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tv   Pope Francis in America  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2015 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. >> [ ♪ ] welcome to our special coverage of pope francis in america. i'm john seigenthaler in philadelphia, and you are listening to sister sledge. there's a party going on in philadelphia, and it's being put on by the catholic church. the pope is scheduled to arrive shot by. ashar quraishi is down on
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benjamin franklin parkway with the crowd. what is it like there sfl? >> right here where we are, it gives you a scale of the massive security. here is the barrier. behind the barriers are people who are getting in line, who will go through the magna tom eters, through the security, into the perimeter, where they'll view the festival of families, getting under way now. let's go down, it stops here, and beyond that people are really happy. if you keep looking, there are bigger crowds waiting in line to get to this point. let's turn all the way around and we have hundreds of people streaming in from this side, from the unsecured perimeter to come around and get in line.
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all with a pig show that is coming up. you have artists like mark wahlberg. coming out here to perform. massive groups moved quickly. >> all right. thank you ashar quraishi. we are losing the signal with ashar quraishi. i understand sister sledge is from philadelphia, but it's a big apart, and it's on stage behind me. there are special seats behind me, in front of the stage. a lot of them are not filled. behind the barriers there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people. jonathan betts is also on benjamin franklin parkway. what are you seeing? >> yes, we are in the middle of that party. the anticipation is building. in a few moments we expect the holy father to come down here,
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benjamin franklin parkway, and they are lined up from up to a million people expected to be here, just for a glimpse of the pontiff that comes by. the pond sieve has been here. this moment is special. it's the first time people of the general public, without picking, can see the pope up close. the other event, where 80,000 people are waiting, you have to have a ticket for that. here, you don't. among the people waiting and helping are these women. joan and abigail. they are helping the vatican, waiting for the pope to come buy. how excited are you? what are you thinking? >> very excited. in terms of fam illity, personality, and he's a simple man, and he approaches. he really lives his life that
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way. >> and you were born and raised in philadelphia. >> born and raised in philadelphia. >> also a catholic, and you wanted to volunteer here, why is this so special to you. >> i haven't felt this way in years. it's great to be involved with the church. >> your friend abigail, do you feel what she's talking about, a sense of faith and compassion. >> definitely feel it, in the energy. the energy that is free here is amazing. i feel his spirit here. his coming has been amazing. >> what's it been like for you out here today. you've been working and come a long way. >> talking to a lot of people. i think people are tired but happy. doesn't matter how much people feel it. >> that is something i'm struck by. getting here is not easy. >> you have to want it. most people have not seen him
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today. you have to stand around. may not get to the bathroom. we are stuck in certain areas. but people are, you know, just to see him. and people are just, you know, standing, waiting, and are willing to take the pain. >> we are all - we are all standing and waiting for that moment. they are lined up. the phones are turned on. people are reserving their space right up in the barricades, waiting for this historic moment. back to you. >> thank you. i'm joined, as usual, by the congress for the washington, and founder of on faith and patrick horn back, head of the theology department from fordham university. i don't know what i expected for the festival of families, i'm not sure this was it. i mean this is a full-blown party going on. rock'n'roll, big time. and will they are having fun out there, right. >> i did not expect getting down with the pope.
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>> there is a whole contradiction here in mind. >> between the mass this morning, and in this afternoon. >> it's a sea change, it's 360, 180. >> i think the pope would say it's not a contradiction. the word used on the trip is alegrea in spanish, joy. he's saying that people should find joy in the faith and through the musical festival. it's a lot of what he's talking about. i think the pope will be very excited. at least as excited as what you see here. >> you saw the nuns rocking. >> they were rocking. everyone is rocking. >> as if gets later, they will. we have happy hour. >> well, i don't know. what i do know is that there's a lot of joy out there, and we are family has kind of been the theme song for the trip, because of the festival of the family. what is the festival of family?
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>> so, the world meeting of family is the eighth time since 1994 that the vatican brought people together to celebrate the theme of family. some of the specials take place in rome, europe. of the eight six have been attended by popes in person. the other two the popes sent a video message too. this is a triennial festival. at the same time, as in the u.s., about what makes a family, are going on, it makes the catholic church a way to present in an optimistic, positive way, its i dealts for family life. >> let me explain what is going on, this is a beautiful picture of dusk in philadelphia. tens ever thousands have gathered to hear the pope. the city has literally shut down. few vehicles have travelled. most law enforcement. a few buses and a lot of excited
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fans of pope francis. they love him, they want to hear him, and in city is on fire with francis fever. describe what you are feeling tonight as you look out into the crowd? >> well, you know, before he came i was feeling like a lot of journalists, where we have seen a million famous people and i felt blase and cynical about the pope. now we are sitting here. he'll be right there in front of us, and i'm getting excited. it's fantastic that we are going to have - i didn't spect to be this -- expect to be this close to him. i thought we'd be in a studio. >> the other thing is the pope will ride up in either the pope mobile or the fiat soon. ashar quraishi is back with us. what are you seeing now? i mine, you've got a big line-up
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there. >> yes, we have a couple of people that have been in line. >> a long time, since 8:30. maria from new jersey, you guys are going inside, you have ticket for the event. >> yes. >> how long has it taken you to get around between the perimeters. >> nine months - no. >> about an hour. >> more than an hour. >> we've been walking around trying to get through. it's moving slowly, i understand, i appreciate the security. >> awesome. >> there's a number of people i'm going to interrupt you ashar quraishi, because the pope has made himself known. he's in the jeep wrangler pope mobile with an interior light on so the crowd can get a good glimpse of him. just as ashar quraishi started the live shot, the crowd erupted
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in cheers, and they just - just got a glimpse of him. this is quite an amazing sight. i would assume it's a nightmare for security. we are getting dark. the pope has a light on, and there's tens of thousands of people here to see him. >> he has his little cape on, it's getting cold. the cape was flying up in his face, it was windy earlier. i'm a little worried. it will get colder and colder as he sits out there during the concert, which is an hour. at least an hour. >> whether or not we are standing, this is the classic image of pope francis. everyone remembers when he was elected, and came out on the balcony of the vatican, disposing of the fancy garments, the same thing we see him wearing here. this is a pope who is fearless,
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he has gotten so close to people. here in philadelphia, it's been a little more difficult, as you were saying, the security situation is tighter. we saw him reaching into the crowd, kissing babies, stopping at the airport in new york and great someone on the side of the road. >> let me stop you there, look the the lights on either side of the road. all those are smartphones, cameras. everyone has the smartphone and wants to get a glimpse of the pope as he drives by. i'll point this out. when the pope gets close to people, and he's in that - in the line, and is shaking their hands, sometimes people pay more attention to their selfie than they do to the pope himself, just to function how the world changed. >> interesting to see how the world stopped. it didn't look like he was going to, but he pulled over and stopped. now that it's dark, he may not do that. >> these large vans, the security vans on either side.
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this is new. >> this is something, a climb abbing tick moment near the end of the trip. they are getting in between him and the people, not something he appreciates. >> it seems to be a little more security along the rope line, not as much so far of him asking to bring a baby in and kiss the baby or children, but clearly an energized folk. i think it is worth remembering that the pope arrived several days ago. he has gone through amazing events, including speaking before a joint session of congress in washington d.c. canonized a state. moved on to new york city, where he prayed in madison square gardens, at prayers in st. patrick's's cathedral. >> spoke to the u.n. >> and a parade in central park, came to philadelphia, said mass
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this morning. got up early. said mass this morning, has been to the seminary, and... >> independence hall. >> independence hall, and now is coming to the festival of families to speak again and watch the performances of aretha franklin. jonathan betz has more for us. >> yes, the energy is unlike anything we have seen before. a huge crowd erupted when the pope began his pilgrimage and parade down benjamin franklin boulevard. he's about to go around city hall and come back on our direction. people on in side of the park, with an excellent view of the pope. people have their phones out. they have been cheering. there's a lot of excitement here waiting for the holy father to come by. >> one of the things that is interesting about this, they
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started near the stage, then he'll go up and around and come back on the other side of the park way in order for the crowd on that side to get a chance to see him. he's making a u-turn and coming back now. >> we have seen the pope in the pope mobile during his time in the u.s. it has to be more than the mile that he was in central park, more than the 3 or 4 blocks that he was in the pope mobile in d.c. >> we saw the empty pope mobile flipping around the street. i guess they were sending it back to him while he was in control. >> then he took the fiat out to the seminary. they are moving quickly. >> someone just threw something. >> i saw them throw flowers, some threw dolls, it looked like. there's a lot of memorabilia sold on the streets of philadelphia.
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>> an endearing image was the pope holding up a pope doll. >> it was a beautiful shot. >> you have those large s.u.v.s, you have police on bicycles. and then, of course, the guard is on the pope mobile itself, this is not a slow ride. >> jennifer london is standing by along the route as well. jennifer. . >> as you can see the pope mobile is coming down bin jammin franklin roadway. it's our understanding that he'll continue down the parkway, turn around, make a pass down the park way and head to the festival of families. you can tell by the reaction of the crowd that this is something they've been waiting for all day. we were up early this morning, and the crowd had started to gather at 6:00a.m. at 7am. and
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they have come here with hopes of seeing the pope and the pope-mobile drove by the crowd here at ben franklin. >> inside the pope-mobile you see, of course, the archbishop of the philadelphia diocese in the back seat on the left there. and arch bishop and then on the right-hand side his translator in the back. keeping close to the pope. >> it's been senior mark miles, an initial priest. the pope's voice in english. one of the things that happened is the pope will come back again. they've been able to speak. understood by spanish and english. why are they doing this to the
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festival of the families, what does that signify. there's a significant part. when the pope arrives, there's a prayer service that has six testimonials in it. people speaking about their life as a family. there were readings from the bible. a reading from a letter of pope john paul the second. at the end of it the pope will give a talk about the family, the central reason for the trip, the festival of families. this is a height for the festival that has been going on for a week and continues after the pope leaves. >> there has been contention issues about the families, obviously. >> do we expect him to touch on the controversies or is this just supposed to be a joyful sill breaks. >> the most important thing is the definition of family,
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especially in light of the same-sex marriage decision. here in the united states what distinguishes pope francis is the pope tends not to talk in negatives, i expect he'll praise the catholic concept. i don't think he'll dwell much, if at all, on rejecting other notions of family. if he does so, he'll probably do it indirectly. >> we have several famous folks. mark wahlberg, the actor, we'll hear from the philadelphia orchestra, aretha frankly will perform "the fray" - there's a star studded list of folks. >> how did they choose them, do we have any idea? do you think the pope said "i want aretha franklin." >> she is very excited about if. i listened to an interview she did the other day, this is it
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something she sees as special. she's supposed to sing "amazing graze", and another song she refused to reveal. we'll find out tonight. with the city hall in the background of this photo here. i think the other thing is how the city handed itself over to catholicism. >> i'm not sure about that. i have a friend not religious, but she said "i have been glued to the television." my family in california said the same thing. they have been watch, they are not religious. >> the philadelphia catholic church has been stalwart over the last few hundred years, philadelphia catholics love
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their city and church. it's for that reason they have been so wounded by the continuing revelations of sexual abuse. >> hold the thought. jennifer is out there where the pope is passing. jennifer london. >> john, this crowd is betting ready for a second pope francis flyby. they've seen the pope in the pope-mobile drive up and down benjanin franklin parkway. there's a celebration, the crowds have been out all day. we saw the first advance motorcade go down benjanin franklin parkway. tour the art museum where the festival of families happen. we expect the hope to make a second fly by to the crowd, which is awaiting a second chance to see him. >> jonathan betz is also on the route. >> yes, energy incredible here. thousands of people lining the
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sidewa sidewalk. police cars, lights flashing. close to a million people expected to be out here today. keep in mind this is the first time is pontiff visited philadelphia, since john paul ii came in 1979. what makes this special to so many people, unlike all the other appearances by the holy father on the u.s. trip. you had to have a ticket. the million people on the park way they are members of the public, they didn't get a ticket. they were drawn by the moment, they want to be as close to the pontiff as possible and went through an incredible amount of security to get here. many walked miles since sinner city is locked down and shut down. for them, waiting out here for hours. this is an ingridible moment. even -- incredible moment, even if it is brief. >> watching a police officer wave to the folk.
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jennifer, back to you. >> john, i don't know if you can hear the crowd, but the pope is making a second drive by on benjanin franklin parkway. the pope-mobile appears to be going a little slower. the crowd is going wild. the pope is waving to everyone, flags are waving, people are cheering, and this is the second time he's gone by benjanin franklin parkway. a second drive by. earlier you referred to francis, who is at the high. the folks along the park way had not one, but two sightings of the pope, and he is making his way to the art museum and back to the stage. it's where we are, and we can see the motorcade coming by. we can see it over our shoulders.
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do you get the sense that most of the people in your area are from philadelphia, or this part of the country, or other places? > well i'm not jonathan can hear us. >> you can hear them behind us. crowds are going crazy. >> we lost jonathan betz. he is literally coming right by this part of the press platform, which is right in front of the big stage, and what is surprising there's a cordoned off area in front of the stage for, i assume, vips. >> he looks like he wants to jump out. he's leaning out towards the crowd like "i want to hold a baby." >> again, there's such a big crowd behind, but in front of it, for the selected seats, they are not filled. i don't know why, or whether the people came at the last moment and had difficulty getting in
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the security checkpoint where ashar quraishi is earlier today. clearly there are plenty of people and there are all sorts of estimates, but you get a sense of the enormity of this, but also you see in that shot, all the big video screens. if they are not up front and close. they are giant screens lining the park way. there's all the sound, and you can hear the event on stage, and they'll see and hear the pope. from the video screens they have pictures of where the pope is. if he isn't right by them, and they get a glimpse of him. >> they cut off the parkway at about 6:15 so that anyone that wanted to get back and forth. even members of the media, couldn't. >> they blocked us in. >> maybe some of those seats were people trying to get here and were blocked out. >> the remarkable thing is
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there's still people. ashar quraishi is outside. there's long lines of people that want to get in. right, ashar quraishi. >> the checkpoint we are at - there's little more than a doze in of these checkpoints. they are continuing to move massive amounts of people through the check points. everyone has to pull their bags out. they have to turn on the cellphones. people have been waiting, and i'll turn the camera to see a stream of people who are passing by. these people - they are not in line yet. they'll go all the way down, maybe 40 yards, 50 yards and will be put into a holding pen that is kept away from the line that is actually getting to the magna tom terse. they have a long way to walk back, they'll be held in the holding pen, and will be amongst the crowd here, and then this crowd will go through the magna tom terse and get to the
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locations where jonathan betz and jennifer london talk about the enthusiasm. the energy is high. people are waiting patiently, i am sure once they get through they'll get louder. >> i want to see if we can listen to the crowd as he gets closer to the stage. [ crowd noise ] mp mp sally and patrick... >> i pulled out my glasses so i could see. i feel like i can almost touch limb. -- him.
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>> you can see the motorcade clearly. he is approaching the stage right now. he's just come down the stage. i'm thinking about timing here. clearly engineered. very, very exciting for the poem to see this crowd of people. >> it's interesting how he starts out a little slowly, when the crowd gets crazed, his face lights up, his posture changes, and he's so energized. >> look at him with the security detail, laughing, and it's a wonderful moment. the crowd reacted so enthusiastically. you and i have been talking about the pope. this is the first time we got to clap our eyes on him. it's easy to see the magic, what attracts people about a simple joyful man in a world that often is not simple or joyful. >> what i find interesting is
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the contradictions between the simple man, who really wants to be alone and meditate and sleeps in a little tiny room, and doesn't like the trappings of power, and yet here he is the king of the world. >> the star. >> yes. >> jonathan betz is with children that got photos of the pope. >> photos. so cool. jonathan, can you hear me? >> sorry, it's noisy out here, i can hear you, yes. the pope just passed by a couple of moments ago. it's a brief glimpse, but a lot of people excited to see the holy father. this 15-year-old student, what do you think? >> it was crazy, seeing him on tv, and seeing him, like, 10 feet away. waiting six hours for him. it was worth it, though. >> was it worth it? >> yes, it was like, just weird. >> why do you say weird? >> in a good way. >> how so?
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>> just like always hearing about him, like, everyone talking about him, and then actually seeing him. to see him in person, the man that has been broadcast all over the world, a famous figure history, to be there in this moment, take a video, how important was that to you. >> pretty much to show my friend. that you came here, waited out on the streets with everyone else, hours and hours on in. for a couple of moments there. >> yes. >> are you happy with how close you were able to get. >> i was shocked. i thought it would be a lot further than that. >> i thought it would be tiny. >> i was surprised by that. we are on the street. a couple of people away from the barricade. this was the whole point of this event. that's why they expected a million people here. this is the first time members
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of the public could come here and be up close and personal with the people's pope. >> thank you. i think it's worth repeating. we mentioned it earlier in the day. this is a huge crowd, probably a friendly crowd i've been in a big crowd. i have never seen anything like the kindness, gentlemenness of the people here. >> we were talking about it earlier, how different it was from some - well, when i saw the inauguration, the first inauguration of obama, you had the same feeling, people were friendly and nice. normally in a big crowd, if it's 4th july, you feel a little on edge. i feel safe walking through the crowd, there's 20 police men on the block. i haven't seen any negativity. >> the difference to the inauguration of president obama is none of these people voted for the pope.
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this is a man elected by the cardinals of the roman catholic church, not a progressive group, yet he's won the hearts and minds of people. it's a remarkable moment. >> do you want to speculate why? >> some have suggested that he might be a socialist. that he's a bernie sanders guy. because he's talking about the poor and the oppressed, and the immigrants - that somehow they are the people that he represents, and speaks up for. that's why he's popular, he's the people's pope. that may be a reason why he had appearance with the bishop and some. conservative candidates running for president. they don't like the
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anti-capitalist messagees putting out. >> they say he's the people's pope. he's the catholic's poem. is he more than the catholic congregation's poem. >> he's the first jesuit pope, that's something we shouldn't lose site of. the society of jesus, the order he comes from is famous for being involved in the world. jesuits are scientists, and psychologists and business professors. they do all sorts of things. because of that, there's a way the jesuits through the centuries cultivated a relationship with everyone from the highest in the land to the lowest. >> i pointed it out to you before, they are considered by many in the catholic church as liberal. >> that's right. >> st. francis gave up on enormous wealth and lived and read for the rest of his life.
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he represents the system. >> what do you say to that, when people say he's a jesuit and he comes from the liberal side of it. >> yes, it's hard to put francis into the liberal and conservative officers. on in trip, we heard him talk about things he associated with political reform. he has shattered the american thoughts, and people find in the pope things that they connect to. it's the way he lives his life. the simplicity, the authenticity, values that 21st people respect, and that's why he is the pope. >> are priests concerned that if they live too high on the hog, if they live in a nice place. if they go out to dinner in a place place, maybe they shouldn't do that, because the pope says we need to live like
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poor people. and by example, show them. >> i heard a priest on another network, saying the difference is sometimes when i go to a nice restaurant, i think what would pope francis say about that. the real test will be as father tom said on al jazeera america on wednesday. when catholics go to the parish church, will they find a priest reminding them of pope francis, or not. the success of pope francis's mission is not just the u.s., but the way it imitates the people and the value. >> it's so much the opposite of the way pope benedict lived high on the hog, and the robes he had made and the jewels and the red shoes - pomp and circumstance.
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there was a cardinal in germany living in a palace and pope francis was upset about this. and asked him to move out. and he was sort of personae non grata, and it was a message to everyone else "knock it off guys, this is not the way we are supposed to live." ashar quraishi has some folks that watched the pope go by. >> we are with heidi and grandma join, what was it like. >> unbelievable. >> did you feel you got close enough? >> i could have got closer, it was inspiring to be that close. >> grandma, this is not the first time you saw a poem. >> this is the second. one time in iowa,pe. >> this is the second. one time in iowa,.
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>> you've been here all day. >> we feel mon oured -- honoured to see the holy father. >> more people coming in, going back around. standing in the long lines, and they have happy faces right there. >> you were doing the interview. the pope walked out on stage. let's listen with her.
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[ ♪ ] [ cheering and applause ] >> we'll hear from the pope probably in about an hour. as i understand it, he'll watch many of the performers, i believe there'll be a prayer to begin with. let's listen. >> announcer: good evening. welcome to philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. [ cheering and applause [ cheering and applause ]
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we are here to celebrate the family with pope francis, and obviously quite a few of his friends showed up. thank you. all of you have travelled and sacrificed to be here. the love for the holy father shows to the world the joy at the heart of the gospel. we call the pope holy father for a reason. it's because the church is a family of families from every corner of the world. like a good father the pope leads us with weis tom and mercy. most he teaches the gratitude and happiness of being alive, as children of the loving father. we have a lot of wonderful things ahead of us. god bless i for being with us,
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god bless you for your families, and god bless pope francis for many years to come. [ cheering and applause ] >>. >> in the name. father and the son and the holy spirit. peace be with you. >> all: and with you. >> let us pray.
7:40 pm
oh god, family life has its firm foundation. look at compassion on the bearers of all your servants. and that we follow in the example of the holy family of your only begotten son in practicing the virtuous of family life and in the bones of society, we may, in the joy of your house, delight one day in eternal. your son who lives, prays with you in the unity of the holy
7:41 pm
spirit, one voice forever and ever. >> amen. >> good evening. welcome to the festival of families. [ cheering and applause ]. >> my name is mark wahlberg, and i'm so proud to be a part of this awe-inspiring event. holy father, we are blessed and graced to be in your presence. father, welcome to philadelphia. [ cheering and applause ] this is the city of brotherly love. one of my favourite cities in the world. father, isn't this a great
7:42 pm
crowd. so, listen, i've been very fortunate having done not too bad for myself in the film industry as an abbing door and producer -- actor and producer, but i feel proud to be on stage with the holy father and fellow christians, i truly feel today i can do anything, and i attribute all of my success to my catholic faith. [ cheering and applause ] >> my faith has given me the ability to be a good father, husband and, most apparently, a good person. faith brings great joy to my life. and my life brings me closer to my faith. tonight we come together to celebrate faith, family and community. the following ceremony will show vis um, music and art performances and joy and
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challenge from six families that travelled from different continents. let's start with a collaboration from maria miller, and the dancers of the pennsylvania ballet. ♪ i was saving ♪ i want to save you ♪ and i want to help you ♪ i want to help ♪ and i want to fix this ♪ i want to fix your broken wings ♪ ♪ and i want to change this ♪ i want to change ♪ so listen to me now ♪ well i'm not going to stand
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here ♪ ♪ with my friends. ♪ ♪ i'm not going to run away. we'll figure it out. ♪ ♪ if there's anything to say, i would tell you now ♪ ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone ♪ and i'm going to roll up ♪ i'm going to roll up my sleeves ♪ ♪ and i'm going to fight for you i'm going to fight. ♪ ♪ so listen to me now ♪ because i'm not going to stand
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here i'm not going to run away. it's hard to figure it out. if there's anything to say. i would tell you right now. ♪ ♪ you are not alone ♪ you are not alone ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone sh ournot alone ♪ ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone ♪ listen to me now ♪ listen to me now
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[ ♪ ] ♪ ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone. ♪ ♪ you're not alone ♪ you're not alone thank you. >> thank you. [ ♪ ] [ singing ] ♪ ♪ lord i have faith ♪ for someone i have never seen.
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♪ ♪ i don't care what he looks like ♪ ♪ as long as he loves me ♪ i'm not particular ♪ but could he have blue eyes ♪ just like the sky ♪ and wavy and 6 foot 2 ♪ is my favourite heart ♪ and lord i don't care what he looks like ♪ ♪ and i have been so lonesome ♪ waiting for him to come right-hand. ♪ ♪ but if you're teaching me patients #i'll be patient ♪ ♪ but could we meet by the first of july ♪ ♪ so that i can hold my hand ♪ as we light up the sky
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♪ and every ♪ and take a sweet, sweet sign ♪ whatever you want ♪ is whatever you want ♪ so i'm not particular. ♪ ♪ so if high has green eyes that would be fine ♪ ♪ or broken hair that's all right ♪ ♪ 6 foot 2 is my favourite height. ♪ ♪ lord, i don't care ♪ and could we meet ♪ by the first of july ♪ so we hold my hand ♪ as it lights up the sky ♪ and marry me ♪ oh marry me.
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♪ ♪ marry me ♪ on an april night ♪ and lord, take your sweet, sweet sign ♪ ♪ and lord i don't care what he looks like ♪ [ cheering and applause ] >>. >> next we'll hear from amy, the
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beneficial of a miracle. one that led to the canonization of mother drexal, a saint from here, philadelphia. a reading from the book of the prophet josa. when israel was a child i loved him. out of egypt i called my son. the more i called him the further they went from he me. it was i who taught him to walk. who took him in my arms, but they do not know i cared for them. i drew them with human cords, which fans love. i foster them like those that raise an infant to their cheek. i bent down to see them. syria shall be his king, they refused to repent. the sword shall rage in the city, it shall destroy his
7:51 pm
diviners. by people have their mind-set on apos taffy, and call on god in unison. he shall not raise them up. how can i give up from you israel or deliver you up israel or treat you or make you like simboyan. my heart is overwhelmed, pity stirred. i will not destroy him again. i am god. not a man. the holy president among you. [ clapping ] >> camilla and kelly are from large families in australia, engaged to be married less than two months away, and acknowledge the joys and fears in looking towards sharing their lives together. please welcome camellias and
7:52 pm
kelly. [ clapping ] >> our names are kamil as and kerry, and we are happy to have travelled here from australia to deliver this message to up. we grew up in outback australia. in small agricultural community. located 200 miles apart. from each other. we were friends for 14 years before eventually deciding to become man and wife.
7:53 pm
>> during our courtship and engagement we have struggled to live, the virtue of chast itty, and she's believed. this is the surest path to a happy marriage, and the best way for us to get to know each other. we want our relationship to be a true friendship, strengthened by a pure love for each other, and an even greater love for our lord. to this end we have prayed the rosery, attended mass together, and received the sackriment of pendants regularly. like any couple though, we have some fears about getting married. in our country there is a high rate of divorce. and we often wonder how can we
7:54 pm
be sure that this will not happen to us. furthermore, we are concerned about the increased push to change the legal definition of marriage, and what that would mean for us, our children and our community, our society. >> we are further concerned about being able to provide for our future family, should our economic circumstances change. we hope to be able to go to mass each day, but we were worried about the shortage of priests, in rural australia, where we intend to live after we were married. >> other than the hopes, we are filled with hope. hope that we are able to come home to each other to love each other and to respect each other.
7:55 pm
fixed our marriage is blessed with children. we hope to raise them to know love and serve god. we hope to help them to be good citizens who contribute to the greater society. we will strive to love each other and keep a sense of humour, and have lots of fun together. we'll spend quality time as a family and pray together each day. we thop be a support for family and friends, to help them know how much god loves them. holy father, we are praying to you. we thank you to for your guidance.
7:56 pm
we ask you please pray for us in these last few months before we get mar quid, and for all couples that are engaged and already married. thank you. [ clapping ] [ clapping ] with four grammy
7:57 pm
nominations... [ ♪ ] . >> every society in the history of the world has seen that ying and yang the masculine and feminine are not rated to humans and even to animals. that god who invented human sexuality, the two fit. >> the couple is the starting point, but it's - it's a ripple. it goes around wide. whatever i do in my marriage, it
7:58 pm
keeps widening. on to the cover, of the whole world. >> every content where there is strong families, only good game of it. cross the growth of decline, civilizations. it's family. >> marriage is about the society. it is your own project for the world. >> you have my heart. >> i belong to my lover. and my lover be longs to me.
7:59 pm
[ ♪ ] as we continue to watch the festival of families in philadelphia, we'll take a quick break as they set up for the next act, and be right back after this.
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8:02 pm
[ ♪ ] the last stop in the united states. pope francis in america. his last stop in the united states is philadelphia. where the festival of families is in philly tonight, and people say mass in philadelphia tomorrow. tens of thousands of people watching the pope on big video screens all across the city, lining benjanin franklin parkway. the festival of families is going to last for probably
8:03 pm
another hour. many performers, they've been showing a video. i want to bring in sally and patrick. after we heard a couple get up and say a little while ago that they are about to get married and are concerned about the legal status of marriage changing in australia, it's changed in the united states already, the real question for the catholic church it seems to me is what constitutes a family. >> are you talking to me? >> yes. yes. or patrick. >> there's so many discussions among catholics, as among everyone else, about what makes a family. catholic's are most supportive of ascertainable. 60% in a poll approved.
8:04 pm
the catholic church does not recognise it. that's a tension. on stage is mark wahlberg the mc using the next act. >> we'll talk about the family after this. [ ♪ ] ♪ step one
8:05 pm
[ singing ] ♪ how to save awe life. [ singing ]
8:06 pm
♪ where did i go wrong? ♪ ♪ i lost a friend ♪ somewhere along in the bitterness ♪ ♪ and i would have stayed up with you all night ♪ ♪ had i known how to save a life ♪ ♪ as he begins to raise his voice ♪ ♪ you lower yours ♪ and grant him one last choice ♪ ♪ drive number you lose the road ♪ ♪ or break with the once you've goal jod ♪ ♪ he will do one of two things ♪ he will admit to everything ♪ or he'll say he's just not the same ♪ ♪ and you'll begin to wonder why you came ♪ ♪ where did i go wrong? ♪ ♪ i lost a friend ♪ somewhere along in the
8:07 pm
bitterness ♪ ♪ and i would have stayed up with you all night ♪ ♪ had i known how to save a life ♪ ♪ where did i go wrong? ♪ ♪ i lost a friend ♪ somewhere along in the bitterness ♪ ♪ and i would have stayed up with you all night ♪ ♪ had i known how to save a l f loaf ♪ ♪ how to save a life ♪ how to save a life ♪ where did i go wrong? ♪ ♪ i lost a friend ♪ somewhere along in the bitterness ♪ ♪ and i would have stayed up with you all night ♪ ♪ had i known how to save a life ♪ ♪ where did i go wrong?
8:08 pm
♪ ♪ i would have stayed up ♪ had i known how to save a life ♪ ♪ how to save a life ♪ how... >> i want you to sing with me one more time. i don't know if you are hear or at home. we are family. will you stand up with me one time and sing this out. ♪ ♪ where did i go wrong ♪ i lost a friend ♪ somewhere along in the bitterness ♪ ♪ and i would have stayed up ♪ with you all night
8:09 pm
♪ had i known ♪ how to save a life [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ]
8:10 pm
[ singing ]
8:11 pm
[ cheering and applause ] >> thank you so much. thank you. [ cheering and applause ]
8:12 pm
and a performance at the festival of families continues for pope francis tonight in philadelphia. we'll be back with more right after this. don't go away.
8:13 pm
>> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man...
8:14 pm
>> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america welcome back to our coverage of pope francis in america from philadelphia. the pope has been watching performances at the festival of families tonight. we expect to hear him speak in the next hour or so. first of all, i want to bring in bishop dwayne roister, the director of philadelphia witness, power and rebuild. from the living water united church of christ and joins us. he's been patiently waiting.
8:15 pm
i'll apologise in advance if aretha franklin begins to sing, i may breakaway from you. i want your reaction of what you have seen of the pope's trip over the last few days, and what you think it means for this city and for the country. >>? >> first of all, thank you for having my on the show. the pope's trip is it powerful here on the shores of this country and affected countries around the world. as we talk about immigration, economic exclusion, and today excited that the pope named racism, talked about slavery, and the fact that as a country we forgot to do better. we are excited about all he has been doing. speaking boldly before congress at the white house where are, and various stops along the way, including the u.n. and
8:16 pm
independence mall today. >> why do you think the pope's message, if you believe this, resonates with people of other faiths and denominations? >> sure, i think one. things - the reason the pope's message connects is the pope is speaking to the pain of people. he's looking at those most marginalized. suffering deeply, and is working to dress those concerns. just this past june i and 12 other leaders in the network across the country went to the vatican to speak with papal advisors before they came to the u.s., to share with them the stories of real people, people suffering from income equality, and as a result of undocumented and so forth. it was interesting to talk with those people, the cardinals and the bishops. they were aware of many things happening on the ground in this country, and we are working to speak truth in those situations.
8:17 pm
>> you talked about race. give us a sense of what you believe, why he has picked this issue, why you believe it's an important issue for the pope to talk about. >> sure. when we were over in the vatican, one of the issues that we bring to the table is conveying to the pope that black lives matter, and to understand the issues that are going on here in the united states, you have to understand them in the perspective of race. and in talking with them. talking with the cardinals or bishops, they understood - some of them did not understand it the way we as americans understand it. they had an understanding of a person from the outside. they are trying to grasp it and speak truth at the same time. >> why do you believe the pope chose philadelphia? >> well certainly archbishop.
8:18 pm
who is the archbishop of philadelphia, and the world leaders of families, have been meeting with the city, and pope benedict made a commitment, unfortunately he stepped down. but pope francis continued to follow through on the commitment of his predecessor to be here in philadelphia, and came, and made it an expansive tour, going to washington, new york and cuba, before coming to the united states. >> we have been blown away by the crowds in the city. it's your city. >> sure. yes. >> personally, how does it make you feel to see the pope here? >> i'm proud that the pope is here, and i'm proud that pope francis is here, because again the issues that pope francis is talking about, economic exclusion, immigration reform, the dignity of all human being are pertinent in philadelphia. the fourth big city in america.
8:19 pm
40% of our kids go to bed hungary every night. the biggest food desert is in the city. pope francis is coming here in philadelphia, talking and telling the stories and sharing the struggle. helping people. speaking to the people of philadelphia, encouraging those folk. encouraging them to work together and build so they no longer suffer. >> thank you for talking to us. i want to bring in patrick and sally. some of this is wondering whether the pope will sit and watch the performances. we had a long day, a busy day. clearly he has and he is. >> it's not just the performances, but the testimonials. some of them, the first one was a little painful. they had memorized it, and the
8:20 pm
guy was a nervous wreck. the fiancee, the husband. he was stricken with fear. they got through, and the crowd was with them, clapping. and all of that. i think the pope really enjoyed that. i think he likes the testimonials. they are interesting. he cares about people. these are real people with real issues, and they represent many people around the world. look at the people engaged or married, and they hope their marriages go well. with the couple, they didn't know about the changing message or perception of the definition of marriage would be. >> the legal definition in australia, and how that would affect their family. clearly we know what they were talking about. i thought it was interesting the way they slid that. >> again, when you look out, is
8:21 pm
this really what you expected, is this the sort of event that you expected for the festival of families. >> it's a combination of event. it's neither a prayer service nor a concert. what we hear beyond us is the second of six testimonials. i think this is given in polish. someone brought the pope a notepad and pen, and he seems to be taking notes on what the six families, each with different challenges and hopes there to say this them. this includes a disabled person, and the pope is very involved with disabled people. particularly over the course of the trip. i don't know if at the end of it the pope will respond to challenges presented. it raises a point. one group of catholic families represented are l.g.b.t.. >> l.g.b.t. families probably
8:22 pm
are the most put upon families in this country, certainly around the world, but in the country today. even though they are legal and recognised. they are persecuted and humiliated and discriminated against. you would think they'd be the people that the pope would want to stand up for. that's is conflict. >> something that is doctrinal and wished for by catholics, those that are l.g.b.t. and those with family and friends, and those that don't. >> we'll take a break. aretha franklin is coming up, we'll be back after this.
8:23 pm
8:24 pm
and in 2012 she joined the gospel hall of fame. please welcome the legendary aretha franklin to the stage. [ cheering and applause ]
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[ singing ] ♪ amazing
8:26 pm
♪ grace ♪ how ♪ how sweet ♪ the sound ♪ that ♪ gone and saved ♪ a wretch ♪ saved a wretch ♪ like ♪ like me
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♪ i once ♪ was lost ♪ you know i was lost ♪ halla lieuia ♪ halla lieuia right now ♪ all gone today ♪ i've been found ♪ lord i was blind ♪ but ♪ now
8:28 pm
♪ lord ♪ i see ♪ through ♪ through many ♪ dangers ♪ toils and snares ♪ and snares ♪ i ♪ lord i have
8:29 pm
♪ do you know that i ♪ i have all ♪ already ♪ already ♪ have already ♪ already come ♪ do you know ♪ it was ♪ yes ♪ so brought me safe
8:30 pm
♪ that brought me safe ♪ it wasn't money that brought me ♪ ♪ and kept me safe ♪ it wasn't ♪ it wasn't money that brought me safe from 2010 ♪ ♪ to right here, right now ♪ and it was it was grace ♪ it was grace ♪ has - her amazing grace
8:31 pm
♪ that brought me thus far ♪ amen [ singing ] ♪ ♪ that's why we chose faith ♪ yes, brought me ♪ faith ♪ brought me ♪ faith ♪ carried me around the pitfa s pitfalls ♪ ♪ and brought me and brought me ♪ ♪ safe thus far ♪ and now
8:32 pm
♪ grace ♪ in grace will lead ♪ ♪ grace ♪ grace will lead me home ♪ lord grace ♪ grace ♪ will lead
8:33 pm
♪ me ♪ home [ cheering and applause ] ♪ it was grace ♪ i want the power ♪ i got the power ♪ glory ♪ oh, yes
8:34 pm
[ instrumental ] [ cheering and applause ] please one more time for the great aretha franklin.
8:35 pm
[ cheering and applause ] our third family, they are here to share their experience as a jordanian christian family, administering to others among serious poverty, religious persecution, immigration and war. please welcome them. >> holy father, families, we have come here today representing the continent of asia. jordan is a part of the middle east. that is in the recent area of the continents. with me is my wife and our two
8:36 pm
daughters. we would like to share with you our experience as a jordanian christian family. the best way to describe it is christian families currently living in our homeland are like candles. shining against the darkness. wars, killings and persecution. our family tries, put for others, the only true answer of the war's problem, jesus christ. the root of our christian... [ clapping ] ..the root of our christian communities dates back 2,000 years. since then, there has been many periods of persecution, as others intend to silence the world of jesus.
8:37 pm
always, we rise together in support and love. in our families, church and larger communities. as we are a minority, but we are like souls, which needed only in the small amount, the potential for food. the conditions and hardships endured by recent christian refugees who have recently come to jordan, have inspired, to help better share our brothers and sisters. this iraqi and syrian refugees sacrificed everything except their faith, and realise that we have a responsibility. a special goal from the lord to be his witnesses. every single member of our family joins in this. our families perished. emaculate conception is located about 25 miles from the syrian
8:38 pm
border, and there are thousands of fijis in the area, with the support of the larger catholic church and international. our family and church to provide services just as food, employment, clothing, shelter medicine and financial support and after school programme for the refugee children. my family is just participating in this effort. my wife works in a local group, which shares the mission of the catholic church to serve the poor and promote charity and justice throughout the world. she is participating and providing support for the needy, and helps to establish small projects to support the poor. my two daughters consider the parish their second home.
8:39 pm
they are actively involved in groups that serve young people of all ages. their activity includes conducting the weakly meetings, to study the bible and teachings of the church in a social setting. my youngest daughter is a leader in elementary of the group, while my eldest daughter is a leader in the college, in the group. the group was an important aspect of our christian life, possibly hundreds of participates, and it's mainly non-christian community. the group kids our children safe haven where they can grow in faith and be supported. our family is truly united in the love of christ, and we know that it is the strength of his body that animates us, and gives
8:40 pm
us the breath of life to endure and thrive in this hostile environment. we share that love with each other as much as we can, and we also share it within our family spending time together, praying and having fun. struggling. they go for those that are struggling due to violence and war, immigration, lack of resources, and the religious discrimination. those that pray, may we all share each other's burred i'm, so our moods become lighter and peace and love can prevail. thank you.
8:41 pm
[ clapping ] as soon as we continue to watch the programme, it's fascinating because the pope seems totally engaged in this. by the way, amazing performance
8:42 pm
by aretha franklin. >> remarkable. >> i thought he looked bemused when she was singing. >> you thought what? >> the pope looked bemused. he was kind of leaning there thinking "i've never seen anything like this before in my life." >> i'm not i have seen anything, and i have seen aretha perform. this was a very, very special performance. >> i wanted to say "move over president obama, don't ever try to sing "amazing grace" again. >> there's still other very - some great performers that have yet to come. we have heard theft moanial reading, and a performance. it's like they rapped up the concert. >> it's a smorgasbord. a little of this, a little of
8:43 pm
that, and it doesn't all seem to catholic either. it seems more about people than it is just about catholics, the couple with the child who was disabled that's yufrl. the war married poum. they are literally fleeing the middle east. >> these are - these are stories that have broader appeal absolutely, they have chosen from each of the continent. and if you don't accept every piece about what makes a family which ones are not okay, there's a lot to take away. you can see in the frame, the
8:44 pm
pope's notepad, taking notes on the presentations that have come up. i hope he'll reflect on them. >> professor, as one that teaches theology, what will you tell your students about this event? >> it's a great question. we spend a lot of time in theology talking about the difference between practices and doctrines. traditionally the idea is you leave something. we are not sure if that's how people live their lives. you live in a certain way. this is an example of the church listening to the people hearing interest the people's stories, the change is what stories are not represented on the stage. >> there are catholics that are
8:45 pm
watching this. can you give us a zones of the build up at fordham for this. >> absolutely. there were watch parties all week on campus, they had to provide snacks and college to get the students up early to watch the address to congress and the u.n. but certainly there were fordham students there, at the mass at madison square gardens, we had lotteries on campus where student could get a ticket. colleagues brought photos, a couple of hundred yards from where the main stage was. it was a tremendous moment to have the pope in our own city in new york. the same is true about filly, george town. the universities, the ones that are in the jesuit tradition. colleges and universities, they are involved in the apressurive reception of the catholic faith, it's where the catholic church does a lot of thinking.
8:46 pm
event like this give it a lot of fodder for conversations at home. >> sure. we'll take a break and be back with more of the festival of families in philadelphia. as pope francis continues his visit to america, after this.
8:47 pm
we are back with more coverage of pope francis in america. there has been continuing testimonial. one of the testimonials. >> there are others around us, but this is an uphill struggle. at the beginning of our
8:48 pm
marriage, we waited for fruits of the union. we prayed for fruits of the union. this one the same period for two reasons. one, people that were so much pressure from extended family and a community, for us to have children. secondly, we found out that our differences are quite we are having issues with differences in personality and the way it is. because of this there was tension. so while the others prayed for children in the marriage, i was more concerned with our happiness and fulfilment in the relationship. i started to attend daily mass.
8:49 pm
saying my rosary every day, spending an our dale your before the blessed sacrament asking for a day out. my parents were supportive. especially my mum. she'd encourage me with advice, that nothing is impossible. that most marriages survive and struggle. so i need that to work on my old marriage. advise and support, and also the example of their own marriage. my parents had a good marriage. gave me the fortitude and optimism i needed to work on my marriage. four years into the marriage we were blessed with a pretty daughter. holy father, with a daughter. two weeks to her first birthday, she suddenly took ill one evening, and by the second day
8:50 pm
she was gone. we were heart broken. more insinuations that we considered superstitions came on. we were confused. but god in his faithfulness and love, brought goodness from this situation. this death gave us life. my husband and i went in search of our faith. we had to really see good for whom he is then we met. gradually we learnt to integrate our faith into our daily life. then in this way we had a better understanding of one another.
8:51 pm
and happiness gradually came into the relationship. today we have four children. though along the line we had one that was a still born, a second daughter. our last two children came amid criticism and reid call from family and friends. but we felt it's because of the new culture in which some relatives of marriage are not considered from a supernatural point of view. behold, this was a demonstration of god's love in our life, and so far ass a family we pray
8:52 pm
together. we attend mass together and take advantage of moments to find out what the children had gained from the mass, and their perception of everything about life, according to their age. we also make sure that we engage them through - expose them to spiritual formation to give them the strength needed to wave through the tide of the counter treasures. >> holy father we are so happy to be given the opportunity to speak for you. we pray for different vocations according to god's will in our family. we pray for openness in life in this society. we pray for better community relations. if it's god's will, it is our wish that our children will have
8:53 pm
vocations, married, celebrate life, priesthood, religious. thank you holy father, you're forever in our prayers. [ clapping ] [ cheering and applause ] our fifth family leone and rudy are grandparents, and grate
8:54 pm
grandparents of 12 children. they are here to discus their important of need from the extended family. please welcome them. >> we are the gonzalez family, poim leona, my husband rudy. two of our five children are
8:55 pm
here. and two of our grandchildren, representing our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. raising our children and now spending time with the young ones has been a great responsibility and a wonderful joy. rudy and i grew up during trying times, the great depression, world war ii, and a deep social bias that continues on into today. routy was born and raised in chicago, a city boy, why i, a country girl was raised on an indian nation. as children. we did not know that we were financially poor. we both had a roof over our heads, and a constant love and
8:56 pm
encouragement of parents, and between the two of us, we only knew one grandparent. i wonder in what ways would have life been different if we had the older generation to help us grow up. rudy and i were blessed to become parents, to have the opportunity to have children, and now our grandchildren and even when it was challenging as parents, and grandparents they require a great deal of responsibilities, most welcome, some not. but one aspect we feel very strongly about is as grandparents, we can help support parents by countering
8:57 pm
some other destructive influences out in society. we can teach the next generation what matters. our children were raised on or near native american reservations arizona, which is a different way than the way rudy and i grew up. among many native peoples. the word grandfather is often used in starting prayers. grandfather used in an exall theed manner, chief. haloed supreme. that places him in a position of extreme importance, in the minds
8:58 pm
much his people who seek his wisdom, so that they may live in peace and harmony with all who live on mother earth. the wisdom of grandparents can help to minimise in the lives of the young the many struggles that they had experienced. parenting, grandparents must work hard to instill faith in their young family members. we tried to be a good role model and teach about the importance of faith and how to help. cultivate and believe in our lord jesus christ. guiding her and family members towards the great love of god. and how to grow in relationship with him. we try to help bring peace and harmony within our family, it's
8:59 pm
not as easy as it may sound. but augmenting our attempts with prayer can help to ease the stress of the responsibilities we faith in giving direction, our faith, our god pulled us through many difficult times together. for the love of god and of god's church, our faith and determination become stronger each and every day. we are far from an ideal family. but by the grace of god. through the sackriments and with the help of the saints, we continue to care for our family and pass on the wisdom of grandparents. holy father, we thank you for this blessed opportunity and we ask that you pray for all of us
9:00 pm
that we can give our family plenty of love until the end of our time on earth. hope our society to trust that pham illial love will help sustain those we care about, and that this love will be passed on to their children, grandchildren and their families beyond. thank you the festival of families continues with pope francis in philadelphia. and our coverage will continue right after this.


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