states because the refugees would be asked to go to places they don't want to go to in countries they don't really want them either. as summer end the flow of refugees will decrease and the empty tents here demonstrate that european countries finally gave up trying to stop the people from moving through. europe may have a few months over the went tore figure out how to do things better next year. laurence lee, al jazeera, on the hungary-austria border. soldiers in the southern philippines are on the hunt for
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gunmen who kidnapped foreign tourists from a holiday resort think of a filipino woman was also abducted along with two canadiens and a norwegian. our correspondent is close to where the ins at the present time happened. just brings us up-to-date what's the latest with the police investigate? >> reporter: the police have been very careful about giving out information. until now they refuse today identify which group is in fact behind the killings. there are several suspects, so there is the known bandit group in one of the outline islands that is known to conduct kidnap and ransom operation. but that area is limited from what -- where they usually operate on. there has been a new group reportedly behind it they have never surfaced before but talked about the criminal activities have been ripe around central area. and there is another group that they are lacking at that's also a loose command of the national liberation front that has been
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denied by one of the leaders of the them today. they said they have no and their people and men have no involvement at all whatsoever. what we know so far is that pursuit operations are well underway. the police unable to give a deadline as to when this will happen. to give you information the island has always been at least exempted from the conflict of the majority of the part of this region until now. there was an attempt of an abduction in 2001, but that was foiled immediately by the police. so this might set it back in both economically and in tourism as well. >> just briefly, any motives for the kidnapping? >> reporter: nobody knows at this point. there has been no claim of responsibility no demands have been given. there was a report that an a abandoned boat has been covered, the boat was believed to have been used by the armed group of about 11 of them, that is believed to have been abandoned somewhere a few provinces out of here but it's still unconfirmed.
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so really for claim of responsibility at the moment. no demand at all from any group. so right now the police are saying they are still at this point gathering information as we speak. thank you. lots more still to come here on al jazeera. brazilians protest outside congress at embattled president dilma rousseff tries to push through unpopular saw stair at this plans. gathered in saudi arabia, we are in the holy city of mecca. stay with us. to life... but yet still wanted to get high. >> i have prostituted. >> for drugs? >> for drugs, yeah. >> we're dealing with the worst drug epidemic in united states' history. >> she said "dad, please don't leave me here". i said "honey, i don't have any choice".
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target ♪
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welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. china president has sought to reassure the u.s. that beijing remains committed to financial reforms and an open economy. speaking to business leaders in seattle, he stressed that china wants to deepen investment ties between both countries. west african leaders are headed to burkina faso on wednesday. and plan to reinstate the ousted president. european union minister says have pushed through a deal to relocate 120,000 refugees under the scheme they'll be moved from italy, greece and hungary to other e.u. countries. volkswagen executives are to hold an emergency meeting over the growing emissions tests scandaling. giant german company and world's biggest car maker has apologize today fitting 11 million cars with devices that deceived test results. from berlin here is rob reynolds. >> reporter: with his company accused of serious and
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deliberate deception, volkswagen chief executive apologized and said such manipulation would never happen again. >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, many millions of people across the world trust our brand. our cars and our technologies. i am endlessly sorry that we betrayed the trust. i apologize profusely to our clients, to the authorities, and the entire public for the wrongdoing. >> reporter: the scandal has shaken german industry. >> we were all pretty surprised about that. it's kind of a catastrophe not only for volkswagen it's a catastrophe for all the german car makers. and it's bad even for the brand made in germany, because that -- volkswagen is one of our really big brands that stand for german quality. >> reporter: even chancellor angela merkel was forced to address the stunning instance of corporate deceit. >> translator: the minister of
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transporters in close contact with the vw company and i hope the fact will be put on the table as quickly as possible. >> reporter: u.s. officials found volkswagen installed software in its diesel vehicle that tricked emissions tests in to giving the cars a passing grade. even though they mitted more pollution while on the road. the company issued a statement saying 11 million vehicles are affected. it has set a side 6.4 bill i don't know euros for recalls and servicing and saying volkswagen does not tolerate violation of laws and make winning back consumer trust its top priority. unlike other auto recalls involving design flaws or di defective parts, volkswagen is accused of deliberately hatching a technologically sophisticated scheme to deceive government agencies and consumers. damage control experts say the nature of the scheme will make
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regaining trist much harder. >> i think whenever you have a situation where something is calculated and malicious. and there is a desire to deceive the half-life is longer for recovery. >> reporter: on wednesday a committee of volkswagen's board members and major shareholders will hold an emergency meeting. a board member says he expects senior company heads will roll. rob reynolds, al jazeera, berlin. brazil's president is facing stiff opposition to austerity measures aimed at cutting public spending. dilma rousseff is facing one of her toughest weeks since the start of her second term nine months ago, daniel has more from the capital brasilia. >> reporter: it was not meant to look like this. several hundred homeless people camped in the shadow of these modern buildings in the capital brasilia. these are among brazil's millions of homeless the first to suffer as the government
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tries to halt an economy slider further never to recession. >> we are fighting to keep the housing programs, if they reduce social spending we suffer, we represent many different social movements and won't leave here until they change their mind. >> reporter: even her strongest critics say president dilma rousseff is not a quitter. her popularity rating is in single figures and her opponents wants her impeached. many from her own party and these social movements that voted for her less than a year ago are turning against her. these are exactly the people whose support propelled this government this to power, full of pope and expectation for a better life. a better brazil. now they are camped in the heart of the capital. homeless, disillusioned and angry. their future looking bleak. things here in congress are moving very fast as the president negotiates with and cajoles both the opposition and
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her own politicians to support controversial measures that include cuts in state expenditure, including 10 of her 39 ministries. >> so we are in a very difficult deficit situation. the only way out that have is to increase taxes or reduce spending or both. and she's trying to increase taxes, but is very hesitant about cutting a lot of expenditures. >> reporter: meanwhile, more heads roll in a massive corruption scandal involving politicians, construction companies and the state oil company. the accusations point right to the top. the only certainty is that brazil faces much more uncertainty in the days, weekses, and months ahead. daniel, al jazeera, brasilia. riot police have confronted protesting students in mexico. injuries were reported in guerrero state as rocks were thrown, tear gas fired and a truck set a blaze.
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the protest estudients are from the same school from about 43 trainee teachers were abducted a year ago. yemen's president has returned home after six months in exile in saud saudi arabia. he land in aden after yemen's prime minister and other leading politicians arrived last week. he fled with houthi rebels close the in on the port city in the south. houthi tightens then went to capture the capital sanaa last september. now, over 2,000 people have died since a saudi-led coalition launched an operation in march against the houthis. the conflict has led to shortages of food and water. al jazeera has the latest from the airport in aden where shipments of aid are arriving from around the world. >> reporter: millions of yemenis have suffered over the last few months because of the ongoing fighting between the houthis and forces backed by the former president saleh on one hand and forces loyal to the exiled president hadi.
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the aid which is being off-loaded now is part of the assistance which has been provided by neighboring countries. but the international community is concerned it says we need to see a political settlement any time soon. the problem is that the president hadi and his government insists they will only join political talks if the houthis surrender, hand over their weapons and pull out from the areas they control. demands which have been rejected so far by the houthis. the situation remains quite delicate and yemen more politically divided than ever. satellite pictures taken over syria suggest new sites are being built to house the russian military the immaterial edges so the buildings and construction of tends near the airport. the area is a strong hold of the assad government. john kerry says the pictures raise more questions about russia's government in syria. >> yes, they have increased
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aircraft and there are certain kind of aircraft there which depending on what the long-term decision is by russia's presence could raise some questions. but for the moment, for the most, it is the -- moment, it is the judgment of our military and most experts that the level and type represents basically forced protection, a level of protection for their deployment to an air base, given the fact that it is in an area of conflict. now, thousands of muslim devotees from around the world have gathered in saudi arabia for the pilgrim i believe which is a central pillar of he is lamb the journey is meant to cleanse them from sin and closer to god. it is in different sites around the mecca. more than 2 million will take part from all over the world. it will begin on tuesday and
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last for five days, we have this report from mecca. >> reporter: the day is the essence. if a pilgrim missed being here they will have it invalidated. it is considered the pillar of happening. we have about 2 million pilgri pilgrims. the amount behind me will be asking god for forgiveness, blessings and also. [ inaudible ] now, by the end of the day around sunset the pilgrims will leave and headin' inning and continue the rituals of h a.j. j now having 2 million people in one place poses a security threat with the authorities we understand that they have deployed more than 50,000 security troops to secure the area. not only here but also other areas which they considering the rituals of hajj. when you have 2 million people you need to deploy a lot of
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medics, we understand around 15,000 medical teams are deployed and they hope that the season will go smooth and well. >> you can walk through it on our website with a 360-degree view. that's at thousands of russian muslims are expect today attends the reopening of the central mosque in moscow. it was demolishedded four years ago after being removed from a list of russia's key heritage site. president vladimir putin and turkish president erdogan and mahmoud abbas are to attend the ceremony. our reporter peter sharp has more. >> reporter: it's being described as one of the biggest mosques in europe. it can handle more than 10,000 worshipers. it's taken 10 years to build. there has always been a mosque here but the old mosque was destroyed on september 11th,
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2012 and the building started shortly after that. it cost $117 million. not from russian state funds, these are funds that were raised by muslim communities right across the world but it won't solve the problem of having enough space in mosques in moscow. there are only five mosques here the muslim population in moscow is approaching 2 million, they estimate by 2050. half of russia's population will be muslim it's seen today as russia repositioning itself in the muslim world and also in syria in particular with its increased footprint there. it's a day of religious ceremony in the morning, this afternoon they'll be a political agenda. the many muslim leaders vice illingworth for this ceremony and people like the turkish president and mahmoud abbas will be meeting with putin later in the afternoon.
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pope fran his plans to main a franciscan missionary a saints who converted 90,000 native americans to christianity in california. some doubt the way he lived his life make him worthy of saint hood. we have more. >> reporter: making a pilgrimage by foot from san diego to san francisco on the california coast. >> my son and i decided that we would walk for all our son cesc tours. >> reporter: this isn't a pilgrim immaterial of set break it's a condemnation of sarah and pope francis' decision to make him a saint. >> it's more of a slap in the face to the catholic church to make saint hood a as far as. it's fact. the it's not something we have imagined. it's fact that he was not a nice person. >> reporter: he was the architect of the mission system, outposts of the military and catholic church established to imprint spanish colonial rule on
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the indigenous population. >> they always say the indians went voluntarily to the missions. >> not true at all. that's why they had the military with them to capture the indians. because once, you know, maybe perhaps the very first wave the indians came in out of curiosity, but they soon learned what you came to the mission, you can never leave again. >> reporter: valentin lopez has written to the pope several times to explain the cruelty of the missions. >> they would capture the women and then tie the women together thumb by thumb to form a human chain. and once they had captured all the well, they would march them back to the mission. and it was just a matter of time before the husbands and the fathers came in to be with their families. they had men barracks, women barracks and children barracks they would lock th the dormtoris at night. the soldiers had the keys for the women and children the soldiers would go in to the dorm torietorydormitories and contind
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repeatedly rain the women examine children. >> reporter: even those that support the con unionization believe these things. >> my feeling that he was a good person in a stinking rotting ins tune. it's possible in any oppressive system that there are good people. >> reporter: his supporters say he interceded to prevent the worst of spanish soldiers. his detractors points to his own letters where he advocates the whipping of the indians, there is no did he participate in washington. here the argument is clear. >> you either believe the souls needed to be saved or you don't being really. >> i think that's probably true. >> reporter: pope francis has apologize today what i calls the grave since committed against the native people of americas yet 10s of thousand perished within the 70 years of the establishment of sarah's mission. communities are finding it hard to decipher pope francis' logic.
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and a quick reminder that you can keep u up-to-date with l the news on our website. there it is, on your screen, all the latest on that deal the address that's al jazeera d aljazeera.c. i'm ali velshi "on target", stopping the revolving door of low level criminals that spin in and out of america's prisons. a programme let's cops send nonviolent drug addicts to social programs instead of gaol. advocates say it's working. i take to a detective who says not locking up criminals is a big mistake. >> criminologists have a fancy word for the problem of lawmakers that are arrested, releasrr


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