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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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unfortunately native americans wh who were on the missions in california were not allowed to leave after converted and they who did were penalized and floinged and a lot of native americans said this may not be a man who deserves cannization and that as side sarah is representative of positive aspects of the catholic faith according to the catholic church and specifically represented here at the bacillica behind me with stained glass where the pope will dress or vest and he will be underneath a stained glass image of sarah so someone who has been part of the story of american catholicism and will be a big event today. there are hundreds of people who have been waiting to get inside this morning to be on the grounds of catholic university to come here to bacilica and being allowed in now and we talked to folks waiting here since 5:00 this morning to
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witness this today, stephanie. >> libby casey anticipating events there, our coverage of pope francis' first visit to america continues and the pontiff reaction to the church sex abuse scandal and some praise him for it and some say it's not enough. we do have i believe more live pictures coming out of washington right now, do we have images of the parade route and in just moments the pope will be getting back into the pope mobile at which point it will be a relatively short parade around the lifts. this is a live look at the residence where the pope is staying and i believe this is patrick horn beck help me out, is in the cathedral. >> inside space he will pray before going back outside to celebrate mass. >> okay, and from here patrick let us just pause for a moment and talk about the popularity of
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this pope among ordinary americans because there are 70 million catholics in the country. >> absolutely. >> his message resinating to people beyond that? >> absolutely, this pope has managed to attract people from across the political spectrum and maybe more on the left than the right. we know democrats agree with him more often than republicans do. i'm not sure that is entirely true when you actually compare their positions but certainly he is attracted people by his lifestyle. we have talk a lot this morning i think rightly so about the fiatt so he pulled up in front of the white house in a little tiny car and last night at the press briefing his spokesman said if you want to find the pope there it is, there is the fiatt. >> it's funny when you say fiatt, we are talking about the little tiny car he arrived at the extremely grand ceremony hours ago. >> absolutely. he must have a little inner smile about that pulling up in the small car. his spokesman said if you want
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to find the pope in a motorcade look for the little car and that is where he will be and the sorts of signs to go in the hotel to pay his bill after elected and riding in the bus with the cardinals and not in the limousine and not living in the vatican palace and lives in a residence with priests and clergymen and eats every night from the buffet and has broken the mold in so many different ways, when it comes to the p parks pal monarchy because they looked at the pope as someone how is all alone at the top of the church hierarchy and pope francis has said i don't work well alone. i work best when i'm in community with other people. and i think that is something so many of us whether we are catholic or not can agree about. >> such a fascinating study on character and on the pope. just two years. >> absolutely, 2 1/2 years. >> the exciting part is coming up, so i hope you will all stay
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with us because the papal parade is about to begin and we will have that coverage live, stay with us. ♪
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live...
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want to get to some breaking news we have been following, egypt pardoned dozens of prisoners including al jazeera
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journalist fahmy and according to the spokesman dozens of other activists have also been released as a pardon and marking the holiday of eat. none of the seven al jazeera journalists who were sentenced including peter greste what was retried in absence and released have been pardoned. they were given sentences ranging from three years to ten years. the al jazeera network continues to demand all charges and sentences against its journalists are dropped. peter greste spoke just moments a ago. >> if it's concerned we are pardoned and this is really only a partial step but justice needs to be served and anybody who was caught up in this case including all of us who are still convicted in absent must have their names cleared and president sisi has taken a very
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important step in restoring confidence in the system but it is only a partial step. >> reporter: despite his reservations greste added he is thrilled mohamed and fahmy and their families are together and will be together again soon. now back to our continuing coverage of pope francis' visit to the u.s. and this angle the roman catholic church paid a steep cost for the presex scandal to the coffers and credibility and praised and criticized of the handling of the church sex scandal and acknowledged the severity saying this, sins of clerical sexual abuse against minors have a toxic effect on faith and hope in god. back in 2014 he did meet with a group of abused victims and also created a vatican commission to investigate claims of sex abuse. erica pitsy reports on the pope's actions. >> reporter: eight months after being elected to lead a catholic church racked by scandal pope
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francis took his first big action on the issue of sexual abuse by the clergy, setting up a commission to advise him on how to tackle it. >> some of the members of that commission are in fact victims of abuse. so they are going to have very strong views and they are going to not be shy in telling the pope what he needs to do to handle this crisis. >> reporter: in june of this year the pontiff addressed a major concern of that commission, the systematic shielding of abusers by superiors. >> when there is a crime for a priest to engage in sex with a kid. >> i don't remember that either. >> reporter: he established a vatican tribunal to investigate and try bishops suspected of negligence. >> the one missing piece has always been that the bishops who didn't do their job weren't help accountable. just pass these priests on to another perish and then they abused again. >> reporter: no bishop has gone
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before the tribunal yet the vatican analysts and catholic priest say the two bishops this summer are directly related to the tribunal. >> what happened in reality is the vatican goes to a bishop and says what happened? at which point the bishop says i get the point and i will simply submit my resignation. >> reporter: watching closely to see whether france' efforts will be enough to right decades of wrong. >> that has got to be the number one priority, not a pr move, not some way it's going to make us look better, the priority has to be the protection of children. >> reporter: erica pitsy, al jazeera. joining us now is joelle a church sexual abuse survivor and author of the book a well armored child a parents guide to prevent child sex abuse and good morning and thank you for being with us. you have seen us cover the joy that is greeting pope francis
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and must be experiencing his visit very differently and very personally. >> in many ways i feel like i'm in an alternative universe because when you look at the crisis in the united states it's not an old problem. we have scandals in almost every state of the union and almost every single diocee right now and we have bishops that resigned from the vatican. the segment before mentioned the archbishop in st. paul, minnesota and we had one convicted of child endangerment in 2012 and allowed to resign this year. and we have documents continually being exposed. and even today at the white house cardinal mahoney the seriously disgraced former cardinal of los angeles was in attendance and that came out today. survivors of sex abuse this is horrible. when we look at what is going on
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we want president obama to say we are not going to talk about climate change and not talk about immigration we are going to talk about children that your bishops allowed to be sexually abused in the states and regions and dioces and we will stop this problem now. >> we heard the pope speak this morning and talk about the most vulnerable in this case we are talking about the most vulnerable within the church itself. >> yes, and he also brought up justice and in diocese and here in new york, u.s. bishops are spending millions of dollars to lobby lawmakers to make sure that criminal statutes of limitations for child sex crimes are shortened. this is a serious problem. >> yet this pope said he has a zero tolerance policy, what has that translated into as far as action? >> what we have seen has not been action but has been words. pope francis has talked about
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putting together the commission, the commission has begun work, he has talked about vatican tribunals but the only one that has been cancelled. but when we look at what is in the vatican itself pope francis is sitting on the largest database of evidence about clergy sex crimes that has been collated in the vatican since 2001. >> we should say the pope has created a tribunal to judge bishops who don't report or punish cases of sexual abuse, he has promised investigations. if you had the chance to meet with pope francis and we do understand that he may be again meeting with victims of sexual abuse this week privately, what would you say directly to him? >> well, you know, i think any meeting with sexual abuse victims should be public because we have been shuttled into secrecy far too much and it's really a demand for action. we have an archbishop in st. paul that need to be centered and needs the rights and privileges taken away and needs
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to be serious action to protect kids right now because it's not happening. >> joelle thank you so much for joining us with insights this morning. coverage of pope francis in america continues right after this break. clear cheer
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history
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right now... >> al jazeera america >> every saturday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". saturday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. we are living at a critical
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moment in history. we still have time to make the change needed to bring about this for we know that things can change. >> pope for the times and now you are looking ing live at the parade route in washington d.c. and he is meeting in the oval office with president obama and that will be about a 45 minute meeting and when that is done all of the crowds waiting for him on the parade route may get a glimpse of him in the pope mobile and this is a classic shot we see before for example an oval office meeting which two world leaders sit side by side before the cameras. patrick horn beck chair of the theology department has been
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with us throughout the morning commenting on a number of issues and i kind of want to pick up on what our last guest who was a victim of sexual abuse within the church said which is that this pope when it comes to the issue of sexual abuse just has not done enough, what can you tell me factual lly about what has and has not done. >> profound words and we just heard from joelle and survivors of clerical sexual abuses which have similar feelings to hers and need to take the feelings incredibly seriously and pope francis like predecessors said this is one of the most serious crisis in the catholic church today, abuse of children is of course one of the worst things that can ever happen to a young, vulnerable person. the difficulty comes in when we start talking about what the solution should be. the pope does have the power to go and remove a bishop's ability to be bishop in the diocese and have not seen it happen but as
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your previous guest said the resignation in st. paul and kansas city are probably due to the vatican's awareness that these are in fact men who presided over what in secular terms we might call a cover up. that's not -- >> why has the church been allowed to in some ways evade the sexual criminal justice system when it comes to this? there has not been complete transparency. >> that is right and it's one of these things in the history of america where the first amendment which protects religious freedom is often invoked for religious institutions to govern themselves and just as we saw attention in pope francis' remarks about the balance of nondiscrimination and religious freedom when it comes to clerical sexual abuse one of the things that m co-mcocomes up is structures and authorities and pope john paul the second had a meeting of the cardinals i believe in 2003 and decreed a no
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tolerance policy and adopted what they call the dallas charter because they agreed on it in a meeting in dallas that said that diocese were supposed to immediately cooperate with civil prosecutors and that is what is supposed to happen still today. >> that only happens in the united states and sexual abuse has been a bigger issue proportionately in the church but apply to churches in this country, what about the rest of the world? >> every country of course has its own legal system and sense of relationship of religion and the state so one of the countries that has been really good at cracking down on sexual abuse is ireland a catholic country. prime minister and the kenny stood up and denounced the vatican for secrecy and keeping facts back. and so the problem is the vatican is a worldwide, the catholic church is a worldwide church with hundreds of different secular political systems to relate to and doesn't let them off the hook certainly in my mind for the need to put
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in place of policies that safeguard children and says how difficult it is in practice. >> with pedophile do we need to discuss celibacy and the pope's position on that? >> i think there is a lot of research that has been done on clerical sexual abuse in the last two decades which is not just a catholic problem but famously a catholic problem. and one of the things that we know is that pedophile is not connected for instance with homo sexuality and pedophile is in some ways treatable. but people have to be very carefully monitored often throughout their lifetimes and people shouldn't ever be put back in situations with children so there is a lot of guidance from clinical psychologists and social workers and sociologists about all these sorts of things. and i think the catholic church is in the beginnings of a process of thinking about what is officially called the
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discipline of priestly celibacy because already some catholic priests are married, if you are episcopal or methodist and convert to catholic you can stay married and if you are a man, straight man you can have your wife still stay your wife. >> roman catholic church? >> so the catholic church has never taught a married man cannot be a priest the way the catholic church taught that a woman cannot be a priest. so this is called a disciplinary issue and think of it as an administrative issue so therefore the there is reform on the structure of the catholic clergy we will see a broadening of married straight priests before we see women priests. >> so much of what we are talking about this morning has been left out thus far in the pope's speech at the white house and patrick thank you, one of the issues the pope also did not talk about in the speech this morning which he has commented on previously is his
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unapologetic criticism of capitalism and randall pinkston joins us with how the pope's position against extreme wealth and equality may be received during the visit to the richest country in the world the united states. >> if he is not speaking about it here he has spoken about it before and the pope is trying to practice what he preaches refusing to live in a mansion, opting for modest transportation instead of limousine like the fiatt this morning and symbolic and real gestures to de-emphasize wealthy living and said human rights are not only violated by oppression and assassination and unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities. the plight of the poor has been a focus of his priest hood since his early days in buenos aires. in fact, when he was named pope he chose the name francis, the
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francis of an sisi who gave up a wealthy lifestyle to live in poverty and listen for the pope to repeat that theme in some of his 18 speeches and sermons during his visit to the u.s. wall street headquarters of the world's most powerful economy, this week faces one of capitalisms most powerful critics pope francis who called money and capitalism a new tourney targeted votes in the first exortation and defend trickle down theories assuming wealth will succeed in bringing greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. this opinion, wrote the pope, expresses a crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power. >> he has come from a continent that has felt firsthand that the down side of capitalism. >> reporter: michael lee of the university says france is being
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true to core catholic beliefs by encouraging the church's faithful to remember the needs of the poor. >> francis is not really breaking new ground in what is called catholic social teaching the way the popes from the end of the 19th century talked about the world's economies. there has always been criticism of a capitalism that forsakes people, that leaves people on the margins. >> reporter: like the people who line up for food every morning outside st. francis of sisi roman catholic church a stone's throw from broad way and glitter. >> it's about community building number one, young people who have great jobs and live in the neighborhood and have no idea about what is going on with people maybe in the next building. >> reporter: father paul says this program began in 1929 during the depths of the great depression and has continued ever since. >> not so much about collecting money as it is in getting in there and doing things and
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bringing your expertise, educating people. >> reporter: father paul urges his neighbors with means to volunteer their team to help those without. for the business community helping means collecting money to support the soup kitchen here as well as a variety of causes everything from supporting catholic schools to renovating st. patrick's cathedral. >> i don't think the pope is against business. i think he sees that business can provide more opportunity for more people. >> reporter: chairs the manhattan chamber of commerce. do you think the pope will be able to change anyone's mind about capitalism? >> well, no, but i think what the pope can do is raise more awareness on these issues. let's make sure we are giving more paid leave, more time off, higher wages and let's do that collectively as opposed to signalling out businesses and maybe attacking capitalism. >> reporter: the pope the diplomate may not attack capitalism while he is in the
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u.s., but his message about consumerism and equality and poverty continues to be clear. in addition pope francis is keenly aware of precedent in his pronouncement and quoting for those who talked about wealth and quoting a fourth century bishop who called the unfettered pursuit of money the dung of the devil, stephanie. >> does not mince words and let's bring back the chair of theology in new york to talk a little bit about that. would you expect there to be some sort of rebuke for this nation from this pope when it comes to unfettered capitalism? >> pope francis' style is not that of rebuke than laying out a vision that looks so different than what is happening on the ground. i'm delighted you quoted michael lee just there in that piece and michael is totally right, that pope francis' views on economics, on capitalism are not
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new. popes even in the 19th century like leo the 13th and talking about the right of workers to unionize and talking about the need for fair wages, there has been a whole tradition of what is officially called roman catholic social teaching that under the last two popes tended to take a back seat to other issues, maybe more controversial issues that had to do with sex or with abortion for instance. but with this pope we are going to see a return to that focus on economic justice. >> and naming himself francis of course. >> absolutely, francis sisi is saint of the poor. >> special coverage of pope francis through america and stay with us as he continues his visit to washingt, we will be right back.
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