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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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people of the china and people of the united states may they work together. >> the u.s. and choif china make progress in talks but issues persist in places like the south china sea. hello from de la everyone i'm kamal santa maria this is the world news from al jazeera. pope francis draws tens of thousands of people as he holds a mass in new york city. corruption catches up with
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sepp blatter as the fifa boss faces criminal investigation in switzerland. >> cracking down on the underworld and stop citizen links with gang lords. so the u.s. presidential barack obama has hosted a state dinner are at the white house for his chinese counterpat xi jinping. the two announced agreements on cyber security and climate change. candid discussions about beijing's nebeijing'sbeijing's e south china sea. patty culhane reports. >> it was a noisy welcome. inside and out. protesters for and against the meeting, which was about much more than the pageantry of a state visit. this is a meeting with a past
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agenda. it is clear they got far on their to-do list. china targets u.s. companies and steals trade secrets. president obama says they reached an agreement china won't do it or support it in the future. >> question now is are words supported by actions and we will be watching carefully as to make an assessment whether progress has been made in this area. >> reporter: president obama says the u.s. will consider sanctioning chinese companies and individuals if the hacking doesn't stop. and then cooperation was strained about the south china sea. >> we have a right to pursue legitimate maritime law and
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interests. >> china agreed to put in a cap and trade program. this is a huge step. >> it is huge for planet because like i said the most important piece that's outstanding right now is what will happen for china's emissions going forward. and these are very concrete steps. we're talking about caps on their total emissions, new system for dispatching electricity. >> a what tense meeting where the leaders didn't agree on everything except this, their countries will need each other now and far into the future. patty culhane, al jazeera washington. >> just a footnote to that story. newly released photographs show that china has completed a runway on the islands of south china sea. on the spratley islands.
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further imposing its power in the ho hotly hotly contested is. reference apparently to undocumented migrants, mass was the final event of the pope before he goes to philadelphia. more from kristin saloomey b. >> pope francis ended his day at the mass of madison square garden. he began the day at the united nations, attending a summit launching global goals ended to stop climate change by 2030. in between those two major events were several smaller less formal events that the kind that the pope seems to be so fond of where he gets to interact a little bit more with people. he was at the 9/11 memorial, the
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scene of the attacks of september 11th, 2001 and when there he got to meet with families of the victims and also holding an interfaith service. he made his way to spanish harlem, and got to meet students and immigrants from the neighborhood, immigrants who originally came from all over the world, again a scene that we have seen throughout his trip to the united states, highlighting the challenges ugh and the humanitand the humanityof this . after that he will spend the night at the papal residence here in new york before he heads to philadelphia for another busy day on saturday. >> before mass pope francis had made an historic speech to the united nations general assembly. james bays last more. >> the pope entering this domed
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hall, not a place of worship but the secular cathedral of global diplomacy. >> we are here to listen, muchas gracias, thank you very much. >> it was a wide ranging speech touching broad issues like inequality, poverty, the environment, education and the scourge of war. >> translator: not only in cases of religion or in any case of conflict, syria, iraq, libya, south sudan great lakes region, real, interests however legitimate the alert may be, in wars and conflicts there are individual persons, our brothers and sisters. >> earlier the pope had made his way through streets of eastern manhattan, in a massive security operation. again he was driven in a small
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fiat car. for this latest part of his trip he technically left u.s. soil was welcomed onto international territory. he was transported around the sprawling complex in the u.n.'s version of a popemobile a golf buggy, he addressed u.n. staff and addressed them in english. >> the idea of a united human family living in harmony walking not only for peace, but in peace, walking not only for justice, but in a spirit of justice. [applause] >> the pope's speech touched on all the themes of the day's main task for this general assembly. building on the millenium goals
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they celebrated as they developed new goals, the sustainable development goals which run for next 15 years. their task summed up by the phrase, repeatedly uttered here, leave no one behind. the flag of the holy see was raised outside u.n. headquarters, a resolution passed recently at the general assembly allowed member states to do that. technically the vatican status hasn't changed, it is an observer. but the pope did much more than observe, laying out the key issues and goals. it was clear that the world was listening. james bays, al jazeera at the united nations. >> fifa official sepp blatter has been accused of corruption in the organization.
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more now from lee wellings. >> the net of criminal investigation has been close be around fifa headquarters. the question had been when the investigation would reach the president. the answer came on the day sepp blatter chaired a executive committee meeting. behind closed doors he was inherited by swiss officers for attorney general and his data seized. media outside were waiting for a press conference that never happened. blearblatter accused of misappropriation of funds. the name of jack warren involved. the statement the swiss attorney general said, in september 2005, mr. blatter signed a contract with the caribbean football union. blatter accused of abusing his position with that contract and one he signed in 2011 for work
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doon decaddone a decade earlier. election scheduled for february 26th, mr. platini is now embloilembroiled sorry mess. he is cooperating and we're confident when swiss authorities have a chance to review documents and the evidence that they'll see no mismanagement occurred, his lawyers said. more transparency from their ethics committee. >> i think he will have to be suspended at the very least, the ethics committee which handles the sort of incidents within fifa, if he is referred, he will have to step down and be represented, since he's due to step down in february i think this is really the end of blatter.
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>> zurich in may, ended in 14 arrests, the swiss officials have cooperated are largely with the u.s. farcically discredited president an organization meant to be the guardians of football torn apart by crime. lee wellings, al jazeera. >> the last british prisoner being held at the u.s. detention center in guantanamo bay is about to go home. shaker aamer was a symbol of no charge without putting on trial. rosiland jordan has that story. >> reporter: after more than 13 years at guantanamo, shaker aamer will soon be going home. he's the only british resident left at the prison camp. at a statement on saturday, a senior u.s. official confirmed aamer's release is at happened. the secretary of defense has
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approved the matter, after a thorough review of this case, after taking into account the robust number of assurances. by the u.k. government. u.s. troops arrested him as a so-called enemy combat ant. >> article 11, innocent until proven guilty. >> supporters waged a massive public relations campaign to secure his release and his status has long been a sense of tension between washington and london. aamer was never charged with any war crimes and was first cleared for release back in 2007. critics say aamer was a victim of the obama administration's fears of seeming soft on terrorism and of congressional
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restrictions of releasing detainees. >> it's a political punching bag. doesn't matter who is there, what the obama administration does, congress wants to use this to score points off the administration to say this is a national security threat that president obama is trying to make even worse. that is one of the reasons guantanamo is going to still remain open and so many people are there. >> after shaker aamer is released, over 100 are still hell, 52 have been cleared for release. transferring 52 men sooner rather than later, rosiland jordan, al jazeera, the state department. >> up ahead, u.s. fighter jets will soon begin strikes against i.s.i.l. and the opposition.
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al jazeera. the u.s. president barack obama has held a state dinner for xi jinping. earlier they announced agreements on cyber security and climate change. pope francis there leading mass before thousands of people at new york's madison square garden. it was his final appearance
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there before departing for philadelphia. sepp blatter has been questioned by swiss officials, multiple allegation he of corruption in world's soccer governing body. military of syria has hand he over to el nusra front. a u.s. intelligence briefing to the white house predicts russian fighter jets stationed in syria will soon begin air strikes. targeting both i.s.i.l. and opposition fighters in an effort to support the assad regime. we heard from andrew tabley who believes russian jets are part of a counter-trosterror initiat. >> the buildup that russia has
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made over the last few days and week or so is much larger than simply a defensive operation. so this is going to be keeping i think with what they're going to announce on monday, and that is a counterterrorism initiative. the problem is of course that the russians regard like the assad regime most if not all of the rebels as part of these terrorist groups. and that's where we're going to have to watch what russia says and what it does in syria in the coming period. >> there's been international criticism of saudi arabia after more than 700 people were killed in a stampede during the hajj period. saudis contend that the pilgrims were not following instructions. >> death of 700 fellow
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handlingis, provided added distress and sorrow. this is the sprawling tent city of minna with over 160,000 tents set up, it lies close to where the pilgrims stone the devil, one of their final rituals of their journey. on average pilgrims stay here for three to four days. this man witnessed what happened. >> we were walking around in one direction and a man in uniform told us to go another. all of a sudden we were together and the stampede happened. i kept calling for help but nobody helped me. >> pilgrims who caused the problems. people have to have some organization. >> reporter: the saudi monarch kill salman has ordered a reviewing of full hajj plans, to show how clearly seriously this
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incident has been taken. complex is made of five floors and it has multiple entrances and once the pilgrims are inside they will go straight to the pillar which symbolically represents the satan. they have to throw 23 stones at three locations, the other two are further down. the entire process takes five to ten minutes and there is a lot of security forces arranging the flow of the pilgrims. controlling and organizing the pilgrims is a loict logistic nightmarlogisticalnightmare. the ministry of health has set up special telephone lines for people abroad to check on the well-being of their relatives.
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performing hajj is a journey of lifetime and for some that journey has ended here. omar al saleh, al jazeera, minna. >> the story of a fabric that will now disappear from the shop of a merchant. >> politics stay strictly at the door. >> they come from the three regions, the imams and also the christians which are the people's shops and sometimes they give a guest for the pope. >> he shows us fabric provided for the previous pope, benedict. >> i like people to come to my store to share, even we have a friend -- they make a friend in my store. >> reporter: we see that when
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we meet rony, a long time client. >> i'm basic a client, i know bilal for more than 18 years. all of us are coming here jews muslims christians. he is the prettiest face of the whole city for me. every time i come i'm here. >> reporter: but these shelves also hold a story of another conflict. >> damascus fabric it's very short. i can't go there because the situation. >> reporter: this is a robe that is traditionally worch at wedding celebrations and this particular piece comes through the syrian capital, damascus. it is the you last one left in abu saleb's shop. the city of palmyra which has
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taken over by islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> palmyra they do art fabrics, with pure silk and 14 karat gold. >> even here business is bad. >> we feel all the time now is jerusalem has acclaimed no one to come here. >> he hopes he may return to syria one day to continue buying the fact restriction that have been his family' family's businr generations. stefanie dekker, al jazeera. >> dishonest about consequences they claim independence would bring. catalonia hopes to get a mandate that will put it on a path towards independence.
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spanish government says that move would be illegal. backing for catalonia surpasses the support for independence. switzerland has temporarily banned the volkswagen diesel model. firm is facin facing investigats worldwide, after being involved in stalls software results. in a month's time argentinians will vote for president. >> daniel surley has been the governor of buenos aires for eight years now he's going after the presidential seat. he was picked by crifn kirs cria
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kirchner. he spoke about his plan if he's elected president. >> we will continue with the agenda of development protection investment. protecting argentine votes. >> considered merely a moderate within the party. even though he has the lead latest polls show that he still doesn't have nufers votes to win in the first round. that's why he needs to broaden his support base. but the mayor of buenos aires and the former president of the boca juniors club. >> we are isolated, our economy is a disaster, we only negotiate
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with the chinese. a different document would indicate how it deal with the world. >> who claims he will puft an end to the polarization that took place in the country since the kirchner took every in argentina. >> we will build a positive argentina. >> the area is filled with corruption and fraud. there is a natural power struggle that comes around with the end of relationship. >> it is the ends of kirchner as we know it. the type of government and the way of understanding power will
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change. >> reporter: many here are tired about the confrontation that existed. during the 12 years the kitchen centers have been out of power. that's why they are looking forward to this.teresa vo, al jazeera, buenos airns. >> prime minister has said some of those soldiers may now be prosecuted pnl. >> reporter: everything is in place to the process of didisarmament will go on. though that carry on a military career will be able to do that.
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>> named and shamed under a new law, the items is to stop the horses from making money. the heart land of japan's red light district it promises to be, the yamagucci goonie, it is reported that a rival faction has now broken away. writer atsushi has studied the group for the last four years. truth is, it has given. politics and in the economy has been diminishing. the split is happening in this
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kind of climate and there is a danger it could lead to a turf war between the gangs. >> part of the problem is the link between organized crime and the wider economy. heavily dependent on the japanese economy the yakuza's heyday was in the bibl years of thbubble yearsof the 1980s. laws introduced at local government level are designed to make things even temperature. any company now found to be doing business with organized crime games face being prosecuted and milkily named. it is part part of the oppositi. >> the police have said they were going to destroy the
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yamaguci goony but to show they're still around. >> rob mcbride, al jazeera, tokyo. >> head to for all the breaking news and social media update whenever you want them. interi'm ali velshi. toorlgt tonight, the $5 billion boondoggle. the race for the white house. we're following the money to expose a system where anything goes, and the candidates themselves are helpless to control it. there are still 14 months to go before americans vote for their next president in november of 2016. but the television air waves if some key states are already


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