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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>>. >> and god bless america. >> pope francis speaks to congress, asking for refugees to be treated as people, not numbers. hello, i'm darren jordon in doha with the world news. also coming up. saudi arabian investigates the stampede that killed 700 people. a high-level dinner date. the chinese leader attends a private meal with president obama at the white house. and a probe into the
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disappearance of mexican students pope francis is in new york as part of a 3-city u.s. tour. >> the pontiff shook hands, giving blessings to the faithful before leading prayers at a cathedral in manhattan. he began prayers for hundreds that died in a stampede at the hajj on thursday. gabriel elizonda has more from new york. >> reporter: for many new yorkers this was the first chance to get a glimpse of pope francis. many lined up hours before he was scheduled to show up to get a glimpse of him. many were not able to. they are still waiting in hopes that may be he'll come out and give a wave or say hello to him. i'd say the overall mood is one of excite. enthusiasm and curiosity.
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it's been seven years, and it's not only new yorkers that wanted a glimpse of him, but in new york, tourists that are in town as well. >> translation: i'm happy, i have not been able to see him yet, but i have hope my friend and i tomorrow will see him. >> he's popular because of his views in welcoming catholics that have been turned away from the church back in. the pope of the modern people, saying what he means, it's exciting. >> i feel good to be here. it's a great opportunity to see the pope. heen he was in braz -- when he was in brazil i couldn't see him. this may be my chance. >> pope francis has a busy schedule in new york. friday he starts by giving a spax to world leaders at the united nations general assembly. it's been highly answered, and he'll do other things, visiting ground zero, and visiting latino
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or african-american children at a school in harlem. while there, he'll visit immigrants, and refugees. it's all part of his broader mission, one of his key themes here on his visit to the united states so far, to bring attention to the plight of those less fortunate. >> hours earlier pope francis addressed that meeting of the u.s. congress. the pontiff spoke about some of the most polarizing issues facing lawmakers, encouraging them to use their powers to fight climate change, overcome racial inequality and welcome migrants to the country. here is halkett. >> tens of thousands greeted pope francis as he arrived on capitol hill for an historical address at a joint meeting of congress. >> mr speaker, the pope of the holy seer. >> inside the chamber the poem addressed one of the most polarizing issues confronting u.s. lawmakers, urging members of congress to set aside
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political differences and welcome illegal immigrants he said travels north in search of a better life. >> treat us with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated with. >> pope francis urged conservative politicians to use the legislative might and take up what he called courageous effort to come up with strategies to protect nature and combat climate change. >> i have no doubt that the united states and this congress have both have a role to play. >> even though most conservatives align with calls from the roman catholic pope to defend life and oppose abortion, many republican lawmakers question the science supporting arguments of global warming. >> despite poll numbers showing most minister believe pope
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francis should play a role in world affairs, few believe that ideological and religious pasts can be overcome. >> 14 say he will make congress more likely to pass abortion restrictions. 14" makes it likely to pass bills. >> even a pope can't work fir abbingles in congressional politics, especially on an issue like climate change. pope francis tried. thousands gathered outside the capital. arguing the use of world resources is not just an environmental issue, but a moral one. >> thank you very much, and god bless america saudi arabia has began an
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investigation into the stampede that killed more than 700 people during the hajj pilgrimage, hundreds were injured, it's the worst disaster in two decades. the the crush happened on the outskirts of the holy ski of mecca, in a place called mina, as huge crowds were on the move. there was a rush of people headed to the pillars, surrounded by a 5-storey structure known as the bridge. >> reporter: a scon tragedy within weeks. saudi authorities see a surge among pilgrims. hundreds died. many more injured. >> on the way back i met my husband. the pilgrims pushed each other, pushing people to the ground. i was about to die. >> reporter: the pilgrims were making their way to the stoning
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of the devil ritual, part of the hajj pilgrimage. >> translation: after the painful incident i asked the authorities to vet the cause and submit the result as soon as they can. the investigation is in relation to the good job that they are doing. whatever the result of this, we arrived authorities to review the plans and all the arrangements to the hajj. >> there have been hundreds of deaths from stampedes in previous years. this is one of the deadliest in years. in 2006 the saudis built a complex to handle the numbers of people. more than 1.9 million are befalling the hajj. without the latest catastrophe, a lodgistic all nightmare for authorities. this tragedy overshadowed the hajj, and raised questions about safety in general. at the same time it highlights the lack of safety awareness among the pilgrims themselves.
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they have been known to go in the wrong directions. and take cover in wrong places. some of them sleep and eat in the open, on crowded roads. >> translation: from what i can see these are the apparent reason for the accident. a rise in the number of people, overcrowding and an overlap. crowd. adding to that, a rise in temperatures and the tiredness that the pilgrims experienced due to the journey they had already travelled. >> reporter: the season started with another tragedy days before the beginning of hajj, a claim falling to the ground, killing 107 people two weeks ago. it has turned into a construction site as part of an expansion plan. this latest disaster reinforcing that the hajj would pose a challenge for kust odians two explosions at a mosque
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in yemen's capital sanaa killed at least 25 people. the attack happened amidprayers. fighters affiliated to i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for the attacks. u.s. president obama hosted chinese president for a private dinner at the white house. there'll be a former reception on friday. before that they'll discuss two issues that caused friction, cyber security and disputes in the south china sea. here is patty culhane. >> reporter: the white house is talking tough on the eve of xi jinping's state visit raising the possibility of america going through the disputed islands in. the national security visor sent this message. >> the united states of america will sail, fly and operate anywhere that international law permits. >> reporter: president obama had this warning about sign ir
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attacks on u.s. companies. >> that we consider an act of aggression that has to stop. and we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being middlely upset. >> the administration floated the idea that they'd sanction chinese companies and people. some believe that would be a dangerous move. >> are we going to do that against russian countries, will we sanction companies around the world or just pick on china. this is not well thought throw. >> the u.s. signalled out china for a while, accusing them of stealing personal files of records. without offering proof. >> you have to salute to the chinese for what they did. you know, if we had the
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opportunity to do that. i don't think we hesitate for a minute. >> just to be clear, are you identify china as the perpetrator of the opium attack. >> that's the leading suspect. >> china denies the allegations and points out because of the edward snowden links, the u.s. has been doing its own fair share of spying. the obama administration says there is a difference between spying for economic advantage versus natural security. and it's in the area of national security that the two hope to make history. they are working to finalise an agreement banning attacks banning the infrastructure. the white house hoping that can be a first step in the rocky road in the relationship.
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>> president obama was also meeting with russian president vladimir putin on the sidelines of the u.n. summit. the two are expected to discuss the situation in syria and ukraine. they were last face to face at a summit in beijing in november. >> pro-russian rebels warned u.s. agencies to leave the eastern city of lieu han of course. all plaickss have been -- operations have been suspended. >> time for a break. when we come back, volkswagen facing emission rigging investigations across the globe. india marks a milestone as the mission to mars evehicles a first an -- evehicles a first anniversary, stay with us. ofokes a first
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an -- evokes a first anniversary, stay with us. of
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welcome back, a reminder of the top stories, pope francis is in new york, a second stop of the 3-city u.s. tour. the pontiff led prayers in a renault path st patrick's cathedral. he was the first pope to chair a joint meeting of congress. 700 people during hajj pilgrimage killed. investigations begin. >> president barack obama hosted xi jinping for a private dipper at the white house. >> cyber security and the south china sea is among the issues to
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be discussed by the two leaders. >> german chancellor angela merkel has been hosting a refugee summit with provincial leaders in berlin. telling reporters the government will pay regional states 740 million. 800,000 are expected to arrive in germany this year alone. >> translation: i am deeply convinced that europe needs a punctual distribution and a permanent system. the german government supports the xropsal. meaning that we have seen a first step. but we are far from where we want to get. >> hungary and the czech republic, slovakia have opposed a plan to distribute refugees. >> it may not seem like it, but in little places like this in
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southern hungary, the european vision of unity in dealing with the refugee crisis looks like a nightmare come true. you can see the village from this hungarian military land. the government is investigating whether to set up a semi-pan camp. it's basically a bog and providing water would cost a fortune. for the mayor of the village, the idea that hundreds from the middle east may be dumped is an immediate concern. >> translation: the vast majority or young strong men. on their journal they have natural needs they have not been able to satisfy. there's a strong possibility because of their cultural background that they'll satisfy needs in hungary or europe, but not in a european way. >> there are hundreds of little places like this across hungary, which have no money or prospects. >> this man is expecting
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refugees to be offered more help. >> now suddenly people are coming from a different culture and they are entitled to aid. i understand refugees are in need. but a majority of hungarians will be upset, because there's too many of them. >> 10 minutes up the road is a bigger town. those with a long memory may understand why the attitude towards refugees has more than a little irony attached to it. >> in 1956, some of the fiercest resistance is here. thousands were killed or have to run for their lives as refugees, but that was 60 years ago. now it's a substantial part of hungarian opinion thinking that the e.u. quota plan would put the wrong sort of refugees in their country. the logic. quota plan means refugees that
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are vulnerable placed in cities, places like slovakia, where they could be subject to attack. this dismngs featuring signs saying "hang the refugees." we ask the mayor what his opinion is now of the european union. he he said he'd show us and took down the e.u. flag and stuck it in a cub order. how ironic that it could end the far right and the growing friendship with russia. >> an agreement has been announced ta could lead to a peace deal in the long-standing conference. negotiations have been taking place in cuba between the columbian government and f.a.r.c. rebels. they have reaction to the deal. >> it's a moment columbians never forget. the deal struck by the president and the f.a.r.c. leader renewed
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hope on the streets of bogota, that peace is at reach. >> i think this time it will happen. we've been at war for 50 years. we were at law when i was little. we continue to be. it's time to end this, and our children deserve a better future. many are unhappy that the rebels will not see a day behindbars. >> i want harsher penalties. so many suffered. it's not right that the people will not spend time in gaol. they deserve more severe punishment. the agreement provides reduced sentencing for perpetrators of war crimes permitted by rebels and government forces in exchange for truth and full reparations of the victims. they could be paved in alternative settings, such as farms or pit call colonies. >> they promise to try to
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immerse it. >> the government equated civil society with terrorism. it's an instalment to the entire columbian community. in this deal we are converted into the perpetrate yore. where for 50 years we've been the victims of kidnappings, terrorisms. >> this honours the memory of 6 million people. and the 220,000 that were killed. the government insists while it's impossible to satisfy everyone, the deal insurance that heinous crimes will not go unpunished. the tradeoff has been released. the government including in the deal state agencies. f.a.r.c. accepting that they are responsible for most or for many of the atrocities. and always what is viable it may not be attractive to all sides.
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it's the kind of game you play in a negotiation where you have to give something to get something. >> columbians have the chance to approve or reject. most believe an imperfect deal has the price to pay for peace. >> mexico's president says he'll support a new prosecutor. enrique peno nieto did not commit to a natural investigation. we take a look back at what happened. >> it was in late september last year that around 100 trainees joint protest for education reform. they have taken on a number of buses when local police and armed men fired on them. two students died. 23 went missing. two days later the mayor denied
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ordering police stop the students from disrupting a speech his wife was giving. 22 local police officers. the mayor and his wife are in hiding. they were arrested in mexico city and charged with organized crime. kidnapping and murder. an official investigation blamed the mayor. prosecutors said members confessed that corrupt police took the students. >> in december, forensic results showed a bone fragment found near a rubbish dump matched one of the missing students. almost a year after the young men disappeared, an independent investigation by international experts cast doubt on the
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mexican government's official stance. it said the view that the students were killed and burnt in a rubbish dump was scientifically impossible. 10 days later remains in a dump close to andre iguodala matched a second missing students. families say it's an attempt to discredit an independent report and they'll fight for justice and to find out what happened to the missing men german car-maker volkswagen is facing data-rigging investigations across the globe. that's after admitting to installing software sold in cars in europe and the united states providing false emission ma'ams. we have more on the scandal. >> we've been informed in europe vehicles have been affected by
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the manipulations and we'll work closely with volkswagen about which vehicles are affected. volkswagen is facing lawsuits in america and europe where vehicles are more popular. vw admitted cars are more popular. it's not clear how many are in europe, and where other manufacturers may have cheated as well. britain, france and germany have been fitted with some devices. campaigns in europe say the problem is tests are down in laboratory conditions. at the center they have been testing for years for nitrogen oxide. putting cars through the road
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tests. results have raised suspicions. >> we found a 17" gap between the manufacturing figures. over the last four years, it's grown to 24%. we have seen the same issues with air pollution. and the results are higher in the real world than they are in the laboratory. the european conditions call for the regime to be a better reapplication of driving conditions. that is something they have at this center. across the continent it will mean new legislation. it's not clear how long that will take. >> what is clear is the damage to consumer confidence not just in vw but the wider industry. as governments put pressure on the government. the glamor for credible data is getting louder and louder. >> indian prime minister narendra modi met with the heads of top multi national companies in new york.
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he has been encouraging members to invest and set up manufacturing hubs in india. narendra modi is attending the u.s., and is due to visit sill gone valley, home to tech giants like google and apple. >> it's been a rear since india's space probe went into orbit, and the mission cost $73 million. a tenth of what the space agencies spent on sending its space agency to mars. base has more extraordinary images from the red planet. not from n.a.s.a., but india's mars orbiter vision. the space probe has been in mars for a year. the five scientific incidents studied the atmosphere. the mission has been followed by these students.
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they are big space enthusiasts, gathering to mark the equinox. >> i want to be an astronaut. >> they do what they want to, achieve greater heights. >> to have technology, they can do it. in the first goal. if you look at the attempts to go to mars, almost 50 ppz of times have been a failure. none of the countries reached mars in the first attempt. >> the mission is achieved on a small budget. around $73 million. this is over a tenth of the cost of n.a.s.a.'s naven sprays craft, arriving two days before the emissions. >> it's not that extensive. it's a minute amount of the probe, and the advantage is that it has produced high technology, high training of people.
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>> there are five active spacecrafts in orbit around mars. the oldest, has been there since 2001. on the surface n.a.s.a. has two rovers, both encountering soft, sandy conditions. a third rover was lost after becoming stuck in stand in 2009. >> now researchers of the space agency developed the technology they home will prest it happening to the next generation, what we do is move it back and forth the wheels on their arms, legs, so that they are in tern times they unload, and they can freely role, and transfer the weight of the body into the wheels that have positioned themselves forward, and this way managed get out. it's vital new technology needed if and when a manned mission arrives on mars, this is
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unlikely to be before 2030. until then, the fleet of spacecraft will carry out vital scientific research. a quick reminder you can keep up to date with the news on the website. there assist on the screen, the address on the baltimore beauty hidden by history but ressor ected for the faithful. down to earth. about. >> he has no choice but to speak out on that. >> in the heart of coal country, what does it mean when the pope


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