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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this is al jazeera. ♪ hello there. welcome to "the newshour." this is al jazeera live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes: an emergency meeting brussels. eu leaders gather to develop a plan regarding refugees across the continent. volkswagon is in hot water. bosses meet to discuss a response to the emissions rigging scandal. also, china's president reassure u.s. business leaders about his
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commitment to economic reforms and fighting cyber crime. one of the biggest mosque ins europe has finally opened in movening co after a decade of construction work. we begin in brussels where european union leaders are preparing for an emergency summit meeting to tackle the refugee crisis. this comes a day after eu administers agreed on a deal to relocate 120,000 refugees despite fierce opposition from some members. romania, the czech republic and slovism aka voted against the scheme. what wi >> reporter: as far as europe's reputation, the sum mer ref
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uming e crisis has threatened the foundations of the union. it has witnessed people running for that lives. the police en massedonia accused of beating refugees daring to pass through. hungary on the pretext of protecting christian values in europe constructed the sort of fence the european union had sought to tear down and the authorities tried to refuse the right of refugees to move on. for once, they simply got up and walked often from buddha pest train station, thanks began to change. hungary caved in. the people who walked and walked from serbia over the border into croatia were put on to buses. those dumped on the hungarian border ended up close to austria. others got stuck on the border with sloughe slovenia. so many people, volunteers stepping in where governments did not could barely believe the response from europe had been so
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disorganized. >> the way they are treated is something that they will take with them. if you welcome them, they will be welcome. it will be within europe, they will be with us. if you build up fences, if we use pepper spray, water cannons, they will be against us. >> one country in central europe was germany but it has not been able to persuade the new eu members to the south and east of any moral or economic arct for more help. the quote system looks unlikely to succeed. >> for the good intentions, the problem is it doesn't really meet the demands of the refugees more than it meets at a time demands of various european union member states because the refugees would be asked to go to places they don't want go to and countries they don't want them either. the empty tents demonstrate
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countries gave up trying to stop people from moving through. they may have a few months over the winter to figure out how to do things better next year. >> lawrence joins us from the hungary/austria border. lawrence, it looks very quiet behind you. we are going to hear from germany. they are going to speak ahead of this meeting. not everybody happen about the quota system. what do you expect germany is going to say? >> no. >> reporter: no. absolutely not. hungary is dead-set against it. i think the point about the quote a system is it raiseds two very difficult questions. one is: should european -- countries which don't want to house refugee actually have to take them in. secondly and clearly just as important: should refugees who were told to go to a country they don't want to go to be forced to go there.
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the hung arena government has been pointing out to its opinion, it doesn't seem fair on refugees who might have the family members in other countries. there are more family members to join them to be told we know you have got at life set up in the netherlands or somewhere but now you have to live in slovakia it is slightly fraught with problems. the austrian position on this over the border, they said they hoped the quota system would stop and people should have the right to decide where they go. but the other said a couple of days ago, it had only had 7 asylum applications and this morning, 23. clearly, even that country has' been able to convince refugees to go there. so there is this contradiction inside the system because the european union obviously has been trying to present a sort of sense of togetherness inside the union which isn't really there
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at all. >> lawrence, the problem is this has been going on for a number of weeks now and these eu leaders said let's get together. let's talk about it. but it's not coming together? is it? okay. we have got to the first stage of the quota system but it's only 120,000. what other options do they have? >> well, clearly they have already said they are going to try to pump in billions of euros to try to make the camps in the middle east slightly better, which on one level sounds like a nice thing to do but obviously the real intention is to try to keep them there and stop them from coming here in the first place. you might argue the general assembly when it meets soon could have a bigger discussion about what are the countries -- what other countries in the world might take some of the refugees. it has been pointed out one village in lebanon is hosting more than the united states of americaning has offered to take in, and that's 10,000.
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it will seems as a european issue and something the rest of the world doesn't want to take on either. >> thank you very much for that. lawrence lee there. hundreds of refugees have gathered on the serbian border with croatia waiting to be allowed into the country. they have been increasingly using the crossing after hungary sealed its border. 35,000 cross into croatia in the past week. top executives to the world's biggest car maker, volkswagon are huddled in a crisis meeting. they have admitted fitting 11 million diesel cars with devices designed to cat emission test results. representatives have been questioned in south korea. the united states has launched a criminal probe and france says et cetera also investigating. the scandal has already cost the german industrial giant billions, $18,000,000,000 worth
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of potential files in the u.s. are waiting. rob reynolds has more. >> reporter: with his company accused of serious and deliberate deception, volkswagon chief executive martin winterkorn apologized and said it would never happen again. >> many millions of people across the world trust our bands, our cars, our technologies. i'm sorry we betrayed the trust, to the authorities, the entire public for the wrongdoing. >> the scandal has shaken german industry. >> we were all spread surprised about that. it's kind of a catastrophe for volkswagon and all of the german car makers, and it's bad even for the brand "made in germany" because volkswagon is one our
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big brands that stand for german quality. >> even chancellor angela merkel was forced to address the corporate deceit. >> the ministers of transport is in close contact with the vw company. i hope the effects will be put on the table as quickly as possible. >> it was found volks wag installed software that tricked emissions tests into giving the cards a pass can grade even though they emit more pollution while on the road. the company issued a statement saying 11 million vehicles are affected. it has set aside 6.5 billion euros or recalls and servicing an says volkswagon does not tolerate violation of laws and will make winning back consumer trust its top priority. unlike other auto recalls regarding design flaws or defective parts, volks wagon is accused of deliberately hatching
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a technologically sophisticated plan to conceive government agents and consumers. damage control experts say the nature of the scheme will make regaining trust much harder. >> i think whenever you have a situation where something is calculated and malicious and there is a desire to deceive, the half life is longer for recovery. >> on wednesday, at that committee of volkswagon's board members and major shareholders will hold an emergency meeting. a board member says, he expect senior company heads will roll. >> rob reynolds is at volkswagon headquarters. let's roll? any indication as to who is? >> reporter: there has been widespread speculation that martin winterkorn, the imagine you saw apologizing so abjectly
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and profusely in the story we just watched will not survive this scandal, at least professionally. >> that's one potential outcome since he is the public face of the company. and we do know that the executive -- an executive committee of the board and some of the major shareholders of the volkswagon group are meeting. we've not been told if decisions have been made. speculation that the guy at the top of the company is going to wills his job. >> okay. it's also the financial implications, isn't it, that everybody is watching? they have lost in terms of their share value, but, also, people c looking at fines that they could be facing. just take us through some of
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those. >> well, in the united states, volkswagon sold about 430,000 of these supposedly clean deisel vehicles. they could be fined up to $37,000 per vehicle. so do the math. that's a lot of money and it amounts to about $18,000,000,000. in addition, of course, there are these probes that are underways as you mentioned in france and here in germany, in south korea. perhaps other countries will be involved always well. and there could be criminal charges in the united states where a criminal probe has been launched by the u.s. justice department. potential violations of the cleaning air act, but, also, more serious things like wire fraud and lying to regulators and investigators and while the u.s. has a history of levying large civil fines for corporate wrongdoing, in this case, there
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could also be some culpability and individuals who would be prosecuted. >> interesting to know what the v owners will be paying. they pay a premium. >> well, the interim approximately who is back in power has formed al professional government. he was taken hostage. coup leaders and the army have signed a truce. the presidential guards who staged the coup have agreed to return to their baracks. arriving in the country, part of their regional effort to help reinstall an interim government. nicholas sent us this update. >>reporter: under this deal, the truce is withdrawing 50
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kilometers away. presidential guards have agreed to remain in their bar accuse and have two hours to lift their equipment. the military are to guarantee their protection and the protection of their families. those arriving today want a deal signed today. there are several points of contention. one of them is the amnesty of the presidential guards. remember, the presidential guard last week, they have been in charge of the country for the last 25 years. a lot of resentment towards them, notably because they have been intimidatng the population long and involved in killings of opponents. for the leaders, their main objective is to get back on track toward democratic rule, towards elections scheduled on
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the 11th of november. now, the deal is that this election would happen the the 25th of notch and that the elected president would decide what would happen with the presidential guard. for the people on the streets, it's really a relief. they are opening up their shop, slowly going back to normal on the capitol. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. coming up in the newshour, worries of instability in rwanda. the country is set to decide whether the president can seek unprecedented third time. >> i brought catholicism. the pope is about to make him a saint. they sadhe presided over genocide of their people. >> story coming up. >> in sport, australia prepared to kick off their world cup campaign against fiji in the
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tournaments toughest pool. china, president started his visit to the united states by saying that beijing remains committed today financial reforms and an open economic. he told business leaders inants deepen investment ties. he also spoke about the controversial issue of cyber security. >> the international community on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust must work together to build a peaceful, secure, and open cyberspace. china is ready to set up a high life level, joint mechanism with the united states on fighting cyber crimes. >> more now from seattle.
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>> chinese president is headed for washington, d.c. and high level talks with mom. his first official state visit to the u.s. he will meet with members of congress and address the united nations. but first, he will spend three days in the seattle area meeting with business leaders. former washington govern gary lock served as u.s. am bass tore to china between president obama. >> between our two countries every day flow almost 1 and a half billion dollars of goods and services and millions of jobs in america depend on that trade with china. our trade has grown astron astronomcally over the last several years. shi is schedule scheduled to tour boeing and have dinner with bill gates. american tech firms are looking for some kind of assurance that they can do business fairly in china without undue government interference. >> obviously, a big concern about cyber security, obviously a concern about the lack of after level maling field for american firms in china,
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discrimination against foreign firms as well as the lack of a rule of laws and inadequate protection of our intellectual property, our trade secret service. >> shi is the fourth consecutive chinese leader to visit the southwest. see a little times columnist briar dudley sees the area as a national step over. >> they want to the encourage proouningz that thrive international. what better examples than microsoft and boeing and barbucks. >> we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset but something that will
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put strains on the bilateral relationships. >> it's a good cop/bad cop. we can talk about entrepreneurialism and trade relationships and hopefully obama is going to play the bad cop and take a firm borderline on some of these things. >> the visit comes when china is flexing military muscle and trying to solidify territorial claims in the south china sea. those issues along with cyber security and trade all expected to be on the agenda when the two presidents meet. alan sxhafler, al jazeera, seattle. >> the director of the china national association of international studies joins us live from beijing. thank you for joining us here on al jazeera. we heard in that report that you might be quoted but you are aware of what has been said in the unites states. plenty of ainsurance coming from president shi ji ping, particularly to tech companies
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in the united states. there have been that many scandals. do you think that this is enough? >> first of it all, if you look at the overall china u.s. relations it's the most important bilateral relations notice world. and foundation ally it is in the trade and economic relation. if china and the united states can sign up for a business investment treaty, the total trade volume around $550,000,000,000 u.s. dollars can be expected to double in the coming years. this will be creating a lot of joiz jobs in the united states for americans but in china, for the chinese people, trade, economic relations, the better way to manage the differences in this regard will be very, very important. on the other side, the strategic and ye 0 political relations between china and the united states are more complicated and there are friction points and it
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calls for greater wisdom and vision and courage to manage the differences in those very sensitive areas and, also, to try to make common efforts to rise above the divensz and make joint efforts to treat china and the united states as partners rather than as add vversaries t each other. this will be in the interest of not only china and the united states but in the global interest as well. >> you know, we have watched sort of these glom a lotic damages taking place. it's rare that in public we see a visiting statesman, for example, going to china or vice versa, that we see them until public voice their concerns on one issue: human rights. what do you think president shi will be saying on this?
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>> it's important to china and the unites states. if you look at the world, there is no single country which can claim it has the perfect human rights record. every country has some issues with human rights. every country can continue to make great efforts until human rights protection. china is not an ex exception. china has problems but if you compare the human rights record today in china versus 37 years agoing when china started to reform and open to the outside world, anyone with objectivity and decency will know for sure that there have been improvements by leaps and bounds. so, i think while someone can be critical of human rights issues in certain respects in china, he or she needs to be objective and decent in looking at the overall track record and also needs to demonstrate optimism about future efforts in china that we are going to make to make sure
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that the human record in china will continue to improve. >> okay. >> this all applies to the united states. t the u.s. does not have a perfect record on human rights. >> may gao, you have praised president xi's guts to you defend china's legitimate interests. what do you mean by that? >> reporter: i think president xi in the three years he has taken over the top position in china has proven to be a great leader with conviction and he speaks his mind. he is not a man of super lusness to the, true to the national interest in china. >> means, you know, he has a particular way of projecting what china cares about, what are the bottom lines for the chinese national security?
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what are the hot buttons that people should not push, for example, and i think this actually makes chinese positions more transparent to the counter parties in other countries, includingp including president obama in the white house, issues like the south china sea territorial dispute. these disputes do exist, and efforts need to be made by china and some of its neighboring countries, but it is not the right thing to do for the united states to exert itself into nil bilateral relations, if there is territorial disputes. the u.s. can serve itself as well as other countries better by being more objective and unbiased as far as the territorial disputes are concerned. all of these matters, px pxi jinping has demonstrated commitment to main make chinese positions known and defending the chinese fundamentals in these regards victor gao,
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speaking to us there from b beiji beijing, director of the china national association of international studies. it's been a pleasure. thank you. as spokesman for the russian president, says moscow may be forced to react after a media report about plans to destroy u.s. nuclear bombs in europe. german says theftd channel reported washington as planning to upgrade it's presence in europe. russia says it will have to restore the balance of power in the region by deploying missiles to its western calingrad region. >> president vladimir putin has been reattending the reopening of the biggest mosque in europe. he arrived and the palestinian authority, president mahoud abbas. thousands of russian muslims are there to celebrate the reopening on the eve of the muslim holy
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day and celebration the eit. now, the reconstruction phase of the mosque has taken 10 years. the original building was demonknoll issued in 2005 to make way for it. it cost $170 million to rebuild and it's been entirely funded by private donations. well, the new central mosque will be able to accommodate up to 10,000 people. the six floors of the building will cover 19,000 square meters, making it one of the largest in europe. well, peter sharp joins us live from moscow. mosques are open every day. i am sure routinely, peter. why is this one so significant? >> reporter: well, it's special for a number of reasons. special to the people in moscow and on the message it sends abroad.
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moscow always has had a critical shortage of mosques. and as you rightly say, this can hold 10,000 worshippers. it's still not enough, though. there are nearly -- get this -- nearly 2 million muslims in moscow alone. it's the biggest muslim country in europe and they estimate that by the year 2050, half of the population will be muonlim. that's important. they are asking now for another mosque, too. it's also important for the message the kremlin hopes it sends out to other regions, notesbly dagastan and engsheti those are suffering from jihadist insurgency. they hope this news and these pictures will go some way to winning hearts and minds down there. 20 stow now, t hundreds have recently gone out to serve with
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isil, and, also, it will be in the middle east, they hope, a vehicle for change, a vehicle that will allow them to reposition their situation in syria as the military football extends. so really, the effect and the impression that they are get from this is not just moscow. it's regional, too. >> okay. peter sharp, thank you very much. let's turn our attention to the weather. everton has joined us. it's autumn. is it marking it's arrival around the mediterranean? >> it is indeed. we have seen violent storms pushing down not just across mediterraneanian, some around the alms and italy. at the week lee satellite pik a huge clutch of storms just around the aegean. it has led to some violent
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weather here and reports of cars floating down the streets across that western side of turkey. greece has seen some lively weather and an area of low pressure brilling that nasty autumn werth. rainfall, 221 meters in only 24 hours. 286 million of nchlingz for skros. that has afshlthd that. as we go on through the remainder of wednesdays, here is that wet weather we had just around the alps, pushing down crosses the northern parts of italy. now, the showers to the southeast, they should actually ease somewhat over the next couple of days. really heavy rainmakering its way across the rest of italy and the other side of the adriatic into the bal kaningz. on the side, not too bad. a picture from mosque co, nice sunshine there. there is more of that in place. southerly winds with temperatures in moscow to around 24 degrees. western parts of europe, things
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will also cheer up. we will see highs of 16 in london. thank you very much. plenty more still ahead in this newshour including ethiopia appeals to the diaspora and help fuel the fastest growing economic. millions of muslim pilgrims gather for hage. the game, bridge, is trying to be legally recognized as a sport which opens the debate: what is a sport? ♪
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hello. welcome back. a reminder the top stories on al jazeera. european leaders are to begin an emergency meeting on the refugee crisis on tuesday interior ministers overcame stiff opposition from eastern european countries and approved a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees. executives of the world's biggest car maker are holding crisis meetingsing in their german headquarters. volkswagon's chief executive has apologized forfeiting 11 million diesel cars with devices designed to cheat emissions test results. china, president started his state visit to the united states by saying beijing remains committed to financial reforms and an open economy. speaking to business leaders in seattle, xi jinp anymore. g stressed china wants to increase investment ties. the u.n.'s world food
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program has been forced to suspend food aid to hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees. it means a third of syrians living in jordan will receive know help. >> a report. this couple and their baby fatima used to survive because of the united nations world food program. it was a dollar and a half a day but enough for the family to get by. >> small amount has been cut off. it's illegal for refugees to work in jordan, but they have no choice. they take turns looking after fatima while other work. between them, they earn just enough to buy baby milk, eggs and yogurt. >> we have no more fears for the future. we don't know how our situation can get. >> the world food program said it is seriously underfunded. it has to make life and death decisions about who to feed and who to cut off.
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this family of 11 are in the same position. he works illegally on a nearby farm. >> i must face all risk to return to syria. my boss makes me work 13 hours a day for only $14. is that enough for my family? >> the wsp says food and security levels are skyrocketing. almost 70 percents those non jordan live under the poverty line. after losing food assistance, refugees say they have lost faith in the international community. those who work for humanitarian agencies say they are also frustrated because they were no longer able to maintain services and are worried that sdpraings will push some refugees either to go back to syria or to risk the treacherous journey to europe. for many refugees, it is a fateful decision they must take in the coming weeks. >> people are telling us they have lost home. many are considering returning
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to war in syria and those people who will are in the worst have told us they will risk their lives they risked their lives because they had no food. they were struggling and rely okay ngos where they could. but now those resources are drying up along with any hope. al jazeera. 2 children have died from a cholera outbreak in southern iraq which has claimed seven lives in less than a week. 246 cases have been despite attempts to prevent spread of the water-born disease. the sewage systems there are outdated. war and neglect has been postponed until next month as a
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precaution. now, rwanda's supreme court is hearing a case that aims to block a changing to the constitution to allow the president for a third 7-year term. parlf he is generally a popular president, credited with bringing stability and economic prosperity to rwanda after it was shattered by genocide. 800,000 most of tutus and houtis. the opposition group reject the plan, accusing him of stifling dissent and wanting to clean to power. the united states, a major donor has warned the president against the move saying it will bring instability. well, joining us from brussels is andrew wallace, a journalist
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and author of "silent accomplice." the untold story of the role of france in the rwandan's. >> the people love him mostly. >> it's one of the strange con um drums meaning the rule of the people rwanda would indicate that they want him to stay on and the one thing you didn't mention there is security. and that's the one big thing that is missing in so many african countries, security on the streets. it has now been voted the safest city in africa. security with the land borders which, you know, it's not really had a lot of since index.
6:38 am
so important why rwanda want him to stay on. >> let's just say he does stand and he does win. >> the major issue here is how the west will reaccount. the west has been clear it doesn't want these third terms whether it's in bur underi, the drc -- which is looerpthsz coming up or in rwanda. rwanda is a different case for two reasons he is generally popular there, unlike other
6:39 am
presidents. the west would point to some of the other african nations where people have out stayed their welcome. would another term, would the political space then started to be opened up more and the media space be opened up more? >> what one would hope. of course. there are not many names in opposition that would pop up to run the country. who is there out there? you have to look at rwanda as a country are history since independence where it's been the
6:40 am
bloodbath in the '60s, 'the 70s, 'the 90s. people will make their judgment, do we risk a successor. >> do we keep going with the tried and trusted. >> 3 and a half million people voted. >> yeah. >> they said only for him are we going to say yes to this change to the constitution. it is dangerous. will this set a precedent? >> again, the future is unsure you are opening a can of worms. if you allow the president to
6:41 am
continue, will that lead to problems 5, 10, 20s years down the line? if you make a change to someone who is not supported by the people and who has no track record, then thank you, andrew wallace? >> absolutely. pleasure. thank you. >> ethiopians who work abroad are being urged to return home in order to boost the economy. it is one of the fastest growing in africa, but egopia remains one of the world's poorest countries. the government's attempts to woo migrants back home is being seen by some as an attempt to control the opposition. charles stratford reports. ♪ reporter: life's pretty good for adanu and his cousins and
6:42 am
business partner, dee after leafing and working in the united states for almost 20 years they have come back. >> becoming an international city attracting people from all over the world. in my experience working in the service industry, it's very exciting. >> ethiopians left the country in the thousands throughout the 1970s and 80s when a communist military junta was in power. since that was over thrown in 1991, the country has enjoyed years of stability. now investment is pouring in. there are building sizes like this. ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. the government says that if it is seriously going to tackle issues of poverty, it has to a tract investment from the
6:43 am
2.5 million either openians living abroad. >> it is estimated the dism astra corntributes to the economy but ethiopia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. the gdp of $500. critics accuse the regime of seeking greater control of the diaspora many who helped fund the political opposition. >> they have to take parts in investment, in trade, in technology transfer maybe. in looking for markets, this is what the diaspora are doing now. we are brick by brick building a new democratic state. we cannot say this is perfect because it's a process. >> an lichtsz say the experience is vital. >> they also bring what i think
6:44 am
is more needed in africa as well as the knowledge, the know-how and the global explorew and the world class way of doing things that they bring to an emerging economy so you have to look at it from two aspects. growth of the economy over the last 10, 11 years and you know the number, 10 plus % in large volumes and a concerted effort by the state to the attract these people and show them what is going on, i think it's starting to resonate. >> true for sami and dee, a time to celebrate a growth of the country they always called home. al jazeera. pope francis is making his first ever trip to the united states during his six-day visit. he plans to make an 18th century francisan missionary who con
6:45 am
verdict 90,000 to christian craft tan. a lot report now, many are criticizing the move. >> caroline ward holland is making a pilgrimage by foot to each of the missions established from francisco to san diego on the california coach. >> my son and i decided we were going to walk for all of the ancestors. >> this isn't a celebration. it's a condemnation of cera and pope francises decision? >> it was a slap to the face to the catholic church to make saint hood. it's not something we have imagined in our mind. it's the fact that he was not a nice person. >> cera was the architect of the mission system, outposts of the military and catholic church established to. >> they say the indians went voluntarily to the missions. >> not true at all. that's why they had the military with them, to capture the indians because
6:46 am
once, you know, maybe perhaps the very first wave of indians came in out of curiosity. they soon learned once you came to the mission, you could never leave again. >> valentine lopez has written to the pope several times to explain the cruelty of the missions. >> they would capture the women and tie the women together thumb by thumb to form a human chain. once they captured the women, they would march them back to the mission. it was a matter of time before the husbands and fathers came in to be with their families. they had men barracks, women's barracks and they would lock the dormitories at night. the soldiers had the keys and for the women and the children, the soldiers will go in to the dormitories and continuously rape the women and children. >> even those who support the canonization admit the violence and false labor. >> my feelings are that he was a very, very good person in a very stinky, rotting institution we
6:47 am
call colonialism. it's possible in any repressive system there are good people. >> they say he interceded to prevent the worst excess. there is no a sign of the debate where he will be canonized. here the argument is clear. you believe souls need to be saved on you don't. >> i think that's probably true. >> pope francis has apologized for what he calls the sgraf sinz committed against the native peoples of the americans. tens of thousands of coastal indians perished within 70 years with the establish. mission system. they find it difficult to the decipher pope francis's logic. >> thousands are gathering in saudi arabia for the hage, the bill grimmage, the central
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pillar of islam. it's meant to cleanse the faithful of sin and bring them closer to god. the followers of islam must move together through a set of rituals at different sites around the holy city of mecca. more than two million muslims will take part in the spiritual journfrom around the world. the final ritual began on tuesday and will last for five days. they will gather on the mountain to praise god and ask for forgiveness. >> omar is in mecca. he sent us this update. >> it is the essence for hage. he or she will have their hearted validated. this is considered the pillar of hage. well about 2 million pilgrims here and the announcement of
6:49 am
mercy. asking god for, for givenesses and blessings. by the ends of the someday, around sunset, the pilgrims will leave and continue the rituals of hajj. having two million people in one place is a execute threat. we understand they have employed more than 50,000 to secure the area and in other areas which are being considered the rituals of hajj. you have a health hazard. you have 2 million people and then you need to deploy a lot of medics. we understand around 15,000 medical teams are deployed. they hope the hajj season will go smooth and we will. >> just to let you know that we've got much more on the hajj on the website. actually walk through the main sites of the pilgrimage in mecc. we have a 360 degree view to help you with that, including the cover.
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as al jazeera -- that's all at stay with us because coming up, we've got the sport and the world of baseball loses an icon. we will tell you about the man who helped the yankees reach 14 world series. ♪ >> every saturday night. >> i lived that character.
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>> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". saturday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. welcome back. >> three matches at the rugby world cup. japan plays scotland in pool b and australia kick off their
6:52 am
campaign arrest they take on fiji. beating new gee land, south africa and agentine a and want to continue that form. the win is crucial to negotiate the pool of death. it includes eke land and wales, only the top 2 will advance to the quarterfinals. >> nerves. excitement as well but nerves show you care and like all of us, we want to get out in the paddock. it's going to be a helter skelter twenty minutes. a lot of guys haven't played in a while. so, it's going to be feeling your way in and run with it there? >> fiji are looking to cause ab upset of the world's second ranked team. fiji believe they and zapap are closing the gap between rugby's top nations and second-tier teams. having a few days off between games isn't a problem. >> the short turnarounds are always tough.
6:53 am
we have the aspect pretty well from the guy on friday had if recovery. boys are ready to go. >> in pool d, world number 7 france play romania at olympic park in london in the final game on wednesday, france had an impressive 32-10 win in their first match against italy. plumbing i can striker is going to take some beating. he scored five golds in nine minutes. a goal down on tuesday. but lowandowski ensured by ron's straight win. the fastest ball in history. this coming against the team that finished second at the hinebyron. this week event's world championships, the card game of bridge is fighting forg legal recognition as a support in
6:54 am
england. the bridge union said the government promotes healthy minds and should receive government funding. is it a support? if it isn't, what is? leewellings has been exploring? >> block played by millions. a legend opportunity for most. but top players are about to compete in indian at whatever level players take the game seriously. so seriously, the english bridge union has been fighting for recognition as a sport. >> it's true if we recognize the sport, we would have access to funding we don't have. lottery funding would be the example but it's about more than that. >> what's the actual definition of the world sport? according to the oxford english dictionary, it involves physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.
6:55 am
it's the use of the word "physical" that causes so much debate. >> there has to be a competitive element in the sport which is how such games as bridge and ches are recognized as sport they have elements of competition between two adversaries or more. for my money, it's got to have a physical element. the international olympic committee recognizes sports. it's difficult to find an activity that isn't there. orienteering has found its way into the federation. forms of dancing are recognized and bridge does have official ioc approval granted back in 1995. the controversial of bull fight something a rare example of something that isn't recognized. >> the american author, earnest himming way says there are three: bull fight, motor sport and mountaineering. the rest are games. he wouldn't have had the chants
6:56 am
to spend the evening at wimbledon bridge club in london. >> all athletes have to train mentally. >> people can play from about the age of 9 up to 90. >> what struck me about this club is that while it may not be world championship standard, the sense of community along with mental exercise is clearly what helps make bridge so popular amongest older generations particularly and whether or not you classify it as sport, there is certainly the tension that comes with players' trying to win. rewe willings, al jazeera, wimbledon. >> the new york yankees kept alive their hopes of winning their division after beating the toronto blue jays in an extra inning. at the bottom of the 9th, the game was all tied up at 3-all. greg bird him a 3-run homer in the 10th inning.
6:57 am
yankees move to within two and a half games in the american league east division. now from sad news north baseball fans. new york haifrningz yogi berra has died at the age of 90. >> most valuable player, catcher yogi berra. >> he was given the name when he was a child. he spent most of his 19 year baseball career with the yankees and helped them reach 14 world series. he was named the american league's most valuable player three times. >> it's not over until it's over, kid. >> i died of natural causes at his home in new jersey on tuesday. he was 90 years old. what a wonderful career. back to you? >> very sad. thank you very much. stay with us. we have another bulletin coming straight up.
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emergency meeting in brussels. eu leaders gather to approve a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees across the continent. hello. this is al jazeera life from doha. also coming up on the program. volkswagen is in hot water. they need to discuss a response to the emissions rigging scandal. >> burkina faso's president says he's now back in power after he was taken hostage in a coup last week. thousands of muslim vo


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