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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ the saudi government orders a safety review of all hajj procedures following a stampede that left more than 700 people dead. ♪ hello, i'm in doha, also ahead meeting the u.n.'s global development goals and heads of states are in new york and the pope will be addressing the general assembly in the coming hours. power play, the presidents of china and the u.s. are set to talk one to one cyber security and climate change are up on that agenda.
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and rohinja people face abuse and death even when they seek refuge and we have the story. ♪ the king of saudi arabia has ordered a safety review of all hajj procedures and review and investigation follows a stampede that killed more than 700 people on thursday, hundreds more have been injured, it's the worst disaster during the hajj in more than two decades. >> translator: regardless of the investigation results the improvement of the methods and mechanisms of the hajj season will not stop, we have instructed the concerned entities to reevaluate the current policy and distribution of responsibilities. >> reporter: the crush happened on the outskirts of the holly city of mecca in a place called nina, there are huge crowds of pilgrims on the move and there
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was a sudden rush of people heading to the pillars which is rounded by a five-story structure known as the jamarak bridge and we have more from nina. >> reporter: identification process has already started and saudi authorities will rely on numbers given to every pilgrim entering saudi arabia and also rely on fingerprints and take from the pilgrims while they enter saudi arabia to perform the hajj. also each pilgrim has identification card, it's called the pilgrimage card and based on that they will identify the dead people and then perhaps they will notify the embassys and set up a hotline for those abroad to have loved ones who are performing the hajj. the tragedy that took place on thursday did not deter thousands of people of performing the hajj and performing the ritual of an integral part of the hajj
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process and despite the tragedy the pilgrims continue to perform the ritual although the numbers are very big today and things are going swiftly and calm without problems so far. the u.n. secretary-general condemned thursday's attack on a mosque in yemen, banki moon called for perpetrators to be brought to justice and 25 people died when to suicide bombers blew themselves up at a mosque run by houthis and i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for the attack and came two days after yemen's president abd rabbuh mansur hadi returned from a six-month exile. he performed eid prayers in the southern city of aiden. 80 iraqi soldiers killed in an i.s.i.l. attack on a barracks. military sources say 13 soldiers were injured when fighters from
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the group drove a vehicle up to the post and it happened east of fallujah and injured include shia malitia fighting against i.s.i.l. with the iraqi army. on friday pope francis will address world leaders at the u.n.'s headquarters in new york, this will be his first address to the general assembly and he was greeted by thousands on thursday as he arrived at st. patricks cathedral in new york and he shook hands and gave blessings to the faithful before leading evening mass. ♪ now, the united nations general assembly in the year 2000 set out ambitious goals of helping those in need and they are meeting in new york to set out new development targets and al jazeera diplomate editor james
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base is at the headquarters in new york and james you have been looking at the successes and the failures, just take us through what really has been a success for the millenniums. >> and if you look at what they have not achieved what they were supposed to achieve that is why we have a new set of goals. yes, they brought up the standards for many people around the world but the people that needed it most, the very most needy people and in conflict countries they are the ones that perhaps have a benefit from the development goals and we have new goals of sustainable goals and the slogan is no one this time must be left behind and there are more goals and 19
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goals in detail and 169 different targets trying to make sure that those most in need around the world in the next 30 years are brought out of their current state of poverty. >> james, when you say that it's almost as if they had to tweak the millenium goals and transfer lessons learned to try and get it right this time, how easy is it to work on these goals and make things work? >> well, it has been really tough series of negotiations for these goals to take place. this time around it was done with all the countries of the world having a view, the millennium and a criticism is they were done quickly and just done by a small group of people here at the united nations. this time they tried to get all the countries of the world, 193 involved and to try and involve
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civil society, i have to say having said all that if i were to walk here on first avenue beside the united nations which is closed off because of the imminent start of the summit and arrival of the pope and go to third avenue and if i asked ordinary people about sustainable goals people would not have heard of it and that is another task of the summit taking place today is to get buy in from the people of the world as well. >> of course pope francis also will be speaking later today, what are we expecting him to sa say? >> remember the things you have already heard because i'm sure he will expand on it, themes of inequality and poverty and climate change and are addressed in sustainable development goals and why they thought it was a good idea to have his visit immediately before the start of the summit of the sustainable
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development goals and about 90 minutes from now on the next stage of the pope's journey rounds the u.s. and new york and arrive here at the united nations he will be leaving u.s. territory and going on to international territory meeting ban ki-moon and meeting u.n. staff and then entering the domed building, you can't quite see the dome but it's a large building behind me and it's not a cathedral but a secular cathedral, the general assembly of the united nations where all 193 countries are represented. >> james we will leave it there and thank you very much, james base at the united nations in new york. staying with the u.n. development goals and in this report by adrian brown, he has been looking at how improvements in living standards are often marred by enduring hardship. >> reporter: china has pulled more people out of poverty than any where else. but one and her husband are not
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sure. they swapped rural life for the city three years ago. it didn't workout. >> translator: we are afraid of spending money. people give us food, flour and rice and sometimes left over bread. i can't afford to buy food, sometimes restaurants give me left over food. >> reporter: the mound of junk outside their home is a daily reminder of their failed recycling business, they used all their savings to buy scrap metal but falling prices have left them bankrupt. they each get a pension of $10 a month which means they are surviving on less than $1 a day. this is where the wong family lives and sleeps and it's a room measuring no more than 10 square meters and in the corner is a television set and they are no longer watching it because they are trying to reduce energy costs and in spite of the living conditions mrs. wong considers herself to be better off than as
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a girl growing up in the countryside. >> translator: our life is much better than when i was young, 100 times better. in the past people would starve to death. now we don't have money but at least people give us food. >> reporter: in june president xi jinping promised to eradicate poverty within five years, ten years ahead of the u.n.'s global target and he made the pledge weeks after four children were found dead in this house in a poor countryside area. state media said they killed themselves after being abandon by their parents. they like millions of other poor mothers and fathers had gone to the cities to look for work. the tragedy was a reminder of just how difficult it will be for china to reach its ambitious goal says the u.n. official in charge of combatting poverty here. >> so if we can care more about the income distribution and the more balanced development in the
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urban areas i'm sure this kind of phenomenon can be lowered in the future. >> reporter: she and her husband have not heard about the new york summit where world leaders are now discussing how to end global poverty but they hope it succeeds. adrian brown, al jazeera, beijing. the u.n. aid chief has called on pro-russia rebels in eastern ukraine to allow agencies to continue their work, separatists told international aid groups to leave the luhansk region and donetsk suspended humanitarian operations and the conflict which began in april last year killed nearly 8,000 people. china expected to announce plans to limit greenhouse gasses and force industries to buy pollution credits and president xi jinping is scheduled to meet u.s. president barack obama at the white house and on thursday president obama will have a
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private dinner and patty has the report. >> reporter: the white house is talking tough on the eve of president xi jinping's first raising the possibility of going in the south china see and security advisor sent this message. >> the united states of america will sail, fly and operate anywhere that international law permits. >> reporter: president barack obama talked about cyber attacks on u.s. companies. >> that reconsider an act of aggression, that has to stop. and you know we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset. >> reporter: the administration has floated the idea that they will sanction chinese companies and people for hacking into u.s. companies, some analysts believe that would be a dangerous move. >> are we going to do that
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against russian companies? pretty soon are we going to be sanctioning companies all around the world or are we just going to pick on china? this is not well thought through. >> reporter: the u.s. has been singling out china for a while charging five military officers last year and accusing china of stealing personnel files of millions of federal workers without offering any proof. >> we have to kind of salute the chinese for what they did, you know, if we had the opportunity to do that, i don't think we would hesitate for a minute. >> just to be clear are you identifying china as the perpetrator behind the opium attack? >> well, i mean, that is the leading suspect. >> reporter: china denies the allegations and points out because of the edward snowden leaks we know the u.s. has been doing its own fair share of spying collecting phone records, searching encrypted e-mails and creating backdoors with companies and communication
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under sea cables. obama administration says there is a difference between spying for economic advantage versus national security. and it's in the area of national security that the two leaders hope to make history and they are working to finalize an agreement that would ban cyber attacks targeting the critical infrastructure during peace time and that can be a first step of what has been a rocky road in the relationship between two major powers, patty in washington. coming up, in the program opposition to eu policies on the rise in hungary as they try to fence itself off from the influx of refugees and german car maker volkswagen is facing rigging investigation right across the globe. ♪
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welcome back and remind you of the top stories on al jazeera and the king of saudi arabia reviewed a safety review of all hajj procedures and review and investigation follows a stampede that killed more than 700 people on thursday, hundreds were injured. pope francis is set to address world leaders at the u.n. headquarters in new york on friday ahead of his first address to the general assembly he was greeted by thousands when he arrive add at st. patricks cathedral in manhattan.
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reduce greenhouse emissions and force them to buy credits and president xi jinping will talk about tackling climate change later in a summit meeting with u.s. president barack obama at the white house. now hungary's prime minister says he is ready to consider a corridor for refugees to use, trying to get to richer, western european countries, after meeting the austria chancellor he said the question of the next few days is whether the flow of people can be stopped, lawrence lee reports now from hungary. >> reporter: it might not seem like it but in little places in southern hungary the european vision of unity in dealing with the refugee crisis looks like a nightmare come true and you can see the village from the military land, the government has been investigating whether to set up a semi permanent camp here for a thousand refugees but
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it is basically a bog and even providing water would cost a fortune. for the mayor of the village the idea that hundreds of men from the middle east might be dumped here is a more immediate concern. >> translator: the vast majority are young, strong men and on their journey they have natural needs they have not been able to satisfy and there is a strong possibility because of the cultural background they will satisfy their needs in hungary or europe but not in a european way. >> reporter: there are hundreds of little places like this across hungary and other european countries which have no money and no prospects. and she is expecting a daughter soon and thinks the refugees could be offered more financial help than her baby. >> translator: suddenly people are coming from a totally different culture and entitled for aid and understand they need aid but hungary will be up set.
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>> reporter: those with a long memory may understand why hungary's attitude to refugees has more than a little irony attached to it. in 1956 when the soviet army invaded hungary the fiercest resistance to them was here and thousands were killed or had to run for their lives as refugees but of course that was 60 years ago, now it appears a substantial part of hungarian opinion thanks to the eu quota plan would put the wrong sort of refugees in their country. the logic of the quota plan means refugees already vulnerable placed in cities like slovakia where the far right is strong and easily subject to attack. this resent demonstration featured signs saying hang the refugees. we asked the mayor what his
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opinion is of the eu and he said he would show us and promptly took down the eu flag from the village hall and stuck it in the cupboard and it could help the far right and hungary's relationship with russia, al jazeera in southern hungary. refugee crisis in europe has been in the spotlight and other parts of the world are facing similar problems and southeast asia are expecting a new wave of arrivals of rohinja facing persecution in bangladesh and face abuse and worse in their host countries, as wayne hey now reports. >> reporter: a slow, delicate process is only just beginning in a lab in southern thailand, forensic scientists are investigating the deaths of more than 30 people whose remains were found buried on the border with malaysia in may and only
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completed about 10% of the dna testing on the bones and have not discovered how they died. >> translator: the first step is to identify the gender, rough heights and rough ages and the next step is to identify who they are and needs dna comparison. >> reporter: that is unlikely to ever happen, the victims are believed to be from neighboring myanmar with citizenship and face persecution by the government. >> translator: to find their family members is not an easy task since we have no idea who these people were, we have to access to the rohinja in myanmar. >> reporter: the graves discovered in thick jungle, more found across the border in malaysia and seems they fell victim to trackiccers who may have held them for ran some and she has survived a similar journey and born in myanmar and left by boat three years ago hoping for a better life away
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from the camps and he and more than 100,000 rohinja were forced into and he was bought and sold by fishermen and rubber forms and two years of forced labor with no pay. now as the wet season nears an end he is trying to convince his family to stay in myanmar. >> translator: i keep telling my family members who are in the camps about my situation and what i experienced and i tell them to be patient in the camps and don't try to leave and i tell them myanmar will be a better place to live one day. >> reporter: in connection with the deaths 88 people have been charged with offenses related to trafficking and no one charged with murder or manslaughter. this is the final resting place, residents here say that in the days after the remains were found in the jungle most of them were reburied here. there is really not much to show for it. it is an over grown, unmarked grave site on the edge of muslim
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cemetery in thailand and likely similar tragedys will happen again unless there is a strong international response to a problem that is only going to get worse, wayne hey, thailand. japan's sports minister has resigned over planning issues for tokyo's 2020 olympics and plans for the main stadium were scrapped in july after the estimated cost ballooned to over $2 billion, that is twice the original figure. plans for a new stadium built as cheaply as possible have been approved. mexican president says he will appoints a new specific prosecutor to search for the country's disappeared but he did not commit to an internationally led probe which has been demanded by the families of 43 missing students, now it has a
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government claim they were killed after police delivered them to a drug gang. columbia have been acting cautiously to the latest argument with farc rebels that could end the longest running conflict in latin america and as we report from bogati. >> reporter: a moment that colombians will never forget, the deal struck by president santos and has renewed hope on the streets of boga that peace will be reached. >> translator: i think it will happen and we have been at war for 50 years, i'm 55 now and we were at war when i was little and we continue to be. it's time to end this and our children deserve a better future. >> reporter: many here are unhappy that the rebels will not see a day behind bars. >> translator: i want harsher penalties and so many people suffered and families and displaced and it's not right the people will not spend any time
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in jail and deserve more severe punishment. >> reduced sentencing of up to eight years forward crimes permitted by both rebels and government forces in exchange for truth and restoration of victims and it could be paid in alternative settings like farms or rural communities and groups opposed to the deal promise they will try to reverse it. >> translator: the government equated the citizen with terrorism, it's a great insult to the entire community and our society is converted into the perpetrator and for over 50 years we have been the victims of terrorists, kidnappings and killings. >> this honors the memory of the over six million people that were displaced by this conflict and the 220,000 that were killed. the government insists that while it will be impossible to satisfy everybody, this deal
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ensures the most heinous crimes will not go unpunished. >> they have been involved in human rights violations and farc accepting they are responsible for most or many of the atrocities that have occurred in the country and always what is viable may not be attractive to all sides in terms of what they ideally want but it's the kind of game you play in a negotiation where you have to give something to get something. >> reporter: colombians will get a chance to approve or reject the deal when a final agreement is reached but most believe an imperfect deal is the price to pay for peace, al jazeera. german car giant volkswagen is due to name a new chef executive, it is facing investigations worldwide after it falsified emission test results and we have more.
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>> reporter: as the volkswagen emission scandal in the u.s. goes across europe a shock announcement in berlin. >> translator: we have been informed that also in europe the vehicles with 1.6 and 2 liter diesel engines are affected by these manipulations, we will continue to work closely with volkswagen about which vehicles are affected. >> reporter: volkswagen is facing huge lawsuits both in europe and american where they are more popular and 11 million contains software that gets around emissions controlled and it's not clear how many there were or if others cheated as well but britain, france and germany are starting investigation and brussels wants others to follow suit. >> we need to have the full picture of whether and how many vehicles certified in the eu were fitted with defeat devices band by eu law. >> reporter: the problem is
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tests are done in lab conditions. at this center on the edge of london they have been testing for years of nitroge intersection and putting cars through road tests including heavy traffic and results raised suspicions. >> we found there was a 17% gap between manufacturers figures and what we saw in real world conditions and over the last four years that has grown to 24% and we have seen the same issues with air pollution and so the results are far higher in the real world than they are in the lab. >> reporter: the european commissions calling for the official regime to be a better reflection of real driving conditions and that is something they have already have at the center but across the continent it will mean new legislation and it's not clear how long that will take. what is clear is the damage that has been done to consumer confidence not just in vw but the wider diesel industry as governments put pressure on car
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makers to come clean about emissions testing the clammer for credible data is getting louder and louder, london. well, keep up to date with all our top stories on our website, the address for that is al >> the u.n. and huge gathering of world leaders prepare to hear from pope francis, but his message on the environment and social justice may not go over well with everyone. >> the saudi government launches and investigation into a stampede at the hajj. this blame riyadh for mishandling the event. >> the chinese president meets to president


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