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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> the siege, the hit of football's world governing body faces criminal proceedings in switzerland. hello, i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. returning home. the last british resident in quoaquoament bayguantanamo bay g released. and the u.s. and chinese
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president hold talks in washington. and pope francis addresses the united nations calling an end to conflict and more help for refugees. >> hello, fifa president sepp blatter is facing criminal charges in switzerland. being questioned by officials, it was months since he said he would step down are as fifa president. lee well wellings has more. >> when the investigate would reach the president? the answer came on the day sepp blatter chaired an cumulative meeting.
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an executive committee meeting. blatter is croouf is accused of mismanagement of funds. in the statement the swiss attorney general said in 2012, mr. joseph blatter, signed a contract unfavorable to fifa. blatter accused of misusing his position with that contract and one he signed in 2011 for work done a work later, that payment to michel platini. election scheduled for february 26th. but platini was also questioned at fifa hq and is now embroiled in a sorry mess. a form of denial on behalf of blatter came from his lawyers. they said he is cooperating and confident when swiss authorities
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have a chance to review documents and the evidence they will see no mismanagement occurred. ironically, fifa had announced more transparency from their ethics committee. >> i think he will have to be suspended at the very least, and referred to the ethics committee. if he is referred to the ethics committee he will have to stand down, since he will stand down anyway in february whether the new election takes place, i think this is end of blatter. >> long before the fbi's dramatic intervention in zurich in may, the swiss attorney general's team has cooperated with u.s. counterparts. this geopolitically sensitive work continues, with a farcically discredited president, with fifa torn apart by crime. going to be joined by martin
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lipton. an expert in about 15 minutes time. first the last british resident held by quoamen guanta, never been charged or been on trial. u.s. presidents george w. bush and barack obama have both previously cleared him for release. arrested in afghanistan under suspicion for work as a recruiter for al qaeda and reportedly worked for osama bin laden in the country. he has maintained he was there doing charity work. rosalyn jordan joins us from washington, d.c. judge why is he being released ? >> david cameron and jeremy corbin when he was still just a
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member of parliament, part of the increasing pressure placed on the obama administration to finally make the clearance happen. however, it's worth noting that before the increase in political lobbying this year, there had been ongoing negotiations between the u.s. and the u.k. on the terms of amir's release. and that's because the u.s. government is required to make security arrangements that will pass congressional muster. it is now required that certain steps be put into place to essentially guarantee shakir amir or any other man released from guantanamo will have very little possibility to return to the fight pu what i fight but we about this release is it will be another 30 days before shakir
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amir leaves the military prison and returns to the u.k. that is because the government is required to notify the congress about any release from guantanamo. >> he has never been tried, charged with anything yet has been held so long. >> reporter: uh-huh and he has become a symbol because of that fact. there have been so many people brought into guantanamo and never charged with war crimes and that is one of the major criticisms about the u.s. establishment of military prison. there are fewer than 20 people who are facing what are called military commissions at guantanamo right now. 52 people have been cleared for release. 53, if you include shakir amir. and just a matter of the legal negotiations to make arrangements for these men to leave the prison and be placed
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into other facilities. a number of other people who have not been cleared for release are going through periodic review hearings to see whether or not the u.s. government thinks they even pose any sort of threat to u.s. national security. and it's also worth noting these men also have not ever been charged with any crimes and put on trial either in the military commissions or here in the united states civil court. it's been a long-running criticism of the process and certainly the obama administration is at great pains to prove that as part of its commitment to closing the prison that it release those who aren't ever going to face any sort of criminal proceeding. it really does fly in the face and there are those within the administers who will admit this -- administration who will admit this that every person should get his or her day in court and any critics have said that has not been the case at
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guantanamo. >> rosalyn jordan, live from washington, d.c, thank you roz. now, iran has led growing criticism of saudi arabia after at least 717 people died and 863 were injured in stampede near the holy city of mecca. iran's supreme national security council accused the government of incompetence. omar al saleh has the latest from nina. >> after the worst tragedy, in recent history, pilgrims continue their rituals. this is the sprawling city of minna. it lies close to where the
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pilgrims stone the devil. taking place at a intersection like this one. on average, pilgrims stay here three to four days. this man witnessed what happened. >> translator: we were walking in one direction, a man in uniform told us to go another. all of a sudden, the stampede happened. nobody helped me. >> translator: god hope the he authorities. people have to have some sort of organization. >> reporter: the saudi has ordered a full review of hajj plans to record how seriously this incident is being taken. saudis is completed a structure, five floors and has multiple entrances, they go straight to
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the area that represents, they have to throw 21 stones at three location is like this. the other two are further down. the entire process takes five to ten minutes and there are a lot of security forces arranging the flow of the pilgrims. nearly 2 million pilgrims are performing the hajj this season. controlling them is a logistical nightmare. just days before hajj started a koran collapsed, now this. the process of identifying the dead has started. the ministry of health has set up special telephone lines for people abroad to check on the well-being of their relatives. performing the hajj is a journey of a lifetime and for many, that journey has ended here. omar al saleh, al jazeera. in yemen soldiers arrived
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from saudi arabia where they've been in training. deployment to the province has seen as strategically important, more likely to take sanaa if they had won mareb and ta'izz first. preserving the environment, wiping out poverty and the pain of war. just some issues pope francis raised in front of the eun in neu.n. innew york. diplomatic editor james bays has more details. >> the pope entering this are large domed hall but this time not a place of worship, instead in many ways the secular cathedral of global diplomacy. >> we are here to listen. mucha grasias, thank you very
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much. >> touching broad issues like inequality, poverty, the environment, education and the scourge of war. >> not only in cases of religious or cultural persecution but in every situation of conflict, as in ukraine, syria, iraq, libya, south sudan and the great lakes region, partisan interests, however legitimate, in wars and conflict they're our individual persons, our brothers and sisters. >> reporter: earlier, the pope had made his way through streets of eastern manhattan, closed to traffic in a massive security operation. again he was driven in a small car. for the largest part of his trip he technically left u.s. soil and was welcomed into international territory. he was sported around the complex in the u.n.'s version of
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a pope-mobile, a golf cart. he addressed them in english. >> this organization's idea of a united human family living in harmony, walking not only for peace, but in peace, walking not only for justice, but in a spirit of justice. [applause] >> reporter: the pope's speech touched on all the themes of the day's main task for this general assembly. building on the millenium development goals they celebrated as they adopted new goals, the sustainable development goals which run for the next 15 years. their task summed up by the phrase repeatedly uttered here, leave no one behind.
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the whole se holy see flag was , briefly, as the palestinian flag will be raised next week. the pope did much more than observed, laying out the key issues and themes of the new global goals. and it was clear by the time he left that the world was listening. james bays, al jazeera at the united nations. >> still ahead on the program, divisions offer the refugee crisis, the eu pushes croatia to reopen its border with serbia. the allegations sepp blatter is now facing. ftc
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>> hello again a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the president of fifa, sepp blatter is facing criminal proceedings in switzerland. on corruption charges. the last british prisoner is set to be released from guantanamo. senior cleric is demanding saudi arabia hand over to the organization of islamic cooperation. more on the news that sepp bleart iblatter is to face criml
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investigation. martin, blatter we knew is due to stay on course until february when there's due an election. how can he possibly stay on now? >> very hard to see how he does. only last week jerome fellker was suspended over allegations he had been involved in an operation at the world cup. now allegations that blatter is being involved in dodgy sale of television rights with jack warren, a creation of blatter as he sought to overflow bennett johansen as president of uefa in 2002. to have a president of the world game under suspicion from the swiss authorities of all people. if it had been the fbi
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perhaps -- >> you have to remember this is part of the fbi glo-e that is goinnegotiations,this is the sws who are investigating their own man. >> that the swiss laws on privacy and on business conduct basically allowed anyone to do anything they saw fit. now we have the situation where the swiss attorney general has turned his fire on blatter. how can he possibly go anywhere, do anything with any sense of authority when he is facing this potential threat which would lead to jail term were he to be convicted of any offense. >> the interesting thing, i believe everyone felt the legal pointer would have been pointed at blatter. but swiss had been saying he was helpful rather than interviewed as a suspect but he is going forward in the top job in
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february. is he now tainted? >> unless he is cleared very swiftly by the swiss authorities, the pointer would be going in his direction. this is the work that happened, according to him, work he undertook during that period when he was being feflt groomedy groomed for office by blatter. very in strength from premier league and the clubs in gleand tenglandfor review of their strg support and it means the strong candidates, perhaps even the other potential candidates will feel there is a weakness in the platini campaign which they can take advantage of and strengthen their own campaigns to become blatter's successor.
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>> do you ever think we would get to this day where we would see blatter under investigation? >> to tell you the truth no. there was never evidence to pin on him complicity. suddenly it would appear there is a suspicion that he was explicit icomplicit, to criminal corruption. i don't believe, i can't to this day. >> extraordinary time. martin lipton, thank you very much indeed. now the uft u.s. and chinese president had what they called a candid discussion during official visit to washington, d.c. they met for an hour, talking about economic growth and military cooperation along with climate change. since they struck a mutual
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agreement in november last year. china used the state visit to announce a cap in carbon emission by 2017. a move praised by the u.s. president. >> china will begin a cap and trade system to limit emissions from some of its largest sectors. our two countries are also putting forward our common vision for the ambitious climate change agreements we seek in paris. there is no reason for other countries whether developed or developing to not do so as well. >> well, territorial dispute from the south china sea were also discussed with xi jinping giving little ground. >> islands in the south china sea since ancient times, are
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china's territory. we have a right to are maintain our sovereignty. we are committed to maintaining peace and stability in the south china sea managing differences and disputes through dialogue and addressing disputes through negotiation, consultation and in a peaceful manner. >> al jazeera's patty culhane is in washington and sends us this update. >> an absolutely packed agenda for president obama as he met xi jinping for a three hour meeting. they did come to some agreement first on climate change and environmental groups say this is absolutely huge. president obama says china is going to institute a cap and trade system on its major industries, basically make it expensive to pollute, and a funneled for developing nations combat climb change. this is something china has always denied that it takes part in but president obama came out and said they have an agreement now that china will no longer do
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it or support people in trying to steal trade corrects fro sec. president obama said he needed to see actions followed up by words. president xi saying these are the territories of china in the south china sea, but at the end of the day, the leaders sent the message loud and clear, they believe this is the most important relationship in the world. >> john boehner, the republican speaker of the u.s. house of representatives is retiring from congress at the end of september about since he took on the job four years ago, hard liners have challenged his relationship but end of a 20 year career for ohio politician. a south korean citizen who's been detained in north korea for five months has made an appearance before the media in
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pyongyang. he read a prepared speech full of praise for north korea and its government. the 21-year-old admitted to entering the north illegally. it remains to be seen if north korea wants to prosecute him. serbia and croatia, accused serbia of busing refugees to the crossing rather than move them further north to hungary. political uncertainty, for thousands trying to reach western europe. >> they've traveled a long way and don't know where they'll end up. men and women are registered in a temporary camp. europe's blame game over how to handle the flow of refugees showed no sign of ending. >> this must be spot on turkish
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and greece border. greece is not following any rules, they are sending people through macedonia and serbia and now we have this disaster here. these people are staying here less than 24 hours and that was our aim. >> reporter: over the border in serbia the prime minister was showing a senior european union official around a reception center. croatia's accusing serbia of failing to police the campaign, after brussels urged it to do so. >> we have to be clear and it's our humanitarian obligation to find ways and solutions to help these people in an adequate and human way. and this is why i'm here. >> at hungary's border with croatia they're being met by the military. while they're not getting much of this humanitarian assistance
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these people are being let in to continue their journey north wards. austria's chancellor compared this to the hole holocaust. >> translator: there is no corridor situation because austria hasn't agreed to it. you can't organize a corridor if the country at the end doesn't accept it. austria doesn't want a fence on the hungarian border either. austria does not want anything which is not a good position. >> while european politicians bicker, u.n. is warning, the refugee crisis will continue. nadim baba, al jazeera. at least 15 people have reported to have died in a boko
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haram attack in niger. a offensive, drove boko haram from much of the territory held in northern nigeria. brazil's president dilma rousseff is talking about how to salvage brazil's economy. the currency has plummeted against dollar, while investment confidence is as low as it's pen been in years. >> i'm in the economic heart of brazil but all 800 kilometers to the northwest to the capital brasilia, to see what president dilma rousseff will do next, will she impose the necessary measures to get brazil back on track? can she? the brazilian currency the reale is the lowest level against the
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dollar since it was introduced in 1994. investor confidence is at an all time low. >> the government needs to let investors know that there is a political environment of understanding and debate and all the measures they're discussing will in the end be approved. >> the president wants to make macive cuts to public spending closing ten of her 39 ministries but by doing that she risks alienating, those who elected her less than a year ago. these ordinary people, bread and basic items skyrocketing have the most to lose. >> buoyant optimism of just a few years ago when brazil was the economic powerhouse in the region winning bids to hold the football world cup and the olympic games, now neighboring
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countries fear that they too may be dragged down. meanwhile the government embroiled in a massive corruption scandal, feels it can do nothing right. >> the address to click ontome >> for some reason as she was working this is what he did. withwolf whistles). the more peep that hear the story, the true story, no matter if you know nothing about the south, you knew that was long, you thought that child was brutalized that way. before you have reconciliation, you have to


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