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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>>. >> e.u. leaders prepare for an emergency meeting in brussels after agreeing to share the relocation of refugees. hello from al jazeera's headquarters. also on the programme - coup leaders and the burkina faso ousted government signs a truce. president xi jinping reassured u.n. leaders about his commitment to fighting cyber crime. and roman catholics welcome the
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pope to united states as a record number are leaving the church european union leaders are due to hold an emergency meeting on the crisis. they are heading to brussels. they overcame stiff opposition from the eastern european countries, and approved a plan to relocating 120,000 refugees. lawrence lee has our first report. >> reporter: as far as europe's reputation for handling a crisis goes, not to mention the aim for a liberal idea, the refugee crisis threatened the foundation. union. it witnessed people running for their lives. the police in macedonia accused of beating refugees for daring to pass through. hungary, on the pretext of protecting christian values in europe constructed a sort of fence that the european union
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threatened to tear down. authorities tried to refuse the right of refugees to move on. once they walked off from the train station things began to change. hungary caved in. people that walked from serbia, were put on to buses. those dumped on the hungarian border were close to russia. others were dumped on the border of slovenia. so many people, volunteers stepping in where governments did not barely believed the response from europe as so disorganized. >> we are talking about unity, and the way they are treated is something that they will take with them. now, if we welcome them, they will be welcomed. >> they will take it with them. >> they'll be within europe. they'll be with us. if we build up and use pepper spray, water canons, they'll be against us.
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the one country in central europe to buck the trend is germany. it was not able to persuade the members from the south or east for economic and moral arguments. the quota systematic likes unlikely to succeed. for all the good intentions, the problem is that it doesn't meet the demands of the refugees. more than it meets the demands of european member states. refugees would be asked to go to places they don't want to go to and countries don't want them either. >> reporter: as summer ends, the flow will increase, european countries finally gave up trying to stop people moving through. europe may have a few months over the winter to figure out how to do things better next year hundreds of refugees have gathered on the border of serbia waiting to be allowed in. they've been increasingly using
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the crossing. 25,000 crossed into croatia in the past week. >> coup leaders and the army loyal to the interim government in burkina faso signed a truce. the president of senegal are flying to the country in attempts to reinstall the deposed government. well we are joined from ouagadougo. what is the latest there? there has been a withdrawal on both sides. what now? >> well, the president of the different countries are arriving, ivory coast and others. meanwhile the deal signed between the coup leader and four outer army chiefs under the australia pieses, the traditional leader, the moral authority of the country.
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under the deal. they are going out of the capital. 50km away. presidential guard has agreed to remain for a few hours. >> meanwhile, the military are daring to use their protection and the protection of their families. the figures arriving today want a deal signed today. there are several points of contention. one is the amnesty of the presidential guard. the presidential guard. a lot of resentment towards them, will be because they intimidated the population for so long. and have been involved for a certain time, killing the historical opponent. their main effective is to get them back on track.
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towards elections. elections on 7 november. at the time the elections would have them. 22 november. for the people on the streets, it's really a relief. they are going back on to the streets. they are only going back to normal. >> very briefly. you spoke about the president held against the presidential guard, they are not happy about the provisions in the framework. are they really that powerful that even though the public are against them, the leaders still include them in the feature of the country. the guards are so close and the
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people there are part of the transition. they are talking about part of the president's 27-year rule. the presidential guard are an army within the army. they are clear. for the rulers. that's why there is fear towards that, for the military force. the fear is eroded. it's starting last year. and the president was overthrown by the brazilian uprising. the momentum has been built up over the course of a year. >> thank you very much well, another emergency meeting, a volkswagen executive has been held. the world's largest selling car
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manufacturer admitted fitting 11 million diesel cars. the c.e.o. apologised several times. we go to volkswagen's headquarters in northern germany. the meeting has been going on, have we herd anything? >> nothing net. the meeting scheduled for today, whether it's broken up, we are not told the company is being forthcoming with requests from the media for information, since it released a statement yesterday indicating that 11 million vehicles are involved in the cheating scandal. and since the chief executive martin went on television to apologise, it's widely expected
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that the days are numbered. a number of other exists lose their position. there's going to be an ongoing investigation into who authorised putting that cheating software into vehicles and so forth. it will go on for a while, beyond the intracompany meetings. >> quickly, we are running out of time. they have put some money aside. will it be enough? >> well, they are facing in the united states potential fines of 37,000 per vehicle. that could, in the worse case scenario add up to $18 billion. >> no. they have not set aside that much yet. that's potentially what the bill could be. >> rob reynolds, thank you.
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let's take you to moscow, where president vladimir putin is speaking at the reopening of the grand central mosque. let's listen. >> muslim leaders of russia couragely using their authority prestige resist all the extremist propaganda. i would like to express huge respect to these people. they really carry out heroic work, and they suffer losses. but i have no doubt that they, in the future will grow up on the principles of humanity, mercy, and to justice. dear friends, the opening of the mosque takes place on the eve of the muslim festival.
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i'd like to congratulate them all on the festival and wish all muslims goodness, happiness, and congratulate you on the opening of the mosque. [ clapping ] okay, we caught the tail-end of vladimir putin. the various muslim leaders, present at the reopening of the moscow central mosque. this event really one of significance. as you can see there, alongside vladimir putin, also attending is turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan, including the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. many people talking of the number of discussions taking place on the sideline of this event in moscow. so the reopening of the central mosque that was demolished in
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2011. finally opening on the eve of the muslim religious holiday of eid. >> do stay with us here on al jazeera. coming up on the program, the business opportunities at home that are inspiring more and more ethiopians living abroad to return. also, i'm lee wellings at the high court in london where the game of bridge is trying to be legally recognised as a sport, which opens the debate - what is a sport.
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hello, you are watching al jazeera. a reminder of the headlines - coup leaders and the army loyal to the ousted interim government in burkina faso signed a truce. the presidential guard that staged the coup agreed to remain confined to barracks. the army said it would retreat to 50km from the capital. european union leaders are due to hold an emergency meeting on the refugee crisis on tuesday. interior ministers overcame stiff opposition from eastern european countries and approved a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees. top executives of the biggest car-maker volkswagen are huddled in a crisis meeting. the company admitted fitting 11 million diesel cars with devices designed to cheat emission test results. the c.e.o. apologised.
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>> china's president started his visit to the united states by saying that beijing remains committed to financial reforms and an open economy. xi jinping told business leaders in seattle that beijing wants to deepen investment ties and spoke about the issue of cyber security. >> the international community on the basis of mutual report and mutual trust must work together to build a peace of secure and open cyber space. china is ready to set up a joint level dialogue mechanism with the united states on fighting cyber crimes. >> we have more now. >> chinese president xi jinping is headed for washington d.c. and high-level talks with obama, the first official state visit to the u.s. he'll meet with members of congress and address the united nations. first, he'll spend three days in
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the seattle area. the former government served as u.s. ambassador to china under president obama. >> between the two countries every day flows 1.5 billion of goods and services and millions of jobs in america depend on the trade with china. our trade has grown over the last several years. xi jinping scheduled to tour a boeing manufacturing plant and dinner with bill gates. america's tech firms are looking for assurances that they can do business in china. a big concern about cyber security, and a concern about the lack of a level playing field for american firms in china. discrimination against foreign firms, as well as the lack of a rule of law, and inadequate protectioning of the intellectual property or trade jets. >> xi jinping is the fourth
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consecutive leader to visit the north-west. tech rider and current seattle columnist sees the area as a stop over. >> companies thrive not just in china but internationally, what better examples are there but to come to seattle, looking at microsoft, starbucks and bowing. >> it will be a soft landing in the west. >> we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but is something that will put strains on a bilateral relationship. that's a good cop, bad cop situation, where you can play good cop, bad cop. trade relationships, and hopefully obama will play the
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bad cop and take a firmer line. >> the visit comes when china flexes the muscle. those issues, along with cyber security and trade expected to be on the agenda when the two president's meet. >> now. more ethiopians living abroad are returning home looking for business opportunities. it also remains one of the poorest in the world. charles stratford reports. >> reporter: life's pretty good for this man and his cousin and business partner. after living and working in the united states for 20 years, they come back to ethiopia and opened a nightclub. >> i can see this from all over the world, and in my experience,
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working in the service industry, it's a decision for me, it's very exciting. we'll be back here. >> ethiopians left the country in their thousands went the military junta was na power. when it was overthrown, they enjoyed years of stability. and investment from abroad. >> there are building sites like this right the way across. ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. if it is seriously going to tackle issues of poverty, they have to attract investments from 2.5 ethiopians. it constitutes 3 billion. ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. the per capita is only around
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550,000. the government continues to encourage them abroad. many helped to fund the political opposition. they have to take part investment in trade, technology. looking for markets. this is what happened. that's what they are doing now. we are brick by brick building a democratic system. that is a process. analysts say the international experience is vital. it bridges what i think is more needed it africa and ethiopia, the knowledge and the global exposure, and the world class way of doing things that they bring to an emerging economy like ethiopia. you have to look at it from two
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aspects. growth of the economy - you know the numbers, 10 plus%. when you sigh foreign investment coming in large volumes, and a concerted effort by the state to attract these people and show them what is going on. it's starting to resonate. >> that is true for sammy and dee - a time to celebrate and contribute to the growth of the country that they always called home thousands of muslim devotees from around the world are gathering in saudi arabia for the hajj. the pilgrimage is a central pillar of islam. the journey to cleanse the faithful of sin and bring them closer to god. the the followers must move together through a set of rituals at different sites around the holy city of mecca. more than 2 million muslims will depart in the spiritual journey from around the world. the final rituals began on
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tuesday, and are set to last for five days. we go to mecca with omar al saleh. he sends this update. >> if a pilgrim misses being here at hajj, they will have their hajj invalidated. it is considered the pillar of hajj. we have about 2 million pilgrims gathered, and the amounts much emergency around me. they'll ask god for forgiveness and blessings. by the end of the day. they'll continue the rituals of hajj. now, having 2 million people in one case poses a security threat, for authorities that understand they have troops to secure the area in other areas, which is considered the tools of hajj. we have health hazard.
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why you have 2 million people, you need to deploy a lot of medics. we understand 15,000 medical teams are deployed, and we hope the season will go smooth and well. >> pope francis is making his first trip to the united states. president obama greeted him at st. andrew's air force base. during the six stages, they are drew to address congress in the capital and the united nations in new york. pope francis will hope to win back catholic americans who have left the church. particularly latinos, who make up a third of the community in the u.s. many are abandoning their faith or joining other churches. andy gallagher reports from miami. >> reporter: for the catholic church, hispanics and the u.s. are extremely significantly. they have a growing influence on the religious and political
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future of north america. the catholic church has a problem, latinos are leaving in large numbers. others are not attending services at all. >> it's tradition is what the parents want. former priest left the catholic church in 2009, after meeting the woman that he is married to. roman priests need to adapt to modern time. >> i don't see the reformer pope everyone talks about. people that are married again are not welcome to communion. >> they excluded from the church. >> researchers say hispanics are attracted to community based services. the rate at which latinos are leading catholicism.
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>> reporter: less than half of those below the age of 30 consider themselves catholic. they are a key demographic. they reject the church's teachings on birth control and homosexuality. it's a sign of the changing times. >> part of it is those that were born in the states, came at a long age. it's not part of their upbringing in the same way. with immigration you lose the generational continuity. many believe the future of catholicism, that a church may be in trouble. as they drive away from the faith, they'll lose members, for now, that is inevitable. >> the hall of fame catcher yogi bearer dived.
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his mangled syntax made him a beloved and frequently quoted fig ear. >> reporter: 3-time ... born lawrence peter, he was given the nickname yogi. helping to make them reach 40 world series. he was the most valuable player three times. >> they died of natural causes at his home on tuesday. in the week of the world championships, the card game of bridge is fighting for legal recognition as a sport in england. it is what it is. >> lee wellings has been exploring the debate. >> it's a game using cards and calculations played by millions. bridge is a leisure activity. they were about to complete. whatever players take the game seriously. so seriously the english bridge
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union has been fighting for recognition as a sport. >> it's true that if we recognise the sport. we would have access to funding types we don't currently have. funding would be the obvious example. it's about more than that. what is the definition of the word sport. according to the ox ford dictionary, it's a team or individual that competes against others for entertainment. >> suddenly there has to be a competitive element in the sport. which is how such games brings the sport. for my money. >> the committee recognises sport.
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they need to find an activity. dancing, recognising it, and bridge has official i.o.c. back in 1985. the activity is a rare example of something that isn't recognised. >> the american author says there are three types of sport. ball fighting, motor sport and mountaineering. the rest is games. hemming worth wouldn't have the chance to spend the evening. >> it's more mental than physical. all athletes have to claim it mentally. it's borderline between a game and a sport. >> what is brilliant about it is that people can play from about the age of nine up to 90. >> what is starting about the club. while it may be world championship, the communicate
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knli, mental exercise. among the older generations. whether or not they were classified as sport. lee wellings, al jazeera, wimbledon. you can read more about this on the website. i'm ali velshi "on target", stopping the revolving door of low level criminals that spin in and out of america's prisons. a programme let's cops send nonviolent drug addicts to social programs instead of gaol. advocates say it's working. i take to a detective who says not locking up criminals is a big mistake. >> criminologists have a fancy word for the problem of lawmakers that are arrested, released arrested again.


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