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tv   Pope Francis in America  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2015 3:30pm-6:31pm EDT

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will you commit to doing? what will you do? there are billions of bodies and girls like eva. they have as much talent and as much hope for the future and they are willing to work hard an their parents love them just as much as we love ours. just by the accident of birth, it's so much more difficult for them to achieve their dreams as it is for our children. but in the eyes of god, they are the same. for eva and all of those just trying to survive another day in conditions that many of us can barely imagine, it can sometimes seem if the world is blind to their struggles and their dreams. so today, i say to eva and
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hundreds of millions, millions like her, we see you. we hear you. i have read your letteletter. we committee ourselves as nations, as one world to the work that must be done. endings poverty, upholding the apparent dignity of every human being, whatever it takes. we cannot let them down. with your help, we won't thank you very much. the president of the united states and pope francis seem to be in synch today as the president talks about poverty, ending poverty and disease and dealing with climate change. the pope is kissing babies and the president really was talking about the agenda that the pope
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has talked about during his trip to the united states. i want to bring in richard butler from istanbul. ambassador butler, talk to me about why is -- the president is talking about this. he is a very hopeful and the pope is hopeful that he could end poverty and disease. why is it that world leaders have such a difficult time accomplishing some of the things that haneed to be accomplished. >> there have been difficult times in the past. the speech i heard i found remarkable. i have listened to every one of the speeches the president has made. this was his 7th one. i compared the one today particularly to last year, which was siege men titlety, the united states feeling pressure from various parts of world politics and basically threatening others to get in line or else.
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this was utterly different. here, the president was including the united states in every issue of concern to the world, not separating the united states, saying we are doing things dead right. you have to do things differently. in every stage when he talked about poverty in and justition, the rights of women, the needs of women and girls, the need to end war and so on, he was including the united states as equally responsible for this work with all of the other countries. he committed the united states to full cooperation with others and he got one of his largest applauses actually when he talked about the core relationship between developmental people, sustained development and ending war. and that list at the end of the things that threatened development was brilliant. i am not a starry-eyed optimist. this work will be hard, and you
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said quite rightly, it's been difficult in the past. but when you have the united states, it's president, speaking as positively as he was today go about a new effort to make a real difference, then it's going to be a very interesting ride. let's see if they deliver. many the messages president obama talked about at the united nations today have been on the agenda for the pope in some of his speeches and as we watch the pope kiss babies along benjamin franklin parkway in philadelphia, talk to me, halfway around the world in istanbul, about whether or not the pope's message backs up what the president said about poverty
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and wondhunger. >> i watched the pope's presentation at the united nations on the same subject: this new agenda, under 2030 for sustainable development. i was deeply impressed by the sensitivity he showed, the old fashion church not that much in evidence except on some issues but what he was doing was speaking on a level of what he perceived as humankind's moral responsibility to care for the other. you know, the parable of the good samaritan, however you want to put it. he emphasized strongly that we are on planet earth together and have a moral responsibility. the president is a politician speaking about official government policy.
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saying the same thing, purely self interest objectives is over. it has to be replaced by a whole new measure and degree of cooperation oil we will not have a continuation of development, unacceptable levels of discrimination and the word sustainable comes in, unacceptable impact upon us of climate change. one was speaking on the basis of what he saw as the moral imperative for these things the president said we have to do these things because it makes sense in terms of investment in our future same outcome. oneling and one realistic.
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>> a powerful speech at the united nations from the president as we watch some powerful images. ambassador burler thank you very much. we have been watching the pope in philadelphia make the rounds on benjamin franklin parkway coming up to the stage. i want to introduce again tally quin, a columnist with the "washington post" founder of "on faith," a blog about real lunch on and patrick hornbeck of fordham university. we watched some beautiful pictures of babies being kissed by the pope. they really do sort of come together with the conversation about taking care of children, taking care of families, making sure that people aren't sick, that they aren't hungry, and taking care of the planet. these are all issues that the president talked about today and all issues that the pope talked about. >> they obviously have the same speech writer. there is no question about that.
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b obama talking about how important the children are. i notice obama said, you know what will you do? the pope said what about you? it's almost the same question they are asking: what are you going to do? what will you offer to help this planet, the people on this planet? >> a religious message from the president of the united states. >> they both talked about, as the ambassador saying, obama said this is a moral calling. >> right. >> the pope has talked about it being a moral calling. they are so in synch it's a little scary. >> we have talking about whether the pope would deliver religious messages. for this pope, there is no distinction between the political and the moral. >> jonathan betz is near where the pope is right now. zon than?
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>> reporter: huge excitement of the crowd as he passed by. he stopped a couple of hundred feet behind us and began kissing the babies. clearly going market of markedly slower than he has in days past, obviously relishing this last moment, this grand finale of his six days, three american-city u.s. tour. thousands lined here on benjamin franklin parkway as he rode by, going slow enough you could take a photo which is what a lot of people wanted to do. everyone had their cell phones out, lining the streets, up in the bushes, and even up here on the riseers, my friends claudia got a gray view of this pope as he came by. what did you think of all of this? >> this was amazing. i am not even catholic and it was absolutely an incredible event. he is a rock star. >> what makes him such a rock star? especially since you say you are not a catholic. why is this so important for you to be out here? >> i love his message. i think he's got an incredible message of faith and healing,
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world peace. he's a humble man. he walks the walk, talks the talk. i just think he's got an incredible message and if anyone can bring the different face together, it's him. >> a message, no matter what the faith is. somebody everybody can get behind. you also told me that you live in downtown philadelphia not far from here. so you especially are dealing with the massive security, the lockdown, all of the troubles that come with having a pontiff visit. still worth it? >> absolutely. i live 19 the seminary. my street is closed. it's a once-in a lifetime opportunity. >> once in a lifetime opportunity, not since 1979 sand a lot of people are leaving certainly not disappointed. >> i think that everybody is loving this event except for a
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few babies being carried up to the pope. jennifer london is in the crowd. thanks. tell us what's going on there. >> well, john, i think you said everybody is loving this event. i can tell you the crowd where i am, the crowd that i am with at 20th and been franklin parkway are loving this. he stopped here at the corner, waved to the crowd >> blessed the crowd. everybody was cheering. and it's interesting because just behind us, there is a jumbotron everybody is faced that way to see what's happening before everybody was cramped that way to try to get a glimpse of the pope. i met a lot of people here who have traveled from out of the country and out of state. and i am joined now by one of them, jeanne mclain who traveled from new jersey. and jeanie was here in 197 what i why pope john paul ii visited
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philadelphia. i am interested: what is your -- how does this experience today compare to that one in 1979? >> sfrningr as soon as he went by, it was the same. there wasn't as much security. it was much easier in 1979 but just as exciting, just as beautiful and just as loving. a wonderful brotherly love feeling in this city. >> when he passed by, you burst into tears. i know it's an emotional experience, but can you kind of tell me what you were feeling at that moment? >> i was awe-struck, but i had such a senses of peace. i had been praying for a blessing and all of the family and friends an especially those who are suffering from substance abuse and mental illness, and i felt like i got that blessing. that's what i felt. >> and we have been talking for weeks in preparation for the
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pope's visit certainly over the last few days when he's been in philadelphia. the security in the city is unprecedented and there have been talks about make people were deciding not to come because the security being so tight. you decided to wait an hour -- wait in hours and hours of lines to get through the security checkpoint. was it worth it? >> absolutely. they were so friendly from the moment we got on the train in new jersey kind, laughing, jovial. everybody was peaceful and happy. just a lovely time. a lovely time security has been tight. actually tight everyone it was yesterday because they are expecting more people here today. of course, it's the pope's last
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day in philadelphia. it's sunday. he is giving a mass. the people i have spoken to say just like jeanie going through security has definitely been worth it there are some people who want to get in who had a lot of trouble getting in. there is a big crowd outside. ashar is at the check point to tell us more about that. ashar? >> reporter: that's right, john. a lot of people trying to get in. the level of security we have had here the last couple of days, trying to move this large number of people have been waiting for hours on end. they are outside the security perimeter. some happy, which is good. brought the camera out here. we have seen frustrated people, a few minutes in the last half hour or so, people waiting for a long time, hours on end deciding, you know what? we are going to have to try
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something else. we have seen some elderly, families leave, crying babies. and i am going to talk to one person here iman lopez came from new jersey. weighting two and a half days to be here. what's the sperntsz been like for you coming out here being in this line? >> we are coming from new jersey, one town located very close to the george washington bridge. we have to drive about one hour from to new jersey to pick up the bus. then in the bus, we spend two hours to come over here maybe 30 minutes to come here. >> what time did you leave this morning? >> 11:00. >> no. no. 7:00 a.m. >> are you worried about not being able to see the pope? >> exactly. that's why the police officer say to us, according to the distance we are away from the check pointed, it is going to
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be -- checkpoint, maybe two more hours and we have spent about three hours in line. right now, we are to go to the -- locating someplace in the city to watch it. >> that might be the best bet. thank you. good luck. there are a lot of people out here still trying to figure out a way to get through. the line is moving a little here and there. we are about a block away. i am going to point down the street. you are seeing, it's a very tightly packed area that has to bring barricades out here to keep people from spilling over into the adjacent streets but these people are relatively patient and happy, as you can see. they like the cameras. the pope got off was gone backstage preparing, putting on vestments for the final mass we will hear here on stage in just a little while. but he has had a business day
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already. one of the things he did was speak to clergy and one the topics that he talked about was child sexual abuse. >> god weeps for the sexual abuse of children. these cannot be maintained in secret. i committee to a careful oversight so that all responsible will be held accountable. there have been critics that said the pope didn't say enough
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about this. why did they make this last minute decision? >> i think it's because this city of philadelphia has been so significantly challenged by the sex abuse crisis. this is one of the hardest hit diocese. the pope met have five victims of clergy sex abuse that was not on the schedule. there have been a number of deviation from the pope's schedule but at the same time, many victims, advocates and survivors of sexual abuse are saying, this is too little, too late. the pope is not offering an actual plan, how to move forward. he is offering words of encouragement. but they say that's just what his two predecessors did as well. this is still a dark spot he. >> he talked about how he was aschamd and it seemed heart-felt and he mentioned in his speech, i deeply regret some bishoped failed in their responsibility to protect children.
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it's disturbing. he is coming right out and nailing the bishops on the one hand. on the other, it's such a small part of his trip, a little bit of a kiss-off, i think, for the victims. they have complained already today. theven critics of what the pope hasn't said. david lorenz is with snap, survivors network for those abused by priests. david, what did you think of what the pope had to say today? >> he is hard not to loike. but i felt like there was nothing there concrete. he seemed very moved by having spoken to victims that's great
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for those 5. there are hundreds of thousands worldwide. what we heard is no plan. we have heard promises before. he said he commits himself to making sure that children are safe and to holding accountable bishops. we have heard that. this whole crisis started in 1985 under yon paul ii. we knew about it. it actually started earlier than that. he committed himself to making sure bishop did hare held canabe and priests are held accountable. benedict said he would make sure bishops are held accountable and pedophiles would be held accountable. none has happened. the speech today and his words did not protect one child, did not hold one bishop accountable. there isn't much. they are nice words, and they seem very pastoral and he seems very heartfelt but we have heard
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this for three or decades and no action. >> as i watch these pictures of this huge crowd celebrating and on the other hand, a scandal that rocked the church of ethic proportions the pain caused by so many in the catholic church. how does one put those together? >> what i can tell you of those images, there are literally hundreds of thousands of vict ims watch, the pope under great adulation and it's tearing their heart out. i have been on facebook. i have been talking to victims, counseling victims but people will call me and sound off. i will willing to do that it's a
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knife in their chest. the comments last week when he addressed bishops at saint matthews when he told them how hard it was for them and what great courage they had and how they have suffered under this difficult times and for a victim to hear that the bishops have suffered and that they have great courage is just unbelievable, mind boggling. i can't believe he could say that to them when they have not been very pastoral. they have faurt victims through litigation at every turn, blocked any legislation that would make any child abuser -- these are trying to change the statutes of limitation and they aren't aimed at the church. down anything about the -- do you know anything about the
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meaning between the victims? >> the media has reported there are five. there were five survivors i hope they can find heal in what they did, what happened. i hope that is healing for them. >> sally quin wants to ask you a question, david. why do you think this pope is reacting this way? why do you think this pope is ignoring the way he does? why do you think he congratulated the bishops and told them how courageous they were? why do you think he hasn't done more about child abuse? it seems so uncharacterist of him given his approach to most other issues. >> there are appear couple of answers. all i am doing is postulating. i don't know. he is parts. clearcal culture had a has raised him to believe that the church, the first thing you do
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is protect the church if raised from an early age believing the institution is the most important thing it's hard for you -- and it's hard for you to believe that a bishop would be as callous as the bishops in the united states have been and callous all over the world and the u.n. has backed that up. u.n. stutties several commissions have backed that up the i can't answer why except he is a product of the culture he was raised in. >> thank you for sharing your insight. we appreciate it. i want to go back out to the crowd. ashar is out there where people are leaving who have been waiting for a long time. right? >> reporter: thortsdz. the gentleman we spoke to just a few moments ago who has been here about 5 and a half hours since he left home to get the to this point basically just left the crowd because we a few
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minutes from the pope. some are liability not going to get in for the mass to star. you are still in line. why are you not leaving. >> not giving up. >> are you worried about missing the pope's message? they are saying several hours before he can get through there. >> we have it right here. how long have you been waiting be? >> we started at 5:30 from springfield mass. it went smoothly until we got in line. a couple of hours. >> yeah. would you have gotten here at the same time. >> earlier if we had known. if we get through, we will be thrilled. >> thank you so much. good luck to you. people are trying to keep these crowds in control.
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some people are going down the street, outside the security perimeter to get to a jumbotron so they can at least see the pope. some are lucky enough to have smart phones with them skooirlt is tight. lines are moving slow at this point. john? thanks a quick break. i want to show you a little video. we might be able to talk about it after the break. the pope got off of the popemobile and kind of surprised his security guards at the basilica where he said mass yesterday. this is an art installation. and it's called undoing the knots about 20 feet in diameter, about 13 feet in the air at the basilaca of saints peter and paul in the parkway. it shows it's a symbol for
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smoothing over life's difficulties. >> that's are pieces of paper with prayers written on them. the pope decided he wanted to get off the popemobile, look at the art installation. it is a beautiful skuculpture there right outside the church. surprised the crowd when he walked off and then he got back on the popemobile and continued his journey he is backstage preparing for mass. we will take a quick break from philadelphia and bring you all of the rest of the day's events after a quick break. don't go away.
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>> i died and came back to life...
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welcome back to philadelphia. i am john seigenthaler, the last day of the pope's visit. he has been do cuba, washington, d.c. and new york and now philadelphia. this is his mass as he says goodbye to america. joined by sally quin and patrick hornbeck. it it's an overcast day. lots of people. probably a bigger crowd than there was yesterday. the pope will make one final statement. we have an advanced copy of what his words will be. generally, what sort of topics in the homily? this is more of a religious talk
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than it actually is policy. right? >> that's right. i think one of the things pope francis has been doing this visit is setting out a vision of how the church should be. he spoke this morning to the bishops who are here there was some controversy about his remarks of the sexual abuse of children. he also said the children needs to get outside of itself. that's been a defendant theme that's been true throughout his pontificate. he said bishops or the church shouldn't be harsh and put barriers between themselves and the people. he spoke to prisoners and gave the same message. he wants to be close to the people. >> the other emotional moment that you and i talked about earlier this morning was his visit to prison and his visit to talk to prisoners here in philadelphia very moving day for the pope. probably the most moving that i had seen so far when he spoke to those prisoners. >> i agree with you. i thought of all of the things he has done, that touched me the most because it made me feel
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sad, these people are sinners, as the pope would say and yet, when he talked about -- he talked a lot about christ watching feet. we all have dirt on our feet. we all need to be cleansed. christ would wash the dirt off of their feet and i noticed several were until tears. when he we want to shake hands, most didn't stand up. one guy stood up somebody else hugged him. it was terrible i emotional. >> this is not new for this pope. right, patrick? >> until boin buenas aires, one famous. he talked about that, jesus washing the feet of the disciples and insisting he must wash the feet of the disciples. i thought the pope might pull out a towel and a basin and wash people's feet just again today.
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>> the pictures and really, a powerful moment for both the prisoners and for everyone who got to watch it. >> one of the things that the pope has spoken out about, which he has called basically an atrocity is solitaire confinement, which he considers torture. and there is an entire group of catholics against torture where they are trying to stop solid tear confinement and the fact that the majority are blacks or hispanics or poor people. i thought there were quite a large number of white people. this has been a defendant huge issue for him, this idea of solitary confinement has to be
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stopped. >> the mass is about to begin. >> the pope taking on the death penalty in his address to the u.s. congress. the catholic church has often said we should minimize the death penalty. this pope is saying let's ends the death penalty. >> on the right, seeing earlier where the pope spoke to prisoners, the mass is live all taking place in 23i8 delphia. jonathan betz is down with the crowd. jonathan? >> reporter: john, we are watching the mass or the beginnings of it on jumbotrons b 40 set up along benjamin franklin parkway. talk about those christian principles, about jesus washing the feet of the poor. the foundation of cristanity, cincinnati prison of being kind, love your nabor definitely strikes a cord with a lot of the young people we see here why are you staying around? we are farm away?
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>> i don't know many people can say we have sell belatedpass max with the pope on a sunday. it's a one in a lifetime chance. >> this is, also, john, by the first time, members of the public can see the pope during the papal parade on a sunday. all of the others were ticketed events. this is the largest mass the pope is having in the united states. when you say the pope come by later today, what were you thinking? >> i was excited honestly just to like it was factsastic. >> jonathan, thank you patrick, what's different about this mass? anything? >> this is one of the more formal versions of the mass. tlltd there will be a lot more singing than people might be used to. a built more ritual. there are going to be 3,000 priests and 500,000 receiving communion. much bigger than your average sunday mass. >> let's listen in. >> our sins, so prepare
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ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries. >> i confess [ response.] through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault, therefore, i ask [ response.] praise be to the lord our god. >> may almighty god have mercy on us, forgive us our sins and bring us to everlasting life.
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♪ [singing in latin] ♪ ♪
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>> let us pray. 0 god, manifest your almighty power and show mercy. we pray. and those looking for your purpose share in the treasures of heaven through our lord jesus christ, your son, who lives with you in the unity of the holy spirit, one god forever and ever.
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>>. >> the lord came down in the cloud and spoke to moses taking some of the spirit that was on moses, the lord bestowed it on the 70 elders, and as the spirit came to rest on them, they prophesied. now, two men, one named eldad eliad and the other melad were not in the gatering but had been left in the camp. they, too, had been on the list but had not gone out to the tent, yet the spirit came to rest on them, also, and they prophesied in the camp. so when a young man quickly told
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moses they were prophesying in the camp, then joshua, son of nun, who from his youth had been moses's aide said, moses, my lord, stop them. but moses answered him: are you jealous for my sake? would that all of the people of the lord were prophet ds. would that the lord might bestow his spirit on them all.
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♪ the lord, give joy to the heart. ♪ the precepts of the lord give joy to the heart. ♪ the law of the lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. ♪ the decree of the lord is trust wort trustworthy giving wisdom to the s sinful. ♪ the precepts of the lord gives joy to the people.
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♪ love, look down. ♪ ♪ the precepts of the lord are perfect. ♪ ♪ ♪ the precepts of the lord bring
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joy to the heart. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the precepts of the lord brings joy to the heart.
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♪ [speaking in chi native tongue. >> reporter: >> reporter: your clothes have become moth-eaten. gold and silver have corroded. >> will be a test am testimonagainst you. they devowed your flesh. you have stored up treasurer for the last days. behold: the wages you withheld from the workers, you are crying
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out and the cries of the harvesting have reached the ears of the lord of hosts. you have lived on earth in luxury and pleasure. yo you have hardened your heart for the day of slaughter. you have condemned. you have murdered the righteous one. he offers you know resistance. ♪
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>> at that time, john said to jesus: teacher, we saw someone driving out demons in your name, and we tried to prevent him because he does not follow us.
4:22 pm
jesus replied, "do not prevent him. there is no wj who performs a mighty deed in my name who cannot at the same time speak ill-of me. for whoever is not against us is for us. ♪ anyone who gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to christ, amen. i say to you, will surely not lose his reward. whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to
4:23 pm
sin. it would be better for him if a great millstone were put around his neck. if you were called in the -- thrown in to the sea. if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. it is better for you to enter into enter into than with two hands than to go in to gahana, in to the unquenchable fire. if your heart pauses you to sin cut on. it is better for you to enter
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into the life crimin crippled t with two feet than to be thrown in to gahanna. and if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out better for you to enter into the kingdom of god with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into gahanna where the where the fire is not quenched: ♪ [ response.]
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>> translator: today the word of god surprises us with a thought-provoking image, image which challenge us but stir us with enthusiasm.
4:27 pm
in the first reading, joshua tells moses that two members of the people are prophesying, speaking god's word without a m man dadat mandate. in the gospel, john tells jesus: the disciples had stopped someone from casting out evil spirits in the name jesus. here is the surprise: moses and jesus both rebuke those closest to them for being so narrow in their thinking. would that all could be prophets of god's word. would that everyone could work
4:28 pm
miracles in the lord's name. jesus instead encountered hostility from people who would not accept what he did and did. for them, jesus's openness to the honest and sincere faith of many men and women who were not part of god's chosen people seemed intolerable. the disciples for their part acted in good faith but the temptation to be scandalized by the freedom of god who sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous alike bypassing
4:29 pm
bureaucracy, officialdom and inner circumstance circles threatens the authenticity of faith. hence, it must be vigorously reject rejected. once we realize this, we can understand why jesus's words about causing scandal are so harsh. for jesus, truly intolerable scandal exists in everything that breaks down and destroys our trust in the working of the
4:30 pm
spirit. our father will not be outdone in generosity and continues top scatter seeds. he scatters the seeds of his presence in our world, for love consists in this, not that we have loved god but that he loved us first. >> love gives us a profound certainty, we are sought by god. we are -- god waits for us. it is this confidence which makes disciples encouraged, support, and nurture the good things happening all around them god's desire for all his children to take part in the feast of the gospel. do not hold back anything that
4:31 pm
is good instead help it grow. jesus says. to give the impression that it cannot take place in those who are part of our group or who are -- who are not like us is a dangerous temptation. not only does it block the faith but it is a perversion of faith. faith opens a presence to the
4:32 pm
spirit and shows us like happiness, holiness is always tied to little gestures. whoever gives you a cup of water in my name, jesus says, a small gesture will not go unreported. these are little gestures that we learn at home. gestures that we learn in the family and that get lost amid all of the other things that we do daily but they make each day different. these are the little gestures guy grandfathers and children. and siblings. they are little signed of tenderness of affection and compassion. these are the little gestures of
4:33 pm
the warm supper we look forward to at night, of an early lunch or breakfast awaiting someone who gets up early to go to work. they are the gestures of home like a blessing before we go to bed or the hug after we return from a hard day's work. love is shown by little things, by attention to the small daily signs which make our life always feel like we are at home. faith grows when it is practiced and it is shaped by love. this is why our families, our homes are true domestic churches. these are the right places for
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faith to become life and for life to grow, for faith to grow in life. jesus invites us to not hold back these little miracles. instead, he wants us to encourage them, to make them grow. he asks us to go through life as our life presents itself, encouraging all of these little signs of love as signs of his own living and active presence in our world. this action that we are invited to participate in leads us to ask ourselves: how are we
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trying to live this way in our homes, in our society did? what are we doing to live this way in our homes n our societies? what kind of world so we want to leave to our children? this is a question that we cannot answer alone. it is the spirit who challenges us to respond as parts of the great human family. our common house can no longer tolerate sterlile divisions. protecting our home includes the concern of bringing all of the human family together in the
4:36 pm
pursuit of sustainable and integral development. for we know that things can change. my our children find in us models of communion, not division. may our children find in us men and women capable of joining others in bringing to fult flower all of the get seeds which the father has so were. n? pointedly yet affectionatley, jesus says, if you, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much
4:37 pm
more will the heavenly father give the holy spirit to those who ask him? how much wisdom there is in these few words. it is true that as far as goodness and purity of heart are concerned, we human beings don't have much to show, but jesus knows that where children are concerned, we are capable of boundless generosity. and that's why he reassures us: if only we have faith, the father will give us his spirit. we christians, the lord's disciples, ask the femes of the world to help us. many of us are here
4:38 pm
participating at this celebration and this is in itself something prove fettic, a kind of miracle in today's world. this world, tired of inventing new divisions was new forms of brokenness our disasters, would that wedged all be prophets, would is that all of us could be open to milks of love for the sake of your own family and of all of the families of the world. and i am talking here about the
4:39 pm
miracle of love and in this way, overcome the scandal of a narrow, petty love, mist trussful, closed in on itself and impatient of others. and i leave you with a question: a question for each of you to answer because i said impatience. in my own home do we shout? or do we speak to each other in love and tenderness? >> a good way of measuring our
4:40 pm
love. how beauty it would be february everywhere, beyond our own boarders, that we could appreciate and encourage this prophecy and this miracle. let us renew our faith in the word and the lord which invites our families to this openness. it invites all to -- all of those who wants to share the proof see of this covenant of man and woman which generates life and reveals god. that he help us to participate in this prophecy of peace, of tenderness, and of family
4:41 pm
kindness. in the prophetic caring of tenderness, patiently and lovingly, to care for our children and our grandparents anyone who wants to bring in to this world a family which teaches children to be excited by every gesture which is aimed at overcoming evil, a family which shows that the spirit is alive and at work will encounter and find our gratitude and appreciation regardless of what people, religion or region to
4:42 pm
which they belong may god grant all of us to be prophets of the joy of the gospel. of the gospel of family and of the love of family, to be prophets as the lord's disciples and may god grant us the grace to be worthy of this purity of heart which is not scandalized by the gospel? may it be so (applause.) everyone is asked to observe
4:43 pm
sacred silence to meditate on the mysteries announced in the word of god. [silence.)]
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
♪ by some stiftsz, there are 860,000 people here listening to this mass. some estimates have said there might be a million. maybe it's the difficulty of getting through security resulted in people not being able to come or turning out but just listen to that moment of silence. i have never heard 800,000
4:46 pm
people be so quiet ever and with the exception of a baby crying, it was extremely quiet throughout this whole plaza. bring back in patrick and sally and talk for a moment about the pope's homily. he talked about the concerns about devisive ness in our world and how love would conquer devi divisiveness and scandal. >> there were two points i took away from the pope's homily. he said we shouldn't be scandalized by the freedom of god. god can work in those who are not part of our group, not like us. that's a remarkable way of thinking about the church, not just for those who are inside but for those who are outside and this has been the theme of the trip. pope francis calling the american church to move outside of itself at the end of his homily he talked about whatever the family people, region or religion and the fact et cetera referring or to people of any religion here talks about just
4:47 pm
how worldwide a figure et cetera he talked about scandal a lot. one of the readings in the mass today focused on little children who were harmed that was the reading that the church had set for the day, a coincidence but i was a little surprised he didn't address the sex abuse crisis given the opportunity that he had in the reading. >> i think that he didn't want this mass to be -- have any negativity at all. and i think patrick is right. for me, what came across is this constant theme of pleuralism, of reaching out to everybody and accepting people for whatever their beliefs are, you know, jesus, his openness to the honest and sincere faith of many men and women who were not part of god's chosen people seems intolerable. that's a pretty strong statement. it basically says we honor people of all faiths, and, as
4:48 pm
the pope has said, of people of no faith. he talks about people who talk about "our faith," "part of our faith," not part of our group, not like us. it's a dangerous temptation for people to think that way, the way of the other. >> i want to mention as we watch these pictures, on either side of the stage, and patrick pointed this out earlier, there are some tle 3 /* some 3,000 priests. what you can see is on stage. what you can't see is off to the sides, there are huge platforms who are there are hundreds upon hundreds of priests who are also sellbrading. >> bishops as well that the pope met with this morning at the seminary here, a few hundred people but he said 3,000 priests. we will talk about this later, john. more than half a million people will be taking communion today. just a remarkable statistic. >> not an easy task.
4:49 pm
>> not easy to do at all. >> watch and talk more about how that is accomplished in this setting in philadelphia. continues to affect me is that yesterday when he was talking about the family and how it's a source of greatest joy and again today, he comes back to it about the tenderness and the affection and the coming home to a warm supper and an early lunch or a hug or, you know, before you go to bed. all of these things, he does not have. >> relating again to the family. let's listen. >> my brothers and sisters, the world in all ways let us turn to our father in heaven and ask him to have these prayers and all of
4:50 pm
our remaining prayers. for all of the members of the church assembled here in philadelphia and throughout the world that they may come to know more fully that the law of the lord refreshes the soul. ♪ we pray to the lord: ♪ lord, we need your blessing. hear our prayer.
4:51 pm
♪ ♪ >> all over the earth, especially those most troubled, that they may be homes of communion and prayer always he can is seeking the truth and living in the love of god. ♪ ♪ >> we pray for the abundance,
4:52 pm
over the earth, especially those distressed. hear our prayer. hear our prayer. >> almighty father, we come to you as children, as we are children, your only begotten son, we ask your mercy and compassion and give joy to our hearts through christ, our lord.
4:53 pm
[bells toll) ♪
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
4:56 pm
♪ ♪
4:57 pm
♪ ♪
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> pray brothers and sisters that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to the almighty
5:00 pm
father. [response.] grant us, mercifum god, that this, our offering, may find acceptance with you and through you it a we willspring may be laid open before us. through christ, our lord:
5:01 pm
[speaking in multiple languages.)
5:02 pm
♪ ♪ [speaki. >> we give you praise. all holiness comes from you through your son jesus christ our lord, by the working of the holy spirit from aiming to age, you gather a people to yourself
5:03 pm
so that from east to west, a perfect offering may be made to the glory of your name. therefore, we humbly implore you by the same spirit graciously make holy these gifts we have brought to you for consecration that they may become our lord jesus christ at who is >> command celebrate these mysteries. for on the night he was betrayed, he, himself, took bread and giving you thanks, he said the blessing. broke the bread and gave it to another disciple saying: when
5:04 pm
supper was ended, he took the cup again. he gave you thanks and praise and gave the cup to his disciples and said 's
5:05 pm
5:06 pm
♪ ♪ >> calling to mind the death of your sonnen dured for our salvation, his glorious restless raise and ascension in to heaven. and ready to greet him when he comes again. we offer you in thanksgiving this whole i an -- holy and livg sacrifice. look we pray a upon the low blags of your church and recognizing the sacrificial victim you will reconcile to yourself grant that we, who are
5:07 pm
nourished by the body and blood of your son and filled with his holy spirit, may become one body, one spirit in christ. may i make of us an eternal blessing, an eternal offering to you. especially with the most blessed virgin mary mother of god with your blessed apostles and glorious martyrs and with all the saints on whose constant interception in your presence we rely. for you go failing health. may this sacrifice or reconciliation we pray, oh, lord, advance the peace and salvation of all the world. be pleased to confirm in faith and charity, your pilgrim church on earth with your servant,
5:08 pm
francis, our pope. and charles our bishop, the order of bishops, all the clergy, and the entire people you make our own. listen graciously to the prayers of this family whom you have summoned before you. in your compassion owe merciful father, gather to yourself all of your children scattered throughout the earth. to our departed brothers and sisters and who all who were pleasing to you at their passing from this life, give kind admittance to your kingdom. there we hope to enjoy forever the fullness of your glory through christ, our lord. through whom you bestow on the
5:09 pm
world all that is good. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:10 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:11 pm
>> grant peace in our days that by the help of the masses we might be always free from sin and safe from the distress as we await the blessed and the coming of our savior, jesus christ. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> lord, jesus christ, you said to your apostles peace i leave
5:12 pm
you my peace i give you. look not on our sins but on the face of the church. and grant her peace and unity in accordance with your will. forever and over [ amen ] >> peace of the lord be with all always. >> let us offer each other the sign of peace. ♪
5:13 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:14 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> behold the lamb of god. behold the wind that takes away the sins of the world. blessed are those cold to the suffer of the lamb. >> lord i am not worthy that you should enter unmy roof. but only say the word and my soul shall be healed. ♪
5:15 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:16 pm
all right, so you just saw a picture of a group of people carrying yellow and white up umbrellas. in fact, about 30 or 40 minutes ago, there were boxes being unpacked of these yellow and white umbrellas. well, they are using them to identify the priests who are carrying the hosts who are going to deliver communion to hundreds of thousands of people. i mean, the question is, how do you -- how do you deliver communion to such a huge crowd, patrick? and i am sure this has been done before in many places, but this is a beautiful, beautiful scene as we watch these thousands of priests actually, go out in to the crowd. >> that's right, it's a referent moment, john. it's one of the holiest moments of the mass for roman catholics as people prepare themselves to receive the consecrated bread which catholics believe has
5:17 pm
become the body of christ. there are 1500 stations which mean 1500 priests who you see robed there in white. standing next to them are ushers carrying these yellow and white umbrellas. the yellow and white being the traditional colors of the vatican for a mass of this size it's not possible to give everyone the wine, the consecrated wine as well. it would just take too much. there is roughly 500,000 people here who will take communion. and 1500 stations so that's about two to 300 people per station. that will still take sometime. but we saw the people with the hosts, the ministers and the folks with the umbrellas leaving maybe 10, 12 minutes ago. and that's because it's a mile to the end the benjamin franklin parkway where the last parts of the crowd are. so it seems that just as soon as pope francis finished crops crated the hosts. the previouses who all had little bowls officially called inning of the hosts they were made specially for this
5:18 pm
occasion, they began this long trek and we'll see that there will be a total of eight songs that will be sung during this period of time. >> jonathan betz is down in the crowd, jonathan. >> reporter: john, this is quite a special moment. honestly. we are feet way from one of the priests here delivering communion to the thousands and thousands of people lining this. keep in mind as you mentioned, we are more than a mile from the stage. we are watching on a jumbotron. when you consider the setting. an overcast down in downtown philadelphia, but with the way people are carrying themselves, with the reference given to this occasion, we could easily be at st. peters basilica in the vatican. people from all over the world have come here, nearly a million just for this moment. they are treating it with deep respect. they are neely in the grass in the bushes of a traffic circle. they are holding prayer books, they are holding bibles. this is a sacred moment. and even as the holy father said himself just earlier today, to see these kind of crowds, in
5:19 pm
today's world, is itself a miracle. >> there is a remarkable reference and it is a sacred moment for the people out here. the priests starting from the alter continuing two miles as least. >> reporter: carrying these very precious containers, these metal pieces which were actually made specifically for this occasion, john, we have learned and they will actually go back to the priests' home perishes as a reminder of this event from the pope to the u.s. >> those that have been on the mass and catc watched the crests great aconsecrate. know what going on. but when you have to consecrate 500,000 wafers, how is that done on the stage? i was asking you about this from a -- >> reporter: it's a great question, so the one answer they
5:20 pm
didn't pile up 500,000 on them on the alter, we wouldn't see the post. it's just too big. my guess is that they are treating the side portions of the stage set up as part of the alter. and my guess is that the priests had those hosts and they held them out as the holy father was saying the words of consecration. and the intent obviously of these priests who themselves can consecrate must be to consecrate. i think it's fair to say that these are consecrated hosts. >> the other sort of symbolic scene and image that you see here are these priests with these yellow and white immaterial bell as. by the way it's not raining here. hopefully it won't, we are overcast. i thought actually, they were preparing for the possibility of rain when i saw the umbrellas earlier. they are using umbrellas to identify the priests handing out communion. it's the symbolism of these priests going out and being identified in to the crowd. >> reporter: that's right. >> and ministering to the cloth.
5:21 pm
>> reporter: that's right. pope frap sit has talked about the church getting outside of itself going out to the people. and we are seeing these priests with the hosts and the ushers with the umbrellas. the umbrellas are also a traditional symbol of the vatican, john. the papel logo or seal turns from the mitre, the shape of a bishop's hat to an umbrella when there is no pope between the reigns of the people. >> that's right. >> reporter: we were also told that the umbrellas symbolize this large stone structure in many catholic churches that provide the covering above where the alter is. there is a very famous one in st. peters basilica. so like with everything in this mass there is a tremendous amount of symbolism. it's something as simple as the yellow and white umbrella. >> during the masses you mentioned people in this crowd in the normal time in the mass where they would kneel on a nearly, that was soft and cushioned, in this crowd they are kneeling on the pavement and on the concrete out there in the
5:22 pm
crowd. jonathan betz is out there with them, jonathan. >> reporter: yeah, john, it really is amazing. you have 10s of thousands of people here a mile from the papel stage kneeling on the pavement. but you also talked about the efforts here of the catholic church to reach out to everyone, not just catholics, and i want to show you, they have been passing out these prayer pamphlets, close to 2 million we understand have been printed in it are guidelines for the reception of holy communion. including at the bottom here, guidelines for nonchristians. it says welcome them to this celebration, those who do not share our faith in jesus christ, while we cannot admit them to the holy communion we ask them to offer their prayers for the peace and the unity of the human family. and so echoing that message we heard throughout the papel visit, six days, three american cities, that is open to all and that these principles of christianity, love tha thy maybe
5:23 pm
kind, they are principles that you can share no matter what faith you believe in. >> it's also interesting, we have this huge crowd, very respectful crowd. we have been talking about the joy you see on the face of the people here. and jonathan is right, dan, the -- in these pictures you can see there is no pushing, no shoving, very carefully lining up to receive communion. that's a very interesting note in that pamphlet. because i suspect that there are lots of people who are not catholic, who might not even have read that note. who might receive communion here today. but traditionally, noncatholics are not supposed to receive communion. >> owe often when you go to a catholic church and the priest invites people to come up and take communion, there will be a line in the program that says this is not for -- not for noncontact licks. so that people who are not catholics are not invited to
5:24 pm
take communion. i learned that the hard way. >> sometimes people don't see the fine print. >> so i think it's interesting that they are inviting noncatholic to his take communion here. >> no, no, not here. they are actually saying, no, they appreciate their participation but they are not invited. >> no, this is no nonchristians. >> nonchristians, noncatholics. >> let's get jennifer london down on the ground there. >> reporter: john, i am not sure if you can hear me, but i am looking at 20th and ben franklin and we have a saw of umbrellas here. you can see in the live shot. it's interesting because before pope francis arrived here in the pope mobile. of course everyone was pushing toward the pair indicates, but
5:25 pm
nothing like what we are seeing right now. people are coming from the very back of the crowd where they were standing closer to the jumbo screen, now they are really pushing and trying to make their way up to the barricade to receive communion as you mentioned, it's a sacred part of the mass, and i can tell you that why the pope francis in his pope mobile has been thrilling. this mass, the culmination of this historic trip to the united states, this has been the highlight for this crowd so far. at times they were singing along with the choir, they were praying with pope francis, it was so quiet here for sometime that all you could hear was the papel mass coming from the stage. it's almost as if the city center here in philadelphia has been transformed in to one massive church under the sky. >> jennifer, thank you. so we are seeing that obviously this isn't -- it isn't possible to get everybody. and there are lots of people holding up their hand hoping for
5:26 pm
the chance to receive communion. and as you can see, a person there raising their hand. >> but there is no pushing and shoving. you would expect that people would be desperately trying to get to the priests before they run out. >> but they are, as i said, very respectful. jonathan betz has talked to someone who just received communion, john. >> reporter: yeah, john, a very respectful, very respectful scene. dominique is here 20 years old from lindon, new jersey, tell me what's loon been like for you? >> it's been a struggle first of all, we are all tired and all exhausted but coming here, being here with everyone, with everyone who loves the pope, it just shows how unified we are as catholics. how by being here we represent love and by receiving communion, we get to be altogether. >> reporter: for you, personally, to be here, on the lord's day on a sunday, with the holy father delivering mass in
5:27 pm
philadelphia, on a personal level, what is this like for you? >> well, to be an effort with you, i don't feel anything right now. because i am so tired. but honestly, i think the lord is gratifying me with this feeling of at least not feeling pain, you know. but feeling happy, happy to be here with everyone. and for me that's enough. >> reporter: honesty right there. just tired. but still happy to be here, because you, like many people, he drove in this morning, correct? for mass today. went through security. how long have you been out here today? >> five hours. five hours through security. >> reporter: five hours to get through security. and one of the lucky ones to get through security. still without question, john, a very special moment. as i keep on saying we are a mile from the papel stage but people here are not dancing, not talking on the cell phone, not pushing or shoving. they are celebrating mass. and they are very thrilled to be here for this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> some of the priests continue
5:28 pm
to deliver communion. others have already given out all of their hosts. and are returning back to the stage. it is a remark am accomplishment to get newspaper i don't know to as many people as there are out in this crowd. as many people as they could. this is a time of reflection also during the mass. a quiet time where they play music and get an opportunity to contemplate what happened during the mass. >> that's right, john, i am struck by the music choices for this mass events. we are listening to works that were written in the last 20 or 30 years, but we have also heard mo arts, we have heard bach, so it really stretches the spectrum. we have heard works in spanish, vietnamese the other two hang wins that is part of the mass was said it. as we look out over this
5:29 pm
incredibly large crowd as so many of the ministers are coming back. there is this calm. people interest ran really good to each other. >> i wonder how many noncatholics took communion today. particularly a piss ca pill i don't knows, they do take communion. it's a little strangely worded for our fellow christians. no nonchristians it talks about while we cannot admit them to holy communion, but i went to my friend tim russert's funeral and there was nothing about not taking communion, so i did, and then i was rounded criticized by a lot of catholics for doing that. and i called cardinal and apologized because he's the one that gave me communion, knowing that i wasn't catholic and he said, i don't think jesus would mind. [ laughter ] >> i think there are many priests who understand that
5:30 pm
there isn't necessarily an understanding of noncatholics about what the rules are with regard to communion. and it is a time where the priests reach out to that congregation and try to include. so i think all is forgiven, kelly. [ laughter ] >> well, i know in the a piss ca approximately church you can either have communion or the priests will give you a bless, i didn't see of that today. >> it's a fascinating thing three logically. the message of the pope has been to reach out to people with goodwill and even those that don't pray to think of him kindly. i think she is right it's not uncommon for people to come forward. as they do in my manies and seek communion regardless of their dough familiar nation, at the
5:31 pm
same time, there is this tricky piece of catholic teaching or politics. you yo wonder what the pope this about this, in his heart of hearts, is that something if he had the opportunity to change it, he doesn't, but if he had the opportunity to change it, would you? >> would you want to include morincludemore people. >> that's right. >> the other thing i am looking out at this crowd and i am thinking how many noncatholics are out there? how many people came here not because they were catholic, not because they are going to go to communion, but just because they wanted to see it. and it's hard to know. >> i think that the interviews that we have been doing show that there are plenty of people who are not catholic who just wanted to be here for this. i mean, it's a wonderful occasion for me to be here. i am really happy to be here and this be close to the pope and see him. i have never seen a pope alive before. and so -- and i am clearly not catholic. >> as a fellow a piss ca -- tos
5:32 pm
multi did i nominational crowd, this is a catholic and greek means universal or all encompassing. 500,000 years ago when the christian church began too splinter in to some of the divisions it has. but this poach is a master of bringing people of goodwill together across these denominational lines. >> i wonder why they put these guidelines in here, i just have to say, my own gut feeling is, it sort of says, well, you are like a second class citizen, you don't get to cak take communion. >> well, it is a good question. and as you said, patrick, maybe if the pope had a chance to change this, if he was -- we would see whether or not he would actually do that. but in the meantime, catholics are supposed to take communion noncatholics are not. as i am looking out on the crowd i am beginning to see most of the priests who had gone out in to the congregation out in to this enormous crowd come back to
5:33 pm
the alter. let's go back onto the alter and listen in. >> so to praise god in our hearts and pray to him. .
5:34 pm
>> let us pray. [ inaudible ] owe lord, we toe -- bestow us in mind and body that we may -- in glory with those suffering we are unite whenever we proclaim his death.
5:35 pm
[ inaudible ] forever. >> your holiness, your eminences, arch bishop. my dear brother bishops and all the many thousands of friends who fill the parkway, this has been a week of fellowship and blessing. and a papel visit dedicated to the beauty of the family. none of us will ever forget these days for the rest of our lives. there aren't enough words to thank all of you for being here. to share in god's love and to give god the glory for the success of the world meeting of families. but i need to try. philadelphia has a very big heart. and it's full today with gratitude. with confidence in each other as children of a loving god.
5:36 pm
and with hope that today will begin a new spirit in our city and in our church. we owe a huge debt to mayor nutter, governor wolfe, former governor core bit. arch wish you would pal i can't and his staff. and all of the generous city state and federal workers who helped us make this event even possible. a special thanks to all the donors, sponsors, world meeting cochairs, staff and volunteers. who worked tirelessly to bring the celebration to fruition. [applause] >> thank to all the priests and procedure thises and they lidge
5:37 pm
us and all that sacrifices to be here. and finally thanks to all you here tonight. more families who light this parkway and the world with your love. most of all, holy father, thank you for leading us in worship and in the life of the church. thank you for bringing your spur toyota our city and to the world. may god bless us all of us and god lift you up in your ministry for many years to come. but, holy father. [applause]
5:38 pm
>> most hole fay they are, thank you thank you for being here with us to conclude the world meeting of families in philadelphia. for all of us those here present and the -- all those around the world who have followed us, this beautiful boulevard, benjamin franklin, has become like a road to. [ inaudible ] last evening, we met you here and as you spoke to us of the beauty of family, the hearts of our families very truly burning within us. and now they too have bring the
5:39 pm
bread of life at the mass. just like the disciples we recognize that jesus is truly present among us. he has opened our heart. our eyes, and pushed us to go in the word to light the fire of love in all the families of the world. here in philadelphia, families from more than 100 countries have shared six days that have brought them true there on -- have taught them that truly the church is a family people. an extraordinary people of families. really it is beautiful. terrific people. that must be -- [applause] these
5:40 pm
people -- that must be a family love for a more family world. god's dream from the first moment of creation has been to make all people's in to one family. family rich in diversity like the coat of many colors that jacob gave to his son joseph. a garment made beautiful by the richness of its different stones and yours. from our meeting here in philadelphia, w we all learned
5:41 pm
that we must make our own this dream of god. yes, god gives us and our family, families the gift of participating in his dream. after the scene of the bishops in october, the. [ inaudible ] will begin. and next december, 27, during the feast of holy family, the jubilee of families will be celebrated in all the diocese of the world. the doors of all catholic cathedrals and shrines will be open, but at the same time, we must open the doors of our homes and our hearts, all the doors to
5:42 pm
welcome our brothers and sisters who are in need of love and medicine. this is the prophecy that all families are called upon to fulfill and in this way each family will become a sanctuary of mercy. from philadelphia the city of brotherly love, and sisterly affection, the city that is whom the lib -- home to the liberty bell, the family bell is calling families to welcome the stranger, comfort the afflicted and accompany our sisters and brothers in their difficulties and their joys. holy father, all families are
5:43 pm
presents pray now to answer that call. [applause] >> and now -- and now dear families, it is a great joy for me to announce that the holy father has decided that the next world meeting of families will be held in 2018 in dublin, ireland. [cheering and applause]
5:44 pm
>> home fay they are -- >> that's the archbishop the dublin wh who is just speaking o the pope, right? >> oh, no, no, -- >> on our pilgrim journey to dublin, and the great people of familiesfamilies we will tread e pilgrim road with you. now we will be with you in spirit as you return to rome where in a week's time the. [ inaudible ] will begin. we will pray for you.
5:45 pm
and all the sea of fathers share with them. the joy and the dream of these people of families. yes, in these days we are witnessing a new spring for family. and that be speared families to bring the gospel of love and not family to our ward as a sign of the five families from five continents will each receive from you 100,000 copies of the gospel of luke, they today will distribute to the poor of their home cities. in the. [ inaudible ] of their cities.
5:46 pm
for the americas, africa, europe and sydney for australia. in addition, one more family has come here to philadelphia from damascus in syria. this family will go back home next week, but today they won't go back empty handed. they too will have the gospel to give to the families who live in daily fear of bombardment, but we also want to give them what we have collected at this mass from the thousands of generous families you see in front of you, that money will be used to buy heating oil for their houses
5:47 pm
during the coming five months of winter cold. this gift is a sign of our love and our closeness to these people and for the city that we said the first moment of the missionary. [ inaudible ] of the apostle. may peace come soon to syria and to the whole world that's why, holy father, we thank you very, very much for your presence. thank you, holy father. [applause]
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
same-sex marriages. >> if he still spoap. at that point. pope. he certainly seems healthy and ex-soup rand to the. but it was about a year ago that i gave an interview and was asked whether he would follow his predecessor in resigning whenever his time came. and he said that he expected to serve for five, six, maybe seven years. he is two and a half years in, so it would make sense that pope francis will be pope three years from now, but that's no guarantee. especially in the world that pope again district yes eighted by by being the first pontiff to resign. there is no certainty in the way we ice today wait for a pope to be called home to god. >> also dublin has been the scene of a lot of child sexual abuse and there has been an awful lotf criticism of the catholic church in dublin and some say that's one of the reasons why the same-sex law
5:51 pm
passed because people were rebelling against the catholic church. so it's an interesting choice. >> another issue throbbinged another country, ireland was rocked by the child sex abuse scandal as much in many ways -- we lost our feed there for just a second. as many ways or even more than the united states because -- because ireland is a country of catholics and protestants. and contacted licks. >> because the church was so dominant there. and the fall off of the wrath of catholicism in ireland has been outstanding. the number of catholics who went from regular church attenders to not attending at all or maybe not even calling themselves catholic the numbers in the united states have been dwarfed by those irish numbers. >> may love be with you. >> dow down for the blessing. >> may bless you and make you
5:52 pm
hole and i pure in his sight. pour on you benevolence upon the risrighteous of the glory and th you with the. [ inaudible ] may instruct you in the. [ inaudible ] and endure you with. [ inaudible ] for christ our lord. [ amen ] >> and may the bless of the the almighty lord the father and the son and the holy spirit come down on you and remain with you forever. [ amen ] >> go forth, the mass has ended. >> god bless you, you all. thank you very much for your participation and for your love
5:53 pm
for the family and i ask you pray for me. don't forget. [ laughter ] [applause] in some ways how could we forget that he wants everyone to pray for him. because he's said it so many times. >> it's such an endearing thing, john, the this man who is the head of a major world religion asking all of us to pray for him. he said i need your prayers. >> and he gets that grin on his face when he says it, too, you know. >> for those of you who don't believe, sends me your best wishes, that i thought was incredibly charming. >> he has a -- just what a money
5:54 pm
men us task he has in front of hill. he will be going back to rome tonight, he has a trip to africa later this year, latin america next year. this is a man who is about to begin a major moment in the modern catholicism. the sen after the bishops that will neat october 4th, just next week for three weeks, and many of these same discussion about his the family. what makes fame i you live in a family will come up there as well. >> i want to explain to your viewers what will happen here and i don't want anyone to go away, because if you have been watching this and you are interested in what will happen to the pope, he will wrap up this mass and there is more to come. but then he will make his way out to airport out to atlantic aviation. and he will say goodbye. we are expected to hear words from the pope then as well. we. we are going to stay with this mass right up until the end and then continue our coverage until the pope has wheels up and says good by to america and goes back to the vat warning let's listen.
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheering and applause]
5:57 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ so we talked about an unofficial estimate. a combination of press and police sources say, and they measure this on different sections and how full they were. but that it was about 860,000 people that attended this mass. we probably have a better effirt mat later on in exactly how many people came. you know, in the beginning they were talking about a million, maybe 2 million people. that didn't happen. i just wonder whether or not the security scared people way. >> oh, i am sure it did. for instance, last night right behind us where there were lots
5:58 pm
of empty chairs for the performance in the show. you can't imagine there were all these thousands of people standing out there pushing against the barriers and all of these empty chairs here, i am sure no that is people don't come because they were afraid of the security and that they wouldn't be able on get here or get out. >> yeah, i mean, it was a small -- that's a small pen back there for a very special people. but, no, those were empty seats and i am sure a lot of people would have liked to have seen -- seen this up close. in fact, right behind us, it's very interesting, there was attend that was set up for the orchestra and they put the tend up this afternoon, and there you can see it, the crowd got upset and said take down the tent. take down the tent. so that we can actually see. and the authorities here responded, they took the tend down and people cheered. a little democratic action there
5:59 pm
on the part of the -- it worked. >> people have been able to see pretty much because of the jumbotrons all along the way. >> these are people who were standing in front of a pretty long jumbotron but they wanted to see the pope up close and personal. >> i think -- >> well, so 860,000 people are here and now 860,000 people have got to figure out a way to get home. >> you can see them starting to leave fairly quickly. and then i wonder how quickly they'll unlock the city because it was a whole -- part of the city was in total lockdown where people couldn't get to stores, there were no newspapers available. you couldn't, you know, you couldn't get in to any place, everything was shutdown. >> i think jonathan betz has somebody on wh who didn't get i. >> reporter: yeah, john, we are standing next to carla from lancaster penn who just finishes watching the mass. she was able it get in, but very late because of the massive amount of security waiting in line for five hours. came halfway through the mass
6:00 pm
and, yet what did you think? >> i was inspired. it was beautiful. >> reporter: even though you missed the first part? >> yeah. totally changed the energy when we walked in here. >> reporter: you said when you first walked in you were a little grumpy, irritated because you had been waiting in line with the massive amounts of security out there? >> i have to say even though we waited for so long there were so many people out there singing, doing the wave and just like chatting associate it was really a nice way to pass the time. but we started getting frustrated as we knew we weren't going to actually get in in time. and we heard the pope go by. and we were like, oh, we didn't get to see that, but we'll get in for the mass, then we didn't get in for the mass and we were like, oh, no, i don't think we are going it see any of it. but at least we are here, we were trying reframe it, reframe it and then got in and it was fantastic. >> reporter: you got in in time to hear the pope speak and carved out a little space in the landscaping in the bushing here of the traffic circle, logan square. and why was it so important for
6:01 pm
you to be here, it was important for your mother as well? >> yes, my mother is very spiritual, i come from a faly on my father's sigh two monsignors on my mothers side one is diseased and i don't know if the other one is here, he's actually in harrisburg, but my mother passed away last year and i know that she is here in spirit. i see signs of her all the time. she would have been here with us, so my sister and i knew that we needed to be here. that's why you have the rosary around your neck? >> yes, my mother's rosary and her class ring and i just felt like i needed to bring her with me. everybody though she's with me all the time anyway. >> reporter: a special moment for a lot of people here, carla thank you so much. >> thank you, jonathan. >> reporter: it was beautiful. like you said, i don' john, neaa million people here from all over the world. it's been 36 years where a pope has been in philadelphia. celebrating a mass where i am standing now. a moment certainly many will not fore get.
6:02 pm
>> it cleared out quarrel fixly at our platform -- -- fairly quickly at our platform. one of the things that jonathan mentioned was the calm that came over the mass. jennifer what, did you feel like to you out there? >> reporter: well, john, as i mentioned earlier, when the mass was going on, it was silent here. exempt when the choir was singing the crowd was singing. when the -- pope francis was breaker the crowd was praying, but they were listening so intently that you could hear only the sound coming from the stage of the papel mass. and i said it before, but it's worth repeating that for those -- for that hour and a half or so it was as if this was one large church under the sky. and you had people from different backgrounds, different countries, different religions there all coming together. to listen to pope francis give this historic mass fox, that moment in time, john, firefighters as if the pope's message of unity and coming tote
6:03 pm
and being your best self, it was as if that was happening here. i am joined now by robert flores, he traveled from west texas, a driving here a week ago, they first began planning their trip it see pope francis in philadelphia last october. robert, first. all, give me your thoughts on the whole experience? >> i am sorry. >> give me your thoughts on the whole experience. >> it's so awesome. it's the best thing i have ever experience million dollars my life. i never felt so much, i guess blessing or happiness goodness in my heart. this pope is just awesome. >> and you were here when the yellow up bells a came down and they offered communion of a communion for a crowd of well over 800,000 people we believe. you received communion, what was that like? >> it was just another out of body experience. you could actually just feel just like the living christ coming inside you. just makes you feel so good and so happy.
6:04 pm
just so -- i can't explain it, it's real hard to explain it in words, for us catholics, that's like the biggest thing that you could do. >> reporter: you were very excited when the pope mo brill drove by, because you had one of the best viewing places and took some video. how did the mass compare to seeing the pope in person? >> oh, wow, it was just -- it's way different. from seeing it on tv, hearing about him, reading about him. to see it in real life to. see the pope there, to feel his energy, to feel his vibrance and everything like that, it was -- you just feed off of it. and it gives you more energy and it just makes you - just a bettr person. >> reporter: the pope has given many messages during his six days in the united states. which one of these mess gentlemens resonates the most with you. >> the most would be the immigration the immigrants, you know, because he comes from an immigrant family. and we all in this land and i am from that left-hand and we are
6:05 pm
all immigrants and we s s shoult cause division between us but cause unity between us, you know. and that's the main one that i got is, you know, no di divisio, let's just unite, you know. >> reporter: there has also been a lot of talk during his visit to the united states, about this so-called francis effect. have you felt that over last two days? >> definitely. i feel like everybody's heart is just more -- more -- how can i say it? just more nicer. pope francis just brings out the good in everybody. people want do is good for somebody, you know. >> reporter: thank you so much, robert and safe travels back to texas. >> thank you. >> reporter: john back to you, but real quickly you can see behind moot the crowd is starred to go thin and i know we have been talking about security all day, the question will be how they are going to get these hundreds of thousands of people out of the security zone that everyone was trying so desperately to get in to before earlier today. >> well, there are a lot of trains waiting for them out there in philadelphia to take them back home. i want to go to usher who is
6:06 pm
also out in the crowd with folks. >> reporter: that's right, john, people are plowing out of this area. you know, earlier we had seen a large number of people who were in line for blocks moving past the area where we are in right now. who rate today hours. people are trying to get out before the crowds build up. one person who did get in inside was gave from north philadelphia. you not only got inside but shook the hand of the pope. what was that like? >> unbelievable. totally unexpected i was volunteering over next for the basilica at the tying of the knots grotto there and all of a sudden we start today see a heavy police presence and the secret service and i said what's going on? and before we knew it. the pope pulled up in his pope mobile, got out, came over, he
6:07 pm
blessed all of the prayers that the grotto has over 100,000 prayers, the people have written on strips of paper and they are tied everywhere. and he blessed that. blessed the crowd. and blessed all of the volunteers. i just happened to be standing there. and i shook his hand it was unbelievable. >> reporter: could you have ever imagined that you would get that close and have that opportunity? >> no, not at all. i texted my son, he said what are the odds of that? i said one in 1.5 million. so, you know, it was very exciting. >> reporter: and the crowds are really big here today. we don't have official estimates on what the total number s but it was upwards of 800,000 is what we are hearing at lee. you know this area, you know philadelphia. when you think about the idea that that many people came in to this area an and you know the security hour, what did you think about how this was run? how successful was this? >> with the world meeting of
6:08 pm
families being here at the same time as the pope. and i am sure philadelphia wanted to show how great i've city it was, so the security was tight. but, you know, at times it was top an inconvenience, but for all in tents and purposes, it kept everybody safe. we a you would had a wonderful time. no incidents to worry about and people are leaving here with a warm heart and a smile on their face. what more can you ask for. >> reporter: thank you dave for identification joining us, we appreciate your time. and so, john, again as you can see behind me, we'll pan a little left. people are coming out of the checkpoints and they are open, they are not going through the scrutiny obviously but they are piling out of here, coming out quickly trying to get no those buss and trains as exit as quickly and safely as possible. but it's been a very busy day here in most parts near the checkpoints where you did see some of the backups earlier on today, john. >> have you got any sense, ash-har about how people didn't make it through?
6:09 pm
>> reporter: well, we could see at least from our vantage point, this is only one of a anybody of checkpoints, upwards of 16 checkpoints, but we saw earlier it had gone back for about three or four blocks, so hundreds and hundreds of people were not able to get inside. some decided at one point when they had been in line for an hour and a half, two hours they realized they are still a block way and have about an hour and a half to get to the check point they broke the line and headed to a jumbotron so they could at least see the mass and hear the pope speak instead of waiting in line and trying get in and not catch any of it at all. so at least from our vantage point and this one check .00s, possibly thaws couldn't get inside. some people came by and said they remember ticketed people, got here on time and still couldn't get inside. people look today al it were it every says, the jumbotron, some had it on their smart phones and got the pope's message that way. >> ash-har, thank you.
6:10 pm
again the popes isn't supposed to have wheels up until 8:00 eastern time, so there is still some time for him to go out to the airport. he with ill meet with some people. we'll hear from him, we'll hear him speak one more time before he leaves the united states and we'll carry that live. jonathan betz is live with another guest. >> reporter: yeah, we are watching the thousands of people now leave the mass here. very excited, bick moment for a lot of folks. but also a lot of people that are actually reluctant to leave. they are still lining by the thousands along benjamin franklin parkway. hoping that the hope might pass by here on his way out. that is not expected. i don't think that's part of the schedule, but a lot of people are not losing faith tha that he might pull one last surprise here before he leaves philadelphia. now, one person here that watched mass, you came from albuquerque, new mexico, what did you think? >> it was amazing. the general i didn't was really great and i was so thrilled to be here. we came all the way. there were 40 of us from all
6:11 pm
over the country at that came to be here today. >> reporter: why make that commitment? why cool all the way across the country to see pope francis here in person? >> our pilgrimage was really about our faith and it was just something that really meant a lot to us. and it's been a big deal for us. and we are really thrilled to be here. >> reporter: so now have you left here changed at all? >> yeah. i think that everybody here came and i think that with the blessing of pope francis and seeing him was just extraordinary. and i think a lot of people had that energy just his energy blow flow from him to everybody. there were people crying and holding hadn't and holding each and it was a real solidarity that i found. >> reporter: when you hear him speak and pray, what are you most struck by? >> i think that his -- just his overall demeanor and the way that he is. and his faith and it's just -- it really means a lot because everybody is so excited and just really happy. and he just gives off this vibe, this loving vibe and just a lot
6:12 pm
of love here. >> reporter: something you can see even if you are watching it from a jumbotron you can feel it. >> definitely. >> reporter: thank you so much. good luck to you and your crew from albuquerque, new mexico. among the 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, john, that are here from all over the country. wanting to be here and see their holy father in person. >> you, just an observation from sometimes a cynical journalist as i have watched this crowd and been down in the crowd throughout the last couple of days. i don't believe i have heard an unkind word. i haven't seen anyone get angry. there have been a lot of people here in a lot of place that his people couldn't go. with the exception of the tent behind us which was blocking the view and they took it down, people were a little upset about that. but it has been quite a calm, very joy. crowd. jennifer london is down in the crowd with more guests.
6:13 pm
>> reporter: john, it certainly has been a joy. crowd and i can tell you just as a member of the media as a journalist where sometimes we are not part of the most popular profession, the people here have been wonderful. they have been very welcoming. they are want to go tell their stories. they are making room for us so that we have access for our cameras and gear and they are showing that same kind of generosity of spur toyota the people armed them. they are letting the shorter people up closer to barricades so that they can catch a glimpse of pope francis if he goes by in the pope mobile and helping with each a's children, hold being one baby as she falls asleep so somebody else can take a photo. and we have seen that over the last two days, and i am joined now by a family from philadelphia a suburb of philadelphia i'll start over here with bobby. we grabbed them as they were leaving after watching the mass and, bob i.just tell me, you -- you saw the mass. was it what you thought it would be? >> it was actually much greater than i thought it would be. i just said i don't think i have ever been in a crowd this large.
6:14 pm
and to be united with everybody with one purpose is just wonderful. >> reporter: and did you feel the sense of unity and oneness with the crowd that pope francis has been talking about over the last six days? >> absolutely. his message is loud and clear, it actually doesn't even matter what your religion is, what he is saying is good for all of us, we are here to take care of each other. >> reporter: box i, what was your favorite part about the poke's visit it. >> to see him step out of the pope mobile. and check out the new shrine outside the basilica. and then to have him actually stop the motorcade so he could kiss the children and give them his blessing was was truly the most unbelievable thing i have ever witnessed. >> reporter: when you go home and tomorrow is monday and the week starts again for you, what will you remember about this experience? >> all of these thousands of people coming together feeling the love that the pope is trying to get us to feel for one
6:15 pm
another. that we were next to people from all parts of the country and from out of the country and knowing that we were altogether sharing his message is just a wonderful feeling. >> reporter: thank you bobby. and i'll come over here to ali. i want to ask you, what was your reaction to the mass today? and to the pope's visit? >> i thought it was awesome. there's so many people here and i also got a chance to go up to the fence and take really good pictures of him and i just thought it was amazing. >> reporter: one thing i noticed during the mass is you didn't see people on their cell phones, doesn't see people texting or taking cel selfies, there seemeo be this very sense of respect. and not want to go miss anything. is that what you experienced? >> that was great because everybody was just recording but no texting, it was all respectful and everything. >> reporter: and what will you take away from this experience? >> that it's something i will never experience again maybe but i just, i don't know, very powering. >> reporter: thank you so much, ali and thank you bob and it's
6:16 pm
rest of the family. and safe travels back to your home. >> thank you. >> reporter: and, john, the word that i keep hearing over and over from the crowd is awesome. everybody a talk to and i say how was your experience? it was awesome. how was the mass? it was all some. the pope mobile going by the last couple of days, it was awesome. that is a reoccurring word that we hear over and over from the crowds here in city center. >> hey, jennifer, just a little bit more. this city has been on virtual lockdown for the last couple of days, maybe three days. and almost no cars, no traffic. the benjamin frankly bridge was shutdown. not the trains and -- not to trains and pedestrians, but cars. and i am watching behind and you they are beginning to take down the barriers, can you talk about how they are taking all of this security down as you watch. >> reporter: well, it's all happening very, very quickly as soon as the mass was over, we
6:17 pm
started to see the crowd thin, and, yes, they are removing the barricades as i mentioned it's all happening very, very quickly. and you talked about the security and the city being shutdown, well, they closed schools beginning wednesday of the week, and the city was all but paralyzed over the last couple of days, i it was a wash with eight-foot taught met the mesh fences, to get in to this area where i am standing now which is inside the security perimeter. you had to go through airport style screening with tsa agents and bomb-sniffing dogs and the lines were at 20th street -- excuse me, 19th street, the lining to through of those security check points was over two miles long, now the question is how will they swiftly and safely and orderly move everybody out. but is seems like the volunteers
6:18 pm
and the people have a plan and they are escorting people out so they now what is the fastest route out. you can see the crowds waving to the camera as they make their way down ben fringier lynn parkway. >> jennifer, thank you. i want to come back to patrick and sale. one of the other things that i have noticed here is the multicultural crowd. some people don't speak english, many speak broken english and they talk about their hopes and dreams. this pope seems to have inspired immaterial grant, those who want to be americans, those who are documented or undocumented in this country. and in a big way. and i saw a lot of them here. >> one of the things that he said yesterday about the immigrants, which i thought was interesting, is he talked about welcoming them and we are all immigrants and all of that. but he said, with this comes a responsibility on your part to do everything that you can to help this country. it was just a little bit d. >> turning it around. >> it was a little bit of, yes,
6:19 pm
you are welcome but we want you to do your share too. we want you to pull for us as we are asking us to pull for you. >> right. >> let's not forget, too, that was called the world meeting of families. families from all over the world came here. we have seen african, asia, latin american flags. it highlights the scope of the catholic church. one plus billion person member organization. that pope francis is in charge of. trying to keep control is probably not the right word, but to be a let never a house that is very diverse, that can be unruly, where there are differences and disagreements and trying to forge that unity we have been talking about. >> i am talking specifically about maybe the 12 million estimated immigrants in this country, many of them latino, many of them mexican who are catholic, and many of them who may have been there in this audience today. and this pope seems to have given them hope. this pope seems to deliver a
6:20 pm
message that says something to them that gives them hope about their religion, their faith and maybe about their stay in the united states. >> and also one of the things that he said to them is you should not be ashamed of who you are. and i think that was probably one of the most important things that he could have said because so many of the particularly the -- hispanic immigrants have felt ashamed to be immigrants, ashamed to be mexican, o or lato or whatever. and so i think that gave them a sense of confidence about themselves. by there were certainly, i mean, you could see in the audience there were a lot of people who clearly were not from this country. >> they were showing their cultural pride. you saw signs colombians, argentinians, all these different groups in the crowd some who just traveled to this country just for this week to see the pope. >> the key is human dignity. the dignity of every person. she's something the pope said from his fairs appearance in public at the white house, it factored in had these remarks
6:21 pm
here. this pope like the pokes before him maybe francis is better at communicate this is messaging in a way that everyone can understand. but the idea is that everything created by god. every person, every creature every part of the natural world has dignity, has worth, has meaning. that's why he's been opposing what he calls this culture of waste this. throw-away culture. it's about reminding folks that they are just as good as anybody else. and that sort of sedation important in a politics where we tend to say some people don't belong or aren't as good, that's a really inspiring message. >> the other way of looking at it, is it's t allows the people that are not immigrants it allows them to perceive immigrants as part of their community instead of being the other. it just made -- i think it made a lot of people sort of rethink their position on we'll see about when it comes to the election. >> whether or not this pope has had an impact. >> republicans, a lot of the republicans are very
6:22 pm
anti-immigration and, we'll see if the pope has had any influence on that. i am sure the polled will show something. >> i just think about that moment when marco rubio in congress where he wiped away tears from his eyes he was clearly very moved. this is someone who i think it's fair to say had a much more progressive stance on immigration in the rough and tumble of the republican primary had his to walk it back and change it a built i i wonder if it will give him a little more courage of those convictions. >> in fact there was an argentinian family that drove all wait from argentina to philadelphia to see the people and got to meet the pope. one of the story that his we will have when we come back. the pope has not left the united states yet. he is headed to the airport. and we are going to hear more from him before he leaves. you are watching our coverage of the pope in the america and we'll be back right after this. don't go way.
6:23 pm
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welcome back to our coverage of pope francis in america. the pope is headed to the airport. and vice president joed by sen at the airport way number of dignitaries that will say goodbye to the pope. i believe we have pictures of that, do we. unfortunately we don't have pictures of that. jennifer london is in down this the crowd and has a story about a special family from argentina, right, jennifer? >> reporter: oh, john, indeed i do. i have been talking to people in the crowd for the last two days and everybody has a special story about what compelled them to come to philadelphia for this
6:26 pm
historic visit by pope francis, one family in particular that i met, their trip took them seven months to get here. it was a pope pilgrim i believe across the americas and it ended with an experience that they will never forget. from sifrancisca is a long way m home, we're a after six months on the road. >> francisca was a beautiful name because of the pope. it's like a small honor we do for him. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: with a drive for adventure, francisca, a 1980 volkswagen bus is set to meet her namesake in philadelphia. on board a devout catholic argentinian family adventuring across the meshes on a spiritual journey to the largest gathering of catholic families in the world. >> the visit of pope francis
6:27 pm
gave it like a deeper meaning to this family, a road trip, and it was like the thing that made us say, okay, this is it. >> reporter: the adventure began back in march when the family left their home in buenes or he is and drove across argentina. chile, peru, ecuador and klum bloom bee a in in cartagena we boarded a bode to pa panama. with hopes of crossing the u.s. board never to texas. we first met up with noel, her husband, and their four young children in monterey, mexico. >> the bill challenge was to leave. >> yeah. >> once we left, it was a lot year old, before we had many questions and fears. >> reporter: the family as pilgrimage has taken them on a
6:28 pm
cross-country adventure. sometimes sleeping under the stars or with host families. eager to share the experience. >> for us it's the best experience of the trip. >> reporter: staying with host familys? >> yeah. >> reporter: why is that? >> because we love to see the city and the history of the city. but the thing we loved more is to live with other people and understand how they live. >> reporter: photographs from every city in every country chronicle their ups and downs, these stickers on the back of francisca tell the story of where they have been. we said goodbye to the family in monterey mexico. they asked that we not follow them on their cameras on this road because they have been told this stretch of highway in to the u.s. can be dangerous and they didn't want to call any unnecessary attention to themselves. a fewer hours later, francisca and her family safely rolled in to the u.s.
6:29 pm
>> whew! ♪ ♪ >> reporter: one month later, philadelphia and -- [cheering and applause] >> reporter: the pope came in to view. noel, she's crying. >> yes. it was very exciting to see him. and she wanted to have him. >> reporter: i know he looked directly at you. i know he looked directly at you and your family. were you -- did you ever anticipate you would get that close to him? >> no. no. it was fabulous. it was a gift, thank you very much. it was -- yes, it was fabulous. >> reporter: 13,000 miles, five breakdowns, three birthdays and more than 4,000 photographs, memories to last a lifetime. driven by a big leap of faith, and a blessing from the pope. jennifer london, al jazeera, philadelphia. >> back do jennifer london live and i believe that we have pictures out at the airport
6:30 pm
where the pope's motorcade is arriving, we'll to get that in a second. jennifer, yeah, there are the pictures. the pope's motorcade has arrived at atlantic aviation. the vice president is there. we are expecting to hear remarks from the pope. but let me go back to you, jennifer. this argentinian family and i understand a syrian family, as well got the chance to meet the pope. such an incredible journey this family took all the way to get here. it's an amazing story. can you talk more about their motivation. >> reporter: they told me that they had been planning to take road trip with their children in the summer. and they were trying to figure out if they may go to europe or maybe they would travel in south america as we know they are from argentina and then when we realized


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